Sunday, July 8, 2018

PoV Aftermath - Flirting With Disaster. #BB20

This is the current picture on the CBS website to publicize the show.  Clearly they are selling sex appeal and diversity here.  They change the marketing shots throughout the season -- last year I remember seeing solo pictures of Christmas and Kevin to pull viewers to the Big Brother section of the website.

OK, so a lot is happening in there this weekend.  The PoV competition was held late yesterday and will surely be the catalyst for a lot of drama in the days to come.

PoV Players

Kaitlyn - HoH
Winston - nominated for eviction
Scottie - nominated for eviction
Fessy - picked by Kaitlyn - House Guest's Choice
Rachel - probably chosen randomly by Scottie
Tyler - picked by Winston - House Guest's Choice

Host - Angie Rockstar

But I'm not sure how much hosting Angie got to do, because Jessica and Cody were in the backyard with each player as they completed the course.  Swaggy had been upset about Angie hosting, telling the live feeders that if you have to beg to be named host, then you must not have a very good personality.  He also told us that he's coming for Tyler, so if Tyler senses that, he has every reason to want to go through with the plan to give Swaggy C the boot first.

Because as you can see, Tyler won the PoV.

It sounds like the theme of the competition was related to dating, with various previous BB players having "cards" with their likes and dislikes printed on them.  The players then had to place the cards into one of several different spaces and then ring the bell to check their answers.

Winston was a hot mess of energy when the feeds came back.  Sometimes the feeds are down long after the competition ends for some reason or another, but last night they had just gathered to learn the scores in the backyard before coming inside around 7:30 PM BBT.  And yesterday the temperature was around 108 degrees, so that didn't  make things easier for anybody.

Winston was just babbling nonstop about how he played the comp, telling Tyler that he bet he ran over three miles out there and his shorts were sopping wet when he came in the house.  Winston "didn't see the sauna" but was sort of lecturing Tyler on what you had to do to win the competition.  See, you had to flip over all the cards and read them, and some people had likes that would have put them into several different spaces, so you had to be careful of that.  Oh, and "Jody" tripped him up, too.


Tyler had that body language when you want to get out of the conversation as quickly as you can, without being too obvious about it.  Tyler was looking for any way to make his escape from Winston here.

Then Winston moved on to Fessy, going over the EXACT SAME information, with his words coming out in a tumble of energy.  Clearly, Winston is signaling to everyone that he feels very comfortable with the outcome of the PoV, that he is not going to be evicted.

Winston has zero ability to monitor himself, zero chill or ability to hide his feelings in a manner conducive to good game play.  Note that Brett is not around when Winston is spinning out like this. Brett is probably trying to make some new friends, or at least to get some space so he can hear the chatter about his bro Winston.

Dude, Winston ran the whole time out there.  It must have been, like three miles.  I swear.

Fessy played the comp as well, Winston. He knows how hot it was.

Apparently Tyler's winning time was around 5:00, and Rachel was just behind him at around 5:20.  I'm not sure what Winston's time was, but dude, I swear he would have won if only _____________, ____________ and ___________ hadn't happened.  I swear.  He was running so fast out there.  He ran at least three miles.  His shorts were wet.

I don't think Swaggy knows yet that he is the backdoor target, but he knows he's not happy about Tyler winning.  The "Foute" group (if it even exists after Kaitlyn's actions) know that Tyler is playing both sides, and Swaggy has been quite vocal about it. But they didn't invite Tyler to join their alliance, did they?

No, they didn't.  But Level Six did.  Check the tape, Swaggy C.  And see the footage of you letting Tyler know you are head of the alliance you didn't include him in.

As soon as the comp was over, Tyler went in the Storage room to get something out of the fridge, and JC ran in there to report that when Tyler's low score was announced, Swaggy reacted negatively and was not happy.  JC really wants Swaggy gone, so that is his agenda.  Tyler knows that, too.

Now Winston wants to tell his saga of the PoV to Kaycee, who innocently asked a question about it, and then got the entire story, word-for-word.  I've heard enough of it, so I left Kaycee there to listen to Winston's droning and checked in with what is going on upstairs in the HoH room.

Tyler was feeling snacky after his win, and got into the Chex Mix with gusto.  For some reason, pictures of dark objects get this white stuff on them when I save them.  I tried a few times to get a clean picture but was unable to do so.

Rachel came up there and I don't think they wanted to be caught in there alone so they stood outside the HoH door, keeping an eye on the landscape.  Plus, I think Kaitlyn was in the HoH shower and they didn't want her to hear their mini Level Six meeting.  Rachel knew her time was good on the comp, but she didn't really want to win it.  Tyler later told Kaitlyn hat he "guessed on three of them", and wasn't particularly happy to have won it himself.

(And he shouldn't be, after what Kaitlyn plans to do with the blindside. This should have been the week for Tyler to relax and re-integrate with the house after two weeks as HoH.)

Rachel was excited to play today, after being sidelined for the last PoV, but she said earlier that she wanted "some BB swag".  But it looks like they didn't wear costumes today.

They chatted a bit about what they think the plan might be.  It sounded like Tyler was trying to appear as if the idea of backdooring Swaggy was not entirely set in stone.

