Tuesday, July 31, 2018

You Can't Always Eat What You Want. #BB20

This is Tyler's artwork, displaying yet another of his many seemingly-effortless talents.  I don't know who "Rich" is, but instead of pushing back the pins on this side of the room, Tyler did his work from the hallway side, pushing in the pattern that he drew.

I don't know about you, but I wish I had a pin wall in my house.  If you have kids, it seems like a great way to let them be creative without ruining anything.  As long as their hands are clean when they touch it.  I guess that could be a problem, once sticky substances are involved.

They have to leave the wall for future BB seasons, don't they?  This was the corner of the room with the green apples last summer.  I did love the apples, but the pin wall is functional as well as decorative.

Yesterday morning the PoV meeting was held, and Tyler did not use the PoV.  From the chatter I heard afterwards, it sounds like they had to reshoot part of the ceremony because Tyler said something like "I'm going to NOT not use the PoV".  Everyone reassured him he did just fine, but I'm sure it sucked for Brett and Rachel, that their alliance member did not save them.

Those plastic containers on the counter are new this  year---maybe this is an anti-ant initiative, since there are usually numerous open cereal boxes strewn all over the kitchen.  Sam has been using those containers to make her Puppy Chow, so she can easily shake them up with the powdered sugar, and makes for easy access and storage later.

Bayleigh didn't want Tyler to use the PoV, and Tyler didn't want to out himself by using it.  I think he would have, though, if he was sure that Scottie would have been the renominated house guest.  In a sense, it's Rachel's fault she's on the block.  She spoke at length with Bayleigh and agreed to go up as a pawn, and then freaked out afterwards.

Scottie's persona is either an act, or a nervous compulsion.  I watched him have a long conversation with Fessy recently and his voice was totally normal. He also made coherent conversation, asking Fessy questions about what his plans were for life, and his immediate goals associated with moving to California.

(Apparently Fessy plans to relocate to Los Angeles now, because he's "done all he can in Orlando".)

Also, Fessy said that he earns most of his money working at Margaritaville at Universal Studios in Orlando.  He said he knows a lot of people in town because he's been going to the same gym every day since high school, and he also goes out a lot at night.

But back to Scottie, it sounded like a normal conversation between friends.  But fast forward to him playing pool with Brett and he blurts out comments about his manscaping that I will not repeat here because NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR THAT.  Scottie seems to have a fixation on toilet habits, too, so all you psychoanalysts can just chew on that.  He seems stuck in the 3rd grade sometimes.

Scottie also spoke at length about how much fun he and Tyler had as they addressed the previous BB players while they were in the Have Not room, apologizing for shit talking them and inviting them to talk all the shit they want about him.  And his pubic hair.  Not kidding about that.  Nope.  Something tells me that Tyler would have something different to say about that conversation.  Just a guess.

Brett is very handy in the kitchen, often making the coffee for everyone and he seems to cook something rather elaborate every day.  I know Swaggy said that he thinks Brett and Winston were the best cooks in the house. Brett is no chef, but he can fend for himself, which is nice.

I see Angela eating frequently, but she does a lot of nibbling of small plates, and takes tiny little bites of things.  She told Brett about the new Puppy Chow that Sam made with Honey Oat Cheerios instead of Chex cereal.  Sam tried to make it healthier by not adding M&Ms, but I think if you compared the two cereals' nutritional content side-by-side, the unhealthiness would equal out.

Angela thinks it is the best ever, though.  Angela is a peanut butter freak who always takes the nearly-empty peanut butter jars and a spoon and lingers over every morsel for what seems like hours.  With Sam making so much of these Puppy Chow concoctions, there seem to be a lot of empty jars for Angela to enjoy.

(Natural peanut butter would be my Death Row meal, maybe even with just a spoon.  Although some Triscuits or Nilla Wafers would be nice to scoop it up with.)

Brett tasted it and said it was the best ever.  In fact, he'd like to pour a big bowl of it and eat it like cereal.  But he didn't think it was healthy.

Something new is going on with Sam now. I think she's getting institutionalized in there.  It is now clear that she is VERY self-conscious about herself and I'm guessing this is one reason why she is so critical of the other girls in the house.

Apparently Sam has never worked out, because she made a BIG FUCKING DEAL out of taking a mile-long walk with Angie in the backyard.  I wouldn't have thought twice about it, because the backyard was full of people exercising and lounging by the pool, and she and Angie could have just had a nice conversation the whole time.  But instead Sam had to HOLLER at the cameras, YELLING for them to stop watching her.

The cameras did check in on the two of them walking from time-to-time, as they hoisted weights for a few laps and bantered with the guys playing pool as they walked past.  JC made a point to tap them on the butt when they pass by with his pool cue, but in a friendly way.

Sam:  Stop hitting me, you little shit.

But later she was riding on the exercise bike and chatting with Tyler, and started SCREAMING when she saw the cameras shift over to look at her.


