Saturday, July 28, 2018

Don't Do As I Say, Or Do What I Do. #BB20

As the show goes on, each eviction seems to have a bigger impact on the group.  Some bigger than others.  Kaitlyn's shocking exit on Thursday night left it's mark....not only do the house guests continue to chatter about how she left, certain realities start to set in.  Like how they will know when one of the two remaining powers are used......a specific announcement will be made, so they can no longer assume that use of a power is the reason for obviously-flipped votes.

Bayleigh took control of her new HoH reign immediately, holding one meeting after another that night, and almost constantly since then.  Everyone in the house has made their way upstairs, for one reason or another.  I watched quite a bit of live feeds yesterday, but was not always in a place to take pictures. There's no way I can tell you everything that happened, but I'll try to hit the high points.

After a long, long Friday taking meetings, Bayleigh nominated Brett and Rachel for eviction.  Brett expected it and so did Rachel, but they are both responding in very different ways now.  The PoV competition is underway as I write this, and as usual, the stakes are high.

PoV Players

Bayleigh - HoH
Rachel - nominated for eviction
Brett - nominated for eviction
Tyler - house guest choice (Brett)
Sam -randomly selected
JC - randomly selected

Angie Rockstar - host (unless a BB celebrity stops by)

When I first tuned in on Friday, Sam was in the HoH, giving Bayleigh all sorts of HoH advice, whether Bayleigh wanted it or not.  Sam instructed her on how she should spend her time in the HoH suite, how and when to lock the door, where to put her HoH basket, what personal items to bring upstairs, where to store personal items in the HoH room,  when to speak to people, and also how to self-stimulate in the shower "as often as possible".  The last thing I want to do is listen to Sam give any more advice, but the key point here is that Bayleigh told Sam she would not put her on the block this week.

Oh, and Sam delivered breakfast in bed to Bayleigh, who likes to talk about how she expects to be pampered, so Bayleigh literally ate this right up.

Bayleigh doesn't like being told what to do.  And Bayleigh likes to talk.  She certainly learned a lot of new information, but she also gave a lot of information.  Like way, way, WAY too much information.

Oh, and she told someone (Rachel, I think) that before she left the house, Kaitlyn told her to keep an eye on Haleigh, because Haleigh knew about her plans to backdoor Swaggy C for three days before it happened.  I don't think it was three days, but it was at least one day.  And THIS is the reason why you need to be careful letting someone know that they are being voted out, because they could run their mouth and cause some collateral damage.

Tyler learned early on that Bayleigh didn't plan to nominate him, that she felt badly for the way he was treated by Kaitlyn, and for the drama that happened on his deceased father's birthday, so she wanted to "give him the week off".  You should know that in the hours before Kaitlyn left, Tyler and Fessy had a whispered conversation about their experiences with Kaitlyn, specifically the comments she made to them about her feelings for each of them. Fessy then mentioned how Kaitlyn tried to seduce him when she was in her HoH room and when he mentioned how she removed her mic under the covers the feeds quickly shifted.  But both of them said they didn't want to get physical with her due to her boyfriend at home.

Rachel has been in the HoH room quite a bit, and was whispering up a storm with Tyler here, gabbing about Bayleigh's planned nominations.  They know that Brett is a target, and shared ideas on how to get Bayleigh to put Scottie on the block next to Brett.  We know now that didn't happen, but earlier today Tyler said that he might start pretending that Scottie is his best friend and confident, so that if he wins PoV and pulls someone off Bayleigh might put Scottie on the block as a defensive play.

I told you that Bayleigh gave out a lot of information.  This poster summarized it concisely as follows.  Note that that Bayleigh telling Fessy about her power happened shortly after she got it, way before becoming HoH.

I don't know why Bayleigh decided to give Rachel so much information, particularly since she planned to put her on the block.  Rachel locked in on the discussion of Bayleigh's power, and asked a number of follow up questions, so now Rachel knows that Bayleigh can "anonymously" usurp the HoH's nominations to make her own, but her power ends there, and she is not involved in any noms that might happen after the PoV competition.  She told Rachel the number of weeks she could use it, but I'm not sure it was correct.  People online are thinking Bayleigh did that on purpose, as a strategic move, but after watching Bayleigh in action, I seriously doubt she is even keeping track of what she is telling people.  For example, this happened:

Rachel:  Did you tell anybody else about the power?  Does anyone else know?

Bayleigh:  No.  Only you.  Fessy might know because he and Swaggy spent a lot of time together and talked a lot.

(But Bayleigh won the power the week AFTER Swaggy left---there is NO WAY Swaggy told Fessy.)

