Sunday, July 22, 2018

How Low Will She Go? #BB20

OK.  Let's set the scene.  Sam is the HoH, and is showing the audience a different side of herself, for those not too blind to see it.  If you watch the live feeds, that is.  I wonder how Sam's actions and words will be portrayed on the CBS episodes.  Clearly the network is invested in her, with the rather-long hometown segment featured on last week's live show.  Maybe they feel they got their money's worth out of casting Sam already, and can just show the audience what's really happening now.

Let's be real here.  Sam is just as human as everyone else outside of that robot situation.   She peeled off a layer or two this week and was just as bitter and vengeful as anyone else.  Someone's behavior when given a bit of power can be a pretty good measure of someone's true self.  Or maybe Sam's been too stressed lately, and it's payback time now.  For the first 32 days of the season, Sam was #1 in the daily Joker's Updates poll of house guest popularity.  Then on Day #33 she fell down to 2nd place, and then down to 4th place as of Day #34.  How low will she go from here?

Here are some highlights of Sam's behavior in the past few days, for the record.

1.  On Thursday night, the group joined Sam in her HoH room to see all of her goodies and read her letter.  As the festivities wound down, Sam made an address to the crowd, and you could tell by her tone that she had something to say.  She first paid tribute to the first three evictees (Steve, Swaggy C and Winston), saying that the game moves so fast that they've never had time to properly deal with them leaving, because everyone just moves forward to the HoH competition and worries about saving their own butts. As a live feeder, even I felt scolded by Sam, watching this.

2.  She then announced that it was HER HoH room, and NO ONE would be coming in there AT ALL this week unless she was in the room with them.  The room was silent as they all digested this information.  (Note that the first week of the live feeds, Brett and Winston told us that they heard her say that as she scrubbed the shower downstairs, that she planned to win HoH and share her space with NO ONE.)

3.  Sam also announced that she would NOT be holding any one-on-one meetings, and she would NOT be discussing her nominations with anyone.  At all.  And that she means what she says, and says what she means.  If silence can get quieter, then that is what happened after she said that.   She told people later that she's been watching everyone for three weeks now, and nothing anyone said or did would change her mind.  (But that doesn't mean she couldn't have used the one-on-one meetings to obtain information, like Scottie did last week.)

4.  On Friday, Sam made her nominations, which weren't as big of a shock as the speech she apparently made as she nominated Haleigh and Kaitlyn.  We won't know for sure until we see it on TV Sunday night, but from what I've seen on the live feeds, Sam said that she was nominating the two of them because they behave in the house in a manner that is disrespectful to themselves, and also to the young men in the house.

5.  Sam was later overheard saying that Haleigh flirting with Scottie and sleeping in his HoH room with him could hurt him and "scar him for life".  She told Rachel that both Haleigh and Kaitlyn walk around in "clothes falling off of them", often not combing their hair and walking around "like they just got out of bed".  She also told Rachel that Rachel and Angela are "ten times hotter than those two girls", but they don't flaunt themselves and treat the guys the way Haleigh and Kaitlyn do.   (Rachel later told Brett and Angela what Sam said, and Brett joked that Sam said "you're all a bunch of whores" in her nomination speech.  They think she is CRAZY.)

Clarification:  I think Haleigh's conduct in the BB house this summer thus far would delight any parent.  She's done NOTHING to deserve Sam's comments.  And Kaitlyn has certainly entertained us with her needy conduct with the guys, and may have made some spicy comments, but does not deserve to be disparaged like this, either.  Some girl code.

6.  Sam approached Haleigh in the pink bedroom and proceeded to discuss all of this in front of Haleigh's entire alliance.  Then Haleigh visited her in the HoH to discuss it later, and said she had not done anything at all in the house that would make her family ashamed of her.  She worried about her grandpa watching Sam's nominations on TV and worrying about what he thought.  Sam shot right back by saying she's wondered what Haleigh's grandpa and Kaitlyn's boyfriend Joe think when they watch them on the live feeds behaving as they do with the men in the house.

