Saturday, September 8, 2018

I've Been a Bad Boy, Mommy. #BB20

Julie let us know going into it that tonight was going to be different.  She usually snaps a picture coming out of her office on the studio lot on her way to the set of the live show, typically at about eight minutes out, probably her call time.  But this week she sent us a picture of her on stage, already interacting with the crowd.

Let's see.....Julie has likely had a hard week, because her husband is having a hard week.  (He's leaving CBS, you know, and is negotiating his multi million dollar settlement package.)  So I'm not really feeling the need to give Julie crap about her look tonight.  I like the color.  And her hair and makeup look polished and fresh.

From this angle, it looks great.  I like the fact that she's following the strategy of form fitting clothes on half of you, and looser fitting clothing on the other half.  That is an important summer tenant of getting dressed to go out that I learned back in my university days.  It can look too hoochie if you are wearing tight clothes on both the top and bottom, or too sloppy if you wear clothes that are baggy all over.  You have to use the half-and-half approach, as a general rule.

With the slender pants and the loose flowing top, the silhouette looks good.

The view from this side though, I'm not so sure about.  That neck piece on her left shoulder is the part I'm having problems with.  I think this is as close a view as we need to get tonight, at least at the present time.

It's not like looking at Julie is a painful, ugly sight that hurts our eyes.  Or makes us cringe or anything.

It's not like we're all skeeving or anything, grossed out by a grotesque sight, or something like that.

Has there ever been a Battle Back winner who just laid down to die like Scottie did this week?  One thing I know about him is that he doesn't like being told what to do, and seems very resentful of being part of a group that plans to act in unison.  For example, when casting his eviction vote in Week #2, Scottie mumbled that he "wasn't one of Swaggy's goons" and then cast a hinky vote.  And even though he spent time in the Jury House discussing who was responsible for the most damage and who he should target, he was gleefully defiant in declaring he would try to team up with Tyler, rather than targeting Tyler as Bayleigh and Angie suggested he do.

I think it's all an ill-advised act.  I think Scottie tried to play some weird role that he thought would be popular with the fans, even admitting that he voted against Swaggy while wearing Swaggy's logo shirt because he thought the fans would award him with the Power App that Tyler actually won that week.  Scottie constantly talks out of both sides of his mouth, making contradictory statements.  If you can understand him, that is, because he often speaks as if his mouth is filled with marbles and jacks.  Scottie might be better off if we didn't understand anything he has to say, because blurting out tortured slogans or song lyrics is not exactly an effective means of communication.

JC had some time on camera, weighing in about the Tangela showmance.  Some of the footage that they frequently show from the Have Not room with JC saying "I'm on to you" to Tyler was filmed WEEKS ago, when the Tangela nighttime spooning program was in it's infancy.

JC didn't like it then, but he had no idea how much he would hate it now, when Tangela just enjoyed two back-to-back weeks in the HoH room.  They didn't stay together up there all night, but enough time was spent together to keep the gossip flowing.  I knew this relationship was going to present problems in the game within Level 6.  Having two members of a larger alliance break off behind closed doors, obviously infatuated with each other is always going to be cause for concern for everyone's game.  And since JC isn't an actual member of Level 6, he's the perfect person to address the problem on the alliance's behalf.  JC just isn't aware of that part yet.

JC and Brett have both been telling Tyler that the other is not happy over the growing evidence of a showmance between Tyler and Angela.  Neither Brett nor JC seems to know that the other is blabbing to Tyler though, because both Brett and JC think they have a Final Two deal with Tyler.  They don't want to burn that deal if they don't get the chance to make a move on Angela first.

Tyler knows this situation is a problem for him.  He told the Diary Room that he knows JC wants to make a move on Angela, and feels horrible that he can't tell her.  He's conflicted.  He came in the house wanting to win, and still has a chance to do that, but he didn't count on a potentially life-changing relationship.

Tyler talked to Kaycee about this yesterday, pointing out that it could be a problem because it's clear that Brett tells JC everything, and reminding her that JC wants to put Kaycee on the block next to Angela to split up the pair.

The casual CBS viewers should know that every physical interaction that you've seen on the show is pretty much the extent of Tangela's physical interaction to date.  They have done some smooching, but I'd hardly call it making out.  And they hold hands the whole time, which is cute, but also lets the viewers know that they are keeping things PG-13.  On the CBS show they said they feel like they're in 7th grade again.  It's actually very sweet, this Tangela courtship.

And on that note, they are both aware that there is a Twitter account called @TangelaUpdates because that account submitted content for the HoH's weekly Q &A session.

I think they both keep denying it's a showmance because it really isn't one.  It's not a relationship just for the show.  I first noticed the attraction and the energy change between them after the Halfway Party.  I said then that I thought it was real and I still do.  I wish they had been able to keep it quiet until at least Final Four or so.  Because it has definitely threatened their BB games.

All of this sweet wholesome love is a drastic contrast to what was to come later in the live show.  Any warm touchy-feelies that their families and friends may have felt came to a screeching halt when it was time to evict another house guest.  And any worries that their families and friends may have had about this relationship hurting their chances in the game were totally justified.

