Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Meet Chris Williams - We May Not Be Ready for Swaggy C Y'all. #BB20

This dude's name is apparently Chris Williams, but he wants us to call him "Swaggy C" and doesn't even tell Ross about his given name.  He opens up his hoodie to make sure Ross can read the word and Ross seems enchanted with this.

Ross:  Oh!  You branded it!

Swaggy:  Yep.  I'll be the only person in there with something written on their shirt.

Ross: You're sure about that?  You're positive?

Swaggy is pretty sure about that.  He is from Bridgeport Connecticut, the "203", and Ross wants to know his profession.

Swaggy:  I'm a day trader.  I trade in the actual markets, I trade currencies against each other.  It's kind of an in-depth process....

Ross: A day a stock trader?

Swaggy:  Yeah, in a sense.  In a sense, it's basically.....

(Um.....does anybody believe this day trading tale?  I think he's alluding to crypto currency, but anyone I've ever met who trades is able to describe the process with much more authority and detail.  In fact, TOO MUCH detail, if you know what I mean. I wish Ross would ask if Swaggy C makes his living doing this, or does he really work the drive-thru at Del Taco?)

Ross, clearly intrigued:  Do you go by Swaggy C all the time?

Swaggy:  Um, Chris is my actual name (air quotes) but I go by Swaggy C,  everybody calls me Swaggy C, all my social media handles are Swaggy C, so that's what I go by.

Ross isn't ready to let it go yet, and wants to know if he's planning to tell the house guests that his name is Swaggy C.

Swaggy C:  Yes, that is the only thing I will do.  People say you shouldn't come in like this, you shouldn't be too much of a threat, but it's the ONE THING I'm gonna do, is say I'm Swaggy C. There's no other way to walk in.

Ross:  I get it.  You've gotta be you.  You've gotta do your thing.


Since I first wrote Swaggy C's intro post, I've had the chance to learn more about him through a few more interviews conducted by other reporters.  "Chris" was dating a girl about five years ago when he was in college (yes, he went to college) and was devastated when she broke his heart.  So that is when he decided to change his whole persona and "Swaggy C" was born.  He is still friends with that girl, too. 

(If we had an "Exes" twist, this girl is someone Kassting would have contacted, I'm sure.)

Swaggy C also shouted out Hamsterwatch and Big Brother Leak, saying he doesn't really watch the live feeds, but he stays updated via Twitter live feed updates.   He was very charming in his interview with Ika and seemed very sweet.  I think he was playing tough with Ross since he knew we were watching the live feeds.  The best part of the Ika interview was this part:


Swaggy C feels he's going to win the whole thing, and he's thought about his strategy and it "keeps getting realer and realer all the time".  Ross invites him to tell us all about it, and has to point out that none of the other house guests will hear any of this conversation.

The information just bursts out of Swaggy's month, but I'm not sure I'd call it a strategy.  He says he is going to stroll in there and introduce himself as Swaggy C, win the first HoH because people who say it's a curse don't know what they're talking about.  Then he's going to lay low for a few weeks and let the first HoH target on his back die down while other people put themselves out there, and then make Jury and from there it "should be" (air quotes) smooth sailing from there.

Oh, and also he has a "photographic memory" so that may help him in competitions.

So, that's a lot, isn't it? Swaggy C makes it all seem so simple, doesn't he?

Ross:  Okay. So that's your plan.  You'll have to pivot...

Swaggy agrees that you can't go in there with a set plan, you have to be able to adjust.  In fact, all of that might go out the window on day #1, but that's his plan and he'll need to adapt.

In the video, I noticed Swaggy C leaning away from Ross at this point, trying to get a little space.  Ross wondered what his weaknesses might be that could cause trouble for him in the house.

Swaggy C:  It's just GIRLS.  That's it.  I'm very confrontational, I can keep a low profile, I can keep stuff to myself, but it's just girls....trying not to get into a showmance.  Outside the house, yes, they work, but inside the house no, you're a could get sent home.....

