Sunday, July 1, 2018

When Will People Stop Being Polite, and Start Getting Real? #BB20

Yesterday Swaggy C and Fassie were all pumped up about him winning the PoV in such a decisive manner.  The PoV involved "five levels of hell" or something like that, and Fassie dominated the entire course.  So Fassie went downstairs to get his PoV necklace, and supposedly wore it to bed last night.

Today he can't seem to find it.  He's misplaced the PoV, but suspects someone hid  from him.

Yes, wearing the PoV necklace is douchy, but remember Fassie knows that he was the least-trending person last week, so maybe he's trying to get some buzz going.

Kaitlyn  is always talking but as predicted, she doesn't talk about her meditation stuff all the time.  She talks about normal girl-type stuff, like Southern Charm.  The last episode of Southern Charm she got to see was the infamous fight in  Hilton Head.  She described the bar where the shit went down, but Tyler and Angela weren't sure which one it was.  Kaitlyn didn't mention the ferry outside---maybe that would help identify the location.

Get This:  Kaitlyn's friend was on a cross-country flight with Thomas Ravenal and Ashley recently and reported that Ashley was wearing a HUGE diamond ring.

Kaitlyn loves all the Bravo shows, she says.  She worked out earlier as directed by Brett, who announced in his mic that he is not a personal trainer and can't be held liable for injuries.

Bayleigh told Kaycee that she is "literally, the only person in the house who has ever dated a black girl".  Kaycee was surprised at this.

Swaggy:  Yeah.  I only dated white girls, but then I switched to Spanish girls because the white girls were crazy, but then the Spanish girls...

Bayleigh:  All girls are crazy though.  No matter what they are.

Bayleigh said that a lot of rich old white men hit on her while she's working. She gets business cards from them, and they offer to take care of her.

Sam said she wishes she had her hair done before leaving home, but she didn't expect to make it on the show.  She didn't bring a pool cover up so she borrowed this striped tunic from Angie to wear outside.  But then I don't think I ever saw her go outside.

Scottie is keeping a low profile and staying out of the drama, while building bonds with a few people.  I've heard Swaggy say he'll never put Scottie on the block because he's given him credible information.

Scottie had a very spirited discussion with Steve about some very nerdy topics I couldn't keep up with.  Nicholas Cage's acting skills seemed to be one of the topics they argued about.  Scottie also worked out with Kaitlyn for some time earlier.

Steve seems very relaxed today.  He had a conversation outside with Hayleigh about some classic myths, but I'm not sure if they were Greek, Roman, or both.  Both of them knew a lot about the names of the gods and their children.

Steve also started to ask everyone a hypothetical question about being at the dinner table with your family, and there is only one piece of ______left.  Finally this was a topic I could get into but the cameras quickly moved away.

Swaggy keeps telling people (and us) that he's in a "secret showmance" with Bayleigh. However, groping all over each other like this, as well as smooching, is a sure way to make sure everybody knows the secret.

For the record, Fassie looked irritated by it.  And then there was some loud screeching and apparently that is the Hamazon delivery, which unfortunately seems to be vocalized by Marsha the Moose.  For someone who feels they are a vocal stylist, every single voice that guy uses all sound the same to me.

I guess the box of goodies is right on the other side of the door.  This is the first time I've seen this process on the live feeds, so I was excited.

Swaggy clawed the tape off the box, saying "I wonder what it is!"

The plate was covered in fluffy greens that Fassie kind of angrily tossed back in the box.  Each delivery has a different amount of vegan ham in it, and he must eat it all.

He cooked it up but I'm not sure if he's allowed to eat other things with it. In fact, he might be on a slop-type regimen right now, with the addition of the vegan ham.  He has a few condiments that he uses to choke it down, but I didn't see him eat it.  Just the prep part.

I think JC was hovering while he cooked.  Production really has their hands full with JC.  They are constantly having to yell at him to put on his microphone or to stop singing.  Over and over and over.  I'll bet the Sunday crew is already fed up with JC.  They probably just want to ogle all of the naked bodies outside and not have to yank JC's chain every five minutes because he doesn't want to follow the rules.  JC doesn't seem to care much, and mimics BB yelling at him.

