Monday, July 9, 2018

PoV Ceremony: Is it Still a Surprise if Twelve House Guests Knew? #BB20

The PoV ceremony took place today at 1:00 pm BBT.  The feeds were down for about an hour as we all waited for the big blow up that we hoped would happen, and dreaded at the same time.

The cameras returned with a group in the HoH room, including Bayleigh.  She sounded upset but calm, leaving the room after saying she was "going to check on him".  After she left, the group spoke out in support of Kaitlyn.

Brett:  Kaitlyn, you're a tough cookie.  That took a lot of guts to do that.  People in here might not tell you that, but outside of this house you'll know that it was appreciated.

We hear the sounds of sniffling as everyone tells her she did the right thing.  I think she may have used the "B" word in her nomination speech.

("Bully".  Ssshhhhhhh.)

JC sounded very supportive, but I'd be lying if I told you I understood exactly what he said.  He later went downstairs and may have said the exact same things to Swaggy, too.  We need subtitles on the feeds sometimes, and this was one of those times.

Downstairs Bayleigh got heated as she tried to rile up Swaggy, telling him they need to fight this, and work to get more votes.  They agreed that they probably need two more votes to save him, and mention JC as a key vote to turn.

Bayleigh needs to take a walk to calm down, but wanted a hug first.  She later whined and cried to Kaitlyn about "not having anyone in that house" after Swaggy is gone, but I think she's been pretty lucky to have someone to kiss and make out with for the last three weeks. 

So that was a choice too, Bayleigh.  You need to own that and then move forward.

I think this is Chris we're seeing here.  He said he didn't plan to speak with Kaitlyn today, and would be hanging out in this room to give him time to calm down, and to think.

As soon as Bayleigh left the room, Fessy and Scottie came in and waited to see what would happen next.  Swaggy said he's not panicking, and he trusts the two of them to help him.  Fessy repeated word-for-word what Kaitlyn said to him before the meeting, and they discussed whether Tyler knew about it or not.  Of course he knew, they said.

After they left, Swaggy did some blanketing, and I thought he was under there praying.  But then I clearly heard the word "Swaggy" mentioned several times, so maybe he was rapping or chanting to pump himself up.

I love Swaggy C and hate to see him go.  I hope he tries hard to stay, but I'm sure Production will find a way to give him a chance to return to the game.  He has too much storyline to just disappear on us.  I'm very charmed by the fact that he likes to talk a big game, but is actually a rather timid young man.  The Swaggy C role is all for show, just like much of what you see on everyone's Instagram.  Swaggy is a product of Chris' generation.

Bayleigh had a calm conversation with Kaitlyn, until she started crying.  Kaitlyn told her that JC informed her of all of the shit-talking Swaggy was doing about her last week, calling her a liability for the group.  And Swaggy didn't come up and speak to her once in her role as HoH, so how could she feel like he was still working with her?

Kaitlyn:  And Winston has been nothing but respectful and kind to me.

Kaitlyn also said that The Bros all complimented Bayleigh's composure when she was up in the HoH after the meeting.  Bayleigh started crying after that, saying that she would have no one to talk to after Swaggy goes, and will be all alone in the house.


Kaitlyn pointed out this might be great for her game, to give her a chance to think about the other people in the house besides Swaggy.  They hugged it out as Bayleigh told her she knows who Kaitlyn is outside of this game, and will be okay with her in the end.


The fans were all watching this morning, eager to start the day and get the blindside underway.  Sam was the first one up and we saw a few views of the kitchen that we don't normally see.  Like this drawer full of utensils.  I'll bet people put things back in different places, so trying to find a spatula or something would drive me nuts.

And the sink is full of messy dishes, probably from the overnight shift.  At this point Sam heard the camera spinning to watch her, and she looked up with an expression that was not welcoming.  She has no idea what the live feed lifestyle is all about, and couldn't even be bothered to smile.  She glared, actually.

I heard her tell someone later that she "thought she was in trouble" because "sometimes the cameras look like they're trying to tell you something".  So Sam went back to bed.  I saw that, and I know now that she left the room because the cameras were watching her.

