Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Is TKO an Omen? Tyler Kicked Off? #BB20

I'm sure you know by now that Tyler will be a contestant on TKO this Wednesday, right after the BB episode on CBS.  If you don't know, I'm sure there will be several flashy commercials pounding that message into your head as you watch the show.  The title of this post is kind of click-baity, so I apologize for that, but in the house Tyler's name is starting to get thrown around a little.  Angie and Bayleigh have been trash talking him, and Scottie is starting to figure out Tyler's game, too. Angie says her plan is to win HoH and then backdoor Tyler, so if Angie gains any power Tyler needs to be on his toes in there.

Last week Tyler told Kaitlyn about his upcoming appearance on TKO, explaining that is how he got cast on Big Brother. But I think he got cast on TKO due to being up in the mix for BBOTT.  Robyn Kass is also in charge of casting TKO as well, so fit and flexible Tyler was already in the system, even though I think another company did the casting for BBOTT, rather than Robyn's team.  Tyler doesn't want anyone to know that he's a Super Fan, so that probably explains his lie to Kaitlyn.

So maybe the May TKO taping gave Robyn a chance to evaluate Tyler for Big Brother.  Or maybe he was already on the short list for BB and TKO was just a convenient side trip for him.  I'm going to try and watch Tyler compete, but I'm clearly not the target demographic for TKO.  I tried to watch the first episode last week because I wanted to see Mr. Pectacular kill it, but there were too many flashing lights for me to get through even the first 10 minutes.

This really is the Dumbing Down of America.  But maybe we can blame video games.  Kids are used to constant stimulation, so I guess TV shows need to offer that to grab their attention.  But is the show grabbing anyone's attention?  The ratings for the first show were inconclusive.  I like Kevin Hart's jacket though, so there's that.


Sam really is the maid in that house, but she seems cheerful about it.  I heard Angie kind of dogging her last week, saying that she was trying to find her own niche in the game.

Angie:  Sam's already claimed the Mom role in here....how am I going to do that now?  She's not even a Mom, but whatever...

Sam is usually either in the kitchen doing something, or is scrubbing the bathroom or giving someone a haircut or blowout in there. Yesterday she was doing a foot scrub using a concoction of olive oil and sugar.  Brett feigned interest in this process so Sam went into great detail about it.  She usually uses the Ped Egg, but inside the house she has to be resourceful.

Brett asked her about her vote, but I don't remember her being clear about it.  We do know that if Sam was going to use her "+1 Life" power this week, she would be much more likely to use it on Brett than Winston.  Brett tried to pull on her heartstrings in this conversation, talking about the format of the PoV meeting.  Brett didn't understand why he and Winston made their pleas during the ceremony, but Scottie had already been required to give his decision beforehand, in the Diary Room.  We got FISH on the rest of that discussion, but don't forget that Brett may be trying to work Sam here.

The PoV winner always gets called to the DR just before the PoV meeting, but they have to pick up that little box and also get direction on the formal wording and actions.  Personally I don't think that the PoV winner is committed to their actions until they announce what they are doing with the PoV necklace.  I'll call out a conspiracy when I suspect one, but I don't think that's the case here.  Production already has a pretty good idea of what is going to happen with the PoV every week, just like we do.

Also, in the backyard, JC was talking with The Bros and Tyler and he said he loves Sam, but was quite irritated that she hangs around in the bathroom so much.  He really needed to go, and wanted some privacy, but he didn't want to go in there while Sam was sitting right by the door of the WC scrubbing her feet  The guys tried to give advice to JC, saying that he should just go in there and make a warning flush right off the bat.  JC said he'd never spent so much time around so many girls before coming in the BB house, and they all kind of chuckled at that, saying it was an adjustment for them as well.

Like magic, Sam got called to the DR and JC got up and ran inside, saying "this is my chance!  this is my chance!".

Haleigh does not have a bubbly personality, but she does have a good sense of humor and is obviously intelligent.  I don't think she is going to pull any punches if she wins some power.   I think she will make a big move if she can.  I've noticed that Haleigh doesn't make much eye contact when she's speaking with Angie.  She looks in another direction when speaking to her, which feels kind of hostile but maybe she is just shy, or is trying to make it seem like they aren't talking game.

Haliegh and Angie both want Brett out this week, but I don't think that is going to happen.  In fact, Haleigh might get blamed for yet another suspicious-looking vote.

The ladies in the house are doing quite a bit of trash-talking about Kaitlyn this week.  Apparently Tyler kissed Rachel once (just a peck encouraged by others, I think) and now jealously about this is making Kaitlyn hateful towards Rachel.  At least, that's what Rachel thinks.

Bayleigh says she wants to backdoor Kaitlyn if she wins HoH.  She's afraid of her, and doesn't like how so many of her actions aren't in alignment with what she says.

Angie:  Turnabout is fair play.  An eye for an eye.

