Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It's All That and a Bag of Chips. #BB20

Tonight's Wednesday night CBS episode should be jam-packed with stuff that the live feeders have all heard about, but weren't able to see on the live feeds.  For example:

1.  The PoV comp - We should expect to see a highly-physical comp that ended up in what appeared to be mild heat stroke for Tyler and Scottie.  And I don't know if we'll see it, but JC even threw up during the competition, and he didn't even play in it.  There will be some confusion and drama surrounding the selection of the prizes and punishments, leading to the fake feud between Brett and Tyler, which foolishly led Foute to believe Brett is now a free agent.

2.  Mr. Pectacular, who as usual treats each BB opportunity with the enthusiasm and respect it deserves.  If you're a BB newbie and don't know, Jessie Godderz played on BB10 and then again on BB11 after beating out three other vets to do so.  He has also appeared as the Pandora's Box punishment many times, terrorizing Rachel Reilly and others relentlessly.  One time he even went through the house and threw away all of the unhealthy foods, which served to punish everyone.  He's also  been hosting PoV comps for years, when vets coming in the house to do that wasn't even on our radar.

3.  Granny, who visited Brett in the house a number of times over a 24-hour period, ordering him around and nagging him, from what we've heard on the feeds.  Some of the house guests say they miss Granny's visits, and enjoyed talking with her.  JC called her "Nanny" at first, but now says he misses "Grrranny", rolling his R in a very JC-like way.  I heard Angela say that she saw Granny coming upstairs on her HoH room spycam, so she locked the door, avoiding a likely-prolonged visit just in the nick of time.  She heard Granny go over and inspect the foosball table instead, probably disappointed that she couldn't take a seat and relax in Angela's HoH room.  So Granny probably thinks Angela is a bitch, too.  I've seen fans say they hope the role of Granny is played by Renny from BB10, but if that was the case, wouldn't we have heard the house guests chat about that?  I don't hear them talk much about Dan Gheesling though, so maybe none of them watched that season. (We know Tyler watched it, but he can't admit his BB Fandom to the others.)

4.  Jessie's Fitness Plan, which has been Angie Rockstar's punishment, and a prize for the other house guests, who have enjoyed the healthful, tasty treats that she's cooked up this week.  In the picture above, Angie is having trouble walking, she's in so much pain from the exercise requirements.  I think she might have shin splints, which are incredibly painful.  I had them once in college and had to find guys to carry me up the stairs so I could go to my classes. (That was sort of fun, though...)  We've watched Angie cook and work out on the live feeds, and heard "Jessie" shout at her over the intercom, but we haven't been allowed to see everything.  For the most part Angie has been fun to watch with her punishment, talking back to "Jessie" in a funny way and giving her all to the exercise requirements.  But yesterday she had to run, which she said she HATES.  In fact, she said she wouldn't run from a murderer, but she would run from the police if necessary, which is funny.  Angie will raise her profile with the CBS viewers with her segment tonight, in a good way.

5.  Angela's PoV Speech - I almost forgot this!  Apparently she gave a rather brutal speech that mentioned how Scottie was forced to swear on the Bible.  Angela also managed to give Hilton Head a shout out, too, since she and Tyler have that in common.  I think Angela also blamed Bayleigh for being the Hacker this week, but even if that isn't true, the real reason Bayleigh is on the block is because she chose to blab about her Identity Theft Power to Rachel, who told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and so on, an so on.

Anybody remember that old Faberge shampoo commercial?  When "feathered bangs" were all the rage?  Let's bring those back....we're ready for another David Cassidy hair moment, I think.

6. Tyler's "fight" with Bayleigh - Now, whether or not this happened, and how severe it really was is up to interpretation, since we didn't see it on the live feeds.  We've only heard it discussed second hand by the house guests, so what we believe depends on who we believe.  Supposedly after the nominations Bayleigh said something smart to Tyler, who has every reason to be bitter about the Hacker this week, and supposedly he "yelled at her and was rude".  I've also heard that Tyler said "that's as emotional as you'll see me get in here", so it's clear something did happen.

