Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Games House Guests Play. #BB20

The last few days have been rather quiet.  The blow up resulting in Kaitlyn blindsiding Swaggy C by nominating him on Monday wasn't as explosive as we all expected it to be.  And just about everyone in the house already knew about it.  I think the only ones who did not know were Swaggy C himself, Bayleigh (his showmance) and Scottie (clueless).  Fessy didn't know exactly what Kaitlyn had planned, but he knew something was up because she apologized to him before the ceremony and said she hoped he would forgive her for what she was about to do.

But there is a lot of messy fallout that could happen as the houseguests really start to wonder who they can trust in that house.  For example, Fessy knows now that Haleigh knew for at least one full day about Katilyn's plan without telling him, and he may or may not find out that Angie did, too.  Not to mention Tyler's name getting splashed around all over the place.

But right now the chatter concerns some messy fallout happening outside the BB house.  I already showed you who Kaitlyn's boyfriend is, and tried to make the case that we shouldn't judge because we don't know about their relationship.

But her behavior this week has been difficult to ignore, as she has draped herself all over Fessy, Tyler, and sometimes Brett and has either made verbal comments or "written" statements on people's arms to express ideas that might overstep the bounds of social game play.  Such as telling Fessy under the covers that "I want to eff you so bad right now", and writing "I would drop everything for you" on Tyler's tanned forearm.  And I already showed you the pictures of what appeared to me to be clearly inappropriate conduct in the pool on Monday.

Well, the crazy BB fans are certainly giving The Boyfriend the business on social media.  If he had to tweet this last week, imagine what sort of messages he's getting this week.

I don't know why he hasn't locked his account yet.  He must be a glutton for punishment. Particularly when his sister feels the need to issue the following statement.   But doesn't it sound like he is looking for more followers out of this?  I guess you have to get that silver lining however you can.

The other night, the BB camera crew flexed their creative muscles and zoomed in on a picture on the HoH bedside table as Kaitlyn rolled around and talked with Tyler.  There is a table and chairs in that room, by the way.  Every conversation doesn't need to be conducted sprawled across the bed.

Well now the BB insider who is controversial not for the validity of her information, but for the manner in which she has been interacting with the BB community, issued the following statement about the camera crew's actions.

LOOK:  Joe can't just "demand" that no one zoom in on his picture anymore.  But if he seriously wants to send some sort of message to Kaitlyn, he can rescind his consent that he gave to be discussed (and viewed, maybe?) on the live feeds.  In fact, that would be GREAT, if the Diary Room instructed Kaitlyn to gather the photos up and return them to storage to be picked up.  And if she was instructed to keep Joe's name out of her mouth for the rest of the summer.

Kaitlyn would go APE SHIT if that happened.  And we would all LOVE to see that.  Go ahead Joe, we dare you to.  But you'd better hurry, because Kaitlyn will be out of that room in about 24 hours.  I don't think they let you keep the framed pictures after your HoH week is over, but I could be wrong about that. I think Jason had a picture of his son in one of the bedrooms last year, but maybe that was the week he won HoH during the Double Eviction and was only the HoH for a few hours.

ALSO:  Please leave the families alone, people.  They're not the ones who signed up for this, even though they often are the ones who end up paying the highest price.  We can just chat about it among ourselves.  We don't need to get personally involved with them.  If in doubt, then don't.


Well, this news is hot off the press. Joe tweeted out the following today with regard to his situation with Kaitlyn.  Note that nowhere did he say that he "broke up" with her, he said he's putting some distance between himself and the situation. 

Maybe he likes to break up in person.  Or maybe they have some sort of understanding.  Or maybe he just wants the fans to stop letting him know when Kaitlyn does something that seems inappropriate.  Because can you imagine the volume of information that has been flooding his account?

And the BB insider with the thirst for attention didn't care for the implication that she might be a liar, so she had to make sure we all know the following.

Maybe the BB insider is Allison Grodner.  Or Marsha the Damn Moose.  Because it's someone who obviously "complained" about what Joe said, and "demanded" an apology.  And they "talked privately", too.  One day my eyes will roll back in my head and stay there, as I was warned as a child.  But until then I will continue to roll them.


So, it certainly seems as if Winston will stay in the game this week.  Swaggy C has been working hard to stay in the house, I'm proud to report.  He didn't just give up and lay in bed with Bayleigh all week.  But the little chat he had with Kaitlyn that may have melted her heart was conducted in front of Tyler, who shut it down immediately after Swaggy left the room.

A few times each day the house guests are requested to raise or lower certain shades in the backyard, based on the glare of the sunshine (I think).  Usually the same person ends up doing it every day (Jason last summer) so Winston has been learning how to do this, now that Steve is gone.

It's easier with two people, obviously.

