Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Let's Pretend We're Playing Big Brother. #BB20


(It's from an old Fleetwood Mac song...)

Mondays are a big day in the Big Brother house, one of the only days when they know they have something important to do as soon as they get up.  It's the PoV ceremony day, of course, and the stakes are high for just about everyone at this stage in the game.

Even if it's not you getting put on the block during that ceremony, it might be someone you're working with, and cause for concern. Or it could be be one of your enemies, going through a paradigm shift after seeing their game unravel in an instant.

It's a big day for the live feeders, too.  Angela was up bright and early, wearing her Calvin Klein work out top.  The girls complimented her on it and she started to show them where Production removed the logo and the cameras moved away.

Kaycee is up and at 'em, too, and is putting in some last minute work with Sam, schmoozing while they put up all of the awnings in the backyard.  Bayleigh used to be the first one up with her, Sam says.

Kaycee makes light chatter, just letting Sam babble and then saying a few words once in a while to show she was listening.  Kaycee knows that she's going to be on the block in an hour or so, and is trying to put work in to get those votes.

Sam basically went through her whole schedule every day, telling Kaycee what time she gets up, where she goes, and what sort of alcohol she drinks when she gets home at night.  I heard her say that at home before this, she drank "three fingers" of whiskey in a coffee cup every night, just trying to get some sleep. But she got a great night's sleep last night, perhaps due to the new meds she has mentioned taking in the last few days.

(Maybe CBD oil, right?  Doesn't that help you sleep?)

Sam: ....but when I was in West Virginia I used to drink a lot of rum...I always drank Sailor Jerrys' Rum and I saved all the bottles because of the inside pictures and all.

Kaycee: I used to drink Sailor Jerry's, too, I think.

Then just after that, Tyler got called to the Diary Room, signaling that the PoV meeting would begin momentarily.  Less than an hour later, the feeds came back and the air was tense.  Angie Rockstar apparently believed there was a good chance that Tyler would use the PoV to save her, even though just last week Angela saved Tyler from eviction with her PoV.  You'd think that anyone who watched that PoV drama would have figured out those two are working together, but I guess you'd be wrong.

Moments after the PoV ceremony ended, Angie was on the move, all riled up.  She went outside to smoke, growing more angry with each puff, and then walked through the backyard saying "Expect the expected", and then repeating it in front of Scottie who is posted in the kitchen in his usual position.

She walked right into the lounge, where Tyler and Kaycee were sitting, not even shutting the door behind her.  And for your information, those are JC and Tyler's instagram addresses.  I just checked and "Sam the Sweetness" doesn't seem to be any sort of social media account.  I'm sure you're not shocked about that.

Angie is surprisingly calm as she walks in and sits down.  I thought her mission would be to berate Tyler for not saving her with the PoV, but her first act is to express sorrow for sitting next to Kaycee on the block.

Angie: I really wanted Kaycee to stay.

Tyler said he was really sorry that had to be Angie left on the block, but he needed to save Angela.  He also told her that she should assign some blame to Haleigh for it, since she put him on the block last week with her Hacker power.  From chatter I heard later, I think Tyler said that in his PoV speech as well.  Tyler left to give Kaycee a chance to speak with Angie alone.

It was clear that Angie didn't want to sit next to Kaycee, and she pretty much tells Kaycee that she's going to the Jury house, and Angie is so sorry about it.  I guess they are both going to act like grown ass women, after all.

Angie wants Kaycee to know that Angela is the one they wanted to evict, since she's a spoiled, entitled bitch who always gets what she wants.

I skipped to the HoH camera to see how Haleigh is handling matters, her HoH reign in tatters, after her 1st and 2nd place targets of Tyler and Angela, respectively, will still be living in the house with her this weekend.  She's watching the Spy Screen as she has all week, but she seems to be unable to learn any truths from that exercise.  Because the truth has been all around her all summer, hiding in plain sight.

===>  It's important for you to remember that Angie and Haleigh are acting like the sky is falling, because they think Kaycee is going to the Jury this week.  They don't understand yet that Angie is the one who is sure to be evicted, by a comfortable margin.  Have they not considered that the Hacker will nullify an eviction vote?  But I guess they do suspect Kaycee might be the Hacker, and they don't have the slightest idea that Kaycee is part of the majority alliance.

