Monday, August 6, 2018

Sunday Funday is a Gay Old Time. #BB20

Sunday Funday is every house guest's favorite day in the house, because they don't have any activities planned by Production, and they have access to the backyard all day.  This Sunday they had various punishment duties to perform, so the entire house was frequently awoken by the intercom music and announcements, but it was something new, something exciting.

Kaycee is into Day #2 of her week long Health Nut punishment, so her peanut suit is still fresh and clean.  I think the peanut costume frames her face well and looks good on camera.  Some of the peanut panels are raised in a 3-D mode, which gives the peanut texture and slight movement on screen.

And she's having fun with it, making such puns as telling JC to "get off her nuts" and that she plans to go outside and sit in the sun "like a roasted peanut".

Angie is having fun with her punishment, too. I think it is lifting her spirits and keeping her mind off her family.  She always feels blue after the live show because it makes her feel her family at home watching, and seeing the crowd gathered outside on stage is another reminder of life outside.

This punishment gets her into the kitchen, and away from laying around in that pink bedroom in a depressive state. And there is nothing to improve your mood like some good old-fashioned sweat and vigorous exercise.  I wonder if we will see Sam working out next to her in the footage shown on CBS?  With anybody else, on a different season I might suspect Sam's goal was to elbow in on Angie's camera time, since this will be a segment on the CBS show, but I think Sam just wanted to support her and have fun.

Brett is being a good sport about his Granny punishment.  Granny has been a big hit with the house guests because she makes sassy statements about how filthy the house is.  Later in the day Brett was wearing an "I heart Granny" sweater that didn't fit him, with his midriff showing  and his arms barely able to move.  He proudly wore it in what must have been scorching heat outside, a tribute to Jessie's Granny.  Or whoever it was.

I heard a house guest who frequently says problematic things indicate that Granny might be of Hispanic descent, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Brett is probably having to check himself to make sure he doesn't forget that he's supposed to be on the outs with his usual crew in there.  He's playing a different role this week and the former Foute people think he's a free agent.

Brett said he wasn't even listening to the description of his punishment during the competition, because he was pretty shocked about Tyler talking away his trip to Hawaii, probably more from the standpoint of not understanding who was going for the PoV, then losing the trip.  Most of the house guests who win BB trips end up taking the cash value instead, once they learn how much the prize will be valued for income tax purposes.  You can't do that on The Amazing Race with the prizes, but you can on BB.

Brett:  I thought I had to wear Granny panties for a week. I didn't know it was only 24 hours, and Granny was just going to visit.

Brett also thought Kaycee had to eat only peanut butter this week, so I don't think he pays attention well during presentations.  As you recall, he lost that PoV he needed to win when he and Winston were on the block because he misunderstood the directions to the competition.

Scottie, performing America's favorite past time.

Bayleigh with her usual morning hug.  Bayleigh is a big Kaycee fan, you know.  And who doesn't like a fresh peanut?

Scottie greeted her with a "Hey Peanut" this morning and they horsed around while he made breakfast. I think Kaycee is the only one who hasn't been a Have Not yet, so her time is coming.  I don't think they've announced any Have Nots yet in the new week, so maybe everyone is getting a week off.  Maybe the punishments have impacted that situation this week.

Kaycee took her weights down to the bathroom mirror and did some upper body work, sort of as a joke and then also sort of serious.

Kaycee:  It's too hot to work outside wearing this, so I'll do it in here.

Those weights can't be more than 10 pounds each, but they are big enough to need a certain amount of focus to keep steady.  Today I heard Brett and Tyler talking to Kayceee about her punishment.  They wished JC won it instead of Kaycee, so he'd have a little nut costume and would be so pissed to get woken up to dance all night like Kaycee had to do.

Production must have given her those sweet new shoes, too.  I remember one of Nicole's costumes (the Octoberfest costume) came with some really cute boots that everyone loved and were jealous about.  Unfortunately, I think the fair value of the clothing given to them shows up on their 1099-MISC tax forms, too.  I hate to be a buzzkill, but I just help people conform to the tax laws, I don't make them.

Today everyone is really enjoying these new punishments, from the treats that Angie is making them, to the fun sessions with whoever this Granny is that keeps visiting the house to interact with Brett.  I've listened to those who were there at Granny's last visit describe what happened over and over as each new house guest got up this morning.

