Thursday, August 2, 2018

Watch What Happens Live Next, Only on CBS. #BB20

Last night's CBS episode featured the PoV competition and ceremony, and all the live feeders already know where this week is going....we're headed for another shocking blindside.  But only for those who don't know the planned majority vote.  And also those who don't know about the power their own teammate has held for weeks, yet strangely decided to blab about it to the wrong person, at the wrong time.

And it's the same people getting blindsided in each case, which is even worse.  Or better, depending on which side you're on.

At the opening of the show, the shady Production team tried to give us the illusion of Brett joining the other early evictees, all lined up in a row.  They even line up, height-wise.

I see you, Shady Editors.  We all see you.  We see each other.

Please don't sue me, Andy Cohen.  I know I jacked your show title for the title of my post, but since Julie Chen is a friend of yours, I expect you to just keep ignoring me.  So thank you in advance.

Actually, I went to one of Andy's book events a year or so ago, and raised my hand to ask a question.  He came over with the microphone and stood about two feet away from me.  He repeated my question afterwards for the entire audience, so maybe I didn't speak clearly into the microphone.  I don't think I choked, though.  Andy is just like he appears on TV, except maybe a little shorter, and he was dressed in a very preppy casual style, wearing one of those canvas belts with the little pictures repeated all around it.

I was sitting in a row with one of the "friends" of the RHOA cast seated directly behind me with a large group of presumably non-famous friends.  I could hear their whispering, and some drama when Andy recognized her just after he gave a half-assed answer to my stupid question about his dog.  Andy gave the "friend of" a real smile and greeting, that made the one he gave me seem fake in comparison.  It's okay.  I don't mind.

We saw each other, Andy.  I'm just the only one of us who remembers it, that's all.

The show opened right after nominations happened.  Rachel doesn't like it when people ask her if she's okay.  But she's okay, she says.

But now even the casual CBS viewers know that is not the case.  Rachel is NOT okay.  And she will be EXTREMELY not okay after tonight's live show.  But we'll chat about that in just a second.

I regret not covering this when I saw it on the live feeds.  JC put on somebody's weave and walked around making everyone laugh.  It was a cute look for him, actually.  I think he was pretending to be drunk.

And it was funny when he saw Kaitlyn in the backyard in the form of a crow.  The sound effects of the crow pooping were once again way, way, WAY too much.  I guess the CBS focus groups indicate that America is just really stupid, and needs those type of sound effects to aid our understanding of the situation.  Which was pooping.  We needed sound effects to understand a bird pooping.

I was walking out to the pool at the MGM Grand one time and a guy asked my friend and I if we wanted to attend a focus group for a TV show.  It was in an auditorium just to the left before the exit doors to the pool.  We were holding huge fruity cocktails that we bought to take outside so we went in the theater to drink them while we watched the show.  I wish I could remember what the show was, but it was so bad that we got up and left in the middle of the the focus group.  I think they gave us a coupon for reduced-price spa services or something, but no monetary compensation.  Then, while at the pool, my friend went to the poolside gift shop to buy some souvenirs to take home to her kids, and a young couple came over and asked me if I wanted to go to their room with them to "take a shower".

(Spoiler Alert:  No, I did not.  But I saw another girl walk inside the hotel with them just a few minutes later, a little cloud of cigarette smoke enveloping all three of them.)

My Point: The TV Focus Groups are not full of sober, highly-educated citizens. In fact, anyone who can sit upright without vomiting qualifies for one of their panels, apparently.

At first glance, the set for this competition reminded me of Safety Village.  Does anybody remember taking a field trip to Safety Village?  We learned to cross the street properly, and all about traffic lights.  But I'm from Florida, and we didn't have this type of city-scene where I lived.  Our roads were either a tangle of interstate highways, or a two-lane road bordering the water.  So Safety Village seemed like a fairy tale world.

Bayleigh told her friends about a lot of comments she made during the competition that didn't air.  Such as "I would not be the one driving a man to the club", and so forth.  I couldn't help noticing that someone needed to smooth out the cloud curtains on the left side of the set.  Somebody forgot their staple gun or something.

