Sunday, August 12, 2018

Love: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger. #BB20

Let's begin at the end of the last HoH reign, way back when it looked like something different was going to happen.


Yep, Sam was still in the house Friday morning, after all of the drama she caused all day Thursday, stretching into the live show.  She had some sort of little tantrum and was begging to leave.  But before you get too riled up about that, there have been plenty of house guests over the years who wanted to bolt but were talked down off the ledge by Production.  The Producers and staff have seen it all over the years.  In fact, last summer Josh Martinez tried to self-evict in the first week or so of the game, and he was able to recover and win the big prize.  That seems a pretty big stretch for Sam, but I would have said the same thing last summer about Josh in early August.

But Sam has a different playing field, with different competitors.  I don't think we can call at least two-thirds of last year's cast "competitors", but I don't want to beat a dead horse.  Nor a live horse, either.  So let's move on.

Sometimes Sam seems upset by getting camera coverage, and other times she plays along.  She's often the first one up, and the only one up for at least an hour.  Bayleigh used to get up for coffee with her, but Bayleigh's likely getting room service this morning at the airport Sheraton (or where ever) and getting ready to do a slate of post-eviction interviews.  Nothing too juicy though, because now that Bayleigh is on the Jury she can't receive any game info that might influence the outcome unfairly.

You know, unless it isn't communicated by Julie Chen as she throws to a commercial break, or an audio leak that the players hear that gives away the studio audience's reactions.

Last night Haleigh did her one-on-one meetings after she got her HoH room.  Her CD is by The Weeknd (It hurts me to spell it that way.) and her letter was from her mother.  Everyone kind of freaked out over how young her mother is, and said they looked like two peas in a pod.  I don't want to tell Haleigh's personal business, but one of the Fun Facts on her CBS Bio was that she is adopted.

Last night Haleigh wanted an evening alone in her HoH room, probably to get some rest as well as to think about her nomination plans for this week.  Angie showed up ringing the doorbell bright and early with a breakfast tray.  They all knew they had an 8:00 am wake up call due to the Hacker Competition to be held later in the day.

It turns out Sam made Haleigh's breakfast, and I thought, "Hmmm.  Doesn't Sam strongly dislkie Haleigh?  And didn't she say last night that even though Haleigh was the HoH, Sam wasn't planning on "sucking her dick"?  I soon leaned that in her talk last night with Sam, Haleigh made a one-week deal for safety.  They called a truce, but only for now.

I don't think I mentioned last Wednesday, but after the House Meeting where Haleigh announced she was last week's Hacker and all hell broke loose, the L6 members held a meeting to discuss what happened.  Angela didn't even believe that Haleigh was the Hacker, because they could tell that the House Meeting had been planned since at least the day before.  They thought Bayleigh asked Haleigh to step up to the plate and say she was the Hacker in exchange for Bayleigh using her Identity Theft Power to keep Haleigh safe.

Angela:  Look at how Bayleigh got up so early today, and then put on all her makeup even though we don't have anything to do.

Kaycee:  And Haleigh said she wasn't hungry this morning....she always eats!  She must be nervous because she only had coffee!

It's true that those two girls planned the House Meeting, but Haleigh wasn't lying, of course.

Haleigh and Angie said they can't wait until Angela finds out what sitting on the block feels like.  Just after the live show last night, Angie started talking to Haleigh immediately about how she'd put Angela and Kaycee on the block together, to bring them down a few pegs.  Then she'd backdoor Tyler and let Kaycee come down from the block, leaving Angela up there swinging in the wind.

Last week, as Angela's HoH week drew to a close, she gleefully celebrated her week with her alliance, saying that even though she was safe from eviction this week, Angie Rockstar was going to "ride the block hard the rest of this season".  I wonder if Production will pull that clip to show in advance of Angela's nomination on the CBS show?

If they do, I won't claim that Production copied me, like some other Big Brother information sources do.  Which reminds me to say this:  If you use someone else's ideas or posted information for your own money-making use, you should at least give credit sometime.  All of us feeders who provide Big Brother information to the public know a lot about this game, and it's common to have similar opinions about it.  But that's not what I'm referring to.  I've been meaning to say this for a few seasons now.  Five, to be exact.  I'm not mad about it.  I'm just aware of it.  That's all.

Haleigh feels badly about putting Kaycee on the block next to Angela, but she plans to pull her aside after noms and tell her she's not the target this week.

Haleigh:  I'll tell her....I won't use the word pawn, but I'll tell her I don't want her to leave.

Angie:  I think Kaycee will take it better than some others have.  She won't run around the house like an idiot like Rachel did.  I don't think Brett is a bad kid.  He's alright.  If I was the HoH, I'd give him a break, because he was on the block twice, and that's really hard to do.  I know all about that.

(Angie actually told Brett that to his face last night, and Brett was like "Okay.  Thanks.")

