Thursday, July 26, 2018

Can You Be A Leader If You Have No Followers? #BB20

Last night was the PoV competition episode, with the house still being led by one of the strangest Head of Household regimes in recent history.  This is a picture of Sam's HoH basket...Jiffy Corn Bread mix, Funyons, Mountain Dew and Stubbs Barbeque sauce....all we're missing to really drive home the Southern Redneck stereotype is a big sack of boiled peanuts and maybe some pickled pigs feet.

And the YooHoo.  Don't forget the YooHoo.  I'm not sure what that slab in the plastic container is....maybe that is a pig's foot, after all.

In case you're wondering what YooHoo is made of, it's probably just some good old-fashioned wholesome chocolate milk, right?

We began the episode just after Sam's nominations were made, along with her judgmental assessment of the two nominee's conduct in the house, later expanded to include the way they dress, how their clothes fit, and how unkempt their appearances can be in the house.  I don't think wearing tight or skimpy clothes seems to offend Sam, or else she might have nominated two different girls.  And men walking around half naked most of the day, constantly on display for these wanton women seems to be okay as well.

I'm just trying to understand Sam's thought process so I can make sense of it all for us.  Perhaps I need to swig a few YooHoos in order to get into the correct mind space for that.

Angie didn't understand the nominations either.  How can someone who is in favor of female empowerment leave the bullies in the house off the block?  Angie has been trying to stir up an All Girl Alliance, but she invited Sam to join as kind of an afterthought, just tacking her onto the invitation like a Plus One guest.  But Sam doesn't want an All Female situation at the end of the game.  She told Tyler that yesterday.

Who does Sam think "deserves" to be in the game at the end?  Well, she told Tyler that that group should be herself, Tyler, Scottie, JC and Kaycee.  She made a big point of saying how hard it must be for Kaycee to be in the BB house right now.  I'm not sure why she would think that, but I'm willing to bet Sam's reasoning would offend me somehow.

She did say that she thinks Kaycee is holding back in the game, laying low and keeping quiet like a Nascar vehicle doing a slow run around the track, waiting for the flag so she can speed ahead in front of everyone.  Sam might be right about that. I'm not sure about the proper racecar terminology though.  I went to the Daytona 500 one time with a boyfriend and his parents, who flew down to Florida especially for the event.  And probably to check me out, too, since I had been staying almost every weekend in their Daytona-area vacation home.  We watched about 20-30 laps around the track, which took FOREVER due to all of the slow driving Sam was talking about.  Then the Dad wanted to go eat lunch, so we went to a fancy restaurant and that was the end of that.  We had good seats at the race, too, so good that I was worried the entire time that wreckage was going to fly over the fence and smack me right in the face.  There was lots of small print on the back of the ticket that pointed out you were risking your life as a spectator.

But I digress.  Again.  If you're a CBS-only viewer, you probably don't know much about Kaycee.  But on the live feeds she is active in game conversations all day long.  She's just being smart about it, listening more than she speaks and choosing her words carefully.  Everyone sees her as a trustworthy player.

Katilyn was shocked by Sam's nomination comments, and addressed the male species as she said she never meant to make any of the guys in the house feel disrespected.  And then Sam stepped in and told her that they weren't going to discuss this all week, basically telling her to shut up.  This is the crowd listening to Sam chastise Kaitlyn.

There are still two or three rounds of evictions before Jury, depending on how the "#1 Life" twist plays out.  I'm pretty sure Sam has a good chance of going home to her trailer in the woods before Jury.  She's angered quite a few people in the house, with game play so personal that her every move is unpredictable.  And how is she going to integrate back into the house, after living On High and secluded much of this week?  How is she going to handle the fornication in the downstairs bedrooms?  (She's already speculated that Fessy using the PoV to save Haleigh has led to Haleigh giving it up, which is incorrect, as far as I know.)

Sam doesn't seem to care, though.  She's too YeeHaw for YooHoo.

(Like KooKoo for Cocoa Puffs, get it?)

So imagine our shock to see Fessy visit Sam's HoH room after nominations, and leap over to lay on top of her after hearing some effusive praise about what a great guy he is, and how much she loves him.