Bayleigh did well in this competition.  And everyone noticed that.  This may come back to haunt Bayleigh, in a bad way.

Once again Sam got the Producer's Pet edit for her competition efforts.  She ended up timing out, not finishing within 30 minutes, but she got the little Godzilla footage for her scrapbook.  When I watched the show again just now, I noticed Sam's earlobe situation.

I have NEVER noticed that Sam has those gauge earring things, or whatever they are called now.  WHY Sam WHY?  Is this still a thing with the kids?  Look, the senior citizens in 40 years are going to be so fugly, with drooping, flappy earlobes and tattoos that are faded and saggy.  I know all of you want to Live for Today, or whatever, but surely you want to be Attractive Tomorrow as well.

And this is the Big Brother advertisement running on the CBS website right now.  It's Rosie the Reflective Riveter, Pondering Going to the Honky Tonk.  Are those the gauge-type earrings too?  The more I know about things, the more I realize I am totally clueless.

I heard the house guests chatter about JC having trouble moving all the road pieces around, and it looked like this might be true.  I also understand why Scottie was disappointed that he didn't get to go out and walk around the competition set after it was over.  I think the mini-city is cool and would be a great play room set up.   The RHAP podcasters thought it looked super-cheap, but I like this sort of thing much more than those TKO-type electronic eyesores.

As I watched the episode live last night, right in the middle of Rachel's turn the program switched to a live weather report, with the Weather Guy apologizing to us for the interruption.  I thought we would go right back to the show momentarily, but we never saw another minute of the episode.  A powerful line of storms with tornadoes was sweeping across the Atlanta Metro area, and it was the sort of coverage that gave each threatened area a time frame where they need to take cover.

It didn't impact my neighborhood, or even my County, but I've been in that situation a few times and it is terrifying. In fact, to prepare for storm season I need to go ahead and put a bag of bottled water and dog food in my closet.  When lightening strikes my dog already goes in there to hide, without needing a weather forecast.

So I'm not pissed about the interruption, because I already knew the outcome, and in today's convenient world I could watch the entire episode on the CBS website this morning.  But it better not happen again tonight, during the live show.  The weather has been a mess around here for days now, with constant flash flood warnings.  I guess as long as I have internet access so I can watch the SURE TO BE LIT live feeds after the live show I will be okay.

So these were the competition results.  Tyler smoked it, obviously.  JC even threw shade at Production when he saw the results, asking if the road just assembled itself after Tyler threw the pieces down.

And then as the show closed, my favorite part happened, where the action moves in slow motion as the credits roll and we hear snippets of Diary Room sessions designed to set us up for the Big Live Show on Thursday night.

Here is Tyler taking his stash box to the storage room.  But Tyler seems the type to just leave his stash box in the living room, so that it is conveniently located when his Bros and Buds come over to visit.  Probably right under the couch, right?

And let's just take a second to admire Tyler's arms in this picture.  That stash box can't be too heavy, and he's not flexing.  Tyler's just built that way.  On Tuesday, Haleigh was watching Tyler work out in the backyard and she commented to someone (Rachel, maybe?) that Tyler's body was all muscle, even though he is very light.

Haleigh:  Tyler is all muscle. It's frightening....

(Is that what you call it Haleigh?)

And we see Rachel in slow motion, recreating a scene that unfortunately might sum up her time in the Big Brother house, slowly reaching out to touch Brett as he moves away, oblivious.


And Bayleigh, so plugged in to everything this week, but apparently the light bulb is burnt out.

Bayleigh:  .........My HoH has been the smoothest one yet!

And Haleigh's mad already, and she doesn't even know what is going to happen.  Did we even hear from her on that episode?  If we did, I don't remember it.

Are Kaycee's teammates watching her on Big Brother?  I wonder what they have to say about all of this.

We don't have to wonder what Swaggy thinks about Bayleigh's HoH reign. He's not scared.  He's not in the same zip code as Bayleigh, though.  I wonder how Swaggy C will feel when Bayleigh wakes him up to yell at him like she did with Fessy.

