Monday, September 24, 2018

They're Dyeing in There. #BB20

The Sunday night CBS episode is always hated on by the Big Brother fans because it is known as the "clip show", featuring highlights of the season as the Final Three contestants follow a script that allows Production to cue up predetermined highlight reels.  But the episode last night wasn't as corny as in previous years. That doesn't mean the fan base won't find something to complain about though.

Hell no.  It's what we do, isn't it?

The episode began where the last live episode ended, as far as the remaining house guests are concerned.  We saw Angela leave the house on Day #93, as the Final Three cracked open a bottle of champagne to toast their own success.

Ninety-three days.  Think about that for a minute.  I've actually had a lot happen in my life in the last 93 days, apart from watching and documenting this season of Big Brother.

Tyler has had a lot happen in his life, too.  Supposedly BB players whose pictures are located on the right side of the memory wall have never won Big Brother.  At least, not since they started separating the wall into two large digital panels.  That curse will be broken this season, since all three of the Final Three have portraits that are clumped together on the right side of the screen.

Bayleigh's portrait got some extra screen time tonight, due to her proximity to the Final Three, so she should be happy for that someday.

We saw footage last night for what I think was the first time we saw Tyler and Kaycee strike their Final 2 deal.  I told you yesterday about how Tyler was worried about Kaycee after she lost that first competition and disappeared from the house for hours.  When she finally came back in the house wearing her punishment costume, this must be the meeting where they found time alone to chat.

If they had better camera coverage of the event, we probably would have seen it earlier in the season, when it became apparent that the two of them intended to keep the deal a true secret, and would stand by it for as long as they could.  There wasn't even a clear shot of them shaking on the deal with both of them in the camera frame.  We see Kaycee on this end saying she could go for a deal with Tyler.

And we saw a too-tan Tyler grinning and reaching out to her to seal the deal.  They didn't even say "Final Two" in the footage, so there wasn't much on camera for Production to use.  In the early days of the live feeds, it is so exciting because there are people crammed into every room and there is so much to see and hear.  It's easy to understand why this little moment got lost in the shuffle.

On last night's show, I noticed for the first time that Tyler is the only guy in the show intro videos who isn't wearing a shirt, which is kind of surprising with all of the beefcake on the cast this season.  And Angela is the only girl wearing a bathing suit, also surprising with all of the  near-perfect female bodies on the show this year.

Then it was time for brunch, which was set up while the Final Three were corralled in the HoH room.  The table setting is beautiful, and each place has two plates set for them, one with what looks like French Toast and the other with an omelet and potatoes.

Even after having their intelligence chipped away by isolation and lack of intellectual stimulation, they could still count the place settings and realize that they wouldn't be eating alone.  We have to give them credit for their counting skills.

Then it was Big Jeff ringing the doorbell and then letting himself in. I know Kaycee and Tyler recognized Jeff and understood his importance in the game, but I'm not sure if JC's Big Brother knowledge reaches back to seasons 11 and 13.

In fact, yesterday JC couldn't remember Jeff's name, saying they had "morning dinner with that guy".

Jeff:  I never made it to the Final Three myself, but I'm here now so let's break bread together and talk about the season.

At this point they're all excited to see a new face and have some conversation about the outside world.  I'm sure Jeff couldn't tell them much, but I know he did talk to them about leaving in that brutal BB13 double eviction after mistakenly throwing the clown shoe out of his ball pit.  If Jeff had won that PoV, he had a clear shot to win the season.  I know that was a horrible night for the Production team, because they lost Jeff and also Dani Donato to the Jury on the same night.  Those evictions were a big hit to their season's star power.

I'm not going to recap the recap show, but a few things did grab my attention.  Scottie's HoH reign was really the first one that took a direct fearless hit on two big players.  It was entertaining, but you could also say that contributed to Scottie's demise, since no one trusted him after he blindsided his alliance by flipping his vote to evict Swaggy C in week two.

The game would have been much, much different if Winston had stayed in the game over Brett.  The live evictions this season were all so exciting for the live feeders, particularly for the first half of the game.  It is rare that we have even one good blindside each season, but for us to know in advance that a brutal eviction is coming week after week was a true gift.

We also saw the moment of truth when Julie read the votes to evict Rachel, which was an extraordinary moment of the season.  Rachel was a good sport about it, too.

It is true that Tragedy + Time = Comedy.  I can attest to that.

Speaking of Rachel, I think she got some new head shots.  Or portraits.  Or both.