We don't usually get to peek inside the cabinets like this, either.

Sam should be happier right now, because she's in no eviction danger this week, still has her power even if she was in danger, isn't in the stupid Robot situation, and is making new friends in the house.  So why is she so irritated by Production so much of the time?  Like when she flew off the handle during the first PoV competition and required reshoots of some of the footage due to the obscenities she was shouting.

And then this happened yesterday.  She was sitting outside with Angie and JC and JC told her he had good gaydar, and wondered if she was bi-sexual or gay.  While Sam answered him, she flipped off the cameras with both hands, because she knew they were focused on her.

The Sam Fans were like, Sam is so smart to do that, so the scene can't be replayed on the CBS show.  But I think she's just hostile at being in a situation where you are being recorded 24-7.  I wouldn't like it either, and would NEVER be on any reality TV show, much less Big Brother, but Sam was cast on the show, and she signed the contract.  It's certainly the WRONG place to be if you don't want to share anything real with the audience.

And yes, Sam did report having a gay relationship, but said she prefers to keep that part of her life private.  And the two people sitting with her at the time are two of the most open people on the cast.  Sam needs to stay off social media when the season is over, that's for sure.  If she doesn't like this, she's going to hate that.

Angie had a hard time sleeping last night, in that tiny satellite dish. She usually sleeps on her stomach so that was the first deterrent to some solid time with Mr. Sandman. 

Last week I heard her give a tip to the other girls, saying that if you don't have time to put on eye makeup, wear a pair of glasses instead. 

(Angie, we all know that secret, but we go the Rayban route instead.)

Previously, Bayleigh and Swaggy were excited about seeing Angela get backdoored today.  They said they didn't trust Kaitlyn or Tyler, but they had no idea she would draw first blood.  Maybe they were too busy smooching to really play this game.

But Swaggy has said a number of times that he wants to be like Jessica and Cody.  Jessica went home early, and Cody was the first one in the Jury.  So maybe they're on their way to recreating the Jody career path.

Kaycee gives morning hugs.  Angie had Haleigh take a poll of the other Have Nots (Fessy & JC) to see if they wanted their slop cooked up sweet or savory this morning.  JC was asleep and not able to vote, so Fessy chose the sweet slop method.

Haleigh woke up on the wrong side of the satellite dish (or whatever) and was bitching and moaning about JC nonstop.  She is very pissed that JC stole Scottie's blanket while he was sleeping to use it himself.  She wants to take it back to Scottie and say Production told her to do that.

(Maybe Scottie needs to man up and fight his own battles.....just a thought.)

Meanwhile Production calls JC over and over and over to go change the batteries in his microphone.  Haleigh thinks JC will end up being punished, maybe with a penalty nomination, due to the way he pushes the rules every day.

Haleigh is dreading the PoV ceremony and wants to disappear right afterwards to somewhere away from the drama, maybe in the Have Not room.

Angie's boyfriend wants to move out to a mountain somewhere where they don't have any neighbors but Angie doesn't think she can deal with not having neighbors to chat with.

The cameras focused on the happy showmance couple as they prepared to get up for the day.  Most of the sheets were washed yesterday and they put the duvet on incorrectly last night.  It's causing some problems now but Bayleigh says she needs to get Sam to help her fix it.


Then Bayleigh automatically starts squeezing blackheads and even picked Swaggy's nose for good measure. 

Swaggy feels like they have a lot to talk about today, to follow up on unfinished business from yesterday.  Apparently they played "never have I ever" and he would like to discuss some of the things he learned about Bayleigh.  Maybe we can never talk about it, she said.

FYI Bayleigh is not planning on going back to being a flight attendant.  She did it for two years and got to see the world, but she wants to put down roots and build a life somewhere, using her degrees from Baylor to build a career.  She said most of the other flight attendants are either gay guys who want a glamorous life of travel and parties, or nomadic single girls who are happy living out of suitcases.  Sometimes no one on the flight crew wanted to hang out with her on layovers, so she picked her layover cities according to which ones had the best gyms at the hotels.  She tried to tell us a story about a friend of hers who is a second generation flight attendant.  Her friend's mother hooked up with a pilot on a layover and had the baby, but the pilot never wanted anything to do with having a child. Bayleigh said her friend knows her father's name, but......(FISH).