Ross shrugs and says he should ask Jeff and Jordan about that, because they did well.

Swaggy:  Jordon won.  And Rachel and Brendon...Rachel won.  The girl won and not the guy.  I'm in there for myself right now!

Swaggy C seems quite irritated now, discussing this topic, and is visibly leaning away from Ross.

Ross:  So you're resisting all chances of a showmance.

Swaggy says he won't resist it, but then talks in circles about how if she's in the way of him and winning the money and he actually likes her, he won't do it, because he's in this for himself right now.  Or something like that.  Swaggy is nearly horizontal right now in there, he's leaning so far to the left on that little couch.

Ross can't help noticing that Swaggy C. seems confrontational, and Swaggy nods and says absolutely he will confront someone.  Ross wants to know what type of things may set Swaggy off and cause him to have to say something about it.  Swaggy launches into quite a list of behaviors that might offend him.

*  People "lying on him"
*  People talking behind his back
*  People strategizing behind his back
*  People saying "yes" to his face and saying something else to someone else

Swaggy:  Everything like that is going to cause me to call you out. It might not escalate into a fight with full out yelling, but I gotta call you out like yo, what's up, what's poppin'...

(Wow.  I can only hope Swaggy C is being honest about all this.)

Ross isn't sure he heard this right and wants to confirm his understanding of what was just said.

Ross:  So you know that there is deception in this game, right?  And every time it happens you're gong to call someone out?

Swaggy only plans to call someone out 99% of the time, because he thinks he can switch the target over to that other person in front of everyone.  (That could work.)  But he says that if what they're saying is the truth about him, he can't really do much about it, but if someone is lying about him, he's going to let them have it.

Oh, and  Swaggy C indicates that he will do that by saying "Yo.  What's up?"

Now Ross asks the Big Question about the end of the game, does Swaggy want to win and be hated by America, or lose and be loved.  I feel you should prepare yourself for the answer, because Swaggy C may shock you here.

Swaggy, slumped in his seat:  Which would I pick?  Lose, and America loves me.

Ross, incensed:  WHAT?  That's what you pick?  How are you coming in here saying you're ruthless but you're worried about what they (pointing at us) think?

Swaggy:  Look.  At the end of the day I'm a sweetheart.  If I've got this ruthless side and I win $500K and America hates me, where does that get me?

Ross, exasperated:  It gets you $500,000 in the bank.  And the title of season 20 Big Brother winner.

Swaggy:  And then?  America hates me.  If America loves me then I can get back for another show, or another season..

Ross gives us a look, a disgusted look, and I can tell they cut something out of the video before posting it on CBS, but I was burnt out when I watched this interview live and don't remember what was said.  (Similar to Ross's Unabomber comment about Winston Hines.)


I just found an unedited video of this interview and found the missing could I forget?

====>  After Swaggy said the line about coming back for another season he said, "look at Jessica and Cody...they were just on The Amazing Race and won a million dollars!  But look at Paul...America hated him and he just got pulled from The Amazing Race!


Now Ross points to the camera and tells Swaggy this is his big chance to get us on his side.

Ross:  America is watching, and we're going to be spending months together,  so you need to...

Swaggy:  What's happening America?  What's up America?

Ross, trying not to smile: ...tell us why should we root for you to win?

Swaggy, taking the stage: First of all, my name is Swaggy C, and I'm coming in here with a GRAND personality  and I'm coming in to play the game.  I'm not coming in here just to be on TV or to get a girlfriend, I'm coming in here to play the game.  Aside from all of this ruthless stuff, I've been watching this game for the last twelve years, so I feel like I know what I'm doing in there in a sense, and that's what you want to see, right?  You want to see a show?  An entertaining show none the less, but I'm trying to put on a show, something you can get your popcorn out and watch it with your family, and I've got the best of both worlds and I hope they see that.

WHEW.  I think Ross' facial expressions say it all here.  What just happened was A LOT.