I think that's enough of a list, don't you?  One more item of note:  Sam called out on the new HoH intercom system that whoever came up to the HoH room first with the wine bottle opener could have a SIP of champagne.  Yes, a sip.  Never mind that you shouldn't need anything but your hands to open a bottle of bubbly.

 Sam's "#1 Life" power will come into play this week, so she doesn't really think her nominations will stick in a way that will lead to someone being evicted.  I've heard her tell Tyler that she nominated the girls she thought were the weakest in the house, so they have a decent chance of losing whatever challenge is necessary to come back into the house.  She's also said she thinks they might have to come back into the house as a robot.  Now THAT might be interesting, particularly when you know who the real target is....more on that in a minute.

Kaitlyn also visited Sam in the HoH after nominations, and was remarkably calm about it.  She doesn't feel she is leaving this week, and she understands the game and that Sam had to nominate someone.  She also feels that her family and friends know her, and she has a "deeply connected relationship with her boyfriend of five years" and he understands her, too.  (Also, the BB fandom likes to spin a story, we all know that, but Kaitlyn's boyfriend DID NOT say they were broken up.  That IS NOT what he said.  He just said he was opting out of participating in the online drama and would not be commenting.  Relationships are complicated and many or most of the BB fans have no experience with long term situations.  Joe has a lot to gain from Kaitlyn's appearance on BB, maybe even more than she does.)

Tyler has done a great job of fading back into the scenery.  Just last week the Foute girls were saying they didn't trust Tyler, and suspected him of double-dealing in the house all summer.  And they still might feel that way, but in the hours leading up to the PoV competition, Tyler laid right there in the midst of them, listening to them complain about Sam's nominations, and what in the world she might do next. 

And complaints about Brett, too.  Angie went NUTS on Brett after his wickedly-brilliant jab at her in his nomination speech, as we all saw as the live show concluded last Thursday.  Things got much, much worse later in the evening.  Angie decided to use the pots and pans to torment Brett (and everyone else, too) throughout the house.  She took a spoon and beat out a cadence on a pot, chanting a little song she made up about "My Friend Brett".  The song told us that, among other things, she and Brett have a showmance, are best friends, and that Brett told her he has a micropenis.  She went CRAZY.  And she's allowed to do that.

But she's not allowed to jump on top of Brett's torso while he was quietly laying in his his satellite dish in the Have Not room, passively watching her performance.  Angie jumped ON TOP of him and then stayed there for quite some time while she continued to bang her drum and sing about how glad she was her Best Friend Brett was still in the house.  I think he said a few minutes later that she needed to "get off him" and she did, but I have to think that if Brett did that same thing to her, he would have been called to the DR by Allison Grodner, perhaps being told there was "No Need to Sit Down".    (Allison's famous last words to Chima Simone in BB11.)

The PoV players were as follows:

Sam - HoH
Haleigh - nominated for eviction
Kaitlyn - nominated for eviction
Fessy -  HG choice selected by Haleigh
Angie - selected randomly
JC - selected randomly

Host - Rachel

It turns out that Rachel Reilly was in the backyard for the PoV, but there wasn't a whole lot of chatter about that.  I guess BB12 and BB13 were before some of these players' time.  But Rachel Swindler knew who Rachel Reilly is, of course, and said they had a few little moments about "Rachel from Vegas" during the PoV. Rachel Swindler has actually met a lot of former BB players, through James Rhine and Jackie Iberra from BB17, who is a friend of hers.  Donny even said on his appearance last week on RHAP that he's met Rachel, and she took a bunch of them to a club one time after a party.

But aside from all of that, Fessy won PoV.  He should have thrown the comp, because now he's in a real situation between the two nominees.  That's what Kaitlyn really cares about....not being nominated, but making sure Fessy chooses her to save during Monday's ceremony.  She tried to say that she threw the PoV to him so he could win, but he pushed back on that with several specific arguments.  Kaitlyn even told Fessy that her boyfriend Joe will be at home cursing Fessy if he doesn't use the PoV to save her.

Fessy:  What? Me?

Kaitlyn:  Yes. He's watching!