I wonder if Kaitlyn can feel this growing hostility?  Can she sense it?  The insider who posts spoilers wanted us to know that Katilyn only aspires to be a life coach, but right now she earns a living as a spray tanner.  Apparently on the feeds she boasted that she did spray tans for some of the Celebrity Big Brother contestants.  I heard her say that the first week on the feeds, but I assumed she meant Brandi Glanville, or maybe Marissa Winokur.  But the BB insider claims Kaitlyn did spray tanning for Omarosa.

Does that seem right to you?  Do you think Omarosa would need or get a spray tan?  I don't.  I call bullshit and think the BB insider needs to double check their sources before naming names like that.

Rachel has lived in Las Vegas for about five years and is used to visitors contacting her to see if she can get them free tickets to shows.  She used to try and help everyone, but then someone's reservations fell through and she felt badly about it.  So now she won't reply to random people from her past asking her for freebees, but would be happy to hook up any of the BB contestants when they visit the city.

Winston kind of went off after hearing this, saying he loves to go to Las Vegas and he can't wait to go back soon.  He just visited in October, and stayed at Aria and went to the Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio.  Rachel can always get tickets to "Las Vegas Live", because her friend is in that show.  I thought Winston was going to cry, he sounded so happy about this news.

I couldn't find much information about that particular show, but I did learn that Rachel was the lead recently in Tony and Tina's Wedding.  I wonder if she plans to pursue musical theater in New York one day?  She seems to have the chops for it.

Angie is in some dangerous territory in there, because she's not being shy about telling everyone who she's angry at....she seems destined to be sitting on the block soon as a pawn, or maybe even the target.  I know she wants Brett out of the house, but Winston leaving will be just as good for her, because he is definitely not a member of the Rockstar Fan Club.

I wonder what Brett would do if he wins HoH this week?  (If he stays in the game, that is.)  The house guests have been told that the backyard will be closed a day earlier than normal to prepare for the live HoH competition set.  This indicates a much more elaborate set up, which just might be an endurance competition, maybe even The Wall.

JC knows he has an advantage if that is the case, and he told Tyler he might "try hard" to win, but if he has the chance to throw the comp to Brett, he'd do that.

JC:  That would make this the best season ever, because I want to see Angie kiss Brett's butt all week, after she dogged him so much this week.

JC and Tyler were giddy over the thought of this, it sounded so great to both of them.

Kaycee has been involving herself in more game conversations lately, but she is always observing, listening, and thinking before she speaks.  She had a long talk with Scottie, and listened carefully as Scottie told her what Kaitlyn told him about Sam's secret power.  Scottie said that if the power is used this week, the evicted house guest will come back in the house and new nominations will take place.

I'm not sure if Kaitlyn actually said that last part, but as HoH that would be what Scottie is afraid of, so it makes sense that he would focus on how the situation might impact him.  Kaycee told Scottie she didn't know anything about Sam's power, even though the live feeders know she has discussed it with Sam and Tyler several times.  Sam even consulted with the two of them this week, saying she wanted some help planning how to use the power.  But Scottie doesn't need to know about all of that.

Scottie told Kaycee about the alliance he was in with Tyler and Swaggy called The Core. I'm pretty sure that Tyler told Kaycee about that when it happened, letting her know about it, but Kaycee's facial expressions were even as she listened.  I don't think we'd know if she was angry, or surprised, because she is that controlled with her emotions.

Kaycee:  What happened to The Core?

Scottie:  Well, Swaggy started making deals with everybody, and that kind of ruined it, so Tyler did too.

Kaycee:  Everybody says Swaggy made a deal with them, but he never even talked to me about that until he was on the block and in trouble.

For the record, Swaggy was quite perturbed when he heard Kaycee voted out the "Not So Swaggy Swaggy C" when she made her vote live in the Diary Room, so Swaggy has retaliated with some disparaging statements about the way Kaycee dresses.  He doesn't like her style and let all of his followers know.  That just seems stupid to me.  I guess I didn't know that "Swaggy" meant you were a sharp dresser.  Personally I didn't care for Swaggy's ripped up frosted jeans because I saw those in the 80's.  We don't need the bad trends to come back, but I guess it's all a personal preference.

Kaycee has her own look and it's cool. She's a professional athlete. What does Swaggy expect her to wear, a flowered sundress?  I think not.  In the picture you see below, she had just washed her hair and someone was going to braid it for her (either Bayleigh or Sam).

And I stand corrected on the definition of "Swaggy".  In my world when we talk about "swag" we are referring to free stuff you get like a gift bag or tchotchkes and trinkets. (ie: a Swag Bag)

Sam made another batch of Puppy Chow in the wee hours of this morning.  Previously she had said that since she was a Have Not, she would only be cooking up slop treats, and she and Angela high fived over that plan.  Apparently Angela cooks in the house, too, so the two of them were going to stop cooking for anyone but the Have Nots, saying maybe now everyone will appreciate what they do in the kitchen.

But Sam has obviously changed her mind, from the looks of it.

Fessy licked the spoon and seemed to enjoy it.  He talked with Scottie earlier about how hard it is to get a conversation going with Angela and Scottie agreed.  Fessy said he would say something to her and then wait for Angela's response, but frequently she never made one.  Scottie also asked him what his boys at home must be thinking when they watch Fessy on Big Brother.

