Sunday, August 5, 2018

Don't Come for Tyler Unless He Sends For You. #BB20

On Saturday morning the house guests met to pick players for the PoV competition, and when the live feeds returned after the ceremony, we knew right away that things didn't look good for Angie Rockstar, because we saw her deep in thought.  And not happy thoughts, from the look of things.

Here's where things stood:

HoH:  Angela
HoH Nominations:  Angie Rockstar & Scottie

Hacker Save: Scottie
Hacker Nomination: Tyler

Hacker: Haleigh (per reliable CBS spoiler twitter account)

PoV Players:

Angela, Angie & Tyler

Hacker PoV Player Pick:  Kaycee

Other PoV Players: Brett & Scottie

PoV Host:  Haleigh

So yeah, that's a pretty strong draw to compete against.  Tyler has some pretty heavy hitters who can compete at a high level who will certainly save him.  (Angela, Brett, Kaycee, and himself)  And Scottie might save Tyler too, since they have been hanging out a lot lately, both Have Nots this week.

What Angie doesn't know now is that she isn't expected to go home this week. She really is the pawn.  If Tyler stays on the block, with the Hacker's power to nullify an eviction vote, Tyler would head into the vote at a considerable disadvantage.  And if Tyler saves himself, Bayleigh is the backdoor target, and is sure to be voted out since the kicker is that her Identity Fraud Power would leave the house with her.  So giving her the boot would take care of that pending problem.

Fessy is in Rachel's spot.  He had to answer pesky questions nonstop from Haleigh about whether he'd use the PoV if he were to play and win.

After the PoV player picks, Tyler's mood was much improved.  He's much lighter now, shaving with care to look his best.

Tyler:  I'm only taking it down to here by the sink area now...I don't want any more footage of shaving my chest on TV.  (That was one of the GIFs in the HoH competition on Thursday night.)

One of the comments I've heard around the house is how Haleigh sucks up to people in power every week. In fact, Sam was already bitching about this in advance after Angela won HoH.  She told Angela that she knew Haleigh was going to be up Angela's ass all week, to the extent that Angela would be able to taste what Haleigh had for lunch.

Actually, I think the reverse is true, but we don't need to debate that here.

And just like clockwork, Haleigh came upstairs with her baby talk voice to braid Angela's hair for her.  Because she is the Hacker and nominated Tyler, seeing the players who were picked to play PoV put the fear of God in her, because she knew it was highly likely that Tyler would be coming off the block and Angela would be putting someone else in their seat.

Angela got that sweet Hilton Head hoodie in her HoH basket.  Tyler said it was beautiful.  Remember on the premier episode how Angela reacted when she found out Tyler lives in Hilton Head?  In the DR, Tyler said something like this:

Tyler: I wish she hadn't said we were both from the same place right in front of everybody. Now people are going to think we're working together.  Angela is so  hot, though.

I heard Tyler tell her that recently, with Brett and/or Kaycee in the room and they all laughed.

Haleigh thinks that this PoV competition is going to end up exposing who the Hacker was, because the Hacker making Kaycee a PoV player seems so random, and out of line with nominating Tyler as well.

Haleigh better hope not.  Because the options for who did that are becoming smaller and smaller.  For winning such a HUGE power, it sure blew up in Haleigh's face this week.  The only good thing for her is that she MAY have kept it quiet.  I have my doubts about that, though, because after the PoV players were picked, I heard Fessy, Bayleigh and Angela panicking, saying that "she said she didn't want to pick her friends to play" for it.  So I immediately thought the following:

1.  Foute is worried that Haleigh can't be trusted & is playing them.

2.  Haleigh PANICKED after nominating Tyler and got cold feet about him being evicted.  Also, she asked Scottie what he would do if he won the PoV and he said he would save Tyler.

3.  Bayleigh heard Kaycee say she was okay with Tyler leaving this week because he's a big threat to win, even though she likes him personally.  So Bayleigh may have told Haleigh about this, thinking Kaycee would keep Tyler on the block if she won PoV.

Kaycee did that on purpose though.  Like Ocean's 11, each member of Level 6 has a role to play in the charade every week, and they play it unfailingly.  But the big thing here is that Haleigh's teammates might know she was the Hacker.  And do you think Bayleigh will keep that info quiet once Angela accuses her of being the Hacker in her nomination speech?   I think Bayleigh might make JC's PoV ceremony interruption a distant memory when Angela says what she's going to say.  How great for us, though.