Well, what the hell did we just watch?  I haven't been this confused since last summer, after Kevin Schlehuber's interview with Big Jeff. But Kevin turned out to be one of the most refreshing house guests in years, even though he wasn't much of a Big Brother player.  But in Kevin's defense, he had never really seen the show.  He'd seen a lot of life, but not life in the Big Brother house.

So what's Swaggy C's excuse?  He can't possibly have watched the show for 12 years and think that calling people out and blowing up on them is a good idea.  Oh, it's a good show on TV though, so maybe that's what Shaggy is after here.

And maybe that's what the shirt and the constant refrain of "I'm Swaggy C." "I'm Swaggy C." "I'm Swaggy C." "I'm Swaggy C." is all about.  Making the most of his time in this BB Arena.  Getting the most bang for his BB Buck.

I tried digging up some dirt on him but with a name like "Chris Williams", it's kind of hard to nail down without info about his college, or name of his employer, etc.  And believe it or not, there are quite a few social media accounts containing some version of "Swaggy C".  All I could find is the following picture, but that's it. According to this, Swaggy C clocks in at a cool 6'4", so he's taller than the average bear.

Let's take a quick look at Swaggy's CBS Bio.

He's definitely got the gift of gab.  I think his comments about Paul are hilarious, and probably true.  You can't deny what Paul did last season, even though certain members of the Jury denied it with their salty votes.

I LOVE his three words to describe himself:  outspoken, rebellious, and analytical.  Even just coming up with those three words shows that Chris is thinking outside of the box.  I wonder if he went to college, or what sort of education he has.  I also love that he's a reader, and is so cocky about his ability to crunch numbers.

I'm not sure he knows what a photographic memory is though.  I'm not saying he doesn't have whatever he thinks that means, but I guess he could mean that he could memorize the scoreboard of any competition and remember who had what time, or how many points, etc.  That would certainly be a useful skill in the event of a tie, but you've got to get to the tiebreaker first.

When I watched Swaggy's interview with Ross when it was streaming live, I was so grateful for him, because I was getting burnt out and had just struggled through JC's interview with Ross. (Spoiler Alert:  I HATED HIM.) so watching a bodaciously articulate braggart like Swaggy C was just what I needed to lift my spirits and have a few laughs.  But clearly not everyone felt that way.  Take a look at today's house guest poll at Jokers Updates.  Swaggy C and JC are platooning down there at the bottom.

I don't think that's necessary, ya'll.  I think Swaggy C will bring some much-needed drama and humor to the situation for as long as he's in the house this summer.  Did you see his face when he started addressing America at the end?  He wants to put on a damn show for us, so let him.  Let him put on a show for us.  I want to see it.  I want to see a CINDERELLA story with Swaggy C's game this summer.

Did you watch BBOTT?  Remember Justin Duncan?  He kind of flamed out at the end of the season, but for the rest of the time Justin was God's Gift to the live feeds.  You never knew what was going to come out of his mouth and it was great.  Remember the pizza song?

Anyway, I'm hoping Swaggy C can deliver some moments like that to BB20, and give us all a good show as he interacts with all of those diverse personalities and I hope he talks about his day trading operation.  Let's try to keep an open mind, okay?

Meet Rachel Swindler - All Her World's a Stage. #BB20

The next house guest on my list is Rachel Swindler, who is 29 and hails from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and is just bursting with energy as she begins her conversation with Ross.

We already have two house guests with connections to Hilton Head, South Carolina, but in contrast to Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach is quite a touristy area.  There are numerous golf courses in the area, but there are also a lot of tourist destination-type restaurants, mini golf courses and strip clubs.  Myrtle Beach is the Las Vegas of South Carolina, so to speak. So same planet, different world from HIlton Head Island.

Rachel is very smiley and kind of bounces in her seat as Ross looks closely, studying her.

Ross:  I'm....trying to pick up a vibe from you....

She introduced herself and they shook hands.

Rachel:  I'm Rachel.

Ross:  I'm Ross.

