Sunday, September 23, 2018

I've Got a Peaceful, Uneasy Feeling. #BB20

If Julie is feeling stressed out or nervous, it sure doesn't show, does it?   This might be her best look of the season, too, casual elegance personified as she heads to the stage to host what is likely her third-to-last live Big Brother broadcast.

It will be a historic finale for many reasons, and I expect Julie to send us off after next week's end to Big Brother 20 with a special message about that.  Maybe a hand signal, or maybe she will whisper it in the winner's ear to let them shout it out to the world during their exit interviews.  

But I'm getting way ahead of myself, as usual. On Tuesday, Julie surprised the house guests by appearing on their TV screen and asking all of them to gather in the living room, but NOT to sit on the green section of the couch.  I'm not sure why Julie felt that was important, since the current set of nominated house guests was already revealed on the last CBS episode.

It's a motley crew of shocked house guests, but I'm guessing Tyler is the only one who knew that this "secret" eviction was coming.  If you just watch the TV show, you don't realize the timing of this eviction happens in the middle of the week, and the dynamics of the resulting live feed disruption as the fans are left in the dark, scrambling for spoilers they can rely on.

The feeds went down much earlier in the day, as BBAD shot three hours of exclusive footage that was later broadcast on the evening episode on POP TV.  They do that so that the viewers of that show won't know who had actually been evicted hours earlier.  Information later leaked from fans who were seated in the audience indicated that the CBS "live episode" was taped in the late afternoon, at the usual time.

The highlights reminded us that Angela was the HoH and nominated Sam and JC for eviction.

I'd like to cast an eviction vote for Angela's ensemble.  I'm not crazy about the nude illusion look, and this tight top and tight bottom look was not flattering, in my opinion.  But kudos for Angela being able to bust out a new look so late in the season.  Usually we've seen their clothes, at least the ones that still fit, over and over again.

And kudos to Julie Chen Moonves for this vivid pink dress, which fit perfectly and is totally beyond reproach.  I love the way Julie is going out with a bang this season, turning out one fabulous look after another.

(Yes, yes, I know CBS indicated Julie would be invited back to host the next seasons of  Big Brother, but I also know they are making a short list of possible hosts.  I think Julie's best move would be to go out on top.  And you have no idea how hard it must be for her to waltz onto the set with all of the rumors flying, and her husband not being one of the most powerful men in television anymore.)

(Not to mention the FACT that a new leader usually brings a whole new team in with them, and anyone who keeps their mid-level-and-up job is often just a place-holder while their performance is being evaluated and their replacement is being scouted.)

I'm not a huge fan of Tyler's dress here either.  It's his PoV costume, of course, one of those costumes that seems designed to make everyone look ridiculous.  Tyler was the first PoV player, and was thus tasked with reading the instructions on camera, attempting to explain the rules for this convoluted competition to us, the audience.

As Tyler walked into the backyard to begin, he said "Ohhhh  smoky", which is a reference to the smoke or fog machines  that were apparently used to create atmosphere on TV.  Both the girls had coughing fits for days after having to run in those conditions, and Angela even said she tasted blood as she wheezed for air.

If Tyler had really tried to win this PoV, his lungs may have bled too.  I'm not sure why JC wasn't impacted by the conditions out there.  He should have been worried about his game coming to an abrupt end if he couldn't pull out a win.

The rules of the competition are basic, but the situation was very complicated.  The players needed to ding a bell in front of the following maze features in the following order:

1.  The Wizard
2.  The Wolves
3.  The Witches

Each time a bell was rung, the players had 30 seconds to find and ding the next bell, or they would hear the witches cackling at them and have to start the game all over again.  After they rang each bell in order, they had to run to the sword and do something with it to win.  Angela later said she didn't understand that part, to she jumped over the sword and had to be told to go back and do it right.

There weren't many good pictures for me to take of this "exciting" action.  Kaycee was running really fast and had a strategy of locating each of the bells as a sort of trial run.  But then she told the audience that she couldn't find them when the time came.

I've never run in a maze before, but I think the trick is to always go in one direction, and then count the turns or something.  I stayed at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon once, which was used as the outside of the haunted hotel in The Shining, but there was no maze of hedges in front.  That was all movie magic, apparently since the outside of the Timberline lodge was the mountain's edge and a parking lot.  (At Timberline, you ski downhill and then take the ski lift back up to the lodge.)

This is Angela, running like a flash after dinging the first bell.  The editors managed to cut out all of the footage of the girls coughing and hacking, and were able to present a situation for the CBS casuals that looked like anyone could win.

