Friday, August 17, 2018

Blindsight is 20/20. #BB20

Julie's confidence in showcasing her live show ensembles is growing, as she gives us two poses in this blush-colored flowing top.  I actually love the off-the-shoulder look on Julie.  It's flattering and just current-enough to look modern, but not trendy because she paired it with some classic fitted pants and a nice shoe.

I'll just say it: Julie got a new stylist.  And it's working.  So let's get started.

I love the cityscape back drop in the studio.  You can feel the energy in the room when Julie says "welcome to BIG BROTHER" and the audience goes wild.  I can't imagine what that feels like, to have a seat in the audience and see it all go down in front of you.

Some people can't even see what is in front of them, which is what I thought about when I saw this as Julie showed us some clips to set us up for tonight's action.  When people mirror each other's body positions, it means something.  I'm not sure what, but it means something. Angie Rockstar said hiding in plain sight was her favorite form of hiding.  So she's going to love Level 6 someday.  Not now, but someday.

Would you cross your legs if you were sitting in those chairs?  I don't think I would, but I might cross them at the ankle and then swing my feet, if I was nervous.

When there is a stunning turn of events at the end of a PoV competition, the people who celebrate the eventual outcome with tears are usually signalling something, too.  I heard several house guests say Angela cried when Tyler won.  So that was in plain sight too, but Angela wasn't hiding.  She knew that if the other side won PoV, she'd find herself right back on the block, the next targeted for eviction.

Whether she or Kaycee would be the one to go is another story, but Angela knows they dodged a major bullet, thanks to Angie's assistance during the comp.  Twice.  Last night I heard her talking to Tyler, and Tyler says Angie came THISCLOSE to beating him in the PoV.  Angela admitted that Angie Rockstar beat her in the PoV, which was a humbling experience.

We saw Tyler brandishing his PoV medal, telling his dad that he did it for him.

And then he used it to take Angela off the block of course, basically switching her seat with Kaycee.  And this hug was right out there in the open, too.  But everyone on the cast hugs each other after each ceremony, you know.  They're all big huggers.

I just realized we have three showmances on the show, just like last season.  The difference is that the blatant, in-your-face showmance got split up six weeks ago.  And the other two have been a slow burn, with one member of each showmance having multiple opportunities to have romance with other people, before choosing the one they've apparently settled in with.  At least three of the four people involved don't really want the spectacle of a showmance, so it's not as obnoxious as what we had to deal with last summer.

I almost named the BB19 showmances, but if you are lucky enough to forget them already, why reopen that wound?

We get a good look at the cast here, and they are all wearing colorful activewear.  Have they ever given them competition clothing for the HoH that they wear during the live show?

The Slip 'n' Slide competition gets really dirty, because they all basically get plastered with Crisco.  In the past the house guests would have to wash their clothes over and over, and it probably messed up the washing machine.  One year they asked them all to put their dirty clothes in the storage room, so Production could clean them elsewhere.  But I'm guessing these clothes will just get thrown away, even though they were kind of cute.

We've already talked about this scene, right after Kaycee was put on the block and Angie walked in to talk to her.  I'm just posting this now so we all remember what confidence looks like.  It looks like Angela walking around in a tiny bikini to have a serious conversation, in a house with dozens of cameras posted to watch her every move. With people watching live, too. Some of them pervs, I'm sure.

And carrying a nearly empty peanut butter jar and a spoon, scraping at it every so often.  It's like Angela's pacifier, that peanut butter spoon.

And we saw some new footage that we haven't seen before, from way back on Day #4, before the feeds went live.  This is Tyler and Sam making a pinky promise, both kissing their pinkies to make it official.

If you don't know, the feeds weren't live that week, so we've only seen what Production wanted us to see from that week.

And then we have the Fessy-Haleigh showmance segment.  And I think they both came off really well.  The room was too dark, and they had to use subtitles due to the blankets muffling the sound, but otherwise it wasn't even PG rated.  I'm sure the CBS casuals will love it.

But I have to mention what I heard Johnny Mac say about this on RHAP last night.  He said it looked to him like Fessy forcibly grabbed her chin, a view no doubt reinforced by the subtitled sarcastic remark made by Fessy at the end of the segment, saying he's "sorry she felt like she had to kiss him".

