Sunday, September 9, 2018

New Beginnings and Horrible Endings. #BB20

I'm sure you know that on Friday the live feeds were down for HOURS and when they returned we learned from the house guest chatter that the doorbell rang and a bunch of former house guests came in  to visit.  I'm not sure if they all walked in together, or if Victor and Nicole came in and found a group of BB vets in the backyard, but the big news is that Victor and Nicole got engaged and had a little engagement party.

Supposedly Nicole thought she and Victor were there to host a competition, which is exactly what Jordan thought the day she and Jeff got engaged during BB16 in the backyard.  Their families were there waiting for them and country singer Brett Eldridge performed a song.  But this time it sounds like the BB veterans were there to witness the event.  As far as I know, the list of attendees includes:

*  Nicole and Victor
*  Derrick  (who cut his hand opening up Jeff & Jordan's champagne in BB16 and tried to hide the bleeding)
*  Britney Haynes
*  Paul
*  Josh
*  Dani Donato & Dominic Briones

I don't think Dani and Dominic brought the baby because no one mentioned it afterwards.  I don't think many of them recognized Dominic as a former BB player, but I look forward to seeing him again on the Sunday night show. I was always a big Dominic fan.

I love that Victor shaved and cut his hair.  I don't know what he is doing now but looking fresh will make him more successful.  And Nicole looks different too, with shoulder-length hair and Lasik surgery.  The two of them are super happy.  And Paul isn't hating it, either.

I could have sworn that Da'Vonne tweeted something late last week about maybe "going back in the Big Brother house", so I thought she might have attended the engagement party, but now I don't see that tweet on her timeline.  I did find this, which is super-surprising to me.

A Backstreet Boy watches the show in his HoH robe?  That's crazy!

The results don't lie....plenty of strong couples have met in the BB house, even if they weren't an item on the show when they both played.  Like Nicole and Victor.  Nicole traded up every time, as far as her BB boyfriends go, so good for her.  Dani and Dominic flirted a lot when he was in the BB house, but they weren't ever a showmance.  I think Mark and Elena are still a couple. too, and are probably LIVID that they aren't being included in the discussion.

Some of the BB "fans" are super bitchy about all of this, saying there is no way they will watch the Sunday night show, but I think they are all liars, trying to be cool.  If you're a hardcore BB fan, it's way too late to try and be cool and above-it-all, in my opinion.  Especially if you make a damn LIVING talking about the show.

I'm excited to see the Very Special Engagement Segment on CBS tonight.  I'll probably tear up, too.  I hope we get to see a segment about their life in Ubly Michigan, or wherever they are living together now.  It's charming to me that Victor moved to Michigan to be with her.  Victor used to ask her all sorts of questions about what it was like to grow up in a tiny town.  I think there were less than 5 people in her graduating high school class.  And now Nicole has done all of this, including going on The Amazing Race with Victor, which is pretty damn cool.

After the engagement party, Tyler did a bunch of laps upstairs, which is something that Haleigh also does when they are locked in the house. I think Brett, Angela and Kaycee also do it, and it's loud every time.

Both Brett and Angela seemed very familiar with all of the house guests who visited.  Brett said that today was different because they could actually have a real conversation, instead of the veterans just coming in to host a PoV competition.

Sam was thrilled to hear them say that the house looked so clean, and smelled nice, and that all of them acknowledged how hard it is to keep it like that with so many people around.  Victor told Sam that he was the one who cleaned a lot in his season, and Paul bragged about the way he deep-fried slop.  Sam has heard the house guests talk about Paul, but didn't know which one he was until Tyler told her later.  Tyler said that the "big guy" is the one who beat Paul by one vote last season, and the "girl who got proposed to" is the one who beat him by one vote the first time.

Haleigh said if you told her last year that she would get to shake Derrick's hand, she would have passed out, she's such a big fan of his game.  (She said she was going to play the game like Derrick, but we all know that didn't happen.)

