Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It's Not Bragging If You Can Back It Up. #BB20

Well, my internet problems are in the process of being addressed, but I'm way behind now with my updates.  Instead of freaking out about it, I will cover a few current topics and then see if I can salvage some pictures I took in the last few days, which seem like a year ago in BBT. 

First of all, we need to discuss this:

Production holding a sit-down with troublesome house guests is a rather new development.  Usually the conversation doesn't take place until they are already out of the game, even though TMZ is typically involved throughout the seasons, gleefully reporting every questionable comment or action.

BBUK will immediately warn a wayward house guest who says or does the wrong thing, and is not afraid to boot them if they don't shape up.  I'm sure CBS doesn't want or need the drama this season, so maybe that is why they made this announcement in such a proactive manner.  This is what the inside spoiler had to say about these sit-down meetings with the girls.

I don't know why this person feels their "speculation" is such a big deal.  Supposedly they know the facts, so they shouldn't have to guess at it.

This is only going to make Angela more boring, I'm afraid.  She usually just sits around like a bump on a log with a migraine, so this might make her even more reluctant to speak.  I can't imagine why CBS would think that JC wouldn't be involved in scandals here and there all summer long.  The world he lives in is a bizarre world of club people and club drugs.  Notoriety probably puts thousands of asses in the seats of his shows, so any type of exposure should be a huge boost for his career.   JC does seem to be sharper and more savvy in general than many of the other house guests, so perhaps he will try to tone himself down.

There is a GIF out there of the first report of JC's mischief.  It's certainly a different scenario than what was reported on Reddit, which just described the incident without putting it in context. I can't find the GIF at the moment, but there were at least four girls with their hands all over Tyler, rubbing him down, and JC snuck up and grabbed Tyler's crotch and everyone laughed.  But the scene looked creepy to me before JC even entered the camera frame, to be honest.

Like Tyler, I'm sure Production just wants to play the game this year without a lot of bullshit.  But JC says and does a lot of things every day that don't fit the the mold of a prime time TV show.  Lynne Spillman, who has been in charge of casting Survivor since it began here in the US, just got let go when her contract was up for renewal.  Was this related to all of the dirt going on with contestants who's season has yet to air?  There have been incidents that indicated contestants didn't care about contracts they signed regarding confidentiality, and also some stuff a basic social media history check might have uncovered.  (One contestant already got dis-invited to his live Finale, and is likely being edited out of every possible scene as we speak.)

Big Brother might need to tighten up to avoid the same fate.  When you mess with the bull, sometimes you get the horns.


The flashback feature was finally fixed a day or so ago, so now we can choose to watch something other than "now" if we'd like. As a test, I flashed back randomly and caught a conversation in the Have Not room between Winston, Brett and Kaitlyn.  Rachel burst in and talked to them for a few minutes before wishing them a good night and leaving.

After she left, Kaitlyn snickered and said "See?  Isn't that what we just talked about?"  I'm not sure, but I'm guessing they were either talking about Rachel being so theatrical all the time, or maybe having a crush on one of the guys.  Brett, I think.  I've heard Brett snickering with Winston about how he's going to turn Rachel down all summer.

Steve is always up first, and does the wash when the backyard is open. They are at the stage of the game when all of the clean towels are gone as soon as they are stacked up in the bathroom. 

I'm super tired of these punishments, so I can imagine how Kaycee and Sam must feel.  When I see all the fans who gush about how cute "Sambot" is I feel like I'm in the wrong country or something.

I still don't know any more about Sam than I did after her interview with Ross Matthews.  I don't know why she changed careers so many times, if she's been married or in love before, or if she likes men or women.  She may even have kids, who knows.  I don't know why a "full time welder" would still have to live in a camper parked in their parent's backyard.

She doesn't have student loans.  Or, presumably a house payment.  I got the impression from her intro video on the premiere that she wasn't thrilled with her living situation.  But I've never heard her mention it, or tell any stories about what it's like to work with so many male welders.  Do we even know what she welds?

As of right now, it looks like Sam will be evicted this week, but we know that she has some sort of chance to return to the game.  It might be best for her to have that chance a few weeks from now, to give everyone a break from her.  I know being the Robot sucks for her, but she always makes every conversation about herself, rather than contributing to conversations already under way.

I watched her put Haleigh on the spot in front of everyone, saying I don't know how to do yoga, would you teach me how to do yoga, everyone else already knows how to do yoga, I've never even tried to do yoga, and on and on.  It was exhausting.  And she did the same thing to someone else (Kaycee, maybe?) about working out in general, pointing out over and over how unfair it is that everybody in there already has their own routines.  I even watched Sam the Person do free weights with Brett one time, looking pretty solid in her movements, but chattering away about how she's never really wanted to work out, she doesn't really know much about working out, it never really interested her to work out.....JUST SHUT UP AND DO IT ALREADY.