Winston planned to talk to people yesterday, so see where they stood and check in with them about the vote.  Angela recommended that he use those conversations wisely, to make some bonds with people and try to learn some information from them as well.

So, I guess Angela knows what to do, but is not willing to do that herself, for her own game.  I'm almost ready to predict one of these two will be HoH next week, based on a feeling that I have, but I'm not sure.  I am sure that Angela needs to start spicing things up around there.  I mean, Rachel has a bigger story line than Angela does, and all she's done is shave JC's back hair.

Fans are bitching about Kaycee being boring, too.  But Kaycee is in a strong alliance and has not been in a place where she needs to scheme yet.  She has been making friends with everybody and is always calm and seems to be listening to everything and everyone.  And she is a BEAST at foosball and no one can beat her.  Tyler tries to win every day but Kaycee annihilates him.  Yesterday Haleigh announced that she beat Kaycee at foosball.

Tyler:  WHAT?  YOU DID?

Haleigh:  No....but I got a point off her.

Here she is carefully cutting up a watermelon, using a technique that was new to me.  I'm more of a scooper, but Kaycee is a peeler.  One thing I like about scooping up balls of watermelon is that you end up with a lot of juice in the bottom of the Tupperware container.  This juice makes a mean vodka cocktail.  Just a summertime tip.

She offered a piece to Sam but Sam said everything that touches that cutting board tastes like garlic.

Sam was chock full of opinions yesterday. And if you watch the live feeds, you know how she likes to speak those opinions monologue-style, and is often slow to pick up on social cues to shut it down.  I heard the same speech at least twice yesterday before I had to change the channel on her, but here are a few of her talking points.

*  She told Swaggy C that he spent too much time isolating himself, and treated other house guests like game pieces, and did not get to know them.
* She recommended he re brand himself as "Sunshine Swaggy".
*  There's never been another game where 16 people play, but only one wins.  (What about Survivor?  Professional golf? Surfing competitions?)
*  Swaggy has been "all game", where Sam herself has been "all social".
*  Sam wishes she could just withdraw from the game, and instead "just live" in the house.
*  Sam would like to "just clean up and be the maid" in the house from now on.
*  Sam would like to just be in the house to give advice to others.

When Sam was saying she wished she wasn't playing the game, but just cleaning up after people, the cameras closed in on Kaycee's face staring at her.  I'm no Kaitlyn Herman, but I was feeling Kaycee's vibe at that point, and she was thinking "THIS BITCH".  Just a guess.

Oh, and Winston is suddenly calling her "Sammy Sweetheart" and gushing over how great she is.  You know, ever since he found out that she held a power in the game, a power that so many are confused about in that house.  But just last Wednesday, Winston and Brett were laughing it up like crazy in there, saying what an idiot Sam appears to be.

I don't know how Kaitlyn is going to be able to re-integrate herself into the house and the game when her HoH reign is over.  How can anyone trust her?  I know Angie doesn't, and she has learned that several things she told Kaitlyn in confidence have been leaked.

In this conversation, I could hear Scottie talking, but couldn't see him for most of the time he was in the HoH.  Only Kaitlyn and Tyler were prominently featured on camera.  I just got a flash of the two of them sitting in the nomination chairs next week, but maybe that is just an educated guess, not a psychic prediction.

I know Tyler needs to step WAY back and let other people make targets of themselves for a few weeks.  Maybe Tyler needs to shut up until Jury starts. He's been way too active in every bit of Kaitlyn's HoH reign, but the Level Six alliance can be thankful that he's had their back the entire time. Maybe it's their turn to save him.

And suddenly all the fans HATE Tyler. At least the mouthy, bratty ones.  Once some other people start playing the game, then other house guests will get their turn in the spotlight.  And the chance to receive the intense hatred that some people have for anyone who is not the underdog.

Scottie has got to be a big disappointment to Production so far.  He is scared shitless about everything.  I've heard at least four people say that Scottie's hands shake uncontrollably when having even the most basic of conversations.

And he needs to stop talking about Steve.  Steve is gone, Scottie.  Surely he knows that if you have the misfortune to align yourself with the first person evicted, you need to make some other plans fast.

Oh my god, what if Scottie wins HoH next?  He might be like BB11's Ronnie Talbot up there, hiding all day and creeping out to get food when everyone else is outside by the pool.  Not everyone is cut out for this game.  I know I'm not, but I'm not applying to be a contestant now, am I?

Kaitlyn is wearing a rather-conservative one-piece today.  A grandma swimsuit, some might say.

And before I start talking crap about her, I want to tell you about Staples' customer service.  Yesterday afternoon I was very frustrated about my continued issues with typing.  So I thought, maybe it's time to buy a new wireless keyboard....maybe the one I have can't keep up with all of many Windows 10 updates that seem to occur every G.D. day.

