Friday, July 27, 2018

It's All For the Highest Good. And Yes, Being High is Good. #BB20

What a night.  I'm still feeling a little disoriented after everything that happened in the past 24 hours in the BB house.  The good news is that we don't need to spend any time debating Julie Chen's style choices.  Eight minutes before the live show started, Julie tweeted this photo of her serving it as she descended the staircase from her dressing room.

This is two weeks in a row of sleek, elegant yet fashionable looks for The Chenbot.  When you look great, you can't help but feel great, and it's obvious that Julie knows she's beyond reproach here.  Bravo, Julie.

The house guests weren't just coasting this week.  Everyone in there was busy every day and every night talking about the vote, which flipped at least four times.  Well, Scottie wasn't that busy, but he was sitting next to people who were.  The last I saw on the Thursday morning live feeds, Katilyn was scheduled to be evicted, and the minute the live show began, I knew that was still the plan.

Just look at this camera shot....Angie is sitting on the block next to Kaitlyn (with Orwell between them, actually) but this is the opening shot the cameras focused on.  This whole episode was set up to show us the Downfall of Kaitlyn, and then the Victory of Kaitlyn, which would set us up for the Redemption of Kaitlyn at the end of the hour.

But as we all know, plans don't always work out.

How many times have we had to suffer through the footage of Sam tearily discovering her "power", waving her arms around as she struggles to read it out loud.  And notice that I didn't even mention her hair.  And that "hairdo", as we say in the south.

I told myself to be strong, in my hope that because this was the week Sam's power would automatically be used, this would be the last time I'd be subjected to the pain of Sam's halting recitation and explanation of the App she won.  But sometimes hope doesn't work out, either.

I knew that someone, probably Tyler, told Kaitlyn that she would be voted out before the live show began.  It was obvious as we saw the camera pan over the house guests assembled in a semi-circle, with JC, Rachel and Bayleigh chair dancing as if they didn't have a care in the world, while Kaitlyn sat glumly in her nomination chair.

I had a bad feeling then, but I couldn't place it at the time.

And we quickly became aware that Sam had someone do her makeup before the show, and it's intended to be a pin-up girl style.  I thought it was cute from this angle, but later it looked rather harsh up close.  But stage makeup often looks like that---so I'm guessing Rachel was the one who helped Sam put together this look.  Let's call it "Rosie the Riveter Goes to the Honky Tonk".

I know some of you are like me, quite ready to stop hearing so much about Sam.  But as Big Brother fans we all know that you don't always get what you want.

Then we saw JC in action, chattering a blue streak about how Kaitlyn needed to be the one to leave this week.  The funny thing is, just after the nominations were locked in, we all thought JC was putting himself in danger, that he might be the only person voting out Kaitlyn which would put him at risk.  Fans thought, why would JC do this on a week that won't mean anything?

But the joke was on us.  Not only was JC instrumental in flipping the vote, he was the one to cast a hinky vote to evict Angie.  This was planned for some time, which is why JC was the one to vote first in the Diary Room.  Production had to make it look like Kaitlyn had a chance to stay for the CBS casuals, who probably had a leisurely week visiting National landmarks and clipping coupons, unaware of the turmoil turning the BB house upside down all week long.

In this scene JC was telling the others that Kaitlyn is a crazy bitch, which was even subtitled so the audience would know exactly what JC said.  And of course he's chomping on a damn apple, per usual. (I already told ya'll about that.)

We then saw footage that began as the PoV ceremony ended, as the house guests reeled in the wake of the shocking PoV ceremony, and also of Sam's announcement about her "+1 Life".  Yes, we had to hear Sam try to explain it AGAIN, sounding out the words slowly like she was Hooked on Phonics.

I regret to inform you that we're likely to experience Sam's halting explanations of the "+1 Life" power at least three more times, as the BB Intro voice breaks it down once again at the beginning of every episode this week, to explain to us VERY SLOWLY what brought about the End of Kaitlyn.