Angela said it's not like they could really tell them anything about watching the show, or the live feeds, or even big news going on in the outside world, so that felt frustrating to her.  Or should I say "fustrating", even though I've now heard her talk about that word with Tyler in two separate conversations.  Apparently someone told Angela that she wasn't pronouncing the word correctly, and it's like a little joke between them.

Angela:  I forgot about that 'R'.

So she is experiencing personal growth, after all.

This was Kaycee's nomination look.  I wonder if Production will leave in footage of Kaycee trying not to laugh, which made the other house guests laugh, too.  She gets really nervous when she has to make a formal speech.  Maybe it's the standing up in front of everyone part that makes her so anxious.  Supposedly people rank public speaking as something more terrifying than death.  If you are in school now, I recommend conquering this skill as soon as you can.  The ability to lead a meeting or make a presentation is a skill that can boost your career, or just ease your mind.  Once you learn to do it, you feel empowered and confident.

Also, Kaycee is getting a lot of support from the BB vet community.  She wasn't picked to play in most of the early PoV comps, and the physical part of the battles is where her best abilities lie.  Or at least, that's what we thought......

And then we learned that the PoV comp they played last night was indeed the BB Comics event, which blends memory and attention to visual detail skills with balance and speed, and Kaycee didn't just win the comp, she KILLED IT.

Previously, the record for this comp was 11:50, but Kaycee's time came in at 2:17, which is incredible.

Brett said he felt like Superman in his BB Comics cape, and he looks like him to me, too.  He planned to wear it as long as possible.  The competition didn't start until very late in the evening, with the house guests fretting over the plan to play it.  Brett said it would be nice to know the schedule, because he needed to plan what to eat, and when.  With the timed trial competitions, they draw numbers to determine the order, and if you get a late draw you might be waiting to compete for another five to six hours.

Brett:  I ate just before the spinning competition, and spent the whole time trying not to throw up.

Just after this discussion, we got a short feed break where I think they were asked to hold tight for further instructions.

Angela guessed that they set up the comp, and then something didn't work right so they had to figure something else out, and she may be right.  Flying on a zipline past all of the BB Comic strips was always a staple of the competition, adding a degree of difficulty since you have to quickly take in the pictures as you zip by.

But last night they were on a balance beam instead, so I'm assuming you could stand there for a second to see what you needed to see about the Comics.  Wouldn't that be an easy task for Angela, as a former gymnast?

Anyway, maybe something happened with the zipline set up so they had to make due with a balance beam.  Just a guess, based on what I heard them say.  And that would explain why Kaycee beat the all-time record for this comp by such a wide margin.

Tyler was very happy he got to compete in this comp, and said the set up outside was incredible.  There was a helicopter involved, and they were just beginning to discuss the various comics.  I think Tyler's Comic may have been about his skin again, believe it or not.  I thought I heard him say "Crimson Chin" and I don't know what else that could have referred to.

There were ten comics featured in the comp, and I know Swaggy, Winston, Fessy, Angie Rockstar and Scottie were among the ten.  It sounds like they had cardboard cutouts that might have been what they needed to compare to the BB Comic posters.  There was A LOT of chatter about Winston's Comic, and apparently they think he might be a twin now, because of it.  Brett said he'd feel like an idiot if it turns out that Winston was playing as a twin in the house.  They noted that he was usually the first one up in the morning, thinking that may have been when he switched out, but no one really seemed to believe that.  But Brett said if Winston does have a twin brother, why wouldn't he tell everybody that, unless it had to do with the game?  I think Winson's Comic must have had something to do with being a doctor, which was always suspected when he was in the house. (He's not a doctor!)

Sam and Haleigh performed the worst in the comp, and Haleigh was very upset with herself about it.   I don't think Tyler wanted to win, and I think we'll see him take his own sweet time playing it.

