Monday, June 18, 2018

Meet Brett Robinson - He Could Tell Us. But We'd Have to Kill Him. #BB20

Brett Robinson doesn't look like his name.  I'm not sure exactly what I mean by that, but I think Brett Robinson looks like a Chad.  Or a Blake.

Ross greets us and says he has "another one" for us, before telling Brett that he'll have to introduce himself, because Ross doesn't know his name.  Ross is clearly charmed as Brett says "I'm Brett", looking directly at Ross' face, only inches away.  Brett has bright blue eyes, and is not afraid to stare at you with them.

If he says he's Brett, then it must be true.  I've already fallen for Brett's evil lies.  And I think Ross has, too, even though we've just begun.

Ross needs more information, and Brett is ready to give it.  He's originally from Connecticut, but lives in Boston now.

Ross:  So what do you do though?

Brett:  I'm a cyber security engineer.

Brett smiles as Ross tosses that phrase around a little, saying what does that mean, you keep the internet safe or something?

Brett:  To put it in simple terms, I protect people who can't protect themselves.

(I know Brett runs BIG GAMES with his lines when he's trolling in the bars.  My friend and I met some guys once who kept telling us they were managers at the Tandy Corporation.  I finally figured out that they worked behind the counter at Radio Shack.  Brett's sentence is designed for maximum intrigue and effect., and has been used many, many times.)

Ross thinks that could come in handy in the BB house, and pulls away from the mesmerizing eyes of Brett to collect himself.

He encourages Brett to turn toward the cameras and let America get to know him.  Brett smiles at us and then Ross hits him with the hard stuff, asking if he's gonna win this game.

Brett: That's the plan.  I want to win.

Ross:  How?  How are you going to win?

Brett launches into a speech about his social strategy, and says that most people don't understand that cyber security involves a lot of social interaction.

(No, I didn't know that.)

Brett:  How are you going to get somebody to click on that link?

He says he knows how to strategically plan events, assess vulnerability and how to then cover up his tracks.  Clearly, Brett has rehearsed this part.  And the girls at the bar probably think he's a CIA agent after hearing all of this.  Or an FBI agent.  I've met at least three FBI agents over my lifetime, and they all had good hair like Brett.

Brett has good hair.  It's important to evaluate his strengths.  I can't really place Brett's voice, but he speaks in a low tone that is not unlike a chuckle, dragging his sentences in a lazy manner, toying with the questions.  I can imagine Brett speaking this way if his feet were up on a coffee table, proud of himself.

Ross, challenging Brett:  Oh, interesting.  Assess me.  What are my vulnerabilities?

Brett:  Well, I'd have to get to know you first, and do a little more research.  Usually you have Facebook to look at, and Google, and all of your background.....

(This is what Brett will do if you SWIPE RIGHT, people.  Or maybe if you troll him on the BB websites.  Who knows.  I may tread lightly with Brett.)

Ross bats his eyes at Brett and points out he won't have any of those resources in the house.  But Brett is already kicking himself at this point, knowing that he went the wrong way down this conversation and is backed into a corner by the shrewd Ross.  He somehow stammers out of the situation by saying he'll be listening to people instead, and will pick up on the social cues.

Ross, knowing he won this round:  Um humm.

Brett:  By listening.....just listening.......that's the hardest part.

Brett feels his biggest downside will be toning down his personality and not coming on too strong with everyone.  Usually he's "pinging radar all over the place" when he comes in a room, but he's going to try to tone down on that.

Brett:  The thing is, I'm a dominant, outgoing person, and you usually want to go under the radar....

Brett is just going to try to hide this part of himself, but Ross says it's going to be hard to do in there.

Brett:  I'm just gonna have to, for $500,000.

Ross:  Yes, but what are you willing to do to win?  How far will you go?

Brett is going to do "whatever it takes" in the house to win.  Ross wants to dig deeper about Brett's potential problem areas, and asks him what aspects of a roommate or BB house guest would really annoy him.  What would be tough for Brett to take?

Brett kind of hemmed and hawed over that one, before saying that he really likes to sleep, so someone preventing that would really bother him.  He really needs a coffee in the morning.

