Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Beginning of the End. #BB20

How you feel about this part of the Big Brother season depends on how you feel about the house guests still in contention for the top prize.  It's unfortunate that people who claim to be bored and unhappy feel the need to let us all know that every chance they get.  If you don't like it, then just don't watch.  Please enjoy the freedom to begin your post-Big Brother season life without bringing everybody else's enjoyment down with you. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.

Time is something we all have in limited quantity, and each day is precious when you look at the big picture.  I'm writing this while waiting on hold with the IRS, so I am trying to make the most out of every minute of the day, as well.

These pictures were taken in recent days since my last post, but as usual while we're chatting here, I'll include new information from the recent feeds as it pops into my head.  The IRS hold music is the same repetitive music played over and over, with soothing occasional statements from the same automated voice they've used for years.  Subliminal messages are definitely a thing.

OK.  Kaycee is still the HoH, and she also won the PoV as well.  So that is three consecutive PoV wins for her, the first female BB player to do that, tying the record set by James Zinkade (BB9), Shane Meany (BB14) and Frank Eudy (BB14).  Last Friday she nominated Haleigh and Sam for eviction, and let those nominations stand during Monday's PoV ceremony. Haleigh is the target, and without some sort of self-eviction by Sam, is expected to leave on Thursday night with a unanimous vote.  Right after that, someone else will win HoH, and then a PoV, and another house guest will leave with a shattered ego and broken dreams.

On Sunday, Kaycee was asked by Production to read a card that nobody wanted to have anything to do with.  She had a lot of trouble getting everyone to come to the living room, because they all dreaded being chosen as a Have Not.  But the card said the Have Not program was over for this season, a cause for great celebration.

Haleigh seems to feel that she is staying this week, because everyone has assured her this is the case.  As usual, Haleigh has been hanging out in the HoH room like the HoH is her long-lost best friend, behavior that is not exactly being received as genuine and heartfelt.

To stay in the game, I think Haleigh's game would need to take an evil turn, and it should have happened prior to Monday's PoV ceremony.  I think she should have gone to Kaycee, Tyler and Angela and told them that Brett wanted to join forces with her, JC and Sam to oppose their strong threesome.  But even that would have been a longshot, because Haleigh herself is the one who told Tyler that Scottie told her about the Jury's plan to vote as a block.

That information, while not a  huge surprise, made it clear that anyone lucky enough to remain from the failed Foute and Hive alliances and make it to the Final Two could easily win the season.  So....Level 6 would much rather take their chances sitting next to each other, or JC or Sam, and argue their way to a win.

Brett has been spending a lot of time with Haleigh, but after watching some late night multi-hour conversations, I think Brett is doing some Jury management with her, sending her off with positive feelings about their connection.  Along with doing A LOT of gossiping about the Tangela showmance, of course.  I think Brett will take the shot against the other Level 6 members, but only if he can do it cleanly, without getting blood splattered all over him.

I think there is a very good chance they they are going to try to hit Brett first though, maybe as early as this Thursday.  But as usual it will all depend on who wins HoH. I think Tyler or Angela will only go for Brett if he loses the PoV and they can put him up at the last minute.

There is something going on with the maker of Haleigh's T-shirt, which says some slogan I can't remember.  She implied that wherever she got it is compensating her for it, and told the girls that she can share some secrets with them after the season is over.  Is Haleigh some big model?  Is that what she doesn't want to tell them?  Is it some Instagram deal, like the Flat Tummy Tea?

Haleigh also told them she had a "big family secret" that she could not say until the season is over.  I don't know what that could be, either.  Has she told them that her family owns what is apparently a very large farm or ranch?  Is that a big secret?  Is someone famous in her family?

I heard her say yesterday that her mother was young (19, I think) when she gave birth to Haleigh, and her father was 24, but I'm not sure how that squares up with the info she disclosed on her CBS bio that she was adopted.  In any case, Angela said she had a secret to share as well, but would only tell it if Haleigh told her a secret, too.