Haleigh:  I think Brett would be great to take to the end, because he'll lose.

Angie:  I don't know....he could win.  He has a chance.  I can see that.

Haleigh:  What are we going to do about that big bitch Fessy?   How are we going to get him out?

Haleigh talked about how Fessy kept walking around like a meth addict when she was having her meeting with Tyler last night.  I think Brett is now taking over for Fessy in Haleigh's mind, maybe doing the man's work a boy like Fessy can't do.  Just a thought.

Earlier, in Tyler's meeting with Haleigh, he kept planting seeds that he wanted to have a chance to save himself this week, insinuating they could rebuild their relationship in the game after she took a shot at him last week.  Haleigh mocked Tyler now, saying that he can't play this game without someone telling him what to do every day. Angie said Tyler was like a puppy dog following Angela around all the time and once she leaves this week he won't know what to do.

Haleigh: Yeah. Tyler will be a free agent again. If we can't get him on the block this week, I'm okay with one of the girls going home.  But he's my backdoor target.  He said if he didn't see his face up on the screen as one of my nominations, he would take that as a peace offering.  No Tyler, that means I'm backdooring you, you dumbass.

We see Fessy downstairs, focusing on the important things, like counting the number of CBS episodes they will appear on.

Fessy:  It's been like 20 episodes so far.  After all that TV time there's no way that America doesn't know who we all are, and what we're all about.

Get This:  There was one vote to evict Angie last night, and Sam talked nonstop after the show about how she didn't want Bayleigh to leave on an unanimous vote.  Yet Haleigh and Angie actually spent time this morning talking about their suspicions that Fessy is the one with the lone opposing vote.  THEY STILL BLAME EACH OTHER FOR EVERYTHING.

After the nomination ceremony, we returned to the live feeds with the usual rush of movement.  They've just stood up from their chairs at the dining table, and the group hugging begins.  This made me so sad, JC not having anyone to hug.

Meanwhile Scottie has been a total rat in there, scurrying upstairs every chance he gets.  He's already on the L6 Shit List because they know he told Fessy and Haleigh who was getting the majority vote last night, so they could vote the same way.

That information already trickled back to L6 and they quickly spread the whispered word that Scottie could no longer be trusted, and he moved up to #1 on their Backdoor list, if they have HoH power next week.  But it seems to me that although Scottie is definitely flipping to the side with power this week, he's giving Foutte some misinformation.  I don't know if Scottie is deliberately not sharing all of the facts, or if his read of the facts is wrong.  For example, he told Foutte that Tyler and Kaycee don't really have a relationship, because the link between them is Angela.  If Angela leaves Tyler will be adrift in the house, with no other friends in the game.

And did you hear Scottie saying last week that he and Tyler are "basically the same player in this game"?  They showed him say it once on one of the CBS episodes, with Tyler raising his eyebrows, but Scottie was on repeat with that comment last week.

There's the nomination wall with the nominated house guests up in lights, an honor they probably would rather have skipped today.

The cameras focus on the nominees as they retreat to their bedroom, saying they expected it, but it still sucks.  They immediately start talking about the Hacker Comp today, and how crucial it is to save their team.

Angela says she's an emotional eater and she needs to snack.  Angela has quite the sweet tooth, and I heard Scottie say that he's learned how to make healthy foods unhealthy by watching Angela snack this summer.

Angela:  Anybody want gummies?  I only like the red ones.

Kaycee dealt with the stress by making sarcastic comments about the nominations.  "I thought we were all Man Eaters,", she said.

Tyler came in the room and listened to them before bringing up the Hacker comp.  He wants to win it, and they crunched the numbers and found that the only possibility of all of them staying safe involved their group winning both the Hacker Comp and the PoV.  Brett visited them too, always coming in quickly to grab something and leaving before he can get caught game-talking.

Meanwhile Scottie is upstairs clearly trying to pin the tail on JC, telling them last week JC was up in the HoH room all week clowning Fessy for his crush on Haleigh.

Scottie:  He told them a bunch of bad stuff you said about Fessy, too, and he's the one who always tries to pit our group against each other.  I think he's the one who fucks up the vote every week just to watch us argue about it.

This gets Haleigh's attention and she says she would have loved to put JC on the block, but it would have upset Fessy.  She might seriously consider putting him up if their group wins the PoV.

Then JC came strolling in the middle of their conversation about him and they built a new conversation around him.  JC has been involved in a few interesting conversations that I've heard the past few days, and it's frustrating when what seems like a good conversation gets interrupted.  JC was telling them about a guy he broke up with in college that stalked him after they broke up.  He said that he lived in a high rise dorm and had two days each week where he had a class that started at 6:45 AM, so he got up early on those days, at 4:00 AM, so he could go to the gym and eat before class.

