Thursday, August 16, 2018

You Can't Say She Never Tried. #BB20

Tuesday is typically kind of a slow day in the Big Brother house, because the nominations are locked in and most of the house guests are able to relax and know they made it successfully to the next round of play.  They also have access to the backyard all day, giving them all a feeling of normalcy, not to mention plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

But for the nominees for eviction, Tuesday is two days before they must stand up on live TV and speak to the house guests and also six million people watching live, to plead their case.  Then they must sit and wait while their voting peers decide their fate.  And then they either have to leave the house and somehow get it together for a live interview with Julie Chen, or go out bravely in the backyard to win HoH to seek vengeance on the people who wronged them.

Angie Rockstar wants to really go in on her adversaries in this week's eviction speech.  It's going to be her third time on the block, but this time she wants to make more of a game-related speech, rather than a touchy-feeley presentation for the folks back home.

This time Angie wants to talk some crap about Anglea and Tyler.  She wants to be sure the house guests know what an entitled spoiled brat Angela is, and she also wants to drop the bomb on the Tangela Showmance, even though she's not positive that's a real thing or not.  And her blockmate Kaycee won't escape either, because Angie also wants everyone to know that Kaycee is capable of horrible acts, since she befriended Bayleigh and then just kicked her ass out of the house without voting to support her.

Brett listened to the stream of ideas from both Angie and Haleigh, and then let them know that Angie was missing an important part of speech-making.

Brett: You've provided a lot of information here, but you need to point out why it matters, and why we should care.  If you really look at the speeches I made, I tell you what I want to say, and also tell you why you need to care about what I say.

It's a moving target, this eviction speech, so they agree to meet again later to go over ideas again once she's had a chance to put her thoughts together.

(I've actually had a lot of training about making presentations and speeches, including one training course where you make a speech on camera and then have the entire class WATCH IT and CRITIQUE YOU.  Yes, it was a panic-inducing day for many reasons.  But I'm not scared to make a speech anymore, because I know I'm good at it.  You just have to prepare and know your bullet points. Good comic timing and pauses in the right places helps, too.  A memorized speech usually sounds like it's memorized, which isn't good.  But if you know your bullet points, and know the content you're trying to say, you can speak in a natural way about each topic that is quite convincing.)

Tuesday was a day with frequent semi-naked cooking.  This is Angela chopping up sausage, I think, making a version of a casserole dish Sam described, using crumbled cornbread and cheese in layers with the meat.

Angela has been a frequent cook this summer, and also washes the dishes just about daily.  And she always cleans up her cooking mess, or has a kitchen helper like Kaycee help her clean it up. And not every person in that house cooks OR cleans, so I'm not sure Angela actually qualifies as a "Pretty Princess" as described by Angie Rockstar.

Kaycee stabbed two packages of ground sausage until it gave up and fell apart, letting itself be fried to a crisp.

Brett slathered himself with olive oil, saying he didn't think it was bad for him, no matter what anyone thinks. Olive oil is not bad as a moisturizer, if you can get around the texture and smell.  But as something to cover yourself in before going out in the sun?  That's a no for me, dawg.

That California sun is strong, but even if Brett were back home in Boston, he needs to wear sunscreen.  If these young people feel too invincible regarding skin cancer, maybe the threat of premature aging and wrinkles would scare them.  And even before that, you can start to get weird-looking freckles and dark spots.  Maybe the spray tan crowd has the right idea.  Maybe fake is best.  But I do know of people who get a spray tan before they take a beach vacation, so they don't look pale on the sand.  So then they can't even see that they're burning to a crisp.

But Brett certainly looks good today, getting a nice close up while oiling up his legs.

JC usually wakes up at the crack of 2:00 pm, if he has the chance.  He needed to do laundry yesterday so he walked around in his underwear for quite some time so as not to get another pair of shorts dirty.  Several house guests offered him a pair of shorts to wear in the meantime, including the girls.

JC said he had nearly 12 pair of shorts packed this summer, but Big Brother removed most of them before entering the house for one reason or another.  (Usually for logos or labels, but they also do some sort of screen check to see how they look on TV.  For example, you rarely see any striped clothing on the show.)