It's nice to see Sam wearing some different clothes.  She didn't bring many things to wear in the house with her.

The cameras followed JC as he ate his feelings, eating cookie after cookie.  He has been quite vocal with several people about wanting to get Kaycee on the block next to Angela, but with Kaycee's hot competition streak, that is never going to happen.

Just two guys wearing capes, joking around.  I really like how upbeat and enthusiastic Brett is every day.  He's never moody, and I rarely hear him get yelled at by Production for something. And even when he stood up and made those scorching speeches earlier in the season, he never even gave a hint about spreading blame on someone else for it.  He just stood up and took the brunt of the drama by himself.  That is very rare in a Big Brother player,  much less a real person.

Tyler and Angela have this bedroom to themselves at the moment, now that Kaycee is sleeping up in the HoH room.  They concocted a scheme earlier in the day to buy them some cuddle time that night.  Angela experimented with putting pillows under the covers, with her hair extensions poking out on top, to make it look like she was in bed, not unlike the guys who escaped Alcatraz so many years ago.  (There is a GREAT documentary on those three escapees that plays on the History Channel.)

They held hands like this for a moment, and then Tyler requested that the lights be turned out.  The room went dark the moment after Tyler requested this, so Production was watching, and listening.  A day or so ago, I heard Angela kvetching to Tyler about how she was "tired of just words", implying she was looking for more demonstrative actions with Tyler.  Not "Hilton Head" type actions, presumably, but something more intimate nonetheless.

She set up her Alcatraz escape and then crawled over to snuggle with Tyler.  I didn't watch every frame of this footage, but other people who cared more did, and they report there was lots of kissing, but that is where it stopped before she got back into her own adjacent prison bunk.

Tyler even said it was "fustrating", and she agreed.  I think this is a bad precedent, because it is a matter of time before they get caught doing this.  I think the entire cast knows that there is some sort of connection there, but if they keep denying it then the need to hide it seems extra shady.

The other day Tyler told her that this was a "new chapter" in life and Angela couldn't stop smiling, and wanted him to repeat that phrase.  I think if one of them makes the move to evict the other before they go to the end, the other one will forgive them, but probably won't admit to considering the same thing.  I heard Angela talking to Brett about how the Jury hated the two of them more than Kaycee and Tyler, so I have to wonder if she's trying to position herself to win by going to the Jury with another player who has rustled plenty of Jury feathers.

Today Kaycee had an ice pack strapped to the outside of her left knee, so let's watch for a PoV-related injury when we see the competition on the Wednesday night CBS episode.

Kaycee only went on the balance beam ONCE during the competition, and either saw everything she needed to see or guessed accurately, which helped her beat the all time record.  But between the lack of zip line, and perhaps comparing a cardboard cut out to one Comic, instead of two different Comics, the comparison to prior year BB Comics comps may not be valid.

Kaycee wasn't complaining about her injury, though.  There wasn't any air space for her complaints, because Sam was droning on and on and on about her daily routine.  Sam was talking last night about how she's still uncomfortable eating on camera, because "she's a girl and girls aren't supposed to eat".   I also heard her carefully defending Angela recently, saying that based on what she's learned about Angela, she thinks they may have some issues in common relating to their past.

(Gymnasts with eating disorders is so common it's nearly a cliche.  Sam was a ballerina, so that is a similar situation where girls are encouraged to starve themselves to fit the aesthetic.)

Later Sam talked about welding with Tyler.  She loves welding and is very good at it, but she's not positive that she's going back to her same old job.  She showed Tyler some examples of welding in the house, and they both got down on the floor to look at the way the round benches are constructed.

She used a lot of specific terminology, such as "tig welding" and explained the steps in putting this bench together.

She has taken seven different welding tests, she said, probably to get or keep certifications she needs to qualify for various jobs.  She found a flaw in the joint of the bench, though.

She explained what would have gone wrong on the connection here, and why there was bubble there.  It wouldn't pass inspection, she said.