(Those are two different annoyances, Brett.  And I would know because I have both of them.)

Brett:  And I would really just try to bite my tongue when someone bothers me.  Because at the end of the day, you can't really forget what someone says.  Once you say it, you can say you're sorry, but people are going to keep it in the back of their minds, they won't forget....

Ross:  Believe me.  This game will test every ounce of that.

Brett lives with his older brother and will miss seeing him and the rest of his family.  Brett is single now and he didn't plan it this way, but he's single going into the house.  He wasn't planning on getting in a showmance, but if "she's pretty enough, and nice enough, you never know".

Ross:  But this is a competition!  You wouldn't stop a football game to make out with somebody, right?

Brett agrees with that, but says at the end of the day, that's another vote in your corner to win.

Ross, fresh from a BB loss:  Or not!

(Ross should be on All Stars, if we ever have it.)

Ross wonders what Brett is most afraid of.

Brett:  What I might say on national television.  That's probably what I'm most afraid of.

Ross, really digging in:  But it's not just TV.  You're also online 24-7.

Brett:  There's a digital footprint no matter what.  It's permanent.  It's out there now.  There's no filter and I'm not a very filtered person so there's that.

Ross:  Well, I look forward to that.

And then the wheels fell off Brett's bus.  Ross asks him the Big Question, would he rather win the game and be hated, or lose and be loved by America.  Brett hesitated, and we all died inside while we prepared for what Brett had to say.

Brett:  Well....I do love America.  Can I come in second and maybe be loved?  And then maybe come back next year and win it then!

Ross laughed and probably realized he was close to being had, too, just like we were.  Brett isn't really a diabolical genius.  He probably just wants to make money on Instagram pushing Diffy Sunglasses or something.  I mean, fucking ALEX OW said that last year.

Ross invites Brett to tell the fans why we need to "vote for him" all summer long.

(I haven't even thought about the social media interaction Julie threatened us with.  I just can't face the reality of that right now.)

Brett says he'll be in there fighting for us.  He's a patriot fighting in the cyber landscape keeping us safe, helping those who can't help themselves, so we should "throw a half million dollars his way".

Ross giggles wickedly.  Ross has that kind of money, if Brett really needs it.  Just saying.

Ross taunts Brett about the room they're in, asking him if he's figured it out yet.  Brett knows now that it's the Diary Room, and says it was a pleasure to meet Ross.

Brett is on his own now.  We can't help him.  He'll just have to help himself.  Even though he probably can't help himself.  Or something like that.


OK.  I was thinking Brett works at the Geek Squad or something, but during Brett's closing comments, I realized that he may have been implying that he works for Homeland Security or some other crime fighting organization, looking for crime or terrorist activity on the interwebs.

That makes sense to me now, looking back at a few of his vague comments.  And I couldn't find much information, or ANY information about Brett during a simple Google search.   So it looks like Brett's "digital footprint" has been wiped before he came in the house.  In fact, maybe "Brett" is not his real name, after all.

He could tell us, but he'd have to kill us.  And isn't "Brett Robinson" the most generic-sounding name ever?  I can't believe Blake (or Chad) thinks we'd believe "Brett Robinson" is his real name.

(My name on a fake ID I got when I was 14 was "Kathy Douglas".  As bland as it gets, even back then.  When eventually caught, after someone else's Mom found a similar fake ID in the laundry, I told my parents I wanted the fake ID so I could go to R-rated movies.  What a crock of shit! I grew up in a college town....I didn't need a fake ID to do ANYTHING.  There was no one checking ID's at the fraternity parties, that's for sure.)

By the way, surely I don't need to point out Brett's huge guns, right?  Brett is no slob in the fitness area, clearly.  And Ross's jacket says "Beast Mode" something or other on the top left shoulder.  Why would Ross advertise for someone else during a filming opportunity?  What is Ross up to wearing that?  I approve of the casual comfortable clothing, but Ross could have worn any manner of stylish track jackets or other branded logos.

But I digress.  AGAIN.  Let's look at Brett's bio, even though there is zero chance that he did anything crazy here.