While was saying this, Fessy interrupted him to tell him he was talking too loudly. Angie said, "he's passionate about this story...leave him alone" so JC continued.  But then he got stopped TWICE about waking up at 4:00 AM.  They wanted to call bullshit on that, making him explain TWICE that he wanted to start his day earlier because of his early class.  I was like LEAVE JC ALONE and let him tell us the damn story, because I knew that Production was going to wake up any second and switch the camera view.

Because get this:  JC went down to the lobby level to leave at 4:00 AM  (YES 4:00 AM dammit.) and that guy he broke up with was waiting for him in the bushes outside of the door.

JC: I was like, the same height I am now, and he was 6'1" and he was waiting in the bushes, trying to talk to me again.

And then the feeds changed.  DAMN.  I was interested to hear the rest of the story. These people are so frustrating.

Haleigh asked the entire group in her HoH room to not change her nominations if they win the Hacker Comp.

Brett was like, sure thing, whatever you think is best, Haleigh.  She told him they'd meet again later to discuss the PoV, once they know the results of the Hacker comp.

Meanwhile Fessy just tore a sleeve off of his Hacker jacket.  They all heard the rip and asked him what the hell he was doing.


Fessy:  What, me?


Fessy:  It's too late.  It's already done.

Then he tore the other sleeve off.  Just to review, the house guests all got a sweet hoodie jacket to wear for the Hacker comp.  After last week's competition, Production asked them to take the jackets off and fold them up in storage. They wanted the jackets to look clean and nice on camera for the second Hacker comp, so they didn't want to risk these clowns messing them up in the meantime.  And this is how Fessy acts.  Tearing shit up.  You can't take him anywhere.

Haleigh knows there's a camera behind her, so she fusses with her shorts, trying to be modest.  Angie has been talking some trash, watching the Spy Screen and making comments about how everyone is scurrying around down there.

Angie likes to talk big about what she's going to do when she wins HoH, which doesn't really mean much, and everyone knows it. I think they need to focus on the upcoming comp, as best they can, then start planning what's going to happen when Angie Rockstar gets that big HoH win.

But they're having fun downstairs, too.  I haven't mentioned it, but Kaitlyn apparently was watching the live feeds and either saw the girls wearing some of her clothes, or heard them discussing all the stuff she left behind.  Apparently each person selects another house guest to be the one appointed to gather their belongings if they need help in a situation like this.  Kaitlyn's appointee was Haleigh, which Haleigh kind of made a big deal about, saying "why would she pick me"?

We weren't allowed to hear them discuss this on the live feeds.  I heard Tyler say "Did you hear that Kaitlyn wanted...." and the feeds changed, so I didn't mention it.  But this pair of shorts was on the list of things Kaitlyn wanted back, and Haleigh couldn't find them when she gathered everything else.  The shorts turned up somewhere (probably in somebody's else's stuff) so JC decided to make a Kaitlyn shrine on the dining table.

There's some Hemp seeds there, which Kaitlyn loves, and also a pool toy and other items.

JC decided to make a little picture of Kaitlyn using some leftovers from their Halfway Party.

The girls egged JC on, laughing at his various statements about Kaitlyn and what she brought to the house.  Later JC told the cameras that he loved Kaitlyn and missed her, and hoped she wasn't mad at him for having fun.

They suggested using ketchup for Kaitlyn's mouth, and JC thought that was a good idea.

JC: Kaitlyn looks so beautiful.  This looks just like her.

Later, Fessy tried to crawl on the table to kiss Kaitlyn, but BB told him to stop climbing on the furniture.  It was funny, after seeing JC get away with doing it.

Kaycee was still looking over at the nomination screen, trying to get used to the idea of being on the block.

Tyler:  Imagine being put on the block by the Hacker...that's really garbage.

Kaycee:  Yeah, because you don't know who did it to you.

LOOK:  I've seen the fans trying to push the Tyler-Angela showmance.  I've seen the #Tangela posters and pretty much just ignored it, because I've also seen the Tyler & Sam shippers and also the Tyler & Kaitlyn shippers after that.  I just rolled my eyes because Tyler was clearly babysitting Sam, with absolutely no romantic interest whatsoever.  With Kaitlyn, she was very sensual with him all the time, and he found her attractive. But Tyler knew she was crazy, and he was trying to keep her on track in that house.  He got her to put Swaggy C. on the block when she was HoH, opposing her entire alliance.  Tyler also got Kaitlyn to flip her vote to evict Steve on week one, so Tyler was putting work in to get results from Kaitlyn.  I think he really believed Kaitlyn was in love with him, so hearing she said all the same things to Fessy helped him feel better about evicting her.

MY POINT, FINALLY:  I'm seeing the Tyler-Angela connection, and it's on between them.  I started seeing some changes in their banter last week, multiplied maybe by the drama of Tyler being on the block last week, and then the dramatic save by Angela who begged to win the PoV so she could do that.  But now if you watch the live feeds, you can see their energy immediately change when the other one enters a room.