Kaitlyn is a the yoga teacher in that house, but Sam already burned bridges with her the first week in the house, when she told everyone that Kaitlyn stole her hairbrush and lied about it. I'm not even sure if Sam's hairbrush was actually missing.  Kaitlyn is kooky and all, but do you think she would take a stranger's hairbrush, a very personal item, and expect to get away with it? Maybe Kaitlyn has the same type of hairbrush and Sam misunderstood.  But how GREAT would it be if Kaitlyn accused her right back of being the one to steal the brush?  She still can, you know.  There's still time.

Anyway, Kaitlyn is not the one to start shit with in that house.  She talks to way more people and has strong bonds with people on both sides of the house, of both genders.

Kaitlyn is crazy as a loon and Production must be loving that casting choice right now.  She's making up for at least three duds right now with her Love Triangle drama, not to mention displaying her bitchy side so gleefully with Sam.

Angie entertained the group with some surprisingly cogent thoughts about the health care system.  She doesn't think it's fair for someone with cancer to have to file bankruptcy to fight it.  And the costs of having children is way too expensive, too.

Angie: They say, you should wait until you can afford it to have kids, but should I? Because then you might need in vitro to get pregnant, and there is a higher risk of complications.

She thinks other countries have figured out heath care and education so we should be able to do that, too.  Angie would be willing to pay more taxes if she knew everyone could get an education and access to the health care they need.  She also thinks drug addicts probably needed mental care and they shouldn't be judged so harshly.

Steve was sitting across from her, smoking, and agreed with her several times, saying "you've got a point there".  And she did.

Here is Swaggy, reading the good book.  He's been pretty low key lately, but my feed watching was limited so maybe I've missed a few things.  Winston and Brett have been gleefully plotting how to make sure Swaggy and Fassie are both Have Nots next week.  They think the diet of slop will break them both down and they can't wait to see it.

And by the way, Swaggy and Bayleigh have been doing The Deed in there, but have said they don't want to sneak around anymore so they will wait until one of them is HoH to go another round. started having sex in front of cameras before two weeks was over, but now that you've done it you think you'll just refrain until further notice.  Right.

Swaggy better read a few more chapters of that novel.

This is the Have Not Room, whose decor is no worse than that in any of the other bedrooms.  It's kind of cool, actually.  The beds are round gray "pods" that are not unlike the spider web beds from BBOTT.  Brett and Winston have continued to sleep in them, even though they're not Have Nots anymore, allowing them to speak freely about the game and the other players.

Kaycee checked in with them, those two bros, all agreeing that Swaggy C might have a rude awakening if they win HoH this week.

In the left margin of this picture, you cans see Kaycee's unitard as she worked out this morning with Brett and Winston in the living room.  They did a punishing series of lunges, push ups, burpees, and cardio and I didn't hear Kaycee complain once about having to wear that unitard, or having trouble keeping up with the guys.

But the camera guys didn't show us Kaycee much during the workout.  Instead we saw this.

And this. I really find myself not liking Winston, but he's going to be interesting to watch in the game.  He's got a sense of superiority that is palpable, and a healthy dose of entitlement.   Last night he and Brett were saying the only reason they would want to keep Sam in the game because she cleans all the time.

Winston:  I don't care how dirty it is in here....I don't care about any of that.  I'm just concerned with the game.

They both say Sam talks about wanting to go home, and that she's never even seen the show before.  And so many sentences involved the phrase Sam is "so stupid,  she ________"

Brett: And the way she spoke to them out there?

(Production---Sam had a tirade during the PoV comp that required re-shooting parts of the comp.)

I also heard Winston mention Angie while paying Jenga with Brett, saying "great example to set for your children".  So yeah, Winston isn't going to bore us.  He's kind of a Cody Nickson, if Cody had played the game to everyone's face, saving his scorn only for his most trusted allies.  Cody with a social game.  And no showmance, because I don't think Winston is going to have one in there.  Unless you count Brett.

Haleigh likes to do her yoga early, alone, or at least she did this day.  Those are the kind of pants you wear if you're really serious about it, or maybe if you take a coed class.  A prominent local allergy doctor used to put his mat right in front of mine every Tuesday night and he was flashing everyone left and right in there.

Haleigh self-corrected her Warrior pose with a few adjustments.

And Haleigh can do the Crow. I've tried and tried, but I can't do this one.  My dog can, but not me.

Brett did some math, and thinks this Thursday might be a Double Eviction.  Everyone argued with him, saying it was too early for that, but Brett pointed out that last year a guy got sent home the first day and everyone kind of took that in, pondering.

They were surprised not to have a live eviction last week, and Kaycee and Sam found out they'd be stuck in their punishments a little longer, because they had only been told it was over after the first live eviction.