Swaggy C just told the live feeders that Winston wants to start a Brigade-type alliance with the guys and might have approached him for it (not sure). But Swaggy thinks Winston is acting too full of himself and plans to tell him that next week.

Presumably, not if Winston is HoH.  But no one said Swaggy C was being a smart player, though.


From what we saw on the CBS Sunday night show, it looks like Swaggy and Fassie approached Winston and Brett about forming a Brigade-like power alliance, but they did not accept the proposal.  And we saw Brett immediately scamper back and tattle to his entire group, which may not have been the best move.  I guess we'll see....

Rachel was in the house earlier, alone in the bedroom making the beds and picking up clothes from the floor.  Sam asked her what was wrong and she said she "can't be on all the time" and just needed some quiet time.

She also told us that the house is filthy, pointing out that they just cleaned the bathroom floor yesterday and it's already so gross.  They wish they got the vacuum cleaner every day, but they only get to use it on the live show days.

Oh..when Kaitlyn was talking about reality TV earlier, Angela said she dated Jef Holm from The Bachelor, and also knows "Robby" and some other guy who live in Venice Beach. Those might be the two guys that Scheana Shay hangs around with now that she moved to that side of town.

This must be Jef.  He only uses one eff, so I guess that's his "thing".  I don't watch that Franchise anymore, so Jef is after my time as a viewer.

Angie has been sporting purple hair that is actually flattering.  I think she is still tight with Kaitlyn and seems to be amiable with everyone, even though I've heard she's gone off on the guys a few times about various things.

You know, these two guys.  The bros.  I never thought I would say it, but I like Brett more than I like Winston in the house.  They both hang around constantly together though, and are both Have Nots.  They are chomping at the bit to drink with the others as soon as their punishment ends.

The Have Not room looks like...are you ready for this....the inside of a computer.  Shocker.  But I haven't taken any pictures of  it yet.  Maybe the budget for decor got eaten up by that damn robot contraption.  I'm pretty sure other people will have to be the Robot this season, too, to make the concept pay out.

Oh, and those are Angie's feet, in case you were wondering.

It sounds like Steve is doing the IF thing (Intermittent Fasting) but I'm not sure if he's doing it as an activity in the house (i.e. getting in shape with the Bros) or if he started following that program at home.

Young people today seem to graze all day long, so they think fasting for a few hours is a new invention.  But that's why it's called "Breakfast".  People used to eat dinner at a decent time, probably before dark, and then not eat again until the morning.  This is unheard of in today's world  where we're always snacking and have so many convenient options.

Hayleigh worked out this morning, too,  and seems irritated or something.  She has been flirting with Tyler, and also with Fassie.  Tyler thinks it is game-related since he is the HoH, but sounds like he wouldn't mind taking her out after the show.  But Fassie does seem to be interested in her, but Kaitlyn in also interested in Fassie and this is creating friction between them.

Swaggy C did an episode of "Swaggy TV" where he discussed the growing discomfort between Haleigh and Kaitlyn, and how Kaitlyn likes attention and talks too much.  He also mentioned her boyfriend at home, "Joey" and we got FISH until he apparently changed the subject.

Swaggy swears to us that he and Bayleigh will be in the Final Two, and that he's"not here to make it to the Jury".  As usual his logic goes in circles as he tells us that he came in the house to win, and that he came in here with about 2,000 followers on social media.

Swaggy:  If I win the game, and only pick up 500 followers, that's a win for me.

He wants us to show him some love by sending him to the App Store, so he can cause fear in the other players with his competition skills.  He is particularly threatened by Angela, mentioning that she does cardio for about an hour each day, but he runs 25 laps after she does to show her that she can't beat him.

(Watch the next HoH comp be a total crap shoot where someone totally random wins.  But as a fan of Swaggy C I'd like to see him raise some hell by winning HoH, too.  He's a fun character that we haven't seen in the game as long as I can remember.  Am I missing somebody?)

Swaggy tells Production that he's not going to rest up there, he's going to think about what his next moves should be in the house.

I'm loving Bayleigh's natural hair.  She was moving things around in the bedroom while talking and whispering about something with Kaitlyn.  Fassie came in to get some clothes (I think they are doing laundry outside.).