But it will be a good story to tell one day, either way, and a significant entry on each of their Romantic Resumes.

Well, that's enough lovey-dovey talk.  It's time to move on and hear from one of the franchise's top players.  We had a Very Special Segment starring Derrick Levasseur, who didn't get the chance to promote his show on the ID Discovery network.  I'm pretty sure Derrick is shooting a second season of Breaking Homicide, but I'm not positive.  It's a good show, if  you like intelligent, factual discussions of unsolved true crimes.

I follow Derrick on Twitter, and he's been an admirer of Tyler's game all season, praising his subtle style and social skills.  He's even said Tyler is his winner's pick, but that wasn't the objective of Derrick's visit tonight.  Production has tried to keep the two warring factions going in the house, painting such a false narrative of Haleigh's game that it's laughable to the live feeders.  But with the "fans" bitching and moaning now that the season has turned "boring", Production is scrambling to ensure viewership stays strong through the end of this season.

CBS needed someone the viewers trust, like Derrick, to make a case for why any one of the current house guests can still win the game, and give us a good show. Every player but Sam, that is.  Derrick "forgot" to mention Sam.  But Derrick is a Company Man, gamely following orders here, probably trying very hard not to look directly at the pink satin blob on Julie's left shoulder.  He's a brave man, our Derrick.

Then we returned to the living room, where the house guests were still leery of a double eviction.  You can see they were all advised to wear athletic clothing in order to compete in the next HoH competition.  The backyard was locked down a day early this week, so they were all expecting an elaborate competition with a high degree of difficulty.  Sam didn't wear athletic clothing, but let's face it....she hasn't cared about winning a competition for well over a month now.

But before we move on to the next HoH, we have to get through the eviction first.  It was time for the eviction speeches, and Scottie went first.  Scottie pushed himself up on the back of the couch, which might be the first time someone has done that on the live show.  I don't know if this action alone would have pissed off anyone in the Control Room, but I do know that part of the technical rehearsal for the live show includes planning all of the camera angles and shots, and this was likely unexpected.

I was confused when I watched this live on the East Coast.  As usual Scottie does not speak clearly, or even say words that a normal human is expected to say, but the mixture of bleeped words, awkward gasps from the studio audience, and shocked faces of the house guests told me something bad happened.  When I rewatched the show this morning, I was surprised at how much I was able to hear wearing headphones.  And it went a little something like this.

Scottie:  Julie, I don't know if we're hanging out tonight, because BLEEP  BLEEP  BLEEP....There's the right move, and the smart move, and I hope you all make it.  But if you don't, you can all suck it.....everybody except Tyler, because he's been getting a steady diet of that all summer.

The cameras shift to Tyler's face as more of Scottie's "speech" was bleeped.  Tyler was holding the little stuffed dog he got in his HoH basket and threw it at Scottie as he finished speaking.  Scottie then jumped off the back of the couch and mocked Tyler's throwing skills in his shrill baby voice.

Later, Haleigh told us that as he jumped down off the back of the couch, he flipped off the house guests, and probably the CBS viewers, and likely even Julie Chen and Les Moonves, and all of the CBS affiliates with both hands.  And Tyler told the group that earlier Scottie told him he was going to "roast him" with his speech, but Tyler didn't think it was going to be like that.

Tyler: I thought it would be family-friendly. We're on live TV!

The thing is, most of the house guests didn't understand what Scottie said, or what he meant.  But Tyler did.  Tyler understood.  I think it's important for all of us to understand exactly what Scottie said, so we can document it here to enjoy for years to come.  And Scottie's future employers, or counselors, or defense attorneys, or forensic psychologists can enjoy learning about his actions on live TV too.

At a time like this, we turn to TMZ to find out the dirty details of Scottie's slurry, nasty speech.  The folks at TMZ know a thing or two about reading lips, even lisping lips, and also decoding audio to decipher the words that aren't meant to be heard.  And if all of that fails, TMZ gets out their deep rolodex and makes phone calls, and get answers from the people inside who know.  TMZ has the juice in that town, you know.

TMZ was able to easily crack this case and provided the subtitles for two additional key sentences thpoken  by Thcottie tonight, in addition to what I was able to hear and report for myself.  See, Scottie wasn't sure if he would be seeing Julie, because his friends were "dicking him around".

And after Scottie told every one they could "suck it", "except Tyler because he's been getting a steady diet of it all summer", he said this, that "Tyler's been getting Hilton Head".

I'm guessing Scottie thinks he's America's hero now, and that he'll be voted America's Favorite House Guest.  This was a willful, intentional act, not a curse word said out of panic or fear.  Scottie planned this, and it was likely a contract violation.  It looks like Scottie went to the Jury after doing an interview with Ross and Marissa, but if he had been ejected for bad behavior instead, he would have earned it.  Brett later said he read his contract carefully, and Scottie could lose his stipend over his actions on the live show.

Angela and Haleigh both said they looked up at the screen and saw Julie's shocked face.  Julie was appalled, Angela said.  I'll bet the Production company gets yelled at by the network for something like this, too, because theoretically they are supposed to be able to control the contestants, managing what gets put out on the air during the live broadcast.

