Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hold On To Your Seat, Because Omarosa Held On To Her's the Longest. #CBBUS

I know, I know, I'm late with posting.  But trust that I have had one ear on the live feeds all weekend long and have actually been tweeting up a storm with newsy info.  I have to say though, I think some of us are watching COMPLETELY different shows.  But maybe we see what we want to see.

Instead of deleting pictures I've taken that seem a year old, I will show them to you and try to blow through some commentary.  I've been watching BBAD every morning on my computer while I work and the BBAD crew isn't  doing the same commentary they do during the regular BB seasons.  You know, where they RIP on certain house guests that they don't like and have polls that would be construed as extremely negative by the players and their families.  At least, I don't think they are.  I only have one ear and half an eye on the show since I am working with multiple computer monitors going, but it does seem like a kinder, gentler BBAD for the celebs.

This first group of pictures dates back to Thursday night, when Shannon was still in the house.  I don't think she will appear in these pictures though, because she was isolating in bed most of the time pouting or crying.

This is salmon that was baked by either Brandi or Ariadna.  This is James dishing up a plate.  Remember the red plastic prison trays that the BB19 house guests were forced to eat off?  Well, they are using real plates this season.

There is also some sort of veggie side dish that Brandi made that everyone loved.  A few days ago I said there must be a house keeper that comes in the house when they are locked down, but I was wrong about that.  In fact, I heard James say last night that instead of a luxury prize, he would rather someone come in the house to clean up.  And Mark had to unclog the shower drain, too, saying it smelled horrible.  I guess someone has to be the dad in there and do the dirty work.

Personally I think the footage from the premiere week that the internet went crazy over with Brandi committing attempted lewd gestures with the butternut squash was overblown.  But what is funny to me are the running jokes about the squash in the house as he is referred to as Brandi's boyfriend.  The first squash was named "Rod" (lol) but unfortunately he is no longer alive.

Ross: We ate Rod.

This is Peter, the new guy.

Peter has a plumber's crack.

Peter is a frequent topic of conversation but Brandi has said she wants to leave him and go back to eggplant.

Everyone gathered in the living room to watch the feeding of the fish.  This year the fish tank is in the living room, just below the TV screen that they watch on the live shows.  I wonder if they will leave the tank there for this summer's series.  In the early seasons the fish tank was in the living room, too, and the house guests used to pull the dining chairs over and sit in front of it for hours.

There has been some violence in the fish tank, and also illness.  As they watch the tank they noticed a dead fish over in the corner, caught up in some plants or something.  Marissa was very concerned and went to find a kitchen implement she could use to remove the fish from the tank.

Marissa:  Is it okay with everybody if I use this one?

She tried and tried to scoop the fish up, but he ended up floating down to the bottom of the tank and they all watched in horror as the other fish darted over to investigate.

James:  That's cannibalism.  That fish is trying to eat him!

They watched as one fish tried to drag the dead fish over into the weeds.

Mark: He doesn't want the other fish to see him do it.

James:  Look at him.....this is brutal to watch.

Brandi had been wanting some candy and was thrilled to find that the storage room had her two favorites on the shelf--boxes of Nerds and some marshmallows.  Brandi thanked Marissa, who apparently was the one who made the formal request.  They went outside when the sliding door was unlocked to toast the marshmallows over the gas flame.

Those are the chopsticks from the Halfway Party dinner they are using as toasting sticks.  I didn't see anybody toast one until it was burnt and crunchy, which is the proper way to do it, if you ask me.

On the last night of Ariadna's HoH reign, this foursome got into bed and there was a lot of laughter about the situation.

Marissa:  Brandi, get in here, it feels so good!

Ariadna:  Thees ees happening!

Ross:  This is happening!

Marissa:  This is happening!

Brandi:  This is stupid.

Marissa: Is anybody else getting turned on?

Ross:  This is as far as it goes.

Little did the group know that within 24 hours their alliance would be rocked by an unexpected new HoH who was intent on breaking up this happy little group of four.