And we saw a very strange exchange between Angie "Rockstar" and her nemesis and Best Friend Brett, as she approached him across the kitchen counter to whisper "Game recognizes game", saying she appreciated his evil plan to frame her last week, and how impressed she was that he totally got away with it.

You can tell Brett was impressed, too. Not.

Angie didn't propose that they work together, or ask for his vote, and this little moment had zero impact on the fact that Brett did vote for her to stay this week.  In fact, Julie Chen even told us just before Brett voted that "Brett can't stand Rockstar, but will this influence his vote?". I think Angie would need to actually have some game that Brett appreciates before Brett recognizes her for that.  Because having game is a mutual thing.  You can't just spot it, you have to have it.

Let me tell you something.  The first time I ever heard someone use that phrase, it was from Snoop Dogg, and it was on Watch What Happens Live.  Andy Cohen (a well-known pothead) had Snoop on the show and went through a list of celebrities that Snoop knows, asking him if he's gotten high with them. When Andy got to Oprah, Snoop hesitated.  He wasn't about to accuse Oprah of smoking weed on national TV, but he said when they met each other "Game Recognizes Game".


Then it was time for the nominees to make their speeches.  For all you future BB players, this is what you see while you sit on the couch, preparing to stand up and make a speech that not only may keep you in the game (probably not), but will be picked to pieces by millions of TV viewers (probably).

By now, the fourth live show, the group is getting used to the experience of sitting on the couch while America watches live, but having to stand up and speak, and then face possible eviction, has got to be as terrifying as it is exhilerating.

The speeches were fine.  The only notable thing I remember is how Kaitlyn began her speech by thanking four of her "spiritual advisors", which surprised me most because two of the names were people I recognize, Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins.  I haven't heard her mention either one of those guys on the live feeds, but maybe Kaitlyn knows that their press agents will let both of them know they were mentioned on a live show in CBS Prime Time.

And here's Rosie, the Judgmental Riveter with the Heart of Gold, ready to do the Virginia Reel at the Honky Tonk.  Or whatever.

When Haleigh cast her vote, she told Julie that she looked "extravagant" .

You know, I think it's cute that this is Haleigh's "thing", complimenting Julie with a different unusual term each week.  But this word was a stretch.  Haleigh wasn't looking at Julie while she said it, so maybe she didn't see Julie clearly tonight.  Because Julie did not look anywhere close to "extravagant", which is a borderline-negative word when describing someone's overall look.  It's usually applied to the purchase of an object, like a dinner or a gift.

OK, so yadda yadda yadda, Kaitlyn is evicted.  And who do you think dashed over there to embrace her, not allowing anyone else to touch or speak to her? Yes, it was Rosie the Overly Touchy Riveter, who was the person who nominated Kaitlyn, and told Tyler that if she had to break a tie, Kaitlyn's ass would be the one hitting the door.

Maybe Sam didn't want any of the young men in the house to be disrespected by Kaitlyn as she hugged them.  Maybe that's it.  But we all know Sam doesn't like to share.

Kaitlyn didn't seem confident as Julie told her that she would have a chance to stay.  To me, this is not what confident looks like.  If the pilot announces that there is trouble with the engine, you don't want to look over and see the flight attendant doing this.

Kaitlyn collapsed on the ground in a heap, but this is what she did when she won HoH, too.  Look at Tyler over there in the back row. He's freaking the fuck out.  Tyler is the only one in the group who watches the live feeds---he knows this night is a major event for all of us.  Only Scottie remains seated, even leaning back on the couch like he's not impressed.

If you didn't know better, you might think Scottie was cool, seeing this.

As we went to commercial break, Kaitlyn pulled herself up and jogged up the spiral staircase to meet the challenge Julie laid out for her.  Julie told the house guests that they would be able to watch Kaitlyn compete on the big screen.  I think they all realized that this was no Battle Back, and apparently they all still think that's a thing, because Bayleigh continues to mention Swaggy coming back in the house.  I'm sure they all assumed Kaitlyn's return was a done deal, and I sort of did, too.


