Thursday, July 5, 2018

Let's Watch What We All Wished For. #BB20

For the first time this season, I can watch the feeds in other parts of my house, rather than just my desk connected with an ethernet cable.  The timing was good, because the conversations have been on fire in the house as the first live show approaches, and the first live HoH competition.  Everything is at stake right now, depending on which side wins the power.

It's so rare for Scottie to be a part of anything on the live feeds that he's rarely seen on camera when I watch.  So these pictures prove he is still in the house.  So much has happened in the last 12 hours that I don't know what to think now.

What I have to say doesn't necessarily correspond to the pictures, so you'll need to use your imagination about that part.

The fans think Scottie wants Steve to stay in the game tonight, but I'm not positive about that.  I never see Scottie discuss his game at all, so who knows at this point.  Steve does have some decent relationships with guys in the house, so if Steve survives this vote, that likely benefits Scottie.  But we have a lot to talk about before we get fixated on that.

On the afternoon of July 4th (yesterday), Brett and Winston had a long talk summarizing why it is best for them that Steve stays in the house.  They went over their list of reasons why working with Steve was better for them, and then covered this list with Angela, who admitted they won her over, and then with Rachel, who eventually agreed as well.  But then again, Rachel is so blind by her obsession with having a showmance with Brett that I think she would agree with anything he said.

Did you know Rachel approached Brett the second day in the house and told him about Brendon and Rachel and how they had a famous showmance?  Yep. And she's been pursuing him ever since.

Brett:  She said we could be Brachel, but no way am I doing that in this house.  I'm scared to sleep by myself in a room because she'll come in and pounce.  But at least I feel she's solid in my back pocket, not just for me, but for the alliance.

(Both Winston and Brett were asked by their mothers not to make those types of mistakes on camera.  Winston's mother heard some talk about BB, and reminded him this was his time to shine, and to make the best of it.  Brett's mother flat out asked him not to jump in bed with a bunch of girls on TV.)

The next series of pictures is from this morning, as everyone scrambles to get ready for the live show rehearsals, which begin earlier than usual since the cast (and the crew) need to understand exactly what the format of the live broadcast will be.

So, as of yesterday, these are the reasons why Winston and Brett want the rest of their group to vote out Sam.

*  Keeping Steve can be a two-for-one deal, since they can get Steve to secure Scottie's vote for the next few evictions.
*  Steve knows this game, and is reasonable with his actions.
*  Steve will never win an HoH, so they don't have to worry about that.
*  Sam is openly saying she wants to go home, and telling certain house guests to their faces that they are fake. (ie. poor judgement, hard to work with)
*  Sam wants their votes, but then announced no one is going to be using her HoH room if she wins, proving how she has zero understanding of the social aspects of this game.
*  If they want to keep Sam, they would have to rely on Kaitlyn's swing vote, and she is an emotional train wreck that is difficult to trust.
*  If they save Sam, they can't be sure she would be loyal to them, because her emotions are so unstable.
*  Sam is too stupid to understand strategies in this game, and to carry them out successfully.
*  If Sam stays, she won't be a robot, so she will be in the house annoying everybody 24-7.
*  Sam won't be able to keep her mouth shut about strategy, and thus can't be trusted.

Angela agreed finally, saying the only downside to having Steve around is the snoring, and she can try to be understanding about that.  Rachel agreed to "start being nice" to Steve.

Then, last night, Kaycee and Tyler played a game of foosball upstairs, and kept up a steady game conversation that didn't look one bit suspicious.  They kept their eyes on the little foosball paddles and continued jeering or cheering as appropriate, while Tyler told her why he feels they need to keep Sam.  Namely, because she won the power of a "Plus Life".

Then, at some point in the wee hours, Tyler reconnected with Winston and Brett, after being up in the HoH room for so long with people outside of his core alliance hanging all over him.  (Tyler has been playing both sides, of course.)  Tyler told Winston and Brett about Sam's power, and unbelievably they seem to think that if they vote to save Sam this week, Sam might use her power to save Winston if he's on the block next week.  (Right.  Like that will happen.)

On Tuesday, when the shit hit the fan with all of the unwanted publicity, Angela, Rachel and JC were called in the Diary Room to speak with Allison Grodner.  I'm pretty sure that the other house guests knew it was serious, but they might not have known that Allison was the person on the other side of the glass.

All three were upset when they came out, and said they could not talk about it.  Both Angela and Rachel were BAWLING and were obviously devastated.  Winston and Brett were spinning, mentally, trying to figure out what was going on.  At first they thought they must have done something, since they are close to all three, but when Kaitlyn was called in next, they thought it might be a Los Angeles issue, since all of them live in the local area.