Brett had a lot of content on the clip show, including some new footage surrounding his blockbuster speech when he was sitting on the block next to Rachel, causing Angie Rockstar to LOSE IT and torment him (and everyone else in the house) for HOURS.  I loved seeing Brett say that Angie would never make him cry.  Brett is extremely strong mentally, which was evident in the way he gladly took the blame for every speech he made, never dragging his alliance members into the argument to throw them under the bus.  That element of his personality is what made the Level 6 machine work so well during the time when their opponents kept winning HoH competitions.  And kept sending their own members home.

When Brett got the InstaGranny punishment, we never got to see any of her visits on the live feeds, but it was clear from the chatter afterwards that other house guests were often involved in various chats and activities with Granny.  She always left the house to "go to Bingo" but would come back later with new tasks to humiliate Brett.

I was quite shocked to see Granny give Brett a bath in the HoH bathtub.  I'm uncomfortable with this situation.  In fact, this HoH bathtub scene is more cringeworthy than Haleigh's HoH pitch to Tyler to get him to use his PoV to save Angie Rockstar from the block.  Granny has plenty of witnesses that were watching her stick her feet in the tub with Brett (UGH) and then to wash his hair and whatever else happened in there that day.

And isn't it funny that the CBS episodes NEVER showed ANY of Haleigh's bathtub pitch to Tyler?  I heard Tyler say just the other day that he can't wait for everyone to watch that scene, because it was probably the worst game play of the season.  Unless they watch it on the live feeds, they'll never see it.  I'd love to hear Production's justification for not showing the idiocy of this scene on the CBS episodes, not even a glimpse on the damn clip show.

There are some short clips right now on YouTube that show how messy and disorganized the entire "pitch meeting" was, where both Angie and Haleigh spilled their guts about EVERYTHING they had going on in the game to Tyler.  Angie even mocked Tyler having NO ONE to protect him in the game except "Crazy Sam hanging on the tree".

I can't post a link to the video because it is clearly bootleg content, but here is a video still as Haleigh tells Tyler that "he looks cuter than he ever has to her right now".  This "pitch meeting" went on for HOURS as Haleigh made no move to get out of the bathtub.  I think it took up most of an entire BBAD episode, but since I lost the POP TV channel I can't confirm that.

Then it was time for Jeff to wrap up his visit and wish everyone farewell.  I think Jeff did a great job and made the reminiscing seem more natural than it usually does.  And it's an exciting treat for the house guests to have one more BB star come in the house to meet them.  There has been quite a list of returning BB stars this season.

This is interesting:  On the last "Summer of Stein" podcast, Eric Stein said that "some" of the house guests who attended the engagement of Nicole and Victor thought they were going to host a competition or some other task that "revolved around them" and were irritated that they were just part of the engagement party crowd.  Dani Donato is one of Eric's closest friends, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who he was talking about.

Some BB viewers are going to be so salty if Jeff Schroeder assumes some sort of hosting role on the show after Julie leaves, but that is to be expected with this population of whiners.  I love Jeff and enjoy his interactions with the house guests every time he visits.  Maybe they can even have a hosting team for Big Brother that will assign different tasks to different people, to provide some variety and differentiate the format as part of the "re-branding".

Or do you just want a TV cheeseball like Ryan Seacrest to host this show?  Watch what you whine for, people.

Not everyone was happy with the footage selected by Production to be seen on the show.  Obviously Kaitlyn is very salty about Tyler, and according to Reddit this became an issue after the Tangela showmance started heating up.

I can appreciate what Kaitlyn is saying here, but it's been MONTHS since she's been on the show, and she also spent considerable time with Fessy and also Brett.  We saw a bit of her prowling around Fessy and Haleigh while they were under the covers, but Katilyn should be happy she got that whole segment about the guided meditation with Scottie.  Or whatever that was.  And whatever it was, it didn't involve Scottie talking, so it was a great time to head to the kitchen for a beverage refill, or to check on dinner.

Supposedly Kaitlyn rented a house in Los Angeles for a month and invited her pre-Jury friends to join her.  I'm guessing that is where they watched the show together and will be planning a few parties after the season ends on Wednesday.

We did see a commercial near the end of the show to prompt wacky viewers to send in audition tapes for the next season. I don't think we can automatically assume that the series has been officially renewed, but I think we can assume negotiations are underway.  Production won't produce a show that hasn't been formally picked up by the network.  It's possible that they will use the response to this casting call to show the network that the interest from fans is still very strong.

Supposedly there is some controversy about the web address given here, but on RHAP they said the address bounces back to CBS at some point, so who knows.

And then it was time to kickoff the TV presentation of part one of the final HoH competition.  The set was rather dark and dreary, and doesn't read well in pictures, but I think they are supposed to be in downtown Tokyo.  There were a few signs on the set that would be interesting to have translated, if someone out there knows the language.