In fact, Haleigh went on a mini-rant the other day, chastising Kaycee as being a non-factor in the game, wanting to know what exactly Kaycee thinks she has contributed to this season.  But since Haleigh was talking to the Spy Screen, it's unlikely Haleigh will get the answers she's looking for, maybe not until Finale night when Julie shows them the damning montages of Level Six's movement through the game.  Or until a Level 6 person arrives at the Jury House, ready to drink wine and spew information.

There's been much speculation about what may or may not be going inside Sam's head.  Just last Thursday she was wailing in the DR, trying to self-evict while the live show was kicking off.  And things got even weirder after that.  Did you know about the "closet door" Sam made with a peach-colored towel and a dry cleaning hanger?  She hung it up in front of the shelving cubicles a few weeks ago, and I assumed it was to maintain privacy for her clothes or something.  I know Production took it down at least once and she had to go to Bayleigh to ask for one of her HoH clothes hangers.

Well, it turns out that Sam has been hiding behind the towel for lengthy periods of time so the cameras couldn't see her.  She holds long conversations from behind the towel, like with Angela, who laid in bed and tried to say the right encouraging things.

But Sam does seem better now.  She's on some new meds, I think, and seems to feel better in general. I heard her talking to Angela about how she's only been snacking on stuff in the house, and only had a real meal one time this summer, when Angela made her chicken and rice.  She thinks that has thrown her body off, along with the stress of being in the house.  Brett also talked to her to assure her that he's never tried to make fun of her, that he's just being silly when he teases her, so maybe that has eased her mind as well. (I don't know if Brett knows about Sam's romantic interest in him yet.)

Sam had a short but fruitful conversation with Tyler in the yard just after the PoV ceremony.  She says she loves Angie Rockstar as a person, and she's been a big part of Sam feeling comfortable in the house lately, but her game loyalties have always been with Tyler and Kaycee, because they made a deal first.  So she's going to vote to keep Kaycee, but isn't going to tell anybody about it, because it's already an awkward situation.

Tyler:  It's probably good not to tell anybody you want to keep her, because the Hacker might take away your vote.

Sam:  Yeah, you're right Tyler.  And no matter what you hear me say or do, and I mean no matter what, you need to know that I'd never go against you.  You need to remember that.

Oh, and GET THIS:  Sam specifically asked Tyler if he was replacing her with Angela (as far as the game goes).  Tyler said no, of course not.  He's just getting to know Angela but Sam doesn't have to worry.

So this little meeting is Big News.  Sam still has bad blood with Haleigh, even if that bad blood was a figment of Sam's very busy imagination. So Sam voting against what Haleigh would like her to do is still an attractive choice for her.  Because Haleigh will never be her favorite person in the house.  Maybe not as long as Brett's around.

Kaycee told Angela about Angie's visit with her that just happened.

Kaycee:  She told me she was sorry that I'm going home.

Kaycee:  And she said you're a self-entitled little bitch.

Angela:  Oh really.

Kaycee:  And you always get what  you want.

Angela:  You're damn right I do.  And I want to see her leave this week.

Kaycee: Haleigh's 'bout to have two people she put on the block this week stay in the house.

(I never thought about the terror of that.  But it's really three, including Tyler.)

Angela scraped the dregs from her trusty jar of peanut butter as she told Kaycee that Level 6  escaped being murdered this week.  They can't believe so much changed, and then changed back in just a few days.  (I can't, either.)

Angela:  We still have to pretend to be sad about it, because we don't want anyone to know that Brett is going to vote with us.

Kaycee:  I guess I have to pack and work on a speech.  It will be something simple.  Maybe I'll say thank you Angie for giving me the heads up that I'm going home.  And I can thank Haleigh for telling me I'd be the pawn this week.

(That would cause CHAOS if Scottie flips his vote.  That hive just can't seem to get it together.)

When Angela told Tyler the truth about her background a few days ago, he kept saying he knew she was an athlete.  She said she went to the Olympic trials and made him guess her sport.  I don't think he guessed it, so she told him she was a pole vaulter.  Who would ever guess that? Maybe someone who is into track and field, but pole vaulting is an activity most of us only see every four years during the Games.  And most people don't ever watch live TV anymore, so Angela's secret might have been safe forever.  I think it's pretty safe with Tyler though. And I think she must have told Kaycee too, who also had a chance to compete in the Games as well.