And who says stuff like this to someone who is awkwardly laying on top of you?  Particularly when that someone is 6'5" and looks like they could crush you?  I certainly watch my share of live feeds and I've never seen ANYTHING that would indicate Sam has this sort of relationship with Fessy.

I know these people whisper a lot on the feeds, but the fact that we have so many subtitles in almost every episode tells you that once again the sound crew has failed.  In one scene last night we heard a conversation from ANOTHER ROOM while we listened to whispers in THIS ROOM.  Brent from RHAP thinks they are intentionally mixing the sound on the live feeds to help thwart feeders who post clips online illegally.  But I just think they are bad at what they do.  Again.  Let's not forget that on the second live show there was NO SOUND AT ALL while Julie Chen was onstage speaking to us.

When the Big Oaf Fessy finally rolled off Sam, did she immediately move and let him (or us) know that what just happened was inappropriate and made her feel uncomfortable?  Did she tell him that he wasn't showing her the RESPECT that she COMMANDS, as she told us in her DR session?

No, she snuggled right up to him, murmuring pleasantries and even told 'Merica that "this right here is a great guy", or something along those lines.

I have to say, that's just as much or MORE than what Haleigh has done with Fessy.  Let's just leave Kaitlyn out of this, for the sake of the argument, but I guess Sam's criteria for respectable conduct vary according to the participant.  (We all do that in our own lives, for sure, but we're not on TV making Haleigh's grandpa cry, now are we?)

For the record, JC is just under 4'8", and Fessy is 6'5".  I'm surprised that Sam is that tall, actually, because I think of Haleigh as rather tall and willowy, and Sam is the same height she is in this picture.

No wonder JC can wear Kaitlyn's clothes.  She might be slouching here, but they're both in the same ballpark as far as height goes.

And then Rachel Reilly burst into the house after ringing the doorbell.  And look who was the first one to greet her....Bayleigh.  Bayleigh was the first one to enter the house this year, so there's a pattern there.  (She's cursed not to win due to that, you know.)

And look how tall Bayleigh is...she's towering over Rachel, who is likely wearing high heels.  If anyone was bummed out to see Rachel Reilly, it may have been Rachel Swindler, who had been picked to host the competition by Sam.  I saw Rachel Swindler do a few showy flourishes with her arms, showgirl-style, but her hosting wishes were dashed.  I know she wanted a costume, too, so maybe Rachel Reilly gave her the personalized lab coat she was wearing.  That would have been the Christian thing to do, it seems.

This is Bro Fund Me, where the PoV competitors had to remember the sequence of Slaps, Bonks, and Spanks in order to win a point.  This apparatus was used in a competition last season, but I remember hearing them bitch and moan about it later, saying that devices weren't properly calibrated to hit them, so some of the players last season didn't think it was fair.

But this year, JC is the one who didn't think it was fair.  I'm not even sure they could adjust that Slap arm so that it wouldn't hit him right in the balls.  He was complaining about it afterwards, which was much funnier than the canned lines they made him do in the Diary Room.

Like this.  They even made him wear Band Aids on his right cheek, as you see below.  I guess they wanted to make sure all of the Stupid American Viewers understood the gag.

HA HA HA HA That's so funny!  That little dude is just a laugh riot, right CBS?

Look. I didn't like JC when I first met him during the BB Cast Reveal, mainly because I thought he was going to act like Frankie Grande, with everything being a big gimmick and commercial for himself.  But JC has been a pleasant surprise in there.  He's always grinding and playing the game, particularly this week, when he's been accusing Tyler of being Kaitlyn's puppet.  I like JC and think he has more to offer the viewing audience then corny gags like this.  He's hilariously blunt with people, and gets a pass almost every time because he is so well-liked in the house.

Maybe JC's history-making actions during the PoV meeting signal the beginning of a turnaround in his edit on the CBS show.

Because I don't remember anyone EVER speaking out like this during a PoV ceremony.  We've seen a few scathing speeches take place during the PoV meetings, but never someone outright REFUSING the HoH's nomination in this manner.

Maybe "refused" is the wrong word.  "Objected" is probably more like it. And Sam just caved in and made the shocking nomination of Angie Rockstar instead.  She said later she looked at JC and just couldn't do it to him.

