Friday, August 10, 2018

Three Strikes and You're Out. #BB20

As the clock ticked down to the live show, Julie tweeted this out to hype us up. I was like.....what is this?  Obviously Julie's hair and makeup is right on point, once again, but what is up with that ensemble?

She gave us a close up on Instagram, and a peek at what it would look like at night, under the lights.  In that situation, it's harder to see the flesh-colored arms and neckline, which is a good thing.. It looks creative.  I think I like it.  Those beaded tatters have a Project Runway vibe to them, don't they?  Let's give Julie a passing grade on this one, and move on.  Because once again we've got a lot of serious things to chat about.

In the minutes leading up to the live show kick-off, it became clear that there might be problems off screen.  And the problems related to guess who....Sam, the Problem Child.  Instead of getting ready and sitting on the couch with her co-stars, Sam was in the Diary Room threatening to leave and crying.

On the one hand, if she doesn't want to be there, I'd like to see her get the hell out.  But on the other hand, losing a house guest due to a quit screws up the entire production schedule, especially before a live show. The crew works hours and hours to prepare for these events, and then someone like Sam throws a tantrum and causes a big distraction.

Last summer, they told Josh that if he touched the doorknob in the DR, he would be out of the game.  But now it sounds like Sam got away with that and more.

But back to the show, that some of the players actually want to play.  Like Haleigh, who got the opening camera shot as Julie discussed the big week she had, winning the Hacker Comp and all.

Most of the fans think that we didn't see a wide shot of the group because of Sam.  It turns out that Sam wasn't even on the couch yet.

Because the CBS tweeter let us know this, just a few minutes later.  You think Allison Fucking Grodner doesn't have OTHER STUFF to do as the live show kicks off?  You think she wanted to spend one second of attention placating this PESKY ATTENTION-SEEKING HAYSEED?

I'm sorry to call Sam names. but this is kind of a big deal. She's making a mess of the game, like a drunken Vegas rube who ruins the entire poker table's game by taking too many cards.  I think they should threaten her with a lawsuit, or maybe tell her they are going to call the police in Virginia and have them search her trailer for contraband, so she gets a really special welcome home from the authorities.

(If I played, I'd play dirty.)

She was a problem all afternoon in that house, making Kaycee break down the voting plan over and over, basically accusing her of trying to fool her. She spent a lot of time snuggled up with Fessy in bed, whining and crying.  She's out on Tyler, and I think that was the source of much of her dismay.  But more about that tomorrow, maybe.  I'm sick of talking about her already.

The show kicked off with the end of the PoV ceremony, and then we saw the "altercation" that Bayleigh talked about so much, when she said Tyler "yelled at her and was rude".  Well, as suspected, that is not what happened at all.  Tyler wasn't his usual laid-back self, but he certainly wasn't yelling at her, even though Bayleigh was getting quite loud with him.

He was barely raising his voice as he told Bayleigh to go ahead and cancel his vote, because he knows she's the hacker.

Tyler:  I'll just say it right now publicly that I plan to vote you out this week.

Bayleigh:  Who does Tyler think he is coming at me like that, all aggressive?  What made you so bold all of a sudden?  I don't think he knows who he's talking to.

Um.....reality called Bayleigh, but you were too busy listening to yourself talk to hear the phone ring. expected, the drama of Tyler "going off" on Bayleigh turned out to be a bunch of hogwash.  Just like the way she went crazy after Tyler had the nerve to say "Good Morning" to her on Tuesday.

Bayleigh is out of her goddamn mind.  How was she in charge of crews and passengers on cross-country flights?  Can you imagine getting on a flight with your family for Thanksgiving holiday and seeing Bayleigh up front, issuing passenger orders into that little hand held microphone?  I can just imagine her slinging that little plastic cup full of ice over at me as the beverage cart barrels down the aisle.  Your foot better not be in that aisle when she charges through, son.  At least those pilots can lock themselves in the cabin where they're safe.

Finally we see a wide shot of the cast, and Sam is there in her coveralls.  Anybody who watches the live feeds knows that Sam likes whiskey and weed, so if Production isn't going to let her leave, I propose they keep her sedated to the point where she can't mess up anybody's game, but not to the Metta World Peace level, though.   Because Sam is fucking up the whole works right now.  