Shortly after this, Kaycee came out of the Diary Room and called everyone to the living room.  It took quite a while to round up the group, particularly Tyler (who was in the HoH bathroom) and everyone dreaded the announcement, not wanting to hear about Have Nots.  But Kaycee had good news to report, reading a card that says there will be no more Have Nots this season.  Sam plans to still sleep in her Have Not saucer, and they joked about JC having to be a Have Not until the Finale.


There was nothing going on in there this morning, so I took a few minutes to watch Off The Block, which had Mark McGrath filling in for Ross since he is hosting the Miss America pageant this week.  Ross had a taped message to play though, clearly not willing to just be a No Show for the episode.  Hell no.  Ross is WAY too ambitious about this BB gig, because it is likely that Big Brother will need a new host next season. But more on that in a second.

I love Mark as a host.  He is upbeat and breezy and knows the game as well as Marissa does.  He is very polished but in a relaxed way, and doesn't seem biased, which is difficult at this point in the season.

I wanted to see what Scottie had to say.  And Spoiler Alert, it wasn't much.  This show is super fluffy and doesn't delve deep in the dirt, but Mark did mention Scottie's scathing eviction "speech" and asked if he had any regrets.  I didn't hear Scottie address that, specifically, but they did talk about the way he sat on the back of the couch when he spoke.

Scottie said in one of his post-eviction interviews that he "did all he could to stay" in the game.  Scottie really is an idiot if he believes that.  He did NOTHING in there except doubling down on the same crap that got him evicted the first time.  He claimed he would have won that HoH spinning comp, because he was doing great at it, but he started spinning when he hit the pie and that was that.  Mark also teased him about his feelings for Haleigh, but Scottie claimed his feelings for her had decreased to almost nothing during his second stay in the house.

On this show they hold up pictures of house guests who fit certain criteria, like who is the messiest (Fessy) and those who sleep the most (Fessy and Haleigh.  Mark:  Together....sorry, couldn't was right there so I took it) and who Scottie wants to get to know better (Steve).

It was kind of a Nothing Sandwich for me, but maybe Scottie knew better than to talk about his speech again.  It was obvious Marissa wasn't going to ask about Tangela, because this is not a hard-hitting show.  Someday I hope someone asks Scottie what went down backstage after Julie banished him from her stage.


Les is out at the network.  He's done, but with the recent merger and all of the drama over who will assume the top company positions, and who will be the head of CBS, there isn't much closure yet about the state of the network Les is leaving behind.

Big Brother is a huge summer schedule filler for the network, and is cheap, highly rated family entertainment with stars who are being used as a farm system for other reality offerings, and even used at other Viacom networks like MTV.  I don't think the show will go anywhere, but with new leadership comes change.  Change isn't always bad.  Sometimes it's good, but it will be very sad to lose Julie Chen.

You have to understand that she hasn't done anything wrong, but as the former wife of the Chairman of the Board, who is leaving under what are shaping up to be VERY bad circumstances, there is NO WAY she can stay on with the network.  I'm hoping she can at least finish this BB season.  I'm not sure that will be the case, I'm sad to say.  That might not happen, but at this point I don't know.  I'm grieving already, even if she finishes out the season.

There was already drama about whether Les would beat his opponent as Chairman of the merged Company, but apparently there are six new women making some pretty horrendous allegations about Les' conduct.  I scanned the SCATHING new report by Ronan Farrow for The New Yorker and they are explicit, and graphic, and horrible.  There is going to be a WAVE of coverage of this situation this week, and I feel horrible for Julie and her son, and also her dog.  Dogs are very sensitive and when there is stress in the house they are often the forgotten ones, cowering in the corner.

I have a vivid imagination, I know.  And I know one of you is going to say Julie lured Les from his first wife, so she deserves this.  Let's get real:  That is not the same thing as what Les is accused of, which has NOTHING to do with Julie Chen.  She has been married to Les for YEARS.  It's not like she was some floozie at work that was a one night stand.