There is always a feeling of relief after the PoV ceremony each week for those who escaped nomination, or those who had been all keyed up over having a role in the ceremony.  Laying in the sun gave Tyler and Angela a perfect opportunity to talk to Brett, who has been working undercover in Haleigh's HoH operation all week.

Tyler:  You can't even believe what they were saying up there in their pitch to me....they were promising all kinds of stuff...

Brett:  Like threesomes?

Tyler:  Nah.  But when she started talking to me she said, 'you look so cute from this angle".

Brett: What's wrong with that?  I'd say something like that..

Tyler:  Well maybe you rubbed off on her.

Tyler has never skydived or bungee jumped, but says he would love to do both.  Brett is surprised and says he would rather skydive then bungee, but he didn't say why.  I'm guessing it's because of that harsh snap-back that happens when your body gets to the end of the big elastic string you dangle from.

Just the thought of that makes my heart race.  No thanks.  When I lived in Orlando there was a very popular bungee place right in the heart of the tourist area on International Drive.  There was a bar nearby my friends and I would go to where you could watch the people jump and I'll never forget all the screams.

They were talking about the middle toe on Tyler's right foot.  Apparently it is longer than the rest and Brett brings up Haleigh's feet, saying that there is a huge gap between her big toe and the rest that makes it look like a thumb.

Brett hopes that instead of an Outback Steakhouse reward, he hopes the restaurant treat they get is Chili's and everyone says "What?  Why?"

Brett:  I love Chili's.  If I wasn't here, I'd be at Chili's right now.

I wanted Brett to say why, to tell us the dishes served are that are so enchanting to him, but the conversation quickly turned to accusations that Brett's father owns Chili's.  Someone said they'd feel the same way about Chili's if their dad owned it, too.  Brett denied it, but he didn't tell us what his father really does.  (I know he's not a lawyer though, because the dudes who run Brett's twitter account quickly corrected me when I used the hashtag #MyDadsALawyer next to a picture of Brett.)

Around this time, Haleigh came outside to join the group in the sun, and the conversation shifted to more universal topics, which is why Brett started talking about Chili's, I think, instead of Haleigh's wacky toes.

Brett doesn't have any tattoos, but mostly because he can't think of something he'd like to have displayed on his body permanently.  He is surprised he didn't get a fraternity tattoo when he was in college, because all of his frat brothers were getting them and he was very gung ho about the Greek life back then.

Tyler's mom didn't want him to get a tattoo, but he did anyway. He might want to get a BB20 tattoo after this, and Brett said that might be something he would consider.

I wonder if Angela's ears are itching, since Angie has been stomping around the house talking shit about her after the PoV ceremony.  Last night I heard her discussing various ideas with Scottie to defame Angela, such as disclosing information or lies about a potential showmance with Tyler.

Angela said that she's heard them "doing stuff" under the covers, and Haleigh remembered that they used to be two blankets on the bed Tyler and Angela share, but there is only one now.  Angie hears them giggle in there all night, she says, but it's unclear if she's making up the "doing stuff" information, since she had just suggested they make up facts to share with the group.

How would that rumor help Angie?  I don't think it's smart to start an all out war with two of the strongest competitors in the house.  I think she needs to worry about getting votes to stay this week, but Angie doesn't know what we all know.

And I'm not so sure about the "Tangela" situation anymore.  Tyler asked Brett if he wanted to go on a double date "with Twins" when the show is over, saying that the two blonde identical Twins in the audience at the Premiere yelled his name out when he walked on stage.  (The Nolan Twins, of course-ah.)

Brett:  What?  No one was yelling out my name.

Tyler:  Maybe everyone knew how scared I was.

I'm sure Tyler was joking, but Angela was laying right there when he said it.  I think she's pretty confident, though.  She's not going to sweat the small stuff.

Oh, one more thing.  Up in the HoH room Angie and Haleigh were still smarting over Tyler saving Angela from the block.  They wondered why Tyler would do that...what's in it for him to save Angela since they're not working together?

