Monday, July 16, 2018

To Read or Not to Read, That is Your Question. #BB20

I think this picture pretty much sums it up for me right now.  We're not even at the three week live feed mark yet this season, but it feels like three months to me, and maybe for the house guests, too.  Today is the PoV meeting, and there has been much drama about what Scottie will or will not do with the PoV he won.

But needless to say, it's been a messy few days, and I don't think Scottie will emerge from his week as HoH in a better spot than he arrived.  He won't become Enemy #1, though, because there should be plenty of other targets to prioritize above him.

I went from not really caring much about Scottie to something lower.  I'm not a big fan of chaos for the sake of chaos, but it is usually fun to watch.  But I don't think Scottie is fun to watch.  Or to listen to.

The Bros Winston and Brett are both on the block, and after initially freaking out after being nominated, Winston has calmed down quite a bit as he and Brett have been working different angles to ensure safety for them both.

The house guests have tried to put a target on Angie's back this week, but Scottie seems determined to put up the Bros and leave them on the block for eviction.  A lot can happen between now and the Thursday night live eviction, but as of now it looks like another blindside vote.  With the former "Foute" alliance thinking that Brett will be evicted, Winston edging Brett out by one vote would once again result in some angry, confused house guests.

And of course there is Sam's "#1 Life" power to consider.  This is the last week that Sam can choose to use her power to give someone evicted the chance to return to the game.  If she doesn't use her power this week, then it will automatically be used on whoever is evicted next week.  Tyler and Kaycee want her to save it until next week, in case either of them are evicted.  But Sam held a strange and erratic meeting with Brett yesterday where she apparently evaluated the chances of anyone in the house using the BB prize money on drugs.  She thinks most of the people come from humble backgrounds, and this apparently means that they will blow the prize money on something stupid like drugs or other hedonistic purchases.

I'll just leave this right here.

And this, too.  There's more I can say about this, but I will refrain.

So maybe Sam has a point there, but I don't think it was a point she needed to drag into the game right now.

I don't think Sam would use her power if Winston is evicted, but she might if Brett is evicted instead.  But now the entire house knows the details behind Sam's power, so they should all be aware that if they roll into next week without it being used, the 4th evictee might not actually be evicted.

OK, so yesterday afternoon Kaitlyn emerged from a nap upstairs in quite a mood.  She stood on the balcony and started beefing with Winston and Brett, before declaring that she would come down and speak with them on their level, since she's "not above anyone".

Kaitlyn then focused most of her conversation on Brett, saying she had a dream that Winston and Brett told Scottie to nominate her.   (I think they did.)  She was attacking Brett on the basis that he is supposed to be her friend, but Brett responded the way you'd expect him to when confronted by someone mentally unbalanced.  He said as little as possible, just trying to Make It Stop.

Brett later said that it seemed like Kaitlyn just wanted to make a spectacle, and that dealing with her was like fighting with a girl you dated a few times but never slept with.

Kaitlyn kept right on going with her tirade.  The rest of the room contained a heavy silence that closed in whenever she finished a sentence.  Tyler looked mortified, like he wanted to hide behind a kitchen cabinet so he wouldn't get dragged into the conversation.

Later, just before the PoV ceremony on Monday, Kaitlyn spilled her guts to Scottie, admitting that she was the vote that sent Steve packing, but making her confession another weird performance where she stood up and seemed to be talking as much to us as to him.  Scottie wasn't surprised by her admission, but as usual it is impossible to know with certainty what Scottie is or isn't thinking.

He did tell Kaitlyn to just trust him, like he trusted her when she put him on the block last week.  She shot back that she saved him with the PoV, and Scottie hit her right back with that fact that it was Tyler who won the PoV and saved him, not Kaitlyn.