Oh, and before we move on, I want to point out that the votes to evict had not been made yet, and Scottie had not been told he would be leaving.  So, Scottie still had the chance to stay in the game, and chose to make this "speech".

Then it was Haleigh's turn to speak, and she had to say once again that it was a hard act to follow.

Haleigh looked everywhere but the screen when she told Julie she looked "captivating".  Because we all cringed on top of cringing during Scottie's putrid performance, the good news for Haleigh is that we had no more cringes left to cringe.  So that's a bit of good news for Haleigh here.

Haleigh had clearly practiced this speech, adding various hand motions as she said "to evict, or not to evict".  Julie remembered Haleigh's Hamlet punishment, telling her all of that Shakespeare rubbed off on her.  I'm sure Julie was happy to have Haleigh's saccharine suck-up speech after experiencing what Shithead had to offer during his time to shine.

Look at Scottie sitting there like that, so pleased with himself.  What a psycho.  So many MAJOR red flags surrounding his behavior.  Some real deep seated issues there, probably dating back to childhood, since he seems stuck in an immature third grade-type stage. If that is the stage where you giggle over toilet jokes and talk about dicks constantly.  Because that is what Scottie does.  Or maybe that's second or first grade-type behavior.  Is that when they hurt you Scottie?  Is that why you're stuck in that stage of immaturity?  And why you're so angry and unable to express yourself clearly?

Then it was time to vote, and Angela happily voted for Scottie's ass to hit the door and NEVER come back.  I just made the mistake of looking over at Julie's smock.  DON'T DO IT.

It is captivating though.  Haleigh might be correct.  There were no surprising votes. Once again the entire house voted in sync to banish Scottie from the Big Brother house.

We waited while Julie told the group that the votes were in, and it was time to tell the the house guests about the results.  As Julie told them the vote was unanimous, you could see Haleigh's face twitch, because she never thought Sam would cast a vote in her favor.  For just a second, she thought she would be the one leaving.  But I'm very glad she's the one to stay this week.

I can't take another minute of Scottie on the live feeds. That's some real talk there.

He hugged Haleigh and then burst out of the house, another fucking weirdo move.  Before he left he snatched a bag of Doritos from the house and then tossed it out into the audience.  I didn't know that was what he was doing at the time, but the chatter after the show cleared it up for me.

JC: I thought he wanted the chips because he's a Have Not, but he threw them to the audience.

Brett said later that Scottie tried to close the door shut behind him, so no one could see the audience, but Brett and JC held it open easily, thwarting what would have been one more defiant act committed by Scottie.

Julie put her hand out for Scottie to shake as he approached her, but Scottie apparently decided that a mere handshake was not enough.  Instead, Scottie was going to hug Julie, currently the wife of the Network Chairman of the Board.  His back was to the camera, but he apologized to Julie.  I think he hit her face...could that be true?  Let's add that action to the very long list of inappropriate behaviors committed by Scottie Salton this summer.  In addition to BLOCKING HER CAMERA SHOT, surely one of the biggest possible offenses on a live broadcast.

Scottie:  Oh, I'm thorry Julie.

Needless to say, Julie will be exfoliating vigorously later in the evening, trying to scrub her feelings away.

The house guests moved slowly, realizing that for an eviction that seemed so clear-cut and simple beforehand, things sure got complicated.  Haleigh was thanking everyone for their vote including Sam.  Angela was wandering around, kind of avoiding Tyler, when Brett caught her eye.  "It's gonna be okay", Brett said as he went in to hug her.


1.  Live feed watchers and daily readers of live feed update sites like Jokers Updates, Hamsterwatch, etc. all know that NOTHING even remotely resembling sexual content has occurred between Tyler and Angela.  You can even follow the @TangelaUpdates twitter account and see video clips of EVERY interaction between Tyler and Angela to see for yourself.  You don't think Production would have SHOWN footage like that if it exists on one of the Tangela segments of the show?  Tyler and Angela don't want to have that part of their relationship on camera for many reasons.  One of which is their friends and family watching them and wanting to make them proud.

2.  The CBS episodes get at least 6 MILLION viewers every week, many of whom would never take the time to try and verify what they see on the prime time show.  Those viewers HEARD Scottie say Tyler has been getting a "steady diet of sucking all summer long" and likely believe it. 

3.  Angela's family has deep roots in Hilton Head South Carolina.  I'm sure everybody in the state has heard a few nasty Hilton Head puns.  There are tourist T-shirts sold making jokes about it, but they aren't official state-sanctioned apparel, of course.  How do you think they felt about this?

4.  WHAT ABOUT THE HOUSE GUESTS?  They don't know what we know, that the Tangela relationship is still well within the early courtship phase, at least physically.  I think that is why Brett told Angela that it's okay as he hugged her in the picture above.  Brett wanted Angela to know he's not judging her about it.  But other than the obvious growing feelings that they have for each other, there have been NO ACTIONS that require forgiveness.  It's very hard for Angela to defend herself against this allegation.  She would need Production to come out and tell the group, but that's not fair either, because it draws even more attention to the relationship as a whole.