HERE'S THE THING:  There is a reason why potential employers check your references, and ask to see your official (unaltered) college transcripts.  And that's because it is widely acknowledged that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance.  What you said and did this morning, last week, and last year is what forms your reputation and character.  So if these two had a verbal scuffle, who do you think started it?  Who do you think got loud and nasty first?  In the Big Brother house walking away is usually your best option, but I'll wait to assign guilt on this one until I see it on TV.  We probably won't get to see this part until the Thursday episode though, unless they're scrapping in silent slow motion as the credits roll and we hear a DR session dubbed over it.  (And I LOVE those slow-mo endings to the show...)

Of course, we'll see Kaycee's Health Nut punishment on tonight's episode too, but the live feeders have been enjoying that for days now.  I'll be interested to hear the actual rules, to see if Kaycee singing the corny song is a required element of the punishment.  Everyone has been helping her sing it though, and there is some group choreography that I think is in a picture later in this post. (I've been taking pictures for a few days now but am catching up on posting now.)

Brett's workout routines seem to have lost some frequency since his bro Winston left the game, but that usually happens to everyone over a Big Brother season.  Brett has been saying that he's getting fat with all of the eating they're doing this week, and the shady camera crew gave us a close-up on Brett's mini-muffin handle as evidence.  Brett still looks good to me though.

All of the guys have said how much they love Angie's punishment, because apparently it involves serving everyone in the house healthy meals.

JC:  Yesterday we had cupcakes, and beet balls, and nachos....where is Jessie now?  Jessie you need to call her to make me some dinner now.

The healthy meals are repeating now, with Angie being asked to make cupcakes, beet balls and also vegan nachos twice.  I can think of plenty of other healthy meals Angie can create this week, but Production already has the footage they need, and probably wants to get more usage out of the laminated recipe cards and intern shopping lists.

Kaycee had a few rough moments with her punishment, though.  I heard her telling Brett that the peanut costume smelled bad in this scene, and apparently later in the day she got angry about being stuck in it.  She apologized later to Haleigh, who must have witnessed it, and said she had a breakdown but felt better after showering and washing her hair.  Production got her a second "everyday" peanut suit to wear, so she could wash the original version, and also a special peanut suit for wearing in the pool.

Both Angela and Haleigh said Kaycee was handling her punishment much better than they ever would, and I believe them.  Neither of those girls seems capable of bubbly fun lasting longer than 15 minutes or so.

Kaycee said the peanut suit smelled because she worked out in it, and the Health Nut music blasted out of the intercom.  Then Angela told her not to say that word, because that was setting it off.

Kaycee:  What...the word workout?

The music blasted again, and Kaycee ended up going through the motions at least five times in maybe two minutes, while everyone laughed and sang along.  She's a good sport about it, for sure.

After Angela blindsided Bayleigh by saving Tyler and asking her to sit in Tyler's nomination chair, Angela went up to her HoH room and stayed there for a few hours, refusing Bayleigh's request to come out and talk to her.  Her team came up to see her though, and everyone seemed glad that the ceremony was behind them.

Kaycee cried.  She was upset that Bayleigh was upset, but she still tried to support Angela the best way she could.

Alex and Morgan Willett were Rob's guest on RHAP on Sunday night, and it is worth a listen if you haven't heard it already.  They discussed meeting Tyler during BBOTT casting and then becoming friends with him when the season was over.

This is Interesting:  During BBOTT casting, Tyler had short hair and wore a pink polo shirt with a "popped collar".  It sounds like they both really liked him, and invited him to come to the BB20 premiere party they were going to, but he declined.  When they saw the BB20 cast release they both screamed, they were so happy.  They both think he's playing like a boss, and they're not wrong about that.

I wonder if Tyler used the advice Dan Gheesling gives in his book about creating a character type to get cast on the show?  Maybe after not making BBOTT he decided to grow his hair and adopt a stupid surfer persona.  After all, Robyn Kass didn't work on BBOTT, so she would have started fresh with him on BB20 and also TKO.  And if you saw that, you know Tyler played the stupid surfer role on that show, too. He also played kind of dumb in his interview with Ross Mathews.

