Saturday, July 7, 2018

Cool Episode, Bro. #BB20

Thursday night the first live show of the season kicked off with Julie making a courageous fashion choice.  As usual, she warned us about ten minutes out as she was on the way to the set.

This gave us few minutes to adjust, so we knew what to expect.  I did not expect those flowing pieces of sheer fabric that blew around throughout the episode, adding volume in a manner that is usually not desirable if you're going to be on camera.  And the scarf.  The fucking scarf.  

This looks like it came from the Stevie Nicks for QVC line.

 Inspired by classic looks like this:

Or this:

As soon as the show was over, Julie tweeted out a surprise GIF that shook everyone following her.

It's pants.  Or culottes.  Or gauchos.  Whatever.  Did we need to know this?  I didn't.  And I didn't need to see a closer look at those shoes, either.

I love The Chenbot and hate to have to criticize her awful fashion choices.  But I'm not the only bitchy fan out there, of course.  There is another fan of the show who scoured the episode credits to find the responsible party for Julie's clothing choices.

I thought this Redditor wanted to know exactly who to blame for this, to be able to Name Names.  But it turns out that they wanted to buy this same outfit.

So....same planet, different worlds.

At this point we can't expect Julie's fashions to miraculously improve, and I feel kind of bad for slamming Julie.  Maybe Julie should just implement a Big Brother uniform so that choosing an outfit would be easier each week.  For example, she could get a great-fitting white pantsuit for the live shows, and then wear a different colorful camisole each week.  And maybe a black suit with tuxedo pants for the finale.

It's a little disappointing that this is the story line that is being developed for Haleigh. If you watch the live feeds, it's pretty obvious that she doesn't intend to get into any type of showmance. She is casually working all the guys in the house, but most of them know it.  The Bros think she is a Player and admire how she pulls it off everyday at her age.

But instead they have to drum up a "Will She or Won't She" showmance story line with Fessy.  I will try to remember to spell Fessy's self-proclaimed nickname this way from now on, even though it seems wrong to me, based on the spelling of his proper name.

And how do I know that?  Because of the Fessy Fitness bracelet that can be seen in this shot.  Fessy told Ross that he developed an app, and apparently it's this one. I think he hauled ass to get it going before he came on the show, which is everything Mark should have done last year.  

Yesterday I heard Fessy say that he brought about 50 of those bracelets with him this summer, as well as T-shirts and hats for everyone, but Production wouldn't let him carry them in the house.

I'm practicing. See?  Fessy Fessy Fessy.

Some people think Steve is in sequester somewhere, waiting for a chance to compete to come back in the house. According to his post-show interviews, he didn't know much about the vote, or even who won HoH after he was evicted, so those are two strong signs that Production controlled all of his interviews and conversations after he left the house.

With the length of this season, I think someone will come back in, independent of whatever stupid power Sam won last week.  I think Steve will be thinner when we see him next---he's already lost quite a bit of weight since the beginning of the game and he indicated he wanted to keep going.

Steve's speech made me think he knew that the vote had flipped, and he was begging to stay, but in his interview with Julie he admitted he was shocked.

Sixteen people is a lot to shove in an enclosed space with so many rules and regulations.  There are a few people who seem like they would leave in a heartbeat if they could.  In particular, Angela.  And from her recent actions, Angie. Alphabetically.  In that order.

There was so much drama leading up to the live show, and Swaggy C's name got dragged all over it.  We saw the feeds off and on as Production worked with them during the day to prepare for the show, but we did get to see Tyler really pull out the stops to turn Kaitlyn's vote in the hours before air time.

Basically, Tyler told Kaitlyn that Swaggy told him that Brett won some sort of power that would screw over anyone who voted to keep Steve.  It didn't make sense then, and doesn't make sense to me now, either, but when Tyler tells Kaitlyn to trust him, that is what she does, apparently. 

I can't condone The Bros' plan to dress in such a douchey manner on live television.

And their little routine in the hallway was BAD.  I feel badly for their family and friends, tuning in to watch this.

Kaitlyn made a very dramatic presentation with her vote, saying she was so very sorry to have to vote out Steve.  They have the New York Connection, you know.

Everyone else in "Foute" voted to evict Sam, as planned.  All except Kaitlyn, who was the one who named that stupid alliance after the phrase "Five of us until the end".  I guess the end was the first live eviction.  Nothing is forever, apparently.

And I thought Angie Rockstar was going to fall right out of her top.  She had a sort of breakdown in the next day or so, that reportedly began when the studio door was opened to let Steve walk out.  She was sad for Steve's surprise eviction, because they had become connected as the only parents in the house (we think), and also because it made her realize her family was watching.

She broke down in tears the next morning as she discussed the friction she had with her husband Chris about coming on Big Brother.  As she left their home, his last words to her were "I don't know why you're doing this, but I'll see you in a few weeks".  Her kids were thrilled about it, but her husband didn't understand at all.