And with that, she got off the bike and ran inside.  This might come as a shock to Sam Bledsoe, but everything is not about her.  I know it's hard to go to a gym for the first time, but simply walking around the backyard and doing the same thing as everyone else doesn't make you the star of the show.

So let's see if she goes for another walk today, before they lose the backyard on Wednesday.  I read online that she said she wanted to have a body like Haleigh's.  Sam is only 27, so she shouldn't have to do much to get in shape.  She just needs to do it consistently.  That's really all it takes.  Just one foot in front of the other, one day after another.

But the guys "joked" that Sam and Angie were like two "old ladies" going for a walk.  I think Angie enjoyed her company and encouraged her to keep going, so it's too bad Sam had to make it all about herself.

After the PoV ceremony, Angela had a whispered conversation with Brett where she assured him he had the votes to stay this week.  Brett feels good about that, but said he would feel better if he wasn't on the block at all.  Of course.

I don't think I've seen Haleigh cook anything lately, but right now there are quite a few cooks in the house so sometimes its best to just let that be.  I've seen quite a few BB players over the years get territorial about their role in the kitchen.

There are cabinets up high in the bathroom for storage.  Haleigh is standing on the couch rifling through one in this picture.  There seems to be increased storage space throughout the house this season, which helps the house look cleaner on camera.

This is so gross I had to take a picture of it.  It is Kaycee making some sort of breakfast dish, using this sausage or whatever it is.  She was saying that she'd like to learn to speak Spanish fluently, and wondered if anyone in the house would teach her.

Angie: I'm sure there will be plenty of Mami's who want to help you learn after this summer.

Kaycee:  Hey. Yeah.

There was chatter in yesterday's post about whether or not Haleigh looked like she had breast  implants.  Turns out she did, but I never noticed that she might have them, or thought she might need them.

But in this top it looks like she has them, but to be fair, with the right top any girl can get this type of cleavage.

I do not think Haleigh is "bottom heavy", as described by Bayleigh.  That comment is just ridiculous.  Reading that about yourself is what leads to problems like Sam has, not being happy with yourself.

Haleigh is a beautiful girl and it is too bad that she felt she needed corrective surgery at such a young age.  She could have put that money in a stock index fund and gotten better results, in my opinion.

She told Tyler she met some rapper or singer that Tyler knew about.  She hung out with him and some other rappers one night (Fetty?) and then he kept trying to fly her out to California to stay with him.  The feeds kept shifting while they discussed it, but it sounds like they met in December, and Haleigh didn't like how he kept commenting about some blogger.  Or something like that.

I think this is him...the guy on the right (Trevor).

They had an interesting conversation in the pool yesterday, with JC telling them his views on gender roles.   He believes that as far as medical and reproductive matters, there are only two genders, male and female, but when it comes to labels and preferences, there will be no norms or labels in the near future. Children will choose what they want, and what they like, and will not be told what colors or clothes to wear, and what toys to play with.

Angela has heard of that, that some new parents aren't calling their newborn daughters "her".

(It's called a "Theyby" and is a trend towards gender-neutral babies.  It is frightening to me but I'm sure it is the wave of the future, the way things are going.)

Kaitlyn has spoken now, doing an Instagram live yesterday with two of her friends.  She said she and Joe "are taking some space now" because she has some "internal work to do".  She took full responsibility for the break up, admitting her actions in the house caused it, and would like everyone to leave Joe alone, since he didn't sign up for the show.

She said Fessy was salty about her because she "turned him down" and that's that. She would never get involved with someone like him, she said.

She said she loved Angie Rockstar, and seems to harbor no ill feelings about getting evicted while sitting next to her.

I don't know if she talked about Haleigh on the broadcast.  I hope someone asks Kaitlyn if she knows that Sam accused her of stealing her hairbrush the first week of the game.  At the time I thought that was ridiculous, but now I'm not so sure.

Since the PoV meeting, Rachel has been like a ghost in the house. I'm sure she's very upset, but part of it is that is she thinks Brett is going to leave the house, so it's kind of a Lose-Lose scenario for her.

(Little does she know she will actually lose the game this week.)

It already seems like her alliance is ignoring her.  Instead she spent time in the hammock with Haleigh last night, and even played cornhole with Scottie last night.  I don't think the Level Fivers planned to ice her out, but maybe they just feel guilty and want to avoid conversation with her in advance of what is sure to be a huge blindside for her.

And Bayleigh.  (Ha ha ha.)  And Haleigh.  And Fessy.  And Angie. And Scottie (maybe).

JC has a big event he performs at every December that everyone is saying they want to attend.  The house guests planned to have a picnic last night in the backyard, and JC was very excited about making a dish for everyone that we'll talk about in just a moment.

The girls told Tyler that he's going to get a lot of girls after the show ends, and JC says he knows there will be a lot of young preteens, too.  JC "stalked" Cody's social media and sees a lot of "12 year olds" talking about his pictures, and how cute he is and all.

