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Live Show Aftermath - Those That Can't, Don't. #BB20

Well, last night was a live eviction show to remember, wasn't it?  All the live feeders knew what was going to happen with the vote, but the great thing is that these house guests may be liars and schemers, but they sure can keep the right secrets.  And THAT is what makes for a great live show, when the reality is as great as promised.

And I knew we were in for a night of good fashion, when Julie Chen tweeted this out in the hour leading up to kick off.  Beautiful flowing locks, a bright, vivid color, and jewelry appropriate for a woman of Julie's stature.  No peace sign necklaces or romance novel velvet chokers.

Julie looks happy, right?  The dress is flattering and has just a touch of trendy, with those "cold shoulders".  This is the beauty we expect from our Queen Julie.

And a touch of sass with those shoes.  I'm glad Julie hit it out of the park with her styling tonight, so we can just focus on the Main Event.

Which is the break up of The Bros, of course.  Even though this was an action-packed week as far as activity on the live feeds, the plan for the night has been in place nearly all week.  The problem is, some people didn't know that.

We saw a taped package of the Level Six alliance discussing their options.  In one scene, Rachel, Kaycee and Tyler were meeting to decide who they felt most comfortable about keeping in the game.  They agreed that Brett could win more competitions than Winston, which would help them stay strong in the game.

(Has anyone BUT TYLER done anything big to help their alliance this season?  I mean, all of them are doing great supporting each other, and keeping their various stories straight to protect each other, but only Tyler has won HoH and a PoV and put himself out there with Kaitlyn to get Swaggy out last week, not to mention bonding with Sam to harness her power for the group.  He could use some help winning some competitions, in my opinion.)

Rachel said that Brett is a "fierce competitor" and we saw the following footage of Brett contorting his stomach muscles as well as any circus performer.

The girls told Sam about their plan, and she liked it, and knew that JC planned to vote with them, too.

I'd like to discuss the following picture.  I saw JC doing this the other day and wanted to point it out.  Do you think JC holds the towel in his mouth like this so hot grease doesn't spatter his face or body?  He was putting strips of bacon in a screaming hot pan--you can see the smoke in the picture below.

I hope he is going to let his hair grow back.  Supposedly he shaved his head to start some trending chatter so he could win an App, but that program seems to be over.

I am going to complain about a few things, but I will make it snappy.

1.  The sound effects on the CBS show are TOO MUCH.  If that is what America needs to enjoy a program like the one we saw last night, then that's a sad state of affairs.  I know we have many sad states of affairs in our world right now, but the sound effects are something that CBS can control.

2.  The picture below is of the end of the PoV ceremony on Monday. That box is so janky, right?  It looks like it doesn't even close properly.  Maybe they bought this box on clearance when the World Bazaar went out of business, or at the Bombay Company bankruptcy liquidation sale.  Step it up, set designers. Do better, please.

3.  Scottie's nails.  And those bands around his hands.  It's not a good look.  Or any kind of look I'm familiar with.  Maybe this is a reference to some comic book or YouTube video that I am (thankfully) not aware of.  It's fucking disturbing, is what it is.  A real cry for help, if you ask me.

On the live feeds, maybe a week or so ago, Tyler was chatting with some people in the loft area and made a comment about going to the Diary Room.  He said that he HATES going in there, stressing that "you don't even know how much I hate going in there".

Did Tyler mean that?  As a fan of the show, does he really hate going in the Diary Room?  He's not being loud and flashy in there like some of the house guests, but I'm hoping that he at least enjoys the conversation.  I was watching for this last night, and was happy to see him grinning as he admitted that Kaitlyn was terrible for his game.

Can't argue with you there, Tyler.  Tyler knows that this season is good for the live feeders.  And he also knows that last night was a historic live show for several reasons.

I only included this picture due to the shirt that Sam is wearing.  It says "Christmas" on the pocket, so this has led the house guests to chatter about possible connections to last year's Holiday House Guest.  But I certainly don't think that is the case.

I tried to take a more flattering picture of Sam, with her eyes open and all, but she waves her hands around when she speaks, so in order to get a shot of her shirt pocket, this was the best I could do.

But I'm sure Sam's fans got all they wanted and more, with a Very Special Hometown Segment featuring footage of her family and community.  Here is Sam's cute mom, Kitty.