I don't play "Cornhole".  I've never actually been anywhere that the game is being played, but I'm sure I would play it if there was nothing else to do.  The house guests made an improvised version of the Cornhole game last week, but then BB gave them a new set they were all excited about it.  But then for some reason they replaced that set with this one, that has a different pattern on it.  So who knows what is going on with that.

Haleigh doesn't really know what is going on anywhere in that house.  She keep saying she is positive that Angie will have four votes to stay this week, after one vote is nullified.  (Kaycee already told Angela that she has nullified Fessy's vote, as part of her Hacker duties for the week.)  It's clear Production doesn't want the CBS Casuals to know how clueless Haleigh is, because they didn't show one minute of Haleigh's MULTI-HOUR pitch to Tyler this week.  Not only was Haleigh tipsy, she made her pitch in a bathtub and babbled like she was on Truth Serum, even quoting facts such as how cute Tyler was.

Yes, she did all of that. But CBS has to try and make this look like a fair fight on TV, so they cut that footage from the final edit, apparently.  It's probably something we'll see on the infamous "clip show" they always air, when the Final Four sit down for a catered dinner and cue up highlights with stilted intro lines.

Recently JC told the group that just before he came in the house, he was interviewing for a new full-time job and was getting close to getting an offer to work on the Paramount lot.  The house guests' ears perked up when they heard that, and they were obviously impressed when he told them the job title.  I've forgotten what it was, but it sounded like an important role behind-the-scenes, like maybe "Onscreen Graphics Producer" or something like that.  One of the girls said "OH.  WOW.", suddenly seeming to realize that JC has career aspirations just like everyone else.

He also talked about interviewing for a job as a producer's assistant that sounded important as well.  JC pointed out that he might not have had that job before, but he has lots of experience producing large events and parties, so he knows how to arrange for details and how to keep everything organized.

One thing I've noticed about JC is that he can give someone extremely blunt, rather abrasive feedback that somehow doesn't seem truly nasty. Maybe due to his heavy accent, maybe his small stature, but probably due to his overall good nature and ability to make friendly connections with everyone.  And that aspect of his personality could be very useful in a tough environment like show business.

GET THIS: On RHAP last week, Rachel Reilly told Rob that JC called her before the show started to get her advice.  I'm guessing they have met before on the LA Scene, or maybe they had friends in common, or were connected on social media.  She said that what he's doing in the house checks out with what he told her his strategy would be....being everybody's best friend and working between two groups for as long as he could.

Fessy and Haleigh are now making out here and there, after only 50+ days in the house.  Fessy also tried to perch on the edge of the sink in the HoH bathroom and it broke off the wall, somehow avoiding injury to Fessy and also Haleigh, who was standing right in front of  him.

Maybe it's laundry day for Fessy, too.  Just saying.  Braggy C has certainly turned out to be a real pain in the ass on Twitter.  I'm so tired of hearing about how he was the "leader" of his group, and how he would have won if he had stayed in the house.  I recall Angie Rockstar bitching up a storm back then that Swaggy never even talked about the game with her, clearly expecting her to just follow his orders all summer.  And I also remember Swaggy telling Kaitlyn the week he was evicted that he didn't even want to play in the PoV...all he wanted was to host that comp.

So....we'll never know if Swaggy could have won, or even if he could have made the Jury.  He clearly hasn't learned much at all about where things went wrong, because it's all someone else's fault.

Put down that bagel now.  And maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator today.  Maybe you should only eat half of that grape, too.

She works hard to look like that. It doesn't just happen.  She obviously watches how much she eats, even if it is crappy junk food.  And she runs in the backyard frequently.  Angela just started lifting weights last week, saying she has to be careful with that, because she has a body type that develops muscle tissue quickly, and she's learned in the past not to let it get out of hand.

Tyler:  You mean your CrossFit body?  Like that girl last year on the show?

Angela:  Christmas?  No...I would never let it get that far....

The guys played a two-on-two game of Cornhole.   It was Tyler and Brett versus Scottie and Fessy.  Brett has done such a good job of integrating with The Hive that he could easily flip over and work with them.  Did you see his DR on the show last night where he said that after Kaycee won the Hacker Comp that he was "cemented" in his alliance with Level 6?  As if he could have gone either way, depending on the circumstances.

Tyler might be playing Cornhole on Brett's team here, but if Fessy or Scottie was to win HoH and try to target Tyler, I wonder if Brett would tell him?  I wonder if Brett would just let that happen, as the numbers start to dwindle down in the house.

