Sunday, February 11, 2018

Can't We All Just Get It Wrong? #CBBUS

First of all I have no business doing this right now, but I'm going to crowbar a few minutes out of my day for a quick update.  The quickest update would be to tell you that this whole season has turned into a big fat ugly mess, which makes sense, in a way.  I mean, a typical season of BB results in the "fans" being hateful and ugly right around the halfway mark, and we're probably there right now with the Celebrity season.  This Wednesday will be two weeks since they've been in the house, so maybe  the ugliness is right on time.

LOOK:  I'm going to tell you what I remember being said, but I didn't say any of this.  I'm just the messenger.  I'm not going to candy coat what has occurred in the house, and I have a feeling that Production won't either, when we see the edited shows on CBS.  I've noticed that the Flashback feature isn't working on the live feeds, so I don't think there is currently any way to re-watch some of this action again on the feeds.  As a result, if you weren't watching live, there may be no other way to know some of what I'm going to tell you.

The feeds have been down for long stretches, during some ceremonies and competitions, of course, but also due to some house guest drama.  When the feeds are down, we see live action from a local humane society, which may or may not be pre-taped.  Sometimes a person is clearly standing where the camera is placed, so the animals come over to see what's going on and sometimes you can hear someone giggling, or trying not to giggle.

These little puppies are HELLIONS and have the same syndrome my dog has:  TMT Syndrome.  ("Too Many Toys")  They put a real hurtin' on some of these toys, shaking them around and fighting over them from time to time.

And there are BIRDS flying around in there, landing on the ground in the puppy, kitten and bunny holding areas. The animals don't even seem to notice!  Last night a group of puppies were all curled up sleeping and the birds were splashing around in their water dish just a few inches away..  My dog would NEVER let that happen!  The birds are loud, too.  Aren't cats supposed to go after little birds?  Wasn't that the whole premise of Tweety Bird's dilemma?


Usually the produce counter in the Storage Room doesn't have fancy baskets and drawers underneath.  I wonder if they will keep these elements for the regular series or if they will transition back to the regular format?

Shannon was very excited about all of the peppers in the basket.

And this Shannon is a real piece of work.  Do you remember on the first episode when she made a quick deal with Omarosa to work together?  Well, that is coming back to haunt Shannon, and everyone realizes she can't be trusted.  And most of the time she is fake-crying, too.  Take a look at that scene where she was "sobbing" under the blanket while talking to Omarosa.....I didn't see any tears.  Nope.

On Thursday around 4:00 PM BBT, Keisha was still the HoH and Omarosa spent at least an hour in there talking to her alone.  It was a very intense conversation, with Omarosa going over a few talking points AGAIN and AGAIN until she was certain Keisha had absorbed them.


*  Keisha's has been disrespected as the HoH.  Omarosa said OVER and OVER that she's never seen an HoH that has been so disregarded on Big Brother.  She hasn't seen anyone approach Keisha to ask what she thinks, and no one is coming up to the HoH room to consult with her on happenings in the game.  As Omarosa made these points, you could see Keisha realizing it was true, and feeling hurt and sad about it.

*  Omarosa wasn't going to be the one to target the other black people in the house.  She said wouldn't be the one to nominate Keisha or Metta, also stating that when she is the HoH, she would "nominate all the beige people in the house one by one".  Omarosa also stated that if she would wipe the smile off Ross' face with her nominations.  I think the purpose of this was to pull Keisha in because Omarosa is well-aware that politics and reputation have kept Keisha from truly being on Omarosa's side in the house.

*  Omarosa was clearly putting a big target on Shannon, too, even though she later claimed to be solid with the girls and would never have betrayed them.  But when she was smack-talking Shannon in this scene, she thought she was on top of the game and running things. Omarosa was particularly incensed about Shannon having THE NERVE to ask her if she had a Final Two deal with Keisha.   After being blindsided after the fist eviction though, Omarosa played a very different game with Shannon, pretending as if she had planned to be loyal until the end.

Mark must be so bored in that house. Brandi doesn't like how grumpy he is in the morning, but I've just seen Mark being quiet in the morning.