Now we're moving on to Friday night, after the live eviction of Shannon Elizabeth and the somewhat grueling HoH endurance competition.  We were able to watch most of it play out on the live feeds which will be broadcast on the Sunday night's CBS episode (tonight).

Mark made an announcement that this was the last of the toilet paper in the house.  As of today they still had not been replenished, but we have every reason to believe that will happen soon.

Ross had a bad night.  Omarosa winning HoH was certainly unexpected, particularly given the physical nature of the competition.  Marissa said the only thing that helped her stay up as long as she did was her large derriere, which helped her get better leverage on the seat.  Her arms were too short to get a good grip, she says, and this led to her downfall in the comp, just after Mark let go.  She knows this situation helped Omarosa win, because she has some cushion back there, too.  And the guys said that seats were very painful for them to sit on for very long for anatomical reasons.

It didn't take Omarosa long to announce that Ross was her target for eviction.  And Ross already knew, too.  He told Marissa that if he went home early, he'd be okay because getting evicted by Omarosa was a great story to tell.

Marissa:  It's a late night story.

Ross:  I can get 30 minutes out of it onstage, easy.

To add insult to injury, Ross is also on slop for two days, along with Metta and Mark, as they were the first three to fall out of their seats in the competition.

Omarosa made some mac and cheese from her grandmother's recipe and even though that's not my thing, it did look good in the pan.

Ross and Marissa expected to be nominated together, but I think everyone was still reeling from the fact that Omarosa won. Ross said he's going to get the same check either way, and he'll be fine with going home to Palm Springs to be with Salvadore and his dogs.

Marissa has so much knowledge about how TV works due to both her career and her husband's. Her husband is kind of a big deal, it seems.  I thought he was cute in his video to her on the live show, and her son was precious making the "Take 21" clapper thing at the beginning of the video, which appeared to be shot with the phone vertical, rather than horizontal.  I'm sure everyone noticed the huge windows in her living room on the video.....their home is extremely nice, so good for her.

She is a real BB fan and frequently talks about watching BBAD in previous seasons.  She said during BB8 when it was just down to Dani and Dick Donato, she was sitting watching BBAD where Dick and Dani were brushing their teeth.  Her husband yelled at her that her obsession needed to stop, it was enough already.  During a recent season she wanted to keep the BBAD episodes with the fights on their DVR so she and Zev could watch them again, but they only have so much free space on their DVR and it was full.

Marissa was actually one of the regular panel on the first season of The Talk.  Omarosa didn't realize that and kind of immediately latched onto it, no doubt because she would like her own talk show one day.  (Last week she grilled Ross about his two-season show on VH1, "Hello Ross".)

Omarosa:  So, you're a CBS girl Marissa.

Marissa: Yeah, but that was back in 2010.  I did it for a year and haven't done anything else on the network since then.

Omarosa:  Oh.

Marissa said she left on good terms, and she can't say that about all of the former The Talk panelists.  It was the best job she ever had, she says, because she was home for the day by just after noon (I think) and that was perfect because Zev had just started school.  Here's a good story:

The Talk gave them each a budget to decorate their dressing room (or office, whatever).  Marissa told her assistant to keep the receipts for everything.  After she left, she took everything back that wasn't permanent (like the carpet, etc) and got a refund from the store.  (Marissa is no dummy.)

Omarosa was very down-to-earth in her early hours as HoH.  She and James were the last ones up on The Wall, and it was obvious that James was in trouble up there, shifting in his seat and groaning.  Omarosa made a deal with him, saying she would not nominate him, or backdoor him either, saying loudly "I have other targets".

So when she found out James had been struggling, she said she wished someone had called out to her to tell her that.

Metta:  I told you to watch your breath.

Omarosa:  But if you told me he was about to fall off, I wouldn't have made a deal.

Ross loves to cook and made some treats with the slop that were quite spicy.  He was calling them "Sliscuits" (aka Slop Biscuits) and this batch was whipped up with hot sauce and jalapenos, which are permitted condiments for slop eaters in any BB season.