LOOK:  Let's not go crazy with all of this #MeToo stuff.  I think people are way too quick to react to what look like normal behaviors between two healthy people who are attracted to each other. There is a difference between a man trying to take the lead and a man trying to assault someone. We're losing the plot here.  Tens of thousands of fans listen to RHAP, which is one reason why everyone online was talking weeks ago about Fessy having inappropriate behavior towards Haleigh.  Because Taryn talked about that every day for a week, after Fessy told Haleigh that he'd use the PoV on her if she stopped putting her hands all over Tyler, basically.  Fessy didn't trade sexual favors for using the PoV.  He just didn't want Haleigh to clown him in front of everyone, because he has feelings for her.  That doesn't warrant being described the way he was being described, in my opinion.  Fessy has always been a gentleman towards Haleigh, as far as I know.  He certainly wouldn't go to every guy in the house and describe intimate, graphic details of any potential encounters with Haleigh.  You know, like Braggy C did after he started up with Bayleigh.  Now THAT was disgusting.  He deserves to not only get dumped, but totally frozen out of her life the minute she sees that footage.  Because you KNOW that the BB crazies will send that footage to Bayleigh.  I am not a Fessy apologist, but I felt like he is being wronged in a manner that you can't just laugh off after the fact.  Chatter like that can hurt you.

Haleigh tells us that she wants to throw up when she thinks about her father watching her kiss Fessy on TV.  Don't worry Haleigh.  CBS really wants you to be America's Sweetheart, but you're not making it easy for them with your sloppy gameplay.   If she wants to feel ashamed, I would suggest swapping this kiss scene out with The Bathtub Pitch situation with Tyler on her list of things to worry about.

And since Haleigh was HoH and not voting tonight, this will serve as your Haleigh Looking in the Wrong Direction in the Diary Room scene this week.  Julie can relax this week, and not fret over which preposterous adjective Haleigh will throw at her this week.

And this is what is going to really sink Brett's chances at winning the big prize this year, if he makes it to the Final Two.  This was the scene where we see Angie Rockstar all hyped up over making a secret alliance with Brett, giving it the unfortunate name of "Mr & Mrs Smith".   Later Brett told the group that she came to him with a different alliance name "The Survivors", and I'm sure Brett smirked at her then, too.

What we didn't see in these scenes with Brett and Angie is Brett looking up at the camera to smirk as they left the room.  Those shots were so good, I was surprised that CBS didn't show them.  But I guess they wanted the casual fans to think Brett might be sincere about it, so they could be surprised at his vote and acerbic goodbye message.

The Hive Alliance was so relaxed after the nominations were locked, feeling invincible as far as the vote goes.  I only included this picture so I could bring up two very stupid statements made by Fessy.

1.  Angie Rockstar was "unevictable" this week.

2.  Fessy hoped that the plan goes as executed this week.

Um....I think Fessy meant he hoped the eviction this week would be executed as planned, not the other way around.  I'm sure the MAN 3000 students were howling at Fessy's error in terminology.  It just goes to show you what I keep having to say every season.  That hope IS NOT a plan.

As we go to commercial break, we see Tyler grinning on the screen, having no idea that we're about to visit his hometown.  And we see the nerves on Kaycee as she fidgets with her legs, ready to get it over with. Ironically, Kaycee didn't have to worry that she would be evicted, but she looked much more nervous than Angie, who also felt calm about the vote.

After all, Fessy told her she was unevictable.

And now we're back, visiting Tyler's mother's home in Rossford Ohio.  And once again I have to point out some lapses in the RHAP coverage this week.  Rob made a HUGE deal over how confused he was about where Tyler is really from, even asking if Tyler deceived the audience by giving us false information.

Rob is from Wantagh NY, a town in Nassau County, on Long Island.  Rob doesn't live there now, but his mother still does, I think.  So you'd think Rob would understand that not everyone lives at home with their parents all their lives.  And I hope he knows there is no oceanfront in Ohio, so it is clear that Tyler lives somewhere else, because we saw him running down the beach on the Premiere episode.

Tyler's mom tells us that Tyler has always been a competitive guy, with a room full of trophies for many sports, it seems.

And we learned that Tyler is some sort of bowling savant, starting at a young age and winning lots of trophies.  Bowling on TV, even.