Rachel:  I KNOW!

Rachel immediately knows she's in the Diary Room, so it's clear she is familiar with the show.  Or, she's at least watched the preseason interviews before, because in every preseason BB interview they talk about being in the Diary Room. Note that there was no reference to "Friends" at all from either of them, even though it was all I could think about at the time.

Rachel lives in Las Vegas now and says she is a performer.  Ross was very excited by this.

Rachel:  I act...I sing....I dance....I do it all!

Ross, cautiously:  So you're a fan, right?

Rachel:  I'm a fan, yes. Since BB1.  I've been watching since the very beginning.

Ross:  That was a good one, right?  I was in the audience at the Finale of that one.

Rachel:  OH!  I remember that!  From your season!  I watched Celebrity too, of course.

Ross asked her if she knows what it takes to win, then.

Rachel:  Jury management!

Ross, surprised:  Jury management.  Well that's part of it.  That's an interesting answer.  So how are you going to manage the Jury?

Rachel says she has great social skills and knows how to work with a lot of different people due to her job.  She also says she does "brand ambassador" stuff at conventions so she has learned to relate to a lot of different people through that work, too.

Rachel:  I have to work with the truckers, and the people who take out the trash, and the people who make the I want to use that experience to work a lot of angles.

Rachel may be in event management, where she helps run the huge conventions that meet in Las Vegas every day.  That would involve arranging for all the services she just mentioned, or she could be working the booths at different industry events.  Like modeling clothes at a jeans convention or something.  Rachel is very theatrical in the way she speaks and moves her body around to emphasize her words.  I took a lot of pictures of her because she moved around a lot.  (During some of the other house guest interviews, Ross was the only one expressing himself that way.)

Rachel wants to be sure she doesn't isolate herself in a corner with one person.  She wants to be sure she forms a connection with each person, and create a relationship with each one.  Then when she needs to step it up in a competition, she can do that as well.  She uses air quotes as she finishes her statement by saying "hopefully".

Ross:  So you have a good understanding of it.

Rachel:  I do.

Ross wondered what types of mistakes Rachel might make in the house.  Rachel was prepared for that, saying that she's an emotional person.

Rachel:  I'm a cancer, so I think with this (her heart) instead of this (her head) sometimes.  So if someone in there taps that side of me, I might end up letting somebody get away with something they wouldn't normally get away with.

(Like, maybe you would normally snatch someone's wig if they talk smack about you?)

(Look how Ross is staring at Rachel in these pictures.  I'm not sure how to say this, but I think he was trying to figure out if she' as a woman.  Because of how tall I think she is, and the quite heavy makeup application.  Don't get mad at me.....I'm just pointing out how he is evaluating her in a different manner than the other house guests he's interviewed. And the "trying to get a vibe" comment he made earlier was kind of strange, too.)

Rachel tells Ross she's single, and Ross tells us that Big Brother did a great job casting this season. 

Ross, for the millionth time today:  So, is there a chance for a showmance this summer?

Rachel:  Yes, there is a chance.  I'd LIKE to have a showmance...

Ross, shook: You WANT to have a showmance?  How is that going to help your Jury Management?

Rachel admits that might throw a kink into her plans, but she hopes she can manage that as well, and "not get too invested" in the other person.

Rachel:  I don't want to be seen as a threat, so I would get into a showmance, but I don't want it to affect my game.  I'm an emotional person, so I need to manage that.

Ross says it seems like she knows herself, but it might be a lot of work to manage all of that in there.  He mentioned the isolation, and then asked her if there is anything that scares her about being on the show.

Rachel says maybe, but she doesn't think she is overconfident about her chances.  She's not going in there bragging about how she's "got this" or anything.

Ross:  But what about the day to day things.?  Like the one bathroom, or being cut off from the outside world, the never being able to leave the house....

(GREAT questions from Ross here.)