My Point:  I wonder if he hid his true self from Production until it was too late to cut him from the roster?

After Bayleigh was nominated, she was devastated, obviously, and started working through the stages of grief.  In the first stage she was being comforted by Sam, who never misses a chance to tell whoever is listening how confused she is, and how little she knows about the game, and what is going on in the house.

(Pssst:  Tyler told Sam he was coming off the block, and who would be going up as the target. So of course Sam knew.)

It's common to bounce back and forth between grief stages, and Bayleigh is no exception. She seemed in shock here, and wanted to hide in the yard all day.  But she was already moving into anger, against Angela and Tyler, who seem to get the most blame from her.

(Pssst:  Hey Bayleigh....Tyler was ON THE BLOCK for eviction....was he just supposed to sit there and pout?  Or try to save himself?)

Haleigh was pretty sure that Scottie would be put on the block.  In fact, she and Bayleigh and Angie made it their business to push for that just the day before, telling Angela that if she pulled Angie Rockstar off the block and replaced her with Scottie, it would be  legendary move.  (Supposedly Angela mentioned a legendary move during the PoV ceremony, too.)

Scottie and Haleigh laid down for a nap together, with Scottie saying all of the right supportive things.

Once again, we won't know exactly what Angela said until we see it on TV, but by mentioning Scottie being forced to swear on Bayleigh's Bible, she commented on how she was tired of everyone trying to blame Scottie for everything in the house.

(Pssst:  Hey Haleigh....SCOTTIE KNEW!  He knew who was going on the block, just like you knew in advance that Swaggy C was going on the block. At least it's not you, Haleigh.)

And speaking of people in the dark, the former Foute players keep bumbling it up week after week, blaming EACH OTHER for the flipped votes every week, instead of looking at what is happening right in front of them, at the people who have been voting together EVERY WEEK.

Kaycee got emotional about Bayleigh being nominated again with Tyler.

Kaycee:  I can't believe I'm crying in here for the second time, in a damn peanut suit.

Tyler said he hadn't cried in eight years before coming in the BB house.

Bayleigh just wanted to sit outside and cry.  She even used paper towels from outside to wipe her tears, instead of going inside for a tissue.  She just can't understand why she's being targeted in this game. It's just not fair.

Sam is sporting a new look today, sort of a Daisy Duke look.  That blueish-dark red is one of my favorite colors.  She's a good listener, always offering back platitudes that seem comforting and thoughtful.

Bayleigh:  I'm starting to get over it now (Nah.) But I'll say one thing, I came in this game playing nice and I didn't act crazy.  I was a big marshmallow in here, but I'm not going to compromise my integrity to stay in this game.

(Pssst:  Hey Bayleigh, remember when you were the HoH?  You know, when you told Rachel about your secret power?  Well, it's not so secret anymore.)

Bayleigh made lots of mistakes, and put herself on the radar after being in a great spot, with an incredible power bestowed on her by America, and all the support in the world from the fans.  But then she blew it, and can only blame herself for what has happened.  That's hard to accept. I know it would be for me as well.

Sam had to ask Bayleigh for this hug, but Bayleigh is the one who needed it.  You can't underestimate the power of a good hug.

I dated this one guy for a couple of years, and when we'd get into a minor spat about something stupid, one of us would invoke The Hug Rule.  That Rule included a nice tight hug for at least 30 seconds.  It's hard to stay mad after a good hug, because it's hard to think about anything else while you're in the middle of a squeeze.

Even Bayleigh is smiling here.  See, hugs are good.

Later in the HoH room, Angela watched Tyler move around the kitchen and had fun predicting what he would do next.  She guessed he'd go get the peanut butter jar, and maybe the Wheat Chex, and he did both of those things while she laughed.