AND GET THIS:  Tyler and Angela were in storage with Kaycee just after noms, whispering that it was okay, they expected this, and they had to get pumped up to win the Hacker and PoV comps.  Then Kaycee left the room, leaving Tyler and Angela there alone.  Silently they looked at each other and Tyler lifted her up by the waist and twirled a complete circle before putting her down.  Then they both walked outside without a word.  And then I knew.  I think they spent some time together during the Halfway Party when the feeds are down.  I believe the agreement is that they can't play the game during the party, in exchange for Production letting them have a camera-free break for two hours.  They dance, and usually they get to drink, but not this year (Thanks to Bayleigh's behavior at the House Meeting.)  When the feeds came back Tyler and Angela were laying in the HoH bed talking to JC, and there was an energy there.  I can't explain it, but you know it when you see it.

I think it could be real, or at least sincere enough to warrant some dates outside the house.  I hope they wait until then, so they don't mess up and both wind up in Jury.

When Tyler walked into the kitchen, he greeted Angela by saying "have I told you how beautiful you are?" and she said, "Aw...thank you Tyler".  So THAT's not something you hear every day in that house.  And I didn't mention it, but after the House Meeting when Tyler locked her HoH room door as a prank, when she walked in the room she said something and flipped him a bird, and he said "well, you looked great doing it".

Those type of comments are common for Brett to toss around, but not Tyler.

Today before the PoV, Tyler went in the bedroom where Kaycee and Angela were killing time waiting for the comp to start.

Tyler, to Angela:  So...when are you going to tell me your life story?

Angela:  Well....the next time we have two hours....

And in her HoH questionnaire session (or whatever) last week Angela apparently said she had a crush on Tyler, but I didn't see that.  I did see her say in a DR session last week that she would jump under a bus for him, or something like that.

It's funny how chemistry works.  Guys like Tyler and Brett seem to barely say Good Morning to girls in the house, and the girls shove each other out of the way to fall in love with them.  And guys like Winston and Fessy, both handsome and in their same age bracket, couldn't get anything going in the house.  All four of them can be gentlemen (most of the time, in Fessy's case) and are funny, but if the chemistry isn't there, it's just not there.

Tyler told Kaycee and Angela not to hide in the bedroom, that they should show everyone that they're not afraid, and are ready to compete today.  Tyler started juggling limes and he made it look so easy that Kaycee wanted to learn, too. She started working on it, first with two limes and later adding another before they fell.  She has plenty of time to learn from Tyler, hopefully.  They need to get through this week first, of course.

Tyler said he learned to juggle in a pet store, with dog toys.  I don't know if he was working there, or just shopping at the time.  That part is unclear, as Kaitlyn would say.

Fessy strolled in and Tyler immediately noticed that Fessy had torn off the sleeves on his Hacker jacket.

Tyler: They're going to get really mad at you.

Fessy shrugged and then the feeds cut for a minute or two.  When they returned Fessy was putting on a gray sweatshirt, also sleeveless, instead of the jacket.  Do you think they had him return the pieces to the DR so they could sew the sleeves back on?  I guess we'll know when we see the Hacker comp on Sunday's show.  Maybe it made things exciting backstage, an unexpected wardrobe emergency on a Friday afternoon.

There had already been chatter about what their group would do if they won the Hacker comp.  They all agreed Angie Rockstar would go on the block in one of their places.  I'm not sure what they decided about which girl would be taken down if either Brett or Tyler became the new Hacker though.

Brett and Tyler both sat in the kitchen, well aware that Haleigh was sitting upstairs in the HoH suite with her hangers on, watching them on the Spy Screen.  (They're still pretending as if they aren't friends anymore, and definitely not working together.)

Tyler inspects the bag of Hemp seeds and barely whispers the following to Brett when they have a second alone.

Tyler:  You've totally fallen off the radar now....

Fast forward to the feeds returning after the Hacker comp, and this time all of the DR sessions had already taken place, and also the ceremony where the Hacker ruins someone else's week by putting them on the block.

SPOILER ALERT:  Kaycee is the new Hacker.  She took herself off the block and put Angie Rockstar up, and is trying to pretend like someone else is the culprit.

Everyone is happy, but they don't look it at the moment.  Angela said that she was facing the fact that she was still sitting on the block, but was looking forward to the PoV comp.

Upstairs Angie Rockstar was coming UNHINGED at whoever this mysterious hacker is, who dared to put her on the block.  She cursed and slammed things around as she berated the Hacker for being a coward, putting someone like her on the block.  Haleigh was angry, too, because she had issued orders for her team not to change the nominations if they won the Hacker comp.  Knowing Haleigh, soon she'll blame Fessy for this, instead of rightly assuming the Hacker is one of her opponents.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Tyler talked to JC about how he talked to Haleigh during his one-on-one meeting and put the idea in her head to backdoor him.