OK, I take back that last statement.  Who describes themself as "riveting" or "trophy"?  What the hell is going on with that?

And I can't with Brett's robotic recitation of his planned strategy. Whistlenut justified a potential win  in his interview last year with Big Jeff  better than Brett did today.  Let's hope Brett talks crap like this in the Diary Room, so we can enjoy some laughs when he's blindsided by using a fake idol.  Or whatever.

(I just remembered the Halting Hex and nearly vomited.  Big Brother is so damn cheesy now.  I'll bet whoever designed the "Temptation Room" (or whatever) used on BB19 is the same person who designed "Ghost Island" on the last season of Survivor.  And I bet they designed the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland, too.  Or maybe they rode on it 10,000 times while taking Adderall.  It was all just WAY too much.)

I can't imagine who Brett will pal around with in there.  I'm only on my third house guest introduction post, but I watched all the interviews with Ross live and I can't see Brett having a genuine relationship with anyone.  He might be a Nick Uhas type, who has all the potential in the world but can't act like he doesn't know that.

How is Brett going to lie about his job?  How in the world does he think the other house guests will believe he's a "dumb surfer", as he says in his bio? Even the DUMB SURFER in the house won't believe you about that, Brett!  And Brett shouldn't even try to fool the EX-COP who worked UNDERCOVER!  Steve might even tell everybody Brett is an FBI agent, which is much, much worse than whatever it is he probably actually does for a living.

I could see Brett winning the first HoH and going on a massive power trip that would put Cody's HoH inaugural HoH reign last year to shame.  Or I can see him being voted out after the first full week of play, blindsided by people he thought he was aligned with.

I know one thing:  No one needs to anger someone who hacks into friends' computers "for fun".  Imagine what he would do to an enemy?

Meet Haleigh Broucher - Mirror Mirror on the Wall.... #BB20

Ross Mathews introduced us to Haleigh Broucher, who is 21 and lives in Dallas Texas.  Hailey is a student at Texas A&M, following a now-established tradition of Aggie representation in the Big Brother house.

Haleigh was very excited at the beginning of the interview.  Before the discussion officially started, we could see blurry overhead footage of Haleigh entering the room and kind of jumping up and down when she saw Ross waiting for her.  I lost count of all of the hair flips and coiffure-arranging that took place before the taping officially began.

In fact, I think Haleigh was kind of caught by surprise as they kicked things off, still arranging her hair as you see below.  Ross didn't know her name until she told him what it was, and then she nervously looked around when she realized they were sitting in the Diary Room.

You could hear Haleigh breathing, sounding like she just ran the 40-yard dash or something.

Ross:  The living room is right over there (pointing over his left shoulder).

Haleigh:  Can I go sneak a peek?

Ross:  No, you may not.

Haleigh tells Ross that she's a fan of the show, but a recent one.

Haleigh:  I did see Season 16, but I haven't missed an episode since.

(Did you watch Season 16 in your room at the Sheraton during sequester Haleigh?)

Ross:  Are you gonna win?

Haleigh, still breathing hard:  Yes!  For sure!

Ross:  Why?  Why are you gonna win?

***brace yourselves***

Haleigh:  Well, I think my social game is gonna get me really far, and I'm actually going to play the game just like Derrick.  That's what my plan is, and he won, so....

(Honey, you don't even understand Derrick's game if you think you're going to play like him.)

Haleigh is currently a student in College Station, TX, and is studying psychology with a minor in sociology.  Ross gives a "HMMM" as she says this, obviously impressed by her scholastic endeavors.

Haleigh caught that, and nods, saying she hopes that training will help her in the game.  After she graduates, she wants to "pursue school further", which is probably pretty common for psychology majors.  You know, the ones who want to be a psychologist.  You have to go to grad school for that.

Ross grilled her about her strategy, and Haleigh had a good answer for him.  Her plan is to lay low in the beginning, and let the "super loud people" jump in there and "play super hard super fast".  Then she wants to start rallying people that she thinks she can trust to work with her.

