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If You Can't Say Anything Nice, Come Over Here and Sit By Me. #BB20

Supposedly Angela and Bayleigh were together constantly the first week of the game, before the feeds went live.  But once Bayleigh got involved with Swaggy C, she started isolating with him and was barely visible outside of the bedroom they holed up in together all day.  So now she is spending time with Angela again, and it's clear from their chatter that they share certain attitudes and opinions.  They can both vent with each other.  And it is fun to listen to.

(Spoiler Alert:  Angela can be a real BITCH.  And I'm here for it.)

When I took this picture, it was early evening on Sunday, and they were discussing how over Sam they both are.  Bayleigh said that she's been noticing things about Sam for weeks and is glad that other people are finally starting to see it, too.

As they spoke, you could hear Sam's twang droning on in the background.

Bayleigh:  Listen...did you hear that?  She said, I've been wantin' to talk to you about somethin' and I hope you aren't offended.....

Well it turns out Sam was talking to Haleigh, who made her way over to the hammock area to stretch and talk with Angela.

Haleigh:  She said, I really liked listening to you read and  you're a lot smarter than I thought you were.  And I've been wantin' to mention this to you and I hope you aren't offended by I really like your lisp.

Angela:  WHAT?  You don't have a lisp.

Haleigh:  Well, I did.  I spent years working with a speech therapist but I guess she heard it when I speak.

Angela and Haleigh also did a little smack-talking about Kaitlyn, saying that she is very shrill and has to make everything about herself all of the time.  Angela thinks she needs constant attention and that she may find herself without a relationship when she leaves the house if she's not careful.

Monday morning, Sam and Bayleigh were the first ones up.  Sam planned to have coffee and then start getting ready for the PoV ceremony.  She said she keeps getting surprised by being called in to the DR to do things before she's had a chance to prepare herself.  Just as she was finishing up her cigarette, she got called to the DR and said it was happening again.

Bayleigh said there were four songs played this morning to wake them up but Sam didn't remember any of that happening.  Bayleigh said the songs were good ones, too.

Production was calling out names over and over and over, trying to pry certain house guests out of bed to go change out their batteries and start their day.  Basically they wanted to get the PoV ceremony underway to lock in the nominations for the week, and set off the drama leading up to the live show.

Production soon concentrated their efforts on Fessy, asking him to get out of bed and go to the Diary Room.  They tried the standard recorded intercom announcement over and over.  JC even mumbled to Fessy that he needed to get up, so you know it was serious.  (JC is usually the one getting yelled at.)

Finally we got a FISH break, indicating that a Producer got on the intercom to verbally drag Fessy's sleepy ass out of bed.  He had been up until the wee hours of the morning with Haleigh, basically trying to extort affection out of her in exchange for using the PoV to save her.  Or maybe it's safer to say that he wanted to extort NOT showing affection for other guys in the house, such as playing with Tyler's hair.

After the feed break, Fessy got out of bed and was immediately verbally pounced on by Kaitlyn, who was well aware what was going to happen this morning.  She started talking about Fessy's skinny legs and even made him pose next to her so they could see in the reflection how similar in size their calves are.  I'm not sure I would use this technique if I wanted Fessy to use the PoV on me, but as usual Kaitlyn and I make very different choices in life.

We've already forgotten all about Scottie this week.  He made a big move last week but has faded right back into the scenery, benefiting from all of the drama elsewhere.  I think Scottie might be used as a nomination pawn a few times this season, but I'm not sure how the fans will feel about the season if he is allowed to get to the Final Three.   To Scottie's credit though, I don't think he gives a crap how we feel about him. He's not really pandering to us.

But I heard Rachel and Angela saying that he needs to go, because he's always sitting right there, taking note of who is with whom in the lounge, and who is following whom to the storage room, and so forth.  They don't want to let him slide by, and they want other people to know this, maybe if Scottie is sitting on the block next to one of them.