This morning, Granny dropped her pills, making Brett clean them up as he made her breakfast.  She didn't like the eggs he made her, saying they were too salty.  And she didn't like the toast or cereal he served her either.  She's told them all about her three husbands, but one that didn't count because it was in Jamaica.  She went to Bingo today but will be back later, she said.

And Kaycee's punishment is fun for them, watching her stand up and hoist those big barbells in time to the music.  I can't even properly hear the music, because everybody sings along, including Kaycee.  It has something to do with pecs and butts, and being a health nut.

After all this time, Sam finally learned today that Brett drives a truck, and she wanted to hear all about it.  Brett drives a black 4-door Ford F-150 that he loves very much. I think he calls it the Bat Mobile.  Sam asked him some very specific questions about the wheels and tires, and was impressed with what ever he said.

Bayleigh:  I know you love it, but do you keep the inside clean though?  Does it smell good in there?

Brett says he knows he's growing up, because he loves to stay home and wash his truck every weekend.  It's so big that he parks where ever he wants, like up on the curb at the gym.  (I'm sure certain people will have a field day with that last comment online.  And if Bayleigh tells Angie, she will too.)

Sam drives a Dodge truck with "a hemi" and said some other stuff about it that I can't understand or remember.

Brett: I could sit here and talk about trucks for hours, Sam.

The group talked about what it was like on Premiere night, going out on stage and then coming in the house.  Bayleigh and Tyler were in the first group of four to come in, and Production told them to put their bags down on one side of the door, and to stay in the living room and not go into the bedrooms.

Tyler:  We wanted to go in the bedrooms and Winston yelled at us, saying we're not supposed to go back there!

Bayleigh:  I was like, have you ever seen this show?

They noticed Devin Shepherd in the audience and all said how big a dude he is.  Only Josh looked tall to them, too, and everyone else seemed smaller to them then they looked on TV.

Bayleigh:  Devin was such a memorable character on the show.  He wasn't on long, but he was so awesome.

Haleigh said he yelled out "Welcome to the Family" when her group walked out onstage.

Angela got Scottie and Kaycee in the HoH room and started to give them the scoop about last night, not waiting for Tyler since they're trying to be stealthy.  She told them how Bayleigh, Angie and Haleigh came to see her the night before with all sorts of deals.

Angela:  Who would think trying to start alliances when you're on the bottom of the game would be a good idea?  Bayleigh brought up starting an all girl alliance again, and kept throwing out Scottie and Tyler as names to leave this week.

Tyler came in and quickly got up to speed.  Angela said she heard so many lies.  She asked Bayleigh if Bayleigh would save her next week with her power if Angela needed her to, in exchange for safety this week.

Tyler: Sweet.

Angela: But she said no, that wasn't good for her game. So she's not good for my game. Bye.

Tyler:  She said no? Damn.

Angela told them about Haleigh's pitch, that Angela should use the PoV to save Angie and put Scottie on the block next to Tyler.

Angela:  She said it would be the biggest move in Big Brother history, and that it would be legendary.

(Angela is already legendary and she knows it.  And yes, that would have been a good move, and Haleigh could have done it with her Hacker power. But she blew it.)

I actually watched Haleigh, Bayleigh and Fessy talk about this, and Fessy acted like it was putting up Dr. Will and Derrick on the block together.  It was way overdone, and Fessy acted like Haleigh was some gifted strategist for coming up with that idea and pitch.

Fessy: If she puts the two guys she swore would be safe next to each other.....WHEW that's something that will go down in history.

They all laughed when they heard about it.  I don't think that reaction was what Haleigh had in mind, because she told her group that she thinks Angela is open to the idea.

I'm sure Kaycee noticed that her name never came up.  All the names that were getting thrown around were Tyler, Scottie and Brett, but Angela did point out it was kind of an insult to leave Kaycee out of the girls alliance.

Tyler scratches his man bun from time to time.  It's bandanna city in that house, every day.  I can tell Tyler is carefully listening to every word, trying to figure out if something isn't what it seems.  After the PoV comp was over and he started to come down off the high of knowing Angela would save him, Tyler started to worry that Bayleigh's power might allow her to interfere with their plans.  After all, no one is 100% sure about all of the details of the Identity Theft power.

Angela assured him that Bayleigh told her that she couldn't change anything but the first set of noms for the next few weeks.  But what if Bayleigh was lying?  What if Angela plans to surprise him the way she plans to surprise Bayleigh?

