Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die, In The End It's All a Lie. #BB20

Tuesday started in the usual way, with the sun up in the sky and a few early birds awake to enjoy it.  Sam and Bayleigh sat outside to enjoy the fresh air for the last morning until Sunday, if the weekly backyard construction schedule holds true.

One thing Sam would like everybody to know is that when she first went outside this morning, the backyard was covered with paper napkins.  Apparently the picnic items were left outside and the nice breeze scattered the napkins everywhere.  I heard Sam announce this at least five times yesterday while I worked.  She told everyone at least once.  There is not one person in the house who does not know that Sam took her valuable time on Tuesday morning to pick up dozens of paper napkins.  And now you all know, too.

They started talking about showmances, and Sam said "they" asked her over and over about the showmances before she came in the house.

Sam:  I just kept saying I would never do that. It wouldn't seem real to me.  And I clean the bathrooms here....I can't see dating somebody when I've cleaned up the toilet after them.  I would just be too nervous all the time around here if I had to worry about that with somebody.  It just wouldn't be something I would EVER do...

Bayleigh just smiled to herself while Sam said this, and said she understood where Sam was coming from.  Sam noticed the little patch of swaying trees that they can see way over the wall.  Kevin used to talk about this last year, saying just what Sam said, that it's great to see them gently sway in the breeze.  From what I've heard both Kevin and Sam say, I'm guessing they are palm trees.

Sam got called to the DR and she made a little comment about how they were really trying to get to her in there.  As Sam got up to go inside,  Bayleigh made an innocent-sounding comment to Sam, saying "don't let them get to you", or something like that.

Sam:  Oh, my fuse is MILES and MILES long.  Don't you worry about that, because I've got a LONG fuse and they can't get to it because I can wait and wait because my fuse is MILES long..

Bayleigh:  I've only see you lose it once, during that competition...(the PoV comp where Sam WENT OFF on Production causing reshoots of parts of it due to Sam's Eff You's)

Sam went through her explanation about how she had been dunked in ice water, and then battered with paint balls, so being shocked repeatedly wasn't something she was happy about.

Sam:  I did that, and I regret that.  I don't know that guy or anything about him, but he was just doing his job.

This is Scottie trying to get a bowl of slop that he can choke down.  We saw quite a few seconds of Scottie trying to stir up that cold mound of sludge and then do it again after putting it in the microwave.

Sam wants to try to make a kite again today.  I guess she tried a kite before but it didn't work out.

Bayleigh saw a bunch of ants, and a big "queen ant" in one of the drawers.  She called Sam to come in and help her with it.  I didn't see any close ups, but I can only guess that Sam started killing every ant she could.  She also put some traps somewhere where the ants would go.  They think the ants are coming inside easily from a hole under the sink, or an entire open area behind the kitchen cabinets.

It's just a big warehouse made to look like a home.  It's not built to residential code.  Or whatever.

Bayleigh found something gross in the sink that she blames on JC's Colombian Hotdogs he made yesterday.

They've been talking about having a potluck supper where everybody will bring their own dish to a picnic outside.  I haven't seen a lot of chatter in the house about it, but that doesn't mean it won't happen.  I did just watch Kaycee rifle through the fridge in the storage room and complain about all the pork they had in there, being sarcastic about how great it is that no one eats pork in the house.  And Rachel is cutting up a cantaloupe very theatrically, but I don't see any other signs of major kitchen activity.

But I'm coming back to add that now Haleigh has been spotted fussing with a bag of shredded cheese, but I still don't think any of this indicates the potluck dinner is still on the calendar for tonight.

Tyler was already laying down flat, even though he just got out of bed.  Scottie talked about their "Scyler Show" that they've been doing in the Have Not room at night.  According to Scottie, that is.

Scottie, so proud in front of everyone:  Tyler you can go now and host the Scyler show from out here.

Tyler, with his eyes still closed:  I'm not alive yet.  Sorry fans.