Take note, future BB contestants.  This may be a new thing.  And to quote one of the better Southern-inspired sayings, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar".  Meaning, try being sweet, instead of being angry, and see how that works for you.  (That's how I've gotten out of several speeding tickets, once in New York, where I suddenly had an accent not unlike Sam's.....the officer actually APOLOGIZED to me and sent me on my way.  Sucker.)

And another shot of that fugly PoV box, which will probably be converted into a crew member's stash box as soon as the season is over.

I love the end of the CBS episodes, where all of the action starts moving in slow motion, as we hear the music and the witty Hype Man close out the show.

Haleigh had a strong couple of seconds in the closing moments, wearing the PoV necklace and already stewing about one of her closest allies being put on the block in her place.  I wish Angie had objected to it the way JC did.  Maybe next week we'll see a Double Objection.


Well, for a "nothing" week, there sure has been a lot of action.  Every time I watch the live feeds there has been a change in the voting plan.  I think there may be a landslide one way or another, but it looks like Bayleigh is going to be a deciding factor.  She has said that she wants to vote with the majority this week, and so does Haleigh, but what the majority wants to do has flipped at least three times since Monday.

If Kaitlyn is evicted, she really has only herself to blame.  Tyler told her to keep her mouth shut, that she had the votes to stay, but she needed to stop talking to Haleigh and Fessy about everything, because they plan to vote against her.  But Kaitlyn just couldn't do that, and ended up hearing a lot of things that she just had to run her mouth about, eventually pissing off Angela.

Angela is not the one to piss off, Kaitlyn.  And that led to switching the vote to evict Kaitlyn so that it would be UNANIMOUS.  So, how great would it be to see an IRATE Kaitlyn get evicted, and then storm back in the house after winning whatever it is she has to do to earn the right to return.  FEEDS GOLD.  AGAIN.

But last night Level Six was discussing it again, saying if Kaitlyn is the one to stay, only Sam and JC would be blindsided with anger.  Tyler wants Angie Rockstar gone, because she has said she's coming after him, but he's willing to vote with his team, no matter what happens.  Because the live feeds will be down for big chunks of time today, in preparation for the live show, there might be twists and turns in the planned vote that we don't know about until Game Time.

It's exciting.  At the end of last night's show, the announcer said we'd see who was evicted, and if they won the chance to come back in the house.  The HoH competition was not mentioned, so it wouldn't surprise me if we don't know who the new HoH is until after the live show ends.  And that HoH comp is going to be the most important of the season.

You know it's a good season when we say that every week.  And this season is GOOD.


  1. I was gobsmacked at Sam crawling all over Fes, EXACTLY as she had been so critical of for the other girls. She really screwed up her entire HOH and I lost respect for her when she was unprepared for the re nomination ceremony, what a loser move. I think she made enemies instead of one on one deals for protection as per usual. Very bad HOH all around so I hope she had enough fun to last her through jury.

    1. You couldn't even see Sam underneath Fessie's bulk, so since he had her pinned she really wasn't able to crawl all over him. She knew she was on camera so it looked like she was trying to diplomatically extricate herself from an embarrassing situation. She has bollixed up her HOH badly by trying to avoid any blood on her hands whatsoever, resorting to leaving things up to chance that she should be taking responsibility for. Her initial noms were because Haliegh and Kaitlyn mocked her with their impersonations of her during a game which really pissed Sam off, not just that they are sexual manipulators. Once she has moved out of the HOH room she plans to sleep in the back corner of the havenot's bedroom for the remainder of the game. She seems like a girl who really values what privacy she can get.

    2. Me, too. I couldn't get over the fact that she looked so hypocritical.

  2. You know it's a good show and the feeds are good when it's the fifth day in a row there's a Feed Watcher blog post to read. Tonight's show should strongly cap an entertaining week.

  3. Ray HiggenbottomJuly 26, 2018 at 5:24 PM

    My wife started off liking Sam. She just watches the CBS show, I follow the feed reca9s here and on Jokers (my job diesdoe allow me to be abkable follow the feeds unfortunately). So she was excited Sunday to see Sam win HoH. "That's my girl", she said. I knew what was coming with nominations, so I kept my mouth shut.