Yesterday when she was crying to Fessy before the show started, she said "I keep thinking things that are all made up and aren't even real".  She's paranoid to the point of danger, accusing people of doing things that might be wrong, or might be just people playing Big Brother.  Remember this is the girl who basically called out Haleigh for being a harlot. And that is far from the truth, for sane people.

One day I hope to see a Big Brother "Behind the Scenes" show where Allison and her team dish some real dirt about what's happened backstage, and who did it.  I want Allison to NAME NAMES.

Then it was finally time to meet Mr. Pectacular's Granny, who came on the scene with her walker and loud voice.  I knew something was up with Granny, even though we never got to see her on the live feeds.  Brett didn't seem thrilled about it, in a way I couldn't place. He seemed a little disrespectful in what he said about Granny's visits, in a manner that wouldn't be right if "Granny" was really an old lady.

So the fact that Granny is actually that same fat guy who came in the house to yell at Rachel kind of makes sense.  And now it's okay for Brett to manhandle Granny's saddlebags like this.

Did Production count how many pills Granny had in her bag?  Are they sure that she left the house with all of them?

Because a bottle of prescription pills would be a highly coveted asset in that house, even if they are just Granny's heart pills.

Fun Fact: During BB9, Adam, who eventually won the entire season, told one of his buddies in the house that he brought in some Oxy's (or whatever) inside of a rolled up sock, and just a minute later they had an outdoor lockdown and Adam's pills were found and confiscated.  I'll bet someone will find a pill in that bathroom somewhere next summer.  They found a shirt behind one of the beds one season that belonged to a girl from the summer before, so you never know.

SPECIAL UPDATE:  While I was vacuuming today, I thought about that black camisole top they found----the Twins from BB17 found it and the feeders figured it out it belonged to Amber from BB16. Maybe Caleb took it from her to snuggle up with in bed.  Remember how he used to wear one of her sundresses like a fucking scarf?  Whew....good times. Crazy house guests, but good times.  Tragedy + Time = Comedy, I guess.

The guy who played Granny is really a great comedic actor. His accent and mannerisms were hilarious.  Granny had been looking all over for Brett when she found him in the DR.

Granny could use a better brassiere, though.  That much is clear.

And here is the big musical number in the backyard, with the Health Nut and the entire cast dancing along to the Space Pecs jingle. It really was the Big Finish, and not a moment too soon.

It really was a few minutes too late.  This segment felt rather long to me and could have been shortened a little, and crowbarred into last night's episode, where it belonged.  Just my opinion.

I thought this segment was too long, too.  If I didn't know better, I would think the drama was manufactured, but it wasn't.  I'm not sure if Bayleigh suspected that Haleigh might be the Hacker, but she did put the pressure on her with her comments, didn't she?

It would have been nice for Haleigh to give Bayleigh a heads up that they were going to have this Very Important Talk, which would surely be featured on the TV show.  You know, so she could get ready.  To be on Tee Vee.  For a long, painful segment.

This little sit down happened earlier in the week, on Tuesday, I think, which is when the plan for the House Meeting started to germinate.

And here is the beginning of the House Meeting on Wednesday morning, when everyone was in their place and the presentation was orderly.

And this is how the House Meeting ended, with Bayleigh shrieking at Tyler with a mouth full of blood, telling him that he "made her life in the house a living hell".  Oh, and she also shrieked that Tyler was "a fucking animal".

Yeah.  If you were going to call Tyler Crispen a name, I don't think it would ever be that one.  He's such a gentle, nice guy.  I already discussed the House Meeting here, if you want details. I'm tired of talking about this, too.

And then it was time for the live voting and eviction.  One of these ladies will be leaving the house tonight, seeing the outside world for the first time since late June.

I think we can all agree that Angie Rockstar is starting to look like a Rockstar, after losing at least ten to fifteen pounds this summer, including her week following Jessie's Fitness and Food Plan.  It's not her fault she had to wear that costume---that's part of her punishment.  But she could have worn some underwear with it. JC had some things to say about that later in the evening, but I'll skip that part of my commentary.  You'll have to discuss that on some other website.