Brett said he planned another nasty goodbye message to Angie, maybe even using pots and pans to serenade her.  And he's been goading her about having a super secret Final Two deal, which is going over the top, I think.  She's going to really hate him this time if she figures out he voted her out, although if history is our guide, Scottie will be blamed somehow.  I think Brett is in good shape for this upcoming week, since he doesn't seem to be The Hive's #1 target, and Level 6 doesn't even seem to consider he could flip if he wanted to.

And I keep hearing Scottie compare himself to Tyler and say that they're virtually "the same player".  Yesterday he said he and Tyler had basically the same physique.

Um...okay Scottie.  And you are closer to Haleigh than Fessy is, too.  And the moon is actually made out of cheese.  A smoky Gouda, I've been told.

Sometimes Scottie does get it right.  Like yesterday he told Fessy that he doesn't think he's even on the show, due to his lack of Diary Room interviews.  Scottie also notices who the cameras follow around, and knows it's not him.  Some poor nerd who was a casting alternate got sent home last June so Scottie could play this season.  Scottie made a big move early in the season by targeting The Bros, but since then he's just been quoting corny lines from songs on the outskirts of conversations.  I can certainly imagine Scottie in the Final Two, though, probably as a form of self preservation, so the disappointment won't just kill me on the spot.

Speaking of JC's bluntness, I watched him sit by Tyler at the kitchen counter and tell him that he already looks old and leathery from too much time in the sun.

Tyler:  What?  Not now I don't.  I will's my job to be outside.

I've watched Tyler apply sunscreen though.  He always uses it, but he should use a sunblock if possible.  He did say he hasn't gotten a skin cancer screen yet, but knows he needs to.  Tyler isn't afraid of a little danger, telling the girls he can't even list all the bones he's broken.  Like a few ribs, an arm, several fingers, and his nose.  He had some sort of collision playing baseball and his nose got cracked sideways.  He had to wear a cast on it while it healed, and when the doctor pulled out all of the gauze that was packed in his nasal area, it felt like his brain was getting pulled out, too.

I guess Tyler's reckless stories helped get him cast on the show. He mentioned that yesterday after telling a story about how he drank too much Jungle Juice at a party once, and ended up jumping over a construction barrier on the way home and falling into a large deep hole in the pavement on the other side.

Angela's "Granny Dot" used to make these bar cookies for the family, and this is the second time Angela has made them in the house.  I have heard about these's far from a Rumman's family secret, because if something so simple can taste so good, people can't help but talk about it.

Angela is making the caramel sauce, which is mostly butter and brown sugar melted together. I don't recommend cooking half naked like this, because you can get spattered and burned up in an instant, but Angela isn't scared of little things like that, apparently.  She has made comments in the kitchen while she stirs things that her arms are sore from the weights though.  So maybe Angela is a little bit human, after all.

The base is simply saltine crackers laid out in a single layer, with that hot caramel poured on top.  I think you bake it for just a few minutes before adding chocolate chips on top of the warm caramel, spreading them out when they melt.

Kaycee:  This is about to be LEGIT.

The camera closes in.....they know.....Production probably wants to call an emergency outdoor lockdown so they can swoop in there and grab a slice.  The chocolate hardens as it cools, making it easy to slice and stack.

But Kaycee doesn't want to wait. She kept pacing around, finally asking Angela when the chocolate is going to be hard enough to slice.

Angela:  You could probably put it in the freezer for a few minutes.

Kaycee:  Or, we could just eat some with the chocolate still melty......I'm going to have to do it. I'm going in.

The last time they made it, they lined the cookie sheet with foil, but Kaycee says now that they didn't need the foil at all, because this corner slice just popped out and into her mouth.

Kaycee:  Oh my god.  This is so good.  It's worth getting fat for.  You should stop doing dishes and come over and try it.

Angela came over and popped a piece in her mouth too, with all of the Ooohhs and Aaahhs and Oh My Gods that you might expect after a successful baking operation. If you can call this baking, that is.  It's pretty darned easy to make.

Angela, around a bite of cookie:  I have to say...I think this is my favorite thing.

Kaycee: I think it's the best thing I ever ate, too.