The feeds quickly shifted to another view for a few minutes, and when we returned Angela was telling Haleigh about her time preparing for the summer Olympics.  Kaycee chimed in that Angela was in San Diego for a year at the Olympic training camp, and they urged Haleigh to guess which sport Angela focused on.

Angela:  You'll never guess.

Haleigh:  Um...the long jump?

Angela:  No, the pole vault. I was a pole vaulter.

Haleigh:  That's what I meant.  That's what I said.

In her late night talks with Brett, Haleigh told him that she has heard whispers and movement across the wall in the pink bedroom at night.  She and Brett mulled this information over and over, trying to make sense of it.  (I told you that Angela set up a "dummy" in her bed so she could crawl into bed with Tyler to kiss.)  Brett pointed out that after Scottie's accusatory eviction speech, Angela and Tyler have been sleeping in different beds, but Haleigh said one thing that convinced her about the bed movement is she heard the plastic straws in their tumblers moving from one location to the other.

(I don't know about the straws, but you can definitely hear the ice sloshing around as they move.)

Haleigh's not wrong.  That really happened.  She knows Angela sleeps in her underwear, and doubts that Angela would get in bed with Tyler even to just kiss dressed like that.  And Brett remembered all the times he and Tyler discussed girls in the house, with Tyler telling him not to get involved because it would hurt their game plans.

Brett:  But all that stuff with Kaitlyn.....Tyler was really close to her.  Is Tyler really that smooth, that he's been getting in good with the ladies all of this time?

Haleigh:  NO!  Tyler is not smooth AT ALL.  I've NEVER heard him say anything smooth....unless he's just not attracted to me.

When the cameras need to shift away from the conversation for some reason, this view of Sam is where they go.  Sam is either sitting quietly or talking to herself.  Or maybe even just studying the welding joints, or whatever.  I like it when she talks about that.  I only wish I could hear some real talk about the decorative "ribs" that I loved so much during BB18, but only liked a little during their purple phase during BBOTT.

Brett and Haleigh also discussed their view of the Tangela timeline.  Brett compared them to those friends that used to be so much fun to hang out and party with, who get in a relationship and then get boring.  He said he used to banter and be flirty with Angela, but there was a clear stop to that at some point in the game.  The way Brett described it to Haleigh, he thinks Angela is the driving force there, and might be using Tyler. He remembered Tyler using his PoV to take Angela off the block, and thinks when he won his second HoH, she started behaving romantically towards him for game purposes.

(Everyone is HATING on Brett online, but he's just saying these things to Haleigh so she can spread more Angela Hate to the Jury when she gets there.  Who knows what Brett really thinks about the situation.)

Haleigh ticked off a list of reasons why Tyler and Angela might have found a connection in the house....they are both very attractive, both from the same place, and both athletic.

Brett:  Yeah.  But every time I walk in the room and they're alone together, they're just lying there, not even talking.  Or they'll say, have you been to this restaurant in Hilton Head?  It's good....

Haleigh pointed out that even though they've been sleeping in different beds, they both sleep on the edge closest to each other, with their face turned towards the other.   All of this goes to show you why this showmance has hurt both Tyler and Angela's game, especially since they are obviously trying to conceal it, and also to conceal that they are concealing it.   The next morning Tyler and Angela discussed the late-night chatter between Haleigh and Brett, wondering what the two of them had to talk about for so many hours.

Tyler:  Maybe they're in a secret showmance.  The Braleigh showmance.

They both laughed at that.

JC and Kaycee talked about his cousin, who he describes as a very curvy, naturally-beautiful Latina who is studying to be a police officer.  JC wants to introduce her to Kaycee, and Kaycee says she "sounds legit".  Brett wondered if this is the same cousin that he told a story about weeks ago and JC said it was.

I didn't hear the story the first time, but apparently JC got into an argument with his family and was very upset.  The cousin came and picked JC up and they rode around together until he felt better. They were both saying "we're what" to each other and then she took him home.  He said they both have to answer questions during the holidays about who they bring home.