Tyler was embarrassed, but of course it's true.  Bayleigh said he reminds her of Hayden who played this game before, and this brought about a total clusterfuck where I was yelling at the screen while I was on my treadmill.  Here are a few of the conversational nuggets that were said about this mysterious "Hayden".

*  Hayden is the one who always ran around naked.  (JC)
*  Hayden is the one who dated Nicole, before that "gay guy Cody". (unknown commenter)
*  That guy played baseball at A&M.  (Haleigh)
*  No, Nicole dated that really tall guy named Cody.  (JC)
*  No, there was another Hayden who was on Season 10 who won the game.  (Angie)
*  No, we're talking about the Hayden who played before him.  (Bayleigh)

To his credit, Tyler kept his mouth shut, not correcting any of them about the numerous errors in their statements.

All the live feeders have seen Haleigh trying to get Tyler's attention.  He's a very sharp, perceptive guy, and I know he is well-aware of this, but he doesn't want a showmance.  Or any problems with Fessy, since they are sort of tiptoeing around working together with Scottie and JC if the girls alliance pans out.

The camera crew knows Bayleigh has been VERY critical of Haleigh's actions around Tyler and shows us her scowling at Haleigh and Tyler in the pool.  She told Fessy yesterday that Haleigh apparently has NO IDEA how serious Fessy's move to save her with his PoV was last week.   She feels Haleigh is being inappropriate by "throwing herself at Tyler" and mentioned this scene in the pool later during a private meeting with Fessy.

After the PoV ceremony every week, the HoH's power is over, and people stop kissing their butt.  Of course Bayleigh still has her "secret" power, but just about everyone in the house knows all about it now, thanks to Bayleigh telling Rachel about it.  So someone still might get clipped by that power, but Bayleigh herself might find herself going home as a result of a PoV renomination.

I think Brett was making fish tacos here, using lots of fresh ingredients.  It's kind of painful to watch him cut them up, but I think that's more a factor of the dull knives they get, then Brett's potential chopping skills.  You really need a chef's knife to do it right, but Production doesn't let them have sharp knives in the house anymore.

(Shout out to Justin the Thug from BB2, who held a knife to Krista's throat in a "flirty" drunken moment.)

On BBOTT Production let them use a sharp knife to carve the turkey on Thanksgiving, but BB hounded them incessantly to get them to return it to the DR right after dinner.

Angela made a cake out of melted ice cream and flour.  She said she read about it on Pinterest and both she and Brett thought the batter tasted good.  I think it was too soupy after she baked it so she put it in the freezer to firm up. I never saw the finished product, but I did look it up and I think she might have needed to use eggs, or a plain cake mix instead of the flour.

What better time to try things though, then in the BB house with so many enthusiastic eaters all around you?


As of the next morning, the cake is apparently frozen solid like a brick. Angela is letting it defrost for breakfast.  The joke is that she plans to feed it to JC  and everyone says "No! Don't give JC sugar!"

JC made these "Colombian Hot Dogs" after talking about them this afternoon.  It was his version of a popular Miami snack called "Perros".  He made a spicy red sauce out of marinara, cheese, hot sauce, spices, mustard and a little ketchup.  There are crushed potato chips under that sauce.

JC:  My reputation in the house depends on this.

They put a little picnic blanket out and JC brought out his tray of Perros.  And everyone thought they were delicious.  He made some of them with beef hotdogs, and others with veggie hotdogs so everyone could enjoy them.

Angie: JC you put a lot of love in these.  I can tell and I thank you.

Even Angela ate half of one and seemed to really enjoy it.  They all said it tasted like a pizza with hot dogs.  JC says there is a place in Miami that is open 24 hours, and when the bars close and you are drunk these Perros taste like the best thing ever.

One of the girls, either Haleigh or Angela, said they could eat five of these, easy, if they were wasted.

Note the janky "Cornhole" game they made in the backyard.  I think they made the beanbags with socks filled with rice (or something).  Kaycee was excited that they can take it in the house when they are locked down this week.

I can tell Brett didn't want to try the Perros, but when he heard the girls all say they were delicious, he caved and took a beef version.  And he liked it, too.

It was nice, everybody eating outdoors.  They want to do this more often, they say.  Kaycee also made some burgers that everybody loved.

Yes Haleigh, Tyler is right over there.

JC really wanted Sam to try one of his Perros, but I'm not sure if she ever joined them in time to eat one. I know Tyler really wanted one, but he's a Have Not so he got shut out.  I'm pretty sure JC will make them again before too long.  They were a big hit.

Angie: I really like the surprise of the potato chips at the end.  Whew.  Those are good.

(Angie is very supportive and pleasant with everyone.  But I don't think the TV audience knows that, unfortunately.)

I found the Perros for you, and it looks like the toppings can be very elaborate.  A very sloppy yet tasty snack.

This is Sam's spider jar. She caught some ants to put in there, and also some sort of insect for the spider to eat.  Kaycee felt sorry for it and said she wanted to take the insect out, but then she'd have to find a jar to put it in so she didn't.

Everyone is part of the food chain, it seems.