And I was looking for a tweet I saw from him yesterday, but it looks like he deleted it.  Basically he was responding to something a live feeder tweeted about a comment Bayleigh made regarding her relationship with Kaycee.  Swaggy confirmed that Bayleigh was sleeping with Kaycee for two nights and was "going to be with her" until Swaggy got Bayleigh to move to his bed, and he "took her" from Kaycee.

He got some backlash for the "taking her" implication, like he thinks he owns Bayleigh.  But it appears Swaggy deleted that tweet.  Not this one though, on a related topic. Bayleigh and Haleigh "kissed and took showers together"?  What is this, the MGM Grand?

Sometimes these posts just write themselves.  I didn't plan that.


The house guests saw a series of video GIFs late yesterday afternoon while the cameras were down.  When the live feeds returned we saw small groups of house guests clustered together to study for the competition.  It is clear there will be a series of questions about the GIFs, so there was much discussion of the tiny details in each video.

One was a GIF of Steve taking a hard fall from the competition on the balance beam.  And another apparently showed Tyler shaving his chest.  Tyler didn't think that was something they showed on the CBS episodes, but JC swears that it probably was.

One GIF showed JC's sudden fall from his tree stump during the HoH comp that Sam eventually won.  And there was some INTENSE DRAMA surrounding that, as Sam was seen angrily confronting JC, because she thought it looked like JC fell on purpose.  Sam was so proud of herself for winning that comp, she says, but maybe now she thinks everyone wanted her to win so she could burn her power on her own nominations.  Tyler walked through the room and tried to calm her down, saying she was making something big out of nothing, but she snapped that she was talking to JC and Tyler walked out of the room, leaving JC twisting in Sam's angry wind.

Um...does anyone else remember Sam hollering at Tyler to "Jump down Dammit" so she could win that HoH competition?

This is one tweet I absolutely believe.  Sam was a MESS, angrily snapping at Tyler that she "already knew everything about all of the videos".   Look, they all take the psych tests as part of the casting process, but no one should assume that they want the entire cast to actually PASS it.

After Sam's DR session, I watched part of a long conversation between Sam and Tyler, where Tyler did his one-on-one schmoozing to calm her down.  Sam was all upset about how lonely she feels, and Tyler told her he's alone all the time, so he's used to being lonely and can help her with it.  You'll see that on the CBS show, of course.  Cue the fucking violins.

I doubt this will be the case, though.  Everyone loves the Double Evictions.  I can't believe they wouldn't have one, just because Kaitlyn bombed her Playskool puzzle.


1. Brett is going to give a fucking BLOCKBUSTER eviction speech where he outs the Man Eater Alliance, saying that Rachel told him all about how Angie Rockstar was the one who put it all together.  Note that it was actually named "Kaycee and the Man Eaters" after Kaycee objected to being classified as a "Man Eater".

2.  Brett is also going to announce to Bayleigh that Rachel told him all about her secret power to make her own nominations, despite the HoH's plans.  Note that most of Bayleigh's alliance DOES NOT know about her power, yet the ENTIRE opposing alliance does know.

3.  Will Rachel's speech come after Brett's speech, so she can have a chance to respond to it?

4.  I think it will, but will Rachel be able to coherently express herself despite her rage and tears?

5.  Will Rachel lash out at her Level Six alliance members, maybe blaming Angela for squealing about the secret power?

6.  Whatever Rachel does, she and Brett will have to sit in those chairs while the rest of the cast goes to the DR to cast their vote.  Will we see the tempers flare on tonight's episode, or the Sunday recap?

7.  How long will it take Bayleigh's group to lash out at her for not telling them about a power that EVERYONE on the other side already knows about?

8. Will everyone be too freaked out to compete at their best in the HoH comp?

9.  Will Tyler continue to just surf by with his wide-eyed "I'm just a stoner" facial expressions?

10.  This seems minor in comparison, but will Angie Rockstar yell at Brett again after his Man Eater Alliance comments during the live show?