Even Sam.

I understand that the competition set designers didn't want to cover the windows here, since they can position cameras behind them, but couldn't they put piece of "hedge" behind the wizard?  Maybe dress up his spot a little bit for the cameras?

JC said it was the "hot daddy wizard", but I guess that is a matter of opinion.

Kaycee won the PoV, and did not use it, of course.  Here she is closing the PoV stash box wearing a pair of jeans for what may be the first time this season.

Kaycee and Tyler say they have the same hands, with the same veins running through them.  I tried to find a comparable picture of Tyler so we could judge for ourselves, but I just burned 30 minutes reading old posts and realized it doesn't matter.  I mean, none of this matters, in reality.  And all of us have veins in our hands, but I do believe Tyler and Kaycee will be friends for life, or longer.

When it was time for the "secret" live eviction, JC made a pretty funny speech on "live" TV.  We can only guess if it was edited down for broadcast, since the show wasn't really live, but in the speech JC called Tyler the love of his life, even mentioning that "Production said they couldn't kiss on TV" as Tyler just laughed along.

(After the drama of JC supposedly comforting Tyler after he had a bad dream, Allison Grodner had a stern conversation with JC in the Diary Room, clearly stating he was not to sleep in the same bed with Tyler anymore, and he was not allowed to touch him in any way.  So I'm surprised they left that line from his speech in after the edit.)

(Are the casual CBS viewers even aware that JC is in love with and has been pining for Tyler all summer?)

Sam got voted out, of course, and left the house slowly, complaining about having to wear sweat pants onstage with Julie.

Sam:  I don't even know what to do.  What am I supposed to do?

Sam stopped to wave back at them through the open door, and then trudged out to chat with Julie.

I don't know how Julie expected this conversation to go, but it was largely uneventful.  Julie tried to get Sam to give us some newsy tidbits about how what just happened may have changed her feelings about Tyler, but Sam wasn't really playing along.

Sam: I thought Tyler and I had a Final Two, but I guess we really didn't.  My feelings about him haven't changed one bit from what I've been saying all summer.

(Or something like that.)

Sam also stated she was totally unprepared to play Big Brother, but who's fault is that?  She stated on the live feeds several times that "they" asked her to watch a few seasons before joining the cast, and also tried to get her to watch BB16 while in sequester, but she didn't "for her own reasons".   Instead she only watched a few compilation "Best Of" videos on You Tube before coming out for the Finals stage of the audition process.

(That didn't stop "Melissa from RHAP" from saying last week that she thought Sam was a SuperFan, proving you don't need to know much to qualify as a Live Feed Correspondent, unfortunately.  You can just source all of your opinions from scanning the titles of posts on the Big Brother Subreddit, apparently.  SO MUCH misinformation out there....)

I wish Julie had been cleared to ask Sam about the irate threats of bodily harm and set destruction she's made in the last few weeks.  And also about her condemnation of Haleigh as a Harlot.  Sam seemed subdued, and looked rather swollen here, and also in the Jury footage we saw of her the next day.

Then we saw the "live" HoH competition, which was one of the most surprising winners of the season.  It was the "What the Bleep?" competition, which tests how closely the contestants have been listening to the speeches during the ceremonies, by swapping out a word or phrase with a BLEEP, requiring the players to correctly guess the obscured content.

We got to see Kaitlyn again, making a speech that was surely one of the most boring of the season.  I had a hard time watching it once, much less twice, which is surprising for such an iconic house guest as Kaitlyn.  I think they could have found a more interesting quote to bleep, like they did with Angie Rockstar.  Her blurb and bleep was short and sweet, making it hard for anyone not to laugh when watching it.

And JC won, with Tyler being the first to congratulate him as his next-door-booth-neighbor.

Hot Take:  I think Tyler wanted JC to win this HoH, because it will allow JC to split up the girls in his alliance, so he didn't have to.  Tyler knew he was safe, just like the girls knew that one of them would be leaving this week.  I don't think Tyler let JC win, but I think he was truly happy at the outcome.

JC ran around the backyard in celebration, calling everyone "bitches" and asking for a bottle of tequila.

We had time for one more live segment with Julie before the show ended, and it became clear that Production got lucky this summer, with virtually no live speeches from JC on the show until tonight.  Because this episode was pretaped, they could have added subtitles to explain what he was saying here, but they didn't. Maybe it was so close to the end of the broadcast that no one backstage cared.  Or maybe they wanted the audience to feel the pain of trying to understand what JC says 24/7.