I do wish she could have tag-teamed with Brett to let him make her speech for her.  She's wearing a wrestling outfit, so that's not unreasonable, right?  Has anyone ever done that?  If Production was going to approve that move for anyone, it would have been Brett.  But don't worry...we're going to hear from Brett in just a moment.

Bayleigh looks lovely tonight, of course, and began her speech by saying she wasn't going to go off and say crazy things about everybody, even though that had apparently been her plan for some time.  She gave a shout out to the "Dayton Dynasty" and also to Swaggy C.  Maybe you've heard of him.

Bayleigh:  Things got real aggressive this week.  I'll go ahead and be the bigger person and apologize to you Tyler.  Yelling isn't acceptable.

That's kind of a backhanded apology.  You know, the part about saying she'll be the one to be the "bigger person".  That's what you say when you are trying to make it clear that you are superior to the other party.  No surprises there.  She did say she's "fallen in love with each person in the house" holding her gaze to the side of the couch to her right.

Before we voted, it was time to hear from the Hacker, to see whose vote got the kibosh this week.

The Hacker clips are so damn cheesy.  I was so embarrassed for myself, having to watch it  But I know they probably do it for the 12-and-under crowd, who might think there's a hooded monster in the Diary Room during the live show.

But nope, that's just Tyler, wearing Angela's new Hilton Head hoodie that she got in her HoH basket.  I guess they are sharing it now.  He was planning to vote to evict Bayleigh wearing it, but of course it was no surprise that Tyler's vote got squashed by the Hacker Haleigh.

Spoiler Alert:  We're going to be crapping all over Production's audio crew tonight, so let me go ahead and warm up by mentioning that as the Hacker's Scary Segment ends, there is a weird beat of silence before the show cranks back into gear.  Remember the old tape recorders we used to have as children?  It felt to me like they pressed the STOP button on a tape recorder at the end of the Hacker's statement.

But if I were Tyler's friends, I would be grabbing sound bytes of the Hacker saying Tyler's name, because you can all totally use that to do fun stuff on his phone. Or whatever the kids will be doing this fall with their electronic devices.

This is a tape recorder, by the way. Mine had a little handheld microphone, but it looks like this model has a built in voice recorder.  My cousin and I used to use my microphone to put on shows for ourselves.

I would totally believe that the BB audio team is using this back there in the Production studio. Along with a three-foot water bong.

Other than pining after Haleigh, and making funny height jokes with JC, Fessy doesn't have much of a BB storyline, but maybe that will change this week.  I'm only showing his picture here because this week his Diary Room vote was of special interest to me.  Fessy voted to evict Bayleigh, which probably surprised the CBS casual viewers, because they thought Fessy was her friend.

The CBS tweeter told us during the show that the audience was chastised for making noise during the live voting. I heard Fessy talk about it later, so I paid special attention this morning to the sound coming through in the Diary Room when he was in there.  I could hear some light chatter as he placed his vote, but nothing too big.

But when Scottie voted to evict Bayleigh, the audience reaction was much louder.  And Scottie is no dummy.  He knows what that might mean....that the audience is pulling for the Underdog Alliance, which he is much happier to be associated with after tonight's festivities.


Just because it's happened before doesn't mean it needs to happen every fucking season.  In fact, that should have prevented it from happening again years ago.

And here's Haleigh, who of course can never look in the right place while giving insincere compliments.  Tonight she said Julie looked "astounding", which is an adjective much closer to the mark, but how would Haleigh know that if she's not even looking in Julie's direction?

Haleigh voted to evict Bayleigh, too.  There was some drama surrounding that, because Scottie apparently told Haleigh and Fessy what the majority vote would be, so they could switch their votes to match it, avoiding the flipped vote confusion that has plagued Foute all summer.  JC had planned to tell Fessy about his vote just before the live show, but he wasn't the one to share the majority vote information.

Which brings us to Sam, whom the CBS tweeter would have us believe was a crying mess as the show began, saying she refused to cast a vote for anyone.