Kaitlyn announced that the bikini top she is wearing today is unlined, so if things start looking too crazy down there, one of her friends needs to let her know so she can make adjustments.

Tyler said maybe she'd start trending due to this, and Brett said he wished her the best of luck.

Question: Everybody is coming down on Kaitlyn for flirting hard with all of these guys, but has anyone considered that it might be part of her strategy?  Has she actually done anything with any of them?  I don't think she has.  And she certainly could have, with the HoH room and all.

I think too many fans take everything at face value.  That's all I'm saying. 

She was looking for something in the fridge but I didn't recognize the name of it.  I kept watching to find out, but I never got the answers I was looking for.

Winston is still in the game today. 

And so are his feet, if you're into that kind of thing.  And many of you are.  Not that there is anything wrong with it.  So sorry for that inconvenient watermark.

Brett made breakfast for Winston since he's on the block and all.  He said it's a healthy plate of food with no butter, but I'm not sure what this meal includes.  I see the avocado, and I think that red stuff is salsa, but whatever it was they split it and said it was delicious.

Just before the PoV ceremony, Kaitlyn approached Fessy and told him she hoped they would always be friends, and that she hoped he would forgive her for what she was about to do.

So he knew something was going to happen, but not the exact details.

Kaycee was singing some song about "look at you bitch" or something like that and had to be told to stop singing.  Then she started whistling it and they had to tell her to stop that, too. 

She tried out for some sort of US team that may have been the Olympics, but was probably some other international tournament.  She pulled her quad muscle the first day and kept going for the entire three-day audition, but couldn't run her drills and didn't make the team.  She wants to try again next time, but whatever it was only comes around every three years.

This might be one of the last Fessy-Kaitlyn hugs we see for a while.  At least a day or so, anyway.

Haleigh has a lot of neck pain from sleeping in the saucer and Bayleigh gave her a massage.

Angela and her RBF are still in the house as well.  Just in case you were wondering.

I just realized I have no pictures of Rachel from this morning but I can tell you that her punishment ends just after 12:00 today.  Someone has been coming in the house to yell at her, and they did it in the middle of the night.  She screamed bloody murder, she says, proving that her punishment was a burden for the entire household. 

We didn't get to see any of this, however, which would cause Rachel additional anguish, since we already don't see her enough on the show or the live feeds to care about her. 


"Crap App for Life", is what Fessy and Rachel said as they parted in the backyard yesterday.  Rachel is very bothered by being the least-trending, for a number of reasons.  For one thing, she now knows that she is ineligible to receive any other Apps, so she can never be the most-trending house guest.

But I don't know how she would manage to win that, when her primary storyline so far has been that she shaved JC's back.  Rachel would actually have been better serviced popularity-wise, if Production had cobbled together a segment of her getting turned down by Brett over and over.  Or maybe a segment showing her being really sweet to him, and then a segment of Brett saying stuff to Winston about his plans to turn her down all summer long.

Rachel is also worried about the talking-to that she got from Allison Grodner about not offending viewers with inappropriate language and racial slurs.  Yep.  She's mighty worried about that.  But if she knew how the votes are tallied, she'd realize that no one is angry with her, we just don't care.

Hardly a consolation to Rachel, but still.

In the preseason, Kaitlyn told us that she planned to tell the other players that she is a life coach and guided meditation instructor, but she would not be discussing her special powers of intuition and aura-reading.

Well, just like everything else, those preseason plans failed.  She's singing like a bird about all of that now, and due to the immense power she will have on Monday to choose the replacement nominee, everyone is hanging on every word.  Once the PoV ceremony takes place, and all HELL breaks loose, then she won't have any power anymore this week, unless she somehow gets to cast the tying eviction vote, since a tie is mathematically possible.  A tie isn't probable though, just possible.