The shock was real, and shit got really real when the vote was announced.  In that situation I'm sure you want to know immediately who the traitor is, but you're probably also afraid that you are the only one who didn't know, and that they may be coming for you next.

(And that is indeed the plan, I think.)

As soon as the vote was read, we saw a flash of this, which is the second major Production screw up of the night.  The first screw up was the now nearly ubiquitous Sound Snafu, where the cameras went back to Julie after a taped package teasing the non-existent showmance between Haleigh and Fessy, where Julie was sashaying across the stage saying things with absolutely no sound at all until the commercial appeared.

But this screw up was even worse, in my opinion.  Apparently if Sam had been evicted, this was the set up for her doing some sort of lame "challenge" to win the chance to come back in the game.  Obviously this is the "App Room" next to the HoH suite, set up for Sam to "win" a rigged competition.

Julie: I'm sorry Sam, but that answer was incorrect.  You may now return to the house to continue playing Big Brother.

Steve came out and had a nice chat with Julie where he admitted he was too trusting, and was a good sport about the camera footage of him chattering away about police talk.  If only everyone in the house wasn't so self-absorbed, they might have listened to what Steve was saying and figured out his secret.

I'm pleased to say that it looks like we have returned to the competition sets of yore, without all of the flashing lights, bells and whistles. This is a tried and true type of competition that we've seen over the years, dressed up as a city with many open jobs that pay a wide variety of salaries.  The goal was to launch a ball out of a catapult and land on the highest salary.

This is "Land a Job".  Out of fourteen house guests competing to win, only four of them landed a job that paid anything.  That's a 71% unemployment rate, people.  And this type of crap shoot competition is great for the players who run about boasting that they will crush every competition all summer. Frequent boasters like Brett and Swaggy C were "out on the street" after their turn and had to skulk over to the sidelines like the other losers.  And they must have been FREAKING out as they waited to see who would hold their fate as HoH this week.  The lead changed a few times as follows:

Scottie - $40,000
JC - out on the damn street
Brett - out on the damn street
Winston - landed a $12,000 job in the street, perhaps as a street sweeper, but a loser nonetheless
Sam - $50,000 (sometimes trade school pays off)

 Then it was Kaitlyn's turn to try and land a job.  And she did, taking the lead with an $80,000 position, knocking Sam over to the side with the other unemployed competition losers.

Many of them had trouble getting the ball to release and roll.  There is a groove up top that held it into place, and it looked like once you tilted the catapult up to a certain angle, the ball was released to roll.  But many of the house guests used their hand to try and free the ball from the groove, so the ball started moving down the chute before they had both hands on the controls.  Even though this game is largely based on luck, starting your turn with only one hand surely didn't help anybody's aim.

Many of the contestants overshot the entire city of jobs, like Swaggy, who went looking for work down by the river on the far side of town.  So let's quickly review the players who had potential to win HoH this week, and how scary it must have been for everyone.

Scottie - His only friend in the house was just blindsided in the first eviction.

Sam - She was a disregarded Robot who is widely disliked in the house, but some know she has a power so they were persuaded to keep her around.

No one in the house even thought it was a possibility that Scottie or Sam could win HoH.  That would have been preposterous to everyone.

(I was NOT impressed with Scottie's performance on the live show, scampering down the hall to vote and breaking into a heavy lisp during his good-bye message to Steve.  And when he was in the lead for a few rounds of this competition, he posed like he was ready to run over to the Loser's Lounge each time someone else took their turn.)

Kaitlyn fell to the ground as she won, in apparent disbelief after such mighty competitors as Angie, Rachel, Swaggy C and Bayleigh failed to Land a Job successfully.  Kaitlyn later said that she felt a certain energy buzzing in her all day.  She knew she would be a part of something big.

It's hard to get much bigger than pulling off being the swing vote to blindside half the house, and then handily winning an HoH competition on live television.

Rachel is over on the far left in her choral recital gown, giving away her true feelings with her body language.  But when it was her turn to hug she was all smiles, of course.

Here's the Thing:  No one is going to want to accuse Kaitlyn of being the person who flipped now that she holds the HoH title.  She would have been in the Hot Seat, big time if another member of "Foute" won HoH and went on the warpath to determine who turned their vote.  And when the story about Tyler's role eventually came out, he might have ended up a Pre Jury boot, too.

And he still might, but everything changed when Kaitlyn shockingly landed the highest paying job out of everyone.  Scottie was considered a prime suspect for the vote flip, and also Swaggy, as everyone tried to blame someone else as quickly as possible.

I love the ending of the live shows where Julie says "let's eavesdrop on the house" because there is always some sort of story going on, and then if you have the live feeds you know you will be able to tune in and keep watching as the drama unfolds.  I think CBS had lots of time to fill on the live show, since they didn't have Sam's "chance to return" segment.

