Saturday, August 4, 2018

Somebody Gave Rachel the Wrong Script, and Other Such Humiliations. #BB20

Thursday night's live show was something else entirely.  Every week this season we have had a wild eviction night and think things can't get any more intense.  But so far every week we've been wrong.

Julie tweeted this out just before the live show kick off.  Her hair and makeup are on point, she's smiling, and the coral color of her blouse is vivid.  I was encouraged, to see that Julie made it through was was surely a very stressful week personally, containing drama that couldn't help but impact her professional life.  You know, since her husband is head of the network and all.

So I felt confused to see this.....I'm not even sure what to call it.  It's definitely a look, but not a look to wear on prime time TV.  But I don't want to give Julie a hard time tonight.  She's among friends here, right?  All I'm saying is that hosting uniform strategy I suggested recently could have helped automate the dressing process and make it easier in times of stress.

Even a pair of slim black capris and stilettos would help here.  Or she could just send an intern to Macy's to grab a strapless black jumpsuit, as a simple summer solution.  And if Julie has been on the Heatbreak Diet, there's no better time to strut out onstage showing you mean business.  Kind of like Angela and her "top" she wore tonight.  But more about that in a minute, maybe.

Brett has been the epitome of grace under pressure this week.  He kept himself together even in times of major disappointment, like when his Level Six alliance member Tyler didn't use this PoV to save him.

Tyler went up to Bayleigh's HoH Suite and used the proper tone of deference to flatter Bayleigh's gargantuan ego, saying she didn't want him to use the PoV, so he didn't use the PoV.

Bayleigh:  I'm not worried one bit about Tyler.  Not one bit.

Then we saw Tyler in the DR saying he doesn't trust Bayleigh, and would put her up in a heartbeat.  Tyler has said a few times this week that Bayleigh appeared to be embarking on a power trip.  From what I've seen since the live show ended, she's still on that voyage and is strapped to her seat, zooming off to Obnoxiousville.

And after the live show, we learned that Tyler approached Bayleigh just before kick off to tell her he's learned that Rachel told a lot of lies about him, and he would not be able to vote for her to stay.  Tyler admitted this to Fessy and Angie as soon as he could, to get the suspicion for the secret votes off him.  And of course it worked. Tyler has great instincts and gives people his full attention when he speaks to them.  Everyone eats it up with a spoon, too.  Tyler's got skills.

JC said weeks ago that he's never spent so much time around girls before, and it has been an adjustment for him.  I can't imagine that he likes the idea of a girls alliance, so Brett's pitch to him about all the guys getting targeted week after week struck a nerve.

Josh Martinez was on RHAP after the live show, and told Rob that if you went to a barbeque at his house in Miami, everyone sounds just like JC.

So while we heard audio of Tyler telling us that Baleigh can't get everything she wants this week, we got a quick flash of Bayleigh twerking in her HoH room, which I thought was hilarious.  This is the second episode that the edit has virtually buried Bayleigh, showing her saying and doing things that make it clear that what Bayleigh thinks is happening in the game is just a figment of her imagination.  Do you think Bayleigh will realize the error of her ways once she watches the show?  Or will she still feel all of her actions are justified?

Look.  I know the Big Brother fans like to root for the underdogs.  But there are underdogs like BBOTT's Ballsmashers who are capable strategists and competition players, who are outnumbered and the victim of a few bad breaks.

And then there are BB players who have NO IDEA what is going on, and who CONTINUALLY find themselves on the wrong side of the vote.  And it's this group.  We're meant to be entertained by their misery and misguided attempts to control the game.  They are even BLAMING EACH OTHER for the flipped votes last night.  I hate to say this, but if this was BB19, they would all be worshipping in the House of Paul.  I think at least half of their fans are people who want to see them fail.  Maybe that's comforting for some viewers, who knows.

Brett is a damn savage, and I love it.  He went over and got in the hammock with Haleigh while Fessy was right across the yard.  Fessy and Haleigh had been bickering and ignoring each other for days, and Brett knew it.  Brett played Fessy and Haleigh like a fiddle here.  Note the way he causally caresses her right leg.  Later his hand moved up to her knee.  And Haleigh had her hand on Brett's left leg, too.

