Thursday, February 15, 2018

It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, It's How You Act That Counts. #CBBUS

I know I missed a day of posting, but trust me I have good excuses for it.  I started this post yesterday morning but didn't get any further than posting the pictures.  You already know some of what happened if you watched last night's CBS episode, but I'll go ahead with this anyway.

So, the pictures may be old, but I'll try to add some new information as I write.  I did do quite a bit of tweeting yesterday (with pictures) so it's not like I shirked my Big Brother duties entirely.

Yesterday was Ariadna's first day as HoH, and she celebrated with Brandi by spending hours doing hair and makeup.  They actually do that every day, but this time they did it in the HoH Suite.  Ari's wardrobe is still downstairs in the Tiffany Room, so she went downstairs in her mint green robe to get dressed.  She came back upstairs still wrapped in her fuzzy robe, but then flashed everyone by showing them this outfit.  Everyone was stunned at how chic and beautiful she looked, even though they've seen her up close and personal for a few weeks now.

Ross came in the room and made a funny comment about how Ari was supposed to be his ice skating partner and she isn't supposed to wear her costume without him.  I forgot the exact verbage, but it was funny.  She told them the designer who made the top, but I didn't recognize the name and can't remember it.  Those track pants are definitely a designer label---I think I've seen Erika Jayne wear them on RHOBH.  I love Erika, but this is the way those pants are supposed to be worn.  Sorry hon.

Omarosa got all dolled up, too.  The big topic of conversation was how they all want Shannon out of the game, but James is on their list, too.  Now that we know that James came within a fraction of a second behind Ari in the HoH competition, it's easy to understand why they want him out.  He is a huge threat in so many ways.

The group went back and forth about whether they would put Shannon and James up on the block at the same time,  They thought it would be too risky to put Omarosa up there, so Mark or Metta's names were being tossed around.  But Ariana isn't afraid to make a big move.  She was ready to put them up together, and that's certainly what she did.

Mark told some of the girls that his wife must be furious at home because she knows that Mark has a thing for the Latina girls.  Mark said he knows she was probably livid that during all of the live shows Mark was either sitting right next to Ariadna or directly across from her.  I don't have time to fact-check that, so I'll have to take his word for it.

Ross:  I'll vouch for you.  I'll vouch that the seating plan is assigned.  (It is.)

Mark:  Doesn't matter, buddy.  My wife is a Latina too and she'll just go off anyway.

Look at Ariadna....whose wife wouldn't be mad about that?  And she's a cool girl, too, so it's not like she's one of those annoying airheads whose good looks sour after a few days being around her.

Here is Mark with his wife Carin.  I think this was taken back when he was a correspondent on Extra.  Mark was a fucking babe, ya'll.

I think his band Sugar Ray hit it big just as the whole grunge movement was slowing down.  Their music was poppy, but had some great lyrics and the band's sunny disposition was a nice change from the morose, grimey Seattle scene.  And that whole scene became popular after the fall of the 80's "hair band" situation.  What goes around always comes around.

And here they are with their newborn twins.  They had a boy and a girl, which is the perfect scenario.  You win the game when that happens.

Yesterday Mark was talking to James about golf.  James would like to learn to play better, and Mark said that he could come play with Mark and his son on a "par 3" course.  James was stoked about that.  Something tells me that Mark's daughter will suddenly express an interest in golf if that happens, because Mark has said several times that his kids were big fans of Big Time Rush.

Mark has a 5 bedroom house with some sort of guest dwelling out by the pool.  I think he has family members living in the guest house now.  He said one of the bedrooms was supposed to be his man cave, but it didn't work out that way in the end.  Many husbands out there can relate to that, I'm sure.

The morning of nominations appears to be the time when the house guests can write their tweets using this computer.  I think there is a little book of instructions and/or rules, too.  Basically they write the tweets and then after being approved Production sends them to someone designated by the house guests to post for them.

I don't have time to dig around for those tweets, but maybe one day before the end of the season I will do that.  When I took this picture Omarosa was helping Ari write a tweet to Keisha to tell her that they miss her.

And of course we had to hear about breast milk AGAIN last night on the CBS show.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to hear about that anymore.  I could expound on those feelings, but I don't think it is in my best interest to do so.  Take a tip from that, Keisha.

And for those of you saying, why did Keisha even do this show?  That's a good question, but I believe the answer is MONEY.  Keisha grew up with more money than a grade-schooler ever needed.  There are laws to protect a minor's show biz earnings, so I'm sure she has a nice nest egg, not to mention what I'm sure were enough residual payments every year to allow a decent living.  But when the Cosby scandal blew up, the Cosby rerun airings screeched to a halt.  And so did the residual payments.  I can equate that to a trust fund kid who is used to receiving guaranteed checks getting written out of the will or something.  Even if Keisha still has lots of money in the bank, losing the prospect of those regular payments has got to be quite sobering.  So Cosby screwed her, too, if you look at it that way.