Scottie:  He's probably just getting some Hilton Head.


And Haleigh is trying hard to work her way back into things. I heard her later complain that Tyler is now just sort of living around her, ignoring her most of the time.  If she's smart, she'll just sit back and let Scottie take the heat next week.  And Fessy, too.

Maybe she's the one who needs the three weeks of safety coverage now, instead of Tyler.  Yesterday morning, I watched her in the HoH room talking to Angie, and she saw Tyler walking through the kitchen on the Spy Cam.

Haleigh: Is that Tyler?  Look at him.  I wish he liked me more. I wish I liked him more in this game.  And I wish Fessy wasn't so handsome.

If only wishes really came true, Haleigh.  And hope is not a plan, in case you think it might be.


JC was telling Tyler about the drama of sitting on the PoV sidelines watching Tyler pull out a win after so much adversity in the competition.  It was like a rollercoater, he says.  JC told Tyler that he is the only player JC is loyal to, and he confirmed that he will vote out Angie this week.  They agreed to separate in case the Hacker is watching, because they don't want JC's vote to get cancelled.

===>  They are going to need an extra-long segment of the finale to reveal all of these "secrets" to those who were too stupid or in too much denial to see the truth right in front of their eyes.  Haleigh actually heard Kaycee whisper-yell "Lets Go" right after the Hacker comp was over, when they were all still in their playing cubicles.  And the Hacker saved Kaycee---how obvious does it have to be for Haleigh to figure it out?

Everyone seemed to have the munchies in the house. I think they know that BBAD goes off the air at midnight BBT time so they wait to chow down until then.  You know, since no one is watching them now.

Fessy was eating some cheesy looking pasta, maybe from the Halfway Party.  I don't see them eat pasta much in there on a daily bais, and there are definitely long noodles on that plate.  I saw Fessy twirling them on the fork while Haleigh stood there with him.

But as soon as Haleigh walked away he picked up a chunk of it with his hand to eat faster.  What's the rush Fessy?  What else do you have to do right now?

Meanwhile Angela and Kaycee began a rather ambitious candy-making project, trying to make their own sort of Jolly Ranchers.  They pressed some foil into a pan, and later oiled it up.

This is just water and electrolyte powder, heated up in a pan.

You can see the steam from here.  They called each other Willy (Angela) and Wonka (Kaycee) as they answered many questions from the other house guests about their project.

Brett was also asking everyone if after the season is over, if they were asked to leave in just one week to go play Survivor, would they do it?  All of them thought about it, and said yes, they'd have to accept the challenge.

(I personally think at least half of the cast of this season has what it takes to play Survivor.  I don't think Survivor starts filming until Springtime, though, before we start a bunch of rumors about it.)

Tyler joined them after eating up a bowl of whatever, very interested in the candy-making process.  Everyone kept asking them questions about it, like is this going to work?

Angela;  I don't know.  We're going to try...

They added sugar, but when they poured it in, way too much ended up getting dumped in the pan, and it sat there like a huge white mountain in a sea of roiling waters while they giggled about it.  But they stirred it until it dissolved and started boiling again.

I used to make brittle and also divinity, and you really need a candy thermometer to make sure you reach the right stage before pouring it out into a pan. And you have to be EXTREMELY careful because you can really hurt yourself (or a pet or child) if someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time during a hot sugar accident.  So beware, folks.  But there is that moment when you add baking soda just before you pour out a pan of peanut brittle where the mixture smokes and bubbles that is very fun.  And very scary.  You have to work fast with candy, so you need to read the directions until you memorize them, because you don't have time to read anything when it's go time with that lava-like mixture.

Brett was cooking up something too.  He's really gotten good at cooking fish, and told the group last night that before coming in the BB house, he's only cooked for himself, and never a big crowd.  But he's clearly good at it.  Everyone always loves his cooking in there.

Maybe because his dad owns Chili's, cooking is in his blood.

Scottie came over to inspect, and they corrected him when he called them the wrong names.

Kaycee:  No, I'm Wonka.  She's Willy.  You're that guy who wants to take the Golden ticket.

Angela:  Yeah. You're a spy!