And Kaitlyn let Scottie know that if he did put her on the block as a replacement for one of The Bros, Sam would save her with her power, since Kaitlyn was the one to save her during the first live eviction.  I wonder if Scottie believed that information about Sam's power?  I'm pretty sure she told him this is the last week Sam could use it, but I'm not sure if she even knows that the Power's use is mandatory next week.  So many lies and half-truths told and shifted in that house, stacked and rotated like green squares on a Rubik's Cube.

The Bros remained calm during Kaitlyn's tirade, probably hopeful that this would get her put on the block as a PoV renomination.  That's not what happened, but the two of them are still hopeful that Sam's power can come in and save the day for their Bromance.  They both say they don't want to campaign against each other, of course.

Yesterday I actually heard Angela speak as she told Brett that she would do his campaigning for him, so he wouldn't have to.  I think Winston's alliance has seen in the past week or so that he isn't good under pressure, and can ruin the game for all of them.

Like when Winston told Brett after nominations that he wanted to grab Scottie by the throat and hold him up against the wall "like in high school", and later said he needed to climb the rock wall so he wouldn't punch Scottie in the mouth.  And between those two statements he visited Scottie in the HoH and lost his cool entirely, telling Scottie that he'd better hope Winston leaves this week, because Scottie just "wrote his own eviction ticket" and will go on the block courtesy of Winston "no questions asked".

But Winston lost yet another PoV comp when his game was on the line, and will likely go home, providing an easy sound byte for Production to show us in the "Previously, on Big Brother" segment.  Basically Winston spouting off like a lunatic, threatening Scottie, and then waving to the studio audience on his way over to chat with Julie Chen.

When JC tells you that you've been running your mouth too much, you might be running your mouth too much.  JC told him to stop getting involved with Kaitlyn's messy speeches or he'll make a target out of himself.

And the live feed censors are so worried about TMZ running stories about how vulgar and inappropriate the cast is this year that JC can barely get out a nasty comment before we go to FISH or another camera view.  I just heard him tell Sam to show us her tits in the backyard.  JC apparently had a list of reasons why Sam should do this, but he was cut off before he could finish the first item on the list.

I wanted to hear JC's argument for this, but Production did not allow it.

After her tirade in the kitchen, Kaitlyn told Fessy that she wanted to leave.  He talked her down, telling her that she's way too good at this to quit and go home.  I think Kaitlyn was just fishing for compliments, but I can see her being the type to quit when the going gets tough.  And it's going to get tough for her very soon, I predict.

Tyler and Kaycee had a whispered conversation about how risky it is to have Kaitlyn in the game.  And earlier today Kaitlyn had a conversation with Tyler that felt like it went on for hours, whimpering and fake-crying in her little girl voice.  It seemed to me that she may have some idea that her boyfriend at home didn't want her discussing him, because she was struggling to find a way to tell Tyler that "they" weren't able to"reassure her of anything happening out there".  Production kept interrupting the conversation to tell Kailyn not to tell anyone about her DR sessions.

But Kaitlyn did tell Tyler that she knows that the fans back home admire her for the two bold game moves she 's made.  She knows that.  Oh, and Tyler's dead father came to her in a dream, too.  So I guess her powers of aura-seeing are expanding into being a medium or something.  But we already knew she was nuts, and hopefully Tyler will find a way to remove himself from Kaitlyn's clutches one way or another.

This Haleigh's punishment.  A British-sounding voice comes over the intercom and says "To Read or Not to Read" and that is her signal to put on her costume, and bring out a small crate to stand on while she reads from what surely must be an abridged version of Hamlet.

This morning she was mumbling and running her sentences together as she tried to get as far as she could before the "To Read or Not to Read" announcement signaled she was to stop reading and put the items back where she found them.  And you'll see on TV that they really yanked her chain with this, of course, causing her to stop reading and then start again as soon as she stopped.

It's a stupid punishment, designed to be irritating and annoying.  And Haleigh was obviously irritated and annoyed.  What else does she have to do in there?  I am NOT a Shakespeare fan, but with NOTHING else to read other than the back of Lucky Charm's boxes, I would think having a tale of the Bard to read would be a welcome distraction.