(Originally I typed something nasty here about if Brandi was able to keep a man around long enough, she'd be used to how sometimes they need space when they wake up, but I deleted it after reading it.)

Shannon tried to go with just mascara, but noticed that the effect wasn't dramatic enough so she went in search of some false lashes for emphasis.  Most of the girls spend an incredible amount of time putting creams and lotions on their faces, saying that there is nothing else to do in there.  Shannon puts layers and layers of oily substances on her face, and Brandi even has special gloves with moisturizing lotion that she wears around the house.

(And WHAT were those gold under-eye things Brandi was wearing during the show last week?)

FUN FACT:  Brandi had some sort of sexual liason with the actor Gerard Butler, and mentioned it on Watch What Happens Live.  When some reporter asked Gerard about it, he said "Brandi who?"  Gerard later claimed that he had no idea what her last name was, and Brandi struck back that the sex was not actually that great.

I like these lights.  And most of the decor in the house.  The HoH room is not my favorite look, but I do like the way the walls are decorated to appear as if the house guests were lounging poolside in the 1950's or something.

On Friday night, the live eviction show happened, where only Omarosa voted to evict James, so Chuck's eviction was a major blindside for both Keisha and Omarosa.  The live feeds after the live show were LIT ON FIRE as those two, along with Metta reacted to the situation.  Metta didn't even know he was voting Chuck out because he was overtalking Julie Chen and just said "I vote for Chuck", thinking his vote was to save.  So....that's what Metta World Peace is working with upstairs, people.

Keisha and Omarosa expressed their shock and anger in very different ways.  Keisha played pool angrily, saying "I'm chillin'" over and over.  She was sullen when people tried to speak with her, so most people didn't.  Omarosa was LIVID and pulled Shannon aside to rip her a new one.  Because NOW it was convenient for Omarosa to act as if she wanted to work with Shannon until the end of the season.  Shannon let Omarosa treat her like a dog who peed on the carpet, and the scolding went on and on until the feeds cut out for the HoH competition.

The competition was the "Bowlerina" one, where the house guests compete one-on-one to spin until they're dizzy and knock bowling pins down.  It's also a "knock out" competition, where the winner of each battle chooses who plays next, giving away their pecking order and their true alliances.  Marissa went up against Omarosa and beat her.  Then Omarosa had some sort of asthma episode and was carted away to the hospital, where she remained for most of the next day.  But we'll chat more about that later.

Keisha sat sullenly while the rest of the house made breakfast and chatted lightly.  She ignored most attempts to speak with her, and used a very sarcastic tone when speaking with some house guests.  I learned later that Keisha thought Omarosa may have been in on the blindside, because once she found out that Omarosa and Shannon had been aligned, she was questioning everything that had happened to date in the house.  Understandably.  She felt like the butt of a joke.

I think whoever advised Keisha to be on Big Brother did her wrong.  She's had a very tough couple of years and is raising an infant without a spouse.  She hasn't spoken much to the press about it, but he has.  And it's messy.  This house is no place for her, and if she's lucky she'll be the next one evicted so she can go home to the ATL and forget all about this.

(I didn't listen to it, but apparently in a pre-season interview Ika Wong tried to get Keisha to talk about the divorce, but Keisha saw right through that and shut Ika down.)

Here is Ross in front of the poolside scene on the HoH room wall I mentioned earlier.  The view changes as you go around the room.  Ross spent much of the day not knowing when he would make his nominations, or if Omarosa would return to the house for them.

Ross is well aware that Omarosa is coming for him.  He mentioned a situation where they were eating guacamole that Keisha made and after Ross prepared to eat a freshly-dunked chip, Omarosa murmured to him "Dig deeper Ross".

Ross is very friendly with most people in the house.  His partner Salvadore used to be Brandi's stylist when she was on RHOBH, so they are friends.  He seems especially close with Marissa, too, and they share a very similar sense of humor.  They were trying to come up with a name for their alliance and Ross said all he could think of was "Double Stuffed".

A few days ago (Thursday maybe?) Marissa was playing chess with someone and eating a piece of pizza.  A big glop of smoking hot cheese fell and slipped down the front of her shirt, burning her.  It was funny because Marissa made it funny.  She makes a point of having one-on-one chats with everyone in the house, and is quick to apologize if someone is offended by something she may have said or done in the game, whether she's sincere about it or not.