Tyler: I told her that if she didn't put me up initially, I still had to worry about the Hacker comp, and then getting put up after the PoV and I think I read her mind.  I knew she wasn't going to put me up.

Fans are thinking that JC might switch sides this week, voting against Level 6, but I don't think so.  JC is deeply bonded with Tyler and probably realizes that as long as Tyler is around, there will always be a bigger target in the house.

At almost exactly the same time, Sam was acting crazy again, and instead of just comforting Angie on her nomination earlier in the evening, she asked if the could speak in confidence, as if they weren't in the game at all.  She had something important to talk to Angie about.

I could see the wheels turning in Angie's head as she said sure, I'll go somewhere private to talk to you.  Everyone in the house knows Sam is very fragile right now.  If I were Angie, and I was on the block, I might start considering ways to get Sam to leave instead of me, but I don't think Angie is as devious as I would be in that house.

It took Sam FOREVER to spit it out, because she first had to go over the scenario again, that this is a private conversation and they are to speak as if they were outside the house.

Sam:  What do you think about Brett?

Angie:  Brett?

Sam: What do you think about Haleigh and Brett?  Does she like him?  What do you think about the way Brett walks around flirting all the time?

Angie said Brett always makes comments to the girls, flattering them with smarmy compliments.  It's part of his schtick, she says.

Sam:  He never does that with me.  He never tells me I'm beautiful.

 I'll cut to the chase, something Sam seems unable to do. Sam claims to be infatuated with Brett, and apparently thinks Brett might be into her, too.  But it also seems that Sam thinks Brett is constantly mocking her, and making fun of her to everyone else.  That would actually explain some of her behavior recently, where she whisper-shouts to the camera when she's alone, cursing about someone who "thinks she must be stupid".

So..that also explains all of her hatred for Kaitlyn and Haleigh, who both spent hard time flirting with Brett in the early weeks of the game.  And also her disdain for Angela, who is quite close with Brett.  Brett was cooking with apples the other day and asked Sam if she thought cinnamon would be a good addition to his recipe.

Sam:  Why don't you ask Angela?

Yeah.  So...Sam is insane, but there's a method to the madness.  She is totally irrational at times, admitting that she's seeing things that might not really be there.  Perhaps Brett is the source of the highs and the lows there.  I hope that Production is keeping a close eye on Sam, because I find this to be highly dangerous for Brett and the girls.  You've got a loose cannon with a knack for building things with material scraps found on the floor.  If she decided to make a weapon I don't think anyone would realize it until it's way too late.


The cameras patiently waited for Angie to wake up. It's a big day for her, after all of the ups and downs she went through since the live show ended.  First she was on top of the world, as her friend Haleigh won HoH and she started constant chatter about who she would target, and why.

But then the Hacker (Kaycee) put her on the block, in Kaycee's place.  so now she's back in the same place she's been the past two weeks, sitting in the chair for eviction this Thursday.

Once she got up, she had a scuffle with Kaycee that didn't appear on camera.  I was watching the live feeds, and thought I heard it, but I can only tell you what I've learned from hearing both Angie and Kaycee describe what happened after the fact.  I'm sure we'll see this on the CBS episodes, because it's a new side of Kaycee that the audience hasn't seen yet.  And who doesn't like a good girl fight?

OK, here's what I know.  Angie has been picking at Kaycee ever since the Hacker comp, sending Fessy downstairs to interrogate her, and making a lot of passive aggressive comments.  I guess Angie approached Kaycee in the kitchen, when Kaycee hadn't shaken off her morning grumpiness, and made yet another comment about Kaycee being the hacker.

Somehow this devolved into Kaycee telling Angie that she's a "grown ass woman" and apparently that is just asking for it, if you ask Angie, that is. Things got really loud after that, but I don't know how it ended.

Kaycee:  She thought she could just talk to me like that. She didn't know how I was going to react to her, but she knows now.

(Do you think Kaycee has been in fights?  Like, fist fights?  I would love to hear a girl talk about that on the live feeds.  Jessica's stories about fighting were riveting last summer. I pinched another girl in second grade and had to stand on top of a stump during recess, but that's as close as I've come to a physical altercation with anybody.)

(I just Googled the girl I pinched and it looks like she's had a great life since then.  So, good for her.)

Haleigh and Angie got all dolled up for the PoV player pick ceremony, and as you can tell, the Peanut and Jessie's Fitness costume punishments are over.  It's obvious that the PoV players weren't what Haleigh wanted them to be, isn't it?

PoV Players

Haleigh - HoH
Angela & Angie - Current nominees for eviction
Tyler - Hacker's PoV pick
Fessy - possible pick by Angie
Kaycee - possible random or pick by Angela

But sometimes you can psych yourself out of winning, just by thinking negatively.  There was plenty of negativity here now.  They wish Scottie was playing, because he's a beast in the comps.  I'm sure Scottie wishes he was playing, too.