She didn't look too devastated here, as she used her sunglasses as a sassy prop in her voting ritual.  Sam voted to evict Angie Rockstar, and then left the room in an energetic burst, shouting out love for her brother "Joe Banjo".

After the live show, Sam droned on and on and on about how she voted to evict Angie so that Bayleigh wouldn't go out on a unanimous vote.  And this confession involved a bunch of tears and copious hugs.  Fessy is her go-to for man hugs now.  She's off Tyler entirely, it seems, after Tyler finally confessed to her about his Cloud power.  (I missed watching that, but it did happen.)  She was mad that Tyler hasn't mentioned it all these weeks, while she told him about her power immediately.

(But Sam says she's not playing this game, and Tyler wants to win. Sam can barely grasp the most basic aspects of the weekly game play.  I don't blame Tyler for not telling her.)

JC was somber as he entered the Diary Room, while the audience giggled.  They always do when JC walks it.  He tickles them, I think.

JC:  This one is for you Rachel.  I vote to evict Bayleigh.

Then he stood up as is customary on JC's exit from the DR, and exploded with a special message, but instead of a Public Service Message, he gave a shout out to all the party people in Miami. Or something like that.  It was unclear, as Kaitlyn would say.

After a commercial break, Julie announced the vote to evict Bayleigh, six to one.  As Bayleigh stood up to leave, she made a statement that wasn't bleeped, even though they did so much bleeping during the HoH comp just a few minutes later.


Bayleigh:  You guys can all hug me now. I'm no longer the big scary black lady.

Was that really necessary?  I think it was totally inappropriate.  Bayleigh's exit from the game had nothing to do with her ethnicity, and everything to do with the fact that she refuses to take responsibility for any of her mistakes.  There's always an excuse for everything, and that excuse is always something other than Bayleigh.

But she hugged each and every person, and left like a lady pageant contestant.

And this is the first exit in weeks, maybe even this season, where the person leaving wasn't so angry that they forgot to wave to the audience on their way out.  This was Pageant Patty Bayleigh, who knows how to walk a runway wearing her sash and crown.  Maybe that's why she always refers to herself as Queen Bayleigh.

Now it all makes sense.

Look Andy, JC is always at the front of the group so he can see.  And Fessy is always right behind him, so you can be mad at him, too.  JC is a showman and the crowd loves him.

Julie wasted no time jumping right into things with Bayleigh, saying that the Bayleigh we see tonight was totally different than the one we saw at the house meeting.

Julie:  We saw that you LOST YOUR MIND on Tyler...why?

Bayleigh:  I don't care, girl. I'm a true Gemini, when you back me into a corner that's what's gonna happen.

OK. A few things here.

1.  You don't call Julie Chen "girl" on live TV, Bayleigh.

2.  Of course it's everyone else's fault that Bayleigh lost it, because they "backed her into a corner".

3.  I tried to count how many times Bayleigh told Julie Chen to "shut up" during this interview and failed.  She was well into the two-digits by the time I lost count.  But that shouldn't be a surprise, because she has YELLED Shut Up at just about everyone in the house this week.

Julie went into another tough question, asking why Bayleigh told Rachel about her Identify Theft Power.  Bayleigh interrupted Julie in the middle of her sentence to answer, because SHE was ready to speak.

Bayleigh:  I didn't mean to do that Julie....but she was freaking out so I just wanted to shut Rachel up.

(Of course you did Bayleigh.  Of course you did.  No one can speak but you.)

If I'm offended on behalf of Julie Chen for the way Bayleigh spoke to her in this interview, I KNOW Julie caught the disrespect, too.  But I'm sure Bayleigh's proactive and self-assured speaking skills were a relief after what happened during last week's live eviction.

(And STUNNING in this picture.)

Then Julie disclosed information that to me was a clear violation of the game, giving Bayleigh not only news about the outside world as it pertains to her, but also valuable information about who is working together in the house.

