Monday, July 2, 2018

You May Hate Me, But I Hated You First. #BB20

On last night's CBS episode, we saw the App Room and the way that twist will play out over the summer.  I'm guessing the "apps" the winners and losers have to choose from will stay the same each week, but they may not.  This twist is a way that Production can definitely guide the action in a particular direction, if they choose to do so.

I don't really care about this very much, but apparently it is different than we originally expected.  Winning this gives Sam the CHANCE to come back in the game if she is evicted.  And if she doesn't use it during the first three evictions, the 4th person evicted will have the CHANCE to return to the game.

====>  So, basically we're going to have a Battle Back situation.  And it is highly likely that we would have had this result anyway.

We don't know if Sam or Steve will be evicted this week, but it's not worth getting worked up over, in my opinion.  Production just uses the theme of the season to re-brand previous plot twists.  Most of the CBS casuals probably never even notice that. 

And to participate, you can't just click some radio buttons on the CBS website.  You apparently have to interact with some bot on Facebook, or whatever.  The questions are designed to be sure the most and least liked house guests are chosen each week for the "good" prize.

So all you Swaggy C haters might end up making him the highest-trending player next week.  But if that happened Swaggy won't know that he won because the haters really hate him.  Which is hilarious and part of Swaggy C's charm.  On last night's show, when Bayleigh told him she wished she felt the same way about herself, as he feels about himself, I was just nodding my head.

Yep.  She nailed it.  Swaggy C has the blind self-confidence we all wish we had.  It's good to be self-aware, too, but on a reality TV show Swaggy is TV GOLD.

Late yesterday afternoon, Angie sat in the HoH room, giving herself a mani-pedi and talking all sorts of smack with Swaggy C.  She doesn't care for Winston or Angela anymore than Swaggy C does, apparently, so they both talked about how those two could just get the eff out of the house as soon as possible.

Swaggy is incensed over the fact that Kaitlyn has already told them that she has a boyfriend named Joey for the last five years or so, but is still crushing hard on Fassie.  This really bothers him---I'm guessing the biggest issue for him is that Fassie is in their alliance, and Swaggy doesn't want Fassie screwing up his game for Kaitlyn.

The cameras show us a quick shot of Bayleigh in the backyard, who may or may not be messing up Swaggy C's own game right now.

Swaggy gives Angie the familiar and oft-repeated story of how he and Bayleigh are different, because he referred to her as "his sister" for the first few days of the game.  And finally Bayleigh corrected his words, telling him "I am not like your sister".  Swaggy sometimes tells this story as if to let us know that they tried to be just friends first, but other times as if he ran some sort of game on her, to get her to the point where she had to admit her feelings for him. I think Swaggy also tells this story as if to let everyone know that their showmance is a secret relationship.  As if.

Angie also told Swaggy that she is growing weary of Rachel putting on such a show in the house all the time.  She had a conversation with Rachel that was a normal one, about family and so forth, and when Rachel left the room both Angie and Swaggy agreed that was a version of Rachel they liked much better.

Swaggy:  Yeah, I could hang with that Rachel outside of here.

Angie:  I'd like, go see her show and clap and all. But I don't need to see her performing a show in the house every minute.

Swaggy is watching the Spy Screen and watches both Kaitlyn and Fassie move about the house, very upset when it looks like they are leaving the room to spend time together.

Swaggy:  Our alliance is in big trouble!

Apparently the flirting they have been doing is very heavy and noticeable, because Angie says if she was acting that way in the BB house, her husband Chris would have already moved his shit out and would leave a note for her on the front door.

Angie: I mean, I told Fassie, you fine, but I've got a man at home.

I also watched Angie taunting Brett yesterday, saying she sees him tell all of the girls in the house that they look beautiful today, but he can't even compliment her look as an older woman.  Angie can lay down some playful smack, I must say.  It was funny enough that the cameras stayed on Angie as she said this, not even flashing over to show us Brett's reaction.

That's Haliegh in the aqua harem pants that you see on the Spy Cam.  And that's a very messy kitchen counter that you see there on the left.

Angie lets Swaggy rank on Kaitlyn for a few minutes, and then points out that Kaitlyn may have a boyfriend, but we don't know what their relationship is like, or what their agreement is for the summer.  It's a long distance relationship, I think, since he's still back home in New York.

Angie:  And it may be like what I saw Evil Dick say.  Remember Daniele had a boyfriend and she just fell in deep with a guy in the house.

Swaggy: Yeah.  Dominic.

Angie: No, the first time.  There was a guy in the house (Nick) that she had mad feelings for, and Evil Dick told her, you're young, and it's okay that you feel this way, so you might want to just go for it.  It might be like that for Kaitlyn, we don't know.....