While the voice over discussed how resourceful and talented Sam is, we saw a shot of her mixing up a batch of prison wine, also known as Pruno.  If you've watched Locked Up, then you might be familiar with this.

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.  Do you think Production will allow them to ferment this to fruition and drink it?  Or will they confiscate it, maybe when Sam says the batch is properly cooked?

On the prison shows, I've seen them hide the fermenting pruno in the ceiling tiles, under the beds, and even in the toilet tank.  I guess you do what you have to do when you're in custody.

And here is Sam making art on the Pin Wall in the lounge.  That wall is a great feature that I hope they have in future BB seasons.  I have no artistic talent but I think I would try to make a checkerboard pattern, or maybe thin stripes.  Maybe a coded note to the folks back home, or an anonymous filthy threat, meant to frame another house guest.  Good, clean fun.

That's Sam's Dad with the beard, and that is her brother Joe on the far right.  I've spent time in Alexandria Virginia, and went to Richmond for a wedding, but I've never been to Sam's home town.

The hour-long episode flew by for me.  Before I knew it, it was time for the nominees to address the house guests before they voted to evict.  And Brett stood up and made a carefully worded speech that could only be made by someone who was absolutely confident they were going to stay in the game.

He already knew he had the votes, so his speech was designed to repair some damage that would help him going forward.  And more importantly, to help Tyler.  First he formally apologized to Kaitlyn, which she had previously requested.  And then he did a Dastardly Deed of announcing that Angie ("Rockstar") had approached him just before the show to say she planned to flip her vote and blame it on Kaitlyn.

Angie's face says it all, doesn't it?  I am SHOCKED that we didn't hear her clap back while he was speaking.  Maybe she was too shocked to do that.

Haleigh and Bayleigh reacted, too. Earlier in the day, I heard Haleigh tell Kaitlyn that she had a funny feeling about the votes.  Specifically, she asked Kaitlyn if she was sure Tyler was voting with them.  Kaitlyn wasn't just sure, she was positive, because she knows Tyler and would know if he was trying to be deceitful.  She would feel it.

Then it was Winston's turn.  He told Julie that he had one speech he was going to make, implying it was a Slam Scottie Speech, but decided to make the alternate speech instead, which was a tribute to his Bro Brett.

When Winston began, he referred to some great duos in history.  I thought he was about to start calling out some duos in the house, but instead his goal was just Brett, Brett, Brett.  I do think they will be friends outside the game, but Brett is here to play this summer in a way that Winston can't even begin to understand.  Brett can let insults and threats just roll off his back, while Winston says OUT LOUD that he wants to punch and choke people.

Same planet, different worlds.

CBS knew that the post-eviction situation would require devoted camera time, so we went to commercial before all the votes were cast.  I guess they also wanted to leave time in the next segment for Sam to use her power, but it was pretty clear for those of us in the know that she would only consider using it to save Brett, and Brett wasn't going ANYWHERE.

Anywhere but HELL, depending on who you ask in that house.  Personally I agree with the statement that Hell is other people, and not a place, so if that is true, then all of us will be there soon, if not already sweating on Satan's couch.

I was going to take a picture of how Haleigh looked down in the DR  as she spoke, but right when I clicked the button she looked up at us.  It's important to remember that they are nervous not only about the eviction, and also the HoH competition.  Plus there was probably some smack talking on the couches after Brett dropped that bomb about Angie.  So when you add in the pressure of millions of TV viewers watching live, it makes my heart pound for them, every time.

Did you expect JC to say "help and support all veterans"?  I didn't, but it was a nice gesture on his part.  JC is really a study in contrasts, when you think about it.  You can agree or disagree with his political beliefs, but in his community he is very open about his politics, which I'm guessing are quite different from most of the people he works with.  That takes guts.

But don't blame the veterans for any of it.  Be thankful they did what they did, and help and support them when you can. And be thankful that we don't have an active military draft, so participation is voluntary at this point.

I did watch Tyler's episode of TKO, and he was pretty good on offense, but maybe that is why the other competitors were so gleeful about knocking him off those spinning thingies.  Or whatever.  Is every TKO show the same?  With the same obstacles and weapons?

If Kevin Hart thought Tyler looked high when he was ready to compete on TKO, imagine his thoughts about Tyler's Diary Room look here.  Tyler knew the shit was about to HIT THE FAN, so his calm exterior here is sort of amazing.