Tyler hasn't told anyone about the power he won, which is a good intention on his part.  The information about Sam's power was put out there in such a messy fashion, and most of that mess can be attributed to Tyler, so it's best that he keep it a secret until he needs it.

Tyler was very happy to receive that advantage, but it didn't sound so great to me.  Basically he can remove himself from the nomination pool just once for the next eight weeks, if he thinks he is in trouble.  He can put himself "on the cloud" before the PoV renomination, too.  So all anyone would need to do is tell Tyler they are going to nominate him, and he would burn the advantage immediately.  As a result, it really needs to be a surprise to be effective.  And it sounds like it would only work for him personally, so why tell anyone else?

And my pictures of Tyler continue to be ruined by the white splotches on the picture, caused by certain dark objects, apparently.  Or maybe that's Tyler's aura, or some magical orbs or something.  Who knows.

Kaitlyn said that Tyler and Brett were both "yellows", and I think Kaycee was too, but I'm not sure about that part.  Here is what I found on the internet to help guide us through this situation.  I don't know what shade of yellow everyone is, but Kaitlyn said they were all able to empathize with others, and she could see that.

I didn't think Kaycee had a top on at first, which would be interesting, but she did.  She listened to what Kaitlyn had to say, and said that when she watches sports, like a championship game, she is able to feel what the players feel and is very emotional about it.

Tyler chimed in that he understands that, saying that when he watched Josh win BB19 last year, he got teary as he felt what Josh was obviously feeling.

(Don't we all do that, though?  I mean, except for the sociopaths?  And also with music, when you watch someone really feel the song they are singing?)

Kaitlyn told them that she thought her abilities were normal, and tried to kind of forget about it, since she saw and felt these things everyday.  But then she attended some lady's seminar and got excited about it.  She feels lucky to have found her calling so young in life, when so many people search for years to find their passion and success.

I think Kaycee had heard of the girl who ran the seminar---she may have even done a Ted Talk that Kaycee watched, but there was a moment where Kaitlyn was very joyful about how much that lady has influenced her and been her mentor.

More frickin orbs next to Tyler. The force is strong with him today.  Supposedly Bayleigh was neck and neck with Tyler for the App vote this week, according to the attention-hungry behind-the-scenes BB spoiler account.  Bayleigh might need some special powers if Swaggy leaves this week, so those votes might come in handy.  But I suspect the voter turnout was very low up until this point----CBS just started putting the vote on their website which should boost the voting traffic.  Who knows if that will skew the results, or if the small sample of  previous voters will match what a larger group says with their votes.

I'm surprised to hear about Bayleigh coming up close on Tyler, because she has isolated herself in the house so much with Swaggy.  But she has had several intense personal moments on the live feeds, and has shed many tears about the issues she has with her body image and also a previous sexual assault when she was seventeen.  Bayleigh is a vegan and she was also upset that the vegan foods in storage had not been restocked for her.  As a fellow vegan, I think Bayleigh needs to do some more research on that topic when she can, because I've heard her say some things that aren't true.

For example, about Fessy's vegan ham...she said it was good for him because it was "full of vegetables".   No, it isn't.  Processed vegan "meats" are typically made out of seitan, which is made from Vital Wheat Gluten, or it could be a soy-based product.  The vegan ham could be made out of pea protein (like the Beyond Burger) and peas are veggies, but it is incorrect to say that the vegan ham is "full of veggies".

Being vegan is a process though, and you learn as you go along. We don't just nibble on raw carrots though.  Unless you have a tub of hummus nearby to dip them in.  But I digress.  AGAIN.

Brett:  Just a couple of yellows, floating around.

Note that Brett and Winston both know that Swaggy will be the replacement nomination, but surely Brett feels just a tinge of fear about what Kaitlyn can do, because she has changed her mind quite a few times on a whim this week.