For what it's worth, I understood JC, who answered Julie's question about what he hoped to see in his HoH basket.

1.  No more sugary foods, please.
2.  Protein bars....lots of protein bars.  That's it.
3.  And champagne....lots of champagne....eight bottles.

Julie:  Eight bottles of champagne?

JC:  Yes, two for each of us!

That sounds good to me. But after just two glasses of champagne, I find just about any idea agreeable.  It's the bubbles that get you with champagne.  Since the feeds were down, we didn't get to see the reveal of JC's HoH room, although I guess they can try to crowbar some of that footage in on the Sunday night episode (tonight).

I don't know about tequila and champagne, but I do know JC got his own mini red HoH robe, and did not receive a letter from his family, which sucks.  I think that part would be TV-worthy for JC's story line, which is sure to take a heart-breaking turn this week when he loses Big Brother 20, likely joining the Jury in the 3rd place position.


On the regular version of the Thursday live show, Julie stepped out in this little black number choosing her backdrop wisely.  How many pictures do you think she takes before deciding on the one that is tweeted out?  Maybe just one.

And I'd like to say that very few women, much less women of Julie's age bracket, can wear a form fitting dress like this and look smashing it it.  That ring on her right index finger is kind of trendy, perhaps too-trendy, but maybe Julie was forced to cover up a new tattoo that says 'FUCK YOU CBS" or something.  Although the rumor is that Julie's new tattoo actually says "THE TALK SUCKS".  I just made all that up, of course.

My imagination is a busy place, I know.

Julie opened up the show and wasted no time letting us know that JC is still the Head of Household, and would be making his nominations to evict soon.  A day or so after JC won HoH, he was told to pack everything up and move back downstairs, which is what usually happens every season as they close the HoH room for the season.  JC was irritated about this, telling Tyler that he assumed he'd get to stay up in the suite until the Finale started.

Usually the Final Three want to spend every waking moment with the other two players, to make sure that no deals are being made behind their back, and would never think of staying in the HoH room alone.  Ironically, JC wasn't worried about that, but we all know he should have been extremely concerned.  JC played the first half of this game like a gangster, but Level Six was his blind spot in the game, a situation which will prove fatal for him in the end.  (I predict.)

As soon as JC won HoH, Angela knew she was going on the block.

Of course Angela was going on the block, because JC told us many times that he couldn't wait for Angela to leave.  And it was shocking to see how many BB fans were shocked that Tyler was on the block next to her.  I guess you can look at it two ways.  First, that Tyler can't save Angela if he wins the PoV, but on the other hand, Kaycee has been winning lots of PoVs, and JC has suspected all summer that Kaycee is working with Anglea, which would put Tyler at risk if she won the PoV.

In his speech, JC told Angela that she totally excluded him when she won HoH, and just threw him up on the block with no warning. And JC told Tyler that he also won HoH and threw him up on the block.

JC:  That was a very bitchy move, Tyler.

We've never seen Tyler with the "Nominee" label on the live show before now.  The Hacker nominated him once weeks ago, but he was saved by Angela's PoV, never facing nomination on the live show.  Until now, that is.

I'm surprised that JC and Kaycee weren't told to sit closer to them, so the living room scene isn't so disjointed.  But I guess they wanted a clear contrast to the Jury House footage we were about to see, where that space just keeps getting more crowded every day.

And we saw a commercial for the new season of Survivor, which kicks off just before the Big Brother premiere.   Who do those guys look like?  David and Goliath?  Or JC and Fessy?

I don't feel the same way about Survivor as I used to, I'll say that.  BB may be too twisty at times, but Survivor seems to feel that there is no such thing as too twisty, and that is unfortunate to me.

Julie tosses a stone by saying it's time to see what has been going on at the Jury House.

Julie:  Or should I say, Foutte House?

And then we saw Scottie doing a weird leap over the hedges to reenter the Jury House, with the Jurors looking unhappy to see him.  But are they unhappy because they wanted him to stay and slay their enemies, or are they unhappy to have to spend time with him in paradise?

I'll let you be the judge of that.  We already have the Jury.

They all gasped and Bayleigh overreacted as they watched Tyler win another HoH competition, promptly putting Scottie and Haleigh on the block.  And here is where it all became just a little too dramatic for me, Scottie indicated that Tyler wasn't sincere about working with him.  After watching Kaycee win another PoV, Fessy was very aggravated, probably because Kaycee is a girl.  Just saying.