Haleigh is trying to calm herself down, and takes several deep breaths as she tries to regulate herself.  Her words come out calmly and evenly, even though her breathing lets us know how keyed up she is.

(That might be a skill right appear calm when you're anything but...)

Ross cautions her that the game moves quickly, and she needs to be prepared to deal with that.  He wondered what her problem areas might be, and she says she needs to think before she speaks.

Haleigh: I usually don't think before I speak, and that could get me in trouble in this game if I don't pay attention to it.

(Yes, it can.)

She's hoping that wearing the microphone will help remind her that she's being recorded, so she can watch her mouth.

Ross tries to freak her out by saying that "these people" are going to be watching her every move every minute of the day.

Haleigh:  Yeah, yeah.  I'm a little worried, but not for character reasons.  I'm just worried that I'll say or do something ridiculous....

Ross, sarcastically:  I don't understand that at all.

Haleigh doesn't think appearing on the show will impact her graduation plans.  She wasn't enrolled in summer courses anyway, and thinks her program is still on track.  Ross had to dig to find out her romantic status.

Ross:  I didn't hear you mention you have a boyfriend....a girlfriend....

Haleigh:  No, I'm single, single, single....

Ross brings up the ever present showmances, saying that there wasn't one in his season, unless you count Brandi and the squash.   Haleigh stressed that she's here to play the game this summer, and doesn't want to do anything that will hurt her game.

Haleigh:  But I know it's a long summer, so if it happens, it happens.  I'm just going to try and not let it hurt my game.

Always with the hair, moving it this way and that.

Ross asked her the Big Question, would she rather win and be hated by America, or lose and be loved.

Haleigh:  Is there a third option?

Haleigh finally stated that she'd like to keep her integrity and be loved and lose, if she had to choose.

(Being hated by America doesn't necessarily mean you don't have integrity.  In fact, lots of horrible people have integrity. You can be horrendous and still be honest.  In fact, sometimes being honest is what gets you the most hate.)

Ross is very expressive and gives us several looks as she's talking.  He is obviously charmed by her, but he knows these are not the words of a fierce Big Brother player.

Ross urges her to look right at the camera and tell us why we should root for her to win.

Haleigh says we should root for her because she's IN IT TO WIN IT.

Haleigh:  I've watched the game.  I've studied the game.  I'm not here to float or let somebody else carry me......

Ross looks over at us as she speaks and gives us the eyebrows.

Haleigh:  I want to make an impact in this game.....I'm in this game to win it.

Ross, smiling:  There you have it.  We'll be watching.

Haleigh, clapping: Thank you!


I need to chat about Ross real quick.  I've always been a Ross fan, dating back to his early days on The Tonight Show, and he was my pick to win Celebrity BB from the start.  I want you to know how much of a boss Ross is in his daily life.  He is quite assertive, and has a team of people who are trained to react quickly when Ross asks for something.  He's not just some sort of flimsy pushover.  His success is no accident.  Ross Mathews is very ambitious, and this surprises people who had the impression that he's just a big gay marshmallow or something.  He's not.  Don't let the surface fool you.

Ross is asking much the same questions that CBS had Big Jeff Schroeder ask, but he's very shrewd about listening to what these people are saying and then firing back a question to dig deeper.  And he's very obvious with his emotions.  Jeff was more of a cheerleader.  Ross is more like a sideline analyst here.  I'm not on Facebook, but if I have the opportunity to watch the Facebook weekly chats Ross is going to do with Marissa Winokur this season, I will gladly do it.  I think Ross (and Marissa) might really LET GO on these house guests and give us their UNFILTERED VIEWS.

Maybe that's why it will be on Facebook, and not on the CBS website.  Just a guess.  And a hope.

OK, back to Haleigh.  Obviously Haleigh is in the top echelon of human beings as far as attractiveness goes.  Corey Brooks also went to A&M, and he also was on top of the casting leaks that happened last night.  Corey Brooks obviously scrolled around to find pictures of Haleigh for his Twitter.