My refrigerator has french doors, which means that the freezer section is a large drawer located at the bottom of the unit.  The great thing about this is how much space you have to freeze things. I buy fresh fruit at Costco and then freeze it for smoothies.  I freeze my bread, muffins and biscuits to keep them fresh, and to avoid scarfing them down in a weak moment.  I don't buy meat anymore, but my freezer is jam packed with goodies almost all the  time.

The bad thing about the french doors is that it's easy to just toss stuff in the freezer drawer, and lose track of what is already in there.  Yesterday I decided enough was enough and reorganized the entire freezer section, and came across something long forgotten.  I went on a trip last December with some friends who brought some edibles with them.  And the goodies were STRONG.  So we cut the brownies into quarters, after learning the hard way that even eating half was too much.  I found one of the brownie quarters in the freezer drawer, double wrapped with Saran and placed in a Ziploc bag.  As last night's  live show kicked off, I ate it.  By the time Kaitlyn was posed like this, rocking back and forth on her feet, listening to Julie explain the rules of this challenge, I was doing the exact same thing, about ten inches away from my big TV screen.

My Point:  I believe I was just as hyped up as Kaitlyn was as I watched this.  In fact, you might say I was FREAKING OUT.

****AS YOU WERE***

And now the blooper we saw on the first live eviction show of the season suddenly makes sense.  Just after Julie announced that Steve would be evicted, we saw a quick flash of the following picture.  The fans immediately guessed that this set up had something to do with Sam's "#1 Life" power, and we were correct.  Production obviously had different puzzle pieces to work with so they could easily swap out the head to resemble the house guest who would be playing the game.

I'm guessing that those puzzle pieces will be used somehow in a future competition.

I think the first thing Kaitlyn should have done was to look at the puzzle from both sides, to see that the image was a front-and-back type of puzzle.  The time provided seemed like PLENTY of time to complete the task, but if Kaitlyn was thinking clearly she would have paid more attention to the way the pieces dissembled.

In case you're reading this without watching the TV show, I think there were about eight puzzle pieces.  Kaitlyn had to take it apart, slide the pieces through the little doorway, and then reassemble it on the other side, on the platform that you see there.  She had 2.5 minutes to do it, and was working to reassemble the puzzle at the two-minute mark.  The leg pieces don't snap together, they slide into place instead, and that is what Kaitlyn had the most trouble with.  I was going to make a Kaitlyn "sliding it in" joke, but will not do so at this time.

But Kaitlyn got frazzled.  Kaitlyn got frantic.  It was clear almost immediately that she would not be completing her mission within the limited time frame. I felt like I was waiting to die the whole time, just wanting it to be over.

She frantically got the puzzle together on the floor, but of course she was supposed to do it on the platform, and by the time she tried that, it was too late.

Julie announced it was over.  To her credit, when Julie Chen announced that Kaitlyn had indeed been evicted, she gathered herself, her bracelets and scarf and went downstairs with purpose, even glancing at herself in the reflection of the camera windows.

The cast clapped as she emerged from the App Store room and made her way downstairs, and to the front door.  I think I clapped too, but I really have no idea.  I know I tried to write three different tweets as Kaitlyn was evicted, but finally gave up.  Sometimes you have no business tweeting, and this was one of those times.

The BB fan community was stunned, too, but not too stunned to create numerous jokes and memes about it.  I can only hope these jokes replace the "my daughter's birthday" jokes because that was played out days ago.  This is from Reddit.

And if you think we were stunned, imagine how Production felt.  Kaitlyn is far from stupid---I think she got frustrated and then started freaking out.  And that little room is sort of spooky, with the glowy lighting, and the alien-like voice that kept announcing how much time she had left.