Fessy:  Oh I hate watching them winning all of these comps.

Bayleigh:  Well, we all made our bed, didn't we?

Fessy:  Did we though?

I think it's important to note that we've had some very rowdy Jury segments in the past two seasons of Big Brother.  During BB18 we saw Da'Vonne yell at Paulie and give him some sort of twisted lap dance right there on the couch, and during BB19 we saw Raven claim to be the season mastermind as they all argued about Paul.

Sorry for the unpleasant flashback, but I wanted to make the point that this is what Production is trying to stage here, making it seem as if the alliance isn't so chummy after all.  Just like the last Jury segment we saw, this "fight" pits the Foutte alliance against itself, accusing each other of being stupid. Yeah, you're all idiots,  so let's move on.

Then we see Haleigh appear in the backyard looking cute in a short dress and high heels.  Just as every other Juror has done, she acted mysterious when asked what happened to send her out of the game, and she couldn't tell them.  She had to show them on the TV, as they all crammed onto a couch which seems smaller by the minute.

Haleigh told them how she met her fate in the game, and then gave them the brilliant information that has eluded each one of them all summer.  Oh, they might have had their suspicions here and there, but if you don't have the social or game capital to influence others, those suspicions never do you any good.

Haleigh:  All of them are working together.  But there is a hierarchy, and Sam and Brett are at the bottom.  I wouldn't be surprised to see either one of them show up right behind me, because this was a double eviction.

The Jury keeps seeing Kaycee win competition after competition in these tapes.  Kaycee is playing the best game, Angie said.  And how great does she look now?  I'll bet Angie Rockstar is at her goal weight, after so many weeks with the time to exercise and meal times spent with a house full of healthy eaters.

The hem of Julie's dress is too distracting at this angle, when she's standing still.  They could hem the front and back panels an inch or two, and it would blend in much better.  The shoes are good, too, so why not let them shine a little more?

We came back from commercial and went right back to the Jury House, since we had two more people moving in.  Every year the Jury does arts and crafts to keep busy.  Some of the artwork gets auctioned off, too, so look for that if you'd like to hang a Foutte original on your wall soon.

And the next arrival was Brett, of course, asking the Jury if that's what they do all day, sit around and paint.  Not everyone stood up to greet Brett on camera, and Angie said Brett was going to ruin her "quality Jury House time".

Yes, Brett is salty after being evicted.  Yes, Brett feels betrayed.

Brett showed them the tapes with the competitions and ceremonies that led to his downfall, and then Brett did something that really disappointed me.  Brett lied to the Jury, telling them that Tyler came to him to pitch the idea of backdooring Angela, and after Brett agreed his game was doomed.

NO, that is NOT what happened.  Brett proposed that to Tyler, not the other way around.  Would Angela believe that though?  Would that fake news influence her vote?  Brett needs to take a damn seat with these lies.  The game is over for him.  He needs to step aside and let the players keep playing.  Brett has been such a good sport all season.  I hope I am misreading his intent here.

But it sure didn't feel like it, as Brett described how Tyler told him to sit back and let him win the PoV.  Brett even demonstrated how Tyler looks when he's lying, gesturing to Fessy as if Fessy had ANY SORT of clue what Tyler was or wasn't saying in the house all summer.

Brett:  He starts moving his hands around with his eyes wide open like this, so you know he's lying.

Um no, Brett.  I don't think either one of these players had any clue how to tell if Tyler is lying or not.

(I've mentioned it on Twitter, but not here, that I went back and watched a few days of live feeds from the first two weeks, and learned some interesting things.  Sam apparently unintentionally hurt Scottie by sharing some information he told her in confidence to everyone in the backyard.  She told them Scottie has been taking Improv lessons.  And Tyler later said that Scottie didn't want anybody to know that.  I'll bet. Scottie didn't want us to know that, either.  I'll bet Scottie thinks he's going to be a big star now, clearly trying to model himself after Jim Carrey.  What a fucking weirdo.  Both of them.  Jim Carrey AND Scottie.  You can assume every other word you hear out of Scottie's mouth is a lie from now on.  You're welcome, readers.)

These two are playing their role here, too, as they watch the "one step ahead, two steps ahead" portion of the program, where Tyler motions to Brett to take his seat on the block.  Bayleigh saw that and is now convinced that Tyler and Angela are "working closer than anybody thought".

Baleigh left the game right after halftime, so she really has NO IDEA what is happening in that house, and barely knew what was going on when she was the damn HoH.  But let's all grab as much of that screen time as we can, while we are fortunate enough to have a camera conveniently located right in front of us.