First, she told Bayleigh that Swaggy C has been to her parents' house.  I know this thrilled Bayleigh, but to me she didn't need to know that since she's on the Jury now.  And she'll be talking about that to all of the other Jurors, who likely will not get to hear updates on stage about what their families and hookups have been doing in their absence.

Then, as the segment ended, Julie told the crowd that Haleigh, Angie and Fessy needed to win the HoH if they want to keep their alliance together.  So now Bayleigh knows that Brett, Scottie and JC weren't really on board with their group.  We all know that, but Bayleigh didn't know that.

===> How can Bayleigh have the chance to return to the game, knowing that info? And since Julie didn't tell her who the one person was that voted to keep her, a Jury Buy Back competition seems likely.

And then it was time for the goodbye messages.  And public speaking is just not Angela's forte.  Some people just don't have the gift of public gab.  Maybe it's the monotone. Maybe it's the lack of inflection.  Maybe it's the lack of expression. In any case, you can see how Bayleigh received Angela's sweet message about how much she loves Bayleigh and knows they will be great friend outside the house.

This type of goodbye message to someone you SAVAGED in your speeches is a rookie mistake.

But I'm happy to report that Tyler knows what's up with goodbye messages.  Bayleigh was all ready to mock and hate on him until he started speaking.

Tyler:  Bayleigh....when two Big Players go up against each other, one of them has to go.

Bayleigh immediately let us all know she was flattered that Tyler considered her to be a Big Player.

(Just yesterday she ERUPTED at Tyler after he said "Respect....that's what you want, isn't it?")

Tyler:  And I know you have that power that you're not going to use in my favor.  I know now that you're going to use it against me, so I need you to leave this week.

Bayleigh nodded while Tyler said this, falling to Tyler's one-on-one charms once again. Look at her right hand...I'm not a body language expert, but that's a positive tell, I think.  So now we all know that if Tyler continues to go deep into this game, he plans to own his game to the Jury.  And his message here is perfect, because he didn't spill his guts about his alliances, knowing she might be coming back, and also other potential jurors might be offended by Tyler's true intentions in the house.  Assuming these choices were intentional, this was a good showing by Tyler.  He even mentioned maybe being friends with Bayleigh.  And he looks so cute on camera, which I know Bayleigh noticed.

And then there's Brett, who did such great work with Bayleigh after she was nominated in such a brutal fashion by Angela.  Brett was going undercover as a free agent in the game after the PoV comp, so he listened to Bayleigh and offered support, which we all thought was a great Jury strategy.

But Brett may have blown that up with his goodbye message, as he couldn't help himself from throwing it in her face that she wanted a unanimous vote to evict him last week, and now she's in that boat herself now.

Brett:  Poor choices, Bayleigh.....poor choices.

We could say the same thing about your speech, Brett.

The original Virgin King from BBOTT fame, Scott Dennis, was the first one to enter the BB house in his season too, later falling to the First Curse.  But Scott didn't have a BBOTT the live feeds never stopped.  Everyone watching saw Scott walk in the house all alone, later joined by the other house guests, one-by-one.  Production picked him to go in first in his season.

Bayleigh was in a group of four who were the first to enter the house this season,  including Tyler, who knows all about the First Curse and made sure he wasn't the first one to walk in. Or the second, either, for good measure.  As far as Bayleigh goes, she's not out of the running until the Jury Buy Back is resolved.  She can still come back in the house, but winning a vote from the Jury if she makes Final Two is another matter.

When we come back from the break, we immediately go to the HoH comp, which is a "Knock out" style comp where the house guests compete two-by-two, with the loser banished to the side, where Angela is serving up a smoking red jumpsuit.  The winner picks two new players, which is a strategic choice that can expose the true alliances.

In this comp, the players will see a long hashtag and three pictures.  Their goal is to figure out what the hashtag is trying to say and then pick the correct picture.  The first two players were selected randomly.

This is #HashtagTooLong!, and the first two players are Sam and JC.  Sure, I believe that's a random pick.....right.  Absolutely no stakes for either one of them, knock-out wise, so of course they're going first.  It's absolutely random.

After a long moment staring at the screen, JC hit the button on C, winning the round, since the hashtag says "I am shocked how cute they look in bed together".