(And of course Willy, Wonka, Angela and Kaycee all know Scottie actually IS a spy.  But does Scottie know that they know?  I don't think so, because the girls already discussed how important it is for Scottie to NOT KNOW that, so he can walk right into their trap.  Which is to be evicted next week....Scottie needs to win HoH more than ever now.)

(I won't be happy if Scottie wins HoH again.  I can't stand the way he speaks and acts.  I think he's scarier than Sam, actually.)

They poured out the sweet mixture on the pan and spread it out to cool, making jokes about how they made an elaborate ant trap for the house.

And here is Tyler eating a favorite snack of his....Wheat Chex dipped in the peanut butter jar.  I could get down with that snack, because I love Triscuits with peanut butter on top.

Yesterday Tyler said he is losing some of his visible ab muscles with all the eating he's doing in that house.  He also told the group that he has had two hernia operations, one as a young boy and again as a teenager, I think.  He said he has a scar on each side of his stomach, running vertically, I think.

And speak of the devil. Angie knows who that may be, and it's Tyler.  She's telling Scottie here that she and Haleigh offered Tyler a sweetheart deal with four weeks of safety in exchange for saving her with his PoV.

Angie:  He's a real moron if he doesn't take that deal.

(Well, somebody's going to be a moron after this week. Several people, actually, but only two of them will still be in the house.  )

And Sam is now much more comfortable being active in front of the cameras.  She's giddy, almost as she hoists the little barbells this way and that.

In this scene, Angela was telling Tyler about how she transitioned from gymnastics to pole vaulting, speaking in her usual quiet tones while other house guests shrieked on the other side of the yard.  She was getting too tall to be a gymnast, so she got scouted for pole vaulting and spent some time researching the sport on the internet, against the wishes of her family and everyone she knew.  Everyone told her she was going to throw it all away if she left gymnastics behind.

Angela:  ...and that made me want to do it even more.

Tyler:  Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

She never even really tried to pole vault before colleges started reaching out to recruit her.  On her first outing at a track meet, she "jumped" (That's the terminology for it, apparently.) twelve feet and two inches, which broke a high school record. An Australian guy wanted her to go to Europe and start training, and there was a flood of colleges who started calling her, like USC, Arkansas, Virginia Tech and LSU.  She picked USC, which is why she moved out to California.

Angela: But I was like, do I really have to go to college though? I don't really like school...

Then Angela started talking about how hard it all was on her body, but I'm not sure if she was talking about her track and field training, gymnastics, or both.  She said the coach was really hard on the team, wanting them to have "zero body fat".

Angela: I got what they call the Female Athlete Triad, which is early onset osteosperosis (sp?), and I was anorexic and stopped having periods, my hair started falling out, and....FISH.


There was so much tension in the house in every room, as everyone in both groups knew exactly how crucial wearing that PoV necklace would be.  Angela was on the block next to Angie at that point, so she was feeling nervous and Kaycee had the jitters as well.  Because Kaycee only came off the block because she won the Hacker competition, she was well aware that if anyone used the PoV to change the nominations, she might find herself sitting right back in that nomination chair.

Kaycee:  You ready to go out there and fuck some shit up?

Angela told Kaycee about being a pole vaulter recently, and also told Tyler right afterwards as previously discussed above.  It turns out that Kaycee and Angela both went to the same pre-Olympics type training camp, but I don't know if they were there at the same time.  In the early weeks of this season,  I wrote about Kaycee telling the group that she had some sort of painful injury just before she went to that training camp, so she had trouble "running her patterns" and didn't make the squad.  She didn't say it was the Olympics, but she did say she wants to try again in three years. I think Kaycee was playing field hockey back then, but she didn't give a lot of details at the time she told the story.

In any case, Angela is now free to discuss her past with Kaycee and Tyler, but I assume she won't tell anyone else at the present time.  She said she went to the Olympic trials, made it to the final rounds, and almost made the team.  She told Kaycee now that she used to work with a sports psychologist and is using those techniques today, to calm herself and visualize winning the PoV.

Later I heard Kaycee recommend one of those apples to someone else, saying it was very crunchy and sweet.

Fessy got picked to play the PoV, too, when Angie picked him as house guest choice.  I'm sure he was focused on visualization, too.  Like visualizing Haleigh's ass.