Well, you don't have to beat me over the head with a stick before I understand something.  This snack is freaking DELICIOUS and we all have to try it.  The saltiness of the crackers mixed with the sweetness of the caramel and chocolate layers sounds like a winner to me.

I googled "dessert with saltines and caramel" and came up with tons of options.  Here is a very basic one from Trisha Yearwood that recommends using aluminum foil, too.  But maybe if you butter the pan you don't need to use the foil. Maybe Trisha knows Granny Dot.  I also saw a few variations where chopped nuts, or even chopped candy canes were sprinkled on top of the chocolate.

Kaycee:  I'm going to go ahead and get another piece....I'm stressed out in this house right now.

Angela:  Yeah, you're on the block.  Keep eating.

Kaycee made it disappear in about 2.5 bites, and got a special close up as she chewed and swallowed, a dramatic side view.  The crew knows.  They have the munchies too.  The last time Angela made these, Tyler was a Have Not so they can't wait for him to try some now.

Angela:  Well, that little project ate up 45 minutes out of our day.

Kaycee:  That's it?  That's all?  Damn.

During that snack-preparing operation, Kaycee also worked on something else, taking direction from Angela. I thought it might be related to the other dish, but it was it's own thing, and seems to a simple three-ingredient cookie recipe they are experimenting with.

Kaycee got my attention when she dumped huge globs of peanut butter, basically the entire jar into a bowl with a bunch of white stuff she had been stirring and smashing.  Turns out that mixture was just raw bananas and oatmeal.  While she was dumping in the peanut butter the entire bowl almost fell on the floor and Kaycee knew that was a very close call.

She got busy mixing in the peanut butter. I mean really, it's no surprise that they have so many empty peanut butter jars for Angela to scrape in that house.  These two girls eat peanut butter constantly, and Tyler isn't far behind them.

She fashioned some cookies and did the traditional crisscross with a fork on top.  I think you can probably eat them just like that, raw, but Kaycee put them in the oven for a bit to bake.

The camera dudes want a bite of that, too.  These are going to be high calorie snacks, but they are full of healthy fats and potassium, with natural sugar from the banana.

After their snack, the girls whispered with glee about Brett helping Angie Rockstar craft her eviction speech for the live show.  Brett was actually taking requests from the other Level 6 members with suggestions about what they'd like Angie to say.

They whisper that they want Brett to somehow get Angie to say "Level" or "Level 6" in her speech, snickering while they relish the feeling of getting something HUGE over someone who won't realize it for quite some time.

Angela: Maybe she can say "...and Angela's level of entitlement is really on another level, like Level 6".

Kaycee:  If she says that on the live show, with me sitting up there I'm going to crack up.

Brett also helped Kaycee with her own speech later too, listening to her ideas and giving her confidence.  She's going to keep it simple, I think, but will probably sarcastically thank Angie for giving her a heads up right after nominations that she's the one leaving the house.  Brett certainly has the most speech experience in the house, having made several terrifying speeches on the live shows.  The kind of speeches fans and players will remember him for.  Like when he was sitting in the nomination chairs with Winston and ROASTED Angie with some shocking information on live TV.  And let's not forget how Rachel got smacked right in the face by things Brett said about her while she was sitting next to him on a Thursday night.

It was kind of spur of the moment, maybe inspired by the tray of cookies the girls made, but JC decided they would have a picnic to celebrate having access to the backyard, and would be making his Colombian hot dogs for the group.  As you recall, he already made them once this summer, and then started making them again before being interrupted by the surprise Halfway Party.

I know I'm missing some subtle nuances of JC's preparation, but first he lightly toasts the hamburger buns, and then adds crushed potato chips to each bun before adding a cooked hot dog.

And JC also risks unsightly burn scars, too, doing all of this wearing only a skimpy bathing suit.  This is an improvised sauce that JC says is made to mimic the sauce used at the place he goes to in Miami to enjoy these Colombian hot dogs, often after the clubs close.  I know he uses marinara to start with, and adds lots of Parmesan cheese, some hot sauce, and other spices.  There must be a lot of cheese in the sauce, because JC says you have to dish it out while it's still hot, and Tyler said the cold pan was super-hard to clean last time, since that sauce stuck to the metal once it cooled.