Fun Fact:  The house guests didn't get any alcohol for the Halfway Party due to Bayleigh's volatility and difficult-to-predict behavior.  Production was concerned with the safety of the house guests around Bayleigh.  And maybe the safety of her unborn child, according to some accounts.

Then Sam showed up, looking as deranged as ever as she told them she wanted to see the tape of her eviction, too, since she "wasn't really sure what happened".  That statement contrasted directly with what she said earlier, that she knew as soon as Kaycee won that PoV that she would be the one leaving the game.

Sam told the group that she made a Final Two with Tyler on Day #3, but that all pinkie promises were null and void now.  Brett nodded as she said that, saying that he had a Final Two with Tyler as well.  (But it was on Day #73 or something......Brett forgot to mention that part.)

Bayleigh commented that everyone on that side of the couch had a Final Two with Tyler.  Does that mean Scottie and Bayleigh thought they had a deal with Tyler?  Delusional people are delusional by definition, so it's definitely possible.

Angie pointed out that Tyler never lied to her, and she always knew they were working on different sides of the house.  Fessy nodded at that statement.  Or maybe they spliced in footage where someone asked him if he wanted extra cheese on his Domino's Pizza order.  Basically you can argue about the votes all you want to, based on the tiny bits of information we were fed here, or the chatter on social media from people who claim to know something.  But until it happens, you can't be sure of anything.  Except the Final Two.  I am relatively POSITIVE about who they will be.

It was time to watch the last PoV competition of the season, where the house guests needed to answer some basic game questions by "liking" the correct answers on the scoreboard.

This is "Down to the Wires", and everybody in the house is playing.  But is everybody playing to win?  That may be the real question.

Each player had a little cubicle so they couldn't see what was going on in the cubicle next to them.  They had a screen which gave them a question to answer about competitions this summer.  Each square of their playing board had the name of a competition on it, like "Down to the Wires", or "Crack the Code".  They had to maneuver the ball into the Thumbs Up hole for as many squares as it took to get it right, and then buzz in on the stand to their right.  The last person to correctly buzz in each round got a strike.  Two strikes and you're out of the competition.

Note that a slow, expressionless male voice read the rules to the competition, probably because JC is the HoH and reading clearly is not his forte.  Just saying.  So instead we had Marsha the Medicated Moose tell us slowly and clearly what everyone is supposed to do.

The backdrop to Angela's cubicle is a shopping scene, with what looks like a boutique full of designer clothes for sale.

JC was the first out of the competition, getting a strike in each of the first two rounds.  Does height matter with this competition?  I'm sure being short doesn't help, since the taller you are, the more leverage you would have as you pull on the strings needed to put your ball in the right position.

When Tyler got the very next strike after JC was eliminated, we got a quick camera shot of Angela looking perturbed.  She told a news outlet later that when this happened, she thought Tyler might be throwing the comp, so he wouldn't be the one to choose between her and Kaycee on live TV.  Tyler didn't tell us that in the Diary Room, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.  Who knows if this is something he will eventually admit to one day, or if it will even matter.

If Tyler loses Big Brother, it might matter.  If Kaycee beats him in the final vote, his choice to throw this PoV, if that is indeed what happened, will definitely matter, as the fans debate whether Tyler could have beaten Angela in the Final Two for years to come.

Tyler missed the next round, too, leaving Angela and Kaycee still in the game, battling each other for the right to decide who would go with them to the Final Three.  I was trying to get a picture of each player in the game, and now I have, so I can feel good about that.

The last question was a hard one, requiring "likes" for each listed HoH competition that was won by a woman.  Both Angela and Kaycee missed at least once on this question, having to go back and do the puzzle over again.

Finally Julie announced that Kaycee won the PoV, and we saw JC jump up as if he had just been awakened to congratulate Kaycee and put the necklace around her neck.  I'm sure JC is glad that Kaycee won the PoV, but not half as happy as he was that Angela didn't win.

Kaycee found an old bike to ride around the competition set, with a horn that worked.  It looked like fun for her, riding that bike around for a few victory laps.

Julie told us that it's time to vote for America's Favorite Houseguest, who will win a $25,000 prize on Finale night.  This prize can be almost as good as winning the entire show, because it is a clear signal to the network that the viewers want to see more of you.

We can each vote up to 10 times each day through Wednesday, and 15 votes per day if you use some sort of "CBS Messenger App", whatever that is.  I can already predict the three house guests who will finish final three, based on fan comments on social media.  But I won't name names.  Just vote for the player you would like to know how much you enjoyed watching them all summer, and who you might want to see again soon, in some way or another.