Brett planned to cause this drama.  He wanted Hayleigh's teammates to suspect she flipped her vote, and that is exactly what happened.  Brett also deliberately spent time with Scottie all week, so he might also be blamed for flipping his vote, and also to make the other side think they need to target him, to create the appearance of a double agent.

And all of this was orchestrated by Level Six.  Tyler, Brett, Angela and Kaycee took every secret second they could grab to put their plan together, with the participation of JC, of course.

And then we had a totally unnecessary and mostly ridiculous segment of Swaggy going to Missouri to meet Bayleigh's family.  Her family seems lovely---this is her two sisters and mom and dad.  I wanted a shot with all them in it, but that little Play arrow should not be there.  You can try to push it if you'd like to, but nothing will happen. I wish we could push it and get one of those delicious-looking strawberry smoothies, or make this whole segment disappear, to be honest.

Did you see Swaggy call Bayleigh's father "bro"?  I just can't.  I won't.

I know one thing....that dad might not give a shit about Swaggy C, but he's going to expect Chris Williams to get a damn job.  And keep that damn job.

And this's just ridiculous.  Obviously we're going to see Swaggy and Bayleigh on the next season of The Amazing Race, since they're already pushing this relationship.  Based on what we've seen this week out of Bayleigh, I'm pretty sure we'll see Swaggy getting yelled at and emasculated in a variety of exotic locales and ports of call.

So, there may be something to look forward to, after all.

And now we're ready for the real drama, the show we came here for.  I was surprised to see that Rachel made her speech first, because I thought Production would want her to hear what Brett has to say before she stood up to address the world, live on TV.

But in retrospect, maybe Production knew what they were doing.  Because, dead air.  And bleeping.

Then it was Brett's turn.  And once again Brett converted an idea into an opportunity.  He started off by solidly pointing out the "elephant in the room", saying Rachel told him he was the target this week, making her the pawn.

Brett:  And Rachel also told me that Bayleigh has a power that allows her to change the nominations....

Rachel swallowed hard, in a manner that might have looked planned, like stage direction, trying to play to the back row of the theater.  But Rachel soon ran out of chambered words and gestures, as things went from bad to horrible.

Brett:  .....And why would Bayleigh tell Rachel this?  Because she's in an all girl alliance called the Man Eaters that includes every girl but Sam.  Tonight the target would be the 4th guy to leave the house, so think about that while you place your vote.

Meanwhile Rachel looks over at Angela, trying to catch her eye.  She knows Angela is the only one she told about Bayleigh's Power App. She didn't tell Brett about it.  As Brett sits down, Rachel said "I didn't tell him that", but it was too late to enter into debate with Brett.  He's too good a speaker, too sure of himself and too captivating when he speaks.

Brett was nervous, evidenced by his sweaty armpits.  He said later that he felt like throwing up in the middle of his speech, and said JC screwing around and making noise during the preceeding commercial break almost made him forget the words he planned so carefully.  He also said that after his speech, he thought Rachel might hit him.  She started trying to talk to him and he just said "I know....I know...".

Look how Scottie sits with his elbows back on the couch, like he doesn't have a care in the world.  Even those of us watching from home somehow managed to sit upright while this played out.  On that side of the couch, only Tyler knew all of the contents of Brett's speech beforehand. Sam might have known about the Man Eaters alliance, but as she's fond of saying, she doesn't care about the game, because she "has no game". Which is a game itself, if you ask me.

It's important to note that the seating during the live show is assigned seating.  And the voting order in the Diary Room is also dictated by Production.  Sometimes the order gives away the outcome not just to the audience, but the players.  But for this vote they mixed it up so there was no discernible pattern.  For the live feeders, Sam and JC were the wild card voters, but Sam voted first, and JC voted close to the end of the line.

And on this side of the couch, Bayleigh and Fessy were the only clueless ones.  I think Tyler told both Bayleigh and Rachel that Brett planned to run his mouth during his eviction speech, but since Brett has already made outrageous speeches one of his trademarks, they probably weren't too worried about it.