I've already heard Haleigh complaining about how Angie is in her HoH room way too much, even hinting to her that it looks to everyone in the house that they're working together.


Angie:  Well, we could say the same about Kaycee up here all last week with Angela.

Haleigh has said that after this PoV, all she wants to do is sit alone in her HoH room and drink her bottle of wine.

Brett came up to visit, and he has Haleigh totally snowed, it seems.  Brett is trying to make sure that once Level 6 wins the PoV and takes Angela off the block, Haleigh doesn't decide to nominate him for eviction.  Brett plays it just right here, being friendly, but not too flirty.

Haleigh:  Do you think it was okay for me to do that meeting in my robe?  Did I look okay?

Brett:  You looked great.  It was perfect.

The news about Sam is leaking out.....maybe her talk with Angie wasn't so secret after all.  Or maybe her overall craziness is so noticeable that it would be a topic for discussion anyway.

Brett:  I'm aware that Sam thinks everything I say or do around her is mocking her....

NOTE:  The feeds started going to FISH every time anyone mentioned Sam's neurotic behavior, or even casual statements about comments Sam has made lately.  Is that because she's medicated?  Are they worried about liability if Sam hurts herself or others?

===> If I were Haleigh I'd start talking about Sam's inability to manage reality, to see if she can get her evicted for her safety, rather than sending home one of her only allies.  In fact, in light of what happened in the PoV comp, it wouldn't surprise me if Production made a move like that on their own. I think that would mess up the Jury though, if they have one less voter.  I don't think you can remove someone from the game for their safety, and then coop them up in a Jury house.  I think you pay them out and send them home.  Just ask Brandon Hantz, who was uninvited from his season's Survivor Finale, but they paid him the $10,000 appearance fee anyway.  That's what happens if you threaten another contestant's life.

As cozy as this looks, all of the chatter was just Haleigh running her mouth about the game, what her plans are, and what she's heard about everybody else.  And Brett just lets her lead the discussion, replying here and there and taking it all in like a sponge.

If Haleigh tried to talk about personal stuff, Brett would do that, too.  But all he has to do is just be there, and look at her, to have Haleigh eating out of his hand. So to speak.

(Do they really believe that Brett, who has been accused of being a rich, entitled yuppie, would break ties with Tyler over a stupid trip to Hawaii?  I guess it's too late for the former Foute kids to use logic to solve a problem.)

I heard Haleigh tell Brett about her bottle of wine, and how she didn't want to share it with Angie.  Is she trying to make Brett think she's not working with Angie?  (LOL)  Or is she trying to plant a seed, wanting Brett to ask if he can have a glass?

Haleigh even brought the  bottle over to the bed for Brett to inspect, pointing out the high alcohol content.

This is the place where they would have started kissing, if Brett was genuinely interested, or if Haleigh had a few more years of experience under her belted robe.  All it would take is one tilt of her head to start the smooching.

But Haleigh can't even let silence happen.  You can feel her nervousness from here.  So Brett read the entire label out loud, because what else could he do?

I regret to inform  you that one thing Brett couldn't do is pronounce the word "varietal".  Haleigh had to help him with that, after she let him try it alone at least twice.  I guess Brett is more of a beer guy.  I later heard Haleigh discuss plans to split her bottle of wine with Angie, so I guess she gave up on the date before it happened.

As a contrast, during BB14 Ashley Iocco asked Frank Eudy if he wanted to have an "Ice Cream Date" with her, and he did.  The date had nothing at all to do with ice cream, but after they drank a bottle of wine Frank directly asked Ashley if she wanted to "make out for awhile".  And she did.  So they did. Amazing how things work out if you confront the situation directly.

It looked like Sam had taken some meds, or gotten a good night's sleep because she was in a much better mood, curling her hair and making it seem like being so close to Brett was no big deal.  I think he knows how she feels, from the look on his face.  Sam was telling Angie all about how she loves to go "frog gigging". To her credit, Angie seemed horrified, gently saying that she loves frogs, that frogs seem like happy nice creatures.

Scottie was in the shower, and Sam pulled him into the conversation, asking him to tell Angie all about that time that he witnessed frogs jumping into a campfire and blowing up on impact.  And then Sam had another charming tale about a frog jumping right into her granddads' coffee cup, and "boiling alive instantly".

Sam:  And what did my granddad do?

Scottie: He drank the coffee anyway.

So, clearly Sam and Scottie have discussed this topic before.  Gross.  And potentially threatening, if you're being stalked by Sam and fear for your well-being.

Angie told Sam her rendition of the altercation she had with Kaycee.

Angie:  And then she said 'I'm a grown ass woman' and I was like well, I'M A GROWN ASS WOMAN too....

Why is Sam getting all gussied up today? Isn't she the girl who always insists she doesn't care what she looks like?

Well, it turns out Brett is going to be the PoV comp host, and Sam is going to be sitting on the sidelines with him.  For some reason, Sam kept talking about her guesses for Brett's hosting costume.

