Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Omarosa May Have Blindsided Mike Pence Tonight, But Keisha Blindsided the Rest of Us. #CBBUS

I guess we have to start with the news headlines originating after last night's show.  TMZ jumped right on it, of course, because Omarosa is good for a few clicks.  But I checked the tape this morning and have something to say about the timing of this story.


We all know from looking at that (horrible) frock that Omarosa is wearing that this little political conversation took place last Friday night during the live show.  And Omarosa was in a great mood, so this happened after Julie told the house guests the news about the government shut down and the Super Bowl, but before Omarosa was blindsided by the vote to evict Chuck Liddell.  Chuck was still in the house during this conversation, and might have been sitting right there in the nomination chair, but he was not shown in this clip for continuity purposes.

MY POINT:  Well, there are actually two points.

1.  I don't think Production would EVER feature this sort of blockbuster conversation unless it's a live show, because the live shows have the most eyes on them.  Having just said that, I hope that the last time we saw Omarosa spout off on the White House was indeed a live show.  But whatever.  You know what I mean.

2.  If Omarosa got the boot tonight, CBS wanted to get maximum exposure out of her by featuring this on her last live appearance on the show.  So this may represent all they have in the can, until Omarosa makes some new shocking statements.

Actually, Omarosa was talking about Melania Trump last night during BBAD, or maybe it was this morning.  Not sure since I was busy working while I listened.  She said Melania speaks seven languages and is generally well-regarded by the White House staff and is considered intelligent.

She also described the five buildings on the White House grounds and the general use of each building and area.   Check out this gossip blind item that I just noticed today.

I'm not shocked by that, are you?  This whole Big Brother appearance is publicity for her book.  She has said several times that she can't wait to get home to meet with "her team" and that she is looking forward to the next phase of her life.  I'll bet.

That blind item comes from an aggregator-type website that pulls together dishy items from a variety of websites.  Click the link at your own risk, because you can burn WAY too much time with this trashy mess.  Whoever maintains all of that is the real hero.  My item above comes from the February 2018 page, of course. Once upon a time there was a blog where someone just cut and pasted nearly the entire contents of the National Enquirer, the Star and a few other tabloids.  It must have been shut down by the Tabloid Police, but if you know where it is now please let us all know.

I have frequent conversations in the grocery checkout line about the tabloid headlines where I engage everyone waiting in line, as well as the grocery checker in the conversation.  The latest example of this were the cover story photos of Jennifer Garner and who might be her new beau....Josh Duhamel.  I was like, HOW DOES THIS BITCH DO IT?  She got Scott Foley, Michael Vartan, Ben Affleck and NOW JOSH?  It's just too much. I can't take it.


Well, I'm trying to forgive Keisha, but it's going to be hard.  She RUINED what could have been the greatest blindside of the season.  Even after Marissa won the PoV, Keisha was saying it was okay with her to have Shannon be evicted last night, if they would promise to evict her this upcoming Friday.  Ross told her that they can't guarantee that unless they have the power to do that, and then she lost it and we went to commercial knowing the plan was a bust.

After it was clear the PoV was not being won by Shannon, live feeders all over the globe knew a blindside was about to happen.  The house guests worked so hard to make sure Shannon and James were in the dark about it, and we were all waiting for the Big Payoff.  I even stood up and was moving over to the TV set which I am compelled to do only in the most suspenseful moments on the live show. 

I told ya'll about Brand's moisturizing sleep gloves. These pictures were from yesterday as everyone got up and got ready for the live show and eviction.

If Omarosa was worried about being evicted, she sure didn't show it.  After the eviction last night, Brandi made a comment at the end of the live show that probably angered Production.  She said "another $5,000", which means that the celebrities apparently receive another $5,000 each time they survive an eviction.  I'm sure the base pay differs for each of them, but the eviction bonuses make sense, to give them incentive to stay in the game.

Shannon is kind of in her own world as far as food goes.  She has very different eating habits and makes a point to discuss it as often as possible.  I'm a vegan, too, but I don't mess with all of the herbs and tonics and such.  Some people like to make it seem harder than it needs to be, and that hurts all of us.  For example she was talking about some sort of mushroom dust that she takes to "relax" or something.

Shannon also sniffs or snorts very loudly on an ongoing basis.  She said she has been teased about it for years, but she does not do coke and has some sort of allergy or nose issue.  Too bad there's not a dust she can take to fix that, but maybe it's not as annoying in person, if your'e not listening to the Sounds of Shannon through her microphone.