Brett looked disturbed as he woke up, seeming confused about where he was.  Later in the kitchen, he talked about his dream of waking up in the fraternity house.  Kaitlyn said she had a dream where they were in the house but the live feeds weren't up, and she had a baby named Ruby.

Brett apparently wakes up looking like this, even after just a few hours of sleep.  Within ten or fifteen minutes, the feeds were down for the PoV ceremony.  It is important to note that Sam had been roaming around the house saying she wanted to speak with Fessy before the meeting.  She told Bayleigh over morning coffee that the night before, she told Fessy that she didn't want to know who he was saving, she just wanted to know if he planned to use the PoV or not.  According to Sam, he told her was about 70% sure he was going to use it.

I did not see her go into the bedroom to try and wake Fessy up.  So using this as an excuse doesn't work for me.

The feeds were down for at least an hour, and when they came back it was a blur of energy and drama on all camera shots.  Sam was obviously upset, and we can see she chose a Rosie the Riveter look for the ceremony.  Kaitlyn was whining on one camera view, and Angie was looking upset on another shot.

It didn't take long for us to learn that Fessy used the PoV to save Haleigh.  And Sam put Angie on the block in her place, and also told the house about the way her power would play out this week.  I think this was a big shock to many of the house guests, but the news about the power had been gradually leaking out in one way or another.  Tyler and Kaycee already knew, but apparently Kaycee told Angela about it, who may or may not have given JC a heads up about it.

Angie was outside smoking, apparently talking to Brett, of all people.  He's across the yard, off camera.

Angie:  ...I'm not an angry person, so I hate that you have to see me like that.  Maybe if we meet up after this we can go to a piano bar.

Brett:  Maybe.

(A few weeks ago, there was a group locked down in the HoH and apparently Brett and Angie both shared some very personal things about themselves with the group.  I think Angie had a harrowing story about things she can't discuss on camera, maybe relating to her first husband or something else that would involve her children.  And Brett plays piano, or something like that.)

Sam came marching outside and stomped over to Angie, angrily spewing information as if she only had seconds to say it all.  It seems like she read the exact wording of her power, that someone gets the chance to return to the game, and it was to be used automatically if she didn't use it before this week.

Sam is so angry, biting the words as they come out of her mouth.

Sam:  I almost used it on Winston last week....I almost did.  I looked right over there......and I didn't know if I needed to save myself or not.  All I could do is win HoH and try to plan who would get it.

Angie: OK, well I'm sorry Sam.  I'm going to sit out here and smoke one more cigarette, even though I know they're bad for me.

Suddenly Sam's haughty HoH reign doesn't look like so much fun.  She's smoking the shit out of that cigarette, that's for sure.  And now she is the big victim here, making Angie feel as if she had to apologize to her. 

Meanwhile Kaitlyn has been crying because she thought Fessy would use the PoV to save her, and she stalks through the house, which is mostly silent.  Kaitlyn continued to say that Fessy told her directly that he would save her, repeating it often throughout the day.  She said she didn't want to campaign against Haleigh, but she doesn't feel the same way now that Angie is sitting next to her.

Shit got real for Kaitlyn yesterday. 

Look, Fessy begged both of those girls to pick him to play PoV for them.  And he said he wanted to win the PoV to be sure he didn't end up going on the block.  All he could do today is leave both Haleigh and Kaitlyn on the block for eviction, angering both of them, or save one and potentially save the other through the votes.

I wonder if Fessy will be blindsided again with the votes this week.  I wonder if the sky will be blue this afternoon.

Now Sam is angrily talking at Brett in the backyard.  He says he's not mad at her, but she knows he has to be upset about her not using the power last week to save Winston.  She almost did it last week, she almost did, but she thought she might need to save herself this week.  (And maybe Tyler, but she didn't say that to Brett.  At least not now.)

Sam:  It's a stupid power.  It doesn't do anything.  I know you're mad at me now, but I didn't know what to do.