That's Scottie walking by, if you don't know.  Scottie is not on the feeds very much.  He's keeping a low profile.  I'm sure he would love it if Winston, Brett, Swaggy or Fassie wins HoH, because they are all going after each other first, and everyone knows it. He can just float to whatever side wins, like a floater does.  He might get the next Crap App, of course, but sometimes there is a price you have to pay.

The back of Haleigh's top is cute.  Haleigh is flirting with the guys, but so what?  She has said she is NOT interested in a romance with Fassie, and might be more interested in Tyler, from what I've heard.  But she seems to be a thinker, and has been able to hold her emotions with Kaitlyn after the whole Love Triangle situation shook the house.  They made up, and Haleigh said she would never get in a showmance with someone without talking to Kaitlyn first.

But when Swaggy told her that Kaitlyn was jealous over Fassie's attention, Haleigh was PISSED and you could hear her breathing accelerate as she paced the room.

Haleigh: I'm low-key heated right now.

Swaggy:  I know!  I can tell!

But Haleigh patched it up with Kaitlyn, keeping their tight bond and angering the other side of the house, which was waiting to pounce on Kaitlyn's vote.  People were watching them talk on the Spy Cam, and were groaning when it became obvious that they weren't going to yell at each other.

This is going to be what the fans remember about Sam years from now, like Donny's beard.  She will be happy about it later and can probably get some computer commercials out of it. Or appearances at the local Best Buy.

Now that you mention it, Angela's stomach is getting a lot of sun.  What is with that pathetic tree in the pot behind her?  Why is that necessary?

Tyler's already seeming to sink back into the crowd in there, even though he's been HoH for nearly two weeks.  So many others think they're running the show that Tyler seems like an innocent bystander.  I know he wants Sam to stay so she can save him with her power but there are a lot of stacked "IFs" involved with that.  Apparently Tyler told Sam he was a Super Fan of the show.  I thought he was going to keep his secrets a secret.  I hope those loose lips aren't going to be a problem for Tyler.

Rachel always sees the camera, when it's seeing her.  Always.

Kaitlyn doesn't seem self-conscious about the cameras at all.  I'm surprised at how much fun it is to watch her on the feeds.   And she really does look just like Nicole Richie.

I wonder if she did steal that hair brush.  We know Kaitlyn doesn't like Sam. Maybe she was in that "go screw yourself" mindset and Sam's luggage was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This was Swaggy telling Haleigh that Kaitlyn had been all over the house talking about Haleigh starting a showmance with Fassie.  I forgot I took pictures when I brought it up earlier.

She jumped up when reacting to him, as Swaggy dragged Kaitlyn for doing her boyfriend at home wrong for carrying on like this "on national TV".

Brett told Winston that his ability to communicate and effectively confront people when necessary is an asset to him in the outside world, but not something he should display in this game.  So he's been letting a lot of things go that he would normally react to at home.

If Brett can keep doing that, I think the fans will all be on his side by Jury.  As a young Deion Sanders said, "It's not bragging if you can back it up".

I couldn't find that particular Deion Sanders quote, but I found a few others to honor Prime Time's contributions to the world of sports quotes.

Brett sat like this with Haleigh and gave her a shoulder massage, and it didn't seem like real flirting at all.  They were pleasant, but it felt harmless, with no real sexual energy.  At least, that's what it seemed like to me.  Maybe Brett really is circuitry and wires, as the old saying goes.

Winston doesn't seem bothered by the cameras whirling and craning to get shots like this.  As I suspected in my intro post for Winston, he does attend surgeries for orthopedic cases.  I guess he sells the hospital the implants needed in surgery.  Maybe Winston is over there in the corner using Quickbooks to generate an invoice for the hospital:  one titanium kneecap, three titanium flexi-screws.  Or whatever.

I'd be interested to know what someone like Winston would be doing in the OR.  He's not squeamish about blood and guts, that's for sure.  I think Winston might be a savage in this game, with the right timing and pressure.  Remember how nasty Clay Honeycutt went in his last week in the game during BB17?

Kaycee's over it.  I dread those stupid "shunning" ceremonies at the end of the costume punishments. They are so cringey to me.


Mark McGrath is a polite tweeter and was taking questions about CBB recently.  He had to acknowledge that he was not aware that the BB20 house had a fish tank, but has been notified on Twitter from countless people that he was incorrect.  I'll bet.

Start at the bottom and read upwards.  Interesting comment, about the smoking.

And Derrick was confused by the Jokers Updates House guest rankings, too, and gently wondered why Sam is #2, and why Swaggy C is at the bottom.

Derrick will be blue in the face trying to convince people though.  I'm sure Derrick wishes we weren't such a shallow, stupid bunch, but we are.  I love how the Tweeter told Derrick about Donny's place in the polls during BB16.