Monday, July 23, 2018

Does Power Corrupt, or Do the Corrupt Take Power? #BB20


When the Sunday night CBS episode began with 10 seconds of silence, and this placard, then I knew we were going to go there, whether we wanted to or not.  I have a lot to say about the Very Special Segment, but I don't want to say it.  It's not my place, other than saying my heart broke for JC when he spoke about being aware of people staring and "giving him dirty looks" when he is out in public.

If so many people out there didn't know that the word "midget" is a very offensive, pejorative term for "dwarf" then I don't know where you have been taught, and who has been teaching you.  Probably the internet.  And that's a shame.

Not to mention that JC has been repeatedly saying all summer that he does not even qualify to be a dwarf, based on medical specifications.  And he's touchy about that.  So imagine the double frustration he feels at being called a dwarf, and then having The Em Word thrown around.

I've already said two and a half paragraphs more about the situation than I planned to say, so let's just move on, please.

It seems that CBS peaked in their "Sam is God" coverage on the last live show, with the hometown segment and all, which was great timing for them.  Because Sam gave Production lots of content to show the casual viewing audience her other side once she won HoH.

We saw a graphic like this before the commercial break, and also as we returned, making sure all the viewers got the picture that Sam is getting drunk with power.

And they have shown Sam toting that jug of sweet tea around the house several times on a few CBS episodes.  Last night they included several shots of her chugging from it, and also burping after drinking from it.

That's not a positive look, people.  I'm guessing that the crew has been itching to turn the corner on Sam's edit, but to me it makes her a much more interesting person.  I wasn't falling for the whole "Aw Shucks Sam is some sort of prophet" narrative.

Or this image...I was very tired of the whole Robot Maid with the Heart of  Gold routine.  Even Rosie had a few sharp edges.  She told George Jetson where to shove it quite a few times, as I recall.

I think they are using all the Sweet Tea Jug footage to set us up for the Very Special Hooch Segment on a future CBS episode.  They already flashed some footage of Sam mixing up the batch of prison booze on the last live show.  I don't think there is any way that Production will let the house guests drink any of it, but they can make a story line out of the project.

By the way, here is a look at the batch of hooch (or "pruno") cooking up in the backyard as of last night.  Sam put a condom on top of the jug to help it ferment, apparently.  She said she washed it off first to remove any factory-applied substances.  I think the sunshine and the condom will help the hooch cook up much faster than it would merely hidden in the ceiling tiles of a prison cell.  Supposedly the fact that the condom is blowing up is indicative of the chemical reaction inside the jug.

Rachel said she was sorry to be a Have Not this week, because that meant she couldn't take a swig of The Hooch.  Angie said she would wait to try it until someone else did, because she feared the headache that would come from drinking it.  So.....THAT should be a cautionary tale for the cast and crew, right?  That Angie doesn't want to try it?  Obviously they should all let Sam take a chug first.  Even the crew....they can send the Warden in to toss everybody's cell after they see how potent it is.

And we saw a couple of quick shots of Sam dancing in her HoH suite, enjoying her alone time.  The CD she requested was a James Brown CD, which must be a first in the BB house, right?

I loved how we saw Tyler in the Diary Room, cocking his head like a spaniel as he heard some clatter and shouting in the kitchen.  Tyler knew SOME SHIT was going down in that house, and he wanted to know if he could be excused from his DR session to watch it.

Tyler:  Can I leave now?  Can I go outside now?

On the TV show, they felt they had to add a backing orchestra to Angie's little song about her best friend Brett.  But I didn't think she needed that....when you watch it on the live feeds it was actually rather catchy.  People were clapping and laughing and some were dancing along---it was an event.  Angie can keep the beat with her kitchen instruments and her freestyle rap about Brett's friendship, and the Big Reveal that Brett was her "baby daddy" in addition to her "best friend".

But then Angie literally jumped on top of Brett as you saw on the show.  And that changed everything for everybody.  The room cleared and there were several "Oh Shit" looks on people's faces.