Angela might do a "Hacker Radar" routine where she points her finger at the group and does a "beep beep beep" sound until she's left pointing at Bayleigh.  WHAT A GREAT SEASON.

After the PoV pick, Sam was jubilant, knowing that Tyler has a real chance to survive the week.  She is such a terrible BB player though, that she made some huge mistakes right after the Hacker nomination was revealed.  Such as walking through the entire house telling everyone that they better pick her to play PoV, because she wanted to win and save Tyler.

Such a dumbass.  Tyler and Angela talked about this later, saying they'd like to pull Sam aside and give her some feedback and pointers about how to behave in a situation like this, for strategy's sake.

Angela:  But you know she'll just fly off the handle and then go off and pout, or do her crafts or whatever the fuck.

I don't think I've mentioned it, but I love the neon doughnut and coffee signs.  I don't know if it belongs in that particular spot, but I like it.  I guess they did need something for this hallway camera shot though.

After Haleigh braided her hair, Angela sported this look, telling everyone that she really wanted to wear a bandanna, but didn't want to since Rachel always wore a bandanna.

Angela:  I didn't want anybody to think I was copying her.


Angela won the PoV.  It was one of those Yankee Swap prize situations, with a very physical competition attached to the prize-picking.  The competition was not without controversy, due to the prizes and punishments and who swapped what with whom.

Oh, and Mr. Pectacular himself was in the backyard, the Ringmaster or Roastmaster, whichever you prefer.

Here is what I know at this point.

First, the Prizes

PoV Winner = Angela
$5,000 Winner = Scottie
Trip to Hawaii = Tyler

And Now, the Punishments

Health Nut costume = Kaycee (basically, she's Mr. Peanut for one week)
Instagranny Panties (or whatever) = Brett (has to care for Mr. Pectacular's granny for 24 hours)
Jessie's Health & Fitness Program = Angie Rockstar  (in one week Angie will be RIPPED)

It was super hot outside, and both Tyler and Scottie had ice packs on their heads and necks when they came back in the house.  There might have been a medic involved, or maybe Production just provided that stuff and gave them instructions.  Tyler said during one of the competition heats, he got tunnel vision and couldn't perform.

Angela also won a pair of gold sparkly tiny booty shorts (like Jessie wears) that say PoV on the rear end.  She tried them on for the girls and said they were an inch too short to wear during Monday's ceremony.  I went up another notch on my treadmill's incline when I saw Angela's ass in those shorts.  Seriously.  I tried to find that and take a picture for you but came up short.  She's going to wear them with tights underneath though, so you'll see them on Monday.

And Scottie was upset because he tried to trade Angela his $5,000 for the PoV, because she was the winner of the physical part of the challenge and got her pick of  the prizes.  She didn't take the deal though, making Scottie paranoid that he would be her renomination target this week.

Angela's team thought she should have taken his deal, so she could not only have the money, but keep her connection with Tyler under wraps for another week.  But she told Kaycee later that she had a moment of doubt, wondering if Scottie was up to something. She didn't want to take the chance that Scottie would not use the PoV and keep Tyler on the block.

Angela apparently announced to both of these guys in front of everyone that she would save Tyler, and keep Scottie off the block. We shouldn't forget that she put Scottie on the block last Thursday, which is at least 17 days ago in Big Brother time.

JC didn't even play in the PoV, but Kaycee said he threw up over by the water cooler, it was so hot out there.  In this scene JC was telling Tyler how he felt about him.

JC:  When it looked like you would win, I was so happy.  I wanted to say YAY TYLER and go over to hug you, but then everybody would know.

Tyler:  Dude, I know. And I can't wait until a moment like that happens for you in this game, because it's coming, and it feels so good.

JC:  I know.  I know.

Tyler: I heard you out there though.  Every time I ran by, I heard you.

JC: No one has any idea about us...that we're working together.

This foosball game is such a great new feature, because not only does it look great on camera, it's a great place to mutter about strategy, which Tyler and Kaycee have been doing all season.

Brett told Tyler that he's figured out JC's game. JC wants both sides to stay even, so he can run around and play the middle every week, letting the sides target each other.  Brett and Tyler had staged a sort of fight during the PoV, after Tyler took the trip to Hawaii from Brett.  Brett has been pretending to be "bitchy and pouty" and plans to do this all week, so that the Foute side will think he is available for them, and tell him their secrets.

Last night I watched Brett spin some fucking yarns to Foute, telling them how Tyler was working with Winston, or something like that, and telling them that he's been on the outside for weeks now, with no one telling him what is going on.  Haleigh and Fessy ate that all up with a spoon, which is hilarious.