But Tyler stopped bowling when his father died.  Tyler was only 17 then, but he took it hard, his mom says.  He might have been a professional bowler if he had stayed the course, she says, because he was that good at it.

And unfortunately I need to differ with RHAP here, too.  Rob mocked Tyler's bowling on the podcast, making jokes about how Tyler gave up his professional bowling career to be a lifeguard.

To me, a key learning from the hometown footage was that Tyler's father's death was a major turning point in his life, as he gave up things he enjoyed doing because he couldn't do them with his dad.  Why is that something to make fun of?

Rob has a dead dad, too, but his father didn't pass until Rob was well into adulthood. And Rob still feels that pain, usually running an annual show near Father's Day to encourage his listeners to reconnect with people you love because you never know when the last time you'll speak to them will be.  So you'd think Rob would understand the concept behind Tyler's story here, too.  I love Rob and I've been a fan for many years, dating way back to The Fishbowl days, but he influences thousands of daily listeners and I think these jokes were cheap.  You can already see these ideas rippling through the fan base, too.  Because so many people are easily influenced, and believe who they want to believe.  They're sheeple, as Kaycee says.

This is Tyler's mom, and his stepfather, I think.  I've heard Tyler talk about a sister who died of the same thing his father did, saying her name was Angela and she was 45 when she died.  I had assumed that Tyler's father had another family earlier in life, but based on these pictures I guess that sister was from a previous marriage of his stepfather.  Or whatever.   And maybe that is a coincidence, that an unrelated person would die of the same ailment as his natural father.  Heart problems, I think.  And Swaggy's father died of the same thing.  The same year as Tyler, I think.  They had a lot in common, Swaggy and Tyler.

Last week when Haleigh was throwing out various accusations and insinuations with Angie Rockstar, she said maybe the deceased sister Angela that Tyler has mentioned is really Angela from BB, and they are covering for each other.  Even Angie knew that was a bullshit idea, saying if they were brother and sister they wouldn't be giggling in bed like they do.

Then it was time for speeches.  And Kaycee's speech bombed.  It was clearly memorized and didn't fit her personality.  So when she got caught up in words and didn't follow her script, she panicked and started word vomiting.  Kaycee dragged out that old tired subject of the Girl's Alliance, which was NOT a topic she had mentioned bringing up in her speech, so maybe it was a last minute addition.

Like I said yesterday, it's important to know your topic bullet points, but you shouldn't memorize the speech.  Also if you get off track, you shouldn't point that out to your audience. In many cases, no one would have known you messed up if you didn't signal it so clearly.  Kaycee even sat down and said "damn", which ended up being okay because Julie acknowledged that being on live TV is difficult.  Not everybody can be cool as a cucumber like The Chenbot.  Julie was in a good mood tonight, not getting snappy with anyone.

As a direct contrast, Angiel Rockstar KILLED her speech, looking sassy in her Rave costume.  She gave some quick shout outs and then got down to business.

Angie:  There are THREE strong players who will knock each one of you out of here.  And they hold meetings all day long, right in front of everyone.

It was simple, and effective, even though the votes were already decided days ago.  I think this was a good move by Tyler, putting his hands over his face.  It makes him seem anguished and remorseful, something the audience is probably eating up with a spoon.  Particularly after that home town visit segment.  America is rooting for Tyler now.

Here is a closer look at those cute costumes, as Julie announces that it's time for the votes.

Angela was up first, sashaying out of the living room and right down the hall in her miniskirt, proudly voting to evict Angie Rockstar.

And JC did the same.  This week his Special Message was this:  The USA is the best country in the world.

And he might know, because JC is extremely well-traveled, from listening to him on the live feeds.

I'm just showing this picture of Scottie in case the authorities need it someday.  Something is NOT RIGHT with him.  We still don't know who he is yet.  Because he doesn't want us to know.

I don't think Production will mind if Scottie gets cut this week, because of all of the house guests left in the game, fans are least interested in him.  I can tell from the views I get on the house guests intro posts, which frequently spike after a CBS episode as people want to learn more about the house guests who grabbed their attention for one reason or another.  Curiosity is driven by both good and bad impressions, obviously.