Rachel excused herself to use the bathroom and Bayleigh immediately told the cameras that she regretted running her mouth so much, and wished she hadn't done that.  Bayleigh did tell Rachel that Brett would either be nominated next to Rachel or JC, and even though Rachel pushed the JC option, she did tell Bayleigh that she was okay with being nominated.

===> Bayleigh also told Rachel that if she uses her power next week, her nominations would be Scottie and Tyler, because they are "two power players".

But after the nomination ceremony, Rachel IMMEDIATELY started spinning, and stressing, and freaking out that she was on the block.  In a manner that was VERY offputting, and we're just getting started this week.  It's good camera time, Rachel, so you need to calm the fuck down if you'd like to stay.

I don't know how much I want to say about this, but Bayleigh clearly took NOTHING away from the uncomfortable conversation she had with JC regarding the Em and En words.  She doesn't know it was featured as a segment on the CBS show, but from listening to how she's described it afterwards, she saw it as 100% JC's problem and took 0% responsibility for her part of the conversation.  For example, this conversation occurred.

Tyler:  How are you and JC...did you get over the problems you guys had?

Bayleigh:  Yes, we're fine.  He knows now to NEVER say that word, and he was just WRONG.  I had to set him straight.

It's clear that Bayleigh not only did not listen to what JC said about the Em word, she doesn't think of him as an equal and continually makes derogatory statements about him to his face, and behind his back.  She referred to him in one of her meetings as a "munchkin running around with her name in his mouth", and also called him a "thing" and referred to him "running his little mouth".

My heart breaks for JC, because I'm sure these comments are just a drop in the bucket compared to what he must face every day.  He even told her a story that was partially blocked on the feeds, but it was an example of how he feels he isn't taken seriously due to his size.  His story featured his boss, and I think it involved how he was given more responsibility when the boss took time off work to have a baby, and how happy he was to get the respect from his coworkers.

But Bayleigh continued being Bayleigh.  I hope she can learn to listen to other people and really hear what they are saying.  I'm really shocked that Delta Airlines doesn't do a better job with sensitivity training with customer-facing employees, particularly those who might need to perform in high-stress situations wearing the company uniform.

I wonder if Scottie knows his name is getting thrown around so much this week?  As we saw on the live show, JC is the one who cast the hinky vote for Angie Rockstar to be evicted. And the Level Five alliance is doing their best to place that blame on Scottie.

As one last show of HoH-itis, Sam is apparently LIVID that someone DARED to vote against her wishes to have Kaitlyn evicted, so if Sam wins the PoV look for some pressure for her to use it and push for Scottie's nomination.  Because the Level Fivers made sure Sam heard the rumors about Scottie's vote.

I heard Bayleigh say that Scottie "put his hand on her Bible" and swear it wasn't him, but I also saw her tell the cameras that she can't trust Scottie.  She also has said a few times that she didn't want to work with the people she's working with now, because she doesn't like some of them, and feels stuck because of the alliance choices that Swaggy made before they became romantically involved.

After noms, I told you Rachel was spinning. Rachel needs to switch to decaf, because if she stays on the block all week, her alliance is going to have to choose, and Brett might be their choice to stay.

Bayleigh even told her today that she didn't realize that nominating Rachel would cause her to go into a "downward spiral" and Rachel said she wouldn't feel that way if it weren't for the the other mystery power that no one knows about.  But Rachel knows she's losing it, and seems incapable of controlling her behavior.

Bayleigh even SCOLDED her today about how Rachel is "only thinking about herself" and has not even asked Bayleigh if "she's okay" about maybe having to nominate a  third person.  Bayleigh said she has "given Rachel her game on a silver platter" and Rachel still only thinks about herself.

Let me tell you:  Bayleigh is making it VERY hard to root for her.  We might need to invent a new word for HoH-itis to properly classify what is happening here.

Brett is pretty calm about the nominations.  They literally waited all day long for the nomination ceremony to start.  Brett finally couldn't wait anymore and started his indoor workout.

And after nominations Tyler joined him in the workout, and it's always fun to watch how they move in sync and have such great form doing pushups, burpees, high knees and other high intensity motions.

You should know that Tyler has been able to get lots of sympathy in the house, as the others think that he was invested in his friendship with Kaitlyn and got played by her since she was telling Fessy the same things.  So once again, Tyler is able to pivot and make the current situation work for him.

They also had a group discussion with Brett about Kaitlyn.  Brett was hesitant to discuss it, but finally told the group that on Day #2, he was laying in bed and Kaitlyn just burst out with some information.  She took off her microphone and told Brett she would "totally have sex with him if she didn't have a boyfriend".

Someone kept pushing Brett for information (Rachel, I think) and he told the guys about how Kaitlyn kept trying to get physical with him, backing up into him while he tried to sleep.