11.  Will Brett be accused of being "Real Cute" again?

12.  How will Swaggy C spin this to try and make Bayleigh's HoH reign look good?

13.  Will Rachel pull herself together in time to make her planned sassy sashay exit out of the front door?



  1. I noticed Sam's earlobes a week ago and it surprised me and grossed me out. Self- mutilation I just don't understand. I didn't like it when I saw it in National Geographic decades ago and I don't like it now. Particularly guys with large gauges. Nothing is less attractive than seeing a really pretty girl and then noticing she has these drooping skin stirrups where her petite earlobes used to be. Ugh.
    By the time Rachel timed out she was completely frustrated and defeated.
    Bayliegh, Haliegh, and Kaycee had a "cuddle puddle" in the HOH bed yesterday, all intertwined like a pretzel, lots of girl talk, and massaging each other and playing with each's hair while RS and Scottie could only watch. I think Kaycee could give Slappy a run for his money, Bay has said all her girlfriends go both ways and I get the feeling from the way she talks she's dipped in the lady pond more than once..
    Sam was really in a bad mood yesterday but i was never able to ascertain just what the problem was unless she's just homesick. I was afraid she was contemplating flipping her vote but I think she's still on. I still don't think she really understands how this game works or really wants to play it..

    1. I lectured one of the Subway Sandwich Artists one time about his earlobes. I just don't understand it, and particularly don't understand a girl trying to STRETCH her own skin like that! There is a multi-billion dollar market chock full of products to pull the skin together, and keep it fresh and smooth.

      I'd like to see Kaycee turn one of these girls, but not Bayleigh. She's too smug already, but I have heard her say she's "tried every type but Tyler". For the record, it didn't seem like she was adverse to taking Tyler for a spin, either.

      Sam needs to request a nicotine patch and maybe some Xanax from the DR.

  2. Had to laugh hard with your comment:
    "Will Tyler continue to just surf by with his wide-eyed "I"m just a stoner" facial expressions?"

    That is exactly how he is playing, and most are taking it hook line and sinker. If he continues to play his cards right he might never need his power, and then no one will even know he had one in the first place. I think he is "Derrick 2", less of a puppet master, but just as smooth sneaking is way in to each side of the house, while behind the scenes continue to be loyal to his own alliance. And he does it without anyone ever getting mad at him. He sure would get my vote at this stage of the game.

    1. Tyler has so many good instincts. I don't think you can teach either have it or you don't.

      The fact that he's a secret SuperFan just makes it all better, too.

    2. Kind of agree with that too, so far. Tyler is Derrick-lite. Not exactly on his level, but playing the game and doing so intelligently.

      He’s going to have to start navigating some situations as the house gets smaller and people slowly start to catch-on to him, or at least get the feeling he is truly pulling all the strings. How he deals with that will tell how good he really will be compared to other great players. Derrick almost flawlessly navigated people getting on his trail and controlling things so that they never blew up in his face.

      Should be a fun night.

  3. This is such a great season so far, and so is your coverage, as always. The sound effects make me wonder what demographic they are aiming for. I will admit that I did enjoy the ones when Kaitlin or someone was rattling off theories and there would be a buzzer when she was wrong and a bell when she was right.

    At first I thought Sam's big earrings are the fake ones made to look like ear gauges, but I checked a few more photos and her ear holes are definitely stretched. Sam speaks with so much authority these days, which is so different from the first few weeks. I guess Angie has given up the bid for Mom of the house.

    It's hard to take Haleigh seriously when she makes all that effort to make Fessy jealous and treat him like crap, and then she gets upset when he backs off. Even that phenomenon is pretty common, so she is still the most boring one in the house.

    My problem with the Wednesday show is that they didn't get a DR comment from Bayleigh about how/why she lied to Rachel about what Tyler said. Rachel is actually a pretty loyal and honest alliance member, but she is being blamed for Bayleigh's lie.

    I will give Kaycee some more credit based on your interpretation, but it's definitely time for Angela to sweat a bit and work for her place in the house. I was really annoyed by her attitude about throwing the last HoH competition and leaving it to someone else in her alliance, even though she claims to be sooo good at calculating speed and distance.