JC:  Oh, they think we look cute!

I don't want to take anything away from JC's win, and cute picture with Fessy, but look at who he's playing against.  JC dashed over to sit down with the other players still in the comp, while Julie Chen nagged him about selecting the next two competitors.  He was flustered as he stood up, waving his arms around before picking Tyler and Angie Rockstar.

There was a long, long pause as Tyler and Angie stared at the screen.  I stared, too, and felt as confused as the two of them probably felt.  Tyler buzzed in for B, which is a  slop can pyramid.  Tyler was wrong, because the sentence is "I would totally eat that if only it wasn't neon", which would be the pink neon doughnut pictured in A.

Tyler grimaced, and Angie smiled as she picked Kaycee and Brett to compete against each other.

Kaycee and Brett tried to make sense of this jumbled mass of letters, which should be a lesson to everyone on social media....if no one can understand it, you're wasting your time.

Kaycee stared at the alphabetical mess and then pushed "A", and then she must have seen the error of her ways because she piled some fresh errors right on top of it, cursing and causing the screen on the live TV show, viewed by six million people, to cut to a bubbling view of the fish tank.  When the cameras returned, Julie reminded them to watch her language, and Kaycee leaned over to make eye contact with her crew on the sidelines, grinning like a naughty peanut.

The hashtag is "Hamlet is perfect to keep you entertained in the Have Not room", so the answer was "C".  It seems that the best way to solve these is to start at the end of the hashtag to see if you can pick out the end of the sentence, and then look to see if more than one of the pictures fit the theme.  As the winner by default, Brett chose Haleigh and Fessy to compete next.

This hashtag is a big fat mess, but I'm sure Fessy is right on top of it.  Not.

The sentence is "Hands down the funniest faces of the season are on the emoji pillows", and of course these aren't real hashtags.  At least, I hope not. I don't even care enough to check, though.  Haleigh buzzed in with the correct answer, "B", and picked Brett and Scottie to compete next.

Before you move on, be sure to notice Brett's picture on the left, with the T-Rex arms, because Brett sure did.  Brett took special notice about every picture he was in tonight.

I haven't mentioned it, but of course Haleigh is wearing Kaycee's Rainbow punishment costume tonight, for some strange reason.  But the real reason I took this picture is because I noticed the Andy Warhol knockoff picture of Steve, Winston, Swaggy and Kaitlyn in the background.  That is so great and should be auctioned off to the fans.

Brett and Scottie stare at the screen, and I have a hard time believing Scottie didn't know what the sentence was immediately.  The sentence was "Grooming is easier when you have a friend to shave your back", and Brett selected the correct picture as "C", sending Scottie over to the side with the other losers.

I don't think Scottie wanted to win HoH, because I'm sure they all think next week is a Double Eviction.  But it's not, because Julie would have pimped that out at the end of this show, to build excitement and increased viewership.  Brett picked Haleigh and Angie Rockstar to face off next, but his options were quite limited at that point.

Haleigh and Angie Rockstar began their face off to see who survives, and the sentence is "Do not laugh just because I am bending over stretching", and the correct answer is "B", which Haleigh chooses correctly.  And the picture is one of Brett, bending over to show his best side.

Later, Brett brought up his two pictures in this competition, saying sarcastically that it's great to know what is being put out there by the fans. Brett was thrilled though, so don't be fooled.  Brett brought this up over and over in the hours following the live show, so proud of his Jim Carrey-like antics.

Haleigh selected Brett and JC to face off next.

I was confident that Brett could win this, and was already relishing the potential splendor of a Brett Robinson HoH week, but the sentence was long and hard, spelling out "That feeling when you have the time to beat".  And Brett picked "C", which was incorrect.  The correct answer was "A", so Brett exited the stage, leaving only Haleigh and JC to play for HoH.

Later, Brett wasn't sure that he played three rounds in this comp, because he only remembered playing twice.  Several of the house guests say they sort of blacked out during the comp, due to nervousness and excitement.

The audience cheered when Julie announced it was down to just JC and Haleigh.  Haleigh noticed this, telling the group later that she knew the fans were on their side.