I listened to the RHAP recap this morning, and Rob was stunned, too.  He "blanketed" like Audrey Middleton during the podcast in a gesture of mourning.  Brent had a source who attended the taping who had some info to share, which is summarized here by a poster on Reddit.

And here is another post from another person who attended the live taping---I know we all love hearing about behind-the-scenes stuff.

Kaitlyn didn't even hug anyone as she came downstairs, at least not that we could see on camera.  People who have been shit-talking her nonstop in the house could be heard saying how much they love her.  Yeah right.

Kaitlyn was so disappointed.  I like to see that in an evicted house guest. She really cared.

Production was so unprepared for Kaitlyn to be evicted, they didn't even have chairs onstage for Kaitlyn to sit on.  Julie told her "wait right here" as we went to commercial.

I'm not going to lie.  I was in SHOCK, so I can imagine how Kaitlyn feels.  And Tyler.  And Joe.  And Allison Grodner.  And Les Moonves. And....oh well, you get the picture.

We were all out of time, so Julie told us to tune in online to a Very Special Extended interview with Kaitlyn.  I'll cover that here when I have a chance to watch it.  I'll bet Production is kicking themselves that Julie discussed Kaitlyn's vote to save her as they sat onstage.  If Julie hadn't given her that information, we could have been looking at a chance for her to return to the game, because now Production has to adjust their plans to make sure another person comes back into the house after eviction.

I won't do the math here, but there are X number of weeks of the show, so there needs to be X number of players in the game.

Net everyone is good at math.  We can't all be John Nash, of course.

I'm heartbroken.  Kaitlyn gave us so much in the month she was in the house. I wish her luck on the outside.  And I DO NOT think her boyfriend will break up with her.  But that's just my guess as an adult who has been in a few battle-scarred relationships.  I think she will get her own TV show, actually, maybe on one of those extended cable channels that focuses on mediums and mysticism.  They can use someone young and nutty in that broadcasting niche, someone who actually believes what they are saying.

And trust that management of Allison Grodner Productions is assembling bright and early today, with pencils sharpened and thinking caps on, to figure out what to do next.  As I have repeated many times over the years, it's not show friends, it's show business.


There was tension in the air as the house guests awoke on another live eviction day.  The house guests have been locked inside since yesterday, and there are only so many places you can have a private conversation.  And there have been constant private conversations leading up to the live show.  The vote has changed several times, and it now looks like Kaitlyn will indeed be evicted, but of course we can expect to see her come right back in the house, Grod willing.

(I wrote this section before the live show, and for authenticity, I'm not going to change it.)

Haleigh:  Right now, every single person in this house is talking about the vote tonight.

Kaitlyn knows and said she walked up on several conversations, including Tyler and Kaycee in the Lounge, and after they told her they were having a game conversation Kaitlyn left and got back in her bed.  It's so uncomfortable, she says.

Kaitlyn wishes she could stay in the house and they had a hug.

Haleigh:  Imagine if Sam had left that first week of the game?  Where would be be now in the game if that happened?

Kaitlyn:  We'd be sitting pretty.

(Um, not really.  Don't they both remember that Sam won the power that could have saved her if she was evicted?  But I guess Sam going home would have meant that Kaitlyn hadn't flipped on her Father Steve, and she might still be a trusted member of Foute, and would not have blindsided Swaggy, and so forth.  Haleigh didn't say all of that, but I know she knows it.  Haleigh is not stupid.)

Angela came in and Kaitlyn told her how uncomfortable she felt walking around the house, knowing she was the topic of conversation.  Angela didn't deny that.

You know, the Level Six people learned a lot about the other side of the house's alliance this week, due to Angie and Bayleigh both discussing it with various people.  But the reverse is true as well, because the Level Six girls discussed a lot of their business n front of Bayleigh, so now she knows that those three girls are working together.  I think Angela and Rachel will be targeted before Kaycee, who has a few people outside the alliance who would protect her, but these girls have made a mistake by being so open in front of Bayleigh.  They suspect she has a power, but I think they think if they get in good with Bayleigh, they might benefit somehow.