Winston would like to know why she didn't use it on him, as well.  Of course, if Sam knew that she would win HoH, and all of the drama that would ensue, maybe she would have.  On the other hand, Sam has made choices this week to bring all the drama on herself, so who knows.

Sam burst into the house and the silence is uneasy.  You can feel the tension as everyone waits to see what will happen next.  Sam repeats her message.

Sam:  It's a stupid power!  It didn't do anything!  I didn't know what to do...I almost used it to save Winston.  I almost did.  It's just stupid.

(So America, thanks for voting for Sam to win the Power.  She really appreciates it.)

Sam is angry that she "had to nominate five people" this week.  Let's see:  Haleigh + Kaitlyn + JC (more on that later) + Angie = 4.  Not five.  Am I missing something?

Fessy came over to hug her and hoped she wasn't angry with him for using the PoV.  She said she wasn't, but I later heard her use this as an excuse with Angie, saying she "only had 40 seconds to figure out what to do" and that she "didn't get to talk to Fessy".

(Fessy already told Haleigh sometime over the weekend that he would save her, so he knew he was using it.)

Then she stomped up the stairs to her private suite and slammed the door.

A group of stunned house guests tried to make sense of everything in the Have Not room.  It sounds like JC is very shaken over what happened during the meeting.  No one seems to understand what Sam was saying in the meeting, but she was talking about having to put her best friend up and looked over at JC.

Rachel:  JC, if you hadn't said anything, you might be on the block right now.

JC: I know it!  I said, Sam, I would never do anything like this to you.

Tyler: It's good you did that. She was looking over at me, too and I thought she was going to say my name.

From the chatter that followed in the coming hours, Sam indicated she was putting JC on the block but he objected by saying "I don't think that is a good idea".  JC said he wasn't sure if he was even allowed to speak during the ceremony, but he just blurted out the first thing that came to him.  The other house guests went over what happened in the ceremony over and over throughout the day, asking each other exactly what was said.  I guess they were all freaking out over being nominated, so the events that happened may not have been absorbed fully by everyone in the moment.

And the SuperFans in the house knew this was a PoV ceremony for the books. Scottie said hours later he was trying to memorize all the speeches that he heard, and Tyler kept saying it was a crazy PoV ceremony.  He also told JC that his voice was so "pure" when he confronted Sam that it was unforgettable.  The guys were very impressed with JC's gumption in speaking out, particularly since it worked, and Sam nominated someone else right there on the spot.

But JC was SHOOK.  He brought it up hours later, saying he was still kind of shaking inside from the shock of being targeted by someone he thought was a friend.  He doesn't understand why someone would nominate a friend so early in the game, when so many other options were available.  He's watched several seasons of this show and knows it never happens.  Sam doesn't know how to play this game, he told Tyler.

NO SHIT SHERLOCK.  Sam is a bigger mess than Kaitlyn, if you ask me.

Tyler sat with Haleigh, trying to make sense of it all.  The statement about this week's evictee having the chance to come back is causing all sorts of wild speculation about a pending Battle Back.  They seem to think that whoever leaves will automatically face the current Battle Back champion, and this is having an impact on who they decide to vote out.  Some people want to be sure Winston wins the Battle Back, and others want to see Swaggy C come back in the house.  Of course we know that nothing of the sort is going on, but they don't know what we know.

A new problem cropped up for Tyler----as you recall, Kaitlyn had a "genius" realization that one of the powers was released last week, resulting in an extra two votes to blindside Winston.  But Angie and Haleigh know now that was not what happened last week---two people definitely flipped the votes.  Haleigh wanted to talk about this with Tyler here.

If Tyler is worried, you sure can't tell just from looking at him.

Bayleigh wants to bring the hidden votes into the light this week.  She wants them to find out the truth about how Brett got to stay in the house.  Angie thinks Brett was well-aware that he had the votes to say, or else he wouldn't have made up the lies to frame her.