I think there is a new Final Three that includes these two, maybe with Tyler.  The third member might be someone different, but it really doesn't matter right now.  The whole house is going to blow up soon and it all depends on who the next HoH is.  What if it's a total rando like Scottie?  Or (gulp) Sam?

So as not to totally neglect Tyler, Kaitlyn swam over there to grab his legs and put herself in a position to simulate a sex act.  Or whatever.

I can't wait to hear Tyler talk about all of this after the season is over.  I hope he is the type to really spill some dirt, but I suspect he will remain a gentleman about the situation.

Yeah, if Brett was my boyfriend, I would be in the car right now with my bullhorn, on the way to the alley outside the BB house to yell a few choice words to Kaitlyn.  And Brett, too.  But mainly Kaitlyn.

I was uncomfortable watching this, actually.

She was smacking her chest right up against his legs, too.  How did Brett not get a boner while she was doing this?  Even Kaitlyn seemed to be surprised about this.

It's not like the two of them are alone in the backyard, having an intimate interlude.

In fact, Haleigh and Winston even jumped in the water to provide moral support.

And Tyler had no orbs floating around them as he told a story about how he played soccer for the first time and loved it, due to a coach who had a lot of influence over him.

This is a new look for Tyler, the wet look, with the hair down.  I like it.  He looks older and less stupid, which is probably why he's not walking around like this more often.  It blows his cover.  I wonder if Production thought Tyler was dumb when they cast him, and if they are shocked now by his bold and often risky game play?

The fans are already bitching about how much power Tyler has, so I think we need a week or two where Tyler isn't in charge, so we can see him weasel out of some tricky situations.  He's already going to be a BB Icon, though, so you haters will need to prepare yourself for that.

Janelle isn't technically correct here, but who am I to correct Janelle?

And here is the classic BB fan attitude of  "I don't like what is happening, so I am going to stop watching.  Waaaaaaaahhhhh!"

One day when Brett has a mortgage and three kids in private preschool, he will still have these pictures to remind himself of a time when he was on TV with several beautiful babes paying him the kind of attention bros like Brett dream about.

Is that black object on the right side of the picture some sort of evil manifestation pointed at Kaitlyn's back?  Where is Grandpa Lou the Pigeon now, when Kaitlyn might need protection?

Inside the house, JC talked a bit about how being a Have Not is a challenge.  He ate slop a few times last week, and it was fine, but now that he knows that is all he can eat, he's having problems with it.

Later in the day, I watched a conversation between JC, Angela and Rachel that was interesting.  The three of them seem to have a connection in the fact that they are all so physical, and present in their bodies.  If that makes sense...not sure how to properly describe it.

JC told them he always wanted to do ballet, but everyone kept telling him "no no no" about everything he wanted to do.  I think at that point the girls (and me) thought he meant that the ballet world told him he couldn't pursue ballet, because I know that world is very specific about the body types they choose to succeed on stage...most women can't qualify.

JC:  So then I went into gymnastics....and I did that for a few years.....but then my dad said gymnastics is just for girls, so he...

The Girls:  WHAT?  Your dad?

JC:  Yeah, he's _______.  He ..***FISH***

So, JC's dad isn't down with JC's choices, and probably nixed the ballet, too. Or maybe JC is from a very traditional family that wanted different things for him. Whatever the situation, the dad DOES NOT want to be discussed on camera.

And Rachel is still speculating on what it is the fans don't like about her.  It's not that we don't like you, Rachel, we just didn't care about you when we cast our votes.

It's a devilish concept on Production's part, though, letting them stew over how they were or weren't chosen for these good and bad punishments.

Oh, and Production IS NOT letting us see Rachel's punishment on the live feeds, it seems.  I guess they want to keep that "Big Secret" until the Wednesday night episode.  The feeds have been off for short intervals that we all suspect might be the "yeller".  But is it someone actually coming in the house to holler at her?  Or just Marsha the Stupid-Sounding Moose making noise on the intercom system?

I hope it's really someone like Josh coming in there and taunting her.  I think she can really make a meal out of that on camera, reacting to it.  Rachel is an actress, after all.