Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens. #BB20

Last week the fans were full of complaints about how this week was supposed to be a "nothing" week, since we knew that whoever was evicted would have a pretty good chance to come back in the game.  It doesn't take much for the Big Brother fans to complain, but one of the most ridiculous complaints I heard over and over involved people who didn't think we'd have an endurance competition for HoH.  "Why have that, if no one is going home?", I heard over and over on podcasts, and Twitter, and everywhere else folks gathered to discuss the show.

WHAT SHOW HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING, is what I want to scream in response.  We went into last week's live show with so much drama are just a few of the pertinent situations that could have caused an explosion at any second as we rolled into this "nothing week".

*  Yet another blindside for the frustrated group of players that has voted incorrectly every week.
*  A power known to several house guests that could have saved last week's evictee, but didn't.
*  Yet another mystery concerning flipped votes.
*  Extremely hard feelings between the house guest who was the beneficiary of the flipped votes and at least two of the voters who were blindsided.
*  Kaitlyn.  Period.
*  The inevitable drama of the "+1 Power" coming into play.

One of the best bosses I ever had turned out to be a mentor who had a significant impact on my career.  He used to say that he liked to hire the right people, give them the resources they needed to do their job, and then get out of their way and let them do it.  I hope this season of Big Brother teaches that lesson to the network and the Production team....find the most interesting, most diverse cast that you can, put them in the house, and then let them play the damn game.  We don't need all of the bells and whistles and casting twists and rigged votes to make the season pop.

Supposedly the cash prize program was revised this season, but I don't have any concrete evidence to prove that.   Previously, only the 1st and 2nd place winners won substantial amounts of cash--all others received $1,000 for each week they played the game as stipend money.  The stipend continued in the Jury House, which is why so many players always said they just wanted to make it to Jury, because they could earn the same amount sitting on their ass by the Jury House pool as they did playing the game (assuming they didn't win, which many appeared to care little about).  But this year I heard they changed the prize money so that each person earns more the farther they go in the game.  That's how Survivor has always worked---if you clawed your way even one week closer to the end your take home pay could vary substantially.  Even Celebrity Big Brother had a version of this, where each player earned $5,000 for each eviction that they survived. 

The pressure is off Haleigh this week.  Her friend Fessy took her off the block, so her only issue now is how to negotiate her decision to vote for either Angie or Kaitlyn to be evicted.  And even then, whoever leaves might have a chance to come back.  Haleigh is tired of being on the wrong side of the vote and might flip to the majority side this week, to avoid another blindside.  Caving in isn't exactly a victory, but Haleigh is trying to blend in and move forward the best way she can.

Every night in the house, Haleigh lays in bed and imagines her friends and family's faces, trying to remember all of their facial features.  She doesn't want to forget what they look like.  That sounds as boring as counting sheep to me, but maybe that's the point.

Angie woke up on Tuesday with a new attitude, telling Bayleigh that she was ready to fight to stay in the house.  She never wanted to be on the block with Kaitlyn, whom she thinks is a "younger, flirtier version of herself", but she planned to meet with each house guest and stress that she wanted to stay in the game. 

And she did.  Even Brett.  I don't think the meetings will help her stay in the game this week, but if she is evicted and returns having stronger connections with everybody, that would be a good thing.  But during her meetings she tended to disclose way, way, WAY too much information.  Like telling Brett about the five person alliance she joined the first week that resulted on one alliance member backdooring another alliance member.  Brett couldn't wait to tell Level Six exactly what she said.

It's important to note when you hear Angela speak that she's trying to hide her participation in the Level Six alliance.  Like every other member of that alliance, though, she is also forming bonds with other people that could help her or her group in the future.  She also obtains information that she may or may not pass along, but she's working her game in her own way.

In this conversation, Angela and Haleigh are discussing who they would like to evict if they come into power.  They think that Tyler and Scottie are both competition threats who have frequent conversations with everyone.

