Friday, June 29, 2018

How Are Things Going? #BB20

Well, things are not going well at all.  Not at all.

Things aren't going well for Steve Arienta, either.  He's the only guy awake, and has been for some time, by the looks of it.  The backyard is probably locked down for the PoV, which I'm guessing will look like the inside of a video game, just like all of the other shitty competitions we've seen so far.

And Steve's on the block, but I have no idea if there is a backdoor plan in place at this time.  There might be one, but that doesn't mean Steve won't be miserable anyway.

Yes, Steve is laying on the floor.  He just noticed the cameras looking at him and said a few quick things, something about "HBC Group" I think, with hand motions.  Or gang signs.

I am going to bring you up to speed on how my Big Brother experience is going so far, so that you understand why things are going to be different around here for the next week or so.  If you're someone who visits me every summer, then you know that I generally focus on getting the job done without spewing a bunch of negativity about the show.  I try to stick to the topic, which is the game and the players.  

But I'm about to VENT, following my recent Big Brother timeline.

1. I was looking forward to the series premiere, but I hated the second hour of the first night.  I could barely get through watching it, I hated it so much.  I CAN'T STAND the look of the competitions now.  The computer motif with all of the flashing lights and infantile sound effects is a total turnoff to me.  I can't dumb down enough to pretend to be interested in any of them, to be honest.

(Didn't the Candy Crush show crash and burn last summer?  And doesn't CBS' new show with the same type of stroke-inducing  look appear to be horrible as well?  Why drag Big Brother down the tubes with these terrible programs?)

2.  Yesterday I tried to write up my recap of the episode and it took HOURS because my FUCKING INTERNET kept slowing to a crawl.  I would type a word and wait 30 seconds for the first letter to show up on screen.  I had to start and stop it at least 10 times in order to reboot my computer, or reboot the modem, or to just walk off the frustration.

3. I'm not even going try and recap the Thursday night episode.  Even just typing "episode" took  20 seconds just now. And I just can't with the whole "Sam is Lonely" story line.  Give me a break.  I think the story editors are laughing their asses off in there, at how easily entertained we all are.

4.  So I actually set my alarm to wakeup at 12:55 am today, so I could watch the kick off of the live feeds and maybe an hour or so of the action.  But I was unable to even pull up the CBS webpage on my newest computer.  According to "", my download speed was only 23.2.  I couldn't even get to the button to start the live feeds.

5.  And I've already whined about not having BBAD anymore.  So I just went to sleep, and didn't think about the live feed kickoff at all anymore.  And the world didn't end.  Life went on.

6.  I ripped a new one in my FUCKING CABLE COMPANY this morning, and they think someone needs to check the lines and do a scan of some sort because I have "USDS issues".  They won't come out until Monday afternoon, and if they have to dig up the lines it might be 2-3 days of work.  And we all know next week is a holiday week, so who knows what the real timeline may be.



WE'RE ALL IN BAD MOOD NOW.  The Triple Play I signed up for is really biting me in the butt now.

7.  So I thought, don't stress over not starting from the beginning of the live feeds.  Just start now.  So I finally was able to log on and this is the scene that awaits me.  Poor lonely Steve being sad and lonely.

And the decor of the living room looks like the garage of a halfway house.  All they need are cigarette butts flowing out of a Tupperware bowl on the table.  I mean, how fucking ugly is this house?  I understand the rock climbing deal, but why not make the living room look like a rainforest or something, or a ski lodge, to go with the wall?

Spoiler alert.  Steve is going to take a shower.  No baths today.  I hope the bath story line is fake news, too.  It lacks dignity, and is a poor excuse for character development.

This bathroom is really the only room I like, but it doesn't seem as big as it usually does.

NOTE:  THE FLASHBACK FEATURE OF THE LIVE FEEDS ISN'T WORKING AT ALL FOR ME.  I couldn't back up and watch anything else from the live feeds.  Nothing else at all.  Nada.

Only this.  This is what I see.

Did you see the "Lounge" room on the CBS show last night?  The decor was outright FUGLY!  There was nothing relaxing or inviting about it.  That room feels like a migraine to me.  And that pink bedroom is jarring, too.

What the hell is that tattoo.  I just don't understand why.

Every time I save a picture, I have to name it.  Usually "BB 1, BB 2, etc".  I couldn't even type "BB" because the screen would freeze.  I couldn't type anything.  I was taking pictures of various house guests sleeping while Steve showered, but couldn't save any pictures.  So I gave up.  But Fassie was in bed alone, sleeping on his back.  And from what I could tell, Steve showered the entire time facing the door of the shower, rather than the wall of the shower itself.  Not sure if that's the norm in there or not. 

I tried to start typing this post, knowing that I end up being energized and excited once I really get rolling.  But then I discovered that I was unable to type even one letter, or number, while the live feeds were on.  So now I'm typing, with no live feeds.  I might be able to watch the feeds later, but I can't type, save pictures, or do anything else at the same time.   I can't even take my notebook to the treadmill and watch the live feeds while I work out, because my wireless connection is so weak now that it's impossible.

I can't even watch Hulu on my treadmill.  I've been re-watching Season 10 of Project Runway while I climb hills and now I guess that little party is over. (Such a great season, with so many future All Star designers.)  But I like to watch the live feeds while I exercise, too.  

So basically, unless things change before my internet problem is fixed, I can't do much but just watch the live feeds, if at all.  I might try watching the feeds on one device, and typing on another.  What a pain in the ass.

I'll come back and post when I'm able, and have something decent to say.  I hope to be in a better mood then, as well.  


Let's have a little fun, though.  Can you imagine what the conversation was like in that car?  What a trip.

Kevin stayed with Glenn and his wife when he visited NYC for the premiere party.  That's where we needed a 24 hour live feed. I was trying to figure out who the guy on the left is, but I think he is a fan.  

And this is great.  Steve-ah escorting The Twins into the premiere taping last week.

Kevin and Mark McGrath are Twitter pals now.

I thought this was funny. 

 Apparently this is Kaitlin from BB15.  She's competing this summer, too.