WAIT: Are you confident about JC's chances?  Look at the picture below, and the picture above.  JC hasn't moved an inch.  Maybe he's asleep.  And maybe he only won the first round because Sam didn't want to win the first round.

The sentence here is "If  you want the power app put your hand here", and the answer was "C", of course, and Haleigh knew it.  JC might have known it, too, and later apologized to everyone for "not knowing the rules" of the game. (Much less having a different primary language.)

And then it was over, with Fessy rushing over to lift Haleigh up in the air.  Just after the live show ended, Kaycee and Angela were grousing about it in the lounge, and Kaycee said Fessy would be on a power trip soon, now that Haleigh is in control.

Everyone stood in line to congratulate Haleigh, even Sam, who can't stand Haleigh.  Later Sam was overheard saying that she refused to "suck her dick, just because she's HoH".  But spoiler alert, Sam cut a late-night deal with Haleigh for safety, and even made her breakfast this morning, delivered to the HoH room by Angie.

So, Sam may know EXACTLY what she's doing in there.

After the commercial, Julie had some topics to discuss with the house guests, and as they watched her face on the screen, it became clear something was wrong.  They held their hands up to their ears, giving Julie the international signal that they can't hear her speak.

Julie:  Can you hear me now?

House guests:  No.

Julie:  Okay....good night house guests!

House guests:  ...............................

Julie:  Well, live TV, you gotta love it!


Julie told us that the Hacker competition would take place this weekend, and we'd see it on the Sunday night show.  And next week we're having a plain old single eviction show.  I wonder what Julie was going to talk to the house guests about?  Chatting about the Hacker comp?  Maybe asking a few random questions from the fans?

Do you think she was going to announce that the Identity Theft power has left the house and expired?  Even though everyone knows that is the case, the CBS casual fans might not know, and someone needs to tell them.

But right now Julie has some time to kill, so she sends us back to the house, where we can eavesdrop on the house guests for a few minutes.  The cameras focused on Fessy and Angie Rockstar hugging each other, but that's boring.  Right now the fans want to see the pissed off players, the ones who are not happy about Haleigh's HoH win.

So they zero in on this bunch of house guests, but it's clear that it's not a family-friendly conversation.

Because the cameras had to flee to the fish tank, probably while the Health Nut said some nasty curse words.

The cameras returned to Haleigh, who announced she's going to change her clothes.  We saw her a few seconds ago doing the same thing that she's doing now, with her back to the camera, and we had to return now, because desperate reality producers sometimes need to take desperate measures.

They found JC pacing around the kitchen as the show closed.  JC likes to curse, too, but with any luck the CBS casuals with the sensitive ears won't be able to decipher his words.


The pre-jury evictees are in Orlando this week for a big annual reality charity event. I think all of them but Steve are down there, having fun together and making new friends.  Here they are with BB3's Jason Guy, who is now a local news personality in Orlando.  He's so grown up now, with a wife and several kids.  I've seen him on TV down there, and it's a strange feeling, after getting to know him so well on the live feeds so many years ago.

I'm not sure if Swaggy will ever lower himself to hang out with his cast mates.  He certainly seems to feel superior to them, tweeting constantly about how he's more relevant than anyone else who has been voted out of the house.

To me, it's cooler NOT to point that out, that his name keeps coming up on the CBS episodes, but that may drop drastically now that Bayleigh's not in the game.

I'll bet it's surreal for them to reconnect again, having that unique connection when they see each other again in a strange place, watching the rest of the house guests on TV.

This is a cute video of Rachel and Winston dancing, before Winston spills his drink on her. I'm sure you can find it on this person's Twitter account.  Winston seems like a lot of fun outside of the game. It's a better place for him, I think.  I noticed some girl from The Challenge trying to hook it up with him on Twitter a few weeks ago....I'll bet he's like Reality Chum in those shark-infested waters.

And these two old-timers are in Orlando too.  Kevin is having such a good time at all of these events, and he looks so happy and healthy.  It's hard to believe he's 57, isn't it?

And note that this picture was taken by Swaggy C, who is only hanging out with the big BB stars, apparently.