The top three house guests as far as views of the intro posts are:

 1.  JC (by a WIDE margin)
2.   Angela
3.   Haleigh

And the bottom three are:

4.  Sam
5.  Kaycee
6.  Scottie

Scottie and Kaycee haven't had much TV time throughout the season, but I don't know why people aren't more interested in Sam.  Maybe the folks in her area of the country aren't big on cyber-study.  She was a big star for the first few weeks of the game, so her ranking here surprises me.  I assume my data is directional when it comes to this sort of thing, but I could be all wrong, of course.

After the vote was announced, the cameras gave us a camera shot of Angie, Haleigh, Fessy and Scottie, one after the other, but their faces didn't register much shock.  I guess they're used to it.  I expected Angie to get mad and say some shit, maybe throw out a few "Real Cutes" or something, but  she didn't. She hugged each person and then left in a classy way.  I respect that.

She waved at the crowd, too, getting a huge cheer as she made her way over to Julie.

We saw her photo on the memory wall lose it's color, a sight we haven't seen much in the past few weeks, probably due to all of the dramatic activity after the last few evictions.

Kaycee is still pissed about her speech.  Sam tells her to calm down, take a deep breath and don't curse.  But then she cursed again, apparently.

This morning Kaycee was laughing about how she can't watch her mouth on the live shows.  The Mormon side of her family is going to want to talk to her about it, she says.

By the time we returned to the stage for Angie's interview, she was clearly in Show Mode and was having a good time talking to Julie, being a little extra, as she is in her DR discussions.  You can tell by her body language that she is comfortable on stage.  She was a dancer, you know.

She told Julie that she swore she wouldn't be blindsided again, but it happened anyway.  She got a big laugh after Julie asked her who she felt betrayed her most in the game.

Angie, thinking:  Whoever came up with that Hacker twist...that really messed me up.

Julie liked that. Angie made her job easy tonight.  (Unlike Rachel....)

Then Julie brought up that PoV competition, that Angie's team would have easily won if only Angie didn't help Tyler out, giving him an unintentional heads up that he was holding the wrong pill bottle.

Angie:  I doubted myself. That was a lesson......

And she started to tear up when she said that.  It was a real moment and Julie was kind to her before asking one more question.  Julie wondered why the other house guests were so threatened by her.

Angie:  Because I'm fierce Julie!

Another crowd-pleasing response.  Angie has "IT" on live TV, you have to give her that.  You can't stop watching her because she commands your attention.  That's a gift.

And now it's time for the house guests' goodbye messages, and Angela did not disappoint here, but we knew that was coming.

Angela:  The only person who can call me Princess is my brother, so you can just call me Angela from now on.  I'm sorry you think I'm an entitled little bitch who always gets my way.  Maybe you're right, because I'm getting my way this week, because I want you to go home.

We saw a nice message from Haleigh, and then a too-nasty message from Brett, who apparently doesn't care about leaving the evictees with any warm-and-fuzzies.  I thought I took a picture of it, but unfortunately I didn't save it.  So just pretend you see Brett's smiling sneer and Angie staring at him, still amused even if offended.

Brett:  Oh Angie.  It's too bad your're leaving because we were just getting started...I'm totally kidding.  YOU'RE AN IDIOT!  You totally played right into what I wanted to do this week.  The Mr and Mrs Smith alliance is getting a divorce!

Julie:  Do you think they know you're on the Jury?

Angie said that she always knew who the two most entitled spoiled brats in the house were, and they just proved it.

Angie:  And that's what I said going into that house.....that I'd have a good read on people.  And I did........(tearing up)  I did pretty good, didn't I?

Julie: Of course you did. You're on the Jury!  And you get a say in who wins.

Angie was a great house guest.  She brought a lot of energy to the house and gave us some great moments on the feeds.  She was a great sport with her punishment from Jessie, and kept right on exercising and baking Jessie's cupcakes after the punishment was over.  For someone who claims to be so open-minded, however, she certainly wasn't shy about openly declaring her prejudices against people who came from backgrounds unlike her's. But that added another layer to the house dynamic, and gave the fans plenty to say about it.

We didn't see Tyler's goodbye message, which indicates that it wasn't mean or confrontational.  I'd like to see how Tyler is going to own up to his game, and try to gain the support of each new Jury member.

Rachel is still watching the show, and is just as hooked as the rest of us.