All of these thoughts are rolling around Tyler's curly head, and that makes him a good BB player. What makes him a GREAT BB player is that he is able to remain calm on the outside, and think before he speaks.

The feeds were down quite a bit yesterday, off and on, likely due to all of the various punishments taking place.  When Granny came in to see Brett, we weren't allowed to see that, probably due to Union contracts for performers.  I think appearing on a taped episode of the CBS show involves one performer rate, but appearing on the live feeds might incur additional fees.  This is the same reason why we're not allowed to hear Production talk to the cast over the intercom, unless it is the recorded standard announcements.

When the feeds came back one time yesterday, Angie had received some new instructions regarding Jessie's Fitness Program.  She was going to make BeetLoaf or BeetBalls and had to shadow box while it was in the oven, about 30 minutes.  It didn't take the guys long to grab those boxing gloves and have fun with them.  Fessy and JC were going at it, with Fessy using his hands to break the punch instead of those paddles they use at the gym.  It got rowdy fast, and loud too.

Kaycee:  Why did they let us have those gloves?

Everyone is having fun with these punishments, from enjoying Jessie's delicious healthy recipes and doing the calisthenics with Angie, to jumping up to dance with Kaycee to her Health Nut song.  And those huge barbells Kaycee has to carry were the star of the Snapchat videos this week.  Kaycee wants to write "100 lbs" on the side of the weights because she thinks that would be funny.  Production should have thought of that, right?  It's a good idea.

In one of the Snapchat videos, JC did chest presses with those huge weights, with Tyler standing behind him pretending to spot him.  They really served it when the camera was live, JC huffing and puffing and Tyler acting like the spot was a heavy load. It was funny.  So many of these house guests have real stage presence.  JC is going to chew up the scenery on The Bold and the Beautiful this year, I'll bet..

They've been in that house together for well over a month, but still don't seem to know much about each other.  Yesterday there was a fun conversation in the HoH between Angela, Kaycee, JC, Angie and at times, Bayleigh and Tyler.  Maybe others, too, but people came in and out.  They were talking about how fun it was to go to the Pride parades and party down with all of the crazy-costumed people. Kaycee went to the San Francisco Pride parade this year, and said she had a blast.  She also goes to that annual Dinah Shore lesbian event in Palm Springs and wants to take everybody with her this year.

Kaycee:  There's a lot of girls there....and a lot of other people just partying.  It's so much fun.

JC: Oh, all of those girls is too much. Like the gays....people say just one gay guy is fine, but when you're with a whole group of them it's crazy, with the "Oh Girl" all the time.

JC told them that he appeared at a Pride parade on the East Coast last year (forgot which city) and he rode on top of a fire truck.

JC:  I was strapped on so I wouldn't fall, and I was waving a huge Pride flag and a big dick.  If you want I can get us all on a Pride float next year, with some signs saying we're on BB20.  We can get paid, too.

Everyone went nuts when he said that, and Angie asked him twice if he really knew people who could do that, and she would love it even if she wasn't getting paid.

JC: Yeah. That's what we do. I can do it.

LOOK:  JC works for a company that throws major events and parties in the gay world. Probably lots of other things, too, but in this case they probably OWN the gay Pride space every year.  I think that's how he knows all of the Drag Race performers, because they sign on with his company to perform at parties and big events like the Pride floats.  Has he even mentioned on the live feeds how many Drag Race stars are friends of his?  Even once?  I don't think so.  At least, I haven't heard it.

I love JC for that. I really thought he would be worse than Frankie Grande as far as bragging is concerned, but that sort of thing doesn't even seem to cross his mind.  Fessy is going to be a big hit on those floats, too. I can see JC riding up to the stage on Fessy's shoulders as the crowd goes wild.  When BB first went on the air way back in the year 2000, people whispered about being gay.  Now they shout, which is a pretty big marker of how things have changed over the years.

I tried to find a picture of JC on that fire truck, as tribute, but it would take days to sort through the thousands of Pride pictures out there.  I did find this one, though.  I've never been to a Pride parade but someday I'd like to go.  Back when I lived in the cool areas of Atlanta, where you could take three steps outside of your front door to join the party, the parades weren't such a big thing.  I live up in the suburbs now where we just watch the Kool Kids on TV.