So due to Angela kind of exposing her connection to Tyler, and some lucky breaks with the prizes, Tyler and Brett have effectively switched places in the game.  Brett is now playing the role of the loner Player-for-Hire, and Tyler is now the protected insider.

You should note that JC believes Brett and Tyler are at odds now, and is already trying to get them to patch things up.  Tyler and Brett want him to keep right on believing that, because they know he wants to play the sides of the house against each other.

Some of the fans online are trying to say that Kaycee doesn't want Bayleigh to leave, but that's not true. Kaycee is down to do what her team wants, and Bayleigh being eliminated before she can use her Identity Threat power is best for everyone on their side.

Kaycee:  You did so good.  I'm so proud of you.

Tyler:  That shit was hard.  It was harder than The Wall.

Kaycee:  Look at're getting off the block and you won a trip to Hawaii!  And I'm in a fucking peanut suit all week.

Tyler:'re in a peanut suit. But you'll be winning HoH on Thursday and get out of that shit.

Kaycee:  You went out there and did the damn thing!

Tyler: They tried...they tried...

Kaycee:  Good for you. It worked out perfectly. I'm so proud.

Oh, and Sam is PISSED that Brett somehow stuck Kaycee in that Peanut Costume, because Kaycee already had to wear a costume for two weeks and "it isn't fair".  Brett cursed a blue streak to Tyler about this later, saying this is fucking Big Brother, not Big Charity.

And here's your proof that Tyler and Brett still love each other.

Brett:  Do you really think I'd be mad at you over a trip to some island?

Fessy didn't do a damn thing, game-wise, but he did take a shower. Just trying to provide some content for all of you Fessy Fans, where ever you are.

If you had told me we'd be nearly at the halfway point in the game without Faysal Shafaat getting any action in that house, with all of the attractive people to choose from, I wouldn't have believed you.  If Faysal was on BB19, he'd have claw marks all over him, right?

He's an integral part of his team, but no one seems to expect much else out of him, unless he's playing for PoV.  Which he wasn't, today.

Here is a glimpse of Angie's punishment, which involves a diet and exercise regime that might be great for her.  Just now, a voice came over the intercom (sort of a serious Marsha the Moose) and told her that she'd have "Flaxjacks and Jumping Jacks" for breakfast.   She went to storage to retrieve a basket full of goodies and instructions.

Update:  I think it might be Jessie's voice on the prerecorded announcements. He's so grown up now I'm not sure if it's him or a professional announcer.  Everybody LOVES Mr. Pectacular now.

Basically she is making a version of pancakes that includes ground flax seeds, and while the cakes are on the griddle she has to do jumping jacks.

I would probably LOVE that diet. In fact, I mixed some ground flax into my peanut butter this morning.  And Angie's little costume is super cute and looks great on her.  She already started working out more last week, and was getting excited about getting back in shape, so this worked out well for her, I think.

And she knows it, too.

Angie, in a flirty tone:  Thank you Big Brother! And Jessie...I'm sure these Flaxjacks are going to be delicious.

Angie has to do the jumping jacks while the flaxjacks are on the griddle.  Sam is doing it with her, so that's fun for both of them.

Sam:  We need to turn up the heat, so these things cook a little faster.

They counted around 40-50 jumping jacks for each side of the flaxjack to cook.

Angie, having fun: You're out of your damn mind, Jessie!

Sam: You're going to be the hottest mom on the block

Angie:  But I don't wanna be on the block though.

Jessie: Is that all you got?

Angie:   Yas. You better stop Jessie.

Kaycee's punishment is not that much fun, though, but I guess it could be worse.  The Health Nut has to carry these big weights around.  But they're fake though.  Everyone is going to have fun with this, maybe even Kaycee.

When some music comes over the loudspeakers, Kaycee must get up and do a little dance with her weights.  JC is going to be loving that, trust me.

The little song is very corny and only lasts for about 10-15 seconds, so Kaycee went right back to bed when it was over.

And here is Angela jogging in her new booty shorts, followed closely by Haleigh who is not letting her out of her sight.

I knew Clayton Baker would have the pictures I needed to get for you.  He's got lots of BB GIFs, too.  Thanks, Dude.


After Production locked Bayleigh's HoH suite to get it ready for the next house guest to check in, Bayleigh had to go back downstairs with the commoners.  Several times she commented on how big of an adjustment it was.  We see that, Bayleigh.