Fessy:  Did she try to put your hand on her boob?

(Yes, she did.  I saw the footage of Kaitlyn and Brett.)

Fessy showed them how he struggled to pull his hand back as Kaitlyn yanked at it.  He claims he turned his wrist so that the back of his hand touched her, rather than the business side of his hand.  They all mention being concerned about Kaitlyn's relationship at home, and "joked" that if she did indeed have a boyfriend, she doesn't anymore.  They also "joked" that Joe had booked a trip to leave the country immediately.

It all rang true, what the guys were saying.  I didn't hear Brett admit what did eventually happen, but I think we have enough evidence here to know that Kaitlyn was an aggressor who didn't like to hear the word "no".  I don't blame Brett.  I'll bet Brett's mom doesn't even blame Brett, but that's her job, to defend her apparently irresistible son.

Saturday is the last day of the current Have Not cycle, but now that Sam is not HoH she is once again taking over responsibility for all slop preparation.  They always sift the slop first, which leaves you with what looks like steel cut oats.

Is that an herb garden in the background?  I've never noticed it before and I'm not sure what it is.

I don't think Haleigh knows about the information bomb that Kaitlyn dropped on her way out of the house.  Haleigh got into a little fight with Fessy, after Bayleigh told her that Fessy really fought her hard about putting JC on the block.  Fessy managed to convince Bayleigh that if JC is on the block, he's leaving, which is not Bayleigh's plan this week.

Haleigh let Fessy have it later, accusing him of protecting JC at her expense.  Bayleigh was involved, too, as they both bitched at him about his game play.  Fessy later told Bayleigh that he hoped Haleigh realizes that even though they are fighting now, he's still on her side in the game and doesn't feel like anything has changed.  Bayleigh suggested that he go find Haleigh and tell her that, but Fessy didn't want to.  They also discussed how young Haleigh is, and how that causes her to act in ways that really irritate them sometimes.

Kaycee really wanted to play in the PoV this week, but maybe it's better for her that she's not playing.  I think she is going to really turn it up in some competitions soon and she might find herself on the block after that.

Supposedly Kaycee did well in the HoH comp, coming in close behind Bayleigh.  But I think it might have been another crapshoot comp.

Fessy was worried that America might think he and Tyler were taken in by Kaitlyn, and might be heartbroken over how she played them.  Tyler just said "they know", and left it at that.  Tyler is still totally FOOLING them about his knowledge about Big Brother.

I've heard lots of talk about how Swaggy was the only house guest who was really set up to do well in the game based about everything he knows about BB.  That's laughable, when you think about it. I liked Swaggy C, but he doesn't know how to play the game for shit.  He talked too much to some people, talked too little to others, and was oblivious to what was really going on.  The week he left, he even said he would rather host the PoV then play in it.

I love the Memory Wall as a backdrop to a picture.  It makes everyone look great.

And sometimes you get a picture like this, where both Fessy and Rachel are looking over their shoulders as they look cozy at the table.

And where is this coming from?  I've never seen Haleigh be clingy like this, and with Brett, of all people.  Is she trying to make Fessy mad?

He was sitting right there, across from them.

And Scottie just takes it all in.  He's always stationed in the kitchen area, watching where everybody is, and who they're talking to.  Scottie is like an extra in the BB house, but as we've all seen he has the ability to win competitions, and is extremely unpredictable.  And that makes him dangerous.

I watched him up getting a drink all alone in the middle of the night, and he told us that he's never been more scared in his life, yet never felt more calm.

Tyler and Kaycee are still working together, although no one seems to realize it.  Their alliance is called "Coast to Coast", and the two of them have an easy rapport and seem to trust each other.  Apparently they made a Final Two deal on the second day in the house.  It's important to pick allies who will be trustworthy and not erratic, and the two of them either got very lucky, or had great instincts.

Or maybe a little of both.

Rachel can't relax, and I can tell that she's starting to irritate her friends.  I did hear Angela say that she thinks Tyler might be playing both sides.  Kaycee told Rachel that she can't worry about Brett now, she's on the block and she needs to play her own game.


This is the interview that Julie would have done, if Production had any idea that Kaitlyn would not have assembled her puzzle on time. (I discussed that here, if you didn't see it.)  It's only about 6 minutes long and follows the traditional evicted house guest format, so it's not like she got any special treatment, as far as camera time goes.

Kaitlyn doesn't regret any choices she made, and leaves the games with no regrets, she said.

Julie: Do you think that you blindsiding his friend Swaggy might have been a reason why Fessy didn't use the PoV to save you?

Kaitlyn: Oh, absolutely. That was the ONLY reason.

(Um....I think Haleigh was another reason, Kaitlyn.)