And now it's time for the HoH competition.  And it's the one we knew was coming.  Each house guest has a barrel of "Rave Fuel" on one end of the course.  They must slide through a sea of Crisco shortening holding a funnel full of the Fuel, delivering as much as they can to their "Glow Tube", or whatever.  Once there is enough Rave Fuel in their tube, they can stick their fingers in to grab something and then they win.

This is Glow & Flow.  Haleigh is down on the sidelines, behind a cute-looking DJ booth.  It's the 70's all over again, the backyard overflowing with Flower Power and other groovy stuff.

The house guests can choose to play for HoH, filling up their HoH Glow Tube, or they can instead opt for the filling the smaller tube, which would pay out $5,000 to the first one who fills it.  In other seasons, there are often one or two people who go for the money, but sometimes that is a controversial choice.  During BB16, I think Caleb waited to win HoH until Derrick won the cash prize, because once someone wins the HoH, the chance to win the money expires.

On BB14, Mike Boogie felt totally safe, so he went for the cash, which I believe was $10,000 that season. He ended up not being safe, getting blindsided that week, not even making the Jury.

This time, JC was the only house guest going for the money.  And no one will blame him for it.  This comp is so unwinnable for him that it seems unfair.

Fessy is in the blue T-shirt below, and got to his Glow Tube before anyone else got there, and got back to his barrel before anyone had even turned around to make that trek.  There is a slight slope that made life hell for most of them at one time or another.  If you don't have any momentum it's hard to slide up a Crisco'ed slope, apparently.  But Fessy sprinted back, making it look easy.  He did fall one time on the live show, and JC joked that Fessy just broke the floor.  (Because of the HoH sink he broke this week by perching on it.)

We listen to some extremely cheesy music as the competition continues.  Fessy looks EXTREMELY confident, knowing that it won't even be close in the end.  Sam said later that as someone who was in the lane next to Fessy, she faced reality every time she slid down to her big glow tube, seeing all the green liquid he had already accumulated.  But in that case you just have to keep going, because maybe Fessy would fall and break his shinbone or something.

But I'm not sure that would even stop him.  I tweeted earlier today about Fessy telling JC that he wrenched his back in the middle of the night when he tripped over Angie Rockstar's duffel bag.  But as an athlete Fessy has learned to ignore pain.  I heard him say later that he has "three bulging discs" so it always hurts, and later in his HoH room he was talking about how much his back hurt.

Sometimes you've just got to play with pain.

This is what they are using to fill their glow tubes---collapsible silicone funnels. I have a red one that is not as much fun to use in the kitchen as you'd think it would be.  It feels sort of flimsy so I'm not confident using it when the stakes are high.  Stakes like losing gravy due to a spill, or getting burned by something hot.

But if you find yourself needing to move some Rave Juice from a large bubbling barrel to a big glow tube, it's fine.  There was discussion afterwards about the techniques they used to cover the hole.  Tyler did the obvious, putting one finger in the bottom of the funnel, but Sam said she didn't think to do that, using her whole hand instead.  But Sam knew the situation looked bleak, so it's not like she really cared.

Did you stop to consider that the Sound Crew did a pretty good job tonight?  And I say that because when we don't have to mention them, it's a good night for them.  But I'm going to mention them now, because the plastic laugh track they started playing  at this point was RIDICULOUS.  They had to turn it up really loud, I think, to be heard over the cheesy competition music, and it totally took me out of the moment.

I refuse to believe that he studio audience was heartless enough to laugh at poor little JC's struggle to navigate the course that his friend Fessy tore through.

Oh, and here is JC struggling again....let's hold that shot as long as possible, the director surely said.


Julie pimped out this week's appearance for the Zingbot, and the audience cheered.  So that will be something to look forward to after Saturday's PoV comp, listening for clues to how Zingbot slammed each house guest with a sassy Zing.

Angela has her game face on as she pours the Rave Fuel into her big glow tube.  Angela's game face looks like every other face she has, though.

The camera scans for someone else to land on, maybe someone who looks shaky enough to wipe out right there on camera.  Tyler kept it moving the entire time, but he kept looking over at Fessy, seeing how he was virtually SPRINTING  back to the start, making short work of that little slope.  He had his knees up, too.