Swaggy and Angie then went through every BB season and Swaggy named the couples, and also the couples that are still together.  He was very up on the latest news, even that Mark and Elena are still together.

Swaggy:  Brendon and Rachel....Dani and Dominic....Jeff and Jordan......Jessica and Cody....


Swaggy:  ....and except for Dani and Dominic, all of them have been on The Amazing Race.  So that shows you that even if you get evicted, you can still turn up on other shows.

(I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see Swaggy C have to roll cheese wheels up a Swiss mountain, or whatever, and it will be even better if he and Bayleigh HATE EACH OTHER by then.  That is TV GOLD right there and you all know it.)

During this conversation, Winston is letting his real feelings loose in the hammock with Angela, who is one of the most boring house guests, but has some incredible abdominal muscles.

Winston: I hate his stupid T-shirts....and I'm going to call him Chris, or Christopher for the rest of the summer, like his father intended.  You can't just give yourself your own nickname.

(I think we have to take a poll of famous rappers and where their rap names originated, before we can all make that conclusion.  Maybe Violent Jay and Shaggy 2 Dope were named by their homies in school, but today's social media-conscious rappers surely have a hand in their own branding strategies. Just saying.)

(Are you impressed that I know the names of the Insane Clown Posse guys?  A guy I used to travel with for work used to make me laugh so hard, talking about the Jugalows and so forth.)

Angela also said this about Steve: I feel bad that every time he comes in the room, I leave.  I'll have to stop doing that.  It's noticeable.

Winston:  Oh, I'll spend some time with him later on.

Does that mean they are planning on giving Steve the boot this week?  I know Angela wants to keep Sam, but I thought Winston and his bros want Steve to survive the block.

It doesn't feel romantic to me, but who knows at this point.  Winston frequently talks about how he has a hard time meeting girls where he lives.  His last girlfriend was a set-up by a friend who wanted Winston to meet his cousin.  She lived a few hours away.  Winston doesn't want to settle, he wants to find the right girl.  I heard him say later that she doesn't have to have a hard body like Angela, and that Angela is kind of a freak of nature with her physique and how much she loves to work out.

Winston:  I'd like to go to the gym with my ideal girl, but I want to get drunk and eat pizza rolls together, too.

Later I heard him mention Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Culpo as girls he would date.

Haleigh made some sort of concoction of ground beef and veggies that everyone loved because it was so salty.  Sam made the non-robot rounds to find out if people wanted to have a family dinner, or just grab something for themselves.  Rachel said she's had hummus for dinner so many times in the house and is getting used to not having a big sit-down meal.

I'll bet Haleigh is  doing a scan to see what Fassie might be up to out there.  And if Kaitlyn is out there, too.

There is trouble on the horizon with this Love Triangle, friends.  Yep.

I don't remember what they were talking about, but I do remember thinking Bayleigh is smart to involve herself with other people for conversation and just hanging out, not just Swaggy C.

Last night I heard Kaitlyn discussing some comments she heard Bayleigh make about her body, saying she needed to "get rid of this" while motioning to her stomach.  Kaitlyn said they need to be careful and not make judgmental comments about each other's bodies because everyone is beautiful. Or something like that.

I'm not sure if Bayleigh has told everyone about being Miss Missouri USA or not.

JC was saying that he loves the look of a girl with abs.  Sam had joined their group and made an ignorant comment saying she was confused, because doesn't JC like men?

JC:  I do, but that doesn't mean I can't think a woman is attractive.  I can't deny that.

And this was weird.  Sam came outside and got in the same chair as Haleigh, wrapping herself around her like this.  Why the need to touch everybody?  How about some personal space?

Sam: Haleigh, I feel like this...I'm in this situation, and I may leave, but that doesn't mean I don't want to spend time like this.....when I'm myself....and get to know everybody.

(And she knows she needs to make friends with people if she comes back into the game.  You do know that they had to re-shoot part of the PoV competition because Sam kept cursing at the production PAs who were on the roof, "shocking" her, don't you?  She called them "mother fuckers" and made some of the game film unusable due to that.  JC had to repeat many of his hosting lines because she could be heard yelling "Fuck you" in the background.  So....damage control.)

JC came over and started pulling on Haleigh's feet.

Sam:  Don't.  You're going to hurt her.

JC:  Haleigh likes it rough.  (ha ha ha ha)

Then Sam went over to the smoking area and immediately started talking about how Haleigh doesn't like her, but she tried.  I'm not sure if she brought her own smokes, or if she's mooching off Steve's pack.

Angie and Steve both smoke, too.  We haven't had any smokers in a few seasons, so this feels new to me.  If you don't know, they are only allowed to smoke in a particular area of the backyard, on the couches.  They can't travel with a lighted cigarette.