And to Bayleigh's credit, she did manage to keep her composure while the cameras were live.  She was probably reeling inside,  knowing her secret was revealed, but maybe she consoled herself with the thought that Brett would soon be banished from the house.  Fessy already knew about Bayleigh's power, of course, and managed to keep that secret since she told him about it.

Not that any of that matters now.  Part of the power of the power is the anonymity  of it.  And that got blown out of the water by Brett's speech tonight.

Julie threw us to commercial when the vote was mid-process, and as the cameras slowly drew back from the living room I could see Rachel still glaring over in Angela's direction, trying to make eye contact.  Later Brett told Angela that he was worried Rachel would start talking shit about Angela's game, and Angela said she didn't even look over in Rachel's direction.

Angela:  What was Julie Chen doing during your speech?

Brett:  I don't know. I didn't even look up there.

When we returned from the commercial break, Tyler was hanging out in the DR, idly touching his right wrist as if he was wearing an invisible bracelet.  Julie greeted him, and Tyler casually voted to evict Rachel as if hes on live TV in front of millions of people every day.

That's confidence, people. Tyler was pleased with how the night was going, and probably feels very lucky to have been approached to align with some of the sharpest, most devious players in the house.  It sure makes his job easier in there, playing the role of the trustworthy slacker who has time to listen to everybody's woes.

JC's vote was the last vote needed to secure Rachel's fate. So when he looked genuinely tearful and said he hated doing this, suddenly all of us who knew what was going to happen didn't know what was going to happen.

It hurt JC to vote out Rachel, but he had to do it. And he'd also like for all of us to "take care of our pets".  I wonder if JC has ever had a dog.  I've never heard him talk about a pet.  But that doesn't mean he doesn't have one.

The audience laughed when they saw JC coming down the DR hallway in his little costume.  It was super cute, with the overalls and bucket hat.  Later, he wore the overalls with one strap down around the house, but he kept that hat on.

And what would a Thursday night be without Haleigh staring off in the wrong direction while she uses a 50 cent vocabulary word in her greeting to Julie.  Tonight's word was "iconic".  As in, "Julie, you look iconic tonight".  Haleigh ran out of low hanging adjectives last week, so she actually asked around to get some ideas for a word to use tonight.

I don't think Julie was having an iconic night, but maybe Haleigh saw something I didn't see.  Because I wasn't staring up at the Diary Room ceiling at all last night.  Seriously, where does Haleigh think the camera is in there?  She's never looking in the right direction, and she can't be doing that on purpose can she?

Oh, and Haleigh's vote to evict Brett didn't matter, because JC already swung the vote over to Rachel's side.  Her bad side.

When Julie announced that the vote was 5-4, Rachel's face went hard as she heard Julie tell her she was evicted.  We saw a quick shot of Bayleigh, who didn't give much of a reaction, maybe because she was still shell shocked from Brett's speech.  But the camera quickly found Angie Rockstar, who gave them the reaction they needed.

Rachel was shot out of a cannon as she jumped up and ran for the door, with every sound magnified in her wake.  She stomped to the door, picked up her luggage and slammed the door open.  She didn't say goodbye to anyone, and certainly didn't want a hug.  That's three in a row now, if you count house guests who were so pissed that they didn't feel the need to make a polite exit.  Only Winston took a moment to hug his buddy Brett before storming out.

I like this new trend, actually.  It's a sign of a player who really cares, and doesn't feel the need to do all of the pretend hugging.

Look at Scottie, still leaning back on the couch like he's so bored he can't stand it.  Maybe that's why he keeps getting blamed for the hinky votes.  He doesn't even pretend to be shocked by the votes.  The most spastic, socially-unpredictable house guest in years somehow manages to be boring when the cameras are live.  I'm sure Production loves that.

Angela stalked over to the door with her arms crossed, playing her role to the hilt.

And poor Rachel didn't even wave to the crowd, or even acknowledge they were there as she stomped over to the interview area to meet Julie.  All of the rehearsal she did for her exit strut went right out of the window when the shit hit the fan.  Rachel didn't even smile at us, forgetting all of her training for appearing onstage in an instant.

This was a real moment for Rachel, which is ironic since she's probably dreamed about being on stage in front of six million viewers all of her life. This is not the exit from the game that Rachel imagined, probably not even in her worst nightmare.