Maybe they can spring for a new oven, one that works and isn't a fire hazard. Just a thought.  Oh, and whoever is running Scottie's twitter, either his Mommy or sister, doesn't have much to say about their dear boy (a 26 YEAR OLD MAN) and what he did on live TV.  Shocker, huh?

NEWSFLASH FOR SCOTTIE'S MOMMY:  You better get that bar of soap ready when Thcottie comes home later this month.  CBS might be protecting his actions from slander when he's speaking on the show due to contracts signed, but something tells me that won't be the case with comments  he makes outside of the house.

ALSO:  This type of discussion is outside the bounds of what I want to discuss on this website, but Scottie needs to have a few frank discussions about adult sexual activity, in my opinion.  Because first he invited the entire cast to blow HIM, and then mentioned what he imagines Tyler has been up to in there on the receiving end, equating the two actions.  Is that what we call a Freudian slip?  Because I don't think Thcottie understands the concept very clearly.


But back to the live show, where dealing with Scottie is still Julie's problem, for the third time this season.

Julie:  You were just voted out by a unanimous vote.  Why you and not Haleigh?

Scottie:  Why am I not Haleigh?

And so on.  Once again I think Scottie is trying to be "funny" and play out a character.  It might be the character of a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia, with that scarf and backwards hat.  Whatever it is, saying it fell flat is a gross misunderstatement of the facts.  Julie wanted to know what went wrong with Scottie's plan to work with Tyler after going back in the house, and it turns out Scottie was not finished talking about "sucking".  In fact, it seems Scottie has an oral fixation when it comes to Tyler.

Scottie:  Oh, I was trying Julie.  I was up there joking around in the HoH room with him for one and a half hours! I can suck up like no other! But that's not who I am...I'm not a suck up.

Yes, that was a contradiction.  As was Scottie's statement that he wanted to work with Tyler, but would put him on the block if he had the chance.  You can't expect clarity out of chaos, people.  He thinks Tyler is a coward, too, for just doing what the house wants him to do.

Julie finally got the signal to throw to Scottie's goodbye messages to get him off our TV screen, and away from her body as soon as possible.

Scotte:  Oh, the GBMs.  Last time they were kinda boring.

Haleigh was boring, looking everywhere but the camera as she talked about how much she cared for Scottie.  That's got to be a tell, right?  Not even trying to make eye contact?

Tyler's good bye message is causing controversy, but it was chopped up to show us only a few seconds of it, so who knows.  He told Scottie that his saying that he didn't know what was going on was kind of an act, because he has known what was happening in the game most of the season.

Tyler:  ...and I won that Power App in week two and never even needed to use it.  Tell all your friends!

That last sentence is what makes Tyler's approach here look bad.  And we know Scottie doesn't like to be told what to do, because what two-year-old likes that?  After eviction, Scottie was likely put in a conference room alone to wait to be addressed by Management.  Part of that meeting is being shown all of the good bye messages in their entirety.  Allison Grodner told us that in an interview earlier this summer.  But the other part of the meeting is probably the juicy part for Scottie, where he faces the music about his actions, or at least catches a glimpse of the score.

JC clearly wanted to throw Tyler under the bus to get Scottie's jury vote, by saying that he feels a connection with Scottie but every week he just does whatever the HoH wants him to do.

So....that indicates Tyler did make the decision, not following the house, and also makes JC look like the follower here. Scottie later said that his earlier view of JC playing a great game was changed during his second brief stay in the house.

And then Brett echoed some of those same statements, but I don't think JC and Brett planned that.  They both want to get Scottie's vote if they get to the end, trying to break that supposed Jury pact to vote as a block.

Brett:  ....I really wanted to rally some votes to save you this week Scottie, but Tyler got to them first.

Later, Scottie told a news outlet that Brett is his pick to win now, and he seems to believe that Brett is playing the game as a lone wolf.  So I guess Scottie wants to blow Brett now, instead of Tyler.  Just look at Scottie's face.  I think he's licking his lips, isn't he?  Brett is a hunky dude with the gift of gab, so I understand.

Scottie told Julie he thought these goodbye messages were boring, too.  BYE LOSER.  Or should I say LOSER SQUARED.  Good luck getting scolded by Production.  Maybe they put him in time out backstage, or made him stand in a corner.  Maybe they need to put Scottie Salton on a WATCH LIST, but not the TV kind.  Maybe he's already on one.  Scenarios.

Let's move on to the HoH competition, with Tyler wearing a crown of seashells, holding a scepter like a king.  Later, the girls were looking for that crown so they could wear it, but Tyler said he forgot to bring it in the house.  He hopes Production sends it to him later, after the season is over.

This is a familiar competition, played a number of times over the seasons, with a different theme and course structure each time.  It's a competition that is fast and efficient, easily completed within the time allotted on the live show.   Each player must get a "pearl" into the hole at the end of their "seaweed" by rolling the pearl down the course.  The first player to place three pearls wins, and if no one finishes within three minutes, the player who places the most pearls in the fastest time wins.

This is Shell or Highwater.

As you can see, it's pretty simple.  This competition rewards good hand-eye coordination, as well as the ability to calm your nerves and get the job done under pressure.