Then they got the camera for some selfies and videos.  It was fun to watch and I wish I didn't have to calculate the tax gains and losses on a zillion crypto currency trades instead of devoting myself fully to the live feeds.

Here's one for Mark's wife to "enjoy".

For those of you grousing about "Mark isn't playing this game", "Grandpa Mark goes to bed early", just step back and look at the dynamics in that house.  The female component has been overwhelming from the start.  What is Mark supposed to do, hang out and watch Ariadna do her make up and hair all day?

Carin McGrath:  HELL NO.

Mark is friendly with everyone, and gets along well with all of the guys, but he hasn't made any BFFs in there.  I've heard him comment twice now that it seems like Ross and Marissa have known each other for decades, the way they already have a million inside jokes and such an easy compatibility.  But they just met in the BB house.

Marissa has a gay friend named Ryan and the joke is that Ryan is at home feeling jealous about Ross coming into the picture.  And Ross is threatened when Marissa tells stories about Ryan.

Ya'll can just keep hating on James.  He grew up in the same atmosphere that you kids did, where you're all presented with numerous outlets to express your every thought and opinion and certainly feel entitled to do so.  He might be just like you, but I've already lectured you about that.  What I didn't say is how handsome James is, because it is obvious and doesn't need to be announced.

I really like James' long, lean aesthetic.  I only wish his rear end was on display in this picture.  It is a very nice view, and the fact that he has no visible tattoos (that I've noticed) makes him even more appealing.  I predict James will get some leading man roles in movies, if he wants to go that route.  I see him as sort of a Cary Grant type.  Or maybe a diabolic serial killer.  But a bona fide star either way.

I like Metta when he's having a normal conversation with people on the live feeds, but the bullshit on the CBS show where he's talking to the camera or doing a dance in the storage room is cringeworthy to me.  It insults my intelligence, which we know is......considerable.  I can't dumb down enough to enjoy that sort of thing.

This week Metta is all for giving James or Shannon the boot, but who knows what is going to happen now that the PoV is over.

SPOILER ALERT:  James won the PoV, which was the "black box" competition.  I don't like watching that one on TV because it's too confusing to see what is going on in the dark.  So suck it, James haters.  He's and his tight butt aren't going anywhere right now.

James mentioned his girlfriend yesterday, on Valentines Day.  He said he told her that he thought he'd only be gone a week or so for the show, but everyone said of course she understands.  The boy band guys are trained not to mention their personal lives, because it will cost them fans if they think he has a girlfriend.  And in todays' world, their girlfriends can get viciously attacked on social media and become the subject of ugly rumors.  But maybe James isn't that serious about her so that's why he doesn't mention her much.  But my sense is that he's in the house to boost his business, so that is his focus.  He can have a family later.  James doesn't set off my Gaydar at all, but I'm sure he would be a Big Get for anyone of any gender.  And of course James knows that.

Ross's game is a little messy, but so fun to watch.  He said he wanted to play the game as a rat like Andy Herren, and so far he's doing it.  He's actually pretty strong in the competitions, so that is going to come in handy as the game starts to wind up in the next week or so.

Ross is a threat to win, but there are some big threats in there with him.  The problem is that some of the jurors might be salty about his bold-faced lies and not appreciate how great he played the game.  For example:  Keisha and Chuck.  Some high-sodium content there from what I've heard about their post-show interviews.

That's why they need to get Metta out NOW. And Omarosa, too.

Marissa started a fun game yesterday that was some of the best conversation I've seen on the live feeds.  I want to go back and watch it but of course I won't have time.  She was in the bedroom talking about her impressions of each celebrity, and how they've changed since getting to know them.  She imagined a scenario where she would be in a bar like The Abbey in West Hollywood (because she said there are scenarios for each of them to be in that bar with a group at one time or another) and wondered what would happen if she saw them.

Ross:  Marissa said if she saw Ross at The Abbey, she would absolutely go over to him and introduce herself.

Metta:  She thinks she is so small and insignificant next to him that she would never assume he wanted to speak to her.

James:  She said her niece took a picture with him in some hotel lobby one time, so she would go over and introduce herself and tell him about her niece being a fan and would take a picture with him for her.  James walked in while they were playing this game and had a moment where he seemed confused, saying "you saw me in The Abbey?"  Marissa had to clarify it was an imaginary game, and James said he's never been to The Abbey, but would go if he had a reason to.

Ross said that he would have been squeamish to speak to Metta, because he knows that some of the big athlete types might not be comfortable with guys like him, but he has been pleasantly surprised in the house.  Metta apparently goes to gay clubs in Toronto and dances all night.  Ross said he is learning new things about people's perceptions now and he is very happy about it.