JC likes to sing while he cooks, but since he can't do that, he resorted to humming, which Big Brother is not a fan of, either.  One song I've heard JC start singing throughout the summer is Smash Mouth's Rockstar, which I'm guessing has been the wake up song once or twice.  JC starts at the beginning and doesn't get much farther than this:  "Somebody once told me the world..."

This time when BB reprimands him, JC isn't afraid to talk back.

JC: What a buzz kill. I can't stand that from you.

The cameras close in to give us a close up.  It's not a view that tempts me, but I know hot dogs are one of America's favorite foods.  I would probably eat a vegan hot dog if it was offered to me, but the knowledge of what a traditional hot dog contains doesn't make me want one, even if it's plant-based.

The last time the house guests ate these at a picnic, the girls said it tasted kind of like a pizza with hot dogs on top.  If  you find yourself drunk in Miami, you might want to give it a try.  Just drink a few glasses of water before you go to sleep, to give yourself a fair chance of being able to operate normally the next day.

Then JC gave the platter a moving splash of yellow mustard.  Later he went outside with the Parmesan container to give them all a little shower of cheese, saying he forgot to do that in the kitchen.

Kaycee and Scottie were the first ones to show up at the picnic, and the only ones for at least 15 minutes. Kaycee wasn't messing around, saying that this was already classified as her Cheat Day, so she wasn't going to miss one bite of her Colombian Hot Dog.

JC: I feel like we don't have enough food, with just the hot dogs.

Kaycee:  Well, this all happened on the spur of the moment.

JC:  But I'm used to Miami, where you put out tons and tons of food and people only eat about 15% of it.

JC went inside to make some popcorn for the picnic, and also to round up Sam, who missed the first picnic for some reason.

Kaycee and Scottie sat out there at the picnic all alone, making awkward conversation while they waited for the party to begin.  As usual, Scottie was hard to listen to, clearly trying to make clever soundbytes in place of actual conversation.

Kaycee: I tell you what, I'm ready to eat one of these damn hot dogs.

She ended up walking away until more people showed up, and I was ready to scream when I saw Scottie pick up the ketchup bottle and start putting it on a hot dog.  It turned out that was the one Scottie wanted, even though it was in the center of the platter, so he put more ketchup on it and sat waiting for the action to begin. (I thought it was SABOTAGE when I first watched him do this.)

Angela came over to keep them company, but did not eat a hot dog this time, saying her stomach was bothering her.  I'm pretty sure that eating those Saltine cookies she made was going to be her last calories of the night.  Just a guess.

When Sam came outside she loved the picnic setup, but wanted someone to go inside and get some plates.

JC: No, we don't want to have to do a lot of dishes tonight.  Here's a napkin that you can use.

The cookies were brought out to the picnic, too, and everyone was totally digging the Saltine cookies.  I know someone who makes them, too, and she says people rarely recognize the Saltines when they eat them because they disappear before people can even analyze what they are made of.

Tyler came and sat out there, too, also using the "bad stomach" excuse for not eating one.  But I don't think Tyler eats hot dogs. He was a Have Not last time JC served them, but  I heard him talking with JC about them later.  JC said he made two veggie hot dogs last time for Bayleigh, and Tyler says he would have eaten one of those.  So I think that is why Tyler didn't join in the hot dog eating last  night. He didn't want to eat a lot of beaks and feet with sauce on top.

(Sorry.  Just speaking my truth.)

JC:  Oh, believe me, if I was America's Player and I got $5,000 to get Angela to eat a hot dog, I'd go over and put it in her mouth and say "EAT THIS BITCH".

Everyone cracked up. He's funny.  He told a funny story to Tyler and Kaycee the other day about a prank he pulled on Rachel.  He said he took the top off a huge baby powder container and then opened the shower door when Rachel was not expecting it and doused her with powder.

JC: It was all over her titties.

Tyler, probably worried about the camera exposure:  You pulled the door open on her naked? You saw her naked?

JC: Of course.  The tittiesvagaina (that's how he says it) ...I saw everything.  I've already seen everybody in this house. After the first HoH comp when we were all dirty I took a shower with Kaitlyn, Angela and Rachel...right over there, all of us at the same time, all naked.

Tyler, sheepish: Kaycee and I would want to maybe get in on that...


Kaycee:  Oh, I was allowed.....I got an invite....I'm allowed dude.