Kaycee seemed to be a big focus for the camera crew, as we saw her sink her first pearl and also her last one.

Later, Kaycee was confused about exactly what Scottie said on the live show. She thought Scottie was trying to compliment Tyler, and didn't get the pun, probably because she's a lesbian, or maybe because she seems relatively pure in thought and deed.  But Angela broke it down for her after the live show.

Angela:  Scottie basically said I've been sucking Tyler's dick.

Kaycee: Oh...OH MY GOD.

During the last commercial break, Production took the house guests into the back yard to explain the rules of the HoH competition to them, and to let them each practice for a few seconds.  Haleigh said she did great during the practice run, but was quite upset with her actual performance when the time came to compete.

But Angela was clearly distracted.  She later told Kaycee that what Scottie said in his speech didn't dawn on her until she was outside, listening to Heath explain the rules for the comp.

Angela:  I was kind of blanked out during the speech, but I realized later I heard something about Hilton Head sucking dick and I was like OH MY GOD is he talking about US?

(Remember, it's not like Angela was concealing these activities....the activities HAD NOT HAPPENED, so it wasn't even something on her mind.  I don't even think the two of them have french kissed yet.  Just smooching, which is a different thing.)

Brett is the lucky house guest, as far as the competition backdrop goes.  Having that shark breathe down his neck is so cool it hurts.  This is for your scrapbook, Brett.  Consider it your audition for Sharknado 22, or whatever version we are up to now.

Later, Brett talked about how Scottie's claims about being a never-kissed virgin and all didn't line up with his actions in the house.

Brett:  There's no way that someone whose mind is so nasty all the time is a virgin.  I'm guaranteeing it.  Every guy I knew with the same nasty mindset is doing all sorts of stuff with people.

Brett even gave the house guests a few specific examples of people he knows, but unfortunately Production wouldn't allow us to hear the details.  The CBS lawyers have enough to do after what happened tonight.  And I've told you before that Scottie is CONSTANTLY making vulgar, infantile jokes in the house, often making dick or poop comments just after a girl leaves the room and he is alone with the guys.

We heard Julie calling the action, saying Kaycee had two pearls, Brett had two pearls, and then we saw Kaycee roll her last pearl down the big seaweed strip down the middle, calmly maneuvering the seaweed until the pearl fell in place.  Then she took a few quick steps down the course to ring the bell and was pronounced the new HoH.

But we later heard that Brett was right behind her, losing by only ONE SECOND.  Tyler said that Kaycee sunk her last pearl first, and while she was rather slowly going to hit her buzzer Brett sunk his last pearl and then RACED to hit the buzzer.  Kaycee didn't even know that, because she was just focused on her own game and didn't look around.  I think Brett said the same thing, astonished to find that Kaycee had buzzed in ahead of him.

But we never saw that on the live show.  I guess the Director held the camera shot on Kaycee because they predicted she would be the winner. I'm sure we'll see how close it was on the Sunday night episode, but this tweet was as close as we got to seeing how competitive it was between the two of them.

This same thing happened during Celebrity Big Brother, but in reverse.  During a very intense part of the season, when we were building towards the end game, the cameras held on Omarosa as she finished her puzzle.  I had to stand up to watch it play out inches from my TV screen, which is what I do in high-pressure TV situations.  But then suddenly Ross Mathews won, virtually out of nowhere, since the cameras weren't showing us his progress on his puzzle.

Is this a Production goof?  I think it is, but maybe an unforced error, since it all happened so quickly.  But this type of competition result is what they dream of, right?  A close finish?   With drama for the viewers?  On second thought, maybe it's just an error, not unforced at all.

And then the night was over, and Julie sure earned her paycheck tonight.  After much ado, we are headed for the one and only double eviction next Thursday.  I think they should have pulled the trigger on this earlier in the season, but I'm sure having to insert an unplanned Jury Battle Back put a wrench into the Production schedule.

I didn't mention that during his interview, Thcottie thruggled with athking Julie if there was another Jury Battle Back for him to win, and I'm sure it took everything Julie had to just say "No, you're going to the Jury and staying there".  I wonder if they will let us see the inappropriate remarks Scottie says to Dr. Will during the Jury Roundtable.  Because I'm positive there will be some.  They will either let us see it all to more thoroughly embarrass Scottie, or they will conceal it to minimize their own liability in that horrible casting decision.  Dr. Will has children that he is apparently rearing well, so maybe he knows how to correct and redirect Scottie's potty mouth in a manner that seems fitting.

So, Haleigh will be the first eviction on Thursday, but who will be the second is entirely dependent on who wins the live HoH competition.  Odds are it will be Sam or JC, but I guess anything is possible.

One more thing before I change the around the 58:05 moment of the show, there was a SOUND emanating from my TV screen. A sound of a new text message, email, or some other kind of alert.  I forgot about it until I heard it again on the rewatch. Some stoned bozo backstage whose computer was apparently hooked up to the live mic apparently goofed.  AGAIN.