Rachel doesn't like the idea of not being able to do what she wants to do, and never being able to leave, but she worked in a theme park once where she had to share a bathroom with twelve other people (on the strip in Myrtle Beach, most likely) so she's used to uncomfortable living situations.  She doesn't think that will bother her very much.

Rachel:  I have to admit, I'm a little messy sometimes.

Ross:  Oh, YOU'RE messy?  That might bug some of the other house guests.  Do YOU have any pet peeves?  Anything that will bother you about other people?

Rachel doesn't like people who are rude, or condescending to her, or people who will talk down to her for no reason.  And now it's time for the Big Question, the win and be hated or lose and be loved, and Rachel gave the answer that I expected, based on her chosen profession.

Rachel: I think I'd like to lose and be loved......

Ross, with a blank stare:   ***crickets***

Rachel: that the right answer?

Ross:  It's YOUR answer.  But you're okay going away and being away from your family just to lose the whole game?

Rachel: But I'm not going to lose the whole game.  I don't want America to hate me though.  Maybe it's that emotional heart I have.

(Maybe Rachel tailors her message to what the other person wants to hear.  Maybe Rachel is performing right now, trying to be who she thinks Ross wants her to be.)

Now it's time for Rachel to tell the viewers why it is we should root for her.

Rachel:  Hey you guys!  You should vote for me because I'm a Super Fan.  I've been watching since season #1 and I love it with all my heart!  I'm gonna play it with all my heart!  Hopefully I'll be funny and be able to bring my big quirky personality into the house!  So root for me!  Vote for me!  I'll be playing this game not only for myself, but for you as well!


Ross:  There you have it.  Have fun in there.  You promise?

Rachel:  I will!

She blows us a kiss and is gone, off to play the game "for us".


Well, there is no denying that Rachel is a very captivating, dynamic person.  The first news that grabbed my attention about her is that Jackie from BB17 announced that Rachel was her best friend.

Jackie was an interesting BB player herself, having been recruited to play after being cast on a season of The Amazing Race where each team was introduced to each other at the starting line.  Her TAR teammate Jeff Weldon was also cast on BB17, but Jackie didn't really come alive in the game until after Jeff was evicted.  She was on the wrong side of the action, but she still put up a feisty fight.

This is the video of Rachel embedded in that last tweet. It's kind of amazing.  She does lots of costume changes and is acting out scenes from movies, songs, you name it.  She is unbelievably talented and hard to look away from.

I'm sure Rachel has watched Big Brother on TV as described, but I would have liked Ross to confirm a few details about her experience with BB for us.  Are they allowed to mention that they know previous players?  Wouldn't that be interesting for the fans to know?   For example, she could have said she's always watched the CBS episodes whenever she could, but after her good friend was cast on BB17 she got into watching the live feeds, or got in internet battles defending Jackie's game or something. 

Because wouldn't you do that if your friend was on Big Brother?  I mean, if you weren't already obsessive about keeping up with the action in the house?  Is it strange that no discussion of this came up?  I think it is.  I realize Ross didn't know that Rachel was a friend of Jackie's, but I find it odd that Rachel didn't (or couldn't) even mention the fact that her friend has been on TWO prime time CBS reality shows.

I'll just say it: Rachel Swindler is not my kind of BB player.  I'm sure she's a nice girl and all, but she's looking for a showmance, she doesn't mind losing as long as America loves her, and I suspect she is telling us what she thinks we want to hear.  She even said she wouldn't want to "get invested" in her showmance partner.  In other words, it would be for the show, all for show.  My opinion, anyway.

Plus she said it herself---she's a performer.  I prefer real people who play the game in a genuine fashion.  I think Rachel is going to piss off the live feeders BIG TIME by singing all the time on the live feeds.  It's part of who she is...she can't help it.  Jackie wasn't theatrical about things at all, but she was a dancer, not an "everything" performer and actress like Rachel is.

Let's check out Rachel's CBS bio to see if we see anything of note.

Most of what is reported here corresponds with what she told Ross.  But the Bible part threw me a little bit.  And if her monkey impression is what I think it is, complete with the screeching noises, than it might be a long summer.  Because everything is amplified when you're wearing headphones.