JC came upstairs to show his support, and also rehash what happened.  This is what he wanted, for Bayleigh to be on the block.  They've barely tolerated each other for weeks.

JC:  Remember that time...I'm not allowed to talk about it, but after she said all that stuff to me?  I told them in the DR that she can go home.  She can take her special powers and go home.

Angela said she came right upstairs and is going to stay there for a few hours, and then come back downstairs.  She feels good about her speech, and liked the way things went down.  I wonder how her speaking skills will track on camera?  Will she show as much promise making nasty speeches as Brett has?

JC:  When she was yelling at Tyler in the kitchen, I was just standing there eating chips the whole time.

Angela:  I know. I was watching on camera.  I had a front row seat.

JC:  She told Fessy to shut up, too.

I know we were all excited about JC taking his bag of chips to the PoV ceremony, but apparently Production didn't allow it.  Probably because that would have been free advertising on national TV for the chip company.  CBS just can't give away camera time like that, because it makes the paying advertisers angry.  Also, maybe they only like crunchy sound effects if they add them in a cheesy manner during post-production.

Because those Hawaiian chips certainly have a sturdy crunch. They sound delicious.

I wish I had been able to write this post when I took the pictures.  Because they talked about some entertaining things that had nothing to do with Bayleigh and the PoV ceremony.  Unfortunately I don't remember.  I'm busier than I'm supposed to be at this time of year, to be honest.  I got two new clients and a new project in the last week.

I know Angie Rockstar came in and plopped down at one point, but was able to join into the conversation pretty easily.

I know the fans get caught up in everything at this point in the season, but it's good to take a step back every now and then.  Sometimes when I watch the live feeds, I can feel what they are going through, just from watching and listening to them breathe.

Can you imagine how she feels right now?  Feeling like everyone is against her, and maybe feeling trapped in there?  Knowing all of us are watching?  And dreading what is coming on Thursday night?

I couldn't do it.  I have a bad habit of removing myself from unpleasant personal situations instead of trying to work through them.  I can't remember ever yelling and screaming at someone because I usually withdraw and cut someone off before they can cut me off.  That has caused a lot of damage in my life over the years.

My point is, I could never, ever be on a show like this, even without the 24-7 camera coverage.  So even though we all have a list of reasons why or why not Bayleigh is to blame for her predicament, we should all still feel for her, as human beings.  She's a young girl who makes mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes as we all do.  She's let us get to know her, and we should all be thankful for that.

I don't know if you can tell, but one of Kaycee's Health Nut moves is to do push ups on the little barbells and lift them up each time.  She's a hard-working peanut.

Did Tyler make a mistake by (maybe) being nasty to Bayleigh?  Or is he starting to implement a Jury strategy where he lets them leave a little angry with him, maybe even apologizing for it in his good bye message?  It's hard to be too candid in those goodbye messages with a Jury buy back on the horizon, but Tyler knows he's way too congenial with everyone to be taken to the Final Two by anyone but Sam.  I'm not even sure Kaycee would take him if she won that final HoH comp.

The way the whole house was angry and mourning when the Hacker nominated him was a dead giveaway that he's the biggest threat to win in the house, and Tyler is smart enough to know that.  Maybe we'll learn something about that in one of his DR sessions this week. He can try to win the big prize with his Jury speech, but he's got to get there first.  And that is hard for someone as likable as our Tyler.

Yesterday Kaycee found numerous packs of chicken breasts in the storage room that were closely dated, so as not to waste them, she and Tyler decided to do some meal prepping.  This is something new they're doing this year, where someone will cook up a bunch of staple items for everyone to use to make what they want with it later.  Like having a lot of leftovers, which can be really nice when you don't feel like cooking.  Or are incapable of cooking.  Or unwilling to do dishes.  And that description covers a few of this year's house guests.

They marinated the meat using Kaycee's recipe, I think, and had two skillets going for quite some time.  You can see the smoke coming up from Kaycees' pan.

Poor Angela was tired.  She had to get up in the middle of the night to do a long DR session. I think what happens is that the editors start putting the taped packages together, and then call them in to provide additional commentary to fill the holes.