(Kaitlyn was called to the DR about something else, and was not upset when she returned to the house.)

Winston told Tyler that they thought North Korea might have invaded California or something, some sort of national incident that focused on LA.  Note that in the picture below, Brett leans over to apply the hair gel, staying in that position for at least 45 seconds to get some lift.

And Angela is virtually mute, speaking little to anyone, even though many people came and took their turn in front of the mirror.  The house guests practiced on some sort of apparatus in the backyard yesterday for an hour that is assumed to be related to the upcoming HoH comp, and it sounds like Angela did very well with it.  Both Winston and Brett want her to win HoH if they can help make that happen, since they know she will handle her house business like a personal vendetta.

Brett pointed out that it might be advantageous for them to casually throw out comparisons to other BB players about certain people, to plant seeds of doubt whenever possible.  Brett brings up how Devin acted in BB16, so full of power that he sunk his own game.

Brett:  All we have to say is something like, Swaggy looks like Devin.

Tyler:  No, don't say that.  Don't say that.  Say, he's acting like Devin instead.  Trust me.

There was tension and confusion as Winston said he wasn't getting it, then Brett said he thought he understood, but I'm not sure that is the case.  Obviously Angela and Rachel didn't fill them in on their conversations with Allison.

(Plus, Swaggy C looks NOTHING like Devin.)

Tyler said yesterday Angie told him he reminded her of Hayden.

Tyler:  I'm not sure, but didn't Hayden win?  And she said I remind her of him?  Thanks a lot, Rockstar.

Brett:  You need to go now, Rockstar.

These pictures are from yesterday, July 4th.  Brett said that at first, Angie told them that she didn't really watch Big Brother, but her family did.  But then they both heard her out by the pool telling stories about BB2, so they think she was lying about her game knowledge.

There was a big story this week about Tyler's hairstyle for tonight.  Supposedly he's going to wear his hair up if they have Kaitlyn's vote to evict Steve tonight, to signal the other voters that they have the votes to go ahead and flip the game.  But after what is going on in the hours leading up to the live show, I'm not sure Tyler is going to have time to worry about his hair.

By The Way:  I think America prefers the man bun, rather than the Shirley Temple curls.

Tyler also confirmed that Swaggy C and Bayleigh were an actual couple, sneaking around to have sex late at night.  Winston and Brett suspected this, and want to use this to create drama since Swaggy has tried hard to spread rumors about Winston and Angela's relationship.  (No showmance there.)

If the other side of the house wins HoH (Swaggy's side) then they talked about ways to immediately put the target on someone else, since they expect to both be on the radar for eviction, along with Angela.  The "Baggy" showmance is an obvious area for them to exploit, and they plan to point the blame on Scottie, saying that he told Angela about the showmance, in hopes of tanking Swaggys game.

Plan #1:  To mention casually to Bayleigh that they heard Scottie say that he heard Swaggy and Bayleigh "bumping uglies" under the covers the other night.

Plan #2:  They think being direct might be a better choice, by telling Swaggy directly that Scottie told them he "saw jizz on the sheets".

Brett thinks Swaggy might really fly off the handle and throw punches at that point.  And that Bayleigh will directly confront the source (ie:  Scottie).

Brett:  If it looks like they're going to win HoH, there's no reason why we shouldn't start this campaign on the sidelines of the competition.  I'm doing it.

Winston:  Absolutely.

Rachel and Kaitlyn did a funny bit, pretending that they were trying out for a show.  Then Rachel sat down and spoke to her in the same way she is spoken to when she auditions for a show.  It was cruelly funny, and made me glad I don't have to do this in my profession.

Bayleigh "auditioned" too, and it was funny.  She "sang" in a comical way, joking around, but Kaitlyn and Rachel were super phony about saying her performance was "life changing" and then abruptly calling in the next girl.

It's not called Show Friends for a good reason. Lots and lots of rejection.

Now the pictures flip back to this morning, as Sam styled Rachel's hair and sounded like she had hope she could stay.  Rachel told her that the vote might be very close, and might be last minute situation.  Then Sam said something that Production didn't want us to hear.

Sam: You know, I'm kinda feeling now that I want to stay, because I think I might be able to do this.

(She's been saying she wants to leave, and Production doesn't want us to know that nugget of truth.  They want all the sheeple to keep right on cheering for the Sambot.)

After Tyler changed Brett and Winston's mind about keeping Sam, they agreed that the bright side was that Sam could keep right on cleaning the house, and cutting their hair for them, and also potentially save them with her special power.  Brett correctly pointed out that it made sense that America voted to give Sam the power, because she's "just like Donny, and America loved Donny and voted him America's Favorite".

Brett:  Donny was a nice guy, and represented most of America, so they liked him.