Ross is probably YELLING at his agent from wherever he is in Pageant Land, trying to get his name out there as a replacement.  I'd like to see Mark McGrath, actually.  Rather than just a former player, you need someone with gravitas and stage presence, who is a charming host.  They might even bring in Arissa Cox from BB Canada to fill in for the last few shows.  She follows the show closely and could bring some heat to the Canada edition.  People are saying Derrick wants the job, but I don't think so.  He's not dynamic enough for the job.  We need a TV professional.

I thought this was funny though, because it is clearly just a joke.  I can't imagine what kind of new corporate structure would green light Frankie Grande in The Chenbot's shoes.

A persistent Brett fan found some of his modeling work on a Boston-area photographer's website.  I think he modeled for these before he started really beefing up with the weights.  There are dozens of test shots to show this photographer's skill shooting all members of the wedding party.

It would be HILARIOUS if Brett won HoH and got one of the wedding pictures in his HoH room, wouldn't it?  Can you imagine what Sam would do?


  1. Will they get rid of Julie though? She's also the main host of that daytime talk show that's kinda popular. The Talk? With Darlene from Roseanne and the other women.

    I bet if she leaves Les she'll keep the jobs.

    1. I don't know. I love Julie, but there have been plenty of reports over the years about the way she used her husband's power to keep the ladies on The Talk in line, and off the show as well.

      Even if the network wanted to keep her on the shows, it's going to be difficult to accomplish. In corporate America, when a new leader comes in, a new team comes with them.

      Once people digest the news about Les, I'm sure the talk (no pun intended!) will shift to how it affects Julie's TV roles. Will Kirby is trying to imply on Twitter that he got some big unexpected phone call, but he trolls the fans all the time. It's probably just the Jury Roundtable schedule.

    2. Good points. Its been a long time too, network might be welcoming a change.

      I couldn't see Will as a host. I think it needs to be a non player to feel "impartial". Unless it's a celeb like Mark or Ross, but I wouldn't be surprised if they just bring in some sort of hosting personality.

  2. Sam's comments are fascinating (e,g. "girls aren't supposed to eat"). These are the kinds of things women were told in the 1950s and earlier. She really has been raised as an old fashioned girl.

    I wonder if Julie will reevaluate her marriage (as Weinstein's ex did) concerning these latest allegations. And...she didn't show on the season premiere of "The Talk".

  3. Julie isn't on The Talk today. I started recording that to watch for news of what happened last night. I had a bad feeling about it all. They opened the show by saying Julie is taking time off to be with her family. I don't see her coming back mid week in time for BB. Has she ever missed an episode? They better find someone kickass to replace her.

    1. Media people are saying a press release was issued that Julie planned to take a few days off and would see us on Thursday for Big Brother. So that sounds positive. I hope this means they will let her finish the season. The remaining live shows are too action-packed to bring someone new in, and the network wants to finish the season strong, I'm sure.

      It would be so traumatic for the HG to have a new host greet them on Thursday, though. Can you imagine? Who would Haleigh give fake compliments to?

      The Talk needs to discuss current events, so I guess she needed to step away to let them talk about her husband.

    2. I'm surprised you aren't putting in your vote for Wil to be the new host ;)

    3. 'Who would Haleigh give fake compliments to?'


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I really doubt that Julie won’t finish out the season. I’m even doubtful that she won’t be back for next season. I don’t see her having a place on the talk much longer but I feel she may be safe for big brother. I may be wrong though, seems all very up in the air.
    On a side note I really don’t understand how Sam has a mindset that women aren’t supposed to eat. It baffles me especially when she is known for her lard filled cooking. I also have always been baffled by the rates of anorexia in gymnastics and ballet.. seriously how do they have the energy to do that strenuous activity and the nutrients to build muscles if they don’t eat.


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