Marissa is quite the chatterbox nearly all the time. Some of the fans can't stand that but I think she is charming.  She has some really interesting things to say and has a lot of inside knowledge about the entertainment industry.  Her husband is a writer and is currently the show runner for Crashing on HBO.  She hopes that the series gets picked up for a new season while she's in the house, even if he has to spend about 5 months in NYC to produce the show.

All Mark cares about as a future HoH treat is having Coke Zero.  Why is that some sort of treat in that house?  It costs the same as Diet Coke or any other beverage that is stocked in the storage room.

Why can't they give them Coke Zero?  What's the big deal?  I don't get it.

This morning Mark said he underestimated how hard it would be to be away from his family for this long.  He's used to traveling frequently and is often gone for 10 day stretches, but realizes  now that being able to Facetime with his kids and wife makes a huge difference.  He's known his wife since 1994 (I think) but says even when they were broken up they still spoke on the phone a few times each week.

Last week I linked to a podcast that Mark appeared on in 2015 where he discussed his wife, but basically she was a model and he was a rock star and they went through swings where they were together and then both dated other people.  But one day he woke up and said "you're still here, so do you want to really do this?" and I think they got married after that.

Mark is super lonely in that house.  I can tell.

Here's a bare foot picture of James for you foot people.  James had NO IDEA about the blindside and as of this morning, I still don't think he knows.  I don't think Shannon knows, either.

I remember when American Pie came out, there was a big to-do over Shannon being naked in that movie, or whatever.  Seeing Shannon nude was not a big highlight for me, of course, so I don't even remember that.  But I do remember that her character in that movie was supposed to be a foreign exchange student or something and her accent was HORRIBLE.

Shannon is that girl at the party that will be out on the balcony smoking cigars with the guys.  And why the hell did she go straight into the house after the PoV, leaving a group outside to discuss plans to use it and backdoor her?  Isn't she supposed to be Super Fan?  Isn't she the least bit suspicious?

This morning a group in the HoH room was talking about her and someone asked where she was.

Omarosa:  She's probably in the bathroom cutting herself.


Omarosa:  OK....I take it back.

Someone Else (Marissa maybe?):  She's probably in the bedroom rocking back and forth.

So..Shannon is probably used to being a Guy's Girl, not a Girl's Girl.  I'll bet she has some #MeToo stories too.  I wonder if she'll ever tell them.

Marissa had a job at a movie theater when she was growing up.  The work was fun and easy for most of the shift, but after the theater closed there were 15-20 minutes of hard labor, cleaning the grease on the popcorn maker, etc.  She said she used to intentionally burn herself on the popcorn machine in her attempts to clean it so she could go home early without having to do the hard labor.

She also used to put one of those huge Kit Kat candy bars on the shelf under the popcorn popper so it would get melty.  As soon as the movies started, they could do whatever they wanted, so she'd put the melty Kit Kat bar on top of a tub of popcorn and chow down.

Brandi sounds like she makes the theater workers really earn that money.  She makes them stop halfway in filling up her popcorn tub to apply the butter and salt, and then again on top to ensure more equal distribution.

There was quite a bit of excitement on the feeds yesterday when it was discovered that Omarosa had unpacked her luggage without really discussing it with anyone.  Basically Keisha told her about the plan to blindside Shannon so she knew she was safe.  This led to a big clusterfuck meeting where everyone worked overtime to make it seem like they were suspicious something was up, while being careful to make sure Shannon didn't suspect that something was really up.

Make sense?

Shannon listened, but didn't really participate much.

James however, had A LOT to say about it.  He wanted Keisha out from the start, due to the way she targeted him, so he wasn't that concerned about Omarosa feeling safe last night.

James:  There is no blindside.  I know that.

Someone: But we just had one last week.

James:  This is a new group of people.  I'm not worried.

Then Brandi and Marissa tag-teamed Shannon and it was immediately evident that Marissa is a REAL actress, not just the wanna-be actress that is typical BB summer casting.  She really did a number here, and Brandi is no slouch in the deception department either.

It was really exciting to watch, as a fan of blindsides, but it's a sour feeling now to relive it.

Mark knew all about it, but he didn't tell James, even though the two of them made a little deal to stick together to the end.  Mark knows how to keep his mouth shut when he needs to.  I've watched him sit quietly while James talks about how he was on tour with Justin Bieber and Mark just lays back and lets James take the glory.  (Mark toured with the fucking ROLLING STONES.)

LOOK:  Mark was big in the music business back when being in the music business made money.  Way before Napster, kids.  Back when a CD cost $18.99 and you gladly paid that.

Mark has a gig in Las Vegas booked for February 28th, but it's a corporate gig closed to the general public.