Angela:  But the problem with Scottie is that he's so sneaky about it.  I thought that being a Have Not with Tyler would bring us together, to form a bond, but that didn't really happen.  We don't connect.

Haleigh:  Well, I had a connection with Tyler in week #1, but you know what happened to that.....

Angela:  Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn happened to that.

Haleigh's game was much different during the first weeks of the game, at least in the eyes of the guys.  This excerpt from my post on July 5th concerns how the guys tried to make Fessy jealous by flirting with Haleigh.

I keep forgetting that Fessy is in the house, even though he had a bigger week than usual, winning the PoV and all of the drama about who he planned to use it on.

And after Scottie was so in our faces last week during his HoH reign, he seems like an afterthought now in the house, too.  He told Sam that even though he made such a big move by targeting The Bros, everyone seems to have forgotten it.

Scottie:  People keep saying things like RIP Winston and don't even look over at me while I'm sitting right there.  They forget I'm the one who did it.

Bayleigh keeps talking about wanting to see Swaggy on Thursday night.  Even if he doesn't win the Battle Back, she hopes she gets to see him on screen or something.  She and Tyler were talking about it last night and said they think he must be going crazy in his hotel room, but there was only one day left of sequester for him to struggle through.

Well, first of all we know there is no Battle Back for the evicted house guests.  And secondly, in previous seasons they don't make the evictees sit in a hotel room.  They usually go to a rented house where they live with a handler, who may or may not own the home. 

But Tyler was being smart to have a long talk with Bayleigh.  He's pretty sure she has the third power app, and also wants to try to grease the skids if  Swaggy does end up coming back in the game.  Tyler is so good in one-on-one conversations that it should be no surprise that it seems they have an understanding going forward.  They trust each other, they say, and agreed that they like the same people.  It's important to note that Bayleigh was the one naming the people they both like, not Tyler.  He just agreed and felt no need to tell her he's aligned with most of the others as well.  Bayleigh named Sam and Kaycee, and made some disparaging comments about Brett, which Tyler appeared to agree with.

I've heard Angie say that if she wins HoH, she's targeting Tyler and Brett, with Kaitlyn as the replacement nom.  Haleigh agreed with her, but like Tyler, it's hard to know what Haleigh's true intentions are.  They both constantly adjust, depending on the circumstances, which is the correct way to play the game.

Kaycee doesn't do much bitching and moaning about being a Have Not. She avoided that status for the first three cycles of the game, so how could she?  Production switched up the Have Not schedule this season...usually they end the Have Not week on Wednesday, so the Have Nots are able to sleep and eat normally before the HoH competition, but not this year.  This season the Have Not week goes from Sunday afternoon through Saturday night, and once again they have no quirky extras to eat like Calamari & Cornbread, or Lentils & Lollipops.

This is Scottie's Slop Cake cooking on the stove.  Looks like they got some new cookware this season--that's a pan I haven't seen before.  It looks like there is a nice crispy crust on that, but Scottie ended up folding it over and mushing it up a few times.

Angela asked to stand next to Scottie and make her own food.  What is Scottie going to say, no?  Angela is wearing a bikini for god's sake.  Maybe Scottie is used to standing next to naked girls all day long now.  But maybe not.

Angela has a really dull, flat monotone voice, which makes her occasional bitchy comments even better.  Only a few house guests get to hear those comments, but I heard them discuss her Resting Bitch Face a few days ago.  Haleigh thought Angela hated her for the first days of the game, because of the look she always had on her face.

During Angie's talk with Tyler she told him that she's in a committed relationship, so she can't give and receive a bunch of massages like the other girls (ie Kaitlyn, her co-nominee this week), so she has to play the game differently.

Angie:  I can't play with your hair, or tell you you're pretty....but you are know that...

Tyler was embarrassed.  Of course.

Angie made some good points, saying that she plays the game best in a counselor role, listening and giving advice like the bishop on a chess board.  Tyler was respectful and listened carefully to her, but didn't make any false promises.  He told her to "keep doing you" and they had a good hug at the end of the chat.