JC read the rules, which basically said that you have to hold on to your jet pack until you fall, and there would be some twists and turns along the way.  The last person to hold on without falling would win the competition.

This is Jet Pack Attack.


I just saw this on Reddit and want to include it hear for the record.  Mandarin is Chinese, so I guess the set isn't Tokyo, after all.  It must be Beijing. But that's the only city in China that I know!  World geography is a blind spot to me, unfortunately.  I used to work with a girl who taught me to curse in Mandarin though, but without practice I've lost that important skill.


Let me go ahead and point out that the goal is to stay on your Jet Pack, not to keep your hands and feet on the pegs at all times.  So all of you Tyler Haters that want to catch him cheating can cross that task off of your busy To Do lists.

It looks fun to ride on the Jet Pack, at this point anyway.

I love the way the set makes them seem so far off the ground.  Kaycee even commented on that, how it looked like they were so high in the sky.  The fun times quickly came to a halt as they heard a loud burst of engine fuel (or whatever) that apparently shot out of their Jet Pack apparatus and made them move around unexpectedly.

JC:  That was really loud.

So, we knew that JC wouldn't be holding on to his Jet Pack very long.  JC doesn't like to be uncomfortable.  Not even to win an important competition like this one.  At one point some colored goop shot out of the Jet Pack onto their backs, and I later heard JC say it was hard for him to scrub it all off.  They weren't expecting that to happen, they said.

Then the players got a real glimpse of the horrors to come as their Jet Packs shifted to an angle that surely required a lot of strength to maintain.

Kaycee:  I hope you all haven't been skipping your shoulder workouts.

Tyler's Jet Pack shot a stream of air across the city sky, sending him twirling in a circle.

Tyler looks to be enjoying it though.  I'm sure he was counting the minutes before he knew JC would fall.  What's a little pain if you're on your way to the Big Brother Final Two, achieving a dream you've had for years?

I wish I could try it, just for a few minutes.  Don't you?

Then the Jet Packs tilted forward precariously, as Tyler asked if they were going to tilt "all the way".

Tyler:  Are you serious?

Yes, Don Wollman is serious.

HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED:  JC fell off first, and then Kaycee fell off shortly after.  There was a slight misunderstanding, that might not have been a misunderstanding, after all.  Kaycee said she tried to tell Tyler to drop, and let her win the physical competition as we saw them discuss on the CBS episode.

But Tyler said he was going to wait until the next "jolt" of movement to fall, and didn't realize that Kaycee needed him to drop right then.  He later said he could have held on for another hour or so, and that he was enjoying it.  Kaycee's arms were numb for hours afterwards, to the point that she couldn't take a shower and still says she can't put up her hair properly.

Kaycee won the Part #2 competition, but JC gave her a run for her money, coming in behind her by only 40 seconds.  It sounds like it was a traditional Part #2 competition, where you needed to know some basic game information and also be the first one to climb on something to answer the questions correctly.  Apparently it was Kaycee's speed that allowed her to beat JC, who was much better at answering the questions than she was.


Spoiler Alert:  Not much is happening in the house. It's just the three of them knocking around, trying to keep busy and stay awake as required by Production.

You might know that any medicine, costumes or other items placed in the storage room for a specific house guest have a label on them that the house guests always use later to tag their drink cups.  JC tagged his cup with Tyler's name months ago, but changed it briefly to a tag for Brett after Tyler put him on the block recently.  It looks like JC is back to his Tyler label now, but he might want to change it again on Wednesday.

I think Tyler might actually throw the final competition to Kaycee because he knows she would take him, and that would help him get JC's vote in the end, because if Tyler sends JC to the Jury he will be extremely angry and hurt and will only have a few moments to recover before he casts his vote.

Cases in Point:

1.  Vanessa cast a vote for Liz to win BB17 after Steve sent her out to the Jury.
2.  Christmas voted for Paul to win BB19 after Josh sent her out to the Jury.

They wanted a more comfortable place to sit, so they moved the lounge chairs from the bedroom to the dining area to create a conversation nook.  They wondered why they didn't do it sooner, but I'm not sure Production would let them rearrange the furniture until this late in the season.

Tyler says it is so comfortable, and remembers falling asleep in one of the chairs during the first week of the game.

Tyler talked to JC about the pressure that was put on him during his first HoH week, when Fessy won the PoV and Bayleigh was pressuring him to nominate Angela or Winston in Steve's place.  JC apparently didn't know anything about that, but Tyler said he refused so Fessy didn't use the PoV to save Steve.

