Monday, July 30, 2018

If You Can't Keep Your Own Secrets, How Can You Expect Anyone Else To? #BB20

Saturday was the PoV competition, and when the live feeds returned we saw they had colorful costumes that indicate some sort of nerd theme to the competition.  I've heard chatter online that the competition was the Outback Steakhouse competition, but I can't confirm that.  Other than hearing Bayleigh says she likes the brown bread served at the Outback, I haven't heard anything about it.

However I can confirm that bread is DELICIOUS.

Before the comp started, I heard Kaycee ask Angela to be her date to the PoV comp viewing and they were both giggling about it.  But from what I can tell, the non-players had to sit in the HoH room the entire time, and may or may not have been able to watch the comp play out on the TV screen.

Scottie wanted to go outside and experience the competition set, as he's done after a few other PoV comps he didn't play in, but Production did not allow it. Apparently the puzzle pieces were very large, and may have posed a problem for JC since they had to lug them around.

Brett did not win the PoV, but no doubt wanted to since he's on the block for eviction.  Brett does not look convincing in his nerd gear, does he?  Unless he's going to some sort of Revenge of the Nerds fraternity party, I'm just not buying it.

I've never watched The Big Bang Theory before, but does it look like this comp might be a promotional tie-in with the show?  I heard Angie kind of complain about her hosting duties not being what she hoped they would be, but she said she "did get a few good lines" in.  Maybe one of the stars on the show came in the backyard to host?   Or maybe they taped an intro package or something.

Fun Fact:  Just recently I learned that "Young Sheldon" was connected to the Big Bang Theory, but only because I heard Jim Parsons on a podcast discussing a Broadway production he's working on.  I've never watched Young Sheldon, either, but I saw lots of chatter about it last summer during BB19.  There's too much TV out there for me to keep up with, apparently.

It's important for you to know that Brett is just chilling since nominations.  Just going about his business as usual, with no histrionics or temper tantrums.  For all you future BB players, this attitude is KEY in most cases.

Yep, Tyler won the PoV.  Some fans are asking why in the world Tyler would feel the need to win another comp, but I think he felt he had to.  It seems crazy that Bayleigh doesn't want to target him this week, since she's said in the past that she thinks he's a major threat in the game.  She told him he could take this week off, but Tyler doesn't seem to believe that she's that naive and bad at playing Big Brother.

Well, Tyler can believe it.  Because she is, and she is.  I guess she might be good at Big Brother if she understood how a good HoH uses it to gain favors and information, but Bayleigh is on too much of a Power Trip to learn anything from anybody.

Plus, it was one of those timed trial competitions that probably makes it hard to throw, unless you're really obvious about it.  The evicted house guests had life-sized stand ups in the competition, and you won't be surprised to hear that Bayleigh apparently kissed Swaggy C's game piece.  And several players said they were scared when they saw Kaitlyn's game piece.

Tyler wanted to be sure he can save his "In the Cloud" power for another time. He's safe this week.

There was a lot of excited chatter in the living room, as the players talked nonstop about what they did, and what they should have done.  You'll notice that the players are all on the right side of the living room, and in the nomination chairs, and the non-players are directly opposite. 

All of the players were happy to get some new clothes to wear, but I assume they will pair the separates with other clothes, unless they really want to look like nerds.

And you probably know that Rachel is not taking her nomination this week well AT ALL, even though she basically volunteered to go up during one of several pre-nomination conversations with Bayleigh.  Rachel either has the memory of a goldfish, or just babbles without even listening to herself, because she clearly seems to believe that the nomination came out of left field.

I can state I watched Rachel tell Bayleigh it was okay for her to go on the block as a pawn, and even said she liked the idea of being sure of playing for PoV.  And I can also state that I've been watching Rachel LOSE IT as she moves from room to room, babbling nonstop about this, that and the other, to the point where her own alliance is alarmed about working with her.

(I discussed the day of nominations here, if you didn't see it.)

The camera crew knows Rachel is a powder keg right now, so they follow along, ready for action.  First, the somber undressing.

And the checking of the eye make up, which could indicate tears have been shed.  Or will be shed.

And then the telegenic stalking around, trying to decide what to do next. 