No surprise that the three least-fit people in the house are the smokers.  Just saying, ya'll.

Instead of the puppies and kittens, or highlights presented by Big Jeff, this season we are seeing bits and pieces from previous BB seasons, which is very fun to see.  I don't think they are running complete episodes from the past, just short snippets, which might even relate to some of the competitions or twists we will see this season.

Most of the old stuff wasn't even shot on digital film (or whatever) so it feels primitive.  And it's fun to see, making it a little hard to run to the kitchen or away from the computer.

This is BB10's Old Jerry, famous for the "YOU'RE GOING HOME" line.


This morning, around 6:00 am BBT, I turned on my live feeds and saw Winston reading his tiny little Bible.  And then I heard what sounded like Marsha the Moose's voice yammering away on the intercom.

When the camera switched to a sleeping Fessie, I knew it was time for a delivery from Hamazon Swine. Marsha had to repeat himself a few times before Fassie realized it wasn't a nightmare, this was real.

He trudged to the front door and picked up his package, which was waiting for him on the right side.  The novelty of this punishment wore off a few days ago, it seems.  Fassie tore open the box and pulled out the little silver covered dish and waited, dreading it.

Winston came down the hall to keep him company and JC appeared on the scene, too, genuinely interested in Fassie's fate.

JC: Is it a lot?  Do you have to eat a lot?

Fassie opened the lid and groaned.  "Are you kidding me?", he said as he saw what was waiting for him.  Winston told him he's almost halfway done with the punishment, and he's "almost on the back side" of this.

Steve appeared and the four guys had a nice chat while Fassie grimly worked on his plate of vegan ham.  He didn't bother cooking it, but instead just put sauce on the rolled-up slices, taking his time and not talking much about it.  Steve said he laughed when he heard Fessie was getting a  delivery, but said he felt bad about it later.

It sounds like JC hadn't been in bed very long, and planned to eat and go right back to sleep.   Steve says he tried to use pillows to muffle his snoring and is very sorry about how loud it is.

Winston:  It's okay dude.  It could just as well be me doing that.

Steve:  I thought I was quiet, who knows.

Steve knows the girls are upset about the snoring and says he didn't realize how hard it must be on his wife.  He knows his dog Buzz has taken over his side of the bed at home and is probably snoring now.

Apparently JC made an impression yesterday by working out so hard and so long under the hot sun.  He made some sort of comment saying people probably still think his behavior is an act.

Steve:  Oh, I don't think anything about you is an act....I know you have the most energy all hours of the day, you don't like to wear a shirt, you don't like to wear a microphone...

JC:  I hate the microphone.

Steve: don't like people telling you what to do, you don't want to get up until 1:00 in the's all real.

Fessie struggles, pulling off the rolls of faux meat from the toothpicks that display them.  At one point of the BB interview process, Steve weighed around 283, but  probably around 260 when the game started, after doing some quick fasting routines.  He'd love to weigh around 230 when he leaves the house, that would be a dream come true for him.

Fessie:  That's pretty slim for a guy who is 6'4".

Steve:  But I don't need to look like you, dude. (ie: with all of the muscles)  And losing weight might help with the snoring, too.

By the way, I think this particular delivery of ham is the Light Life slices, if you're keeping track at home.  I have to think that he's not allowed to make a ham sandwich, right?  Because that would be the easiest way to eat it, I would think.  Surely Fassie isn't one of those anti-carb guys who thinks bread is evil.

Fessie choked down a few slices slathered with hot sauce, as the conversation continued.

They had an interesting conversation about how much technology has changed in their lifetime.

JC:  But like, how did you communicate with your family while you were in school?

Steve:  What?  You didn't.  You just went to school and they saw you when you got home.

JC:  But what if you were driving and got lost?  I use Waze now.

Steve: Well, you pulled off the road into a service station and had to ask for help.

Winston used to use Mapquest printouts and use his car's odometer to figure out how far away his destination is.  JC bought one of the first devices that you could install in your car to give directions, but BB didn't want us to hear discussion of the brand name.

(Fun Fact: That invention was likely created by Alex Ow's dad.)

Now Fassie switches to barbecue sauce, choking down a few bites at at time.  The guys don't say much about Fassie's torture, but Steve does comment that there is really no such thing as vegan ham, because only ham is ham and you can't fake it.

Sorry, but real canned ham is one of the nastiest things I've ever seen. And there is every indication that pigs are just as smart, if not smarter than dogs.  The way pigs are treated is just shameful.  Their tiny lives are so cruel and tortured.  Sorry but it's true.  If just one of you decides not to eat pork anymore after reading this, than my time documenting all this crap isn't wasted, after all.

Two or three would be better, though.  Your cholesterol will thank you, too.  And your lipid levels.