The punishment was to finish reading the book, even if it took the rest of the season.  After this session she said she was almost on page 300, so it looks like she'd like to finish in a few days.  But it won't be up to her, of course.  She will be finished when BB wants her to be finished.  And I can't imagine she won't be required to read during a ceremony or two.  So you can see for yourself how enthusiastic and entertaining Haleigh is when she performs this task.

Oh, and did I mention that she has to read out loud in a British accent?  Yeah, she does. Where were all of you Haleigh fans when it was time to vote for the Apps last week?  If she was so important to you, and if you are so offended at the slightest suggestion that her performance here was weak, maybe you should have made your voice heard when it was time to vote.

Andy knows.

While Haleigh was reading Fessy, Kaitlyn and Angie came out wrapped in blankets to support her.  I would think they would like to hear a little story about Hamlet and his many problems.  But Haleigh didn't change her speed or the volume of her reading.  She's clearly not trying to entertain anybody.  I wish Rachel had chosen this punishment, and Haleigh could have had that guy come in to yell at her instead.  I think Rachel would have made a meal out of these costumed performances.  Maybe even making Shakespeare sound approachable, maybe even interesting.

Haleigh is trying to play the game though, and appears to be able to control her own emotions under times of stress, which isn't something you can say about everyone in that house.  In fact, hardly anyone....just Haleigh, Tyler, and Brett.  Maybe Angela.  We don't have any evidence to support that, however.

Sunday was Rachel's 30th birthday, so just after midnight the house guests "surprised" her with a cookie cake baked by Angela.  I say "surprise" because I'm not sure how they would have prevented Rachel from knowing what was going on in the kitchen, but who knows.

She made sure all of the cameras got a clear shot of the cookie cake, because Rachel is a pro like that.

The cutting of the cookie cake looked a little violent though.  I know they don't have sharp knives in there but I was kind of nervous watching them stab away at it.  Even a butter knife can hurt you if it hits you in the right spot, with enough force.

But everyone seemed to enjoy it, so maybe it was just crispy.  I didn't hear anyone chip a tooth or anything, but I did hear a few questions about Angela's preparation method.  I think she just pressed prepared cookie dough into the pan and then decorated it with frosting and cereal.

At least two of the girls made comments about how fat they were getting in the house this summer while everyone was gnawing on their cookie slice.  I know one was Kaycee and the other might have been Angela.  I don't think we need to feel too worried about any pending obesity for either of them just yet, though.  Angela is a Have Not and Kaycee will have her turn soon as well.

Later that night POP TV delivered some birthday cake pops to Rachel but I didn't see it.

Here is Winston after the feeds came back from the PoV meeting.  He took a few long licks off a kitchen spoon, coated with peanut butter, most likely.  I know that the camera guys were just waiting for Winston to pop off and make some more crazy threats.  But he didn't.

Not yet, anyway.

Brett is cautiously optimistic about his chances this week.  I think everyone knows that he is a bigger threat to win the game than Winston, due to his ability to talk a good game, and how much he is liked by everyone in the house.  But it's early enough in the season where I'm sure everyone thinks they can target him later.  And I think some people think Brett may hold a power....that second power that Tyler has been so secretive about winning.

Brett looked right at Kaitlyn during his PoV speech and mentioned having a dream.  He hopes the audience at home understands why he said that, that it was a direct shot at Kaitlyn and her dream comments.

We all know Kaitlyn is crazy Brett.  Don't worry.

Steve and Swaggy C are both tweeting up a storm at home, and doing some Instagram live sessions.  I'm trying to stick it out, but both of them are big retweeters, and everybody knows how annoying that is.  We don't need them to retweet every comment they get about how awesome they are.

Did you hear Swaggy say "gang gang" on the stage with Julie when he was watching his good bye message from Bayleigh?  Well, he says it all the time on Twitter, too.

I had to look it up on Urban Dictionary.  And the term is indeed urban, apparently the new slang for "squad".