Thursday, August 9, 2018

When Someone Shows You Who They Really Are, Turn Around and Run. #BB20

Before we discuss last night's CBS episode, it's important to remember the event that was the catalyst for much of the drama this week.  Haleigh told Fessy that she thinks Production designed the Hacker Competition for her, because they asked her what sort of activities she was good at.  I don't know when they asked her this, but the timing might make a difference for me.  I'm pretty sure they ask the entire cast questions like that, as part of the casting process.

This episode is all about the Power of Veto, coveted by every PoV player this week.

That hair though.  And that head wrap.  Not good Angela. You're on the Tee Vee, Hon.  How about a high pony?  Or even a loose chignon?

THE WORST PART:  In this clip, Angela said she's "FUSTRATED".  Yes, she said that.

(No.  No.  No.  It's FRUSTRATED.  And the mispronunciation of this word is very FRUSTRATING to me.)

The PoV roster was a tough set of competitors.  Angie was at a severe disadvantage from the start, but she looks good up there.

The doorbell rang, and it was Mr. Pectacular himself, coming in with a burst of energy and showmanship.  Brett was happy to hold Mr. Pectacular's jacket so he could flex and showboat, as is his custom.  I'm sure it was an honor for Brett to be of service.

This is the prize they covet, the Golden Power of Veto Golden Panties.  And before I forget, why didn't we get to see Granny on tonight's episode?  And where was the funny montage showing how they tortured Kaycee all week in her Health Nut costume?  I would have traded out five minutes of this PoV competition coverage so America could get a feel of the full punishment experience this week.

Did Granny refuse to sign her waiver?  Did the sound crew fuck up again and short out Granny's microphone?  Did Granny fall and not get up somewhere on the soundstage?

The Space Pecs executives don't care about that, of course.  Losing one Granny is an acceptable loss for that vast corporate operation.  I heard Jessie say the name of this PoV comp is "Boom Power Trip", but that can't be correct. I never saw the name of the comp on the screen in quotes, so I'm not really sure what the name of the comp is, but I don't think it really matters.

This is similar to the Squirrel comp in BB17, where they had to send balls from one side of this contraption to the other, without letting them touch the ground. In this version of the comp, there were six rounds of play, with someone getting eliminated and having to choose a prize as their contract with Space Pecs was terminated each round.

The house guests who didn't play sat on the sidelines near Jessie.  I heard JC chatter later about how Jessie kept laughing at their jokes.

JC: I said I can't believe Kaycee is gay because she handles the balls so well and he laughed.

Yadda yadda yadda, the comp came down to a battle between Tyler and Scottie, as they raced to be the first to score 100 power points. Scottie is actually very fit and that certainly showed in this comp.   But Tyler got there first and spiked the ball with a hard bounce, sending it way up in the air.

Then there were all sorts of shennannigans about the prize selections, leaving Angela holding the PoV medal even though she was the second one out of the comp.

This is Jessie's famous pose that he's been doing for years.  The house guests have been doing it all week, too, usually after the end of the Health Nut jingle that Kaycee must sing along with.

Jessie is a Company Man whether it's Space Pecs or CBS. That's why they keep bringing him back, because he brings it every time.

This is Jessie getting even with Big Jeff a few years ago, after Jeff used his Coup d'Etat power during BB11 to blindside Jessie right out of the game.  So, even enemies in the game can be friends later, even if you have to get slammed to the ground first.

Back to the show, where we rushed right into the PoV meeting, without seeing any of the hours of drama that occurred as the house scrambled to figure out what Angela's next move would be, since she announced in front of everyone that she would be saving Tyler, and promised to keep Scottie safe.

Haleigh and Bayleigh tried to get Angela to take down Angie and put Scottie on the block next to Tyler.  But both of them were scared, waiting to hear who Angela would put on the block.  Instead of just naming someone, Angela had a little speech that struck fear in the hearts of every house guest not on Angela's team.

Angela:  It's FUSTRATING having my HoH nominations hacked this week...

(No.  No.  No.)

You could hear a pin drop as Angela said the person being nominated is someone who has come up to the HoH room all week telling her a stream of lies as they tried to gather information from her, and to plant seeds of mistrust about others.