Finally Kaitlyn appeared and told Tyler she was feeling good, but "had to vocalize some things about the plan".  She made him wait a few minutes while she dressed and towel dried her hair.  By this point, Tyler is likely used to to Kaitlyn's quirks and knew he could handle whatever she said.

Here is What Was Bothering Kaitlyn:  Jessica and Cody don't like her.

Kaitlyn:  I was clearly picking up on energy from Jessica and Cody and they hate both me and Fessy.  They wouldn't even look at me and were rolling their eyes at things I said.  And at the end I shook Cody's hand and said it was nice to meet him, and he looked at me like I'm a fucking gremlin.

She thought it was obvious that they liked JC, which doesn't surprise me.  Jessica has been tweeting nice things about JC ever since the cast reveal.  Jessica's father was a dancer, too. so maybe that is a factor in her feelings.  She talked about him a few times last season---you can read about it somewhere in the middle of this post.  She also said that if she won any money, she wanted to hire someone to do some research so she could learn more about her father.  He passed away quite a few years ago and it sounds like he was somewhat estranged from the family.

As if by magic, I just looked at Twitter and while I was writing that last bit, Jessica was responding to hearing about Kaitlyn's comments regarding Jessica being "flirtatious" with Tyler.

I wonder if Kaitlyn's nose is itching, or if her left hand is fluttering, or whatever happens when she is receiving energy vibrations.  Or whatever.

But back to the game:  Kaitlyn had some cold feet about it all though.  She was staring at the memory wall during the competition and wondered if it was fair for her to target Swaggy for being the ringleader of the Foute group and talking shit about her, but that means she will have to leave friends like Angie and Haleigh behind.  She's been trying to imagine what she'll say to them in explanation.

Tyler said she doesn't have to leave them behind, she can tell them why she did it, and she can tell them beforehand.  He then added that those girls are "scared of her", and that is why they are upstairs all of the time, checking to see what Kaitlyn is up to.

But then Kaitlyn said she planned to pull them aside 10 minutes before the PoV, and tell Angie, Haleigh and Fessy her plans, so they're not just sitting there in shock when she nominates Swaggy.  Tyler said they would try to change her mind if she did that, seeming to caution her against it.  Which is it Tyler?  Should she tell them beforehand or not?

Kaitlyn's time on the PoV was over 13 minutes.  She told Scottie and Tyler that she "talked to them" while she played.  I guess the "them" were the former house guests on the cards, or maybe they were cardboard cut outs of the players.  She told McCrae that "she'd get coffee with him" and was excited to see the "fortune teller thing" but Jozea was inside and "they're into different things".

Scottie came in the room and seems confident that Tyler will save him with the PoV.  It sounds like he had some trouble with the comp and looked inside some of the "stores" that were apparently part of the set dressing.  Production had to tell him not to go in there, and he had to spend time putting things back.

Downstairs Winston is finally winding down and sat like this on the couch for some reason, perhaps to improve his circulation.  Bayleigh told him about this, and Sam had heard about it too.

She heard Bayleigh say the same thing, but she doesn't want her head to hang off the couch like Winston's does.  Winston is way too cheerful as he tells her that it's probably over for him, and he's probably going home this week.  Sam seems to have no clue what the plan is this week, and reassures him that she felt the same way last week, so anything can happen.  Have hope, she tells him.

===>  I was kind of hoping that Fessy would win PoV, so we'd see Winston get FRANTIC about Sam using her power to save him after eviction.  That still may happen, if Tyler uses the PoV to save Scottie.  Winston may freak out right then and there, but if Swaggy takes the nomination seat he will likely feel better.

He won't be calm though. No.  Winston will not act calm this week without some sort of medication.  Sam still has large bruises on her legs from the paintball injuries.

Earlier I watched Scottie decompress from the competition with Fessy and his crew.  Scottie was certain that Tyler would be saving him with the PoV but Fessy kept backing up the conversation, trying to nail down exactly what was said, and to whom.

Scottie reports that he was trying to figure out who to pick if he drew house guest choice and he asked Tyler if he picked him, and Tyler won, would he take Scottie off the block?

Scottie:  He nodded, and said Pick Me.  So I was going to, but then Winston did, but Tyler is going to save me, so isn't that funny?

Fessy went over each part of that, doing a replay of each bit before declaring that if Tyler didn't save Scottie now, then he's really a piece of shit that can't be trusted.

But hours later, in the bedroom, Winston was still being chatty, going on and on about what he thinks Kaitlyn will do during the PoV ceremony (probably Monday morning).

Winston:  She's going to say, the person I'm putting up has been talking a lot of shit about me, and she's going to stare at Angela while she says that and then nominate Swaggy instead.  Isn't that great?

Angela, carefully:  Yeah.  But it still scares me.

(ie. KAITLYN scares her)

I don't think they know that Scottie is the one Tyler currently plans to save.  But I'm sure they are smart enough to know that Tyler would be doing that hoping to keep his alliance with Level Six a secret.  They should want that, too, but it would still mean Tyler is putting one of the group at risk on the block when he could have saved him.