    As chaotic as this season has been, I hope "they" do more flashbacks with real quotes of disputed/accused content rather than repeating goofy sound bites.

    P.S. I went to California this summer, and it is amazing how you can easily get edibles and more just delivered to your house! I can't wait for more states to realize what a cash cow it is.

    1. I HAVE A DREAM! And that dream involves buying cannabis products in a store like a decent law-abiding citizen. It's so hard to find in an illegal state once you're over a certain age.....there is a HUGE market there for some responsible Weed Men who want cash-rich customers who don't want any drama.

      Georgia is rather Bible-Belty, so who knows when things will change around here. We just got the right to buy liquor on Sundays a couple of years ago.

      Thank you for your loyal readership Daniel B!

    2. Michigan is finally about to legalize marijuana. It’s been legal for medical for bit now (although the enforcement has been kind of jacked up and confusing). TONS of medical marijuana “pharmacies”/stores within the city limits of Detroit and a few in some of the surrounding suburbs. So all in all, cool.

      I think in the next 10-15 years, most, if not all states will finally wake their ass up and legalize marijuana and potentially the Federal law will catch up. Too much money to not make. Plus, this country will be much more happier and chill, damnit.

    3. I had a few wild nights in Charlevoix one year.....I know the Michiganders will make the vote happen.

      The Federal laws need to allow banking access for the cannabis companies, and also formally pledge to leave the legal states alone in order for states like Georgia to fall in line. The City of Atlanta recently decriminalized, so that was a baby step forward.

      Once Canada fully legalizes in October, it's going to be difficult to fight it.

    4. I bet. The Charlevoix and Traverse City area is a lot of fun in the summer. Funny thing is, IF the vote doesn’t pass, it will likely be that side of the state that screws it up!

  4. I heard Sam talking about her earlobes on the feeds one day, and it sounds like she had the gages in high school, and the holes used to be a lot bigger. She said her mom hated them, so one Christmas she told her mom her present was that she would take them out, but how they are now is as small they ever got. But I agree- they look terrible on everyone, and creep me out.

    And I'm also in metro Atlanta, and had the same thought as you- totally ok to go out for the Wednesday show, and just finished watching it earlier since I already knew what happened, but really hoping nothing happens with it for the live show tonight. I think they said that although it's raining here and surrounding counties all day, that they weren't expecting any severe weather like that tonight, so hopefully we'll get to see the full live show in all its glory.

  5. HOLY. SHIT. Haven’t see somebody take it that hard in awhile!!!

    Paint Angela is a massive beeeeyotch haha! I wasn’t exactly a Rachel fan, but damn. Her speech is about the only thing memorable she’s done and probably will do. She’s carved out a nice little role for herself, being a hanger-on and a vote, while her alliance does all the work.

    Bayleigh blind-sided AGAIN! She did not do herself favors during her HOH.

  6. Well! Angela did something finally lol

  7. Heh and when Rachel almost cussed, you could see Julie almost gasp. She was thinking, “the last thing my company and husband need right now is an FCC Violation for cussing on prime time television!”.

    I thought Rachel was gonna let it fly though. The would truly put the episode over the top for the record books haha

    1. I think Rachel actually yelled "What the fuck" and that is why Julie reprimanded her.

      Julie wasn't having any nonsense last night, and unfortunately for Rachel she picked a bad time to drop character.

    2. I thought she said “frick”. If she said “fuck”, the sound still would of been dumped because though it’s live, they are still on a 10-15 second delay...hell, maybe even 20 seconds for a prime time reality game show. However, as you’ve pointed out and we’ve seen, they’ve had some baaaad sound/production screw ups this year, so anything is possible!

    3. She did say "frick", after all. But Julie wasn't having that, either. She was HARSH on Rachel.

    4. Yep, Julie was getting irritated because all Rachel would say is “I didn’t know”. It was definitely awkward lol. Julie was stewing a bit trying to get ANYTHING to work with. Definitely a unique exit interview.

      I wasn’t exactly a fan of Rachel, but damn, I can imagine how tough of a spot that she was in! The anger, the confusion, sadness, rage, ALL of it. And she’s trying to put together a coherent though on live TV lol. Wasn’t happening at the beginning of that interview. Whew! Show business, baby!!!!