I don't recommend splitting your vote, because all that does is give the three favorites a clearer shot at the prize.  The announcement of this prize is always just as suspenseful and exciting to me as the winner of the season.  But that announcement will be pretty suspenseful this season, too.

When the show returned, we saw the house guests see this on their TV screen, as Julie told them it was time to evict someone live.

Is this an error?  Or should we let it slide?  I'll let you mark your Production scorecard any way you like for this.  It's really not about what they see, it's what we see at home on our TVs, which is why we probably weren't ready to switch to this camera shot, but whatever.

Angela stood and made a nice speech, thanking her family and the network, and letting Kaycee know that she was proud to be in the house with her "three best friends" (a kindness to JC, maybe for his Jury vote) and would not be campaigning against Tyler.  She will not be bitter about whatever decision Kaycee makes with her vote, because she knows it's not personal and they will be friends forever.

From watching the live feeds, I thought Angela knew that she would be evicted tonight, but I realized watching this episode a second time that Angela doesn't know what I know, about Tyler and Kaycee's secret alliance.  She told Julie Chen later that she thought she had a 50/50 chance of getting Kaycee's vote, and compared her game to Tyler's and thought they had equal opportunity to win.

Tyler, however, is clearly gearing up for Finale night, knowing that the Jury will see these speeches, and he wanted to give them something to chew over.

Tyler: I'd like to thank CBS for making my dream come true  (which will let the Jury know that he was a fan of this show, after all).

Tyler looked very confident as he told JC and Kaycee they should be proud to represent the LGBTQ community, and then told America that if we need proof that we can be who we are and then still achieve great things, we need look no farther than the two of them.

And then he turned to Angela, saying she's the most beautiful person he's ever met, and she has withstood so many personal and unfair attacks this summer, but has "jumped over all of them" successfully.  (a pole-vaulting pun from Tyler?)  And then he said that she is such a beautiful and special girl, "anybody would be crazy to not be totally in love with her".

Julie Chen Moonves:  WOW.

Tyler avoided eye contact as he sat down, with Angela staring hard at the side of his face.  She didn't expect that, and it showed.  The way Tyler worded that last part could have been interpreted a few ways by JC and Kaycee.  Tyler later faux-grumbled that "Angela probably thinks I'm in love with her after my speech", trying to play it down.

Kaycee made a very long speech as she stood to evict one of them, stressing the importance of their friendship and what a pleasure it's been to live with each of them.  Kaycee also made the point about how Angela has been so unfairly attacked by people on the show who have no idea who Angela really is.  Julie had to prompt Kaycee to wrap it up and make her decision, and Tyler reached over for Angela's hand then, using his thumb movement to reassure her.

Tyler knew exactly what was about to happen, as Kaycee told Angela she was very sorry to evict her.

Angela left with class, telling everyone she had no hard feelings as she moved to the door and wished them all luck.

Angela went in for a second hug from Tyler as she left, with him saying "love you" to her as she passed the point of no return.  Kaycee echoed "love you" to Angela too, making a perfect cover for Tyler's statement.

Only JC watched her go indifferently, not expressing any love at all for her.  Of course.

Angela walked out to a cheering crowd, making a slow strut over to see Julie after she situated herself carrying that heavy bag.

Julie didn't want to waste any time, getting right into what just happened with Angela.  She understands what Kaycee had to do, and knows it was a game decision.  Then Julie told Angela that we all saw her saying "I love you" to Tyler, and he to her, and wondered how she feels about Tyler now, and what their future holds.

Angela:  I don't know what the future holds, but I'm excited for the next chapter of our lives to start.  I'm head-over-heels for him, and totally obsessed with him, and can't wait to see him again.  What is it...six days? days?

In Kaycee's goodbye message, she dropped the bomb that she and Tyler have had a final two since day number two, before they joined the Level Six alliance.

You may recall that on the premiere episode, Kaycee lost the "black box" competition and got stuck with a punishment of the Rainbow suit for two weeks.  On the live feeds she talked about how after she lost, she was put in a room by herself for hours, and didn't know what was going to happen to her next.  She thought she might even be sent home, because they hadn't explained to her what her punishment would be.  (I think Production wanted to wait and see who lost the next competition, so they could choose who they thought would be a more entertaining robot.  Just a guess.)