I thought this was a funny observation.  At the height of the picnic, where everyone was there together, they were still divided along enemy lines, except one set of enemies still has no idea about that, crazy as it seems.  And Brett kept his covert operation under wraps by not actually committing to his side...he just stood up the whole time, staying in motion like a Great White Shark.


Get your snacks ready, because we're in for another good live show.  Angie Rockstar's eviction is going to be yet another crushing blindside for the team who is always blind to what is really going on.  I think Angie is going to be super mad on her way out of the house.  And then we have the mean goodbye messages to look forward to.  We haven't had those in a few seasons, so I'm really enjoying the tension of that.  Angela told Kaycee last night that after she recorded her's, Production reminded her that Angie will be going to the Jury, so did she really want to say all of that?  Apparently Angela did, so we can get ready to cringe at that.

And then we'll have an HoH comp that should be fun on the live feeds, typically lasting at least 90 minutes or so.

The house guests have been talking about this one for weeks.  I'm sure Haleigh will be disappointed that she doesn't get to play.  This group is the most physically-competitive set of players that we've seen in years, so this comp is sure to be suspenseful.  It helps to be tall, so that you have a long stride to cover more ground, but even small people like Britney Haynes have done well at this comp.

In addition to being tall, you have to have good balance, and also the ability to play through pain.  Most people fall a lot, and to win you have to keep going. And going.

Who looks good to win this comp at first glance?

Tyler - all-around Golden Boy who knows this is coming, and probably knows the trick of using one hand to cover up the container as you slide so you don't waste precious drops, also has good balance on a surfboard, presumably

Fessy - a star college running back, in great physical condition, needing no mental ability to win this one, also wants to have the HoH room quite badly to continue his progress with Haleigh

Angela - a former gymnast who competed on balance beam, once having to do her routine with a torn ab muscle because the coach did not believe she was injured, long legs and a light body might be just the trick to win here

Scottie - surprisingly quick and agile, but does he have the balance to do this one right?  I imagine him being clumsy and spastic, but this might reflect my bias against his personality rather than his actual physical abilities

Brett - Beastmode Cowboy won this in BB16, and Brett's body reminds me of Caleb's build, we should be able to tell if Brett really wants to win HoH by his performance

Sam - a wildcard here....she was surprisingly good in the first PoV comp this season, and might have good balance and a strong-enough will to win, but she's got some world-class athletes to beat first

Kaycee - another wildcard, but she might have impressive agility and speed, due to her experience playing sports --I keep hearing her mention new sports she's played, like playing basketball overseas

JC - hopefully the other house guests will let him go for the money prize, if available, since the entire premise of the comp seems unfair to him


Tyler gets lots of hate on the internet, for some reason.  Some pockets of fans think he's a devious manipulator or something.  He's a SuperFan, playing hard and making us proud, in my opinion.

Cody agrees wth me.  I guess.  And if this isn't proof that it doesn't really matter what you have to say as long as you are physically stunning, I don't know what is.  (Cody got thousands of likes for this simple sentence.)

This guy tells us why he hates Tyler.  So at least he can verbalize it.  He must not look like Cody, though.

I know this girl doesn't like Erik, the Tyler hater.

And here is Tyler a few years ago, only about 5 years younger, but with much paler Ohio skin, looking like a Hollister catalog model.

Let me say one quick thing about Twitter, I tweet a little here and there, 99% about Big Brother, but I never got the Twitter attention like I did this week, after tweeting about the girls wanting Brett to plant a Level 6 reference in Angie's speech tonight.  When you start getting hundreds of notifications and retweets, it's IMPOSSIBLE to see them all, or even to see messages from familiar posters you know.

And some people just "reply"  to tweets, without context. So if I'm tweeting up a storm during the live show or just something juicy on the feeds, it's also IMPOSSIBLE to know what people are trying to comment about.  For example I got a reply that said something like "she's better than you, you hater" and I almost blocked that person immediately.  But then I figured out she was talking about something I tweeted about a week earlier on the live feeds --something highly critical Angie said about Angela, I think.

My Point:  You can get a better response to someone if you retweet with your comment. And people who read your tweet can understand what you are trying to say, and give you likes or retweets.   Twitter is becoming more toxic every day, with new "time outs" being announced by management for nasty tweeters.  So let's try to enjoy it while it lasts, which might not be forever.