So the cameras stayed on The Bros, who they know are PISSED about looking like total chumps on live TV.  They have to blame themselves for those shirts though,  But Winston had been saying for days that if it was some sort of crap shoot competition, he would be IRATE.  I don't think he would have been too mad if one of Level 6 won the crapshoot, but it is clear that Winston has plenty of impulse control issues, as well as bouts of rage that probably frighten even Dixie, his dog.

As the credits roll we see Angela and Rachel sidle over to The Bros, looking for comfort and assurances.  At some point, Angela made a comment about "well it's a war now, we'll take sides and fight it out" and this was repeated several times throughout the following hours as the gossip spread.

Some people in the house think a power "was released" during the show, but others swore that if that were the case, Julie would have said something about it.  But when Winston saw Tyler go into storage with Swaggy and Fessy, two irate Foute members, he wasn't having it.  And THANK GROD that we still had a few seconds left of the live broadcast.

Winston burst in the room to catch Tyler in the act of treason, saying "Cool meeting, guys".

Swaggy C:  What, we can't talk to Tyler?

Winston is so mad you can feel it.  "I said, Cool Meeting guys...."

As the show closes we see The Bros in different stages of despair, with Brett accepting what has happened and trying to blend in to the action, while Winston is clearly unable to handle his rage.  We hear Sam droning on and on as she does, telling everyone that America must be glad that she's not a robot anymore, because she was a robot, and now she's not a robot, and she's glad she's not a robot and on and on.

You can feel Winston's regret, as Sam's country twang drones on, and his ego tries to grasp what has happened tonight.  Later I heard Brett whispering to Angela about how heated Winston gets, and his inability to roll with the punches.

Later, Kaitlyn polled the others to see if it was her imagination that the studio audience went wild when she won HoH.  Tyler assured her that he heard it, too, and almost cried himself when she pulled out the win.  (I'll bet.....Tyler needs a week or so to get the heat off himself. )

Kaitlyn also heard someone from the crew cough behind the wall, and addressed them, saying there was Mucinex in the Storage Room for them.

Kaitlyn, to the wall:  Also, I don't know if you know, but I'm HoH.

So, some in the house were giddy with excitement, and others were blind with rage, but everyone seemed shocked and kind of at a loss for what to do next.  Not to make light of an actual situation, but it kind of felt like some of the election coverage we're all much too familiar with now.

And here's something:  They are now putting the App Store questionnaires on the CBS website, in the America's Vote section.  I'm guessing the voter turnout was very light the first week, because they made it relatively difficult to do, with some sort of Facebook Bot or something.

The vote wasn't open long, but I caught it in time.  I'm not sure you even need a CBS BB subscription to vote, so the next time you hear that the polls are open, head on over there to do your civic duty.  The questions seem like the same ones they asked in Week #1, designed to reward the house guests who stir up the most emotions, positive or negative.


Kaitlyn spent all day on Friday waltzing around in her HoH robe, taking one-on-one meetings with each person, sometimes twice.  She has pledged loyalty to Angie, Haleigh and Fessy, and Tyler on the side as well. (Tyler was not a member of Foute so he's like her side piece.)

Kaitlyn nominated Scottie and Winston, accusing Winston of being a doctor in her nomination speech, apparently.  But the plan she wants to pull off is blindsiding Swaggy C, which is not something I am happy about.  I feel Swaggy C has potential for much entertainment and drama this season, and I'm sure Production feels the same way.  Particularly with couch potatoes like Angela skulking around, obviously hating everyone with great passion, but totally unwilling to express it.

Tyler told The Bros about the plan so they are relatively calm as we roll into Saturday's PoV competition.  It's the biggest PoV comp of the season, you know.  (I will say that every week, hopefully, as it's the sign of a great BB  season.)


We know Rachel got the Crap App, and she is demoralized to learn that the voting audience doesn't care much for her.  You've got to care in order to dislike someone, so perhaps she is consoling herself with that thought.  I'll bet she doubles down on her attempts to make out with Brett, to get that Brachel showmance off the ground in time for some Very Special Showmance Segments on the CBS show.

Apparently Rachel chose "YELL" as her punishment, which I'm hearing might feature Josh Martinez hollering at her.  Which would mean Josh Martinez is hollering at us, as well.  Great.  

The fans all think Tyler may have the "good" App, because if it were Swaggy C he would have already bragged to us about it.  Swaggy has figured out that Tyler is a rat, so Tyler may need that App, and some good powers to shut Swaggy down.

I want to root for The Bros in the PoV today, because they are so fun to loathe on the feeds, but I don't want Swaggy to leave, either.  And I am still having SO much trouble typing.  I have tried various cures to fix it, but so far the frozen cursor situation keeps coming back.  I have more to say, but not the patience to type it at the moment.