I didn't get JC in the picture, but on the right side of the door he was jumping up and down and waving, as usual.  He told the house guests that Rachel opened the second door with such force that it slammed against the wall of the stage.  He thought it would break, but it didn't.

I'm sure Rachel has been trained to keep her upper body turned towards the audience, too, but that was forgotten as she plunked down her heavy bag to sit next to Julie.

Later, the girls kept finding Rachel's things in the closets and drawers.  As upset at Rachel was backstage in Recovery, she still wanted all of her shit back.  Someone from Production called Angela into the DR with instructions to go into a specific closet to retrieve "two dresses and a black hat" that Rachel apparently left there on purpose, because she thought she was the pawn.

Inside the house Bayleigh stalked around, rubbing her hands together and keeping her cool.  As usual the air was full of murmured affirmations and probably accusations, but no one wanted to really fly off the handle until they knew who the next HoH was going to be. It's just smart business to do that.

But the camera crew kept their lenses trained on the players, rather than the picture of Rachel turning to black-and-white.  Angela is one hot bitch in that top tonight, but I can't say the same for Kaycee's Orville Redenbacher ensemble.  Sorry hon.

At least Orville brought snacks.

Meanwhile, back on stage Julie Chen was apparently in a mood and didn't feel one ounce of pity, nor patience while she tried to pry some coherent sentences out of Rachel, who badly needed some cue cards or a teleprompter to get through this.

Julie:  How are you feeling?  What did you think about Brett's speech?  What do you think happened? Why do you think you are sitting here?  Who do you think betrayed you?  I want you to NAME NAMES!

Rachel:  I think.....I don't know what happened.  But maybe they....I don't  know what happened. I am totally blindsided.  I don't know what happened, Julie.

Finally Julie got some conversation going, and when the audience reacted a few times, it seems like Rachel's Reset Button got pushed, and she realized that she's on stage, and the audience is right there, looking for some entertainment.

Rachel couldn't name names, but Julie was insistent, so she made Rachel recite her alliance members while Julie jubilantly confirmed they all betrayed her with their vote....Tyler...Angela...Kaycee....and this moment was one of Rachel's best on stage. You could see the pain setting in as Julie cheerfully checked off each betrayal.

 Rachel got a laugh from the crowd after that as she told Julie she didn't really want to see her goodbye messages.  I'm sure it was tense in that audience and they were happy to get the sweet release of humor, as well as a signal that the interview was almost over.

Haleigh had nice things to say to Rachel, if a little generic.  You know, the "can't wait to see you after this" line and all.  Earlier on eviction day, I watched Rachel make a visit to the HoH room where Bayleigh and Haleigh were talking.  Rachel made a few quick pleasantries before getting right down to business, not even bothering to sit down.

Rachel:  So, I still have you ladies' votes?

They said, yeah, yeah, of course.  And they did vote to evict Brett, but after Rachel left the room Haleigh said "what the hell was that?  I don't like Rachel.....".  I think if Rachel had taken herself down a few notches, energy-wise, and maybe learned to sit and relax more instead of being so performative, she might have been able to get a little further in the game.  I've heard too many people mention that they didn't care for all of the singing and dancing.

JC was truly sorry, and didn't pretend that he didn't vote to evict Rachel.  He said he would miss her for so many reasons in the game. She was his friend, his dancing partner, his everything. That was a real moment, his goodbye message to her.

The next day, on an Instagram live video, Rachel said she loved JC, even though she knows he is a little rat.  A shit-stirring "fan" asked Rachel about JC's comments about her man-like attributes.

Rachel:  Well, JC says A LOT of things, so.....

And then it was Angela's turn to say goodbye, and she didn't waste one second before getting right to her bullet point list of issues with Rachel.  I didn't find the list descriptive or specific enough to be believable, and Rachel had no clue what Angela was talking about, either.

Julie had to tell Rachel sternly "not to curse" as Rachel erupted with "WHAT THE F...RICK...." after Angela referred to a lie Rachel told.

And then Angela told Rachel that the Final Two alliance they had was as irrelevant as Rachel was in week #2.  (You know, when she got the Crap App and that big dude came in the house to yell at her.)