Fessy:  My boys at home aren't watching me.  They have lives.

Ooooh.  Sick burn, bro. 

Rachel asked if Puppy Chow contains flour and Sam and Kaycee both laughed at that.   Kaycee is a big Puppy Chow fan and has watched this process several times.

Kaycee:  First she melts the peanut butter....

Sam:  And then I add Chex, M&M's and powdered sugar.

Fessy:  So it's healthy then, because it has peanut butter.

The girls got a laugh out of that and Sam said the kitchen counter looked like she was going to do a big rail of powdered sugar.

Sam got upset during a conversation with Kaycee about her "+1 Life" power.  Kaycee was saying that if the power gets automatically used next week, it can be anonymous and no one will know it's Sam's power unless she says something.  This was something Sam hasn't considered and she told Kaycee that she just made everything worse for her.

Kaycee, trying to backtrack:  What?  It's fine, everything will be fine.  Don't worry about it.

Sam:  I'm just trying not to think about it...pretend it never happened.

Kaycee has the braids in this picture. I tried to get a close up of the back of her head for all of you Kaycee fans but didn't get the chance to snap it.  Oh, and someone keeps putting jelly back in the cabinets, rather than the fridge, and Sam is astonished by this.

Sam:  I just keep putting it back where it belongs.

Sam also said there was an LAPD helicopter circling the area so she tried to take pillows from the couch and spell out "Hi" in the grass with them.  BB told her to "Shut It Down", though.


If you find yourself under the influence and a message pops up that Swaggy C is taking questions live, you might want to click the  button and watch.  He seems very comfortable now and usually speaks like a real person and not a boastful caricature when he's one-on-one like this.  Of course, it's really one-to-many, but you know what I mean.

You can say "Oh, Swaggy C is so full of himself", but he is getting a lot of attention from many notable fixtures in the reality TV world, plus Elena Davies.  You remember Elena from last year, right?  Apparently she has tried to elbow in on Swaggy's spotlight and do some sort of dual broadcast, but as a Paul fan I don't think Swaggy will be saying yes to that.

He did have a sort of Twitter beef going back and forth with Kaitlyn Bristowe, who was The Bachelorette a few years ago.  Supposedly they have squashed their beef, but as far as I know, Bunky's name was Bunky.  It wasn't a catchy nickname used for social media hits.  We didn't even know what social media was when Bunky was on Big Brother.

Kaitlyn is apparently a BB fan and befriended Nicole after she won BB18.  In fact, I think Nicole and Corey went on a few double dates with Kaitlyn and her fiance.

And he's got to be thrilled that Dan Gheesling took note of Swaggy being mistreated by Scottie.  Personally I don't think wearing the shirt to backstab him was as big a deal as the vote itself.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?

On the live feed breaks they've been playing the BB10 episode where Dan put Memphis on the block, even though the two of them had a secret Final Two alliance.  Of course we know now that Memphis survived that week safely, but that situation could have been classified as dirty, too.  That whole BB10 season was a commercial for Dan Gheesling, when you look back at it.

Swaggy also got involved in a race-related BB Twitter conversation between Da'Vonne, Chima and Amanda, but I'm not going to report on that.  Even though I'd like to, I won't.  Amanda probably should have stayed out of it as well.  I noticed she's already deleted any related tweets.

Swaggy answered questions from the fans one after another.  I only listened to part of his broadcast, but here are some key learnings for us all.

*  Swaggy says he has a log on for the CBS website, but he hasn't watched the live feeds yet.  He's been getting info from fans to stay updated on what is happening in the house.  (I'm shocked by this....wouldn't you be GLUED to the screen if you were Swaggy?  Apparently he says he's still too mad to watch, but I think he just hasn't experienced watching live feeds yet.  Once he does, he'll be all in.)

*  Sam's cooking was popular in the house, and she used "ingredients a lot of people liked".  (Swaggy implied that he did not.....)

*  Winston and Brett were the best cooks in the house, according to Swaggy.  They cooked their meat too rare for his tastes, so he would cook his portion longer, but the rest of their food was delicious.  (Swaggy:  Winston and Brett GOT DOWN in the kitchen, ya'll.)

*  Swaggy will go on RHAP if asked, but he hasn't been asked, he said more than once.

*  He said Angela is surprisingly the best conversationalist in the house.  Once he was sitting somewhere quiet with her, they had some great talks about life and other stuff.

*  Winston couldn't hold a conversation with Swaggy at all.  (No love lost there for either of them.)

And get this:

*  Swaggy and Bayleigh are planning to move in together after the show is over.  That's the good news.  The bad news:  Swaggy says they are going to live in Los Angeles.  I just heard Bayleigh talk about going back to school---I think she has a scholarship to grad school already waiting for her and she might want to be a doctor.  So if Swaggy wants to have a real life with her he needs to move somewhere else to be with her.  Just my opinion.

I didn't see the movie, but La La Land isn't for everyone.  I'm not a fan of musicals, but maybe Swaggy C is.