The punishment activity was quite brisk on Sunday, because Production needs to get enough footage for the Wednesday night CBS episode where we will see montages of all of the "suffering" that occurred all hours of the day and night.  Yesterday there was a group sitting and talking, and Tyler said it had been a while for Kaycee, and within seconds the Health Nut theme song cranked out of the loudspeakers.  It was funny. Life was breezy in the house on Sunday, but that will come to a screeching halt after Monday's PoV ceremony.  Some people will still have fun, of course, but in a very mean way that we can all look forward to, whether we'd like to admit it or not.

Angie had to blanch those beets, I think, and she had access to a food processor to make many of Jessie's recipes.  They wish they could keep it, but know they can't due to the removable blade on the equipment.  Bayleigh travels with a Nutribullet, which apparently passes the airport security scan because the blades can't be removed.  Being a Delta employee probably doesn't hurt, either.  But after all of the footage of her threatening to kill and disembowel her fellow house guests, maybe letting her aboard an aircraft with any object that could be used as a weapon is a bad idea.  Just saying.

I know all of you meat-eaters are grossing out over the BeetLoaf idea, but it actually sounds good to me.  Working with beets is so messy, though, because that purple juice stains everything it touches.  I have a recipe that I use to make "Eggplant Balls", using quinoa, bread crumbs, and shredded vegan mozzerella as the binder.  They're not pretty, but they're good.

Bayleigh is a vegan and liked the BeetLoaf.  She made a few sandwiches with it, using hummus and veggies contained in a tortilla.  It looked good to me.  This punishment is perfect for Angie because she's been saying she missed eating vegetables every day, and the selection in storage is pretty basic.  She also likes to cook but this season Sam has been the ruler of the kitchen. I did hear Sam make a few comments in the backyard about how she couldn't make breakfast as usual because the kitchen was occupied.

(Sam is a huge control freak.)

Last night Angie was tasked with making seven layer nachos.....who wouldn't want to scarf down a big messy plate of those?  I used to work with a guy who always said "Friday is Nacho Day" and I respected that.

Kaycee did some shadow boxing and her form looked good.  I don't know anything about shadow boxing, but it looked solid to me. Kaycee said she always wanted to be a boxer, and Tyler said he could see her doing that.

Yesterday, during the Pride discussion, the girls FINALLY started asking about Kaycee's love life.  They were saying that Kaycee is going to make out like a bandit after this season, with girls throwing themselves at her left and right.

Bayleigh: I can't wait to watch you flirt with some girls. Because you can be really giggly and funny.

They prodded Kaycee to tell them some stories, so she started telling a story about a girl coming up to her in a bar on behalf of her friend, who she said wanted to come over to meet Kaycee, but just got out of a relationship.  The feeds switched for the rest of the story.  REALLY PRODUCTION?  We can't hear that story?   I highly doubt Kaycee was going to start spewing racial epitaphs or name names about the girls hitting on her.  I BLAME TMZ and their PESKY REPORTING for this.

This is interesting:  Kaycee's first girlfriend was a girl who had been stalking Kaycee on the internet for years. When Kaycee was 17, she had a YouTube channel with one of her friends where they wore trendy, baggy clothes with slouchy socks and did things like "run around the park and laugh".  A 13 year old girl (who might have known who Kaycee was from school) used to watch the videos.

Kaycee:  She wanted to meet me back then, but she was scared.  But then years later, when she was 21 she decided to go get what she wanted, and that was me.

Bayleigh was very extra during this entire conversation and as usual, says provocative things that seem designed to entice Kaycee in some way. For example, twice I've heard Bayleigh ask Kaycee if she "would carry their child", always in a room with several other people. Bayleigh said "she's not an official lesbian", but she would turn for Rhianna in a second if she could. Tyler said Rhianna was his first crush and he had a poster of her in his room.

Bayleigh:  Didn't your last girlfriend look like Rhianna?  Isn't that what you said? With blue eyes?

Kaycee:  Well...the last girl I was talking to had brown eyes, but she had blonde curly hair and light skin, so yeah...

Well, I found the receipts for you.  This is a video from 2008 and features Kaycee and her best friend doing what they do, I guess.  I had trouble getting through the first few minutes, but then in the second half they talk about their romantic issues and all of the stalkers they have.  Kaycee is a doll here, and I totally believe she had girls stalking her.  Here is a still from the video in case it gets taken down.