Tyler's parents did a good job with him.  So kudos to you guys, if you ever read this.

Sam came out of the HoH suite with some CRAZY looking hair to gleefully show them the wind chimes she made.  I see a Coke bottle in there and a fork, and they certainly sounded like wind chimes when she jiggled them.  I watched her later try to hang them on top of the sliding door outside, using a flip flop as a hammer to secure it.


And for that, I'm thankful. I do not want to hear wind chimes in my headphones.  And neither does Production, I'm sure.  If they want the sound of wind chimes on their Tee Vee Show, I'm sure they'll just add in some cheesy wind chime sound effects.  Right now the wind chimes are hanging up in the HoH room.

Sam is creative though.  We saw her art studio at home, so we know that. 

I wouldn't mind Rachel winning HoH this week.  She said she wants to target Scottie and I'm A-OK with that.  If Scottie is still hanging around in that house two months from now, my job here is going to be very difficult.  I"d rather hear Sam's wind chimes than Scottie Salton's Squawking.

Rachel told the group this morning about when she worked on a cruise ship.  For the first two weeks the show she was in was in rehearsal, so she got to stay in a cushy suite that passengers book.  But once the ship sailed, she had to stay "in the basement", in a tiny little room.  She said she could sit on her bed and wash her hands at the same time.

In addition to trying to stay in the house, Kaitlyn is also having plenty of other normal conversations with the girls.  When she wants to, she fits right in.  I guess I should mention that Kaitlyn had some obvious sexual contact with Brett, of all people, on camera. I think it happened on Monday night, but since I'm not on the overnight shift I can't be sure.

These kids don't know about the infrared camera system unless they're live feeders,  I guess.  While everyone in the house is gossiping about how Kaitlyn told both Fessy and Tyler separately that she "had feelings for them", Kaitlyn hooking up with Brett came out of nowhere for me.

Did Brett ruin his game with this?  I am in NO WAY implying that it wasn't anything other than physical contact, but Kaitlyn's brand of crazy is one that is best to steer clear of if you want to stay out of the drama in that house.  I just watched Kaitlyn and Brett have a private conversation in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, and other than her asking him if there was anything the two of them needed to talk about, there was no indication at all that they had been intimate.  (Brett did not have any other topics to discuss.)

I worked in Corporate America for two decades, and can tell you that cheap and fleeting affairs are RAMPANT, and the parties who end up hooking up are often SHOCKING.  Some end up dating, getting divorced and getting together.  Others just have sex at out-of-town locations, with no strings attached.  It's not that big of a deal in the big scheme of things, but to me THE CAMERAS and THE INTERNET and THE TEE VEE SHOW are what should help everybody keep their damn pants on in there.

So that connection is something to be aware of, and to watch for in the game, I guess.  I thought they both knew better, to be honest.  I know Brett's mom is going to be upset.  She told him she didn't want to see him jumping in bed with a bunch of chicks.  She better stay off the internet, then.  Who knows what Kaitlyn's parents told her. I mean, really...

I don't think Haleigh would do ANY SUCH THING.  But of course, I've been wrong before.

Don't you think Rachel would be upset if when she finds out?  She likes Brett.  I think Tyler will laugh his ass off, but only once this game is over and he's got his Big Check ready for deposit.

And Winston is sure to be disappointed in Brett.  Surely Brett would have not been led astray by Kaitlyn if Winston was still in the house.   Not that the whole thing was Kaitlyn's fault, but we all know how persistent she can be when she wants something, whether it is attention or a vote to stay in the house.

If you play with fire, you get burnt. I have a friend who always said, if you don't want elephant shit on your living room rug, don't bring home an elephant.

And I know it's kind of a big deal seeing Haleigh's rump like this.  She is actually very modest in the house, no matter what Sam said in her nomination speech.

Angie has asked for hair dye several times, so she can have fresh hair color for the live show.  It sounds like they plan to give it to her on Thursday, which should be no surprise for live feeders.  They don't let you change up your look in the middle of a show week, for continuity purposes.  Even then they sometimes don't approve any requests to shave heads or beards, or make color changes.