Keisha made guacamole and everyone raved about how good it is.  Except for Shannon.  She walked in and dipped a chip and immediately said she didn't like cilantro, and that's all she could taste.  She may have even spit it out....she walked off camera so I don't know.

But that's an example of poor manners for all you kids out there.  If you don't like something, you don't need to be rude and make an issue out of it.  Shannon's attitude didn't spoil Marissa's zest for the guacamole though.  Hell no.

This is Brandi mixing up her hair color.  I wish Shannon had dipped her chip in that bowl to see how she liked that.

(Yeah, I don't like Shannon. Sorry Shannon fans.)

Marissa was kind enough to show us the list of chores that the house guests are responsible for.  She started reading them and Shannon stopped her, saying "please don't read it out loud or they might make us do them now".  Shortly thereafter BB came on the intercom and said "Marissa, the vacuum is in the storage room".  It was funny.  I don't think Marissa is a big fan of house work.

They must have a cleaning crew in there to clean the bathrooms at least, right?  Any former house guest will tell you how FILTHY and SMELLY that bathroom downstairs is.  And I haven't heard them talk about that this season.

Shannon took a moment to murmur with James.  They still felt all systems were go to evict Keisha last night.  And as we all know now, that is exactly what happened.

It was very low class of Keisha to bad mouth Shannon on her way out of the house.  She leaned over and let James know that it was Shannon's idea to nominate him.  And then she told everyone to play the game, or whatever.

Um...Keisha...that is what Shannon is trying to do.  And you tried to fuck her game up.  I would rather Keisha have spilled the beans about the blindside, just for the entertainment value on the live feeds, but as usual Keisha lives in a different world than I do.

(See what I did there?)  The cast and guest lists on that show are incredible...Halle Berry?  TuPac?  Damn.

TRUE STORY:  I said "Hi TuPac" to him in the Chicago airport (O'Hare) and he ignored me even though I was two feet away from him.  And within two weeks he was dead.  The End.


Nobody got screwed as hard as Ross got screwed last night.  Except maybe Mike Pence.  Because it was virtually guaranteed that the truth would come out about Ross planning to blindside Shannon and he would be out on his ass this Friday.

But Ariadna won HoH, and she and Brandi are the ones who devised the plan to blindside Shannon in the first place. So Ross is definitely safe this week.

AND IT'S NOT A "BACKDOOR" BECAUSE SHANNON WAS ABLE TO PLAY FOR PoV.  The new BB fans drive me CRAZY with their misuse of that word.

So Ross took a leisurely stroll in his robe today, doing a little shopping in the storage room and picking up his brown paper parcel of laundry, still an HoH perk in the BB house.

I keep seeing things in the house that I've never seen before, since I'm trying to work and make a living over here right now.  Like this little seating area.  I swear I've never seen it before.

I like the new square table though, and hope they keep it in there.

The HoH competition seemed to include crawling through something, and it was very windy outside.  Ari had some sort of coughing fit when she came back in the house and I think she saw a medic for it.  She even had a hit off of Marissa's asthma inhaler under her supervision to get her breathing back on track.

And isn't that ironic....Marissa has asthma too.  In addition to Omarosa, who joked about Ari coughing when comparing it to her own medical situation.  And after Julie Chen "coughed" on the show last night, you should have NO DOUBT that Omarosa GREATLY EXAGGERATED her medical situation last week.  I mean, c'mon.

This is Omarosa and her makeup kit.  Everything is organized and neat, as you might expect.

After she won HoH and came back in the house, Ari immediately started talking about James.

Ari:  Oh no...he's gonna be all over me this week....he's gonna be flirting with me..

Ross:  No, that's MY job!

Ross had on a captain's hat and referred to himself as Captain Pervy.  Maybe I'm spelling that wrong and it's a real captain's name from TV or something, but that is how I'm spelling it now.

I think Ari is going to put up James and Shannon, but they want to meet with James and make him feel like they're going to save him, so they get something in return from him.  I'm guessing Omarosa would be the backup plan if Shannon wins the PoV, but James might get the boot in that case instead.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Maybe Metta will ruin this week's eviction.

James is very good with the jump rope, hardly breathing afterwards.

In case you're wondering, I'm doing a really shitty job at my real job right now, barely getting anything done.  But I must comment on this commercial that is running during BBAD, for obvious reasons.

These little cups can be used to make omelets, too, but I think you have to boil them.  You know I HATE eggs but this is a great invention at a good price.

But don't fall for agreeing to pay "only" shipping and handling on three additional cups and that little microwave bowl thing.  Chances are those items are already packed in the box with everything else and you will receive them anyway without having to shell out an extra $8 or $9 for absolutely nothing.

You're welcome, egg eaters!  (***retch***)