But Angie stayed where she was on Brett's satellite dish.  I think he was clapping to keep his hands busy, so the cameras would make no mistake that he wasn't being aggressive to her at all.  They didn't show him asking her to "get off him" on the CBS show, but he did. And she immediately moved, and had a smile on her face for the entire performance.

I'm guessing that Production asked her to apologize to all of the house guests for this little outburst, but only because she stepped over the line by jumping on top of Brett.  I think she's lucky that Brett didn't feel the need to make a formal complaint about it.  Of course, I don't know for certain that he didn't make a complaint, but I think if he did there would have been a house meeting in the living room, with an announcement from Production.  Right?

I did see her apologize to several house guests for her behavior, and complain about Brett refusing to listen to her apology to him.  They say apologies are a gift that you give to someone, and they can  refuse to accept them, but it's all game to Brett.  He's targeting her for eviction before she can target him, and she's playing right into it all.


Kaitlyn told Rachel that as an intuitive and connected person, she knows when people in another room are talking crap about her.

Kaitlyn:  It's like getting an Amber Alert or something.  I always know.

Kaitlyn's brother has an app on his phone where you can hold the phone up in the air when an airplane is flying overhead and the app tells you what the flight number is, as well as the starting point and destination.  Scottie thought that sounded terrifying, that you could have access to so much information, but Angela perked up and said that sounded really cool to her.

Tyler went over to where Kaycee was doing laundry to put on some sunscreen and whisper about what they think the plan is with the renomination.  During their conversations with Sam, they both suggested that Angie be the one put up on the block, but they're not sure what she will do.

Tyler:  Sometimes you can't tell Sam anything.

Kaycee:  Oh, absolutely.

Sam told Tyler that she wants to put someone on the block who will ensure that Kaitlyn is evicted, but she wouldn't tell him who it was. They worry it will be someone from "The Six" but both feel comfortable that it won't be them.  Tyler doesn't want to push her any more about it, but wants to point out to Sam that not everyone has been her friend since the first week like he has, but now everyone is trying to talk to her.

(They want to pull another blindside by voting out Angie instead of Kaitlyn.)

Tyler ambled off to continue his rounds in the backyard, leaving Kaycee to continue with the laundry.  They always have so many towels to wash once the backyard opens.  This week they didn't have access to the backyard from Tuesday through Saturday night.  That's a long time to be cooped up inside, especially with all of the tension and drama this week.

Tyler always has a Kombucha bottle in his hands, but I think he fills them with water at least half of the time.  Each bottle retails at around $3.50 here in Atlanta, so out in California they probably cost even more.  It's likely an HoH basket item, at least it should be.

I swear Angela doesn't even bother most of the time.  She just doesn't give a damn.

The chatter out on the sun chairs was exactly what you thought it would be:  Kaitlyn on the block, Kaitlyn's feelings about being on the block, and Kaitlyn wanting to get off the block.  She wants Tyler to mention to Fessy that if he wants to keep both girls in the house, he needs to take Kaitlyn off the block with his PoV, because Haleigh might not get voted out, but Kaitlyn most surely will.  Tyler promised to try...he will bring it up with Fessy when he can.

It's super hot out there today in the sun.  Tyler went over to the outside shower to cool off.

Everyone is waking and baking out there in Cali today, one way or another.

Tyler has a palm tree on his ribcage. I'll bet that area hurts, as far as tattoos go.  Lots of nerve endings there.

Rachel is not a Scottie fan, and has said she would target him for eviction if she's HoH, because he's not really connected with anybody and she won't upset anybody if he's gone.  Plus I'm sure she's irritated by him.  It's like dealing with a child, but a child who periodically makes nasty jokes and innuendos.

She was attempting to nap here and Scottie sat next to her, commenting on how yellow her eyes are.

Kaycee wondered who Scottie thinks is going up on the block after the PoV is used.  Scottie said he thought that instead of nominating a duo this week, he thought it might be a trio that is put on the block.  Kaycee just nodded and murmured an answer, not naming any names.  Smart.