SPOILER ALERT:  Fessy told Haleigh he's using it to save her.  Who knows if that will stick, but Sam plans to nominate Angie and everyone wants to vote her ass out of the game.  I don't like to call her "Rockstar", because she's not one.  I cringe every time someone in the house calls her that, actually.

***UPDATE*** Sam has now told Tyler that she wants to put someone on the block next to Kaitlyn that ensures she is voted out. Tyler isn't sure what she meant by that, but thinks Rachel may be at risk for nomination.

Just after midnight, the Have Not's week ended, and there was much feasting by all.  I think they are way too comfortable with the Have Not rotation now.  Yesterday Sam announced how she would be choosing the new batch of Have Nots, whose new week should kick off Sunday afternoon.,  She said that the house guests who have not been Have Nots would automatically be selected (Kaycee, maybe Bayleigh? Not sure who else..), and then everyone who was not a Have Not last week would be randomly selected from a draw.

I hope Production announces that the first four to drop during the HoH competition are Have Nots, just to shake things up.

I think they put the bacon in burritos, or maybe on burgers.

The air has been frosty between Brett and Angie.  She lashed out against Haleigh and Kaitlyn because they have continued to speak with Brett, feeling like that was a betrayal.  The main thing Angie seems to hate about Brett is that she feels like he didn't speak to her at all for three weeks, and even leaves the room when she enters.  I found this tweet from early in the game that supports his distaste for her.

But Angie is an adult, in her 30's with three children.  I'm sure she could have found a way to relate to Brett where they at least make civil pleasantries to one another when necessary.  But something about Brett really intimidates her, deep inside.  She feels Less Than and has let it take over her emotions, and she has been very open about her hatred for him.  She thinks that because he grew up with a successful family and is well-educated and financially secure, he doesn't have a right to be in the house.  She has constantly put Brett down behind his back for being the son of an attorney, and also for "being a white man", both things Brett had no choice about.  It's bitter, jealous and ridiculous.

Kaycee has been fooling many people in that house. They have no idea that she is aligned with The Bros, Angela and Rachel, and also Tyler.  She has lots of options to break off with any one of the remaining Level Six players, as well as Sam.

Apparently one thing that has made Sam angry with Haleigh and Kaitlyn is that their behavior is not fair to Kaycee and JC, who as the only openly gay people in the house, have no options to create their own showmance connections in the house.  (Um....not sure about that with Kaycee......)

JC frequently says "Hashtag Fessy Coming Out" or something like that, poking fun at Fessy in a way Fessy doesn't seem to mind.  The two of them could work together in the game, if it comes to that.  JC is also very close to Tyler.  No one seems to think that he's aligned with anyone.  And I've never heard anyone mention putting him up on the block.

Like Brett, JC is fun to have around.  Brett brings a lot of positive energy to the house, and doesn't bitch and moan all day long like some other house guests do.  I think he's the only house guest to have been a Have Not twice, but he took it like a man.

Tyler said he was going to eat until he couldn't eat anymore.  It was a long Have Not week for him, but I think it was good for his game, because he was in the Have Not room with Brett and Angela.  After Sam won HoH, she left the Have Not room for her private suite upstairs, so Tyler was able to chatter with his team frequently.  So frequently that Kaycee made comments about how their actions were going to expose their alliance, because they were in the Have Not room frequently with Rachel, but they pointed out that it's their room this week, so they can't help spending time together.

Kaycee also told Rachel that she is way too obvious with Brett, nearly throwing herself at him.  This wasn't so much game advice, as romantic advice.  Kaycee suggested taking a step back to give him some space, instead of pursuing him so openly.  Rachel seemed shocked at this. I know Rachel was after Brett for the early weeks of the season, but I haven't noticed that as much lately, since there are so many relationships that have grown since then.  Maybe Kayee is jealous.

In the middle of the feast, the cameras closed in on Angie's memory wall picture.  It's been quite a week for her.  And it's going to get even tougher.

How will she react to going on the block?  Sam told her that she would not nominate her, but she didn't tell her she wouldn't go up if the PoV is used, and Angie realizes that.