Kaycee:  Oh, I have to do that all the time with some family members.  I mean, I dress like this and always act the same, but they still ask when I'm going to get a boyfriend.  I just say I have five boyfriends.

Kaycee likes girls who look really feminine and says her family didn't believe her last girlfriend was gay.  She said that there are some drop dead gorgeous gay girls that no one would ever suspect just by looking at them.  Tyler and Brett talked about Ellen's wife Portia and how smoking hot she is.  Kaycee asked if JC's cousin has ever been in a relationship and if she wants to be a Miami police officer.  I don't remember how he answered the first question, but he thinks she wants to be a be a police officer in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida.

(That may be a safer place to be a cop, but that location probably isn't very enticing to Kaycee.)

On Sunday night they got a present from POP TV, which apparently has been a weekly tradition for the last few weeks. Haleigh knew what the surprise was and yelled for everyone to come in the living room so she could announce it, because it was a good one.

POP TV told the house guests that it was "take out night", and they could find their take out dinner in the storage room.

It turned out to be Chinese food, and the entire cast carried armfuls of food to the living room table to enjoy the meal.  Sam has really been a non-entity in the house lately.  Sometimes I'm surprised to see her on the live feeds, because she never seems to be a part of anything that is happening.  It's getting close to one month since she's smoked cigarettes, using the Nicorette patches Production gave her.  The hard part will be not smoking once she joins her regular routine at home, particularly if her family or close friends smoke.

Tyler found a container with shrimp in it and they were all excited, since they haven't had shrimp all summer. I wonder if Angela likes shrimp, with her extraordinary sense of smell.  I also have a very keen sense of smell, but I have no idea how it compares to Angela's.  I can say that I don't like shrimp because most shrimp smells like iodine to me, which makes them taste like iodine, too.  I've been in situations where it's hard for me to believe that people shoving shrimp down their throats don't smell what I smell.

When Kaycee was talking about gay women with JC, Tyler and Brett, she said she thought all women had some degree of bi-curiousity.  And then they all laughed about what Sam said about Fessy just a few weeks ago.  She said that all summer long she thought Fessy was "a highly intelligent gay guy".  Tyler got a big laugh out of the "highly intelligent" part, but Kaycee said she always assumed Fessy was at least bi-curious.  She also said the same about Swaggy, mentioning that he liked to walk around and look at himself in one of the girl's kimonos.

Now, I don't know if those are indicators or not, but this is Kaycee talking, and she said "I always have very good gaydar" and JC agreed with what she said.  Tyler asked Kaycee if she ever got a gay vibe about him, saying that she can just say it if so, that it won't bother him.  He says he gets that frequently from people, but Kaycee says she's never picked up on it with him.

Even considering what these house guests sometimes say about each other behind closed doors, they all get along in a group setting pretty well.

JC snores at night and has been sleeping in the Blue Room between Brett and Haleigh.  They both swat him with a pillow when the snoring gets to be too much.

They ate for quite some time, but as it often happens with Chinese food, they barely made a dent in it and had plenty left over.  Haleigh started talking about sushi, and said the dinner would be even cooler if they were given sushi instead.  Brett told Tyler privately that he predicted Haleigh would find something to whine and complain about.

(For one thing, you can't really eat leftover sushi, Haleigh, which is one of the points about ordering Chinese food.)

The HoH frequently gets a small container of sushi in their HoH fridge, but other than that, the only time I've seen them eat sushi in the house was Mike Boogie's birthday during BB All Stars.  He owned a popular LA sushi restaurant at the time (Geisha House) and told Production to just call them and get it delivered for free.

JC was trying to address the folks watching at home directly, but Tyler kept blocking his camera shot.  It was funny.

Then Tyler used the orange to block JC's shot.  I think he was just saying thank you to POP TV but they were laughing and Tyler was giving him shit so I don't remember exactly.

I don't think I mentioned it yet, but the feeds went down on Sunday, I think, and they all got to see short videos from their families.  I think Angela's was the first to pop up, and she was frightened because Big Brother didn't explain what was going to happen.  Haleigh's father said he was ready for her to leave and come home, which sounds interesting.