It is quite obvious to us, because we know, but we have to remember that they are working on very limited information.  And that information has been filtered, and exaggerated, intentionally twisted, and misinterpreted as it moves through the crowd. 

THIS SEASON IS FUCKING LIT.  It makes me nervous, but we haven't had a season like this in YEARS.  All of these people are playing the game.  None of them are just sitting on their ass waiting for Paul to tell them what to do.  They are all motivated to WIN.  And when you hear them talking about who they want in Jury, it's for the vote, not who they want to hang out with to play grab ass.

I know Tyler thinks Fessy is a threat, but he's hoping that Brett will target him on behalf of the alliance.  But now the two of them had a tentative meeting to discuss what just went down, and what might happen from here.

They both described Kaitlyn as their "#1", but they are both lying about that, whether they know it or not.  Fessy said he might not be able to vote out Kaitlyn, due to their connection, but I think that is indeed what he is planning to do.  Maybe.

They also touched on the possibility that there is a girls' alliance brewing in the house, and how they should react to that.  They know that if whichever girl is evicted and comes back, they are still outnumbered, but if a guy comes back in the game they need to consider joining forces.

Meanwhile Brett worked out just about all day, taking breaks to chat with people outside and in the house.  It's a lot easier for him to slip by unnoticed without Winston around.

Kaitlyn didn't waste any time looking for the votes she needs to stay in the house.  There are ten people voting, but she knows she needs six votes, since Sam would surely break a tie to evict her.  She doesn't feel any comfort from knowing about the "#1 Life", due to the chatter that she might have to compete against the likes of Winston and Swaggy to earn her spot.

Haleigh told Angie about Kaitlyn just waltzing into a room within minutes of the PoV ceremony to ask for votes.

Haleigh:  Angela said that they needed time to think about the situation, and Kaitlyn said she understood.  But then she was like, what about your votes?  What are you thinking?

This made Angie consider what she needs to do to make her case for votes.  Although, I'm not sure all the campaigning in the world will help her now.  Another blindside is on the way, I think.

Actually, all the evictee might need to do is complete some sort of puzzle.  The challenge can be as difficult or easy as Production wants it to be.  Tyler has figured out that this power indicates that there is NOT a Battle Back, since the chance to come back is a prize won by the most trending house guest.  He would rather the evictee lose the challenge, which would mean that a Jury buy back is more likely later in the game, to even out the evictions with the TV schedule.  He told Angela that a Jury buy back is more likely to help the two of them, since they might be the ones competing.

Kaitlyn has now been talking about how broke she is outside the house, saying that she often has to choose between filling up her car with gas, or buying food.  Sometimes she buys the gas, and goes to a friend's house to eat their food.  Other times she begs the cousin she lives with, who is in his 40's, to take her out to lunch.

Kaitlyn:  I'm like, c'mon, buy a girl a salad.

She has also been discussing some pretty significant financial issues a member of her immediate family has been going through.  I don't know if the story is true or not, but I don't feel right about reporting on it, either way, since the people she's talking about aren't in the house.

Oh, Angie and Bayleigh both think that Kaitlyn doesn't even have a boyfriend, and that was a lie to help her in the game somehow.  Bayleigh thinks the picture of Joe that Kaitlyn had in her HoH room was actually her brother, who reportedly refused to sign the release form.  Bayleigh even spun a wild tale about Kaitlyn making up the boyfriend story to make herself seem unattainable, like forbidden fruit.

(Because Kaitlyn has been so hard to get with Tyler, Fessy and Brett.  C'MON BAYLEIGH.)

As Angie had time to process the situation and speak to her friends about it, she started having questions.  And started getting angry.  She spoke to Sam again about the nominations, but Sam was the one who seemed to be losing it.

Angie:  I guess my question is out of all of these kids who aren't doing anything in here, why did you have to put me up?