Angela:  I've made promises with this person.  But those promises aren't worth anything once they are nullified by lies.  I'd like to tell everyone the identity of the hacker....and it's Bayleigh.  Come take a seat up here, Bayleigh.

Bayleigh:  I'm not the hacker.

Angela: Bayleigh...

Bayleigh:  Yes ma'am.

Angela: You had your week last week.  There was no need for you to try to take control of my HoH week, too.  Your power trip is over, honey.

(Bayleigh EXPLODED at Brett last week after he called her honey.)

Did anyone else notice Angela throwing up the Double Bird as she closed the PoV Stash Box?

I did.

And this is the look that we later learned pushed Bayleigh right over the edge of sanity.  Tyler putting on his shades after the ceremony was over really rubbed her the wrong way.

Tyler sipped tea, too.  But Tyler is a regular tea drinker.....but he sure is sipping it here, in slow motion as the credit roll.


Wednesday began in what might have appeared to be the normal way.  But the live feeders knew that Haleigh has been threatening to call a house meeting for the past few days, encouraged by Bayleigh.  Because...get this....Haleigh wants to confess to the entire house that she was the Hacker.  How that is supposed to help Bayleigh out is anybody's guess, since she's on the block sitting next to Angie Rockstar.  And Haleigh is working with both of them.

Angela was swiffering the kitchen floor, which she does frequently as one of her normal activities.  You're not going to catch Bayleigh doing any cleaning in that house, though.  Hell no.  Not this week and not ever, that I've seen. And I've seen a lot.

Angela went over to sit with Bayleigh on the couch, and started a rather quiet conversation with her, saying that she apologized for the way things happened this week, but she had to put Bayleigh on the block for the safety of her game.  Angela said every personal conversation they've had is true, and she would have loved to see Bayleigh win Big Brother as the first black woman to do so.

Bayleigh said Angela made a big mistake, and lost a good friend in this game.  She said she has defended Angela numerous times and saved her when her team wanted to put Angela on the block.

(That comment doesn't show very good team work, though.)

Bayleigh denied being the hacker, and according to custom, started getting REALLY LOUD with Angela, telling her that she's going to look really stupid after doing what she's done.  Angela made another quiet apology and got up and walked away.

Bayleigh, however, had a more dramatic exit in mind.  She went into the Lounge and immediately dragged the table over to block the door from being opened.  It's not a barricade that would keep out anyone willing to apply some weight and force to the situation, but the intention is clear.  Bayleigh does not want to see or speak to anyone.  And from watching her in action, I think that's a pretty good idea.

(Rizzo is a nod to Scottie's brother, who must feel special being in the background of so many intense scenes this week.)

Bayleigh, muttering:  Trashy little whore....send my ass home, 'cause I'm over it.....


Bayleigh:  ***crickets***

After a few long moments, and perhaps some prodding by production as the camera views flipped back and forth, Bayleigh slowly stood up and went over the put the table back where it belonged, still talking to herself about what a "trashy little whore" Angela is.

Hmmm.  Angela is "trashy little whore". I could present quite a few point and counterpoint-type arguments to shut Bayleigh down on that argument, but maybe bringing in what Bayleigh has done in the house would be out-of-bounds.  And that's all I have to say about that.  Except there is a reason why we saw Bayleigh's sisters and mother tell her father that he couldn't watch BBAD or the  live feeds until after Swaggy was evicted.  We saw them say that during the "Swaggy Meets the Family" segment on the live show last week.  I'm not sure any of her family should watch her on the live feeds this week, either.

Bayleigh went in the Have Not room and pointedly shut the door, but Haleigh came in anyway.

Bayleigh:  I'm going to kill her.  What a trashless piece of shit.

(Um...I think Bayleigh means "trashy" or "classless" here, as far as linguistics go.)

Haleigh says again that she wants to hold a house meeting today.

Bayleigh:  I already told you I got you. But for her to embarrass me like that in front of everybody?  For me to have to sit and listen to people talk about me like I'm fucking shit?  These trashy people.

I need to tell you that after the PoV ceremony on Monday, Bayleigh told Sam she wished she'd never signed up for this show, because it was going to "ruin her reputation".  She regrets having been seen living with all of these people "cussing" and acting poorly.