I don't think that is going to happen.  In fact, Bayleigh might use her power to put Rachel and Angela on the block. She said she wanted to blame that on Angie, if Angie stays in the game this week.  But that's a stupid idea. If Angie won a power that was as good as the power that Bayleigh has, wouldn't she have used it this week to put Brett's ass on the block?

Yes, she would have.  Remember that Bayleigh can usurp the HoH's nominations to make her own secret nominations.  Surely something would have been said if Angie was the one holding the secret power while she's sitting on the block.  She spilled her guts about everything else, and that power would have been great leverage to get some votes.

Brett decided to pounce on Rachel for a morning hug. That's a new one, isn't it?   Kaycee advised Rachel to take a step back from Brett and stop pursuing him so openly.  Maybe that strategy is starting to kick in. 

JC and Kaitlyn discussed the reality of being filmed 24/7.

JC: It's so strange to me that people can watch us, like sleep.  And I'm not talking about 2 or 3 people, I'm talking about any fucking person who can connect and log on.  And people have the $10 to pay for it.

Kaitlyn: It's only $5. Or $4.99.

JC:  What?  Shit CBS!  $5.00?  That low?

JC mentioned having a CBS subscription so he could watch older seasons, but apparently is unaware that this is how you watch the live feeds, too.  It seems so strange to me that people might pay monthly for a CBS All Access subscription and NOT watch the live feeds.  I always cancel as soon as the season is over.  I'm sure JC's subscription is free, because Production likes them to do their research and watch as many episodes as they can.

JC then starts thinking that he might buy a few cameras for his house so he can broadcast his own live feeds and charge for them, since he's basically doing that now for free.  He makes that wicked laugh that he does and even does a little commercial for this concept, saying that we should all follow him to get information about his camera feeds, which is exclusive "NOT on CBS".

(That's like, two and a half steps from doing porn, right?)

Not to be outdone, Kaitlyn says she wants to do the same thing, and even stood on the bed to do her commercial.  She's going to top JC's idea by putting "twenty cameras" in her house so we can watch her constantly.  As she completed her infomercial, she said her exclusive live feeds would cost $19.95 per month.  JC snorted at that.  He should know that Kaitlyn is going to charge premium prices for everything she does.

All this time, someone has been sleeping right next to JC.  Is that Fessy?  Or Tyler?  I'm not sure.  JC is perturbed that the camera is focused right on him, and wants it to stop.

JC:  Hey.  Turn away....what are you doing?  This is disrespectful and you need to stop.

JC: What....did you just zoom in on me? Look girl.  I want you to go away now and leave me alone.  If you don't do that, I'm going to go back to sleep.

JC: I'm going to count to three, and if you are still watching me I'm going to go back to sleep.  One................two..............two and a half.............don't complain now.........three.

And with that, he covered his head up.  He peeked out a few times to see if we were still staring at him, and we were, so he stayed under there.


JC just snorted when he heard that.

Angie finally got her purple hair dye and it is on her hair in these pictures.  She's wearing a dress tonight that will be color-coordinated with her new hair.  It sounds like Eminem was one of the wake up songs today, because they keep humming one of his songs that I can't place.  Angie said she knew she could hang with Haleigh after Haleigh agreed with her that Eminem "could get it".

Angie:  Eminem could get it in the Burger King bathroom, or when he was ordering a small fry, that's how much I loved him.

Haleigh had three Emenim posters in her room at home.  One featured the rapper in a black shirt crouching on the ground, and another was in a white wife beater.  "Of course" she had that one, she said.

They had some fun conversations, but we weren't allowed to hear much of it.  The first girl Tyler kissed was a girl named Leslie, and I think it was in the 6th grade.