When the vote was announced, there were a few gasps, but only six people were truly surprised.  And that was the five people who confidently voted to evict Brett, and Winston.

Winston hugged only Brett, and then hightailed it out of there.  I didn't see it on camera, but apparently the bracelet Winston had been wearing on his right wrist was a Friendship Bracelet from Sam.  And he tore it off and threw it on the ground before storming out.

If I was on the block, and someone gave me a Friendship Bracelet the day of eviction, I might be suspicious.  Just saying.

You can tell Winston's wheels were already turning, calculating the deception.  He later told Julie that he knew his entire alliance voted against him, and Julie put a cherry on top of that by telling him that Sam and JC voted against him, too.

Winston didn't wave to the audience.  He was PISSED.  I feel for him.  Here he is, on live TV finding out that he was betrayed, with millions of eyes on him.  I could never be on Big Brother for dozens of reasons, but in moments like this I can empathize with any of them.  It's such an intense experience for the families and loved ones watching, too.

Inside the house, we usually see a few seconds of the house guests gathering to watch the evictee's picture turn to black and white, and sometimes a little drama.  In this case, the cameras were cued up to watch Kaitlyn confront Tyler, asking about his vote, but the audio focused on someone else.

And now, in this corner, it's Angie Rockstar, confronting Brett in a very angry fashion, yet still not saying any words that required bleeping.

Angie:  You are a PIECE OF CRAP.

Brett: Why don't you just own it now?

Angie:  And you dare to do this to me on my daughter's birthday you pull crap like this?

Brett:  You can't just own it?

Angie:  You are a BOLD FACED LIAR!  

Brett shrugged.  He's probably been called worse.   And here's the thing with him:  There is NO QUESTION that he's going to take his medicine now from Angie, and not say "Tyler told me to do this"  So that's a good teammate.  Angie is just on the wrong side of Brett in this game, and that's all this means to him.  I don't think we got to see Tyler and Brett cook up this plan on the live feeds, but there is also no question that they collaborated on it.  That plan had Tyler's fingerprints all over it.


Brett:  Then don't.

(I don't want to interrupt the moment, but Winston and JC's pictures are part of the story here, aren't they?  Angie has been dogging Brett all week, talking bold crap about him every day.  JC told Tyler that he wanted to throw the HoH to Brett, if he could, so he could watch Angie kiss up to him to avoid eviction.  But let's be glad that Angie is so open with her emotions and words.  Otherwise, we'd have a house full of Angelas, and we don't want that...)


And I had to rewind twice, to watch Kaycee roll up on them, to wedge herself in there in case some fists started flying.  Angie's fists, not Brett's, to be specific.  Kaycee is very polite and rather demure in her daily dealings, but some of her mannerisms are very masculine, and we see that in this scene.  I've seen guys do this to break up so many fights, and it worked.  They separated and we went back to the studio with Julie.

Kaycee plays "full tackle football".  I'm fascinated by that.  The other day a conversation came up about her career, but all the house guests wanted to know was if she played lingerie football.  Four weeks in the house, and THAT is what they are asking Kaycee now?  Kaycee said she knows a few lingerie football players because they play in her league also.  She also said she wished she could have played football in high school, and there were NO follow up questions about that.  I just shake my head sometimes over the lack of conversational skills with some of these house guests every season.  Or maybe it's totally self-absorbed people who lack the ability to be curious about others.  I mean, I don't know any female football players, so I'd like to know how Kaycee got there.  How did she learn to play?  Was it hard to get hired?  Do the ladies have sports agents negotiating for them like men do?  Can you get to a level where you earn your entire living from it? Are her games ever televised?  How many times has she been slammed to the ground while carrying the ball?  Do they fight in the locker room?  Do the players date each other?  Do they wear bras while they play?  And so on.  So many interesting things to learn.

Well, Winston is mad.  Damned mad.  So mad that he wants to go back in the house an annihilate his entire alliance.  He's even feeling kindly towards Scottie, since he said "Scottie voted for me".

(Um no...the HoH didn't vote last night, but whatever.)

Bayleigh probably didn't think there was any chance for Winston to leave, because she SLAMMED him in her goodbye message right where it hurts by pointing out that he has been horrible at the competitions.  Then she used her flight attendant skills to show him where the exit is, which I LOVE.  I flew hundreds of thousands of miles on Delta, so I know and recognize all of her hand motions.