Bayleigh then got up and opened her suitcase, which had been placed in storage for her by Production.  (Each nominee must pack up their belongings before a specified time each week.  They only carry out their BB duffel bag on stage after eviction.)

Meanwhile in the kitchen it was Flaxjacks and Jumping Jacks time, and both Kaycee and Angela joined in with Angie as they exercised while each Flaxjack was cooking.

Sam tried to join in, too, but Angie told her not to do them with bare feet. That is how Angie hurt her calves on the very first day of her punishment, by jumping around on that hard concrete floor with no shoes on.

I looked around for this particular Flaxjack recipe, but the ones that seem to be most popular on the internet are made with white flour, as usual, with just a tablespoon of ground flax.  These pancakes have dark batter so I think the ratio of flax to flour must be much higher.  To put it in perspective, I put two tablespoons of ground flax into one smoothie (70 calories), so putting just one into a recipe that makes at least 10 cakes is hardly worth putting "flax" in the title.  I know they aren't pretty pancakes, but every single person in the house who has eaten one liked it, that I could see.

I think these would make a good sandwich, with some veggie sausage in the middle, with a splash of maple syrup.

Angie is having a busy morning, because Haleigh pounced on her as soon as she finished making breakfast, saying she needed to tell her something serious.

Haleigh:  I don't want you to be mad at me, but I need to tell you something.  I'm the hacker.  Really.

Angie:  But....why...

Haleigh:  I had to leave you on the block because if you were sitting next to him, he'd go home.  I want him to go home.

Haleigh told her that she already told Bayleigh, and Fessy (who was NOT happy that she told Bayleigh first) and she was preparing to hold a house meeting.  Angie probably didn't stop and think that one of Haleigh's objectives was to try and get everyone to vote to keep Bayleigh this week.  If there was another reason why Haleigh wanted to hold this ill-fated meeting, I don't know what it was.

Angie said she was proud of her, but told her to put some lip gloss on first.  She was very supportive after Haleigh did that, telling her she looked hot.  Haleigh was obviously very nervous, hugging Angie like her Mommy as she gathered her courage.

Meanwhile, the live feeders gathered like sharks chasing chum. We knew shit was about to go down, and we had been anticipating this for days.  Little did we know how wrong things were going to go during that meeting.  If Haleigh knew, do you think she would have still held the house meeting?

Yes, I think so.  Because Haleigh needs someone to report to. She might be good at executing a plan, but developing and implementing a plan are not part of her current skill set.

Brett certainly didn't know what was about to happen  He was sitting on the couch, waiting for the meeting to start, while he yawned as you can see below.

Meanwhile, his L6 teammates were upstairs tossing around ideas about what Haleigh's meeting was all about.  They guessed it had something to do with the Hacker, and they were right.

In the living room, Scottie was cracking some solid jokes based on Haleigh's attire, but I don't feel these jokes got the proper attention they deserve by the house guests or the live feeders, because we were all so nervous.

Scottie:  Are we going to hear about new Apple products? Is this meeting a new iPhone launch?

Haleigh's speech is memorized, and when you see it on TV, you'll recognize her tone of voice.  It's the same fake, sweety-sweety tone she uses when she greets and compliments Julie Chen every week in the Diary Room.

Haleigh:  Good Morning Everyone. I'd just like to say that I love you all, but I owe a few of you an apology.  And I think some of you owe Bayleigh an apology.  I'm the hacker.

The room was silent as Haleigh went on to apologize to Angela for highjacking he rnominations, and then started dropping verbal bombs on Tyler.  She said that Kaitlyn told her a lot of information about Tyler before she left, and she knows that Tyler said a lot of things about the people he was working with, including that he didn't think anyone in the house would put him on the block.  She said she hasn't had the opportunity to make any moves yet in the game, so she was making one now.  She then mentioned the whole drama that happened last week, where Tyler supposedly told Bayleigh that he would only use his Veto if Angela was going on the block.

Tyler snorted at this, and started defending himself, saying that never happened.