She frequently says "hi" to her son Zeb when she knows he's watching the live feeds.  She said Zeb often finds himself standing right next to the bad kid who does something wrong.  (Ha ha.)  I heard someone saying that Brandi's children play with Marissa's sister's children, but in the conversations I've seen Brandi and Marissa have about their kids, it doesn't seem like they have any sort of previous connection.

I'm still surprised that the memory wall has a blank space on it.  I was sure that someone like Frankie Grande was going to sashay into the house during the premiere.  Metta moves back and forth between grumbling with Keisha and Omarosa about "all the racist bullshit" and then sitting in a big group telling everyone that he wants to win HoH so he can put up Shannon and James, often with James sitting right next to him.


I never heard of James or his band or TV show before this, because I'm not in his target demographic, nor do I have children in his target demographic.  I know everyone online apparently feels very comfortable calling James a douche but I don't think that is fair.

How many young people his age could hold their own in that house with so many people decades older than him?  He is big on self-promotion, but so what?  Isn't that what he's supposed to be doing?  I think James is articulate, polite, ambitious and smart.  He did a great job wearing that baby costume and learned more in his week on the block then the newbies did during a whole season of Big Brother last summer.

I find his tendency to speak out of turn and tout himself not unlike any other millennial that I know.  It's a generational thing.  So if some of you millennial readers are offended by that, maybe you are offended by James because you are a lot like him.  That's not a shot at you, I'm just pointing that out from my many years of observing people in my life and of course on the live feeds.

HERE'S THE THING:  Millennials are the generation that is projected to really do something, to affect some major changes in the world.  I'm glad to see that there are guys like James out there and I expect good things from him.  I'm glad he's confident in himself and can stand up to people like Brandi and Omarosa without flinching.

He's an ex-child star scrambling to find new avenues for his career, and he's amped about it.  In the UK, Celebrity Big Brother is usually a show that celebrities book on the way down the ladder, and this is likely the case with most of our celebrity cast.  Although it might be more fair to say our US celebrities have plateaued, and watch wearily as James tries to bound up the stairs around them.

How many kids in his situation could handle what happened to him during the first cycle of the game?  He was on the block, expected to be a unanimous boot, and he fought his way back.  Sure Shannon was frantically pushing saving him for her own purposes, but the result was the same either way.  I'm impressed with him.  If I was sitting next to him on a cross-country flight I think we'd have some good laughs and great conversation about many topics, and I'd enjoy his company.

And I can't say the same about Nick Uhas, even though many fans are claiming the two are exactly alike.

This is one of the tutus you will see the house guests wear for the Bowlerina competition.  I think Ari's pajamas are Gucci PJ's.

Metta visited the HoH room and was shocked to find they could listen to music.  (Ross' CD was Beyonce LemonAde.)  I guess he was one of the ones who never visited Keisha in her HoH suite.  And there was much chatter about how Keisha didn't get any pictures or a letter during her HoH reign, and neither did Shannon, who actually won the HoH competition.  (Keisha just picked a lucky gift bag, and was lucky again when her chip was pulled.  But I suspect every bag had the HoH Recast in it, because now every bag is null and void and I'm  suspicious like that.)

This has been mentioned several times about how "unfair" Keisha has been treated in the house, even though the first HoH never gets all of those goodies.  However it does seem that BB could have put a few damn pictures in there for Keisha, and even Shannon.  It's not like they don't have them backstage, right?

Yesterday everyone kept saying that Keisha was isolating herself.  Mark visited her and was very sweet, telling her that he cares about her, and wants to be her friend.  She was stoic through most of the conversation, but started crying a little when she told Mark that one thing that upset her most was missing her baby.

Sometimes I think about what Mark has been through in life and feel a little cheated that he's not discussing his rock star stories openly on the feeds.  He's a father and husband now, so I understand why he might not want to do that.  Plus he's 49, so that all happened 25 years ago.  I think Mark is very down-to-earth and did the right thing here with Keisha.  I have to say that James had visited her before Mark did and tried to have the same conversation, but Keisha was very sarcastic with him.