Scottie made a sort of offhand comment about how they needed to "babysit Rachel" today.  Later Tyler told Angela, Kaycee and Brett that he thinks they are trying to make sure that Rachel doesn't spill the info about Bayleigh's power.  But Scottie doesn't even know about the power.....I think they are trying to pick Rachel up for their side, since Bayleigh is of the impression she and Rachel have an understanding now.

When Scottie talks, it is VERY common for people to say "What?  Who?  What?  What?  Who?" because he mumbles and doesn't project with confidence.

Fessy has been talking about when he "won" the Crap App.  When he saw the screen, he was in disbelief, and was shocked.  Production had to ask him to give them some sort of reaction for the cameras.  When he came out of the room, his friends said, "Did you get the power?" and he denied it. But then he put a pillow in front of his face and told Kaitlyn.  She urged him to tell the entire group he won the Crap App.  He was mortified and still can't believe he got that.

Everyone says that just means he wasn't featured in the episode very much.  Tyler and JC were the only ones left to go to the App Store so before Fessy announced it, Tyler was like "Shit.  I bet I got the Crap App."

They discussed Steve's weight.  Fessy said Steve was as tall as he is, and said Steve weighed about 258.

Fessy: So when I said that, Scottie said, what do you weigh, around 270?  I was like, damn.  No, I don't weigh 270.  Steve is a BIG guy, and you think I weigh more than him?

When Angela came out wearing makeup, they commented on it. Angela said that "they" came on the intercom and asked her to put some makeup on and go to the Diary Room.  We got FISH on that.

Rachel came out and there was an awkward moment where no one made space for her on the couch.  I don't know how she can think she's safe this week.  Brett barely seems to have a pulse, he's so calm about being on the block, and doesn't seem to be campaigning at all.

And Rachel also has a on a full face of makeup, including fake eyelashes.  But that's her usual look when she's ready for the day.

I wonder if Scottie is so glad to be part of an alliance that he will actually vote with that alliance this week.  Bayleigh told him that Rachel plans to target him if she wins HoH, so he might not be too keen on keeping her around.

Remember when he cast that hinky vote to evict Swaggy C while wearing a Swaggy C T-shirt?  Well, it turns out he thought that would make him the talk of the town, so he would be voted Most Trending and get a Power App.  He also thought he would be automatically getting all of Steve's trending votes, since he was so buddy-buddy with him.

Fessy told the group that he's been thinking about what he will do when he walks out on stage.  So he's already acknowledging that he's going to get evicted....what a dumbass.  Or Dum Bass.  Whatever.

He asked Rachel if she had thought about that and she jumped right up to show them how she has already planned to leave the house.

Rachel:  Well, I don't plan to get evicted, but if I do.....

Rachel: will look like, just kidding.

She's probably not. Just kidding, that is.  But this walk is not unlike how she usually carries herself around the house. Rachel has great posture, which is admirable, but her foot placement is a little strange.

This picture REALLY HAPPENED.  I almost tweeted it, but I thought it would be mean to do that.  That is Scottie's foot, and my mother used to tell me that if I kept rolling my eyes at her, they might get stuck like that.  So maybe Bayleigh should think about that.

Someone asked Bayleigh to tell them some flight attendant stories.  She told them she was the lead on a New York to Seattle flight, and was working the first class cabin.  She was making the first pass through for drinks and snacks, and passed a man who was asleep.  (Bayleigh said "sleep", but this is INCORRECT and a pet peeve of mine.  He wasn't "sleep", he was "ASLEEP".)

So she passed his row and kept going. He woke up a few minutes later and started flipping out on her, asking her why she didn't wake him to ask if he needed anything.

Bayleigh: We're not "posed"  (It's "SUPPOSED", not "POSED".) to wake them up, so I told him that and asked him if he wanted a drink or some snacks.  But he wanted to speak to the Man in Charge and I had to tell him I'm the Man in Charge.

Here's the thing...she worked for Delta Airlines for two years. Is that long enough to be the lead flight attendant on a cross country flight?  Is that enough experience to handle a crisis with over a hundred passengers on board?  Do we have any flight attendants who can tell us how that works?  I know she flies international, but I assume she's just a member of the team on those flights.  At least I hope so, as a former Platinum level flyer on Delta.