(I even had to wear an OXYGEN MASK on a smoky plane one time at cruising altitude, but I can't talk about that right now.  Just know that you have to place the mask over your face, covering your nose and mouth, and then gently tug on the cord to get the air to flow.  In my stress I forgot that last part, but the man sitting next to me had been paying attention and helped me with it.  I was in shock and just wanted to shove all the masks back up into the overhead compartment, like it was a big mistake.  FYI The masks drop down in front of you in sections, several rows at a time, and when you see it happen you think, "NO. THIS CAN'T BE REAL.")

(My hands are shaking after typing that.  PTSD is real, ya'll.)

I know he's in love and all, but for a Super Fan he sure doesn't think much about strategy.  We know there is no Buy Back chance for Winston, but Bayleigh doesn't know that.  And slamming someone who was just evicted is not a good way to earn their Jury vote.   Just being real here.

Which is why Scottie was so apologetic and complimentary to Winston in his goodbye speech, saying he could never have won against Winston or Brett.  Scottie knows what is up with Jury Management.

Brett said what Winston wanted to hear, that their friendship is real and they both know it.  And Brett wants to go win the $500K for both of them.

Brett won't share that money though, but he will avenge Winston's eviction.  He even said he would go after Scottie and Winston nodded, co-signing that plan.

The HoH competition was the one we all love, a wall competition that had them standing on trees with very simple rules.  Whoever stays on their tree the longest wins.

This is Out On A Limb.

The trees started tilting right away, and that part is what makes this competition so difficult.  They also get rained on and squirted with all kinds of stuff, but the tilting is what usually leads them to drop off or fall.

I love the lighting in this picture.  On TV it looked just like sunbeams shining through the forest.  These are the competition sets I like, not the TKO-like strobe-a-thons.

JC has the obvious advantage here, being the smallest house guest.  The lower your center of gravity is, the easier it is to hang on when the tree tilts forward.  So we all knew the taller guys would have a harder time.

Shortly after the live show ended, we saw them being showered with what looked like honey, in thick amber-colored pools. JC said it tasted like "honey, but without the sugar".  (WHAT.)  Then they were pelted with what could have been bird poop, and then some feathers.  The competition didn't go as long as I thought it would, though.  Before an hour was up, it was all over.

I was SHOCKED that Angie was the first one to fall.  I thought her rage would give her the determination to stay up there all night.  I was already worried about her being HoH, and then being blindsided again when Sam's power gave whoever she evicted the chance to return.  I was already worried for her sanity in that house.  But she fell off first, sobbing in Scottie's arms.

That did shut Scottie up, by the way.  His chatter on the sidelines was enough to make me want to turn off my live feeds.  It was MADDENING.  I would have wanted to jump off my tree stump and run over there and strangle him. Just another one of the long list of reasons why I'm only talking about this show, not playing it.

If any model scouts were watching TKO, I think Tyler might get a few calls.  He has the body type for runway work, and also the blank stare so many designers like to cast.  Can't you see him doing an ad campaign for sunglasses or something, looking bored or stoned but making big bank?

Spoiler Alert:  Sam won HoH.  It was down to her and Tyler, and she started begging him to drop, saying he's done it already, and she promised not to put him up.

Sam:  Jump down Dammit!  Jump down!

This is from Jokers...there was another version floating around last night that listed the total time competed, but this should give you an idea of the results.  The competition probably started around 6:55 PM BBT, so you can see how quickly Angie fell off, and how the rest followed.  Note that Tyler, Kaycee and Sam are the only house guests who know about Sam's power being automatic this week, so if you're wondering why they stayed on their trees so long, knowing this might very well be a wasted HoH week, look at Kaitlyn's time.  They DID NOT want Kaitlyn to win HoH, so Kaycee fell right after Kaitlyn fell.


1.  Get this, Kaitlyn FORGAVE Brett and even BELIEVED HIM about Angie trying to flip. She was guessing that after Brett called her out in his speech, Angie probably voted for him to leave, so Kaitlyn spent a lot of time pointing fingers at the two people who she thought flipped their vote.  She blamed Haleigh and Bayleigh, which is so crazy and hilarious.