I'm envisioning a big corkboard where they have sections for each segment of the CBS shows, because they all follow a certain format.  Maybe there is someone responsible for each segment, and then The Boss looks at the early drafts and sends them back to get more info.  I would love to hear how that works, if anyone knows.  Are the DR people the same ones trying to edit the segments?  Or do those people give a list of info and soundbytes they need to one of the few people who are cleared to speak to the house guests in the DR?

I know I heard Tyler say "she" was up all night, working in the DR.

This is a pile of chicken breasts as they came out of the pan. (See below.)

While they worked, Kaycee talked to Tyler about her restaurant job in Arizona.  We didn't get to hear all of it, but I think it's this sushi chain that is owned by Benihana.  There is apparently one here in Atlanta, but of course Kaycee works at the one in her neighborhood.  She said her manager was cool, and she told him she had to go home to California for a family thing and might be back in a month, or three months, she wasn't sure.  She asked her brother to call the manager on Premiere day to tell him the truth, so she thinks he's watching and probably cheering her on.

It's kind of a swanky place, from the looks of it on the website.

They counted out loud as Tyler loaded all of the chicken breasts into this plastic container, taking guesses from the crowd as to how many there were.

Someone guessed 24 and then quickly tried to change their guess as it became clear that number was not high enough.  As they got near the end Tyler said it was going to be a tight fit.  There were thirty-one chicken breasts in there, and they keep adding in that statistic when they go over game stats for future competitions, laughing about it.

Tyler thought it might be cool to chop up the chicken into squares, so they could shake them out of the cereal container like Wheat Chex.   Angela agreed, that would be cool.  I think Kaycee also cooked some rice as well that Bayleigh said was delicious.

When Bayleigh walked through the kitchen, Tyler offered her some chicken and she snapped at him that she's a vegan.  Even though Tyler was just being polite. I try not to be one of those vegans who expect everyone else to tiptoe around my diet.

Angie and Bayleigh had a conversation yesterday where they both said they hated everyone in the house.  It surprised me to hear Angie say she doesn't really like one person in there, and can't wait to get away from them.

I have to tell you that Bayleigh has been playing the race card here and there, but Production doesn't want us to hear it.  She was saying something about how Production wanted this....they wanted this because they "casted a sassy black girl" and then the feeds went to FISH.

I'm sure Bayleigh will pull it together for the live show, and perform in a manner to make her family proud.  But in the next two days she is going to make things uncomfortable. If I start telling you what happened this morning I'll never post this entry.  I've been working on it for a long time now, and keep getting interrupted by things that really matter.

(I got two phone calls today that included a total of two dead pets (one by cancer, one by a coyote) and a husband who has three broken ribs and a perforated lung from a mountain bike accident).

When JC is around, Kaycee's punishment turns into a real show. He and Angela knelt down and then did "jazz hands" or whatever all the way up Kaycee's peanut shell  I am POSITIVE you will see this on TV, because it's too good not to broadcast for the masses.

Hi Brett.  We've missed you on the feeds, during this week of your fake exile from Level 6.

He did sneak up to the HoH to talk to Angela, and I thought they were going to make out, they were both so giggly and happy to reconnect again.  He wanted her to know that he's not really mad at her, and has had to avoid eye contact when he sees her in the kitchen to keep up the charade.


I would be shirking my duties if I didn't report this. Yesterday, Bayleigh was sitting on the outdoor couch and was reading some of the tags on the set of cushions.  There were some health warnings on there, including one that said the materials used could cause "reproductive harm".  Bayleigh jumped up and moved immediately.

What kind of fucking couch says stuff like that on the tags? Is that from Ikea?  Production better hope she's not really pregnant, and that the baby is A-OK if she is.  For all the right reasons, of course, as well as this one.

And Kaitlyn would like to clear the air about Tyler and his father.  Something is going on today, because I heard Tyler ask the others "if they heard what happened....that Kaitlyn wants to...." before we went to FISH.