And here is the video.  Kaycee Clark has always had the quiet confidence that makes her so appealing.

Bayleigh also asked Kaycee if her exes would like Bayleigh.  They had this conversation earlier, apparently, but Bayleigh wanted the entire room to hear what Kaycee said, that her most recent ex was rather territorial, and would probably not like Bayleigh at all.  On the way downstairs, Kaycee asked if Bayleigh is going to hook her up after this, and Bayleigh told her of course, that she "knows what Kaycee needs".  (Bayleigh has also said most of her friends are bi-sexual, so I'm sure they'd like to meet Kaycee too.)


When the clock struck midnight, or shortly thereafter (because the clock on the stove seems to run a few minutes slow) the Have Not week ended.  Angela gave Tyler and Scottie some of her HoH wine and they got right down to business on some burritos, while Fessy started putting away a pizza.

Angela reminded them that there was banana bread for dessert that she made today.  After Tyler ate this burrito, he scrambled to make another one, like the food might disappear any second.  As he was snatching handfuls of cheese and chicken to make it, he said "I just took Angela's wine to the dome and I'm feeling it".

Everyone laughed. Today I learned that Angela advised him to just chug the whole glass without eating anything.  Tyler had quite a day yesterday, on top of a terrible day before that, so I'm sure he wanted the sweet relief of a head rush.

There was another pizza in the oven for them to eat right after this one, so don't worry about that.

Kaycee saw what Tyler was eating and decided to get in on the action, too.

Kaycee:  I might have to steal one of your burritos. Come eat one with me Angela.

Some people might think Scottie is making a dirty move by switching sides in the game.  But I don't really see it like that, because Scottie wasn't a formal member of either alliance. And he is just trying to find a safe place to play for a  few weeks, with people he can trust.

He's still a threat to the Level 6 players, because he is good at competitions and as a fan of Big Brother knows how to navigate near the end of the game, but they need his vote and support right now.  If he wins another competition, he'll probably play in their favor.  But when it's time to make a cut in the roster, he might be the priority that week.

Scottie is enjoying being an F.O.T. and it shows.  (Friend of Tyler)

Brett's always ready to eat, too.  You can't keep muscles like those without thousands of extra calories each day.  With Angie's punishment, she gets baskets of Jessie's fitness plan recipes to make, as well as exercise directions, and he yells at her over the intercom to remind her what to do.  Last night she made some sort of gazpacho soup, and also some carrot cupcakes that were vegetarian, and vegan if like Bayleigh you skip the cream cheese frosting.

The recipe included apple cider vinegar and applesauce, and no dairy products.  Based on the description, I think it may be from the "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World" cookbook.  And yes, they are scrumptious.  I wouldn't say they are healthy, though. They are really just cupcakes made without dairy products.  It's not like they are calorie free or anything. I made a dozen coconut lime cupcakes from that cookbook and even when I tried to hide them in the back of the freezer, I could still hear them calling my name.


Kaitlyn sent a pretty generic tweet after she was evicted to reach out to the other pre-jury players.  And it turns out some people are being extra-salty about it all. For example, it seems like Steve totally blew Kaitlyn off, and his niece is the one who jumps on her shit in this series of tweets.

So, is Steve's family catching a lot of shit for the very brief time he was on the show?  Is Steve such a delicate flower that he can't even correspond civilly with Kaitlyn, requiring his fucking NIECE to jump in to defend him?  I expected more from a former police detective in NYC.  I mean, really.

And Swaggy needs to take a damn seat.  I am THISCLOSE to unfollowing him, to be honest, but I kind of want to see what the scoop is this week.  Because this week is going to be yet another devastating blindside.

I'm not scared.  I'm safe in my home watching people wild out on TV.  And thank god they are, because this is GREAT entertainment.  Unfortunately I have a meeting downtown today and might miss the live feed action after the PoV ceremony.  Oh, I'll catch up when I get home, but if I had to worry about somebody like Tyler going on the block today, I'd probably call my client to reschedule. With a made-up excuse, of course.  But it's one of my most successful clients who owns two businesses, so I'll show up, maybe a few minutes early in hope of getting home in time to watch the fireworks, live, only on the CBS website.

I don't think Kaitlyn is at home crying and trying hard to feel important. She's too busy face-timing with Winston and Andy Herren.  If Swaggy doesn't want to hear from Kaitlyn, he can just push that Block button, right?