2. And this: Tyler looks like he's going to get away with it AGAIN.  Kaitlyn fell for his story hook, line and sinker.  He said he saw Brett get approached by Angie.  And Brett said she approached him by saying no one in the house would believe they were working together, which is why she wanted to form an alliance with him.  Apparently even Bayleigh believes Tyler didn't flip.  So the former Foute members look like they are going to blame and battle each other now.  You can't make this shit up.

2.  And it seems like last night WAS NOT Angie's daughter's birthday.

3.  Angie was WILDING OUT last night, giving Brett THE BUSINESS.  I went to sleep before all of this happened, so I have a lot to catch up on.

And I don't know about you, but I DO NOT want to see the Very Special Discussion about "cultural sensitivities" on the Sunday night episode.  Please CBS, I'm BEGGING YOU.  Show us all the juicy action from last night instead, NOT A DISCUSSION about JC and Bayleigh aruging about words that really shouldn't matter, in a conversation that happened at least 3 weeks ago, in Big Brother Time.

One More Thing:

The RHAP episode with Donny last night was really good. Donny is a true fan of the show and has lots of great and funny opinions about BB20.  I highly recommend giving it a listen.


  1. Fessie is absolutely clueless. He wanted to hit somebody, (as he was looking in the mirror) he just can't figure out why he's always losing week after week. At least 3 of the Footsies mentioned leaving the game. I'm loving this domination and the extra twist of the knife by Brett was a nice touch. Brett was cool as ice but Rockpile was manic and vile. If she was a guy saying that stuff to a girl the Dr. would be all over her. I really admire the discipline of L6 (L5?), they are so tight with their message control and with Winston gone they should be even stronger.

    1. Tyler is the brains of L6/5. All the others hop in for the ride, IMO. I don’t really think it’s discipline, as much as it’s most of the other members just laying around and banking on being attractive on TV. They don’t really interact with the “others”, so it’s kinda easy to close ranks and keep info/plans within and just follow Tyler’s leads.

  2. Agreed. That POV box looks like last year's with felt glued to it.

    I think JC was protecting himself from the bacon grease. That's why I don't make bacon on the stove.

    I miss the good old days when comps lasted 6 hours. Speaking of the comp what was Angie reciting to herself while on the tree? They zoomed onto her mouth and you could clearly see she was mouthing something.

    1. On Twitter, Chris (Angie's boyfriend) said it looked like she was chanting her children's names over and over.

      I was going to include a few of his tweets in this post, but I didn't want anyone to be mean to him. He seems like such a nice guy and there is a lot of anger directed at Angie right now by the fans. And you know how some "fans" love to assert themselves with the house guests families.

    2. Ah, thank you.


  3. Oh I was all up on my tv, trying to make out what Rockstar was mouthing. I couldn't make it out, but I was hoping it was something "oh you just wait asswhole(Brett), I am about to win, and your gone" but she abruptly fell. Haha. Brett was brilliant in the delivery of his story. It was live TV magic. I was hoping that when I got up today, some eagle eye, or perhaps a professional lip reader would fill us in on her chant, but no such luck yet.

    I am a little worried about the bromance though. Winston doesn't like to be played. So when he gets home, and sees that brett isn't who he said, I don't know how he is going to react. He may be like "wow, the ONLY PERSON I thought I could trust 100%, a person whom I didn't even really campaign against, is there and I'm out!" He is such a wild card that I cannot predict how he will feel.

  4. “Or maybe it's totally self-absorbed people who lack the ability to be curious about others.”

    You answered your own question! It’s why I don’t feel bad for people like Winston who get linked on live TV. They get pissy and butthurt because “how could I (Winston) ever lost to these dorks.”

    He wouldn’t feel bad for others in the same situation, so big-bye!!!

  5. I thought Rock Lobster was casting spells and incantations to smite Brett.

  6. I have no idea if it is a popularly held opinion, but Winston with his hairy chest and bro-ness seemed too entitled in most of my television encounters with him . he looked great, to me, but this was definitely one of those times that looking good or best did not quite do it. Not that he is not fine, cuz he is sorta fine, but he just did not do it fully. guess that Winston does not always taste all that good, to paraphrase the cigarette he might have been named after......

  7. I love Rockstar, a lot of her mannerisms remind me of my best friend. I assume she is going home this week. I hated Cody, seeing him on my t.v irritated me but I love him compared to how I feel about Brett.


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