Tyler: It was when we lived in Florida, and she was the baddest.....FISH.

(So, do they really think Leslie is watching the damn live feeds?)

Kaitlyn is still yammering away at how Tyler's dead father keeps appearing for her.  She has discussed this with Tyler several times and it makes him cry.  Now she says she described to Tyler what his father looks like, and Tyler said that was correct.

Kaitlyn:  We both cried, but that's between him and me.  That's our stuff.

(Tyler CANNOT be happy about her dragging his beloved father into this stupid game.)

The toilet seat was somehow broken, and this was discovered by Sam, who was IRATE about it.  We couldn't see her on the feeds, because she was in the WC trying to fix it, but we sure could hear it.  It was a constant stream of curse words, aimed at whichever ungrateful, spoiled, inconsiderate house guest had the nerve to break it.

Sam:  What in the FUCK were you thinking?  Did  you even FUCKING notice that it broke?  Did you see how it's supposed to clip on like this?  Of course I know, because I'm the only one in here to FUCKING clean it!  What were you going to do, just buy a whole new FUCKING toilet?  And just throw this one away?

Later she asked the crowd such rhetorical questions such as what would they all do if the kitchen sink clogs with all of the food people keep putting down there?  When would somebody have noticed the broken toilet seat, and what would they do about it?

She also realized she had temper tantrum, and said she needed to calm down and take a few deep breaths.  Turns out Kaitlyn broke the toilet, but waited until Sam calmed down to admit it.  And every season there is beef in there about house guests who just dump a bowl of cereal down the drain, because they do not have a garbage disposal.

Haleigh has always wanted to do some creative hair dye projects, but her mother didn't let her do it.  I thought she was wearing a dangley earring, but that's a foil package of hair, currently stewing in purple hair dye.

On Twitter, people asked why I was ignoring all of that weave or track or whatever you call it on the couch next to Haleigh.  I believe that belongs to Angela, but I'm not sure.  Angela told Haleigh that somebody needed to tell Angie to stop acting so happy this morning.  They want the vote to evict Kaitlyn to stay low, so I guess Angela was hinting to Haleigh that she should tell Angie to tone it down.


I'm so glad to see that Paul has pulled himself together after the crushing events last fall and is actually participating in the season for the very first time. He's never watched the show before being a contestant, and never got involved in the online experience either.  Paul is the perfect person to advocate for the shell shocked house guests after they are evicted and try to re-enter society.

In case you really want to read what Paul said, here it is.  I doubt any of the haters who make it their job to terrorize the contestants and their families will read this, or even if it would make an impact on their actions if they did.  But it's a nice gesture on Paul's part.

If I were evicted from Big Brother, even under circumstances 57% less harsh than Kaitlyn's eviction experience, I'd be happy to see Paul backstage and maybe take a few long puffs off his vape pen.  Oh, I'd wipe off the mouthpiece on my sleeve first, of course.  But that would certainly make me feel better.  Or forget that I felt badly.  Whatever.

Did you watch Black Mirror on Netflix?  I did.  And I do NOT want to get any closer to that than we already are. In fact some would say we're already there, from a political perspective.


  1. I really liked Kaitlyn. She was an odd one, but was certainly fun to watch. I agree. I think she will be back with her boyfriend. We don't know what kind of relationship they had or what kind of agreement they had. I asked my wife once if I was on BB could I have a showmance and she said yes, but I sure as hell better win the money.

    1. Your wife sounds cool.

      Look at how exasperated the guys in the house were with Katilyn, and how she would talk them out of it whenever she felt like it. She knows how to work 'em.

      The BF wants to sell some music, too. I just checked his Twitter and he hasn't commented yet.....

  2. I am coming back to read the blog post because I love them but can we talk about Snoop Dog and CBB. I need this to

  3. I think Les Moonves has other things on his mind now than BB. Julie, too.

    I agree. Kaitlyn should've taken more time to study the puzzle prior to dismantling it.


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