So I went on the Staples website and ordered one.  I also ordered a new office chair, because although I love the one I've been sitting in for a few years now, the leatherette seat was flaking off and sticking to my clothes when I stand up.  So I bought a new office chair that was on sale for a hot price.

And Get This:  Not even 20 hours later, a courier just dropped off both purchases, even though my order included FREE SHIPPING.  It's going to take me awhile to figure out how to assemble the chair and get it upstairs to my office, but I can report the new keyboard is making my typing A BREEZE.  So, thank you Staples.  I like you much better than Office Depot, where the employees can barely even waddle over to the cash register to make my sale, much less deliver what I ordered directly to my home.  The courier even wanted to bring the large box inside for me, but my dog was not down with that plan.

That is Angela on the other float.  I think she got out of the pool at around this time.  I know I didn't hear any riveting conversation between these two girls.

And then Fessy appeared, jumping on to Angela's abandoned pool raft.  Or maybe he climbed on Kaitlyn's abandoned pool raft, because as you can see, she stood up in the water and may or may not have been in a motorboat position as you see below.

Fessy weakly asked her to stop doing it, but Kaitlyn insisted she pick his back like a mother gorilla.

The camera crew just can't help themselves.  A gift like Kaitlyn only comes along every other season or so.  You know, a crazy house guest that gives them so much to cover, their work shift probably just flies by.  I'm thinking about Devin Shepherds legendary HoH reign in BB16.

(I just skimmed over that linked post, and it is surely one of my favorites of all time, due to the ongoing mystery of Devin's clutched crackers.  I later learned that those were some sort of cookies, rather than crackers, so I hope that spoiler alert didn't ruin your day.)

Yeah, so imagine all of the things that Kaitlyn touched after she did this to Fessy's back.  Sure the chlorine in the pool probably kills some germs, but you see what I'm getting at.  Yesterday Bayleigh started messing with blackheads on Swaggy C's forehead before he even got out of bed, even mentioning that his skin looked infected.

REALLY BAYLEIGH?  You don't say.  I wonder why it looks infected.  Maybe because you didn't wash your hands before doing that?  Not to mention not cleaning his forehead before you started breaking the skin like that. And how many objects in the house did she touch after that, before she got a chance to wash her hands?

But no conversation about these type of hygiene issues would be complete without mentioning what Zakiyah Everett did in the storage room during BB18.  I refuse to discuss it again, but it is covered in enough detail in the middle of this post to ruin your appetite for lunch.

Trust me, when the cameras changed I was thrilled with the opportunity to check in with The Bros, who were not grooming each other like jungle creatures, but one of them said something we weren't supposed to hear so the cameras moved away.

And then we saw this.....Kaitlyn had finished deep cleaning Fessy's back and went over the couch to sit on top of Tyler.  There were other places on the couch to sit, you know.

I think Tyler was talking to Sam, so I guess Kaitlyn wanted to be sure she had as much of Tyler's attention as she can get.  I don't think Tyler plans to have any sort of physical relationship with Kaitlyn, or anybody, in the house this summer.  But Tyler is only human, and this girl is all over him every chance she gets.

Tyler knows she is batshit crazy, and he is the only live feeder in that house, so I assume he knows that the BB fans can be batshit crazy, too.  Maybe Tyler can't wait to see the chatter about the work he's doing in there so far this summer.

Or maybe he doesn't want to know.  I know Kaitlyn's boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) Joe doesn't need to be mad at Tyler.  Tyler has been as gentlemanly as he can be with her, while manhandling her BB game to fit his wishes.  She's like putty in Tyler's hands.

This is Silly Putty, friends.  It's what kids used to play with back in the old days.

And this is a newspaper.  People used to read them back in the old days.  This is why kids used to go outside and play.  Options were limited.

And speaking of limited options, let's have a quick chat about Steve.  No one can seem to confirm that Steve is not in sequester, on hold for a possible return to the game.  I mean, sure he has a Twitter account, but all that account has done in the past week is retweet stuff.  So far there have been no first-hand tweets that would indicate that Steve is indeed at home typing.

There is a tweet on July 6th that says Steve is "coming home tonight", but plans could have changed.  On July 6th Kaitlyn made her nominations, so Production could have decided to activate a buyback program since we would be losing someone with drama potential.  Because let's not forget how crazy Winston can be when he back is against the wall.  Production has to do what they think is best to ensure we have 11 more weeks of solid entertainment.

Steve's account retweeted this clever drawing someone did.  So much talent out there in the fanbase along with deep pockets of insanity.

I love that they have the Jenga game to play, because it can be so suspenseful to watch and gives them an opportunity to chat while they play.  I'd like to also suggest Pick Up Sticks, which might not film as easily as Jenga, but can be just as good a game to play when you're just sitting around, killing time.

I used to dominate any pick up stick game in the schoolyard.