And Rachel's friends Angela and Kaycee did the same exact thing, but what they decided was NOT in Rachel's favor.  Once Rachel started crowing about how Tyler was a double agent and had screwed them all over, that was the beginning of the end of Rachel in Level Five, and also The Vixens.  On Sunday night Rachel finally discussed her specific concerns with Tyler and he calmly explained exactly what happened, with no embellishments, and Rachel was like, "Oh, Okay.".

I watched Rachel stroll of the room and tell Kaycee that she understands now and is good with Tyler and Kaycee kind of snorted and laughed.  Rachel already played her Crazy Girl card, and it's hard to take that back once other people see it.  Her team knows now that any time there is a bit of stress, Rachel is going to erupt with paranoia.

Their task now is to get the votes to evict Rachel, assuming Tyler doesn't use the PoV during Monday's PoV meeting.  There are nine people voting this week, so they need five votes to evict.

Votes to Evict Rachel

JC ??
Sam ??

Or Scottie?

Look for Tyler to work on getting those last two votes in the next day or so, and Kaycee as well.  Unless something crazy happens at the PoV meeting...

Later that night, the house finally got a booze delivery.  They don't seem to realize that the way to get served is to have someone go in the Diary Room and request it.  You can't just sit in the house and bitch about wanting to get drunk into your microphone---you have to make the formal request.  In past seasons the house guests have gotten beer and wine every night except the nights before a live show, because they learned how to ask politely.

A minute ago I mentioned something crazy happening at the PoV meeting....well Brett might make another rousing speech to stir up trouble with the ladies, using Angie as the focus.  AGAIN.  It was Angela's idea, actually, designed to get the girls in the house riled up at each other and to pull Scottie's votes to their side.  They are going to say that before she left, Kaitlyn told Tyler about Angie starting up a Girls Alliance, which is sort of true.  She talked CONSTANTLY last week about wanting an all girl jury, so assuming that means she wants two girls in the Final Two, that is definitely a Pro Female plan.  Brett is going to mention that in his PoV speech (maybe) and that is sure to set off some drama to start our week off.

When is someone going to target Sam for eviction?  She can't seem to participate in any conversations.  She either bustles around cooking, cleaning or crafting, or lectures whoever happens to be standing nearby about how they should live their life, according to her rules.

I noticed the SAME EXACT pattern when Sam was a robot, so it's not like this is anything new.  She can't just join a conversation already in progress, blending in.  I'm sure casting looks for these type of self-absorbed, opinionated people because we need that, to keep things lively.

Sam was as happy as anyone else to get some alcohol in the house and loudly read the side of the beer can for the house guests to "enjoy".

Everybody but Fessy and Brett drank on Saturday night, since the Have Not week was finished. Fessy doesn't drink, probably associated with being Muslim, and Brett likes to drink but didn't understand the point of chugging a few drinks in the backyard.  They both worked out instead.

One season I clocked how long it took for the booze delivery to be discovered in the storage room, to the time it was consumed, and it was less than 15 minutes, as I recall.  In this situation I guess you have to hurry, because there is excess demand for such a limited supply.  It's all economics, people.

Bayleigh is that drinker who announces before and after every sip how wasted she is, or is going to be.  Okay, we got it Bayleigh.  But everyone in the house is really kissing up to her, because someone who won the PoV just might use it.  She had some wine in her HoH basket so I think they drank that as well.

There was a lot of talk about Kaycee's burrito folding skills, and how the twist might be that she owns Chipotle. 

They really needed this treat to take their mind off their troubles.  I think the booze was delivered after BBAD went off the air, so perhaps that timing was no accident. 

Last night Angie was in her bed and suddenly she felt a sharp pain on her leg.  It turned out she had a bee inside her long flowing skirt and she killed it. She was upset about smashing the bee and doesn't know how it got there.

Tyler got the First Aid kit and helped her tend to it. It occurred to me that as a Lifeguard he is probably trained at all sorts of valuable First Aid skills, like making a tourniquet, or saving someone who is choking on a chicken bone.