On the live feeds Tyler said he was very concerned about Kaycee then, and kept trying to find out where she was, and if she was coming back.  Now it's clear that he had already started to bond with Kaycee, and was extra-worried that she might not return, which allowed them to formally make a deal on the second day, after she had returned to the game in her Rainbow gear.  This explains why Tyler says they've been working together since Day #1, but Kaycee says they've had a Final Two since Day #2.

All of JC's goodbye messages have been crap.  Just totally boring, falsely-nice messages that have little to do with JC's actual personality, or how JC really feels.

And then came Tyler's good bye to Angela, which he says is his hardest good bye of the summer.  Tyler had three secrets to reveal to her.  You might know the two of them have been discussing this in the past few days.  Tyler confessed to her that he is a fan of Big Brother, starting to watch it during season ten and then going back and watching every season.  So she already knew that secret, and now Tyler lets her in on a few more things he hasn't told her about, as follows:

1.  Tyler has been in an alliance with Kaycee since Day #1, before Level Six.
2.  Tyler won the 2nd Power App back in the beginning of the season.
3.  Tyler came into this season saying he would never be in a showmance, but he didn't expect to come into the house and meet her, she totally turned his world upside down, and he fell in love with her.

Tyler:  I love you Angela.

Julie Chen Moonves:  WOW.

Julie asked Angela how she felt about the secret alliance that Kaycee and Tyler kept from her all summer.  Angela didn't seem to bat an eye as she said it was no big deal, that people were expected to come in the game and make all kinds of deals.

Later though, after having time to think, Angela surely thought about all the time she has spent with Kaycee and Tyler particularly in the past week, and how they had this big secret they excluded from her.  She told a news outlet that she was hurt about it, and also seemed reluctant to say much about her connection with Tyler until they meet again and talk about everything.

For the record, I have no doubt that the relationship is real, having watched both of them.  I also have no doubt that the questions she was asked were designed to give her doubts, and get some new responses out of her.

Then Julie told us Big Jeff Schroeder is coming back to the show on Sunday.  I can tell you that Jeff came in the house and led the Final Three through the "memories" brunch where they remember all of the great things they've done all summer.

That's a new headshot of Jeff they are using, but they used Derrick's old BB headshot when he appeared on the show a few weeks ago.  Jeff has been on a daily TV and internet show for the last year now and I'm sure Jeff is on the list of potential hosts for Big Brother moving forward.  I love Ross Mathews, but I think he has a tendency to make everything about himself, which is not the mark of a good host.  Jeff is more polished now, and is even more comfortable on camera talking off the cuff, after his Daily Blast Live experience.  I think Dr. Will would love to be considered for the job as well, but he's not the guy to stand out on stage and host the show.

But what do I know?  Not very much, actually.  I've heard they want to "rebrand" the show with a new host, but I'm not sure how far a word like "rebrand" goes in this situation.

As the show closed, JC was holding a chilled bottle of champagne, waiting to get the go ahead to pop the cork.  He did, and they started drinking and toasting in a jubilant fashion.

Notice how JC is standing on the bench so he can toast at their height.  I'm sure that feels good.

Tyler:  Final three!  Let's get drunk and celebrate!

(I'm sure Tyler knew they would begin the first part of the final HoH competition a few hours later....pushing that champagne on the two competitor who didn't know that.)

And here is a picture taken last week by someone on the CBS lot who saw the set of the Jury Roundtable being built.  This is how they do it every year.  The Jurors were moved to a hotel where they are sequestered separately just after Sam joined them in the Jury House.  They are all transported to the set of the Roundtable, where Angela will walk out to join them in their discussion with Dr. Will.

I watched Dr. Will on Off the Block with Ross and Marissa, and he gave a sort of preview of his opinions on the season.  He also told us that contrary to popular opinion, he is not told by management to sway the Jurors in any particular direction.  One thing he had to say about Kaycee is that she won all of those Vetos, but didn't use them to ever make any big moves.  He stressed to them that he isn't rooting for anyone, because he can't do that.  This will be his 6th time leading the Jury round table, and it is by far the best Final Three group he's ever seen, because all of them could win and would deserve to win.  He gave Victoria as an example as a player in the Final Three that he couldn't get any of the Jurors to say she deserved to be there.

Suddenly I just don't feel inspired by Big Brother.  Even though I'm okay with any one of the Final Three winning, the overall negativity of the Big Brother community right now is a real downer for me.