Hot Take:  If Fessy showed even a shred of shrewd BB gameplay this summer, I think he would have been targeted for eviction by Angela last week.  So maybe being thought of as a bumbling oaf is working for him.  Even his own alliance mistrusts him at least twice weekly, blaming him for crimes that he clearly did not commit.

JC decided to try on Kaycee's peanut suit, and you can see what Kaycee thought about it.

Kaycee:  It fits you better than I thought it would.

She went over and fussed with the top of the costume, trying to re-position it around JC's cap but he didn't like that.

They encouraged JC to walk out into the kitchen area so everyone upstairs could see him on the Spy Screen.  I don't know why it's so funny, but it is.  These house guests are going to TRIP when they see some of the costumes JC wears to the parties he hosts outside the house.

Meanwhile Brett has just taken a week off, cooking for everyone and making funny jokes.  I told you yesterday about Sam confessing to Angie that she has a crush on Brett, but thinks he is mocking her.

She has her back turned to Brett in the picture below, but Sam made a smart ass comment to Brett about the jacket he's wearing...it's Angela's jacket.  She asked Brett in a very snide tone if he "earned the right to wear it", or something like that.  Brett knew trouble was brewing with her but he was smart enough to drop it immediately.

Tyler joined the girls in the bedroom and tried to calm Angela down.  He still hasn't told these girls that he's a Big Brother fan, so as everyone discussed the various competitions they might be having today he listened and mostly stayed quiet.

Brett came in for a quick chat to give some quick moral support, and he brought up the OTEV comp, saying that might be an option today.

Kaycee explained that OTEV asks you a question and you have to run around and grab the answer and bring it back.

Angela:  Like a number?

Kaycee:  Yeah, I think so.

Tyler, probably dying inside:  What about questions like who got evicted on day 23?

The following pictures were taken just after the PoV competition, which was a wild time on the feeds since Tyler won.  It might be more appropriate to say that Angie lost it, though, because she not only kept Tyler from being eliminated in one round, but she actually beat him to the finish line with the wrong answer in her hand.

JC kept saying it was like watching a movie, it was so exciting.  Monday night on the hammock, he told Tyler that he was in tears when he saw Angie beat him to the finish line, and noticed they each had different colored game pieces in their hands.

(JC knew Tyler was the backdoor target, but does not know about Tyler's Cloud Power.)

Sam must have been cleaning out the refrigerator, because she brought in what was left of the Halfway Party cake and asked if anyone wanted to eat it before she threw it out.  She pointed out that Angela and Bayleigh's pictures still looked so perfect, causing JC to poke his finger at Bayleigh's face.

And these are the shoes from Kaycee's Health Nut costume.  They were too big for her, she says, and encouraged Tyler to try them on.  He said they fit perfectly, and hated to take them from her since they say "Space Pecs" on them.

Kaycee:  That's okay. I have a pair of Chucks at home just like them.

Tyler wears a size 10 shoe. JC says he's half of that, wearing a men's size five.  Angela actually tried on one of JC's sneakers and they fit.  She has small feet for a girl who is 5'10".

This is Scottie hanging all over Haleigh's legs during one of their "talks".  I just can't stand all the baby talk he does.  Something about him disturbs me, and doesn't ring true.  It just  doesn't.

And these are a few pictures from the Super Cringey "pitch" meeting that Haleigh and Angie held with Tyler, trying to get him to save Angie with his PoV, leaving Angela on the block as the target.  Angie took control of the meeting, being rather loud with her opinions, but Tyler was polite about it.

Angie went on a tangent about how entitled Angela is, and how Angela and Kaycee don't do anything in this game.  They literally just lay around and have been on vacation all summer, she says.  Angie seems to have forgotten that she is asking Tyler for a big favor, and maybe it would have been nice to let him speak here and there, maybe even asking what he'd like help with in the game.  Just a thought.  We already know it won't work, but Angie doesn't know that.  She should still try. Just not in this manner.

Tyler sat on the ledge of the tub for a little while, and when he realized that this was going to be a long one he went to get a chair so he could sit comfortably.

I think Haleigh planned to have this meeting while in the bathtub, but I'm not sure about that.  It was clear to me that she didn't plan to get out of the tub though.  So that's an interesting strategy when you're trying to be taken seriously.