I know this is the sort of thing that the responsible employee hopes gets overlooked by their Boss Man, hoping beyond hope that in all of the evening's confusion, no one heard it.  And now every time someone in management looks their way, a chill runs through their body as they wait to get reamed.  I feel you, stoner dude. You may have gotten lucky this time, since leadership over the network and maybe even this show is up for grabs at the moment, too.


Jeff and Jordan had their second son this week.  They made it look so easy this time, joking as she went into labor, shooting an Instagram video of Jeff showing us diagrams of cervix dilation as Jordan laughed in her hospital bed.  Jeff just signed a new contract with Daily Blast Live as it goes into it's second year, with expanded viewing markets and a few new hosts.

They have much to celebrate, so good for them.


I started writing this section what feels like weeks ago, but I'm deep in fall tax season and have had some unexpected stressful events that have eaten up hours of my time.  I will try to blow through it now and add any new info that I can.

Kaycee and Haleigh hid two of the POP-TV cinnamon rolls in the freezer last week, keeping them ready for the day when they would both be able to enjoy them.  I heard them discuss the hidden rolls yesterday, planning their attack, which came today, on Monday afternoon.

Those are some big buns.  While they ate they chatted with Tyler and Brett about a variety of topics, like Brett's speech the week he was sitting in the nomination chair next to Rachel on the live show night.  Haleigh told him his speech didn't really do anything, because everybody already knew the stuff he said.

A few comments here:

1.  Bayleigh didn't know everybody knew about her power.  She told two people, and neither one of them were Brett.

2.  Haleigh later retracted this statement, saying she didn't know about Bayleigh's power, but it was too late.  Tyler told Brett that Haleigh seems to give up the most information when you joke around with her.

3.  Brett didn't need his speech to "do anything". He already had the votes to stay.  He was just trying to cause chaos within Haleigh's alliance. And that certainly DID HAPPEN.

Haleigh says that guys who come up to her in bars and want to buy her drinks are usually douchebags, but she accepts the drink anyway, or gets them to buy her friends' drinks.  Someone always pays for their drinks, she says.

Brett is usually the guy who buys a tray of 13 shots for his table, and Tyler confirms that Brett has shared stories about that several times this summer.  Brett says he's not going to be that guy anymore, after learning that girls don't like it.

Kaycee asked Tyler if she could go up to the HoH and get one of Tyler's drinks.  He said sure, and went upstairs a minute or two after she went upstairs.  That might have been a signal between them, because as soon as Tyler closed the door, Kaycee had something to say.

Kaycee:  Do you know why she was crying in there last night?

(Haleigh had a glass of wine and started bawling in bed, under the covers, saying she wanted to go home now, apparently.  The flashback isn't working, so I can't see it.)

Tyler didn't know, but Kaycee talked to Haleigh about it and she said Scottie told her that Tyler assured him he was just a pawn this week, implying Haleigh is the intended target.

Tyler never used the word "pawn", he says, but tried to make Scottie feel comfortable about being on the block.  He scoffed at what Scottie may have told Haleigh and can't believe Scottie would say something like that to someone who is supposed to be his friend, sitting next to him on the block for eviction.

Tyler: She's been up here so many times, and I keep telling her to just stay calm and not worry.  But she still does it anyway.  

(Tyler did indeed use the word "pawn" with Scottie as he hugged him after the nomination ceremony.  We saw that play out with subtitles on this week's live show.)

Brett joined them and was venting about Haleigh being so untrustworthy and not even paying attention to the things she says to him.  As discussed, Haleigh just announced that everybody already knew everything Brett said in his speech, but a moment later she claimed she never knew about Bayleigh's power app.  And he mentioned another classic moment where he saw her ask Tyler if she could speak with him later, and then turned around and walked two steps and told Brett "Tyler said he wants to talk to me today".

Brett can't get over how brazen she is with her false statements.  Kaycee said she's been getting that vibe from Haleigh all summer, and she's so fake with them most of the time.

Kaycee:  We have so many empty beds in here now.  Why she gotta get in bed with me?  

(Maybe because you won the PoV, Kaycee, and Haleigh may have hoped you would save her with it this morning.)

Kaycee acknowledged that Haleigh is only twenty-one, and has to remind herself about that.

Tyler:  What if I was in here when I was twenty-one?  I would have been the second one out.

(Like Swaggy C.)

Brett:  If I was in here at twenty-one, I would have torn the house down.

Brett wondered who on the cast has gotten family segments on the CBS show.  Tyler asked a few questions about it, acting surprised that the cameras actually visit their family's houses.

Brett:  Sam, for sure, because she's just like Donny, doing her own thing in here.  Remember Donny?

Brett also talked about Christine's family visit during BB16, reminding everybody that she was the married girl who was hanging all over Cody all season, before adding she was the one who "got boo'ed".

Brett:  They went to her house and her husband said he trusted her and Cody would have to respect their marriage, but when they went to Cody's house his dad said "that's my boy".

You can tell the wheels are turning now about this topic.  Brett thinks that maybe his family got featured along with Angie Rockstar's family after they had their big fight.