Tyler knew he could never work with Bayleigh in the game, because during the first HoH comp (the "Deletion Dot" competition) Bayleigh exploded on Tyler when she saw him put a dot in her chute.  He knew she would not make a good ally because she couldn't control her emotions.  They agreed that it's funny how living with someone like this and competing against them reveals so many personality traits that you might not see if you just see someone every day in a work setting.

They were given a tie dye kit to keep busy in there. I suspect that the Jury also got a similar kit, since both Angie and Scottie were wearing tie dyed shirts on the CBS episode last night.  Tyler said he spent a lot of time reading the instructions, so he feels prepared to start.

GET THIS:  Someone on Reddit with lots of disposable time found that music sensation Rihanna follows Kaycee on Instagram.  I heard Kaycee say that the girl she was "talking to" before she came in the house looked sort of like Rihanna, so maybe somebody told her that.

I know Rihanna likes to watch reality TV and is apparently a big Vanderpump Rules fan.  She doesn't follow the whole cast, but I've heard Stassi say that Rihanna and Katie follow each other, and even text each other occasionally.  Random, huh?

I just looked at Kaycee's Instagram, and it has been run by her brother Kenny all season and he has posted lots of great screenshots and encouraging messages for her fans.

Kaycee read the Spanish color descriptions aloud as she studied the various examples of how to tie dye stuff.  I think I did it once at Summer camp, but I remember using string or rubber bands to bind the part of the shirt that wasn't supposed to take on any color.

Production wanted them to cover the table with plastic wrap first, but JC wondered why they couldn't just put down two towels on the table instead.

Kaycee's arms are still so sore that she can barely hold the tube of plastic wrap when it's her turn to take it from Tyler.

Kaycee:  See, this is why we CAN have nice things, because we take care of them.

JC read the instructions while the table got covered up, and said there were Spanish words on the instructions that he had never heard before.

Earlier, I heard him tell Tyler that he doesn't know what he will do when the season is over.  He said he'd love to go home to Miami and see his grandmother, but said he doesn't know if he can, because of his father.

JC: I said I was gay right on TV, so....***FISH***.

They put on gloves to prepare for the dyeing and each had two shirts to work with plus a few bandannas.  Later Kaycee dyed a pair of shorts and also socks.  They wanted Tyler to dye his Vans, but he said he's wearing them on Finale night and will dye them afterwards if they're still interested.

Tyler:  I'll just buy a new pair.

I'm not familiar with the method of squirting the paint right on the items being dyed, but it's been years since I've done it.  Tyler is going for a blue and green motif.

Tyler used the same basic color scheme for all of his items.  They won't get to see them for five or six hours, though, which seems like the frustrating part of this project.  There is no instant gratification.

Kaycee:  I don't know what the fuck I'm doing over here.  Let's have an ugly shirt contest..

While they worked they had fun with "Bob" who had plenty to say to them over the intercom.

Tyler:  Bob loves craft hour.




Kaycee:  Yeah, we're all wearing gloves!.


(Remember Austen the Dirty Bastard?)

JC said that the orange paint is the hardest to work with.  I saw the green paint beading on top of Tyler's T-shirt, instead of soaking in immediately, so maybe that is what JC was referring to.

Tyler:  Sometimes less is more.


JC:  Oh, poor little Tyler.

JC finished his shirt, which consisted of sections of different vibrant colors.  Good luck wearing a bra with that one, girls.  It would be a great way to ruin some lingerie, and maybe even the furniture.  And don't even THINK about putting that in the washing machine......

JC tried a new technique of covering the table with dye and then putting a bandanna on top of the paint.

Tyler thinks it is ugly, but JC said it looks better than some of the other items they made.

They laid everything out to dry while they worked, saying it would be ready to try by 10:00 or so.  Somehow I doubt that, but maybe the air is dry in that house.

And maybe it's true that we learned everything we need to know in kindergarten.


  1. The bathtub night was mesmerizing on so many levels, only one of which was the superiority of Blockstar and Hay who truly believed they were dominant in the game and Tyler was alone and vulnerable. The insults they laid on him came back to them on the next vote, it was priceless! How they could not show any of that boggles the mind. It so perfectly set up the whole Hive dynamic for the rest of the game. They also didn't show Bay attacking RS about lying on one of the hinky votes and making RS cry, another set up for the Hive dynamic where they always blamed themselves and distrusted each other.

    I often think BB really misses a great opportunity by not showing Jury footage, I know Grodner is asked about it in her interviews but I don't think they understand how the fans long for more info before the actual vote.

    Thanks for hanging in there with us this season, I always come to you first and it wouldn't be as much fun without you.

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