When Tyler got his HoH letter from his mother a few weeks ago, it was odd, because over half of the letter was an update about his stepfather's bird named Dexter.  Apparently Dexter made an appearance in Tyler's home video and everyone was talking about him.  I think he's a green parrot, from what they said about him.  I don't know any other type of green birds.  I had a roommate in college who brought her green parrot with her from home, and he used to chase me around to peck at my toenails when I wore red polish.  But he would also sit in a chair and watch me study sometimes, which was sort of fun.

Early on Tuesday morning JC got out of bed and made a sign for the anniversary of 9-11 before going back to sleep.  It's worth noting here, because it's an important day. 

(Note:  I deleted something that I originally wrote here for personal reasons.)

Does Angela still want to win Big Brother?  I don't feel like we've heard her say that lately in the Diary Room, and she hasn't been trying to make any Final Two deals, either.    But maybe that's her style, to internalize the will to win and not be too vocal about it.

I know she has some of the killer instinct in her, but I'm just not seeing it as it relates to this game.

They were talking about tattoos the other day and Tyler gave them the impression that he has a tattoo on his butt, but won't tell them what it is.  It's actually his friend who has the butt tattoo, rather than Tyler, but Angela is kind of on the warpath to find out what the tattoo looks like, but he keeps telling her she can see it in 17 days, or whenever they get to leave the house.

I did find out about Tyler's tattoo that looks like a black string around his wrist.  He told Angela that he got that for his dad, and it relates to people who wear a black arm band to remember the dead.  Or something like that.  He says he touches it before every competition or ceremony for good luck.

Tyler:  Except that first hacker ceremony. I didn't touch it then, and look what happened.

Brett has been talking about moving to Los Angeles and getting an apartment with Tyler.  Brett wants to live in the Santa Monica area and just wants to be close to a gym.  I don't think these house guests are specifically wanting to get into the entertainment industry, but I do think the California weather is enticing to a Boston guy like Brett.  Haleigh has also said she wants to stay in LA until she can rejoin college for the spring semester, and kept hinting to Angela that she wants to stay with her through December, but I don't think Angela answered her affirmatively.

Earlier this summer I heard that the prize money was switched up this year to make the cast play harder, and I finally got some specifics from RHAP this week.  In addition to the usual $500,000 and $50,000 for the first and second place winners, the new prizes awarded for placing higher are as follows:

3rd place - $10,000
4th place -  $7,500
5th place -   $5,000

There might be a $2,500 prize for 6th place, too, but the key point here is that all of the jury members don't make the same money, whether they are first to join or last to join, providing incentive to play a little harder.  Or a lot harder, in some cases.


Nicole and Victor's engagement got more press out of People Magazine and other media outlets.  I love Victor's clean-shaven face, but having hair that short shocked me, particularly from the side.  I wonder if Nicole has adjusted to that yet.  I heard her tell Michelle during BB18 that when she was dating Hayden Voss, he cut his hair off and she didn't feel like she knew him anymore.  I'm pretty sure his actions dictated that, not just his haircut, but I'm sure that situation occurred to Nicole again this time, too.
But Victor is a very different person than Hayden, and the relationship doesn't even compare at all. Maybe Victor got a job using his finance degree or something, or wants to interview for a job like that and wanted to symbolize his new commitment with a new look.

Here is what Nicole said about Hayden cutting his hair, but the entire post is here, in case you want to revisit those BB18 days.

I thought this was funny.


On tonight's show, we will see the BB Comics PoV competition play out, and the comics for the pre-jury evictees were released in advance for us to enjoy.  I think the artist did very well with the faces of all of them.

Kaitlyn is The Spirit Guide, and she will leave auras black and blue.  That looks like Grandpa Lou carrying her around, too.

Rachel is the Dance-a-Saur, welcoming you to Jurassic Twerk.  The camera crew loved Rachel and were always following her around closely as she moved about the house.

