Monday, June 25, 2018

A Sad Farewell to Big Brother After Dark. #BB20 #BBAD

Over the years, I have really enjoyed watching BBAD every night, particularly after I had the ability to watch TV programs previously saved on my DVR while sitting at my computer.  It's easy for the fans who have never watched BBAD to assume they can get the same content by just watching the live feeds.

I mean, you can, and you can't.  You can watch specified portions of the live feeds at any time, using the Flashback feature of the live feeds.  You can even see more live feed footage, since BBAD has frequent commercial breaks.  But what you miss out on is the witty direction of the BBAD broadcasts.  The BBAD production crew always does a great job of somehow showing you more, and including their own opinions on the action in a sometimes subtle, frequently shady manner by flipping back and forth between camera views in accordance with the conversation.  The direction is particularly good during tense times in the game, where they would show a conversation where another house guest is being discussed, and the camera would quickly flash over to give us a glimpse of what that person was doing as their name was getting thrown around, particularly if they were caught doing something embarassing or sneaky.

They certainly had their hands full last season, with Paul holding huge meetings to badmouth Kevin's purported evil ways, with a quick camera flash to  Kevin laying alone in his bed, staring angrily into space, or dancing around with a bowl of ice cream to put on a little show for us.  And Raven and Matt got to the point where they would just get it on during the broadcast, so BBAD would show us that, too.  For example, this incident occurred during the August 22nd BB19 broadcast.

And BBAD is even more fun to watch when they scroll the "fan" tweets along the bottom of the screen, or post scathing polls designed to show their scorn for certain house guests.  Unless you're one of the house guests (or their families) who are getting savaged, of course.  I'm sure Nicole's family aren't big BBAD fans, if they even get the POP-TV channel in their rural Michigan town.

Which brings me to my sad farewell to watching BBAD.  I just discovered last week that I no longer have access to the POP-TV channel.  I've been with my current cable provider since 2000, and have made concerted efforts to lower my cable bill at least four times over the years.  But somehow my request always got swept away with promises of new incentive packages, and various cable promotions, leaving me with the same cable bill, if not a few dollars higher.

But I tried again two months ago, and the cable company made a big mistake with me, which led me to contact THE FUCKING FTC to report my complaint around the pricing packages offered.  So, yadda yadda yadda I received a response from THE FUCKING FTC that SAME DAY, telling me someone from management of the cable company would be calling me the next business day.  And they did, and my cable pricing package was reduced to what I had asked for, along with a few other goodies, probably to keep me from contacting the local newspaper or something.  Because it would have made for a juicy story.  And I'm a CPA, so you know I keep the receipts.  And Google Fiber is coming, ya'll.

I looked into adding POP-TV to my summer TV channel lineup, but in order to do that, I'd have to spend another $60 per month or so on an upgraded cable package.  And to be honest, I might even do that, if I didn't have to call the G.D. CABLE COMPANY to get it done, and if reversing the upgrade after the BB season is over wasn't sure to be a process worse than BURNING IN A GREASE FIRE.

I even looked at trying to buy POP-TV coverage separately, like you can do with HBO on Hulu, but it's not an option, unfortunately.

I know there used to be at least one BBAD crew member who was a reader here......if you know a way I can get access to the BBAD episodes this summer, please let me know and I will gladly keep covering it for the fans who enjoy reading about it.  And if not, thank you for your service.  You're doing the Lord's Work over there, putting together such solid live programming for over 20 hours each week.

You're the real heroes, and we speak your name.


Orwell, the BBAD mascot, has had a tough year, too, and it looks like he's in for another summer being tossed around and potentially violated at will.  The house guests all took  a selfie with Orwell, and several were creative with their poses.

Like Winston, who portrayed Orwell in what I think is a natural manner, perched on his left shoulder, as a trained owl would surely do.

Swaggy C looked pissed about it, grasping Orwell's head like he's trying to push him out of the frame, or maybe as if he's holding up a hunting trophy.

(I'm low-key hoping to see a Tyler-Swaggy C alliance this season.)

Um....we might want to chaperone any contact that JC Moundix has with the stuffed owl.  Just saying.

What is going on with Brett's hair?  I think Brett was the only one who gave Orwell some personal space, and wasn't putting his mouth all over him.  Respect.


Over the last few seasons, I have noticed that the first hour or so of the live feeds isn't available in the flashback feature, probably for some sort of technical reason.  Due to that, I have always used the first BBAD episode of the season to more accurately report exactly what went down as the feeds went live.

And that is usually even more fun because the house guests always keep saying that Production will let them know when the feeds are live.  But of course, they don't....

For this reason I am going to try very hard to stay up and watch the first hour or so of live feeds this year, but that is very late over here on the east coast.  I don't want to miss a juicy minute of action.


Enjoy this discussion of the HUGE MESS that was going on as the feeds went live last year.  This exciting post covers many topics, including:

*  The pre-season rumors of Megan bouncing
*  The pre-season chatter about Josh trying to self-evict (we didn't see THAT on TV)
*  Whispered discussion of a house guest's sordid drug history
*  Angry chatter about a house guest without underwear flashing married men in the house
*  Jessica and Cody already know each other VERY well

We should be so lucky, to have such a great live feed kick-off this year, right?