So Kaitlyn starts telling Bayleigh about how she thinks Haleigh might really like Tyler, making sure Fassie heard that.  These girls won't be friends long, if they let this crap get in the way.

I took the following pictures yesterday, where Kaitlyn and Fassie were lounging in bed where she was kissing his ass about his decisive PoV win.   She was really laying it on thick, saying that when she sees him, she feels like she's with someone who will keep her safe.

And she ends almost every conversation by telling people she loves them.  It's a little cutesy for someone her age.  But I guess she feels like she is competing with a college girl, so maybe she's shifting into a lower gear to win the war.

Fassie loved competing and said that if Kaitlyn ever pulls the Houseguest Choice button, she knows who to pick to win the comp for her.

This is the fish tank this season.  I wonder how the fish feel about their decor.

Kaycee and Angela had a long conversation about the state of the game.  They are in an alliance with Winston, Brett, Tyler and Rachel, and would both like Sam to stay this week.  Kaycee is very calm and never seems to be the one who needs emotional rescue.

Angela is very blah in there, never seeming to be involved in the fun stuff.  She is confused as to how she became such a big target in the game, and is very irritated with Swaggy C for throwing her name out all of the  time.

(I also heard Swaggy say that he thinks Winston and Angela are in a "secret showmance" as well.)

I've got to think that Production wants more effort out of Angela here.  A little more pep would be great, but I know they were all tired of being cooped up in the house late yesterday.

This will likely cause some problems:  JC strolled in and told them that "he had the votes to keep Sam", and that they shouldn't worry about it.  He can't explain it to them now, though.

So people are thinking he might have some sort of advantage, like an extra vote or something.  As far as I know, JC has nothing but delusion about this.  Or maybe he's telling huge whoppers on purpose, which I would definitely approve of.

Swaggy and Bayleigh think they're being sly in there, doing some low talking about her chest being natural, and Swaggy making comments about how he wouldn't know, because he hasn't seen them.

And then just a second later, they seemed to be having a conversation about when he could do whatever he wanted with her.  She estimates that their relationship is at the three-month mark now, in non-BB time, but I don't know if he's reached the level when he can just grab her breasts.  Which I'm assuming they were alluding too, because they are so sly and all.

Someone was in that shower on the left the whole time this conversation took place.  Kaitlyn, maybe, who sometimes seems to be everywhere at once.

Sam the Robot called Haliegh over from what she was doing in the kitchen because she wanted to ask her a question, which turned out to be a stupid question that was asked over and over and over.

Sam:  Haleigh, do you remember a show where a girl had an alligator in her bedroom?  I've been thinking about that.

I think the facial expressions are part of what really puts me off about this.  Why don't they just show Sam's face on the screen, instead of giving us computer-generated cutesy little faces that may or may not indicate Sam's actual expressions?  I mean, I highly doubt she has electrodes on her eyebrows and cheeks to transmit her actual expressions.

So why not just show her face on the little screen?  I hope they show us on the CBS show what was going on backstage with this.  I'd like to see the room where she was located, and what she had available to her as far as other people, snacks, etc.

She had to call Angie over to ask the same stupid question  I think Angie eventually figured it out though, guessing it was "Clarissa Explains it All", or some other show featuring that actress.

Maybe Angie will have one of these contraptions at her next rave party.

She actually had what seemed like a natural conversation with the Robot, looking over at it's face from time to time as you would a normal person, so that was cool.  I'd like to see what Angie has to say in the DR, too.  Let's hear some unfiltered views about what the hell is going on in that house.

Well, this is going on in that house.

And they aren't sure if they will get a new food delivery before July 4th or not.  These two kissers don't care, but Sam was reviewing what is in the fridge to decide what to make for dinner.  She wanted to throw some stuff in the Crock Pot but they felt they might need to save a few of the meats in case they don't get restocked before the holiday.

JC walks around his undies, just like his friend The Messiah.  But luckily for us, he does put shorts on after a few minutes of prancing around.

And Brett did a dinosaur impression that caused me to mute the volume, it was so screechy and loud.  I like the neon eye, though.