Saturday, June 30, 2018

Get The Door. It's Not Dominos. #BB20

Well, it turns out today is a new day.  And a little better than yesterday.  I still can't type if my live feeds are up, but  I do have good news about the live feeds.  They are fun to watch so far this season, even if the flashback feature isn't operational yet.

No, those are not advertisements for "food".  Be patient.  We'll get to it.

I have a few things to chat about, and only a few pictures, but that's better than nothing, and hopefully my cable situation will be better this time next week.  I can type almost faster than I can think, so having to wait every minute or so for my typed words to show up on screen is a big adjustment.

OK.  Tyler is still the HoH, and has been taking meetings in his HoH room as expected. He also talked to the live feeders yesterday, thinking out loud about who he trusts, who he thinks is playing him, and who he's trying to play.  He also asked America to hook him up with some advantages next week, because he might really need it.   I loved Tyler's little speech, but apparently many BB fans think Tyler is a cocky S.O.B. because of this.

But Tyler is putting in some WORK up there in the HoH this week.  He's using the position to speak with everyone, and more importantly, to listen while everyone else spills their guts.  Tyler has led people to believe he knows nothing about the game, but he might be the biggest fan of BB in that house.  Tyler is smart, too, and has good control over his emotions so far. That is a key skill in the game of Big Brother.

Yesterday I tuned into the live feeds and watched Kaitlyn wrap up a conversation with Tyler by saying she "loves him", leaning over to hug him repeatedly while he laid in his bed.  Kaitlyn really wanted Tyler to nominate Winston or Angela if the PoV is used, and she went on and on about it.

After she left the room, Kaycee appeared---I think she had been taking a shower.  She and Tyler already seem like very close friends who can communicate with facial gestures and and are clearly on the same page.  Tyler was kind of mocking Kaitlyn's attempt to get him to do what her alliance wants to do.  And Kaycee put her unitard costume back on piece-by-piece right in front of Tyler, clearly not concerned with the cameras.  You know, like a dude in a locker room.  She curses occasionally, too, but in a natural way.  She warned us about that. 

Kaycee is a calm person and clearly has her head in the game.  So far she seems to be the sort of person who thinks before she speaks, and comes off as very trustworthy.  These traits alone would make her a great person to align with in there.

At the time they spoke, Tyler seemed to think that Steve would be the one voted out if the nominations stay the same, but he wanted to talk to Sam at some point to see if she won the advantage.

New Trending Advantages

I'm not sure what we're calling these "trending" votes.  I haven't been able to see the polls yet on the CBS website, but apparently you answer a series of questions about who in the house makes you feel a certain way.  So the house guests creating the most impressions wins something (probably the good prizes) while the one who isn't creating any impressions at all wins the bad prizes.  At least, that is what it sounds like to me, after just hearing the chatter about it.

And I think each person chooses their prize or punishment, from a few choices that are not explained in full beforehand.

And Sam won the "good" prize.  Big shocker there.  This is probably the biggest irritant of the new season for me---the whole "Sam is our hero" narrative rippling through the atmosphere.  It's a CBS initiative, people! Production won't care about her after a few weeks go by, after the audience has a chance to latch on to new personalities that come forward in the game.  The whole "robot situation" ensures that even the biggest simpleton will want to tune in to the next CBS episode.  Sam can only win the prize once, so all of you Sam Stans better hope she doesn't need it later in the season.

What did Sam win?  That's a good question.  We won't know for sure until we see it on TV, but I think it's like the Halting Hex in that she can cancel an eviction after the vote, to be used once in the next four weeks.  So if she gets evicted, she'll stay, and so will whoever is sitting next to her.

I don't hate Sam, but the fact that everyone is blindly devoted to their idea of who she is makes me not like her and want her gone.  Sorry, not sorry.  You can blame the CBS episodes for that.  So corny.  Just like the Donny Thompson treatment on the CBS shows.  Caricatures of life down south, over yonder.

Fassie won the "bad" prize, choosing "Hamazon".  Apparently whenever the doorbell rings and there is a "Hamazon" delivery, Fassie must eat all of the vegan ham that is delivered, no matter how much there is.   

So it's interesting that the "bad" prize doesn't really hurt him in the game.  At least, I don't think so.  I never liked actual ham, so I don't eat the fake ham.  But I know it's all super high in protein, so Fassie's got to be happy about that.  I don't know if he's allowed to make a ham sandwich, but if the rules permit he should make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches,  maybe with some honey mustard.