(I think Scottie suspected Angie would be nominated, since she is close with Haleigh and somewhat connected to Kaitlyn.)

Scottie kept making a lot of one-liners here with Kaycee, but she kept trying to have a real conversation and he broke down and conversed normally with her, in an even tone.  They talked about how they both worked in warehouses.  It sounds like Kaycee has frequently held more than one job at a time.  She worked at Smart & Final in the warehouse until last October.  She drove a forklift and liked to stack up boxes.  She also worked for Frito Lay and drove their trucks full of chips and helped set up displays in the stores for various promotions, like the Super Bowl.  She did that within Smart & Final, too, helping set up various store displays.

Scottie said he wanted to try out for Big Brother last year, but he used to play basketball all the time and twisted his ankle pretty badly.  Scottie worked at a movie theater and was thrilled to get a poster of Batman after Batman Rises as a gift from the manager.  He claims to have applied for a job at the theater specifically because he wanted a poster, and ended up staying there years afterwards.

Scottie worked in a theater in Naperville, and loved the crew who worked there, but then he transferred to a theater in Chicago and "everyone sucked".  He also despises theaters that deliver food to the patrons, and is very adamant about it.

(Not me.  There is a theater within 15 minutes from my house that lets me buy tickets online, choose which seat I'd like to reserve, and then press a button on the arm rest of my cushy chair to order from the menu.   They have cocktails, too, but I usually stick to beer.)

Bayleigh told Sam that she had a good morning.  She did some stretching and went in the lounge to do some deep breathing.  She ended up falling asleep in there but is pondering some of the game situations that puzzled her before, and she's starting to make sense of everything now.

Sam  told Bayleigh that she would not be going on the block this week, and Bayleigh really appreciated getting a heads up about it.  I didn't hear her tell anyone about that, which would be smart on her end.  Her whole alliance is starting to panic and peck away at each other, and if she wants to survive she should try to stay out of it.

Bayleigh:  I trust our friendship.

I think Swaggy getting evicted so early was the best thing for Bayleigh's game.  I think Tyler might try to swoop in and make some connections with her, particularly if one of her friends goes home this week. Bayleigh only ended up in the group she's in because of Swaggy.  She was close to Angela before she started isolating herself with Swaggy.  I'm sure she's noticed that she's on the losing side of every vote with the group she's been hanging with.  Time to make a change, Bayleigh.

So, Production usually gives the evicted house guests a free logon to the live feeds, but Swaggy didn't even want to watch them after he was evicted.  He's never been a live feeder before, but stays updated every year from tweeters and also YouTube clips, I think. Since he's been home, he's been chatting with the fans on Twitter as they let him know what is going on, and what Bayleigh is up to.

Apparently he finally logged on to the CBS website and is enjoying the feeds. I'm glad, because now he can see for himself what is happening, rather than taking total strangers at their word, which may or may not be colored by their opinions.

Like it or not, Swaggy and Kaitlyn are the break out stars of the show this year, including Brett, of course.  They might even appear on the same episode of The Bold & The Beautiful.  Who knows.

Swaggy takes the haters in stride, too.  That's almost as powerful as ignoring someone.

It's hot outside, according to Haleigh.  They had a lively conversation about taking a group trip to go snowboarding.  Angela suggested February, but it sounds like taking a New Years trip together might be a more popular option.

I'll bet Haleigh feels like she's under a microscope now, after Sam's nomination speech on Friday, plus all of the comments she's made about Haleigh since then.

When you see this, you know that something is about to happen.  The door to the Diary Room hallway is next to this, so the camera is waiting for it, and is letting us know to wait, too.

It was Sam, calling all of the house guests to the living room.  JC appeared on the feeds for the first time that day, quiet for a change, and I think Fessy was the other person they all had to wait on. Sam's shirt falling off her body?  And does she look like she just got out of bed with that messy hair?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

And of course it was time to appoint the new batch of Have Nots.  Why even bother at this point, if we're going to do it like this?  Where are the stakes for these people?  I know it's not fair to make someone be a Have Not for weeks on end, but this volunteer system is ridiculous.