(And it never did. We already put that topic to bed last week, but in Haleigh's pre-meeting chats with her co-workers, Bayleigh herself suggested Haleigh bring this up.  And the Kaitlyn comment was fabricated by Haleigh. She started working on her speech the day before it happened.)

Then Bayleigh couldn't take it anymore, standing up and shouting at Tyler, calling him a liar.  And whatever else happens here, I do think Bayleigh believes what she is saying.  I watched it all go down on the live feeds though, and Bayleigh was confused about her conversation with Tyler in the HoH room that day.  Tyler has never for one second tried to hurt Angela in this game, because she's one of the strongest people in his alliance.

As a matter of fact, Bayleigh did say that if Tyler used the PoV, she would put Angela on the block next to Rachel.  And Tyler DID NOT use his PoV.  So that should tell Bayleigh where Tyler's loyalties were. But we all saw how Bayleigh had a severe case of HoH-itis and wasn't open to listening to anyone, much less her own internal monologue.

I watched this House Meeting twice, and I really can't watch it again now. I found it very upsetting, listening to Bayleigh absolutely LOSE IT as her shouting gave way to that high-pitched shrieking that happens when you get to the point where shouting isn't enough.  It really was terrifying.  She was calling Tyler a liar, and kept saying that he has treated her like trash.  She also kept referring to him wearing sunglasses at the PoV meeting, and how she asked him to speak with her and apparently he said he would, but he was still going to vote her out because she's the hacker.

I think Haleigh should have maybe walked over and slowly put a hand on Bayleigh's shoulder or something, to try and ground her.  Maybe remind her where she was.  Because this was like NOTHING I have ever seen in the Big Brother house, or outside of it.

Tyler was denying what she was saying, not raising his voice to a shout, but not speaking in his normal laid-back tones, either.  But whenever he would try to speak, Bayleigh would stop him.

Bayleigh:  SHUT UP!  SHUT UP!

Tyler, clearly astonished:  Okay.

Haleigh had even practiced an ending to the meeting, saying "this meeting is adjourned" as if it were a PoV meeting or something. But the meeting didn't end the way she thought it would.

Tyler:  I didn't do that Bayleigh, and you know it.  I'm not the villain like that.  Just screaming doesn't make you right, Bayleigh.


Tyler: What do I have to apologize for?  You lied about having a power and you got caught.


Tyler:  Respect. That's what you want, isn't it?

Baleigh stalked off to a room where she couldn't slam the door.  She tried closing the sliding panel door of the pink room with force, but it bounced right open.  As Tyler continued to defend himself, she opened the door and kept SHRIEKING in the most disturbing way yet.


Bayleigh had BLOOD in her mouth as she screamed.  We later heard her say that she bit the inside of her cheek while she yelled, but she tried to play it off like it was no big deal.

Haleigh tried to be there for her as Bayleigh broke down.

And Sam went in there to help as well.   I think she gave Bayleigh a towel.  Things did not go as planned for any of the house guests this morning.

Upstairs Tyler was comforted by Angela, who stroked his back and assured Tyler that no one believes anything Bayleigh says anymore.

Tyler:  I'm not a villain like that.  I would never try to get you like that Angela.

Angela:  I know. I know.

JC was in the room, and he was heated.  I saw him wiping tears during the last part of the meeting, but he had already left the living room and was standing up on the landing, watching from above.  I later heard him say that he was in his underwear when the meeting started, but got up to put on pants when he realized "this was going to be on TV".

JC was getting loud saying all Bayleigh does is play the victim, and he's sick of it.

Tyler:  I never told Kaitlyn all know I was playing the fuck out of her that week.

Angela:  We know Tyler, we know.

I think Tyler is being real here, needing comfort, but it's also exactly the way to work Angela.  He needed her and she needed to be needed. She likes Tyler.  Like, like likes Tyler.  I don't know if they will act on it in the house though.  I hope they don't, for the game's sake.  But I wouldn't be surprised to see them connect outside the house, before they even get a chance to meet up in Hilton Head.

Kaycee came in and told JC to pipe down, that everyone could hear him shouting downstairs.

JC:  What?  What did you hear me say?

Kaycee shrugged and jumped on top of Tyler in her peanut suit.  Tyler's fan club is still strong in that house.  JC scampered downstairs to do damage control.