I'm not mad at what she says about using her power over men to get big tips.  Except that she didn't tell us that she's a waitress or server, did she?  I mean, she might have mentioned it, if that's how she really makes her living.   I used to have a job where I needed people to give me information, so I developed what I called the "mental shove" technique, where I used my facial expressions and peripheral hand motions to gain people's cooperation.  It worked, too, so I can't blame Rachel for using whatever powers of persuasion help optimize her income.

And "Craychel" is a cute nickname. I'm sure Rachel (and Craychel) is a blast to hang out with.  When she was talking to Ross I envisioned her getting into a screaming match with someone, even though she was being sweet as pie to Ross. 

I can't predict much about Rachel's BB game this summer.   It really depends on how she interacts with the other girls, and how well she is able to read other people's body language and other social cues and how willing she is to respond to those cues.  Can she really just sit back and let other people enjoy the spotlight?  Or is everything always going to be about her?

I'm only halfway through this cast as far as the intro posts go, but I have to say its an intriguing mix of personalities and energy levels.  Lots of athletic people as well.

But what about those pesky rumors that involve Rachel, which if true, are not something she would be aware of yet.  Having just focused on Rachel for an hour or so, I'm not sure the rumors are true.  I may post about them later today, but I don't know if I want to feed the Fake News trolls, if it's fabricated based on other rumors that have been floating for at least a week.

Meet Winston Hines - Great Things Come in Great-Looking Packages. #BB20

It's time for Ross to chat with Winston Hines, who is 28 and is from Somerset Kentucky.   Ross tells us that Winston is the very first BB20 house guest to walk into the room and immediately know it was the Diary Room.  Winston does a fist pump when he hears this...he's already topping the charts.

Winston: I'm glad it's soundproof in here, because I'm going to be in here talking a lot.

Note that Winston DOES NOT seem like a Diary Room Shouter.   He has a soft Southern voice and I do not expect him to yell at us when he's in there.  Winston and Ross shake hands and Winston lets Ross know he "obviously" knows who he is, so that's a good sign.  So far Winston knows the Diary Room, and he know who Ross was, which are two good omens for the fans.

Winston tells Ross he is in medical device sales, and it is sort of a unique job to have.  I've known a few people who do that type of work, and they all regularly visited operating rooms during surgeries that used their equipment.  I don't know if that's required or not, and I'm sure it would depend on the type of device sold, but I clearly remember my friend's husband gnawing on a chicken wing and telling me that he wasn't squeamish at all about seeing blood and guts.  (Whereas, gnawing on a chicken wing grosses me out....)

I think Frank Eudy was in medical device sales, too, before he came into the BB18 house.  Usually those jobs are high-paying ones.  Very, actually.  Very high paying.  Winston says he was between positions and just got hired for a new job when he learned he was coming on Big Brother.  So he quit that job immediately (like Frank did with his pre-BB18 job).  Life, death, and surgery keep right on going when you're on a reality show.  That's for sure.  They can't wait to install the catheter (or whatever) just because Winston's in the Have Not Room.

Winston says he's jacked up to be playing Big Brother, and wishes he could move in and get started right now.  He says he fell in love with the show and being chosen to play is a huge deal for him.

Winston: .....just like it was for you, last season.  I didn't get to watch every episode, but you played great!

Ross:  I know.....(LOL)

Winston:  I mean, we saw an emotional Jury...there are so many dynamics in the game.  That's why I fell in love with it.

Ross points out that playing BB takes a strong social game, and it takes timing, too, so you know when to pounce.  And you also have to save your own butt, sometimes.

Ross:  You can do all that, you think?

Winston:  I think so, yeah.  I have confidence, yeah.  I don't want to appear too cocky...that's never good.  But I wouldn't have signed up if I didn't think I could go all the way.

Winston thinks his downfall could be how competitive he is.  He's going to try and downplay that in the house.