And I've been thinking about the Very Special Hometown Segment on the last live show where we saw Swaggy C visit Bayleigh's parents' house.  I'll just say it...I don't think that is fair to Bayleigh at all.  Her parents weren't able to ask her permission to portray the relationship as one where the boyfriend moves in for a week. (He stayed in their home at least a week, you know.)  It reminds me of a segment of BB12 that was so unfair to Brendon Villegas.  On the show, Brendon's relationship with Rachel Reilly was a huge storyline, so Production tried to milk that as much as they could by featuring an interview with Brendon's ex-fiance.  Yes, someone Brendon USED to LOVE was on the show telling America about how Brendon sued her to get the engagement ring back.  Brendon told this story on the live feeds once or twice, from his perspective, but his side of the story wasn't included in that clip of the fiance trash talking him.

I can't believe Brendon is such a CBS company guy after they did him wrong like that.  His family was angry about it too, as I recall. Of course, maybe being invited back for another season by CBS and then appearing on two seasons of The Amazing Race helped make it up to him.  But that ex-fiance segment was a very cruel, out-of-bounds decision on Production's part.

I know Swaggy and Bayleigh are a different story, but for me, I would be livid if I were Bayleigh.  When I found out about it, of course.  She has every right to choose not to be with Chris Williams after this season ends, but there Swaggy C was on that episode, decked out in his ridiculous logo garb for all the world to see, treating her father like he's one of his homies down on the basketball court.

And if you still don't understand my point, think about it this way:  Remember that time you brought someone you were dating home to meet your family, maybe for Thanksgiving dinner or a Father's Day cookout?  And how nervous you were every time your date or your parents spoke to each other?  Okay, now imagine that person is visiting your home for days on end without you being there to supervise, and a CBS camera crew is there, to boot.  It's terrifying whether you think your date is The One or the The One Right Now.

When Angela got her HoH room, it had all the usual items from home and snacks.  This box of cereal caught my attention.  Sam was excited to see it, and said she's never been able to find it in such a big package, because in her neck of the woods she can only buy it in small bags at the convenience store.

Before you scroll down to hear me talk more about this cereal (because we all love to talk about what they are feeding on in that house) be sure to note all of the happy faces visiting Angela's HoH room.  You can just feel the joy and celebration in the room.

Angela invited her to go ahead and open it up, and to pass it around.  So Sam did, and everyone enjoyed a few delicious crunchy bites.

Sam is happy with the new HoH situation.

And Brett is happy, too.  Scottie, Fessy and Tyler are still Have Nots, so they won't be able to experience the sugary joy that is Sprinkled Donut Crunch.

Yes, that is the name of the cereal, and Cap'n Crunch is really fooling himself if he thinks someone who just ate a bowl of this would be able to complete that puzzle on the back of the box.

I mean, why is there a cereal BASED ON DOUGHNUTS?  Why wouldn't you just eat a real doughnut, if you were so inclined?  I've told you a few times over the years that in my house growing up, we only had Shredded Wheat and Grape Nuts as the cereals to choose from.  No Sugar Smacks, no Frosted Flakes (They're Greeeeaaat!) and no Trix.  I've never even tasted a Froot Loop, and I turned out just fine.

But Angela is much finer than me, or all of us, and she requested this cereal.  I don't get it. Maybe if we took off the Cap'n's hat we'd find a "666" tattoo behind his right ear or something.  Because who but The Devil himself could create something like this?

This is a review for the cereal that I found on  This reviewer says eating Cap'n Crunch's Sprinkled Donut Crunch made him feel like a kid again.  You know, before he had diabetes and that third heart attack and all.  Oh, and don't worry about that grey milk at the bottom of the probably won't hurt you.

Here are Angela's pictures.  That is her brother Chase and her parents at the beach.  She said that "they" cut her ex-boyfriend and her brother's ex out of that picture, so that's funny to me.  Sorry about that weird stripe on the left side of the picture---my screen capture tool always picks up the glare if there is a dark background.

Then Angela cracked up a bottle of wine and everyone who hates her enjoyed a delicious glass to ease their sorrows.  Angie was very down all night, after coming so close to winning HoH.

She really wanted to see pictures of her family.  And she got so close.  She was only off by 2,500 seconds.

Scottie took usual seat at the kitchen counter, where he can watch all the comings and goings from the Geometry Room (ie the Lounge), the bathroom, the stairway, and also the front door.  That whole season has gone by with Scottie watching from that seat most of the time.  Yet he still doesn't know what is really going on.