This is Shannon emoting after being nominated, of course.  She had already been pouting for at least 12 hours, suspecting she would be nominated.  She was storming around the night before making a host of "I want to go home" and "I don't like Big Brother anymore" and "I won't be a fan of the show anymore" statements.  And before you say she was playing the game, she made most of these statements with no other house guests in the room, just the cameras and us.

OK, back to Marissa's game.  This is interesting.  Marissa said that if she saw Shannon at The Abbey, she might hesitate to approach her, even though they have worked together before.

Marissa:  I don't even know if she would remember that we were on Dancing With The Stars on the same season.


One thing that has been fun to watch is how the celebrities really don't do much name-dropping to impress each other.  They don't have to, I guess, and they probably are also very cautious because they don't know how their words might be presented on TV.  For example, I heard Marissa say to someone last week that "Shannon and I did a show together", and no one said, "Really?  Which show?"

When Mark came in the room, he got in on Marissa's game, too, and had good things to say about everyone.  At least I think he did, because I don't remember much of it, except for what he said about Shannon.

Mark: If I saw Shannon, I don't think I would approach her.  She and I did something together once and I didn't really get a very friendly vibe....

Marissa:  WHAT?  You knew Shannon FROM BEOFRE?

Mark:  Well, we presented something together once, and I could just tell from her demeanor that she didn't want to make any new friends...she wasn't really open for business like that, so I would lay off.

I was thinking, I bet it was the MTV Awards or something like that, and it was.  This picture was easy for me to find.

If you watched Shannon boo hoo and cry this week to the girls about not having any friends in the house, now you know why.  Maybe Shannon has her side of the story about Mark being a dick or something, but I doubt it.  We're all getting to know EXACTLY what these house guests are like, because you can't pretend to be someone you're not very long in the BB house.

I heard her tell Ari that her image in American Pie "wasn't her at all", so she "went the opposite direction" after that film.  I'll bet.  I'm sure Shannon was treated like a piece of meat and that must have been exhausting and traumatic.  I'm sorry Shannon.  If I was hit on and sometimes harassed as a CPA back then, I can only imagine what it was like for you.  It was a different world, and the rules were different for everybody, everywhere.

But you could have been more friendly to Mark.  Just saying.

James knew Chuck from before the show, and I think he had some minor dealings with Mark, too, in the music world.  The other night Mark was talking to someone about what a talent Sam Smith is and they said he was one of the best ever in the business.

James said his dream is for people to speak of him that way one day, but he had miles to go and lots more dues to pay.

Mark:  But you have all the talent and opportunity in the world, James.

Ross is friends with Brandi, so if he saw her at The Abbey he would have been thrilled because "she's fun" and would have partied with her.

I want to point out that Brandi thought this version of BB would be played like the UK version she just played in the last month or so, where the viewing public votes for every eviction.  I believe that is why she started off the season in such a Raging Bitch mode.  She was trying to get the public on her side because that is how it works over there.  That is why "Speidi" did so well their first season, but got voted out earlier on CBBUK All Stars (or whatever) because they were more mellow and didn't backstab everyone from the start.  I think that is why Brandi played up her Drunken Mess persona so much as the season kicked off.  Since she learned that the US version is voted by the house guests every week, she has behaved much differently.  And it suits her, I think.

She also said she had to basically quit drinking on the UK show, because she played with a bunch of 20-year olds who acted like maniacs with the booze.  They would grab it and hoard it, chugging it down and getting crazy.  She couldn't and wouldn't compete with that.  Did you watch Brandi on that show?  Please let us know if you have feedback or can compare her performance here with the way she played over there.

I don't remember what anyone said about seeing Ari at The Abbey, except Mark.

Mark:  ......and if I saw Ari, I'd just be like.....(mouth agape, jaw dropping).

Ari and Brandi are playing this game like gangsters, making big moves and being rather open about it.  They are well-aware of the fact that the jury will watch the TV episodes, so I think they are letting Ross and Marissa be the schemey types, talking out both side of their mouths and laughing about it.

(Which I LOVE.....why can't the normal BB players figure this out like the celebrities did?)

Everyone had to placate Shannon, of course.  Boo hoo Shannon.  You know that Shannon sought the advice of both Dan Gheesling and Evel Dick before coming in the house, right?  Dan tweeted about it but maybe he wants to delete that tweet now.  

The beds in that room are all moved around, but I think that is Kevin's Corner, right?  I've been trying to figure it out, but the different bed placement is throwing me off.  I can tell you that the Tiffany Room is the Have Not room.  Production said there would be slop this season, but maybe they thought better of that with at least two celebrities wanting to leave almost immediately.

I know there are a number of BB viewers who don't watch the Real Housewives.  Well, Brandi was member of the cast for the Beverly Hills edition but got fired after crossing Lisa Vanderpump, who is the Queen Bee around there.