Sam:  Because you're the biggest target. If they vote you out next week you're out forever.


After the PoV ceremony, the HoH's power is over, absent any special twists or turns.  Sam made her choices, and is now entering the next week with less power than anyone staying in the game, because she's not allowed to play for HoH.

And she's angered and/or offended quite a few house guests.  And quite a few fans.  So good luck with that.  Although she might fade right back into the janitor's closet, and shows signs of going the kitchen route already.

This is Rachel and Kaycee hiding in the secret spot in the Have Not room.  They were joking about waiting there to listen to conversations, but were really waiting on Bayleigh to come in so they could try to talk her into keeping Kaitlyn this week.

They had already discussed the pros and cons of the vote this week, agreeing that Kaitlyn seemed like the best choice for their games, as well as a better choice personally.  They think Kaitlyn can be reeled in after she sees that her former teammates Haleigh and Fessy voted to evict her, and also that Tyler can control her actions going forward.  But they told Bayleigh that too, which may have been too much information.

But Bayleigh is already making plans about Swaggy coming back, saying she can't wait to see him and laying out projections about how he will work with Fessy to target their enemies.  We all know this is wasting precious time and energy for Bayleigh.  Get your head back in the game, Bayleigh.

Sam wanted to bask in compliments for wearing a sundress, and it was shocking to see her wear a dress.  It has pictures of strawberries on it, but Sam likes to call them "strawbabies" and continues to say this OVER and OVER and OVER, even as her roommates make it clear that they don't think that is cute or want to copy it.

Sam:  This is my favorite dress, 'cause it has strawbabies on it.  I'm a gonna bake up some strawbaby shortcake in here, or maybe a strawbaby cobbler.  I call 'em strawbabies, and I love strawbabies, 'cause strawbabies are delicious, and I have strawbabies on my dress.....

The Hooch is a topic of conversation, as everyone wonders when it's ready to drink.  Sam is worried about the safety of it, saying that she didn't put it out in the sun "at home" and they probably need to wait until the condom deflates to try it.

(So, Sam made Prison Punch "at home"?  With liquor stores nearby? OK....)

They want Kaycee to bet Brett that if she beats him in Foosball (which she will) that he has to try The Hooch. That's funny and all, but I doubt Production will let Brett do that.  They might let Scottie take a few sips, but not Brett. 

Just kidding.  Sort of.

Angela and Rachel talked to JC for quite some time about the events of the day.  Tyler came out and told them that everyone is over-analyzing the situation. 

Tyler:  We might be out here playing for HoH, and the person who is evicted can come back in the house if they win it, we don't know...we're all just speculating.

Angela:  Yes, we can't make decisions based on all of the guesses we're making.  That won't work.

JC isn't sold on keeping Angie anymore.  At this point he's open to more possibilities, he says.


Well it's been a busy year for Big Brother baby-making.  Dominic and Dani Briones are expecting a girl.  If you don't know, they met playing BB13.  It seems like she's been pregnant for a long, long time but I think the big day is coming up soon.  This is their first child and the excitement is palpable.

Dominic is a freelance photographer now and seems to be married to his favorite subject.  They also seem to live near a lot of meadows and flower-filled fields, based on the pictures they post.

Jeff and Jordan are expecting another boy, like any day now. Maybe even yesterday, or last week.

Jeff is doing really well on Daily Blast Live so I think Jordan can just relax and be a mom.  Those little boys are going to keep her very busy, I predict.

Amanda is having a girl and makes the whole process look simple.  She seems to be killing it with her real estate firm and is very happy with her very handsome husband.

I love this picture.  It shows us nothing, not even Amanda's entire face, yet seem so intimate and personal.

And last but not least, Christmas Abbot is having a baby girl soon and has been staying fit every step of the way.  I think she lives in Tampa Florida now, and might not own the gym in North Carolina anymore.  She's had lots of changes in her life since BB19 ended last fall, obviously.