(This looks like an ad for high-end perfume, doesn't it?  Because the color of the water is so vivid, and all of those ads have weird scenes where you look at them and think "what in the hell is going on here"?)

The pitch ended up being a joint effort, involving offering Tyler the support of four of them, including Fessy and Scottie.  They think Tyler is working alone and they want to protect him and could take him to the Final Four.  They also think Brett is a lone wolf and they might be able to bring him in, too.

Tyler finally asked Angie to give him some time alone to talk to Haleigh, and she was out of there in a flash, leaving the room quiet for the first time in an hour.

Angie left and Haleigh stayed right there in the tub, not doing herself any favors by babbling on and on and on nonstop, hardly stopping to take a breath, much less to give Tyler a chance to speak.  She ended up telling Tyler everything about her game, as if she thinks he's just been chilling, and not playing the game at all.

This was one of the most embarrassing scenes I've seen on the BB live feeds, since Haleigh is so smart, yet so stupid about what is happening in this game.  I know it's not fair to expect them to know what we know, but after all the flipped votes, you'd think she would do the math and figure out there is a big group working together, against her group all summer.

It really is a bad idea to start trying to make deals out of desperation. It's a bad look, but even if you need to do that, you need to at least let the other person talk, and to listen to them to find an opening for your arguments.  A two-hour filibuster doesn't help anybody.


I've been trying to finish this post for DAYS now, and when I thought I was almost finished yesterday, I realized I never knew what became of that blue candy.  Just then Tyler came out to the backyard with a spoonful of it for Angela to try.

You can see it's a tiny spoonful. Angela had a taste, and I think Kaycee did, too. Maybe even Brett.  Haleigh said it reminded her of Jello.

Angela said it's good, and it's really sweet.  But she couldn't finish that huge portion.

So she went over to the outdoor shower to wash it down the drain.

Brett:  Why?  Why are you doing that?  I thought you said it was good.

Angela:  Because I don't want it.

Which just goes to show you how hard it is to get over childhood, right?  Angela was already semi-famous in that house for eating half of a grape weeks ago, and then throwing away the other half.


Here a just a few more pictures from the Give Kids the World event in Orlando last week.  The Big Brother turnout certainly isn't what it used to be.  There used to be at least a dozen BB players who would show up every year, but now it seems like it's just the current year's evictees and the BB players who live nearby, like Josh.

This is Kellyn from the last season (I think) of Survivor.   I wasn't a big fan of Kellyn, but any friend of Kaitlyn's is a new friend of mine.  And who's having a better time down there than Winston?  Brett was talking about him yesterday, saying hello to him from the backyard.

Every year they have a theme party down there, and this year it was a "Decades" party.  I guess Winston is from the 90's, and Rachel is from the 80's, maybe.  Not sure which decade the two fans in the middle are from.  Maybe they didn't get the memo.

I'm only posting this so you can see one of the Swaleigh T-shirts that are being hawked right now on the internet.  If you are going to buy and wear that T-shirt, I'd think we all want to know why.  Please feel free to tell us why you want to spend your hard-earned $23.99  (or whatever) on this T-shirt. I know I'm being a real bitch about it, but it is a cute cartoon.  Real kitchy.

I suppose one reason to own one would be the comic effect of throwing it back in Braggy Swaggy's face one day, after Bayleigh elopes with one of the Hemsworth brothers (or whoever).

And why is Mark Long all covered up in this photo? I get that he wants to showcase this sweet 80's shirt that he's sporting, but why not undo a few more buttons?  Or show us your face, at least?  Let's see the goods, Mark.

Mark Long is a babe from way back in the day, we can all agree on that.

Remember Kit Hoover, who was on Mark's season of MTV's Road Rules?  They really were the first reality Showmance, but we didn't call it that, of course.  Kit is still looking lovely, even though she is nearly 50.  Here she is with her husband and three children.  Amazing, right?

And one more thing.  This Reddit poster got out the calculator and did the hard work for us.  If we're going to have a double eviction, someone needs to either come back in the game, or they have to have a reset week where no one leaves.

I'm kind of hoping for the latter, although everyone will scream Production Intervention if the reset helps a player in the majority alliance.  Because there is nothing more predictable than a bitter fan base.