I can't imagine what these house guests would say if they knew that Swaggy visiting Bayleigh's house got it's own segment.  He was evicted so long ago that the T-shirts are the primary reason why his name gets brought up. And speaking of that, since Scottie's hinky vote for Swaggy to leave was so problematic for him, don't you think he would wear some other shirt in the house this time?  Well, no one said Scottie was being rational in this game. He's not even doing much of anything to stay, so maybe he deserves to get the boot. At least Haleigh's crying about it, and trying to suck up to people. That's something.

Tyler gave a shout out to "BB20Level6", saying that "we're doing this".  Brett wondered if there are fans of them out there and Tyler confirmed he saw that twitter handle "during his thing", and that Angela saw it too.

Brett:  WHAT?  This is the first I'm hearing about it.

Kaycee, who obviously heard about it:  It's probably Winston, tweeting undercover.

Tyler:  Yeah, they asked "why did you evict Winston?"

They laughed about it and Brett said he was kind of freaking out about Level 6 being a thing, and can't wait to see all of the social media mentions.

I wonder if Brett noticed that Angela never mentioned it to him last week, when she was HoH and answered fan's questions online.  Is it because they got questions with the "TangelaUpdates" twitter handle? 

(They did.  Or, at least Tyler did, getting all embarrassed about it.) 

As you recall, Brett wore an emoji costume to host that last PoV comp, and did a fantastic job making comments from the sidelines.  Maybe too good of a job, actually.  I heard Brett say that he started making his own jokes and one-liners to call the action on the course, causing Heath Luman to tell Brett in his earpiece to calm down out there.  (LOL)

Also, when Haleigh started stacking up emojis on her course, Sam called out for Production to "turn the water on again" out there to stop Haleigh from winning, apparently.  That didn't improve Haleigh's mood in there, I'm sure.  I know it's hard for her to go on the block every week, but she's lucky to be there so long.  She nominated Tyler, Angela and Kaycee when she was the Hacker or the HoH, so for the three of them to win HoH back to back to back and still find someone else to evict ahead of her is a small parting gift.  Or maybe an insult, since they thought her other alliance members were more immediate threats.   In the Jury House, based on what Scottie has said, I think he will be sharing a bedroom with Fessy.  I wonder where Haleigh will sleep when she arrives, and how that will impact Scottie.

Yesterday a cavalcade of Big Brother stars converged on the house to chat with the house guests and to watch Victor propose to Nicole in the backyard.  I'm sure the backyard prep for that is what took so long this week, because the HoH competition set up was simple enough to set up overnight.  They probably had a musical performance with a stage, but that part is just a guess.  (Jeff and Jordan had Brett Eldridge perform at their BB backyard event.)

They had champagne and cake with Victor, Nicole, Derrick, Josh, Paul, Dani Donato, Britney Haynes and probably more.  We'll see that on the Sunday night show, of course.  The house guests have been chattering up a storm about it.  Here is some evidence, if you don't believe me.

Kaycee was very nervous about making her nomination speech.  She knew what she wanted to say, but also knew there are specific beats that Production wants them to hit during the ceremony.  She apologized to the house guests for taking so long to get it right, and said she thinks "he" understood why she had trouble. Apparently she kept laughing, and tried to keep things light, which made it hard for Tyler and JC to keep from laughing, too.

She may have made jokes about saying Haleigh went on the block because she drives a Honda and shops at H.E.B., but maybe that was just them joking after the ceremony was over, a clear dig at Fessy's ridiculous comments about Angela the night he was evicted.

Kaycee's music was a new collection by Chris Brown, of all people.  The CD has 45 songs and the house guests are enjoying the variety.  Kaycee's HoH basket included a box that said "Will You Be My" on it and everyone guessed what it was about as Kaycee struggled to open it.  As she read her letter from her brother Kenny it became clear that Kenny has gotten engaged, and wanted to ask Kaycee to stand up for him during the wedding ceremony.  He said he wanted her to be his "best man, or best brother, or thingamajig", pointing out his intended "Big Brother" pun.

Kaycee:  I'm so glad I won HoH, or that box would have just sat there and I wouldn't know about Kenny until the season was over.

Kaycee told Tyler that winning HoH is the best thing that's ever happened, and Tyler agreed it has to be a life highlight to win the HoH comp and have the entire experience of that.  During Tyler's HoH reign, he saved a six pack of his beer until Kaycee's Have Not week ended on Sunday night. (McGregor beer, maybe?)  Tyler shoved wedges of orange in each bottle as Kaycee visited the HoH to drink it in advance of the Have Not feast, part of their tradition of catching a proper buzz to celebrate before eating.

They sipped beer, and then Kaycee said she wanted to chug, so they both tipped up their bottles in unison as good friends do.  Tyler also gave a beer to Brett, going over to insert the orange slice after Brett jumped the gun on drinking it.  Tyler also gave a beer to Angela (of course) and saved one for JC, who said he didn't really like beer very much.

Kaycee: You don't like it?  Pass it over here, then.

The Have Not feast featured a HUGE TRAY of nachos that they took about an hour to prepare, carefully chopping and placing each layer as the clocked ticked down to midnight.

Tyler really does slather on olive oil before he goes out in the backyard sun. I hope he uses something stronger when he's at home working on the beach.

UPDATE:  He does.  I heard him tell JC last night that if he didn't use sunscreen at work, he'd already have skin cancer.  He blows through a bottle of sunscreen each week, he said.