These are two of the images currently scrolling on the CBS website's home page, among others for Steven Colbert and other shows.

What the hell?  This is from the premiere episode.  They can't find anything more exciting than this to entice people to watch the show?

And they can't find a better screen image than THIS for OTEV the skunk?  And not even a damn SHOW LOGO for either picture?  This is a sad state of affairs, indeed.

The title of this post comes from an old Rolling Stones classic, of course.  This is an 11-year old acoustic version of the song, giving a coffee house vibe to the tune.  Enjoy BB fans and rest up for tonight.  It's going to be a good one.


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  2. Totally on point with your sun comments. I'm sitting here with 2 scabs on my face as they've been using lasers to try and take off a couple of brown spots. I haven't sat in the sun for 30+years but it doesn't matter. Just a few sunburns when you're young can do the damage.

    I don't like salty and sweet so I wonder if I'd like that concoction they made. It does sound interesting.

    1. I had two big cigar-burn sized holes on my back last fall, right in the spot where it's hard to reach with sunscreen.

      If that happened on my face I would LOSE IT. I used to lay out on my parents' roof because just laying on the ground wasn't close enough to the sun, apparently. Plus, we could smoke pot up there without getting caught.

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHA hilarious! On the beach in Southern California in the 60s & 70s, you didn't even HAVE to smoke pot. Everywhere you went, outside or inside, it was a haze of smoke hanging in the air. Contact highs could not be avoided :-)

  3. I make Angela's "cookies" every year during Passover, but we call it Matzah Brittle. Instead of saltines, I use Matzah. I'll sprinkle salt on top and sometimes crushed almond if I have it on me. It's always a crowd-pleaser - even to those who have never eaten Matzah before. I even brought it into work once, and my coworker wouldn't stop talking about it for weeks afterwards. It's so easy to make, you should try it!

    1. Mmmmm...sea salt.

      That sounds delicious Sarah. I love a salty-sweet combo.

    2. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmm

  4. I actually think they will show Haleigh’s bathtub speech on tonight’s episode in the beginning. At least I hope so.

  5. Maybe they will, but Tyler already used the PoV and I think the point of that horrible "pitch" meeting was to get him to use it on Angie instead of Angela.

    I wonder if we will visit somebody's home town tonight?

    1. I only wish Production would have waited for Sam's home town visit...Cuz I really wonder what her family would say about (explain) Sam NOW ???

  6. OMG when I opened your Twitter I saw “how many HGs does it take to make Scott’s hair presentable for the live show?” But first I read SAM’S HAIR. I died laughing. Then I re-read. I wish it would have been about Sam’s hair, that’s for sure!

    Ew that picture of RS? Her shoes! Horrendous. I swear I was watching BBAD last nite near the end, 1am in Denver, I was sleepy & didn’t have my glasses on so the images on the screen were blurry, but I SWEAR when the camera was focused on RS, I could have SWORN I was seeing Mrs. Roper on Three’s Company…She’s her doppleganger!!!’’

    As for the Olive Oil, Brett learned that from the others. I think Angela started it, then Tyler started frying in it. I heard on BBAD one night Brett asking Tyler about it and then next day he too started slathering it on. Didn’t you notice in their DR segments last night how burned and greasy their skin looks on camera? Especially Tyler! He was SO shiny. I don’t think EVOO straight from the bottle is non-comedogenic, watch for break-outs soon (???)