I was walking my dog last week and as we turned the corner towards home, my right arm brushed against my body and I felt a sting like Angie did. I guess there was a wasp or hornet on my dress and when my arm touched it, it stung me.  I never saw it, but it left a big stinging welt on my right forearm.  I put ice on it immediately, to stop the sting, but maybe that wasn't the right thing to do since Tyler didn't recommend this to Angie.  I'm all healed up now, so it's no biggie.  I did get bit by a brown recluse spider once on my right calf and had to get emergency care, but I waited until there were hot red stripes running up my leg and couldn't put any weight on it without pain.

Don't do that, kids.  If you feel something, say something.  I thought it was just a little ant bite though, and could not see where the spider pincers got me until the swelling went down and the hot male nurse pointed them out to me.  The spider venom does eat away at your flesh---I had a little indention in that spot for years but it seems to have vanished now.  Don't google that situation if you're about to eat lunch though.

JC announced several times that if Production wanted to see this type of entertainment every week, they need to deliver the booze.  Little does he know that during other seasons, the cast played drinking games almost every night.  (Remember BB13's Big Booty?)

I think there were some problems with the water in the hot tub last week. I heard them say that chemicals had been added and they had to wait to get in there.  But I guess that problem has been solved now.

Haleigh was catching a serious buzz.  She and Fessy are still not getting along, but I don't know why she can't just fake the friendship with him if she needs to.  He is someone who can actually win comps and is on her side, so there is no need to be so bitchy to him. 

Bayleigh is a fun drinker with lots of energy.  She likes to hear herself talk though, that's for sure.

I heard her talk to Tyler a day or so ago about Haleigh's reaction to Sam's speech when she nominated her.  One thing Sam said is that she "takes the most and contributes the least" to the house.  Haleigh asked Bayleigh what that meant and Bayleigh told her that she was leaving her clothes everywhere, including on the floor, and left her cups and dishes where ever she finished eating. 

Tyler:  Oh, so that's when she started cleaning!  I noticed that.....

Bayleigh:  I told her that with love, so she accepted it.  She even cleaned the bathroom last week.

But as they drank Bayleigh wanted to discuss Haleigh's backside, which has apparently been a topic of conversation.  She asked Haleigh to get  out of the hot tub and come over and show it to her.

JC:  I wonder if it's real though?

They all laughed, but I think Bayleigh announced that Haleigh had breast implants.  But how can that be true?  It doesn't look true to me, but Bayleigh also announced that since Haleigh was "so bottom heavy, it made sense for her to do that".

What?  I don't understand either of those statements.  I guess we shouldn't discuss our plastic surgery secrets with Bayleigh if she's going to have any adult beverages.

JC was impressed and begged Haleigh to twerk for them.  I think she did it before but was nervous about Sam seeing her and condemning her behavior again.

I think she put her bottoms on inside out, too.  Or maybe I just don't understand fashion anymore.

She did some quick twerking, and it looked authentic to me.  Everyone yelled and Angela said her butt is all muscle and it would never bounce like that.  Someone felt Angela's butt and agreed, saying it was hard as a rock.

Kaycee brought out another burrito and several of the girls took drunken bites as she held it out to them, including Haleigh.  I think Haleigh has lots of rebellion going on inside, but she's only 21 so that's normal, I guess. 

Like Tyler, Kaycee never seems to have any beef with anybody, and is not concerned with ego-related things.  Like, she doesn't have to prove anything to anybody in there.  She just listens, agrees, and processes the information later. 

The next morning, as they lifted the backyard awnings, Angela told Kaycee and Tyler about her idea to have Brett expose the All Girl Alliance during the PoV ceremony.  Since the two girls are in the group, no one will think they are in on exposing it, since they plan to pin the blame on Kaitlyn telling Tyler, which makes total sense.

Tyler:  Yeah, we'll pin it on Kaitlyn.

JC also kept asking Tyler if he missed Kaitlyn and he just laughs and says no.

Last night Angela told Tyler about Bayleigh's power, but she said Bayleigh can change the noms next week.  I'm sure Tyler will seek more info about what the power means, what it does, and how long Bayleigh can use it, because he also told Brett about it, and the two of them have been plotting how to make it work for them, apparently.

And I also read that Rachel told Haleigh about Bayleigh's power, too, which is kind of hilarious.  And I think Tyler told JC, too.  So that might mean that everyone but Scottie and Sam know, but of course that might change, too.