It's hard to even see Tyler under the Health Nut.  That would be a great place to Hide the Veto, if the opportunity arises.

They watched Brett on the Spy Screen as he kept up the charade of being a lone wolf.

Kaycee:  Stay down there kid.  He knows we're watching him.

Angela, laughing:  Look at his legs..he's swinging his feet.

Later, JC was sitting right in the center of a Foute bitch session, hiding in plain sight as they rehashed the events of the day.

Bayleigh:  Who is up there with Angela right now?  There's only three of them up there?  What are three people going to do in this house?

JC burst out laughing, because they don't know that he, Scottie and Sam are working with the three upstairs.  Although they SHOULD KNOW if they stopped listening to Bayleigh make victim noises long enough to remember all of the flipped votes that have blindsided them.  JC scrambled to recover, as Angie stared him down.

JC: Oh, I was thinking I wanted a cupcake.

Angie:  What cupcake?  We don't have any.

JC:  I know. I was thinking I wanted Jessie to ask for some so I could have one. And it was funny for me to be thinking that....

Meanwhile Brett and Fessy are bonding over what went down.

Brett:  Dude....dude....

Fessy:  I know dude.

Brett:  I just can't tell you how good it feels to be at a house meeting and not be involved in it for a change.  I just can't believe it.

Upstairs, I guess Tyler has had to resort to listening to fucking Hootie and the Blowfish as he is still trying to recover from the day's events.

Kaycee:  Don't worry.  Nobody thinks you're a villain. We all got your back.  Everybody knows what's up.

Tyler, to the camera:  Get off me.

Kaycee: Yeah. Get off my friend.

Kaycee:  Peanut says to get off.

JC was cooking his semi-famous Colombian hot dogs for the group, in the bun toasting stage, when the feeds went down for about two hours for the season Halfway Party.  Later when Tyler asked him about the hot dogs, JC said nobody wanted them now, it was too late. (They always have TONS of leftovers after the, pasta, and a special cake with their pictures on it.)

JC: I ate half of Kaitlyn, but then I noticed it tasted like paper.

Tyler:  I noticed that, too.

When the live feeds returned, it certainly seemed like some people might be buzzed, but maybe they were just having fun listening to music and eating.  Brett and Haleigh were laying in the bedroom having a flirty conversation, while he stroked her arms and legs.  Then Fessy and Angie walked by and Haleigh jumped up like she'd been caught by the police, helping Angie pack her belongings.

Kaycee reported all of this later to the group upstairs, while Fessy consoled Angie, who was very upset.  Apparently she thinks she is being evicted, and seems like she's made peace with it.

Yes, Foute is getting blindsided AGAIN tonight.  They think Bayleigh is staying, because Haleigh the Hacker is going to nullify someone's vote (probably Tyler's) which they think will be more than enough to send Angie right out of the door.

Why would these two EVER think that they know how the vote is going to go?  If this was scripted, I wouldn't believe it.

Meanwhile Haleigh plans to braid Brett's hair, which apparently requires lots of stroking of his entire head for several minutes beforehand.  She learned to braid hair on her horse, she tells him. They whisper a little, and you can see where Brett's hands are.

Fans of a certain age are thinking, oh, Braleigh's in love.  Ha ha ha ha.  Brett is feeling no such thing.  Trust me on that.

Sam is still in the house, even though she has had another Indoor-Lockdown-Episode, probably induced by being cut off from nicotine for over 24 hours now.  She was crying and saying she wanted to go home and was jealous of whoever got to leave tomorrow.

It sounds like she made Angela cry about it during the Halfway Party, too.  Angela said she felt sorry for her.

JC was in the room making them laugh about the Halfway party.  It sounds like he was dancing downstairs and they were watching him on the Spy Screen.  But now they are watching Kaycee move around the kitchen while he cracks them up.  Somewhere in JC's babble I think I heard him say that they couldn't have alcohol tonight, because of Bayleigh.

JC: It's the PEANUT.

After JC left, Brett came upstairs and they had a jubilant celebration as they reunited.

Brett:  They are so fucking stupid down there...