Metta loved it and declared no one else could eat their slop foods.  But later it was clear he had no idea what was going on (SHOCKER) when he was telling Mark he would have oatmeal in the morning.

Mark was thrilled with Ross' cooking and has thanked him profusely throughout each day, saying there is no way he and Metta could have done it without Ross.  Ross said today that he was asked to be on Celebrity Chopped, but couldn't work it into his schedule at the time.

Mark thinks he has lost about 10 pounds in the house so far, and has been working out every day.

Ross did some menu planning, saying in the morning he would make a batch of Sliscuits with a sweet glaze on top, and for dinner he would make herb-infused Sliscuits with an olive tapenade.  Olives are always allowed for the slop eaters on BB, you know.

Ross has a lot of haters on the internet that are being cruel to him for some reason.  Reddit in particular, which seems to have a pattern of hating anyone who is gay and tries to play the game.  There is chatter that the DR gave Ross the recipes to use, but that is simply not true.  Ross studied the list of acceptable condiments and got creative with it.  Omarosa is the one who came up with the tapenade idea, actually.  I heard them discuss it.  Ross even planned to make Orange Slones (aka Slop Scones) using Metamucil, a permitted item, to make an orange liquid to infuse the batter.  I'm not sure that actually happened, though.  From what I've learned from watching the live feeds over the years, slop eaters don't need a laxative.

He did have fun with the name, talking about making Slancakes, and Slaffles, and rhapsodizing about the smell of Sliscuits baking in the morning.  He also made some sort of slop burger with thousand island dip that everyone raved about.

Brandy stirred up a lot of drama with her hinky vote to evict Mark, too.  I was excited to see her make that vote in the DR during the live show, but she wasn't doing it for the the right game reasons, because she immediately told Ari what she did.  A proper hinky vote is kept a secret, in order to create paranoia and also to shift the blame on your opponents.

And once Metta fell off the wall, Ari talked to him about it and he said Brandi wanted him to take the fall for the vote. Ariadna was furious and felt betrayed.

Ari feels Brandi did that in an attempt to get Shannon's vote, and she was very hurt by it.  She felt that the universe was trying to tell her the truth about Brandi.  Marissa and Ross said they were upset about it too, and Brandi stormed off crying, saying she just felt sad about not being able to see her sons in the video and felt sorry for Shannon.  She didn't want Shannon to leave on a unanimous vote.

Ross immediately told the girls that they should make up quickly with Brandi before she marched upstairs to make a deal with Omarosa.

James displayed a certain amount of insensitivity towards the slop eaters, bringing his food right into the bedroom to eat.

Here is Ross checking the allowed condiments on the list.  Or the recipe if you are a Ross hater.  Apparently some viewers think he is "vile" and is "getting what he deserves".  Those viewers can't be live feeders, can they?  Because Ross has been extremely entertaining and vibrant on the live feeds.  I can't imagine anyone not wanting to be friends with Ross Matthews.

I think Ross is America's Sweetheart, if you really want to know.

They watched the fish tank for the fish feeding again on Friday night, and were horrified to see the fish isolate one fish who appeared weaker than the others.

Ross:  They're not letting him get any food....they are ganging up on him.

Ariadna was observing every move by Brandi, trying to determine what she might be up to, and how this would play out in the week ahead.

Meanwhile the poor fish who was being isolated was being bullied and prevented from getting any food.

Mark:  This is just brutal.  It's survival of the fittest. That fish's fins look different from the others.

Metta:  This is terrible.

Ariadna got in bed with Ross and he immediately felt she might be breaking one of his rules.

Ross:  Ari, do you have shoes on?

Ari:  No, Ross.

Ross:  I'm kicking Miss Columbia out of bed!

The guys laughed.  It was funny.

I have more pictures and more stuff to say but I'm just too tired at the moment.  Sorry about that.  I have been sitting at my computer for most of my waking hours this weekend and I need some down time.  And maybe a neck massage.....