It was a great season.  Every week we all kept saying that, shocked that we were getting so many incredible twists and turns that defied logic. How could the Foutte players be so stupid, to get hoodwinked into targeting themselves for week after week after week?  I guess people didn't understand what would be the outcome of that massacre.  I guess they want the monkeys to keep dancing week after week, even if its not good for their game.  But then they would complain about that, wouldn't they?

Always with the bitching and moaning, these Big Brother fans.


Tyler won the first round of the HoH competition, an endurance-type competition that featured grabbing on and hanging despite a lot of pain and adversity.

Kaycee won the second round of the HoH competition, virtually assuring that JC will be the last person to join the Jury onstage at the Finale, just before they grill the Final Two with pre-prepared questions.  Will they let JC ask an impromptu question on the air live, and face the considerable risk of that?  Or will they play it safe and give JC a card with the required question already printed on it?

I'm guessing the latter.  Production already doesn't know what Julie Chen Moonves might say as what is likely to be her final Big Brother live show comes to a close and she signs off.  And they are already nervous about having new network oversight, with a new Boss Man (or Boss Lady, I guess) and new toes to avoid stepping on.

WE'LL SEE.  I know I've been slow with this post, but it's been a very stressful summer for me, mostly due to unpredictable problems for my clients that have been quite worrisome.  I've learned that real stress can feel like a physical knot in your stomach, making it impossible to go to sleep and stay asleep, and making you dread the next email or phone call.

But all of that is fading away now.  I've been clearing out my DVR and more importantly, my podcast queue.  I had episodes of some podcasts I regularly listen to stacked up back to June.  I had an epiphany this week that if it feels like a chore to listen to a podcast, or watch a show, I simply deleted it from the queue, and also future recordings.  I love to throw things away, so I love deleting content I no longer care for just as much, I've discovered.

It's a very free feeling, not to care anymore.  We will all feel that very soon, about this show.  I look forward to it.


  1. Thank you for your amazing blog and commitment to Big Brother. The season has been so much better with your blog with the humor, the realness, the in-depth reporting. It has been a pleasure riding the BB train with you this summer, and I'll miss it once it over. Thanks again and see you again next season! :-)

  2. I will admit it, I teared up during the eviction speeches between Tyler and Angela, and then the veto speech from Kaycee. Then I actually cried during the goodbye messages. Those 3 have true friendship love, like the kind that in my opinion means they will be close friends forever. And it is real true relationship love between Tyler and Angela. I think they will make it, at least I really hope they do. Neither of them are fake people trying to find a summer hook up, or seem like the kind that bounce from relationship to relationship. They just naturally fell in love. It was very obvious the way they all feel when Angela was evicted and she didn't even almost look mad or upset, even though she was so close to the end, plus sitting beside her man while being sent home by her best friend. She just said I understand and you two go get that money. They are true adults in how they handle everything which is why I see them 3 being friends forever. I hope we see them many more times in the future.

  3. Thanks so much for your updates again this year. I really love your take on the game and you have such a flair for writing.

  4. Thanks for a fantastically witty update. I look forward to your posts and I hope you will continue to do them n the future. I appreciate the time and talent it takes to do this. Well done.

  5. Thanks so much for your commentary! Since Tyler and Kaycee shared the final 2 deal with Angela in the goodbye messages, I am sure they will stick to their final two deal. I will be very happy with either winning. I do hope Tyler and Angela are happy together. I would love to see them on Amazing Race.
    It was fun to see Jeff, and so glad he and Jordan are happy with two kids now!

  6. About ten years ago I attended a series of workshop/seminars.
    One of my fav speaker's discussed the Drag& absolute stress we may feel,even about the littliest things;
    Emails, messages,
    Articles we want to read, later.
    DVR filling up.
    Closet, kitchen, whatever, also filling up with things we still want, but don't or won't ever use/wear.
    Her motto& most impt lesson-
    -"If in doubt, throw it out!"
    One can use it across the board.
    It's remarkably freeing.

  7. Even though I genuinely enjoy Julie as host.. As long as Rachel Riley, Mr. pectacular, Frankie grande or PAUL arent the new host, I'll keep watching!

  8. I must say I loved Julie's pink dress but I have to respectfully disagree about Angela's white pants/nude top combo, I thought it looked great and I would wear something like that! I also loved her pink eviction dress. I am really not sure about Julie staying on or not. I actually don't think this will be her last season but you may be right. I guess we shall all see come finale.

  9. They couldn't sit in the nomination chairs because we hadn't seen the veto yet.

  10. Maybe people would actually be more likely to vote for Tyler if they knew he was willing to cut/backdoor Angela. That was my first thought.


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