Oh, and before you even say it, Angie will NOT be BACKDOORED this week, because she had the chance to save herself by being selected to play in the PoV competition.  I know everyone will use that term anyway, but everyone is wrong about that.

Rachel got down with the  food, too.

Rachel also announced that she would be the one to clean up the entire kitchen, stating that she "wanted to contribute".

Clearly, Rachel knows from her earlier chat with Sam that Sam is extremely personal with her nominations, and wants to be sure she's not put on the block for shirking the household chores.  And let's face it, EVERYONE knows how Sam makes her decisions now, and is quite concerned with being called on on Monday with some sort of perceived slight.

That didn't spoil Brett's appetite, though.  He kept right on eating.  And eating.  And eating.

This is an older picture of Angela, who I have heard speak several times in the past few days.  She also made banana bread yesterday, in preparation for the Have Not feast.  I saw her referring to a scrap of paper while she baked, so maybe they were able to jot down some instructions. (?)   Or maybe they tore the recipe off a bag of flour or something.

Scottie took the bowl into the bedroom so everyone could taste the batter while the bread was baking.  It tasted like pudding, they said.

I have a banana bread recipe that I bake in muffin form, so I can freeze them to easily enjoy later.  Instead of butter and eggs, my recipe uses olive oil and applesauce, and is SCRUMPTIOUS.  I am going to bake some up this week after seeing Angela scarf down a slice of her bread covered with butter.  Yum yum.

And this picture is from yesterday, I think.  Kaycee and Rachel discussed how Angela isn't making an effort to make bonds with people outside of their alliance.  They need her to do that, so she can contribute to the game beyond just voting with them.

Oh, and Rachel and Angela have a rather stupid alliance called The Vixons, but it doesn't seem like a real meeting of the minds to me. For example, Angela BELIEVED Brett's speech during the live show about Angie approaching him to discuss flipping her vote.  Rachel had to tell her no, that Brett MADE IT UP to cover for the votes, but Angela seemed skeptical about that.  I think Kaycee believed Brett too, so Rachel mused that Brett was very good at this game, maybe too good.

Rachel:  Brett is so good....he's going to get to the end of this game.

Angela:  But maybe he'll take us with him.

I think Rachel realizes that Angela just doesn't get this game, and didn't get Rachel's point about Brett being a threat AT ALL.   I guess that might make Angela a perfect person to drag to the end of the game.  It sure would suck for us, though. Because boredom.

After the Have Not feast, the backyard opened and Angie and Sam smoked their faces off.  At one point Sam even stood up to inhale deeply, saying she wanted it to "hit her harder".  Angie told her that she decided to apologize to Brett for the way she reacted to him, approaching him in front of everyone to ask if she could speak to him.

Angie:  He said no.  Right in front of everyone.  He said no.

Sam is now lecturing everyone all the time, and did not stop doing that now, saying Angie did her best, and she can feel good about that.

One day when they're far away from here, living in tents and camping at the Faerie Festival (They discussed that here.) they will laugh about all of this, they say.

The others gradually joined them and they mocked Winston for using terms like "Gucci" and treating Haleigh like a child, when they are not that different in age.  Haleigh seems to be separating herself from Angie a little bit, which is probably smart since she knows Angie's performance this week probably made her a target.

Which is true.  And she is.  How will Angie react when Sam puts her on the block?  Will we hear another "song" with the pots and pans?  I hope we get to see JC dancing along with Angie's song on the CBS episode.  It was funny.  Actually, I don't think JC is a very good dancer, but maybe that's the point of him being on stage, dancing.  He's a good sport, though, and I've been pleasantly surprised about how he acts in the house.  I'll bet he could drop just as many famous names as Frankie Grande, but he doesn't.  Not at all.

These pictures were taken the afternoon of the live show, which feels like at least two weeks ago.  Kaitlyn was angry at Tyler for reasons I don't remember anymore, probably due to Tyler not paying her the level of attention she requires.  So she made up with Fessy after being in some sort of tiff with him the last few days, too.

This is how Kaitlyn makes up with her friends.

She was being extra about it too, wanting to be sure that Tyler saw it all.

Tyler saw you hon.  We all see you.