    Fast forward to nominations, Sam kinda slut shames Haleigh and Kaitlyn, my wife is less impressed. Fast gorwafo again to last night, when Sam was shut down Kaitlyn tryutr defend herself post nominations and my wife says, "Sam is no longer my girl". She also described Fessy as a dummy, for promising both of them the veto should he win. Si yeah, I got a keeper.

  4. Heh, yeah lil Sam’s jumped the shark. The squirrelly, awe-shucks, southern gal innocence is just irritating and kindaaaaaa bull shit now in a way. Get off the high horse Sam! You’re just coming off kinda dumb when nothing you or do has any true rhyme or reason in regards to the actual game, except make people look at you like WTF!?!. Sorry, but your doing it to yourself! But hey, if Sam can make it entertaining, keep doing it!!!

    There’s a person like this every year that you don’t expect to get gobbled up by the power. But once they do, look out. Their impending fall can brutal.

  5. Pigs feet bahahahahaha!!!
    I think the ingredient list for YooHoo is just as gross, gag!
    Its shelf stable "milk" too I'm sure, never trust that stuff.
    FW you always make me giggle, thank you!!!

  6. SAM: How in hell could someone who "was a hairdresser"--(and is forever styling other HGs hair day in day out--have a hairstyle (cut AND color) that is SO horrendous? NOTHING she can do to makes it look better either, wear it up or wear it down, it always looks like shit shit shit, smh

  7. Agreed - easily shaping up to be the best season in years, and 7 minutes into live show tonight shaping up to be best show of year so far. Haven't laughed so hard in 7 minutes in a long time....

  8. The house is getting smaller. Will we see some people start kicking their game play up a gear? Interested to see what Rachel, Angela and Kaycee do now that things are tightening up. Kaycee is in a relativily good spot though as has been mentioned here by others. We’ll see if the other two up their play.

    At the point where alliances potentially start to shuffle, new ones form and new drama and targets emerge. Another interesting HOH. So many possibilities with whoever wins in that house right now. Can go many different directions. Go get it!

  9. Yeah...the whole Sam-Fessy cuddle bug situation, was totally outta nowhere. I had to replay her words to him several times, and watch her hands/body movements while both under, then beside him. She in no way was uncomfortable. It is insulting to us for her to be like " ...that was wrong.. And I was uncomfortable.." She was all giggly, grabby, and I'm pretty sure I heard her murmur "awe, I love you fessy".

    Maybe this is me just speculating, but Sam just may be more like Kaitlyn, than we think. I have known many people who hate on someone because they either are: exactly like them, are or act in a way the hater wishes they could, plus the obvious, other person getting attention and hater wants it, etc. But I just get this feeling that Sam tried to sacrifice Kaitlyn and Hayleigh publically, by shaming them for things that are not her business, and are nothing more then personal vendettas. I had an issue with her "reasoning" during noms from beginning. It just didn't sit right for me, and after the fessy sitch, I know its a load of crap.

    In my opinion, little ol Sam either hates that other girls are getting attention and she isn't, but my gut says that actually she likes fessy. And both girls have been on him. My brain thought, hmm or maybe Tyler, but I Dont think so actually. She just laid back when Fessy hugged her, and she held that position while laughing, hugging, saying the "l" word, and complimenting him both while under and beside him. In fact, when they were sitting up, she was cuddling him, kinda half laying on him she was so tight in her hug.

    I think her noms were pure jealousy. It may not be only because if Fessy, she may just not like that she isn't getting any guy attention. In my opinion, if she wanted to "further GIRL IMPOWERMENT" she would have pulled them aside earlier and gave them that speech in private. Not all sacrificial lamb type belittling.

    Any who, I am a very tall 4"10 myself. Maybe its because I am use to it, but I Dont see myself so tiny compared to others. I know I am short, shit my 10 year old and I can almost share clothes and shoes, but when I look at JC compared to everyone else, I asked my husband, "babe, do I look that tiny in group situations?" And he said, "oh yes babe, you do" So JC, power to us short people. We are cute and people Dont seem to see us as a threat. I like JC. I was also like you FW, I thought, "this guy isn't going to take this serious" bit just like you, I am pleasantly surprised by him. And his veto "interruption" was epic! Will go down as a great moment in BB history. Loved it!


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