Brandi was married to this guy, Eddie Cibrian, and he is the father of their two sons.  Eddie is FINE.

Let's take another look at Eddie.  Wow.

The big story was that Eddie cheated on Brandi with at least one girl, and the girl we all know about is Scheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules.  In fact, that was the story line that kicked off the first episode of that show....Lisa Vanderpump had a party for the housewives and Brandi didn't want Scheana to wait on their table.  Of course, Scheana now claims that she didn't know Eddie was married.

Bitch please.  Don't expect us to believe you didn't know how to use Google.

But I must admit that until I pulled these pictures today, I thought the Eddie that Brandi was married to was the guy who played Rachel's assistant Tag on Friends.  But he's Eddie Cahill, apparently.

Tag was so cute, right? Back when sexual harassment was A-OK with everyone.....

I was going to post about the drama that Omarosa started yesterday with James and Ross, but I need to get some work done while I can.  I had to drop my dog off at 7:30 AM today at the vet's for "a procedure".  I am waiting anxiously to hear how she is.  I know she was upset with me this morning because she thinks I forgot to feed her breakfast.  It was heartbreaking to see her keep walking over to her feeding station and staring at me, wagging her little stump hopefully.  She loves the vet's office though (she is there A LOT) and when I last saw her she was cheating on me with Skip the Vet Tech, giving him kisses and probably trying to get him to feed her.

The PoV comp ran late last night, and the house guests had a halfway party feast in the final hour of BBAD.  I didn't want to leave without posting these, because we all love to see what they eat.

Marissa said the roses were from her husband Judah for Valentines' Day, but then said they were from Judah and Salvadore (Ross's BF) together, so who knows.

There was sushi from Katsuya, wine and lots of other goodies.

Shannon had been crying (OF COURSE) because she lost the PoV and made a big show of wiping away tears as she searched for vegan-friendly food to eat.  And there was some, of course.

Marissa said that she has been thinking about her husband so much recently, and has had some realizations about her life with Judah.

Marissa:  I think my husband will look back on our marriage and say there was the marriage before I was on Big Brother, and our marriage's going to be different after this...I have a new appreciation.

So that's nice.  I adore Marissa.  She is so candid and honest.  She has been feeling frisky and makes jokes about it.  Apparently Mark gave her a hug two days ago and she told him that he wasn't a very good hugger and needed to work on it. So he saw her the next day and made a point to give her a bigger hug, but something felt wrong afterwards.

Mark:  I asked you and Omarosa if it was okay to hug with your lower body, too, and you both said NO.

Marissa:  Yeah...and you had on your work out clothes, so I felt your penis.  I felt Mark's penis, everybody.

Mark:  Yeah, it hit your knees....

Marissa:  No, I'm hit my vagina!  I felt Mark's penis! And I have to say it felt good.

Everyone laughed.  It wasn't uncomfortable at all, because Marissa makes it feel okay to talk about.  But if Mark hugs Ariadna like that.......Carin McGrath is going to snatch Mark bald when he walks out of the house.

But he won't, of course.  He knows better than that.

(By the way, what is the deal with that hat Ari is wearing in her picture? What the hell.)

(UPDATE:  As I'm posting this Mark just said good morning to Marissa and said he was only giving "non-committal side hugs" from now on.  Ha ha ha.  And Mark and Metta are saying they are FED UP with Shannon's whiney crybaby act because this is just a game and she should know better.  She's already given up, Mark said.)

The Reddit spoiler who has been blabbing since last summer said Omarosa needed to see the medic after playing PoV.  But she didn't require a hospital stay this time, apparently.  I like her hair curly like that.

Just look at that spread.  It's a far cry from the pizza boxes and spaghetti that they have at the Halfway Party every other season.

But the cake is much smaller, without the pictures of the house guests on it.  Metta paused before cutting it so the cameras could get a good shot.

I wanted to see what was going on inside the cake, but it took him too long to do the slicing.  I never saw a cross-section, but I'm imagining it to be a yellow cake with three layers.

Metta:  Thank you Big Brother. I apologize for all the complaining I've done about you.

(UPDATE:  I just saw Mark take the cake out of the fridge this morning----totally wrapped in Saran.  They never had a slice last night, apparently. And I'm still waiting to see what is doing inside.  Maybe these people don't eat cake.)

Someone asked if there is a backyard this season in the comments a few days ago.  I forgot to respond so here are some pictures for you.  It is a long skinny strip of backyard that allows Production to be in a constant state of construction in the rest of the backyard.  And it rules out any "Drive By Shouters", too, so there's that.

The house is on the right side in the picture below.  There are couches and seating on this end, and a full-size hot tub and laundry area at the other end.

I love the lighted bougainvillea on the wall, even if it's fake.  Ross says this is his favorite part of the house.

And here is the hot tub up a little staircase, with the laundry on the side.

Hope that clears it all up!