  8. A couple other stream of consciousness comments:

    Th beginning of Rachel’s exit interview was awkward! Even an old pro like Julie was looking like she was trying to pull teeth in an attempt to get some sort of answer from a Rachel. Her mind had to be going “PLEASE! Give me SOMETHING! We’re on live TV and need to fill time.”.

    Also, I wanted Swaggy to stay in the game. Good character and trouble stirrer. However, he’s gone now. I personally don’t care to see a staged meeting with Bayleighs parents. Out of an entire cast still in the game, you do a feature and cast member that is irrelevant now!?! Wonder what that says about how interesting or uninteresting production thinks the current players in the game are. It was just a throw away segment. Eh.

  9. That Angela goodbye message....EPIC! Didn't know she had it in her. Maybe, just maybe, she has been laying low because she is crazy and her anger management coach taught her, "if you have nothing nice to say, Dont say anything". HaHa, great effing live show. Brett's speech...amazingly executed. Bay's face during his speech, astonished, terrified like a kid with their hand in the cookie jar. Ugh, better than I expected.

    Oh and I'm in Augusta, Ga. My whole street was a river today. People had to move their cars because water was seeping in through their doors. It was crazy!

    1. The sun is out this morning and my dog made me take her for TWO walks within an hour because she needs to make up for lost time.

      Glad you didn't wash away.....last night it rained pretty hard over here in Atlanta.

    2. It rained all night in Augusta too. But, i love to sleep while it know as long as nothing catastrophic happens while I'm comatose...

  10. Since no one else commented on it yet:
    I was almost as excited to see it at the time as I was in pre-school. It has to be everyone’s favorite memory from that part of childhood. The cruel thing is though that it only happened once a year, or maybe a lifetime.

    I was surprised to see Sam’s ears gauged, just the fact that she can hide it pretty well, at this point. But then I laughed at the thought of her, as Mother Nature takes her course, sitting somewhere and one of the studs falling out, maybe into a salad or at a job interview.

    Off topic but:
    The only fallout from marijuana legalization is that I think that it is a driving force of the declared “opioid crisis”. Legislators have lost their control of one substance and are trying to take another substance away from not just the patients, but the doctors as well. So as for law-abiding citizens, there will continue to be pain and suffering. I’ve read that the real criminals, the cartels and such, have already transitioned quite well from their cash crop to heroine. -My rant for the day (condensed)

    Been following for years, and probably said it before, but Feedwatcher, you’re recaps and opinions are my favorites to read. The perfect blend of game analysis, personal observation, snark, and side topics!

  11. Yes Tyler is long and lean but cut. This is how the boys on the beach are. Athletic builds, from surfing, swimming, volleyball, skateboarding, etc. You really don't see any big beefy bulging steroidy muscle guys (except at Muscle Beach in Venice, CA). That type is shunned and laughed off the beach. Since I grew up on the beach, this is the body type I know and love. Tyler has a beautiful face and skin to die for. But that blonde curly bob? NOT diggin' it. I can't believe the girls haven't taken a straightener to his hair yet, I'd love to see it!

    As for Focus Groups, here in Denver there's about 8 Market Research Companies that hold Focus Groups. You sign up in the database and they contact you when to see if you qualify for groups they hold all day every day from firms all over the country. The screeners qualify participants based on client's criteria you so it is a process. If you get invited, they pay anywhere from $100 to $500 per group (for 2 hours), cash. Its a great (tax-free) way to earn extra money and the groups are usually fun and interesting. Groups for political operatives, social issues, products, movies and tv, mock trials, the list goes on. I did a TV focus group once for "The Ranch" with Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson before they aired it on Netflix. After the initial group they selected some of the participants to go into an additional group after for more specific questions. I think for 3 hours it paid $300.

    p.s. FW, did you see Andy Cohen in Atlanta? If so, was Kim & Kroy Biermann there? Or do you ever see them around Atlanta? My Bravo faves, the Biermann's! (And Jeff Lewis too of course)


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