I have to say, Angela's message to Rachel was so spiteful, and was especially nasty due to the hateful tone of voice she used.  There was no warmth or acknowledgement that they made any connection at all, or that it's just a game.  For example, Bayleigh's message to Kaitlyn had a friendly overall tone, with some very extra sass and a burn at the end.  But it didn't feel personal.  They'll still be friends.  But this goodbye message was in a different category.

Later, Angela recited her good bye message for Brett, and then laughed as she said Rachel would be "crying for months.....and months".  The two of them also discussed how happy they are that Rachel won't be in Jury with them, because they just can't imagine living with all of the singing and dancing that would be going on without Big Brother to tell Rachel to STOP THAT.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Angela will regret wearing those little braided hair knots, because this footage of her goodbye message to Rachel will be part of Big Brother history until You Tube blows up.  Or whatever.  And that little poof of hair atop Rachel's noggin ain't so great, either.  So everyone will have regrets about this, sooner or later.

Then there was a stiff handshake, and Rachel's time on the show is over until the finale.  Julie told her it was time for the HoH competition, and Rachel said she hoped Level 6 didn't win.  Which should have told us what was about to happen.

Then we saw the little GIF show that the house guests watched on Wednesday afternoon.  I think the feeds were down for about an hour as they watched the little video snippets play over and over and over.

Later, they broke into groups to study, quizzing each other about what they saw, including every tiny detail they could think of in each video frame.  They asked each other how many videos Steve was in, and what each person remembered about the videos they were in themselves.  And Fessy tried to cheat by going under the covers with an eyeliner pin and the peel-off strip from a feminine product to take notes, which were later confiscated by Production.  Scottie had already been warned, but how are guys like Fessy supposed to get ahead in life if they don't break the rules?  Just asking for a friend.

This is the GIF that caused so much drama in the house, because it made Sam think that JC threw the competition to her.  Sam is such a control freak that she couldn't bear the thought of this, even though we all saw her BEG and ORDER Tyler to jump off his own stump only minutes later so she could win HoH. You know, fair and square and all.

This is the GIF That Keeps on Giving. Bayleigh was separated from the crowd over on her throne on the left, so she couldn't see the house guests as they chose True or False as Julie asked her questions.

And it's a good thing Bayleigh wasn't in front of them, because Tyler made a visible grimace when Kaycee was the first one out after Julie asked a question about a GIF KAYCEE WAS FEATURED IN.  The GIF showed Kaycee in her Pinwheel Costume, with Bayleigh right next to her.  Kaycee didn't remember that Bayleigh's top was bright yellow, so she was out of the HoH competition in mere seconds.

Then JC got bounced, after he didn't remember the order that the GIFs scrolled by on the screen.

Then Sam crapped out after thinking Steve was wearing sunglasses in this GIF.  He was wearing sunglasses in another featured GIF, but that's how they get you in this game.

I think you should know that Sam was being a real witch during the GIF study session, totally negging everyone else studying the GIFs.  She is such a Know-It-All about the show now, even though she's only seen You Tube Best Of clips that she was positive the GIFs were a ruse to lead them all astray.  Sam is turning out to be very hostile towards Production, and the game itself, sort of like Chicken George in the first (horrible) season of Big Brother.  She thinks the show itself is an evil trick, but in Chicken George's defense, the show had never aired before, but Sam is a contestant on the 20th season of the American series, if you don't count BBOTT and Celebrity BB.

It's pretty bad when I defend Chicken George's game play over someone else.  Just saying.

This next GIF wiped out Brett, Faysal, Tyler and Scottie, as they did not think that Winston landed on both hands as he wiped out building his tower of wine glasses.  But he did, and if only Winston had been able to eliminate that many players when he was in the house, he might be the HBIC in there right now.

Then Haleigh fell out of the competition, showing some emotion when her True was False, which is nice to see this season. These players are ruthless and they all want to WIN, which is the best we can hope for every summer, actually.

Julie then took Angela and Angie Rockstar to a tiebreaker, and they dutifully took out their markers and answer cards as Julie asked the Big Question----on the Out on a Limb endurance competition, how many seconds did Tyler stand on his tree stump?  (Or a question exactly like that.)