And Brett was pleasantly surprised to hear that Kaycee and Angela were on board to vote against Rachel this week.  He was so sure they would stand behind Rachel that he didn't even want to ask them about it. 

I worked on this post last night, on a different computer.  I was quite pissed off to find that I didn't save it, or something, because I lost everything I wrote.  I think it was good, too, so although I'm not thrilled with this morning's effort, it's better than nothing, I guess.


On Saturday, while I waited for the PoV competition to end, I turned back the clock and watched some live feed footage from the first week of the game.  Due to technical reasons beyond my control, I didn't get to watch much of the first week's action, so it was very interesting.

Here are a few highlights from Sunday, July 1st.

*  Rachel has apparently been the butt of the joke from the very beginning.  I heard Angie telling a story about what happened days prior with Rachel's dinner.  Rachel was excited about eating a steak dinner and apparently left the patio to go inside and get something.  When she was ready to eat she found the guys (probably The Bros) had thrown her steak into the hot tub. Angie was annoyed, saying that the animal gave his life for their food and deserved more respect than that.  (Angie isn't even a vegetarian, but I wish more people would stop and think about where their food comes from.)

*  Angela told Rachel that she's never dated a guy within 10 years of her own age, and that 35 is the usual age she dates.  Both girls say they were initially very attracted to Winston based on his looks, but by the second day they were already "getting over it".  Rachel said she was "going back and forth" between Brett and Tyler now and Angela agreed.  (I think they were talking about their flirting habits.)

*  Angela and Rachel were very frustrated with Kaycee, saying that she never made direct eye contact when speaking with them.  Rachel said she made a specific effort to get Kaycee to look at her while she had a conversation with her that day, but Kaycee didn't do it.  They both felt Kaycee was shady due to this, and might be hiding something.  (I'm guessing it was just nerves, since they seem to trust Kaycee 100% now.)

*  Kaitlyn and Brett were cuddled up and stroking each other's hair and bodies right in front of everyone in Tyler's HoH room.

*  Kaitlyn was irritated with Tyler's nominations, saying that she'd rather get evicted in Week #2 for trying to make a big move, then making some pansy nominations that don't mean anything.

*  Kaitlyn discussed making "slutty brownies", which involve a layer of cookie dough, topped with a layer of Oreos, and then a layer of brownie mix.  (I've heard of those, but who could feel slutty after eating all of that?)


This is big news right now, so I will include it here.  Julie is standing behind her husband Les, of course, and so far I don't think there are any allegations of Mr. Moonves forcing himself on anyone.   However there are claims that he tried to ruin some careers, which is quite serious.  And having Ileana Douglas as one of the people claiming this is rather damaging, since she is a respected member of the show business community.

(Rumors about this situation started coming out last February, so it's not like Les or Julie was shocked by the news.)

The CBS Board of Directors is apparently meeting today to begin discussions of this.  Whatever happens, I don't think it will alter the plans for the current season of Big Brother.  The show is a Cash Cow for the network which fills many hours of cheap summer programming.  Plus they are now expanding it with the Celebrity edition and are successfully using the BB cast to staff up other competition shows, to great ratings effect.  (Like The Amazing Race and other game shows, even stunt casting on soap operas.)

Julie deserves better, I must say.  As a BB fan I think the worst we would face is a new host of the show, but not this season.  At least, I hope not.  

Here's what I can say:  When I got out of college, I went to work for one of the world's largest accounting firms.  And at that time, women did not even wear PANTS to work.  Being talked down to, flirted with, and even propositioned was something that happened CONSTANTLY as a normal course of business.  I know everyone's experience is going to vary, but I never even considered telling anyone I was upset about it.  In fact, there was NO ONE to tell.  Women being treated differently just WAS.  That was the WAY IT WAS.

I'm not excusing it.  But it was generally accepted conduct.  (I'm certainly not talking about women who were raped or assaulted...mainly just being minimized as a pair of tits with an ass attached to it.) And it happened (and happens) in every industry, not just show business.  That means at your father's place of business, your brother's, and maybe even your husband.  How would you feel if they were accused of this?  What would happen to your family?  

That's all I'm saying.  Let's just wait and see what happens.