But let's be real....the crew was really hoping to catch JC wiping out again.  That's why they put  his lane next to Tyler's lane, so they could get a lot of bang for their buck, making everyone happy.

Kaycee finally got a close up on the live show without having to be bleeped, so that's a big accomplishment for her.

Jim Tanker directed the crew to get one more hilarious shot of JC struggling to climb the mini-slope.  "I hate this...this is not my comp", JC says.

SPOILER ALERT:  Fessy won HoH. And it wasn't even close.  And the comp was over within 30 minutes after the live show ended.  In the past, these slip and slide comps lasted well over an hour, providing lots of drama for us, and pain for them.  CBS likes these type of comps because they advertise the comp to sell more live feed subscriptions, and expects Production to deliver a suspenseful competition, as well as plenty of footage to show on the Sunday night episode.


Earlier in the day, the HoH room got locked down so Production could prepare it for the next HoH, so Haleigh had to rejoin the commoners as they prepared for the live show.  Scottie got a lot of attention for his hairstyle.  I didn't even think he had enough hair to fuss over, but they need things to do in there, I guess.

Tyler took the first shift, using the shaver to clean up the sides and back of Scottie's hair.  I watched Brett do the same for Tyler last week.   It's a bro thing, apparently.

The whole Tyler Fan Club was watching, too.  You can see JC sipping his coffee as Angela and Haleigh just sit and stare.

JC was very critical of Tyler's efforts, and came over to point at Scottie's head and tell him Tyler was fucking it up in the worst way.  I am not, Tyler said.

Angie and Sam hung out in the bedroom, never really covering the topic that Angie needs to cover.  I never heard Sam specifically say she would vote for Angie to stay, but I heard her discuss the vote in vague terms.

JC went to the kitchen and told Fessy that he has a crush on Tyler.  Fessy already knew that, said he knows that JC has a crush on him, too.  JC denied that as only JC can, telling Fessy that he doesn't know him at all, that Fessy's not his type, and Fessy is on a power trip right now.

Later, Sam told Angela that she always thought Fessy was gay, and only learned in the last day or so that he liked Haleigh.  Sam was in a manic phase, laughing uncontrollably as she told Angela that used to lay in bed with Fessy and didn't know he was straight. I'm not sure what that story was all about, but Sam clearly evaluates every guy in the house as a potential romantic partner. And clearly thinks they all would choose her first, if only the other girls could fall into a mudhole.  Or whatever.

Another rare shot of Kaycee's hair.  She puts conditioner on it that Brett said smells good and then coils it up when it is still damp.

Sam was having some rough moments trying to find something to wear.  All of her clothes are tight and she was worried about having to wear these shorts tonight.  I'm glad they got them all competition outfits to wear, because she was obviously starting to spin about this, chattering nonstop in a manner that did not seem healthy.

Tyler looks good with wet hair, his beach look, but it's getting too long and bushy when dry. I just watched him try to put it all back and it's so thick he got frustrated.  Wearing a man bun was supposed to be easy, he said.

Meanwhile, Scottie's hair is being fussed over by Haleigh, which I'm sure he loved.

Then Kaycee tried to style it, not showing any of the gentle finesse that Haleigh displayed.

And this led to Fessy coming over with some hair gel on his hands, trying to make a style they all liked.

And then Tyler came back over, giving it another try.

And then Sam came on the scene, with her barber shears.  To his credit, Scottie was calm during all of this, never even asking what the goal was, or even seeming to worry about it.  Short hair grows back quickly, I guess.

Sam said she was glad to have something to focus on, to take her mind off how she felt about herself, and being nervous about the live show.

Johnny Mac said something interesting about Scottie. Rob asked him about the frequent comparisons between Scottie and Steve, wanting his view on how similar they are.

Johnny Mac:  Well it's easy.  Other than having glasses and reddish hair, they are nothing alike. With Steve, he obviously didn't communicate well with everybody, but you got a sense there....of some real intelligence, like a savant, maybe.  But with Scottie, it's the opposite.  He can talk to people, but I'm not seeing anything to indicate a lot of strategy, or a game plan.

Scottie may need to dig deep if he's going to stay this week.  In true Foutte fashion, Fessy's first choice was to make sure his teammate Scottie leaves this week.