Steve tells JC that his family used to use collect calls as a way to communicate with each other.  For those that don't know, you would call the operator (Dial Zero) and ask to make a collect call to a certain number.  The operator would then call the number and an automated voice would say, "you have a collect call from _________________, will you accept the charges?" 

In the second of time that Steve had to record his voice to plug the blank in the automated call, he would say quickly "don't accept the charges, but come pick me up now!" so that his family would know he was ready to come home from where ever he was.

They all cracked up as Steve said he used to do that all of the time.

Winston:  The thing I remember is, being really young, and really wanting to call up a girl you liked, but you'd be so scared that her father would answer the phone.

Steve:  Oh yeah!  That was brutal.  You'd try to change your voice to sound different....

Winston:  Kids today will never know how that felt.  They just call each other directly now.

Steve remembers when "star 69" blew up everybody's spot when it was invented.  Basically this meant that if someone called you and hung up or didn't leave a message, you could dial "star 69" and the number would automatically redial for you.

Steve:  You'd hang up and then your phone would ring and you'd dash around trying to unplug the answering machine so you wouldn't get caught.  It RUINED making crank calls.

JC started talking about The Jerky Boys but apparently we can't hear them talk about that, either.

Winston listened to the radio in LA during the casting process, in his hotel room.  He mentioned a bit that Ryan Seachrest did on his radio show to catch cheating husbands.  The station would call the suspected cheater and tell them they won a free flower delivery, and would ask them who they want to send the flowers to.  Then they would patch in the irate wife and all hell would break loose.  Steve was shocked about this and brought it up a few times in disbelief, saying it was brutal.

(I hate to spoil the surprise here, but I'm pretty sure those calls are taped by radio station employees and then sold to syndicated morning radio shows to be used locally.  In other words, it's a "work" and the listeners are getting played.)

Fessie's home station in Orlando does something called the "koochie call" where callers have to be recorded saying something embarassing to their significant other in order to win prizes. I lived in Orlando myself when I was just out of school and one time a girl in my office called a morning radio show to discuss a recent romantic problem she had with a guy she hooked up with on vacation.  Everyone in our office heard her call, and knew who it really was, even though she used a fake name.  So at least some of these radio stunts are real, or at least they used to be.  By the way that girl eventually married that guy and had a very lavish reception at a private club.  I still remember the silver trays of passed appetizers before we even sat down to dinner.

But don't even try to prank call JC.  If he doesn't know who is calling, he's not picking up and he's damn sure not answering any questions strangers ask him on the phone.  They started talking about how some married couples stay together for the convenience of the daily routine, and that makes them not want to leave.  JC started saying "that happened with one of my parents" and the cameras quickly shifted.  I guess some or all of those parents don't want to be discussed on the live feeds.

When we return Steve is saying that having a college education may not tell you everything you need to know, but having that diploma opens doors that are closed to him, since he didn't go to college.

(Obviously Steve did go to college, but he is building layers into his back story here, trying to wall off the truth about his career so suspicion doesn't get in the way of his game.)

Steve:  But at least I've got trade school behind me, that's a skill I can always use.

Winston:  Dude, don't sell yourself short.  What you've done with taking on that family business when you didn't know much at all is like getting a Masters in Business, just from running it successfully like you have.

Steve:  Yeah, maybe.  And when I wanted to open the second location, the bank gave me shit, saying the small business failure rate is so high and all.  They wanted to see a business plan, and I didn't even know what that was. I had to hire a guy who went to college to write one for me.  They asked me about the marketing plan, and I said, we might put a few flyers out....

Winston asked him about using social media but then said that probably doesn't matter, since Steve has so many repeat customers.


Supposedly a crew is coming today to check my lines and potentially dig them up and replace them.  I think I already had cable problems, which were compounded by the nationwide outages last week.  Things are a little better since that big problem was fixed, but I'm still experiencing very slow typing performance, and had to shut down my live feeds to write this all up.

And I can't watch the live feeds on a wireless connection, only sitting at this one particular computer that is connected via an ethernet cable.  So that is a major inconvenience to my live feed-watching.

I am writing this post up in a big hurry in case I lose internet access altogether while they work.  Assuming they show up.  And they work when they get here.  Let's hope.


My service window today was from 12 - 3.  Guess what....NO ONE SHOWED.  So I had to call and wait on hold AGAIN.  Turns out the "service rep" who took my call on Friday NEVER SCHEDULED A TECHNICIAN at all.  We alluded to last week's nationwide service outage, but if that was their excuse for not showing I didn't hear about it.

So....I get a $20 "No Show" credit and we are rescheduling the service call for 1-3 on Wednesday, July 4th.  Yes, July 4th.   Can you believe this crap?