You would have thought these two were trying to solve the quadratic equation, or calculate the current year alternative minimum tax credit, with all of the scribbling and furrowed brows we saw.  Angela even reached down and got a fresh card to write on, so now we know that is an option that I don't think we've seen before.

It felt like around 75 seconds for the ladies to throw up their answers, after being pestered by Julie to wrap it up.  We saw a few flashes of the house guests on the sidelines...some of them couldn't even watch, because you probably couldn't have a bigger variation in the results here.  I guess I should say you couldn't have a bigger standard deviation, though, for you math nerds.

LOOK:  If you're planning to apply for this damn show, you probably should just go ahead and memorize how many seconds are in an hour.  That would be 60 minutes containing 60 seconds, or 3,600 seconds. And you probably should try to take note of how long every competition takes, because you might need it in a situation like this.

Tyler and Sam were up on their trees for about an hour.  In fact, the answer was 3,700 seconds.  Angela won.  Angie later told Tyler that she thought they were up on their trees for about half an hour, but she couldn't complete that calculation correctly, because "math is not her thing".

The fact that people think this is "math" and that so many Americans hate to deal with anything that involves numbers is what paid for my house(s) and my car, and everything I've eaten this week.  Which unfortunately was a lot.  I can calculate the total calories, but I won't.

I was quite stressed while I watched this episode, so I watched it with my frenemies Ben & Jerry.

This one.  So freaking tasty, with lots of great texture and crunch.

Everyone clapped, but as usual not everyone was truly happy.  It's important to remember that the house guests don't know what we know about Angela.  They didn't see her goodbye message to Rachel, and they don't know the extent of her alliance-involvement with Rachel in the game.  So even though they all know Angela has Resting Bitch Face, they have no idea what savage, demonic thoughts are rolling around in her head.

And then, Julie dropped a bomb on us.  The next two weeks will feature the Hacker Comp, which she teased as an exciting new competition that we would learn more about on Sunday's episode.

But unfortunately, I can tell you about it now.  You may not want to read any further if you want to enjoy your weekend.  It's the kind of twist that makes the true fans hate the show.  A Jump-the-Shark type of twist, as it takes the skill and cunning right out of the game, punishing players who have been playing the game according to the current rules.

If you think TV shows are geared towards intelligent, inquisitive viewers, please consider this:  Fonzie was meant to be IN HIGH SCHOOL when Happy Days started.  He was living in a rented room over the Cunningham Family's garage, and attending high school when he could find the time, since he was so busy banging coeds and also the glass front of jukeboxes all over town.

Nowadays, that would land someone on the local sex offender registry, wouldn't it?  But back then, Fonzie was the star.

But I digress.  And I'm just stalling since I hate this new twist so much.  Basically the Hacker Comp  twist goes like this:

1.  After the nomination ceremony this week and next, the house guests will don some cute little personalized hoodie jackets to prepare to compete.

2.  They are then shuttled off somewhere that sounded like they left the house and may have gone to another soundstage on the lot.

3.  They competed, and someone will be crowned the winner in an anonymous fashion.

4.  Shortly afterwards, they will each be called into the Diary Room in alphabetical order, so as not to tip anyone off as to who won the comp.

5.  The winner reports to the DR how they plan to use their power, probably in a few DR sessions throughout the week.

6.  A Hacker Competition Ceremony takes place, where we learn  WHO (or IF)  the Hacker is taking off the block, and WHO will be going up in their place.

The Hacker also gets to choose one PoV player, probably in lieu of the new nominee making their own choice.  But the Hacker's work isn't done there....oh no.  The Hacker also gets to nullify one of the eviction voters, taking away a vote.

No matter who you are personally rooting for, this is too much power at this stage of the game.  I think the Hacker should have to choose one of those powers, and let everyone in the house fret over the choice the Hacker made, in addition to the identity of the Hacker.

Before we understood all of these Hacker details, the live feeders laughed at Sam calling a House Meeting to discuss what their response should be to the Hacker Power.  She was so angry about it that she wanted everyone to refuse to compete both weeks, allowing her to win the Hacker Competition by being the only one to play.