The girl is STUNNING.  Can you imagine looking like that?  I think I'd be too scared to leave the house.  I watch too much Forensic Files.  I would probably think every stranger who eyeballs me wants to strangle me and throw me in a ditch or something.  Not to mention the people closest to me....everybody knows the boyfriend or co-worker is the first one blamed for any violent acts.  If I were Haleigh I'd probably hire a security guard to watch over me.

People are already comparing her to Aaryn Gries, due to the All American blonde good looks, and the Texas connection, but I don't think that's fair.  Aaryn was a fierce competitor who had some unpopular personal views and engaged in some deplorable conduct during her BB season.  But I think Aaryn took the fall for the entire BB15 cast, because there were at least 2 other cast members who said equally horrible things (one even did so on the live show, right on the mic) but didn't get shamed by Julie Chen on live TV.  One thing I'll say about Aaryn is that she mostly took the criticisms, and I didn't hear her try to drag anybody else into it.  Aaryn owned it, as they say.  That takes guts.

But I digress.  Again.  We can't assume Hayleigh is some backwards-thinking Texas hick unless she shows us some indication of that.  She seems like a sweet young girl with the world at her feet.  And now she's on a TV show.

I think Hayleigh must have posted this GIF when she learned she was on the show.  That was June 14th, just a few days ago.  Was that when they picked her up and gave her the key?  If so, there was ample time for at least one person on the cast to see the returning vet rumors out there (mainly due to Evel Dick).  Do they all know about the Ian Terry rumors?  And (gulp) the Frankie Grande rumors?

Would that make Production change their minds about the season's initial plans?  I heard the BB18 house guests talk about Vanessa's slip up on Twitter that alerted the community to Tiffany being on BB18.   Anybody who frequents Reddit would know about the leaks.  These things do happen.....

I didn't scour her social media to find any dirt, but if there is dirt that wasn't swept up we'll end up seeing it, of course.  Haleigh works with Rodan + Fields as a skin care rep, and there is a lot of information out there about that.

I snapped this picture because I thought the tall guy would be her boyfriend or something.  He looks famous, but they all kind of look the same to me.  That tall, bearded athlete-guy look.

There actually aren't many modeling-type photos of Haleigh out there as they usually are for a newly-minted BB house guest of this ilk, so maybe Haleigh is serious about her studies and future in psychology.  Good for her, if so.  And good for the BB fans, because that is a sign that she might be here for more than just Instagram followers.

But this picture was a bad idea Haleigh, because it reminds us of someone else that most of us would rather just forget about.

Let's take a look at Haleigh's CBS bio for more information.

I like her three words to describe herself.  And apparently Derrick Levasseur is "the cutest person in the world".

Good news, Derrick.  Haleigh Broucher wants to hug you.  But she JUST wants to hug you, so maybe that's bad news.  Whatever.

She's worried about the beds on Big Brother.  Hope that doesn't mean she's going to flip one.  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)  And her Fun Facts are FANTASTIC.  She's adopted!  She volunteers!  She raised a goat, but only one goat!

(Insert Corey Brooks joke here.)

I really don't know what else to say about Haleigh.  She seems like the standard sort of beauty queen that gets cast on the show every season.  By the time the feeds are live I fully expect Haleigh to be part of an alliance with the Kool Kids, because she's probably the Queen Kool Kid.  And I expect her to get in some sort of romantic entanglement.  Because that's what they all seem to do.  Every season.

Prove us wrong, Haleigh.  And do Texas proud while you're at it.

Meet Tyler Crispen - Laid Back, With His Mind on the Money and the Money on His Mind. #BB20

Meet Tyler Crispen, who had the honor of being the first live interview in the BB20 Diary Room.  This season Ross Mathews is replacing Big Jeff for these live interviews, which should be a surprise to no one, with Ross' showbiz chops and recent win as Fan Favorite on Celebrity Big Brother.  Ross told us several times during today's interviews that he didn't want to know ANYTHING about the new cast before meeting them, and this did seem to be true.  In fact, we knew more about some of them than Ross did, after the cast list leaked last night on the internet.

