Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's a Premiere-Type-Thing. #BB20

Tonight is the Big Brother 20 Premiere Party in New York City, and if you attend you are sure to see a galaxy of BB and Survivor stars.  Oh, and people from "Are You The One" too.  (So random.)

And the Texas crew is throwing their own party in Dallas, if that is more convenient for you.

And if you're more the stay-at-home-and-eat-cheetos-type, you can apparently still attend that Texas premiere event, on demand from your home.  I'm counting on someone doing this and compiling some good scoop for us all to enjoy.

I mean, with Jessica & Cody and Mark & Elena, we're sure to have some buzzworthy moments, but when you mix in Paulie Califiore (more on him later) and Danielle Murphree, along with a few dozen cocktails, it's sure to be a real treat.

NOTE:  If you'd like to contribute a guest post describing your experiences at either party, or even the live streaming event, please let me know.  I will never reveal your identity if you don't want me to---I protect my sources.  If you have your ears open and your cameras in hand, we'd love to hear from you.

I'm sure you know by now that the BB Premiere audience was stacked with Big Brother veterans.  CBS apparently wanted to have at least one person from every season involved with the premiere.  There is a very random mix of old school and new school players in the following picture, gathering to eat lunch.

I think Production did something special with the winners, and even the hard-to-find Lisa Donahue from BB3 was apparently involved, so that is exciting.  But I've heard that both Andy Herren and Evel Dick scoffed at Production's invitation, as they were not being paid to show up, and had to cover their own travel expenses.  I'm surprised at Andy.  I thought he would love to mingle with so many BB players from season's past, and finally get a chance to get some positive attention for his season.  But Evel Dick's scorn and lack of participation is pretty much expected.  All he can do is talk about how much he hates Big Brother, while devoting what seems to be every waking minute talking about it.  But I'm part of the proud Blocked-By-Evel-Dick group, so I really don't give a damn about him.

Evel Dick said Will Kirby would never agree to participate in this event if Production didn't pay him at least $5,000, so I hope Dr. Will proves him dead wrong and makes some sort of appearance tonight.  It's good promotion for his businesses, and Dr. Will knows that.

Keesha Smith and Michelle Costa from BB10.    The fans loved Keesha and there has always been interest in seeing her on the show again.  I think it's great that she came to this event.  I'm sure it's a lot of fun to catch up with people you spent so much time with years ago.

Jason is an LA local now, and so are Lawon and Da'Vonne.  Jason manages a sports bar and has a bunch of people working for him now.  He looks happy and healthy so I am thrilled for him.  His options for employment and love were very limited where he lived in Massachusetts, but his options are wide open in Los Angeles.  And I love Da'Vonne's return to life without those braids.  She looks so much lighter and joyful.

OK...this is crazy.  Josh Martinez with Danielle Murphree (BB14) and Kaysar Ridha (BB6 & BB7).  Fans are saying Kaysar is fat now, but he's an adult now.  It's okay that he has Dad Bod.  And I'd like to see what you people all look like too, and what your dads look like.  You can't tell me that Kaysar isn't still a gorgeous man.  And Danielle looks so different now with what looks like zero body fat.  Maybe Danielle should eat one of Kaysar's sandwiches.  Ha ha.

And this is Ashley Iocco from BB14, with Enzo Palumbo from BB12.  Enzo keeps a low profile in the BB community but is still a fan favorite.  People are always searching for information about The Meow Meow online even after all these years.

This is from Dominique Cooper's Twitter account but the header got lopped off.  Sorry!  Here she is with some real beauties:  Ika Wong (BB CAN), Da'Vonne Rogers (BB17 & BB18), and Zakiyah Everette (BB18).  More on Zakiyah later....

And Danielle Reyes from BB3 and BB7!   She looks GREAT.  Nobody doesn't love Danielle Reyes.  If you don't know, Danielle Reyes is the reason why evicted house guests who are part of the Jury are sequestered now.  During BB3 they had NO IDEA about Danielle's secret alliance with Jason Guy, and were STUNNED to see her sassy DR sessions as she counted down the losing players one-by-one.

She should have won BB3.  But the evictees went home and watched all the episodes, so that put an end to her hopes of winning.  And also an end to future BB juries having access to all the info before their vote on Finale Night.

I can't get over how great Jason Roy looks.  So cute.  That is Parker Deleon from BB9 sitting next to him.  Alex the DJ from BB9 came to the Premiere, too, by the way.  Mr. Pectacular himself is in the shot, too.  And Jen Johnson from BB8, who got burned with Evel Dick's cigarette.  You know, someone watching the live feeds when that happened called the police, saying someone in the BB house was being attacked.  So Production had to deal with the cops that day, too.

Steve Moses was in the crowd, but my eyesight isn't good enough to see if he's in any of the pictures I found.  This tweet from Steve should be required reading for all Big Brother house guests.  And some of the fans, too........


OK, we may as well discuss it.  I knew something was going on with Paulie Califiore, because there was a sudden spike in views from my BB18 posts which chronicled the Great Love Affair between Paulie and Zakiyah.  You should read that last part in a sarcastic voice, by the way.