  1. I tried looking as well and who knew there were so many fire trucks in gay pride parades! Did you get the Rachel link I sent you through Twitter? I thought that was fun to see here in a pre-BB video. She could probably get some acting jobs.

    1. Hey! I didn't see it, but I did watch a compilation video of Rachel acting and singing when I wrote my intro post. I wonder if she's tried to get work in NY as as stage actor.

      She seems to be bouncing back with a good attitude. It was a brutal exit, but she's a fan of the show and will be happy to know that the season has been so well-received by the fans. She left at a high point!

  2. I have kind of been missing some of the juicy, non-game, personal conversations this year, but overall I love love LOVE this season!!! It’s been so long since I’ve looked forward to seeing the TV episodes like I have the past week. And then BAM, Brett’s “ANALLICE”!!!

  3. Brett has anal lice!?! Good, he’s still a douche (yeah, hurray for talking his way off the block or out of eviction. I’ll give him that in regards to game play).

    Anyway, this season been great. But it’s also been strange for me. As entertaining as it’s been (and F yeah, it has been!), for probably the first time ever since I’ve been watching this show, I STILL don’t have a player that I am truly rooting hardcore for, to win. I always have a player or two by this time, that I become a fan of and whom I want to win. This season, not yet.

    This year, it’s more hoping the people I don’t like, get burned and go down in flames spectacularly! I can’t wait till the Level 6 KEWL KIDS really start canabalizing their own and get nasty with each other as numbers deindle. I want carnage for all of them as they go down, especially Angela and Brett. Go after each other and entertain me! All things equal, out of all of them I think we can all agree that Tyler deserves to win thus far.

    Strangely, the closest person I might be “rooting” for, is Fessy. Yeah, his game play has generally been questionable, he’s been fooled easily and has kind of been on the outside looking in, in regards to the big picture of the game. But he’s surprised me with his general demeanor and personality. I expected him to potentially be another irritating muscle-head douche, but he’s become and underdog and kind of wears his heart on his sleeve (which isn’t a always a good thing in this game of course, but it’s actually endearing IMO). He seems humble and genuinley seems to care about and show emotion in regards to others.
    Some thought he was controlling for a minute with Haleigh, but I saw it more innocently, as a young guy struggling with managing genuine romantic interest and basic jealousy...which we’ve all had...over a girl he likes. That stuff usually gets handled better with age and maturity and he does seem to be getting over it already with her.

    But I kind of root for people I had pegged wrong in a good way and he’s definitely one of them. He may not make it much longer, but I do hope he becomes more dialed in and starts playing the game and makes some moves. If he does, I can root for him. But damn, he does have a BRUTAL bunch to deal with still lol.

  4. I almost questioned the dislike that people have for baleigh but now i completely understand . She is not a good person and should not be working with the public. Please let her get voted out this week so i don’t have to keep cringing every week . Ugh 😞

    1. Yeah, she has not done herself favors, especially for somebody in the service/hospitality industry. The first night during her introduction montage, when she said something along the lines of “I don’t really care to help people”/they annoy me”, I was like are you serious!?!?!

      Her HOH did her no favors either, in regards to most of her relationships in the house. The power trip was strong in that one. VERY strong.

  5. Holy crap. I just watched sunday's episode and loved the way the hacker comp was done. It was so fun to watch and so cool that they all completed side by side. Also apparently I suck at unscrambling words.

  6. I can't wait to see the L6 start cannibalizing itself, that is, once they have eviscerated the remnants of the Hive. Starting with Slappy they are by far the worst alliance I've ever seen, with the worst name ever (foutte?), a group so hapless and clueless viewers tune in to watch them get their butts handed to them week after week. Fessy reminds me of Mongo in Blazing Saddles "Mongo just pawn in game of life". Haliegh botched the god-like hacker power, and "Rockstar", the tear stained fallen angel with the phony street persona and bad attitude. I want them systematically crushed and flushed. They can form a new alliance in the jury house. This season has been like the Roadrunner cartoons, you tune in just to see how big a boulder will fall on the Coyote despite all his best laid plans.

    1. CRAIG MARSHALL (all caps is sweet)...oh come on! You don’t want to see Level 6 go after each other. They actually sound like your wet-dream!!!

    2. I think I laid out my wet dream pretty well. Eliminate the cretins.

    3. Just make sure to clean up after.


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