Sam:  I've already told everybody that I'm just here to clean and help people. I have no game, so if you trust me, you'll do this.  I will not change the nominations, I'll pick myself to play the PoV and then just stand there and let everyone else play, and I'll nullify my own vote.

The room was filled with stunned silence.

Sam:  That way, we'll pretend this whole thing didn't happen, and we'll beat 'em at the game and take it back for ourselves.  If you trust me, you'll do it.

JC: OK, so if someone is on the block, you want them to just let you win the Hacker Comp even though it's a half a million dollars...OK Sam.  Let's do it.

Everyone laughed because JC was being sarcastic and giving Sam shit about her announcement.  But I think everyone felt that way, but was too scared to be the first one to say it.  Not JC though.

Haleigh, with anger: It's anonymous, so every time there is a winner we're just supposed to believe it's you and not someone else.

Angie:  That's not fair...if I'm on the block, I want to play.  It's for my family.

The kitchen then went into a clusterfuck of chatter, as they decided to take an anonymous vote, where they would each go into the WC and place an M&M in the mug if they wanted to do this, and a Cheerio in the mug if they were against it.  Even one Cheerio would nix the whole deal.  JC was jubilant about this, repeating the rules and relishing the idea of a mug full of snack items.

JC:  No Kaycee...don't show everyone which M&M color you took...don't let us know which one is yours.

(NO FUCKING WAY Kaycee would agree to this.  She was going to eat that M&M and throw that Cheerio in the mug.)

People started arguing and Sam struggled to take control.

Sam: All right...the votes off.  We just won't do it.  Forget I said anything.

JC: Oh no! I wanted to do the votes!

Well, I'm sure a few people wanted a do over on the whole deal, in hopes that the other house guests held up their end of the bargain.

We think Haliegh is the Hacker this week, based on the above.  But we do know Tyler is on the block now in Scottie's place.

The competition involved seven rounds of play. It sounds like they had to unscramble words that related to Big Brother, like "eviction, "punishment" and "alliance".  They had to type out their answer somehow, which led to trouble for a few of them who said they couldn't type quickly.  In each round, there could only be three winners for each word, so after seven rounds, a total of 21 points were scored.  But who won the most points?  That was the mystery as everyone warily eyed each other after the competition ended.

Tyler is devastated.  He knows what this means, that someone is specifically targeting him. He said he knew it was going to be him.  He could feel it.

Tyler:  I knew where this was going.  That's why I was sitting there saying 'let's just get it over with'.  You people out there shouldn't picture anything, because like Kaitlyn you might manifest it and then it will happen.

Later, Angela encouraged Tyler to go to sleep thinking about wearing the PoV medal around his neck, and to imagine how it would feel to wear the PoV necklace.

Tyler:  Oh , I already know.  I KNOW what that feels like.

No one knows Haleigh is the hacker.  At least, she didn't tell anyone up until midnight last night.  She's just playing the game, but I don't think it's fair for the power to be so strong.  Tyler has already done the math and knows that if he's still on the block Thursday night, with the nullified vote he's probably out of the game.

 Tyler doesn't deserve to go out like this. He's played way too good of a game, and been a good friend to everyone in that house.

JC was devastated, and has set a goal of making sure Fessy would use the PoV to save Tyler if he wins it today.  And the rest of Tyler's alliance is starting to plant seeds of doubt regarding which vote should be nullified during the live eviction, if it comes to that.  Brett is continuing to hang around Scottie to cast more shade on him, and to make the Hacker think Scottie may vote to save Tyler.

Kaycee is visibly torn up to find her Coast to Coast Budmance is on the block, when all of their plans were going great.  I think Angela is going to pick her to play today if she can, because she says she has a good feeling about Kaycee's PoV competition skills.

Bayleigh is Angela's backdoor target this week, because they suspect she was the Hacker, but they also want to give her the boot before she can use her Identify Theft power.  Angela wants to focus on how good that will feel, to see Bayleigh's face when Angela puts her on the block this Monday.

Let's just all think positive thoughts and send some love and light over into the Big Brother backyard today, where someone desperately needs it.  I know I'm late with this post, but I was too bummed out to finish it yesterday.  I love watching Tyler play Big Brother and I'm not ready for him to leave the game.