And then she asked Tyler to help her crack her back.  They've done this before, I think.

Did Sam see this?  Because does this seem appropriate to you?

As a yogi, she could just do a damn back bend on her own.  Right?

Tyler:  That was a good one.  Very smooth.

We really don't know what Angela is thinking as far as this game goes.  I thought she was loyal to Rachel, but that didn't quite work out.  I know Rachel annoyed her this week, but that was someone to have on her side.  They had a Final Two deal.  I think Angela is going to be a bigger target now, while Kaycee will just continue to slide back into the background.

And now Brett is planning another shocking speech on the live show, where he mentions how Angie Rockstar is starting an All Girl Alliance, and I think he is going to call Rachel out by saying she told him about Bayleigh's secret power.  Angela actually encouraged this, saying Rachel is "going to bawl", but he should do it anyway.

That is COLD.  Damn.  (Rachel told Angela about the power.  And Angela told Tyler. And Tyler told Brett, actually.  But Rachel doesn't know about ANY of that.)  To me, the best part of this evil plan would be to see how Bayleigh reacts, which is the point of the lie, to get Bayleigh's crew to flip their vote, or at least create the impression that they did.  It's a move designed to pay benefits in the game, not to hurt Rachel.  But it will definitely hurt Rachel.

And Tyler will just be sitting there with a shocked look on his face.  As if he had no idea about anything.  And then he can just sit back and let everyone badger Bayleigh about her power while he listens to what she says.  And then he can approach Bayleigh to discuss the best use of the power, and maybe crack her back a few times if that is what it takes.

A day or so ago, Haleigh was sitting with Rachel in the hammock and she was talking about how Fessy was being a dick to her and hasn't even spoken to her lately.  She said coming in the house, she thought Tyler was the cutest, and was looking forward to spending more time with him now that Kaitlyn wasn't around.

Haleigh:  But now I think that he's just not interested in me at all.  I want a skater type guy like G-Eazy.

This is G-Eazy.  He's cute.  I was listening to Halsey at one point, and apparently G-Eazy used to work with her, and date her, and there was all sorts of drama when they broke up.

You kids are so lucky that you can just listen to anything on You Tube now, without having to spend a dime.  I know I can do that too, and I often do, but when I grew up we had to buy a damn cassingle if we wanted to just listen to one song over and over.

Angela and Kaycee are kind of inseparable in there these days.  Maybe they always were, but it seems more obvious now that Rachel is gradually getting iced out.  Here they are clearing the Pin Wall from the hallway side.

They use pillows to work quickly, and they make a click click click sound as the panels of pins snap back the other direction.  Kind of like dominos falling.

Then Angela got busy making a birthday message for her brother Chase.  I don't know how old he is, but Tuesday was his birthday.  So this is such a nice feature, to make statements like this for the folks back home.  I'm sure they have rules about what is allowed and not allowed though.  If you know those rules, please let us know.

For example, can Haleigh say "Call me G-Eazy"?  Or can they leave Kaitlyn a message?  Can Bayleigh leave Swaggy a message?

By the way, Swaggy is trying to defend Bayleigh in light of her rather-controversial HoH reign. He was upset after she told Rachel about her power, so he must be ready to throw up watching her make mistake after mistake when dealing with people.  He won't admit it though, because he's in love with her.  But maybe he's gaining a deeper understanding of what he's getting into with her.  I heard him say that he plans to find them a place to live in LA before the end of the BB season, but I also heard Bayleigh say that Swaggy is going to move to Kansas with her.

So it's safe to say the two of them have a few details to iron out when this is all over.  I know Swaggy C is going to need to get a good job, because Bayleigh has made it clear that she expects men to not only pay their way, but part of hers.

Bayleigh:  I've had boyfriends ask me to make them some dinner, and I'm like, why don't you pay my bills then?

(These bitches are COLD this season. Or maybe it's the generation.)

I flashed back and caught a chat between Kaycee and Tyler in the middle of the night.  They were cautiously optimistic and were excited about where their game is going.