Sam: I hope Brett's a gorilla. A gorilla.  GORILLA, GORILLA, GORILLA.  C'MON GORILLA!

So...wonder what THAT is all about.

Sam later said that curling her hair and pinning it up made her feel normal again, because she does that at home all the time.  Sam's PoV costume as an audience member was a gray and pink camo T-shirt and bandanna that she looked cute.

The night before I watched Sam participate in a conversation in the bedroom with a bunch of people, laughing and seeming to enjoy everyone's company.  But then she went up to the HoH and told Haleigh and Angie that she needed to come upstairs to escape because she couldn't stand to be around anyone downstairs, with real anger in her voice.  Is she playing the game, trying to stay off the block?

I then watched her go to the storage room and sit alone in the corner, confronting the camera in an angry fashion, talking about someone who treats her like an idiot.  We were all confused, but now we know who's she's talking about.  This week, anyway.

Brett came in with a sample of something he made in the kitchen.  It's the dish that contained apples, I think.  I'm guessing it's an apple crisp-type thing.

Tyler and Angela napped to get ready for the competition.  They both sleep like corpses, not moving, which sets them apart from the rest of the house guests.  I heard someone say just yesterday that Tyler and Angela are the perfect sleepmates, since they're both so still.

Fessy has been talking about the Zingbot coming, trying to find out what everyone thinks he will be Zinged about.

Fessy:  I know what Scottie's is going to be about, but....

(Probably the same Zing Fessy would get, about unrequited love for Haleigh.)

I love these braids.  Haleigh has such beautiful hair.  She's considering cutting it to shoulder level, or even a bob.  Sam told her the other day that she thinks they would make a bunch of wigs for children out of it.  I think she said six, but I'm not sure at the moment.

I'm not sure what Angie is making here....maybe some guacamole?  But what is that other stuff on the plate?  Hummus?


Tyler won the PoV.   And it was OTEV, with a hunting-type theme.  It sounds like OTEV had some skunk-like spray coming out of an orifice that might have been his rear end.  And it sounds like they changed up the comp to make it more friendly to people who aren't built like Frank the Tank.  I think they had to grab two different playing pieces to take to OTEV's shrine, which may or may not have been pills, or other medication.  Maybe OTEV was ill, and needed assistance.

The win was MESSY.  So messy that Haleigh's group had a 3-1 advantage over Tyler, and he still won.  And get this:  Angie ALMOST WON.  It seems she made some major errors that cost her the win, and this has made Haleigh and Fessy LIVID with her, even though she might  not be aware of it. Yet.

PoV Comp Results

First out - Kaycee
Second out - Angela
Third out - Fessy
Fourth out - Haleigh  (but Angie tipped Tyler off to having the wrong answer, keeping him from being eliminated)
Final Two - Angie & Tyler

It sounds like Angie may even have beat Tyler back to OTEV on the last round, but she had the wrong answer.

====>  WOW, huh?  Just wow. What a fucking show.


1.  They all wore sweet Antler hats.  Kaycee doesn't like hers, because of her bun, but knew she'd have to wear it in her PoV-related DR sessions.  She wants to trade the hat for Sam's pink camo bandanna, but I don't know if that happened yet.

2.  Brett didn't get to do much hosting, because that is OTEV's job, but he got a costume he plans to wear on the live show and he's THRILLED about it.  It's a jumpsuit made of a camouflage jacket and pants and even though it gives him a major wedgie, he loves it. He might wear it folded down at the waist, maybe with a belt.

3.  Haleigh's Big Plan is to tell Tyler that he shouldn't save Angela, because Angela only started speaking to him last week.  And how Tyler doesn't even have a real connection with Angela.  Even Fessy thought this was bullshit, saying after Angela saved Tyler last week, there is no way Tyler won't save her this week.

4.  Angie swears that Tyler might save her, because during the comp she told him "you better not fuck me, Tyler" and he said he wouldn't.  I mean, I believe Tyler won't fuck her.  But I also believe Tyler will leave her on the block and vote her out.  Right?

5.  Angie met with him and made a heartfelt plea to be saved, so she doesn't have to sit in that chair again on the live show.  Tyler was respectful, saying he'd think about it, and he "won't walk around like a dick", explaining that last week he was abrasive with Bayleigh because he believed she was the Hacker and targeted him.  Tyler said he'd be respectful of her, because he understands what this game means to Angie and her family.  To me, that said everything Tyler needed to say, but later Angie repeated most of this conversation to her team, still believing he might use it to save her.  Tyler did tell her he's noticed what a fierce competitor she is, so that can go in Angie's BB scrapbook, at least.

6.  I haven't had a chance to watch Haleigh's pitch to Tyler yet, because I couldn't stay awake long enough. But I think she got buzzed and made some statements we will laugh about, which is unfortunate for Haleigh, who really does seem to believe that she's on top of things. For example, I think she told Tyler that he should start working with Brett, because they're both alone in the game.