Kaycee and Angela took on a project here, to put sunscreen in the shape of a Veto medal on Kaycee's arm.

Like this.

And this.  I learned this week that Kaycee has a tattoo of the Converse logo somewhere that she has to cover up on camera.

I also heard Kaycee tell a story to Brett and Tyler that might have been a good one, but the cameras moved away just as things were getting juicy.  Kaycee said she got in trouble one time when she went to dance class with her ex-girlfriend.  Apparently that girl was a dancer and Kaycee went to rehearsal to watch her.  The choreographer was demonstrating the routine and was really hot, so Kaycee was watching her perform and was bobbing her head to the music.  Kaycee's girlfriend saw Kaycee staring in the mirror and confronted her about it.  But I don't know if there was a scene, or how bad it was because we weren't allowed to hear the end of the story.

The night before, the house guests had some beer and wine, and once again Haleigh got trashed and started acting out, crying and getting hysterical over her situation.  And she apologized for it in the backyard, saying she lost control but didn't want it to happen again.  That's twenty-one for you.  And probably twenty-two, also, if I'm being honest.

Kaycee's jury management skills are very strong.  So strong, in fact, that Haleigh didn't seem to mind being put on the block by her, and still planned to cling to Kaycee all week, which is her usual plan with each HoH, actually.

Just last night I watched her go into the HoH room and immediately help herself to some of Kaycee's snacks, without asking if she was interrupting anything, or if it was okay to help herself to the food.  (Angela complained about that WEEKS ago.) Kaycee has been talking about wanting Tapatio hot sauce, and they gave it to her.

Brett was so excited to see it, that he opened up the bottle to sniff it.

And here are the two last pictures I will ever show of Scottie Salton on the Big Brother premises, although he will likely appear during the backyard interviews, if  he manages not to offend anyone too badly before then.

Here is a joke for you as we part with Scottie for the season.

Q:  What do Les Moonves and Scottie Salton have in common?

A:  They've both gone as far as they're going to go with CBS.

And let me remind you that during the season, I repeatedly heard Scottie say the following:

*  Me and Tyler are basically the same player.

*  Tyler and I have the same physique.

I know, I know, that is funnier than my lame joke.  I agree.


  1. thanks again for a terrific article and commentary on game play. I didn't know about the contract clauses about behavior on the live show. I liked Scotty at first, but not so much now. He didn't even try to have a decent speech! How cajun he be so delusional as to compare himself to Tyler? Does he realize how he has hurt his future prospects with CBS? No Amazing Race for you, scotty!

  2. Good stuff

    I wonder what Scottie does, I mean did, for a living?

    1. From an older post, from Scottie's interview with Ross Mathews:
      "Scottie tells Ross that he is a "retail shipping manager", and you need to know that Scottie has a slight lisp, so its kind of a cruel twist of fate that he has so many S's in his name and all. Just sssssaying.

      Scottie: .....for like, a skateboard or snowboard shop. But I don't do either, though. I'm like the one person who works there who doesn't skateboard or snowboard, so they just lock me in a basement and say 'ship things out'."

      So even now, Scottie hasn't made it out of the basement.

    2. Doesn't seem as if they'd be too happy with his parting remarks last Thursday.

  3. McGregors refers to the little pancake breakfast sandwiches Brett makes that the cast enjoys so much. They started out calling them McGriddles but for obvious reasons they changed it to McGregors.
    I always enjoy reading your blog, it enhances the understanding and the fun of every Big Brother season.

  4. Kaycee is looking better as the winner if she makes it to final 2. She is just such a sweet person, she has empathy and she really takes the time to make the other houseguests feel seen and heard. She's a strong competitor as well, but unlike Tyler, she hasn't been making final 2's all over the place. That might be the difference if it's between the two of them. I like JC but feel his days are numbered. And Brett is fantastic--I just hope he can make it to the end. Such a good season.

    Thanks for all you do! Your posts are so good and so appreciated! karen

  5. I think this is my favorite post you’ve ever done even though there are so many great ones (and I’ve read every single one)! My husband had to ask me twice to quit shaking the bed because I was laughing while he was trying to sleep. You are hilarious and I absolutely love the additional opinions/side notes/etc. on the season. Best Big Brother blog by FAR!

  6. Cannot stop laughing.

  7. Scottie is just one of those people who is maladjusted. No matter what the situation is he is weird acting. In high school he was the one who sat alone at the back, in his current job he apparently works alone in the basement. At the same time he has an ego which convinces himself he is cool. Maladjustment is a very odd thing and he's a perfect example.

    Your blog is always the best, number one of them all. Throw the taxes away and keep writing (I wish).

  8. Bahahaaaa! You are SO funny and insightful! Thank you for making BB so much more entertaining!

  9. I was just curious do you know what Jordan does for a living or Is she just focusing on being a stay at home mom?

    1. I think she just focuses on the kids. They moved to Denver last summer for Jeff's new job, but I'm sure she could find a salon to work at if she wanted to. She was pregnant for much of the last year, and then with a toddler already I'm sure she keeps busy.


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