There was an article published on People.com earlier this year that leaked Christmas' baby news, featuring the baby's father, who is some sort of Crossfit personality.  She certainly has a type, doesn't she?  This is not the guy she ended an engagement with before she lived in the BB19 house.

And unfortunately, it seems they've already split up, but if anybody can raise a baby on her own and kick ass while doing so, it's Christmas. I found this info on Reddit.


  1. Well I guess Joe is Kaitlyn's brother since Kaitlyn roped Brett into having sex this morning...Twice. If Joe is her boyfriend, my guess he's not anymore. Maybe they have an open relationship, who knows. I like that "forbidden fruit" theory, I wouldn't put it past CRAYtlin. But why not Tyler or Fessie before Brett? I guess she figures she has Tyler & Fessie's vote on Thursday and sex with Brett is "campaigning."

    Now I wonder how bad the shit will hit the fan when Rachel finds out Brett boned Kaitlyn (but won't give Rachel the time of day). Rachel seems really hung up on Brett and upset he's not into her, so I'm sure this will news--if it gets out--will NOT go over well with Rachel. Or the sanctimonious strawbaby Sam, ucch, gag!

    (FW you are so RIGHT, this season IS lit)!!!

    I heard Kaitlyn mention a couple times before that she needs to win the money for her Dad cuz his safe deposit box was one of many that got robbed by professional cat burglars in a NY bank. When high-tech cat burglars rapel into a major city bank in the dead of night with laser precision and planning, do they really rob safe deposit boxes undetected? Like opening the vault to get to the safe deposit boxes then lock-picking each and every safe deposit box to empty the contents (& taking a chance about what's actually in each safe deposit box)? Seems to me they go straight for the ONE bank vault where CASH is stockpiled. I was going actually going to google search this to see if I could find any news posts on a safe deposit box heist in NY city, but I doubt there is any, smh.

    I live in Denver where Jeff & Jordan live now. I keep wondering if I'll ever see them around somewhere. Maybe at the dispensary LOL

    1. Wait! Whaaaaa??? Brett banged Kaitlyn!?! Haaaahahahaha what a sh!t show!!! When did this happen?

      You know you’re feeling the heat in B when you pull out the old “I’m playing for my family, THEY need the money” routine, in a desperate attempt to sound unselfish and pull at heartstrings. Problem is, Kaitlyn is one of the most self-centered people in the House. And that saying something.

    2. I can't say how they got into the vault, but they do open all the boxes. They don't pick the locks they use screwdrivers or something similar to bust the locks.

    3. So I can’t stand Kaitlyn but I just wanted to say that Brett and her didn’t have sex. I saw what you are referring to and it was a handjob at most, which is still awful to do with a boyfriend, but even that I’m not convinced.

  2. Ewww, Angie. I can't stand to look at her face, especially from profile. That chick is 33? I swear I thought she was 43. Or 53 even! She's the weirdest mashup of like Bett Middler & Barbara Streisand but not as glamorous. Angie's instagram profile describes herself as witchy, so add halloween witch to the B & B mashup, and there you have Angie Rockstar!

    I don't know who's worse, Sanctimonious Sam Angie with her hating on privileged trust fund babies and physical beauty. Jealous much? Then there's Kaitlyn every time she opens her mouth and words come out. Nails on a chalkboard

  3. I feel the same about Kaitlyns voice. I have changed the feeds just so I don’t have to hear her. And Sams comments about her flirting ways just went right over her head. I feel sorry for Joe having his girlfriend hang all over the guys on national tv.

  4. Purple lady seems to think she is attractive, she said she can't flirt because she's married and other comments like that. If she were unmarried and able to flirt, please name me one guy in the place who would welcome her attention. One.

  5. It's hard to hear most of them on BBad except for JC who I can hear but not understand! I wish they'd improve the sound quality of the mics, it's not hard do dovin this tech age.


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