Sunday, June 24, 2018

There's Nothing Like a Spoiler on a Sunday Morning. #BB20

The premiere of the show on CBS is still three days away, and the feeds certainly aren't even close to being live, but there is already plenty of drama in these BB streets.

I really, really, REALLY don't want to insert myself into this drama, so I'll just give you the headlines and you can investigate the details as you see fit.  We have had some very juicy, dependable spoilers over the years from a few valued members of the BB community.  As a BB Blogger who watches the live feeds, most of what I post all summer is a spoiler to you if you just watch the CBS show. 

But there are a few times when lots of action is going down in the house, but the feeds aren't live, so only an insider or someone with some sort of special access would be privy to the details.  These time frames can be summarized as follows:

1.  Premiere week.  The house guests entered the house last Wednesday for a premiere episode "taped live" in front of a studio audience (this year, that audience was chock full of BB veterans, but I'll probably post about that in a day or two).  Production uses this week to shoot the first HoH competition, various twists and season surprises, and perhaps the nominations.  I'm not positive about this part, but I think the PoV plays out in "real time" after the live feed audience is active.

2.  The "secret" "live" eviction late in the season.  For scheduling purposes, we usually have a two-eviction week very late in the season, and the live feeds go down for a few days so we don't know who was evicted, or who won the next HoH, until the feeds come back up.  This secret eviction really sucks because it's not a real live show---the audience is usually filled with CBS employees who either don't give a shit, or are afraid of losing their jobs, so they don't spill the beans.  In the past a famous BB community member got invited to these "secret" tapings and even snuck a camera in but I think Production smartened up and stopped letting him in.  (Shout out to Miss Cleo.)  The house guest getting the boot in that eviction really gets the short end of the stick, because the event doesn't get the usual fanfare as it is not broadcast live.  It's just not the same.  We've had some BIG EGOS go out in this secret eviction, which is really kind of deliciously evil.  Like fucking Frankie Grande (ha ha ha) and Austin Matelson, who famously didn't even have his shoes on, he was so blindsided by Vanessa (SAVAGE) apologizing politely before giving him the boot.  Austin even begged for his BB life and there were rumors that Julie had to issue a mild threat before Austin left the game, but unfortunately we didn't get the chance to see it play out live with our own eyes.  We saw a taped version a day or so later.

3.  Unanticipated drama.  Sometimes all hell breaks loose in that house, causing the live feeds to go down while Production tends to the mess.  Like a physical altercation between the house guests, or someone having to be ejected from the game.  BB6 had a big fight between tiny little "Cappy" and crazy Michael (Janelle's showmance boo) that had us all biting our nails and waiting for the feeds to return.  BB4's Scott threw a chair and yelled about his STD before the feeds went down in that season.  And who could forget Willie Hantz going apeshit during BB14, headbutting Joe Arvin and throwing Cheetos at Janelle before being extracted from the house.

OK.  Back to now.  For the past few years, a poster on Reddit has been very dependable about providing information that has been very accurate, but sometimes that information has sounded so crazy that is has been disputed by the very vocal (and often obnoxious) Reddit posters.  For example, last year this person said that Megan quit the game during Premiere week, and that sounded preposterous, but it was certainly true.

But somehow yesterday Reddit EXPLODED and the spoiler source "quit" Reddit and now claims that the "summer has been ruined" and they would no longer be posting spoilers.  I doubt that, because I think there is too much pride at stake there, and there are indeed so many fans that cherish these little bits of forbidden information.  We all love to know what we're not supposed to know, don't we?

So, it remains to be seen if this poster will share more Premiere Week info, but I will now share what has been spoiled to date, and I'm giving you enough information to explore the drama further, at your own risk.

SPOILER #1  -  WHO IS THE FIRST HoH?  (with a scoop of drama on the side)


Now get out there and get some things done before the show kicks off next week, and we all kiss productivity goodbye.

I bought a bow saw yesterday from Home Depot and just sawed down a dead camelia bush on my patio that I just couldn't stand to look at until September.  It was much taller than I am.  I can't even believe I did it, or that I didn't cut off my own leg.  My biceps are shaking!  What a workout!

ALSO:  I went back and updated Tyler's original intro post with new information I've learned since I posted it.  Last Monday was at least five weeks ago, in BB time....