Steve is Mr. Badwrench, putting a wrench in evil's plans.  It's a Robin Hood look for him, apparently. The house guests already know he's a cop, though, because of the badge he "left" at the Off the Block show.

Swaggy C is Swaggy Sea, bringing justice and T-shirts for all.  They also issued a quote from each house guest about the comics.  Swaggy said that he thought it was funny that they have him riding on that sea creature, because they know he can't swim.  (Wasn't he babysitting kids IN A POOL though?)  He also said this picture fit him perfectly, because he was out in front leading people to the middle of nowhere.

That's a pretty self-aware quote, actually.  and several of the people following him are blinded, apparently, hurtling toward their doom.

Winston's BB Comic is trippy.  Winston is Twinston, and he has a clone to pick with crime.

I don't understand this, and neither did the house guests, because they talked for hours about how Winston must have been a Twin and may have been switching in and out with a brother.  I guess they are talking about how close he was with his Bro Brett, but it's kind of a stretch.


  1. I actually love Victor's new look. And I am a person who usually has to take time to adjust to drastic changes in peoples appearances. But for some reason when I saw him all shaved and hair cut, to me it just seemed like that is how he was "meant" to look if that makes any since. Its like his long hair and beard were just a ploy, and this is his real look. I was not put off by it, nor did I feel like "whoa, this will take me a while to adjust to". He just looked so good in my opinion. I feel like this should be his permanent look. And believe me when I say that I am a huge lover of guys with longer hair, facial hair, and lots of tattoos. My husband is that guy, Minus the long hair. Like Tyler for instance, love love love his look. As I saw the pictures of him with short hair, I was like " nooo! That look doesn't fit him or his personality". But a man who has long hair, no matter how good he looks with it, can really be a turn off if he doesnt take care of it well. It should always be washed and brushed and "styled" in some way. I am very excited for the happy couple and send well wishes for them.

    I have to add that I am now developing a real distaste for JC. His, in my opinion jealousy, of Tyler and Angela, is turning him into a terrible person. He is exhausting himself trying to keep tabs on Tyler. He even wakes up in the night and "makes a stop at his locker" which is really his attempt to look in on them sleeping to see what they are doing. He is even staying up until he can barely keep his eyes open, just to make sure they don't sleep in a bed together. Yet JC hasn't slept alone in a bed at all. Tyler has been frank with him about him not going after the girls this early, and JC just keeps on with it. I don't see how he doesn't realize that he is hurting his game so bad. Everyone keeps saying the Tangela showmance is hurting the couple's game, and maybe it is a little, but I feel it is no comparison to the damage it is causing JC and Brett. It has affected Tyler and Angela's game in small ways by turning their attention to each other rather then always game, but the showmance...or lack there of possibly...has taken all of JCs attention and some of Brett's. Even when the 2 of them talk game, it is only in regards of getting Angela out to get her from Tyler. They are now not spending time on trying to find a way to address it with Tyler, they just spy on Tangela, and as soon as tyler is alone with them, they just start spewing about evicting Angela but cannot really give a reason why other than they are "worried" about Tyler's game. Jc def needs to get put up. He needs an eye opening experience and to get his head back in the game and out of Tyler's butt. He is losing control rapidly. If JC was thinking smart, he would want to keep people who he would get the votes over in the end. So its def because he has a crush on Tyler and doesnt want anyone to have him, because it makes no since in any other scenario. He may have a final 2 with Tyler, but if he believes that is still true and wants to keep it under wraps, he should let Tyler do what he wants and get a target on his own back.

  2. Swaggy was babysitting in the pool but I seem to recall he was wearing floaties on his arms.

  3. I wonder what Haleigh’s “secret” is, I feel like maybe she is referring to being adopted possibly. It’s weird though bc it sounds like she was raised by her real mom and dad so idk where adoption comes into play. Also, Haleigh needs to get over that Tyler wasn’t interested in her. It seems to baffle her and she just needs to understand he fell for Angela and not her. It explains why she seems to have a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Tangela.
    Also, I really want to hear your story about 9/11. Would you be able to tell your story on another platform? It sounds quite interesting.


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