Paulie was a guest on the "Challenge Mania" podcast (Ep. 52) and really stirred up some trouble with his chatter.  Apparently Paulie is not exactly a hero to the MTV crowd, either, because in the introduction the host kept making comments like "love him or hate him, he's got something to say", and so forth.  And Paulie even said he was "about to throw gasoline on twitter" with his various comments.  I think MTV must be loving how Paulie is relishing being so evil and extra about it all.  He started the interview saying that Johnny Bananas can only keep doing what he does for so long, so he's got to pass the torch to someone.

Paulie said A LOT in this interview....he was never at a loss for words.  But the particular comments that stirred up so much trouble involved Zakiyah.  He was talking about how after BB18 ended she got a lot of hate and "wanted to kill herself".  This promoted Zakiyah to lash out on Twitter.

Paulie also mentioned that when he came in the BB18 house, he had just proposed to a girl who turned him down and broke up with him.  (We heard him talk about that on the live feeds.)  So he was in sequester when Production came to his hotel room and gave him pills to take for the two STDs he had tested positive for.  Yep.  Go ahead and read that sentence again.

According to Paulie, his ex-girlfriend gave him those STDs, but he couldn't call her to discuss it because he was in sequester. (He named her name but I won't post it here.)  He couldn't call anyone from home to discuss his feelings about it, so he went into the game in a very bad mental space.

He said he told Zakiyah over and over that it was a game, and if they wanted a relationship they should start it when they are out of the house.  And that if she came for his game he would eliminate her, so according to Paulie that is what happened.  He realizes his words were probably hurtful to her but he didn't mean it like that.  Then he dragged Frank Eudy's name, saying none of the other guys were willing to call Frank out for "slapping Day's ass". (To Frank Eudy's credit, he probably doesn't give a damn about any of this crap.  #TeamFrank)

Paulie thinks the only thing he needs to work on is "having sex with too many women" and needs to be open about that with all of the women.  Just a suggestion, but maybe some condoms, too.  And some periodic doctor visits in an attempt to stop spreading filthy germs around.

He also claimed the only time he has ever threatened violence to anyone is when texting "a coward who was on BB who said he was an MMA fighter" and that person texted the New Jersey State Police to copy them on the exchange.  That was Paul of course,  and I talked about that here.  (Um...Paulie tweeted Paul a picture of a crazed maniac licking a knife.)  Paulie didn't even want to mention Paul's name because he "doesn't talk about irrelevant people". 

Paulie claims that someone in Production got fired for telling the girls in the Jury House that all the fans hated Paulie and to give him a hard time when he arrived at the Jury House.  Paulie said he threatened to sue them for ruining his game.  He claims that when he first came to the Jury house the girls knew information that happened with Paulie after they left the game, and that they trashed his belongings in his room.  He said that when the cameras were down the girls in Jury were really cool with him.

I still say Big Meech's stylish wedges are the star of this scene.

Paulie said none of his actual ex-girlfriends wanted to be on Ex on the Beach, so they had to cast some girl that Paulie had just hooked up with (Danielle, maybe?).  Paulie doesn't think it's fair that the fans blame him for cheating on her.  Or whatever.  As discussed on the above link I tried to watch that show, and could not get through much of it.

I mean, even The Challenge kids are offended by Ex on the Beach, and want to be sure that we don't think they are affiliated with it in any way.  Paulie told them that he was scheduled to be on The Challenge: Vendettas (in Victor's place, probably) but he dropped a piece of heavy equipment on his foot the day before he was scheduled to fly out and would not have been able to compete.  He had to send The Challenge production team a picture of his foot so they would understand.  And he was then cast on Ex on the Beach to "keep him in the system" for future Challange seasons.  Because Paulie is in such high demand and all....

Paulie cast tons of shade on the Big Brother fans, basically saying we're all crazy savages.  And I'm sure he's had plenty of experiences with the very worst of us.  But some of us just watch the show and try to stick to the facts, and go about our merry way after the seasons are over.  But there are certainly other people who seem to get involved when the season is over, inserting themselves into the drama in an often hurtful way.

For The Challenge fans who are visitng here to learn more about Paulie Califiore, here are some posts that might help you in your quest for information.  There is information included in these links about the BB18 goings-on that might not interest you, but for the BB fans you will surely enjoy revisiting the past, knowing Paulie will never repeat his time in the Big Brother house again.  I think some of his comments on the podcast ensure that.  At least, I hope so.  (And Natalie and Victor are all over these posts, of course. Both of them stayed in the game WEEKS after Paulie's ass was hauled off to the Jury.)

1.   This is basically a post about what a dick Paulie Califiore is, as well as a delusional liar.

2.  And this post chronicles Paulie getting owned by Big Meech.  This was such an exciting day on the live feeds.

3.  This is when Paulie was really coming unglued, clearly in need of mental health counseling.

4.  This was the final day or so of Paulie's time in the BB18 house.  On this day we all suspected that Paulie quit the game because he was missing for hours (remember that?) and the live feeds erupted with excitement while we waited to find out what would happen next.

So, the Big Brother fans might be obsessed and somewhat crazy themselves, but we have the receipts to back it up.