Winston:  I'm going to try and pull my personality down a bit, to stay in the shadows.  Hopefully there are some big personality types in there who are going to blow up the first couple of weeks.  If I go in there and win the first competition and get blood on my hands....that's not my style. I need to fly under the radar.  It's going to be tough for me not to win.

Ross:  This game is a power struggle, and you might have to save your butt if you don't have any of it.

Winston:  A lot could happen in a week.

Ross:  Oh, in a DAY a lot can happen.

Okay okay, Winston has a strategy.  But is he single, Ross wants and needs to know.

Winston:  I am single.  But I'm here for the money, and getting into a showmance with somebody you've known X amount of days, and throwing away your game, I mean c'mon.  And it could help your game.  We've seen in previous seasons where it does, but that's a bridge you have to cross.

Ross plans to play this footage and mock it if Winston does get into a showmance on his weekly Facebook show.

Winston wants some inside scoop from Ross but Ross says he can't do that because this is his chance to learn about Winston.

Ross:  But trust me, we'll be talking a lot about you during the season.  This house is a bubble sometimes, and you can forget why you're here.

Winston:  Right.  And that is where my strength comes in.  I'm probably gonna be the oddball in a way.  I'm not big on social media, I don't have a Twitter, I've lived alone for the past two years.  I'm ready to be kind of cut off from.....

***ALERT  ALERT***  

I watched this interview when it happened live, and at this point Ross made a comment that was cut out from the video parked on the CBS website.  Ross said, "what are you, the Unabomber?"  I thought this was hilarious.

I have a sort of personal connection to the Unabomber story because when he issued a threat in the media about his plans to blow up an airplane flying out of Los Angeles, I was flying back and forth between LA and Atlanta every week for my job.  That is when the airlines started requiring a picture ID if you were boarding a flight out of LA, in order to match it to your ticket.  I don't think this would have prevented a Unabomber attack, but I think they wanted to know exactly who was on board each plane in case it did blow up.  Comforting, huh?  Anyway the airlines realized how much money they were losing through secondary ticket sales, so matching IDs to the tickets became the norm for every flight in the US.  You used to be able to buy airline tickets really cheap in the classified section of the newspaper (pre-internet).  But not anymore.  I recently watched a series on Netflix about the Unabomber and now I really want to visit the Newseum in Washington DC because they have Ted's tiny cabin on permanent exhibit there.  I'm fascinated by Ted's life story.

But I digress, as usual.  The point is that Production cut out Ross's comment for some reason.  Now let's continue with Winston's interview as published.


Winston:  ....I don't know...I'm kind of a private person, which is kind of ironic, so my friends are going to be freaking out when they see that Winston is in the house, being taped 24-7.

Ross:  With one bathroom.

Winston:  Yeah.  The house guests may not like me after this.

(I think that was bathroom humor.)

It's time for Ross to pop the Big the end of this summer, there are two options to choose from.  You can win and America hates you, or you can lose but America adores you.

Winston kind of does an "aw shucks" type of shoulder shrug while Ross was speaking, and exhaling like this was difficult.  But he was ready to answer as soon as Ross got the last syllables of the question out.

Winston:  I came on here to win Big Brother.  I didn't come on here to make friends....not to sound like I'm a....I mean, I have friends and family that I care about.  I'm not here to get that.  I'm here to play the game and $500,000 would change my life significantly.  That's why I signed up to play.


Winston:  I'm here to play, not to get Twitter followers!

Ross tells Winston that this is his last chance in the Diary Room before going into the house.

Winston:  I don't want to leave yet....

Ross:  But this is your last chance to tell America why we  should root for you.

Winston leans forward and does one hand clap for emphasis:  America should root for me because I'm truly here to play Big Brother.

On that note, the video abruptly ends.  Look at Ross' face.  He's just as impressed as we are.   Good job, Winston.