But he's going to love watching all the episodes later, because this season has really been fantastic.  What sucks for players like Scottie and Tyler is that with the new versions of American BB, the summer live feeds aren't accessible all year anymore.  In the old days, you could watch the live feeds in their entirety, or in flashback form, up until the week before the next season started.  But in the past two years the live feeds have only been available until BBOTT began (just two weeks after BB18 ended) or until CBBUS began in January of this year.

So if you're a live feeder on the show, you may not have time to go back and watch what you want to watch.  If I was the HoH one week, I'd want to watch that whole week on the live feeds, to see what was being said all over the house about me.  Or if I was on the block, I'd want to know the same thing.  CBS even re-ran the live feeds at least one season, starting just after the finale and running for three months all over again.  And some SuperFans watched it all over again. Not me, mind you, and probably not Tyler, but maybe Scottie.

Before Angela got her HoH room, she did one-on-one meetings in the Have Not room.  When it was Brett's turn, he and Angela finally had a moment alone to celebrate what a great night it was, with Brett's savage eviction speech, Rachel's pissy march from the house, and Angela's nail-biting HoH win.

Brett:  I love you.  I love you.  I want to marry you.

We've all seen what a colossal bitch Angela can be.  But I want to tell you another side of her.  She is a very supportive teammate, and frequently encourages her alliance members without being asked to do so.  None of the Level Sixers are frequent whiners, but when they are down Angela knows it, and knows what to say to pump them up.

For example, she knows that Kaycee has been feeling badly about her competition stats this summer.  Kaycee did well in a few competitions (like the tree endurance HoH) but has had poor performance in a few other luck-based comps, and hasn't been picked at all for the more physical PoV comps.  Kaycee has lost confidence in her own abilities.  In the last few days Angela has been saying that she thinks this will be Kaycee's week, that it's going to be a comp that she will win, that she's due for a win, and Angela believes in her. Kaycee needed that.

And when Tyler was crumbling inside over the Hacker nominating him, and knew that getting votes to stay might be impossible if he stayed on the block, Angela talked him through it.  She told him to visualize winning the PoV, and putting that medallion around his neck after it was over.  She pumped him right up. I could tell.  And she gave up $5,000 in the PoV comp just to be sure Tyler will be taken off the block.

She's an athlete, and a warrior, which doesn't always leave room for squishy sweetness.  And that certainly speaks to Brett and Kaycee, and also Tyler, who has said several times this week that he is so happy to be working with this team.  The right people found each other, on both sides of the house, but for very different reasons.

Angela is smiling in the picture above, but we don't see that very often.  Angela may have been boring in the first half of this game, but she's on the field now and is ready to carry the ball.  Or whatever.  She's going to be an iconic Big Brother villain, because she's just getting started this week.  I think she'll make a PoV Ceremony speech that will rival any of Brett's speeches.

This season is full of house guests like that, who will be memorable and whose game play will be imitated by generations of future BB contestants.  At least, I hope so.  You guys know I love to see some Dastardly Deeds.

So great.  There can be plenty of personality problems with Reddit posters, but there are also plenty of creative jokesters creating content like this.  This is the kind of thing Angela and Rachel should both frame in a huge movie-theater sized poster, displayed proudly in a prominent place.  But the hair on those two girls....I already told you these hair style looks won't age well.  I guess that is where the special effects come in.

Fessy was sitting in this room talking to someone, and Haleigh walked in holding this pair of undies and held them up and inspected them while she spoke.  Do you think Fessy was listening to her at this point?

Haleigh is lucky Sam wasn't sitting in there.  Sam might have snatched her bald-headed, as we some people say in The South.

I think Haleigh is more openly flirting with Fessy now, which may or may not be real.  But I'm not someone who cares about showmances, so if there is real gaming going on I'm going to be watching that instead of this.

We almost lost a real player this week, so we need to watch house guests who really play while we can.  I  know Haleigh wants to play, and tried to make a play this week, but you really need infrastructure in this game to make it work.  And Haleigh's infrastructure needs some shoring up, we all know that.  She should have tried to switch sides when she could.


A very talented artist made this for The Bros.  Winston loved it.

I don't have time for this sort of investigative work, but it certainly is juicy.  Apparently Kaitlyn still gushing over Tyler was one thing too much for her beleaguered ex-boyfriend.

In preparation for Monday's BLOWOUT PoV ceremony, let's remember what Bayleigh told Ross Mathews about how she was going to keep her B-side contained in the house this summer.