Yes, that is Rachel wearing Kaitlyn's bikini top.  She and Bayleigh practiced various poses and talked about filming their BB intro footage.  Rachel wished she had a mirror to look into while she danced around filming her into.  They didn't even get to listen to the theme music, it seems.  But Rachel can kind of hum it, hitting the beat as she danced around.

Rachel showed Bayleigh some of the dancer's poses.  They each had little names like "Bezel" and "B+".   The difference between the poses was subtle and involved leg positioning, and probably foot placement, even though we couldn't see that.

Baleigh walked and clicked into one such pose, and Rachel approved, saying "you got it".

Angela had a meeting with Tyler where they again talked about how it's best for them if Kaitlyn stays this week.  Even though Level Six has listened to everyone's arguments to evict Kaitlyn, they still think it's better for them to keep Kaitlyn, then to risk evicting her and have her return.

Tyler: ....'cause Rockstar is going to come after know that.  But Kaitlyn might only do that if you vote her out and then she comes back in.

Tyler seems to realize that the evictee isn't going to have to beat an army of Steves, Swaggys and Winstons.  He has figured out those guys are at home.  But just an hour ago Bayleigh was scoffing at both nominees, saying there is no way they can beat Swaggy at whatever it is they have to do.

But....both girls already beat Swaggy in this game, by a few weeks.

And JC is all hopped up about his idea that Kaitlyn is controlling Tyler's game.  Tyler told him that he has ZERO feelings for that "crazy bitch" and that he is the one telling her what to do, but JC doesn't believe him.  Brett can sure pretend that he wants to vote Kaitlyn out, but he's expected to vote with Level Six, plus a few others to evict her.

I took this picture because JC is fucking CHOMPING on that apple.  Every time I watch him take a meeting in the lounge, he is ALWAYS chomping on an apple.  I watched him take the core outside one time and throw it on the roof of the house, like Walter White with the pizza.

Kaycee supervised Scottie as he learned to make slop.  Even pouring the grains into the boiling water seemed like a big accomplishment for him.

Kaycee:  Good job, son.

Scottie:  Thanks dad.

But after what seemed like only a minute, the pot boiled over and they agreed they both suck at this.

This is the fish tank, if you don't know.  Rachel put on a little show up there, looking for "Charlie" and I finally had to change the channel on her.  I like Rachel, and find her energy entertaining, but sometimes it's a little loud, a little much.

I kept waiting for Production to tell her to stop, for the benefit of Charlie and his roommates, but they didn't.

Tyler taught Kaycee how he folds his bandannas, and then did this, which is an entirely different look for him.

Production put the nominee's luggage in the storage room for them to pack their stuff up, and JC took special interest in Kaitlyn's cute little dresses and rompers.  He tried on a red one that he didn't like, and asked Haleigh to "get this off me" before modeling it.

But this dress, he liked.  He really liked it.  Haleigh helped him zip it up.

Kaitlyn:  Please don't rip it....don't rip the zipper out.

JC:  Oh, this makes me look very beautiful.  Can I have it?

Kaitlyn:  No, you can borrow it. 

JC: I want to try the shoes now.

The girls said his legs are incredible.

Kaitlyn:'ve stretched out every pair of good shoes that I brought in here!

JC trotted off to the kitchen area. I think he wanted to go in the DR.  He made a comment about his mom going crazy to see him dressed like this.  Tyler walked in while he was modeling and told him this was the look for him, it was the right dress.  It was funny.

But Angie is not having fun this morning.  I think she just went to Sam to discuss her vote in the event of a tie, which is indeed possible.  I think everyone expects Sam to evict Kaitlyn if the vote is tied, but the meeting didn't go well for Angie. 

Angie:  I hate how flippant she is about this whole thing!  She acts like it doesn't matter, but it matters to me and my family.  She said, what are you going to do, go to Jury and ......FISH.


Angie:  I don't want to go out on some eeny meeny miney bullshit.  This matters to me.