I think we can all agree that Winston appears to be a special type of house guest, one who has great preseason potential.  He is obviously very intelligent, appears to choose his words carefully, and seems hip to the trend of BB cast members who only go on the show for social media fame.  I'm sure Winston hopes there are 15 people in the house like that, so he can run circles around them and kick their ass.

Winston was an athlete, you know.  A football player.  And a good one, too.  He's not too big, and not too small.  In fact, Winston looks just right.

T-I-G-E-R.  (Any Raising Arizona fans?)

Winston says he comes from a "football family" in this interview I found with a local TV station.  In the interview he says he just started watching last summer, but "fell in love" with the show's social experiment aspects and went back and watched the seasons with the best players like Dan Gheesling and Derrick Lavasseur.

In fact, Winston says that in retrospect, BB19 "sucked" because there were a limited number of people actually playing the game.  (Put a pin in that for a minute.)  Also, one of his shirts has dog hair on it, so he feels like he brought his dog Dixie into the house with him.  He doesn't want to wash that shirt for a while.  His grandma told him not to let anybody put drugs into his drinks in the house, and his mom says it sounds like he's going to play "Mean Girls" this summer.

Let's give Winston's CBS bio a quick look.

So, I just saw that video where Winston said BB19 sucked.  So his comment above about Paul being the house guest he likes most does not ring true.  I think that when the house guests are asked questions for their bios, Production actually asks them "who was the player you liked most last summer", or something like that. (Even though Winston said he liked Cody the most last summer, because he was the only one who wanted to play AGAINST Paul.  It's right in that video!  Watch it for yourself!)   In fact, there have been cases in the past where house guests have disputed what was in their bios, saying that is not what they said preseason.  (In the linked interview Winston lists Dan as his favorite player over and over, calling him the "Tom Brady of BB", so CBS has some explaining to do.  But it's a damn TV show and these players signed their lives away, so what can you do?  Winston can't even sue them for calling him the Unabomber now, either.)

I know Jessica took offense at what Winston said about showmances.  But in the video I just linked he mentions that Jessica and Cody are "winning at life", so all of this chatter is all over the place.

I'm sorry Jessica, but you're wrong.  There is nothing unlikable about Winston.  Yet. 

(The word "yet" is my reminder to us all that people don't always measure up to their preseason promise.")

I think Winston may be my winner pick, if he can keep his shit together in that house.  He's going in with a great mindset.  And check this out:

Fun Fact:  The winner of Celebrity Big Brother, Marissa Winokur, read Derrick's book when she was in sequester earlier this year.  She said that on the live feeds.  She bought the book on Amazon.  I'm pretty sure Derrick's book is full of common sense advice about listening and observing more than you speak.  But as we see every year, common sense is not something everyone has in abundance.  Or at all.

I wasn't planning on writing up Winston's intro post today.  I still have quite a few to do, and I planned to go through the remaining house guests alphabetically, alternating between the men and women.  So Winston would have been last. I was looking forward to it.  But there are some rumors about Winston....and how he might be part of the twist this season, but he doesn't know it yet.  I'm checking into that and will probably write a post about the rumors later today, after I cover another house guest rumored to be part of the same type of twist.  I'm not sure the rumors are true, based on what I've learned of Winston through his interviews.  But it's a fun rumor, and rather delicious to speculate about.

I hope this twist doesn't blow up Winston's plans.  I have faith that if the rumors turn out to be true, he can find a way to make it work for him.  I think he'll try to have a good rapport with everyone in the house, at least on the surface.  I can see him being very competitive, although he says in the linked interview that he isn't very flexible and is "tight as a guitar string", which would hurt him in some of  the competitions.

Winston is super-likable, so if you don't like him, you should check your picker.  He seems like an extraordinary Big Brother player because he is so ordinary, if that makes sense.  I think he could be the next Great Big Brother Player.

Or he could be first out in some sort of cruel twist, like the one that sent Cameron Heard out first last year, before he even spent a night in the BB19 house.  Cameron got swapped out for Paul, which is a fate we shouldn't wish on ANYONE this year.  Particularly ourselves.