Kaycee: I was thinking about it. We're not a showmance.  And we're not a Bromance, either.  We're really a Budmance, that's what we are.

Tyler can't wait until they see some sort of montage of how they worked together all season, on every vote.  We've voted the correct way each week, he says.  They even have a little hand motion they do for their alliance, which is called "Coast to Coast". I think it's a little "C" made with one hand.

This tweet was written on the 2nd day of the game, way before the feeds went live.

But while I was searching for that tweet, I found a few others that grabbed my attention.

WHAT?  Now Angela has implants too?  Why would she do that?  Why would she need that?

And on Day #2, Tyler apparently wasn't on Kaitlyn's flirt radar.  Yet.

Yesterday Angela and Kaycee were working on a little project.  They had some sort of icing (probably for Angela's melted ice cream cake) and were building a little castle out of Froot Loops.

They whispered occasionally as they worked.  You really had to listen hard to hear them.  One thing I did hear is a whisper about how "Bayleigh and Fessy have a final two...guaranteed".

Rachel walked in and tried to participate, but BB called her out for not wearing her microphone, so she walked off to go get it.

This project went on for at least 30 minutes.  They filled up the castle with another type of cereal at one point, and then tried to build a dome lid over it.  Every now and then they would pop a Froot Loop into their mouths with a satisfying little crunch.

It seemed like a cozy little project.  We need some drama on the live feeds, so I was thinking, how fun would it be if Kaycee suddenly grabbed Angela's hand and squeezed it for a few seconds.  That would give us something to talk about, wouldn't it?

I never hear Kaycee discuss her love life, but I'd like to hear her discuss her views on the girls in the house, maybe in a DR session sometime.  Weeks ago Kaycee came in a room with a cute outfit on and all the girls commented on how great she looked.  I think it was just after her Pinwheel costume punishment ended, so Kaycee looked like a new house guest.  Kaitlyn said "And Kaycee has me questioning my sexuality."  It was a funny comment that was meant to compliment Kaycee, but later I heard Sam say it made her furious.

Sam, to Kaycee:  When Kaitlyn said that, I got so mad. It's not like you're just going to jump on every straight girl in here.  That wasn't fair.

Um...I didn't think Kaitlyn was implying that.  She was just saying Kaycee is attractive, which is true.  I didn't think Kaitlyn was implying that she expected Kaycee to bang her in the storage room.  I think Sam is over-sensitive about everything Kaitlyn said or did because she hated her.

Kaycee was very proud of the castle she and Angela built.  Later, the left side of the castle crumbled, causing lots of crunched Froot Loops.  I heard Kaycee tell Fessy about the project, showing him that one side of the castle was still holding strong.  She didn't tell him that it was the side she constructed, and that Angela's side of the castle was the one not fortified properly.  Kaycee is a good friend like that.  She doesn't need to take the credit for everything.  Just like her Budmance Tyler.

Today is Wednesday, and the backyard was going to be open until 11:00 AM, which indicates a very simple HoH competition set up for Thursday.  I think it's a good time for a Knock Out type of competition, to put the heat on some of these hidden alliances.

JC was the first one up and did a strenuous weight routine and also ran some laps.  He works his arms to the point of failure, which is the way to  build muscle.

Sam and Angie stretched.  Angie has lost quite a bit of weight in the house and is very excited about getting back in shape.

Who knows what savage thoughts were going through Angela's mind while she enjoyed the last few hours of outdoor life.  Maybe she was wondering if Rachel will be able to execute her planned sashay-style exit from the house on Thursday if she is bawling after being not only blindsided, but also backstabbed by Brett.

Will Angela shed any tears?  Any pretend tears?  Will the two former Vixens hug each other on Rachel's way out?  Will Rachel erupt in anger and out her alliance?  I'm nervous already, just thinking about it. I wish I had another pot brownie to eat before this week's live show.  That really added to the excitement for last week's live show, I must admit.

If we don't know what Angela is thinking, we REALLY don't know what JC might be thinking.  He's like a mystery, wrapped up in a sassy Spanish riddle.

The post title is a play on this Halsey-G Eazy song.  He doesn't look like his voice AT ALL.