(Evel Dick is apparently pissed at Production for not being invited to the Premiere, so he spoiled the newbie list, and may have been spoiling the names of four potential returning players for up to a week now.  This may have caused Production to change their plans for the season, actually, since Evel Dick leaked the veteran names before the newbies were even sequestered.  Keep burning that bridge, Dick.)

Tyler has a laid back sort of energy as Ross greets us and lets Tyler know that the world is watching him right now.

Tyler:  Hey World.

Tyler is 23 and is a beach lifeguard on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  His bio says that he's originally from Ohio, so I'd be interested to know what brought him to Hilton Head, which is kind of a sleepy southern beach town not known for being too crazy.

Tyler has a sort of goofy, wacky voice and strange eye motions as he looks around to see if this experience is real or not.

Tyler tells us cautiously that he's going to go ahead and describe himself as a Super Fan.  He knows that's a big word as far as the fans go, but he's going to use it, anyway.  He started watching "like, Season 10 and went back and watched it all".

Tyler:  I'm talking, like, every Big Brother.

(Hmmm.  Not sure I believe young Tyler here.  Because a SuperFan would mention the country and version, right?  Because a SuperFan would know how many countries and versions within certain countries exist, and would not mix that up, right?)


I think Ross is skeptical about this, too, because he wants to know if Tyler has a strategy to win, since he's studied the game so much and all.

Tyler:  I mean, yeah.  I just kinda wanna be really.....have an actual bond with everybody so they feel bad for trying to evict me.

Ross, translating: So you want to play the emotional card.

Tyler wants to make some ties and then separate those ties so they can like, communicate from opposite sides of the house.  You know, if that makes sense.

Tyler:  I'm going to have to size everybody up first though.

Ross: Uh huh.

Ross is a good listener, but his body language tells us so much about how he's feeling about this.  And Ross isn't feeling good.....he's not loving this interview.

Tyler:  Know what I mean?

Ross:  I understand.

In response to Ross' question, Tyler lets us know that he's "as single as you can possibly be".  (Um.....I think he needs to check with Scottie Salton before making that statement.)  Ross wonders if we'll be seeing Tyler involved in any showmances this summer.

Tyler:  Not if I want to win, but I've been known to get into some romances that I don't feel like getting into, so...


Tyler: I guess anything can happen.

Tyler admits he's a little nervous about the camera situation, with everybody watching.

Ross:  It's weird, right?

Tyler:  It's weird right now!

(Yes, it is.  We all have a very strange hobby, watching all of this.)

Ross assures him that it will only get weirder, but I think Tyler will be a better communicator once he's inside the house interacting with people, rather than seated in this interview-type setting.  Just a guess.  And a hope.....I don't want Tyler to be the first one out......there are several others I'd like to nominate for that honor.  But more about that later, perhaps.

So here's the good news:  Ross asked the Big Question to Tyler that Big Jeff has asked everyone for years now....would Tyler like to win and be hated by America, or to lose and be loved?

Tyler, without hesitation:  WIN.  No doubt.  I want to WIN.  People will respect you if you win.  No matter how you win, people will respect that.

(I wish everyone felt that way.  I wish everyone respected Andy Herren's game play, for example.  What Andy did was HARD.)

Tyler feels his best asset is being resilient.  He's got a good mindset and doesn't let things get to him emotionally.  Well, sometimes things get to him emotionally, and he might act like they are inside the house, but inside he's not bothered at all.

Ross cautions him that the game is very hard, and he might react in a way that surprises him.

Tyler:  I've been watching this long enough that I've seen people break down hardcore.  I'm going to try not to do that.

Ross:  Interesting.  I'm going to be watching and remember that you said this.

Tyler, laughing:  Yeah, while I'm crying....

Ross:  Yeah, you'll be curled into a ball in the Diary Room.

Tyler's biggest downfall is that it takes him a while to catch on to some things, like directions and all.  So if someone keeps telling him what to do, he'll probably just do it.  Once he has a chance to think about it, he'll probably get it, but he's not good with on-the-fly type stuff.  He's not confrontational though.

Tyler:  If somebody comes at me, I'll probably just laugh in their face, but then I'll try to channel it and use it later.