I watched Swaggy C talk to Tyler yesterday in the hours leading up to the PoV, and Tyler totally acts like he's looking out for Swaggy, but he's not.  Tyler knows Swaggy has encouraged Haleigh and Kaitlyn to kiss up to him and badger him about putting Angela or Winston on the block.  I guess Tyler has been teasing that he was waiting to make his big move on Bayleigh, but appeared shocked to hear Swaggy tell him that he and Bayleigh are official now.

Swaggy told him that they were sleeping in the same bed, and woke up with their faces close to each other.  He said they started kissing, and kissed some more.  Swaggy wasn't being graphic, or trying to demean Bayleigh, but he did mention "taking their clothes off", so I think the frank implication was that some sort of sex was had.  Of course, I can't investigate that.  But Swaggy said they at least made out, and that they've been talking for days about dating each other after the show.

Swaggy said 30 minutes later, he went in the bathroom and was screaming at himself for getting involved with Bayleigh like that.  He says he knew it was a bad idea, but you're so close to someone you like, and you forget the cameras are there.

Tyler: forget......

But then Swaggy mentioned how everyone loved Jessica and Cody and how the fans are going to be on their side now, and he and Bayleigh have been talking about that.  Swaggy may have watched BB19, but I think he read the situation wrong.  Most of the fans hated Cody, and then he and Jessica fell on very hard times in the game, becoming true underdogs.  Plus America grew to hate Paul, a trend initially started by Cody.  And Jessica was very interactive with the fans after going home before Jury, and totally pushed for Cody's America's Favorite vote. 

It's not like America just fell in line with their showmance.  It's much more complicated than that but Swaggy C just thinks a showmance spells fame and glory.  I'm sure he likes Bayleigh anyway, but he'd like the relationship to bring other benefits.  You know, like how Elena feels about Mark.  

Yesterday Bayleigh apparently had some sort of major crying fit, that might be paranoia about getting nominated after the PoV.  But I didn't see it for myself so I can't really agree with that.  Bayleigh may have been really upset about possibly hooking up to some extent on camera with Swaggy.  I'd have to see that footage, to try and read her feelings.  We all know women are complicated beings.  

Anyway.  I still love Swaggy C but he's a train wreck, game-wise. He's ridiculous, but I love that.

I took a few pictures this morning before my keyboard started to seize up, so I had to shut the live feeds down.  I don't know who all of these people in the beds are, but there they were, sleeping.

Winston is making some huge mistakes in there.  I think he's trying so hard not to be like Matt that he's going the opposite direction.  (Winston hated Matt last season, as well as a few others.)  Winston is a Have Not now, along with his Top Bro Brett, and also Kaitlyn and Haleigh.

I heard Swaggy tell Tyler about how Angie "went black" and yelled at Winston yesterday. I think that is slang for "blacking out" and losing control over your actions, as opposed to color.  Swaggy said Winston and Brett were throwing something small back and forth and whatever it was whizzed right by Angie's head so she "blacked out" yelling at Winston, who reportedly sheepishly apologized profusely, nodding his head and just wanting it to stop.

I think Swaggy said he took Angie aside and told her to get a grip.  It sounds like Angie has gone off on Winston (or maybe others) a few times already in the game. So that's interesting.  I'd like to see that happen myself sometime.  No one expects someone like Angie to win HoH, so maybe that's why it should happen.

Guys like Winston and Swaggy C think they're going to be HoH every week.  Swaggy is talking big about how he's going to win the PoV (nope) and the HoH and that's just the way it is.  Maybe we'll have a crap shoot comp like the golf one where weird things happen when the pressure is on.  I love that.

This room.  I just can't.  I love the big Jenga game, but what the hell is this decor all about?  It just looks so cheap and uncomfortable.  I miss the Big Blue Wave of last year.  Where is that level of creativity in the decor this season?  I guess it left the network.  Or at least the lot.

Steve has developed a good rapport with Winston and his group.  They want to evict Sam and keep him.  Steve is also solid with Scottie and I've seen him have a few good conversations, building bonds with people.  Yesterday he was in the kitchen with JC and Scottie, and was talking about riding his motorcycle and how dangerous it is.  He was able to give solid facts from his police background while making them sound like reasonable stuff that a car mechanic would know.