Tyler:  That's what they're saying about you, too.

Brett:  Fessy keeps telling me how cool I am, and that he likes me.

Tyler: Yeah, you're a cool guy, bro.

Brett:  Oh my god. I asked Haleigh if she wanted to work together, and she said, "want to?"  Then she said "I come with four people though, but one of them is leaving tomorrow", so she just told me exactly who she's working with.

Tyler:  Yeah. Scottie told us their name is The Hive.

Kaycee told Brett how she saw Fessy pacing up and down the hall after he saw Brett and Haleigh together. They all cracked up and told him to keep doing it, so Fessy will target him.

Brett:  He's been targeting me for weeks.  Look at him down there...he's staring up at the door, watching how long I'm up here.  Where's that leave in conditioner, anyway?

(I think that was Brett's excuse for coming upstairs.)

They told Brett JC is worried about him, and that he wants them to reach out to Brett to make up with him.

Tyler:  Bro, you're doing a great, great job down there with them.  Scottie told us that they think they have your vote this week.

Brett is loving it as he tells them the stuff that Bayleigh's been saying down there.

Brett:  Haleigh is so fucking stupid.  I heard her say to you Tyler that she wants to talk to you soon, and then she turned around and told me "Tyler wants to talk to me soon".

They all crack up.  They missed their bro Brett.

Meanwhile Bayleigh has been pulling people aside to ask for votes.  She made Sam cry in her meeting with her, and now is telling Kaycee that she still hasn't received any apologies from anybody.

Bayleigh:  I still haven't received an apology from Tyler. He hasn't spoken with me about it, and when he did speak to me he was talking crazy, but for him to not have a problem with me, and then to suddenly have one and then blow up on me in front of everybody....

Kaycee was like "uh huh...yeah..."

(But WHAT?  Tyler blew up ON HER in front of everybody?  Bayleigh clearly needs some medical attention, because the stress of this has caused her to lose sight of reality. )

Kaycee knows not to say what she really wants to say here. She has a good level of emotional intelligence and doesn't need to have the last word.  You can still walk away the winner even when the other person was clearly wrong.  I've worked with people who had dozens of people reporting to them that can't do what Kaycee does almost every day.

After this conversation, Bayleigh moved on to Angela, where she also mentioned not getting an apology before getting all worked up again, huffing and puffing and putting her head down to grip the kitchen counter with both hands.

Bayleigh:  Angela, this is a game, but you're ruined our friendship forever.

She accused Angela of treating her like shit and not talking to her for days. Angela pointed out that she tried to speak to Bayleigh earlier that day, but Bayleigh kept right on going.  Angela told her that she didn't really believe that Haleigh was the hacker, saying it could be Bayleigh, or Scottie, or someone else.

Angela was calm and I think that is one thing that upsets Bayleigh in these discussions---she wants the other person to raise their voice and I think that sets her off.

Bayleigh:  And you still didn't apologize to me, because you never do anything wrong. You're perfect.

Angela:  Thank you.

Angela waltzed upstairs where Tyler tried to prank her by locking the door.  He and Brett were shocked to hear about the fight in the kitchen, so Angela gave them the headlines.

Really, I could keep going, and going, and going with these posts this week because the action is never ending.

They did their little Level 6 gesture before breaking apart.  Kaycee said she feels weird about it doing it with only four fingers.

Tyler:  I love doing that.

Brett:  I love it, too!

After Brett left, Tyler reminded them that Brett was going to have to say some shit about them when he went back down to the other group, so as not to blow his cover.  The girls were cool with that. They all get each other and trust the group.  Bayleigh might have thrown shade on Tyler, but not with his alliance.


I actually think this poster is right on point, based on everything I've heard Bayleigh say and do this summer.   Several times she's said she got stuck with the alliance she's in because of Swaggy C.  It was his alliance, not the one she chose.

And I watched her talk with Rachel about their taste in men.  Rachel said she is attracted to men who look a little ethnic, like Mario Lopez, but she's never dated a guy like that before.  Bayleigh encouraged her to go for it, to do it, because you have to do everything in life before you know what you want.

Bayleigh:  The only type I haven't been with is a guy like Tyler....that's the only type I haven't been with.