Didn't Angela just curl her hair?  Maybe these pictures are out of order. There are a lot of people crammed in that bathroom, and there was plenty of tension in the room as various people floated in and out.

Brett admitted that he's been "getting plenty of face time with Kaitlyn and Haleigh", but that Rachel's obvious feelings for him are ruining his game with the other girls.  He said he might have to just tell Rachel that it's not going to happen inside the house.  They can have a great time outside and are already planning to go to Vegas as a group, but he can't cross the line inside the house.

Brett:  If it's going to work out, it will work out after this is over.  I have my whole life to make that work, but only a limited time to work in this game.  (CORRECT.)

Winston is glad that the two of them, plus Tyler, aren't getting blinded by the girls in a way that will mess up their games.  Brett doesn't even want to lay in bed alone with any of them, because "as grown men" it might be hard to handle.

Winston: I'm glad they're restricting the alcohol, because I might get too comfortable with that.  If you're with Rachel and you feel worried, like you're tempted to make a mistake, just get up and come find me, no matter what time.  We can't let showmances ruin our games.

Brett also pointed out that he heard Rachel announce to the girls that she's here to play the game this summer, and nothing else.

Brett:  Nothing can be further from the truth!  She was on me on day two about being Brachel!

At the end of the show the other night, we saw footage of Kaycee doing her hair as the closing credits scrolled.  It looked like her hair is at least waist length, didn't it?

One open item that The Bros had with Tyler after their meeting was that they wanted him to confirm with Sam exactly what her power was, and how it could help them, and for how long.

Tyler said it took four conversations with her to even know what he knows now, and that Sam put him on a "need to know" basis about the details.  I don't think Sam knows many details about it, clearly.  And we don't, either.  Only Production knows.

Yep.  Only Production.  It's up to them what happens next, and to whom.

Everyone loved Rachel's hair after Sam finished it.  The girls said that Rachel never needs to wear extensions if her real hair looks like this.

Kaitlyn:  Yeah, you look so much older!

Rachel:  WHAT.  I don't want that.

Kaitlyn:  Well, I mean you look more sophisticated....

 It looks like flirting, and it was, but these two were chatting about how much fun they would have partying together later. Fassie is sure that Kaitlyn doesn't know how to party like they do it in Orlando.

Kaitlyn:  Well, I'm going to take you to New York City, so....

Kaitlyn wants Fassie to come to her cousin's wedding this fall, and he wondered if there will be a lot of single ladies there.

Kaitlyn:  Of course! And you'll be famous by then, so everyone will know you're my friend from Big Brother.

These pictures are from July 4th, when JC came in the room with cream cheese, I think, and all the girls dipped a chip at his invitation.  Kaycee recommended dipping Cheetos in cream cheese, which sounds like a Highdea if I've ever heard one.

The Bros and Tyler talked about JC, saying that he's one of the funniest people they've ever met, and that Production probably had no idea what they were getting into when they cast him.  Winston didn't think they would get along at first, but after two days they are good friends and hang out often.

Brett:  I was dying, he called me a little bitch.  He said, I'm the gay one, but you're the little bitch.

They agreed that JC is not afraid to say anything to anybody in that house, and wondered what happened between him and Swaggy C.  They noticed that seemingly overnight JC wanted Swaggy out of the game, and seems determined to defy his voting wishes this week (by keeping Sam).  Brett guessed that JC heard Swaggy say a word that he didn't like, or express a thought that was unkind.

JC told them he's not a gay guy who likes to shop, because he'd rather train and work out.  They know he holds several powerlifting records for his size, even noting that he's on the low end of his weight class, so it is especially impressive.

Tyler:  He's a ripped motherfucker!  I had no idea he was so stout.

Brett:  I know if I told the girls they had saggy tits, I'd be in a lot of trouble....

Tyler: He just says it, and they show him!  They all show him!

They agreed it would be hilarious if JC turned out to be straight, saying it would be a brilliant twist. They also said that JC appears overconfident in the game, and that the influence he has in his real life may not translate to playing Big Brother.  I guess he told them that he has to referee disagreements with other performers (potentially Ru's drag queen crew) but the game might not go down like that.  Once JC starts running his mouth, they can never get a word in edgewise.

Yes Rachel, we see you hon.  You're on TV.  Now get your head in the game, please.

Brett, Winston and Tyler admire how Haleigh is playing the game by flirting with all the guys.  They think she's playing her role perfectly and thinks she has them all snowed.  She's the girl who never pays for a drink, they said.

They know Fassie likes her, so they want to really dig at him by flirting back with Haleigh.  During their off-feed fireworks show yesterday, she was sitting between Tyler and Brett, with Fassie looking over frequently to see what was going on.