Earlier today, after the PoV players were picked, Winston had some sort of a mini-tantrum and stormed out of the room, likely upset that Brett wasn't picked to play.  Brett was sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter and Angela strolled over and said quite loudly, in front of the group:  "Look at you, fading right into the background!"

With friends like this, Brett doesn't need enemies. When the backyard is open this weekend, I wonder if Brett will be stuck like glue to Crazy Winston, or if he will try to branch out to fade even more into the background.  Angela needs a cure for that chronic case of resting bitch face she has, too.

And Kaycee is just calmly taking it all in.  I'd be very surprised if she doesn't think Winston is nuttier than a fruitcake.  He is more emotional than most of the girls, certainly twice as emotional as Kaycee or Angela.  Maybe even Rachel, too, when she's not "on" for the cameras.

Speaking of Rachel.  And Kaycee.  Several times on the feeds I've seen them in groups with body language that drew my attention.  Kaycee has a very masculine energy, and I've seen her standing in a certain way near Rachel, or laying with her hands or body across Rachel's legs.  Maybe they're just comfortable with each other, but it bears keeping an eye on.  I think Kaycee is a very genuine person, but Rachel wants that camera time.  Brett has been turning down her showmance offers since Day #2, but kissing around with Kaycee would be a Big Brother first, if it was done openly in front of the cameras.

Just saying.  I know last weekend Angie was watching Kaycee and Rachel work out together in the backyard and she said she would ship the "Raycee" showmance.

I was flipping through the flashbacks and caught a scene of Angie talking to Haleigh and Bayleigh, saying that Kaitlyn had already turned on them, so she can't be trusted anymore.  So, Kaitlyn might be caught in a squeeze play after this week, shut out by her old group, but not accepted by the larger alliance.  And after Sam spent so much time blowing out Angie's hair for the PoV hosting job, she might be in consideration as part of Angie's new power group.

While she worked the blow dryer, Sam told her about how she was obsessed with Faeries growing up, and attended a nearby Faerie Festival every year.  By the time Angie's hair was finished, it seems they all plan to attend together next year.  It starts on June 8th, I think Sam said.  Bayleigh said she would have a very cute outfit to wear, too, and you know Angie will have a different costume look for each day she attends.

I think this is the Festival in question.  This very conversation may have turned Sam's game around. Because Angie isn't in there to just play games.  Unless the game is Big Brother.  So good for Sam, using the Faeries to find a foothold with a new group.


This is Kaitlyn's boyfriend.  He's cute, and is into the music scene.  Everyone who hates Kaitlyn is saying that he just released a new song called "Cut You Off", but if you dig into his timeline you see that the song came out in early June.  I listened to it and I liked it a lot.

Here's The Thing:  Kaitlyn is clearly a kooky gal.  If Joe has been dating her for five years, then Joe knows that.  And knows her.  I wouldn't assume he's going all Winston about her behavior in the house the last few weeks.

I think Jessica is exaggerating here.  I only count two guys she's flinging herself at, unless you count the cardboard cut out of McCrae Olson.  Now he might be a good match for her, actually....


While I was waiting for the PoV comp to end last night, I watched the BB4 highlights that were playing on on the live feeds.  And those highlights did not age well, that's for sure.  The house wasn't set up for digital cameras (or whatever) so the colors are all washed out, and the old BB house (pre-BB6) was really just a bunch of shipping containers placed together, in retrospect a really shoddy setup.

I NEVER go back and watch past seasons, so it is so strange to me to watch old clips now.  That season, Jee was cast because he was Jun's ex-boyfriend, so he had no idea what he was getting himself into.  In this picture, Jun is talking about how when somebody who really needs to be evicted is sitting on the block, they often squeak by and the pawn goes home.  And I thought: THAT MAY HAPPEN THIS WEEK.

I also remembered how Jee would sit by the pool with his two homies Justin and Robert, talking about his girlfriend (Carmen) and all of the weed he smokes at home.  He described exactly where he kept his weed stash in his apartment, and also gave out his address a number of times over the summer.  It was hilarious.

But BB4 happened about 13 years today's world, one of you weirdos would have already called Jee's landlord and told them the dope was in the third drawer of the desk next to the closet.   Jee would've  been on TMZ for at least three things by now, if it had existed back then.  So times have changed.

One of my best memories of BB4 is when Jun won HoH on the live show, and was called into the DR immediately.  She was told she was leaving the house immediately on a trip.  I don't know if they told her where she was going, but they flew her on a private plane to NYC to attend the MTV Music Awards. And the rest of the house guests had no idea where Jun went, only that she went in the DR and didn't come back for a few days.  They made a competition out of it, eventually, where the first one who correctly guessed where Jun went won something.

I remember Jun coming back in the game and telling everyone she stood in the pit and danced while 50 Cent sang "In Da Club".  She also saw a guy she had recently broken up with (and was heartbroken over) standing on the other side of the velvet rope as she went into the awards.  Because America knew where Jun was going---the house guests were the only ones who didn't know.  So she was filled with hope about the relationship since she knew he was watching, and went down to the MTV red carpet to see her.  It gave Jun fuel to finish the season, I think, a much-needed break from the action.