But we'll have plenty of time to discuss all this later.  In the meantime, here is Sam's PoV costume.

And here's a rare view of Kaycee's long hair.  I almost feel guilty posting this, because she only lets this happen for a few moments each day, usually off camera.  It's long and curly, and not what you'd expect at all, even though it's exactly right on her.

Kaycee is well aware that she is likely going right back on the block when Angela comes down, but she's looking on the bright side of it, thinking about her speech in front of America.  And she is confident her team has her back, to get the votes to stay.

It's way too early to call this a win, but here is how the votes may go.

Votes to Evict Angie


Votes to Evict Kaycee (but one will be nullified by Tyler the Hacker)

Scottie (unless he rats out and flips, or flips out and rats)
Sam (maybe, but it doesn't matter)

And you should know that Scottie is suddenly trying to re-join the Kool Kids downstairs, now that he's done the math and probably realizes that Angie is being evicted this week.  But when he walked in they ignored him and then whispered about how awkward the exchange was, and how much they want him out of  this game.  Apparently he snatched a bandanna out of JC's hands before leaving.

Good luck with that Scottie.  Too bad you didn't know Brett was listening to everything you said up in that HoH suite this week.

I don't want to just sit here making fun of Foute's problems this week.  Let's let a few other BB fans pitch in and help.


This poster does the funniest summary every week of the game's events. I've really been enjoying the laughs.

And I know many of you are growing weary of Swaggy C, but let's document a few more of Swaggy's Braggy comments.  Because it might be fun to revisit his boastful statements at a later date.

This is a memorable BB Canada player with Swaggy in Orlando, at the big reality event.  This is what bothers me with emojis...what s this supposed to mean?  There is a thought bubble, and an umbrella...does that mean Swaggy is thinking about keeping Sindy on hand for a rainy day?  In case things don't work out with the woman pictured on his new T-shirt currently for sale?

And Swaggy continues to take or post NO pictures with his fellow evicted cast members, only posting with players from other seasons.  Is it because he's so still salty over Winston, Rachel and Kaitlyn voting him out?  What a silly whiner he is. He's missing a chance to really bond with them and rebuild friendships.  Bayleigh won't be like that with the cast when she's released.  Pride does come before a fall.  And that is a fact.

I have something to say about Da'Vonne in just a moment.  Love the "Try Me" poses here.

This is funny.  Chris is Angie's boyfriend.  Obviously.  He's a cool guy who would prefer that Angie had aligned with the other side of the house.  Particularly this week, I'm sure.

This is that pride I was just talking about.  I think he can be Swaggy without being a dick.  But that might not be true.  Swaggy might be trying to audition for The Challenge--maybe that's what all this anger is about. Because everyone is always so angry on that show.

Let's check in on Da'Vonne and Jozea, who are on The Challenge season airing now.  I've been trying to watch it, but it's really not my thing.  The vibe just isn't for me.

Do you think this partnership is going to work out?  Da'Vonne is teamed up with Jozea.  Natalie and Paulie have already been eliminated, but of course they will have some sort of chance to return to the game.  Paulie made a BIG STINK last week by making up a DEVIOUS lie about someone's girlfriend having sex with another guy in the redemption house.  Or whatever.  They're all so angry all the time.  That's the show, I guess.

But the competitions are HARD.  In this one, they had to jump and swing on these big pieces of meat.  CT (remember him?), who has somehow become older than I am, was really razzing Jozea from the sidelines, making the whole cast laugh at him.

They had to swing from steak to steak across the course, way up high over the water.  That is Faith's butt you see there.  Faith, who famously had relations with Jax Taylor on a very scandalous episode of Vanderpump Rules.

But it wasn't enough to get a cast position on that show, not even a "Friend Of" role. So now Faith is on MTV, trying to make inroads with the old school Challenge players by jumping in the sack with some guy from Australia.  Or something.

Anyway, MTV is hiring, if Swaggy is interested.  I'm sure Faith will welcome him with open "arms".

SPOILER ALERT:  Jozea fell before being able to move to the next steak, which  means he and Da'Vonne were out of the comp. I don't know what happened to them after that, though.

Apparently Jozea can't swim, which made him a laughing stock at some other Challenge show he appeared on.  As he floundered here, with an MTV employee swimming over to help him, we could hear CT laughing about how the $2,000 Jozea spent on swimming lessons wasn't helping him now.

Clearly the MTV Challenge regulars feel threatened by the CBS reality contestants moving in on their turf.  It's not going to be easy for them to be accepted and avoid being targeted every week, which makes what Natalie has done kind of remarkable. She fits right into the group, however having to play on a team with Paulie is really hurting her game now.

So yeah....if you think the BB players are mean to each other, I challenge you to watch The Challenge to learn what mean really is.