Winston:  I was hoping you'd put your arm around her.

Brett:  Believe me, I tried, but Tyler already had his arm around her.  So I was like, let him have that.  But if I win HoH, I'm going to tell Haleigh she can sleep up there every night.....DOOR LOCKED.

They joked about Fassie asking why the HoH CD was Barry Manilow music, and why the room smelled like lotion.  Later they recalled a few stories that Haleigh must have told them before the feeds went live, stories about sneaking around her parents' house with guys she dated, and also being part of the Mile High club.

They concluded that Haleigh is a bigger player in the game than Swaggy C, being social and working the guys all day long.

An interesting look for Fassie.  They don't have cool nights this time of year in Orlando.

So...just before the feeds went to break for the pre-live show HoH lockdown, Tyler approached Kaitlyn about her vote, trying to lock in her support for Sam.  He threw Swaggy's name into it, saying Swaggy basically threatened anyone who voted for Steve to stay.  He alluded to the power that would "basically fuck" anyone who voted for Steve to stay.

But this did not go over well with Kaitlyn.  Not at all.  She ran and told Haleigh about it and the two of them are very angry about Swaggy being on a power trip.

But did Swaggy do all of that?  Not today.  He's done it in bits and pieces as his storyline played out this week, but it's not like he pulled some sort of Don Corleone speech today.  Tyler is on dangerous ground here....because when Sam stays the shit is going to hit the fan.

At least, I hope so.  I wanted Sam to have to burn her power after getting the votes to evict, but  now it looks like Steve will leave the game, and might even be released to go home, since Sam would not be using her power yet, after all.  Steve might not even have the chance to return, since that was Sam's power.

So we might as well have drama, while we're at it.  And you might not like this Hot Take, but if Winston and Brett can stay in the game this week, with or without having the HoH power, then they might be the New Chilltown, as far as Dastardly Dynamic Duos go.

I tweeted some action today and so many Bro Haters came out of the woodwork to disparage them.  That's the sign of a good season, I think.  And a nasty season for the fans, so let's all remember this is a game and enjoy the ride.

REMEMBER:  This is what we all wished for, as Super Fans.  We did not want a one-sided smear like BB19, and we didn't want to have showmances rule the game.  Everyone in that house is trying to play a game, and most are trying to play Big Brother.  So let's be thankful and enjoy the excitement of the first live show.

Angela really bragged about her social game, pre-season.  But now it seems she can barely stand to look at most of the people in the house.  If she is on the losing end of things this week, or even if she gets stuck with the Crap App, I can see her wanting to leave the game, particularly in light of her little sit down with Allison Grodner.

I think the incident was minor enough to totally blow over by the end of the season, if nothing new crops up, but I probably wouldn't feel that way if I was in her flip flops.  I'd be paranoid as hell, probably having nightmares about what life would be like in September.

JC doesn't care.  Or doesn't seem to be worried about it.

One more thing:  Winston and Brett DO NOT like Angie Rockstar.  You might know that she reportedly BLEW UP on Winston a few times in the first week of the game, for little things that seemed like big things to her.

Brett said that after this season, when he is asked what his biggest decision was in Big Brother, he would say not speaking his mind to Angie Rockstar.  They can't stand listening to her talk, particularly the day she was talking about politics out by the pool.

Winston:  And JC just shut it down.  I loved it.  He was educated about it, and just said his piece and that he didn't care to discuss it further.

NOTE:  I'm just reporting what was said here.  I really don't want to turn this into a political slamming match like what happened today on Twitter.  Production casts people with different views on life ON PURPOSE so there is no need to attack anyone's views.  Or assign views to people that might not even be valid.  We wanted a diverse cast!  And we finally got one!

Brett said he didn't like to discuss politics on the outside, even one-on-one with someone, because it can be so divisive.  And he's right.  Brett is right about a lot of things.

(As a manager in Corporate America, I was trained to NEVER discuss politics or religion, and to shut it down immediately if it happened within my team.  And that training has served me well throughout life.  But I'm not a politician, obviously.)

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn is planning to take Angie to Burning Man, and also feels that "Vermont is somewhere they need to go".

Sorry Steve, but I'm not sure you will make it out alive this week.  But you will have a soft landing place with Glenn, Kevin and Donny, who will welcome you to their club with open arms.  Winston feels Steve played too hard, too fast, but what else could he do?  He was targeted immediately, but he had a great showing in the PoV comp and got through two weeks without anyone suspecting his real career.

I think you can call that a win, as far as Big Brother goes.  I hope he is an active viewer and fan for the rest of the summer.  I'm pretty sure he's leaving tonight.  The Bros have spoken, and Kaitlyn just received the message in the Storage Room.