He said people die from motorcycle accidents three ways:  from impact, from getting thrown and landing, and from the bike "coming back on you".  JC asked about that last one, and I'm glad because I wanted to know, too.  Steve gave an engaging explanation using body language that it means you may fly off the bike into the air, but that 800 pound piece of hot steel might fly right at you in the air, and then BAM you're spiked down on the ground and it's over.  JC flinched at the realness of Steve's portrayal of it, and I did, too.

Steve:  There's nothing you can do.  You're dead.  Motorcycles are so dangerous.

I think Steve gave a tip on how to avoid that happening if you do collide,  but I don't remember what it was and would not like to get readers killed by giving the wrong information. We should all just stay inside where it's safe.

In the picture above, Winston and Steve were talking, and Steve was giving some good conversation here, too.  He told Winston his full name, and they talked about how Italian his name was.

Winston:  Oh, I knew you were Italian.  (He didn't say "Eye-talian", thank god.)

Steve said his name was Stefano Mussalino (or something like that) Arienta.

Winston:  I knew I was in here with a Soprano!

(Pretty sure Steve's undercover work was with the mob.  How FRIGHTENING would that be?  I hope we get to see how Steve can do work on these kids for at least a few more weeks this summer.  It's fun to watch someone play a role when we know they are lying.  Like Derrick. Or Vanessa.)

They talked about how many years Steve has been married, and how hard it can be.  Steve said over a 17 year marriage, he's made lots of mistakes but they've been able to stay strong together.  Winston mentioned hearing about some bad divorces and Steve referenced a guy, perhaps a hypothetical guy, who cheated on his wife 10 times, but only got caught 3 times, so that is why his wife got the house and money.  Steve mentioned something about a conviction, and then hastily explained that away, maybe in case Winston got suspicious.

Steve:  Like, she may have enough evidence to indict you, but she doesn't know enough to convict, right?  It's a Jersey thing we say, like you might get indicted, you they can't convict you.

I don't think Winston noticed anything suspicious.  They talked about Steve's daughter who might be getting engaged soon.  He gestured towards his SUNY Westchester hoodie (that's where Steve teaches) and said they "have family" who works there, so his girls can go to school there for "like $500 a semester").

Steve:  Why wouldn't they go there, with a deal like that? 'Cause of family...

Winston:  Yeah, right.

I hope Steve tells them some good drug stories, but making it sound like his friends are the ones who got busted, or his cousins or something.  Maybe he'll make up a relative who is "connected" and tell some tales about that.  After all, Steve teaches a whole class on organized crime. 

I don't know about you, but I love to hear stories about drugs and crime.  Not the extra violent stuff, just your everyday petty street infractions going down in New Jersey.  Tell us Steve.  Please.

Oh, and apparently if you get some booze into JC, he goes Tasmanian Devil.  Until I see and hear it myself, I can't really tell you how it is. I did see JC pay a visit to Tyler and Swaggy in the HoH yesterday, just before the PoV break.  JC was going to host the PoV, so when he got called to the DR they knew it was starting.  But before that JC was making some easy conversation with them, telling them a story about something in his animated way, and the cameras shifted because I think he was talking about the Diary Room.

After he left to go into the DR to get ready to host, this exchange happened.

Tyler:  I'm glad that just happened.....good timing.

Swaggy:  Me too!  He's a good guy.....

But here is what a Redditor about JC's conduct, FYI.

Oh, and Rachel and Angela seem like they will be the best of friends.  They look to be the same size and body structure, and they have a few little dances and play-acts they do, instigated by Rachel who is a natural performer.  Their bodies are natural looking, which is nice to see after so many summers of implants.

I am looking forward to Scottie's DR sessions.  I hope he doesn't candy coat anything and is blunt as he can be.

ALSO:  I am hearing that Sam behaved poorly during the PoV comp, doing quite a bit of cursing at Production.  It may have been a tantrum.  She probably has a handler when she's in her "robot" phase and maybe she's had a buttload of being told what to do.

And the competition was apparently a rough one, somehow.  You know, during the pre-season people were saying Angie might self-evict to go home to her kids.  But I always thought Sam would be the one to bolt.  In my intro I saw her as someone getting pushed into doing something that didn't feel right. She's only seen YouTube videos of this show.

And now she's on the block, in the Robot situation, and stuck staring at a video screen?  I haven't seen her on the live feeds, but I sense trouble there.  I'll let you know if I still think that later on, when I can see the live feeds.  I think I'd actually love it if Sam did a sharp turn into being a total bitch on the show. I could get behind that, I think.