Keisha NOMINATED James!  And he was being generous by telling her he had no hard feelings about it, but she treated him like HE was the one who backstabbed HER!  He told her he was sad for much of last week, just like she is now, but then he brushed himself off and tried to do some things to stay in the game.

Keisha, in a VERY snide tone:  Oh, and what DID you do?

From watching, it didn't even seem like James knew she was being rude to him, but later I heard him repeat her same comment and imitate her tone exactly.  So James is diplomatic.  And acted more mature about the situation than Keisha did.

So, Omarosa returned to the house after her medical emergency interlude during a live feed break sometime last night and promptly went to bed.  I forgot some things that happened after the live show that I must repeat now, because I'm not sure they will show this on the CBS show.

When Omarosa was angry about the blindside, she was telling Keisha that the alliance they had with the other girls was broken now, and that black women are never really included in anything.  She also told Brandi congratulations, that "her white girl alliance won".   Ari was sitting right there and said "I'm not white", and Brandi pointed out that Ross is not a girl.

To be honest, I'm not convinced Omarosa had an actual medical emergency.  I didn't see it (yet) and I certainly wasn't there, but I know Omarosa and I have doubts.  Let's review a few facts:

*  Omarosa was on top of the BB world until she was blindsided on the live show.
*  Omarosa was starting beef with everyone after that and making a host of statements about what she would do when she won HoH.
*  Omarosa was knocked out of the competition.
*  Omarosa experiences a sudden bout with asthma and leaves the game dramatically.
*  Omarosa was the topic all day during her absence from the game on Saturday.
*  Omarosa was the original reality villain, and is shrewd and calculating.

So I don't know......and several of the house guests are quite skeptical as well.  Did she even go to the hospital?  Or did she just accompany the medic backstage where she cooled off in a hotel room until she came to an agreement with Production to return to the game?

This is Omarosa we're talking about.  Some of you have been played already by her "tears" when talking about her time in the White House.  I'm old, bitter, and heartless enough to know that nobody plays games like Omarosa plays games.

So I guess we'll see.

And as I mentioned, the BB fandom is VILE right now.  There are horrible racial comments being hurled from all angles.  I think CBS will have to show some of the comments that were made, otherwise the results of the nominations will be some of the most scandalous we've ever seen on BB.  Even fucking MARISSA was being reviled in the BB live feed chat room.  I saw a comment slamming her for winning out over "someone with asthma".  Look at Marissa, and then look at Omarosa....on what planet would ANYONE expect Marissa to win anything against Omarosa? Did you see Omarosa when she dominated Fear Factor?  Let Marissa have her little victory, people.

HERE'S THE THING:  Ross nominated Keisha and Omarosa for eviction.  I'm already sick and tired of certain fan groups talking about "The Optics" of this situation, how it looks for the white people to nominate the black people.  Racism is more then just "optics".  It's more than just a superficial comparison of how people appear on the outside.  It's an ingrained pattern of behavior that encompasses a lot more than just someone's skin tone.

It's normal for people to be drawn to people who are similar to them.  That doesn't mean it is racist, but it's a natural inclination. The house guests were deep into the discussions about who they would nominate before Marissa realized how this would look to the viewing public, and then they all groaned and said they couldn't go through with it because of the racial divide.  But they did, and it happened.

Even if we had a whole season of African American house guests, I think Omarosa would make a huge target out of herself.  But I can't say race has nothing to do with this situation, but it's not the only factor in the situation. It's very unfortunate that things are going this direction, but all we can do is watch and learn.

There are other types of prejudice, too. When Keisha was considering how Omarosa lied to her about her deal with Shannon, she wondered how someone could be an evil reality star and marry her pastor like Omarosa did.  As if every pastor is some sort of holy man, and is above being entertained by the often-false reality entertainment genre.

Don't even get me started on that.  Then some of you might really get offended by my ramblings.  I am in no way qualified to lecture anyone about any of this.  But let's just calm down and try to enjoy the show.

Or you can switch over and watch the Olympics.  I hear that's a real shit show this year, too.