In fact, before she even opened the card to read the BB announcement, Sam asked the people who had volunteered if their offer was still good.  It was, so that spoiled the "surprise".  But who cares, anyway, unless you're that person who is starving to death, sleeping in a satellite dish.

Have Nots = Kaycee, Rachel & Bayleigh (never have been Have Nots before) + Scottie

Then Sam came outside to make another announcement to the girls splayed around the pool area.  I'm assuming that she already made this announcement inside the house, based on her tone of voice.

Sam:  There are two white pills sitting on the back of the bathroom counter.

Kaitlyn:  What?  TWO WHITE PILLS?

Angela:  White pills?

Sam:  I said, there are TWO WHITE PILLS sitting on the back of the bathroom counter.


Earlier, Brett caused a bit of an internet stir by discussing his Adderall prescription.  Kaitlyn said she used to take it, too.


I was thinking about what we expected to see out of this cast after watching the preseason interviews.  Let's review a few of the house guests' preseason statements to see how they match up with reality as we know it.


Angela told us that she's not really a girl's girl, and that seems to be true.  She also said she would not be getting into a showmance, which rings true now, too.

But her interview with Ross really dragged for was boring, which is why I inserted a little joke in my post to make sure everyone was awake.  So, Angela being boring has certainly turned out to be true.


Angie told us she was going to beast out the endurance competitions, and surprise us all with her stamina.  Well, I was surprised all right.  Even with the intense rage that she felt as the competition kicked off last week, she was still the first to drop.

She did chant her children's names while she held on to her tree, though.  So at least that part played out.


Bayleigh told Ross that she didn't like the term "showmance", and she wasn't going to say she was up for one, or that she wasn't up for one.  She's single, though, and at one point mentioned that if they put someone "tall, dark and handsome" in the house for her, she might be interested.

And we all know what happened after that.  What we don't know is what will happen after all of this happens. And what will happen after that.  And so forth.

But it's a cute relationship she has with Swaggy C and they seem to have connected deeply in their time in the house.


This is the most shocking revelation to me, given what we've learned about Brett, and his explosive story line in the past week.  During Brett's interview with Ross, I had him pegged as someone poised and ready to do Dastardly Deeds in the house this summer, so his answer to Ross' question crushed my spirit a little.

I do think Brett loves America, but has gambled on being the villain of the season.  Or, one of the villains of the season.  We'll see Brett again, maybe on some other CBS shows.  I think he's too good looking, too well spoken, and too smart for Big Brother casting to monopolize his TV career, even if they want to do that.  We're just scratching the surface of Brett right now.


Haleigh was a doll with Ross, but if she thinks she's playing Derrick's game she is sorely mistaken.

Haleigh hasn't voted correctly once in three live evictions.  She may be suspicious of who is driving all of the blindsides, but without the social capital to lead a team to action, she'll never approach Derrick's level of BB greatness.  Derrick came to BB16 with decades of pertinent, valuable experience and used it to his advantage every day.

Haleigh is certainly no Victoria, but she might be closer to the BB16 version of Nicole, but without the Jury House showmance.  Or will she.....


Tyler told Ross he could handle stress in the game without letting it get to him emotionally...he says he'll look like he's "not bothered at all".

We'll give Tyler an "A" on that effort.  His patience has been tested to what would have been anybody's limit dealing with Kaitlyn this season.  Tyler has been the epitome of grace under pressure in that house and that should be commended.

And clearly Tyler is not the First In First Out stupid surfer type, no matter what he looks like.  I don't know if Tyler will win BB20, or America's Favorite Player, but as far as I'm concerned, he's in the running for both.


  1. A quick check of a few websites show Kombucha prices here in San Jose mostly $3.99 slightly higher average in the City and El Lay as well. And if he's been refilling an HOH basket Kombucha bottle from week 1.....yeah might want to change that out like yesterday. Might be safer to drink from Sam's crazy drink mix. And what was in that jug before? Wait it was probably milk so don't tell me. I don't want to know.

  2. So so hot in LA. I'd be inside.


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