Julie:  You talked often about being friends in there.  Were your friendships with Fessy and Tyler real, or was it strategic to get close to such strong players in the game?

Kaitlyn:  Well, I don't consider Fessy to be a strong player.......

Julie: A strong player in the competitions, maybe?

Kaitlyn:  Um...yeah.  I guess, but I threw that last one to him, but whatever.

Julie brought up Sam's nomination speech and Kaitlyn erupted before Julie even finished her sentence.  Kaitlyn doesn't know what that was all about, and says she would never speak to another woman like that.

Kaitlyn: Well, bless her heart. I pray that she can be enlightened in a different way.

Julie brought up how Kaitlyn was positive last week that Sam's power app was the reason Brett got the votes to stay in the game.  Now Julie asks Kaitlyn what she thinks now.....can she guess who flipped to get the two extra votes?

Kaitlyn guessed just about everyone before finally saying "JC and Tyler?".

Kaitlyn:  He better win.  Tyler better win.

She thinks that Tyler telling her that he hopes she can forgive him and still be friends after watching the show was a hint that he had done some things in the game and she understands.

Then she saw her goodbye videos, and Bayleigh's wasn't too harsh, but it wasn't nice either, saying "Sorry Not Sorry" and throwing out Swaggy C's name.  That's two negative goodbye messages that Bayleigh has left now, even though she knows there is a chance Winston or Kaitlyn could come back in the game and join the jury.

Oh, and Julie specifically told Kaitlyn that she's not on the Jury, so she's being released into the wild for sure.

Fessy's goodbye message was nice, saying that he hopes she can forgive him and they can be friends on the outside.  She kind of scoffed at him, but I'm sure she liked it.

Tyler told the other house guests that the goodbye message he left for Kaitlyn was brutal, and some people (like Taryn on RHAP) really believed that, saying he couldn't wait to see it.  But OF COURSE Tyler didn't do that.....he's a fucking SUPER FAN who said he teared up after watching Josh win last year.  And Josh got the votes to win because of his goodbye messages.  I mean, duh.

Tyler:  Kaitlyn, you did some amazing things for my game.  But you did some TERRIBLE things for my game, too!  I'm sorry for voting you out but I had to do it for my game.  I want to win!

Tyler also wants to be friends with Kaitlyn, and says he can't wait to see her outside of the game.  I'll bet Taryn believes that, too.  Oh, and Julie also brought up Tyler's deceased father's birthday, and how Tyler said Happy Birthday to him as he voted.  Kaitlyn said Tyler's dad had "been with her the whole game" and Julie couldn't even respond to that.  She just paused and moved on with the show.

 Julie:  So you want Tyler to win?

Kaitlyn:  Yes!  I mean, I'd really like a woman to win, but if not a woman, then Tyler.

Julie wondered which woman Kaitlyn would like to win and she thought for a minute before naming Bayleigh.  Julie wished her luck and they shook on it.  Kaitlyn belongs to the world now.


Kaitlyn has emerged.  She unlocked her Twitter account, and is beginning to regain her life.

Out of all of the thousands of horrible messages written about her, she found two nice tweets, so that's something.

As of right now, Joe still hasn't tweeted much, which is probably smart of him.  Since his statement he made weeks ago, these are the  only new tweets from him. Trust that I will be keeping an eye on this situation, and will let you know if there are any important developments.


  1. I just figured it out; Brett is a douchy version of Zach Braff, the dork from Scrubs. Go away, bro.

    Man, Rachel is a basket-case. I think she is having trouble dealing with the fact that she is expendable in the house and not fawned over like she probably is in real life. Bad look. Take a Xanax.

    Speaking of bad look, yeah Bayleigh is getting a bad case of HOH-itis and is losing her game self-awareness. People, you’re HOH reign doesn’t last forever. People can’t seem to get this and fall victim to the short lived power. Certain people are going to remember this HOH and it will come back to eventually haunt Bayleigh.

    With Kaitlyns BF, he’s probably out banging every chic he comes across on the road, so maybe he’s like “whatever” with her thirsty for dudes in the house. No evidence to prove this, just a thought.

  2. "Queen Bay" is destroying her game with this HOH reign. Not playing smart at all.

  3. Hey just wanted to stop by and say today on "the view", Les Moonves is being accused of sexual misconduct. I caught the end of the convo, but they did read a statement where he admitted to some things, but claim they happened decades ago. I sure hope he has not been that person recently. Any, any, any, and I mean ANY,of this behavior is WRONG. But if he was a bad guy in the past, I just hope he was good to julie since they got together. I would just feel terrible for her and her son if it turns out that he has been one of those guys for all this time.

    Like I said, have not heard too much yet, been busy. I thought if I bring it here, some of you all may have some light to shine on the topic.


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