    I grew up ON the beach in SoCal—2 blocks from the ocean—on the sand from sunup till sundown 7 days a week (and every afternoon during school year). In the 60s and 70s there was NO such thing as SPF. My Mom used Bain De Soilel Tanning Oil (but I wasn’t allowed to cuz it was so expensive). Only thing besides that on the market was Coppertone Lotion (yes the little girl on the sand with the dog pulling down her bikini bottoms) and it was CRAP! In the 80s I loved TROPICAL BLEND Dark Tanning Oil (“the savage tan’). WAY better than Hawaiian Tropic, and contained only the best all natural nut, fruit and seed oils + extracts. Our skin in the summer was always SO glowing and moisturized from those real-true tanning oils (no longer made). But OLIVE OIL? I couldn’t stand the smell of myself, uch. (Furthermore, I’m staying OUT of that pool at the BB house, gross)! And yes, by the 80s, SPF was a thing. But not for me (I always said it was against my religion, which was “sun worshipping”). But I also feel that SPF is a transdermal chemical assault on your body. Even on my face I HATED IT! Eyes always stinging and burning, skin sweating, makeup looks like shit on top of it (and doesn’t last). Just recently I finally found a sunscreen I like (ELTA MD) you can only buy it at a doctor’s office. Still, I only wear it on my face. To my credit, I stopped tanning altogether in the 90s and now when I am in the sun its not direct sun. I am olive skin toned, always tanned deep & dark (good melanin production) and never once had a bad sunburn (but overexposure, of course yes). My Mom had me down on the beach in a diaper and no umbrella when I was 2 months old. I have not even one area of concern yet on my skin (precancerous, etc.) The brunt of the sun damage (photoaging) was on my face, in the form of hyperpigmentation and dark spots. But wrinkles, almost non-existent (genetics). So this year I had 2 IPL treatments, the results are nothing but miraculous! The result is my skin is even toned, brightened and glowing. All I wear is serum, cream, sunscreen and lip gloss, photoaging erased. YAY!

    FW are you SHITTING me FW, Scotty actually thinks—and says outloud—that HE is EQUAL to TYLER? lolololololololoLOL! Delusion is really setting in. And THANKS for the pics of Tyler as a teen…He looks WAY better, SO handsome! Even though I grew up on the beach I never liked that beach boy surfer dude look (or long hair). I liked the volleyball players, all long and lean and cut and deep dark tan with SHORT hair (cuz of the sweltering sun & sweat all day on the courts). Its so much more attractive to me. I always thought the surfer boys looked like GIRLS, flipping their hair exactly like a girl does. Hated them and surely NEVER dated one!

    Thanks FW for your blog AND your tweets! I’m always scanning them, yours and BBTooms are my favs (always chuckling)! Keep up the GOOD WORK!

    Can’t WAIT for slip & slide tonight. I always cry laughing!

    1. Scottie says "My and Tyler are basically the same player" quite frequently. They showed him saying something like that on the Sunday show (I think) and Tyler just raised his eyebrows.

      But saying he and Tyler have the "same physique" tells me Scottie either has a very distorted view of either himself, or Tyler.

  7. L.A. County beaches have Lifeguard TOWERS (not "stands" how janky)! So every guard has their own little wood building with a ramp and a phone inside and big huge panoramic windows, allowing them to scan the ocean out of the sun. Of course none of them ever do (sit inside). There's like a porch area outside on the tower with a roof overhang so perpetual shade. They sit in a tall director's type canvas chair on the outside area most of them with their binoculars. And its been this way since the 50s. I'm sure L.A. County Beach Lifeguards on the mighty Pacific Ocean make a much better salary than Hilton Head Island guards in a stand.

  8. Here’s the “problem” people have with Tyler and now some may have with the season suddenly...and it’s not really his fault...but the show this season should be retitled “Tyler Crispin steamrolls idiots for $500,000”.

    At this point, he is the game. Has been. And unless something crazy happens or a Level 6 member turns on him, he’s going to continue.

    And with that said, despite this season being entertaining compared to past seasons, the suspense is leaving the show with the current house dynamic. Let’s be honest, there is no threat from the other side of the house. Nobody has the ability or wits to make and execute a move to seriously threaten Tyler and by extension, his hanger-ons.
    The other side could win HOH again tonight, but does anybody TRULY feel that they will accomplish anything? There needs a threat to each other’s sides in this game and there just isn’t anymore (never really was). Tyler and his 3 are going to coast and any crazy speeches they come up with or schrewed scheming they pull just falls flat and loses the affect it’s intended for on a game level. Simply because the other side is cooked already.

    Plus, on a petty level, people get sick of the pretty boy, Golden child constantly coming out of situation smelling like roses. And doesn’t help that he has a soul-sucker in Angela getting cozy with him ��

    Second half of the season needs a competitive jolt or the outcome is pretty much sealed in Tyler’s favor. Again, not necessarily his fault for actually playing a good game, but no more drama.

  9. Brett: Nice Judy management dickhole. He even got Juliento be extra compassionate!

    Dude seem more interest in bad stand-up comedy than winning $500,000.


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