Tyler:  I'll do anything.  I'm here to win.  I'm not just here to be the stupid surfer type who gets kicked out first....I'm here to win.

Ross:  How disappointed would you be if you were the first one out?

Tyler:  Like, the most disappointed.  The most...

Like this, Tyler?

Or this?

Tyler, potentially differentiating himself:  I fit the sterotype for the first one out, but it's not happening.  It's not happening people.


 Tyler indeed will NOT be the first person evicted from the game, because I have it from a very good source that he is the first HoH of BB20.


Tyler says this is all a dream come true and stepping in the house is going to be so cool.

Ross says we're all excited for him and will be watching him play the game this summer.  Tyler flashes us a quick and stealthy peace sign and then the first live interview is over.


OK, I did some digging, and what we just saw of Tyler in that short interview with Ross might not be all there is to know about him.  I think there was information that he needed to let us know, particularly if some sort of social media activity is going to impact him in the game.

He could have done more to get the fans on his side.  And Ross could have put him in a better position to do that, as he did in his later interviews.  (Like asking each person to look directly at the camera and tell the fans why they need to pull for him.)

For example, I'm hearing that Tyler has tried out for Big Brother several times.  And he apparently DOES WATCH the international BB versions, at least the BBUK version.  So I was being too bitchy when I questioned his self-reported Super Fan status a few minutes ago.

***UPDATE #1***  

Since the time I wrote this post, additional interviews with Tyler were released.  Tyler told Ika Wong that he's watched EVERY season of BB Canada!  So that indeed means you're a fan, because you really have to go out of your way to watch it consistently here in the US.


This tweet is from one of the runners up for BBUK 18, a psychology student named Raph.  Apparently Tyler contacted him last fall after his BB season ended.

So maybe Tyler was just nervous during his sit-down with Ross, and maybe he is a Super Fan after all.  Maybe he was trying to be cool and avoid confessing his covert feed-watching habits in front of the cameras and bright lights.

Because if you watch BBUK, surely you're watching the live feeds, right?  He knows the Willett sisters who appeared on BBOTT, which was only seen on the internet, so maybe Tyler is a secret nerd trying to look like a cool surfer guy.

***UPDATE #2***  

Well, Tyler was apparently an alternate for BB OTT but was sent home after he didn't make the cut.  I'm guessing it was between Tyler and Shane, who was also from The Carolinas and was a laid back, long-haired dude.  Tyler met up with Alex somehow after OTT ended, and since met Morgan.

In one of Tyler's interviews, he said Alex has been texting him, wondering if he would be at the BB20 Premiere Party.  He said he felt bad about kind of putting her off, but knows she understands now.


Will that help him play BB20?  I think it all depends on how well Tyler can connect to people in there.  He'll need to get situated quickly, and at least form some early bonds with people who can help him get through the first hurdle.  With that hurdle being possible elimination during the premiere, in conjunction with a competition or some sort of group decision.  Or maybe the vets decide.  Or maybe the fans will vote......we don't know yet.

But surely Production has some excitement planned for the premiere, right?  We know that the audience for the taping was stacked with former players.  If you watched Celebrity BB back in February, the first competition had Rachel and Paul performing on the sidelines while the players competed, and Jessica and Cody were sitting in the bleachers, watching.  I'm thinking we'll see something similar next week.  Maybe the BB star studded audience will be involved with the competition.  Who knows.

Let's take a look at Tyler's CBS bio to see if we can learn anything new.

There are some red flags here.  Who would describe themself as "questionable"?  And he seems to be aware that he's not believable in his interactions with others.

That's not good, Tyler.

But Tyler's Fun Facts are all pretty fun.  I look forward to hearing about these antics on the live feeds.  Because if someone has to go on the first night, surely there are a few other targets who can be eliminated first.  Tyler is kooky, for sure, but he's nowhere near the craziest person in there, as far as first impressions go.

And EVERYONE can't be evicted before Jury, right?

One thing Tyler does have is a family or friend-run Twitter account that is already busy with the BB crowd.  There are only one or two house guests who seem to have someone from their home team involved right now, which is a good sign for Tyler.