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Meet Winston Hines - Great Things Come in Great-Looking Packages. #BB20

It's time for Ross to chat with Winston Hines, who is 28 and is from Somerset Kentucky.   Ross tells us that Winston is the very first BB20 house guest to walk into the room and immediately know it was the Diary Room.  Winston does a fist pump when he hears this...he's already topping the charts.

Winston: I'm glad it's soundproof in here, because I'm going to be in here talking a lot.

Note that Winston DOES NOT seem like a Diary Room Shouter.   He has a soft Southern voice and I do not expect him to yell at us when he's in there.  Winston and Ross shake hands and Winston lets Ross know he "obviously" knows who he is, so that's a good sign.  So far Winston knows the Diary Room, and he know who Ross was, which are two good omens for the fans.

Winston tells Ross he is in medical device sales, and it is sort of a unique job to have.  I've known a few people who do that type of work, and they all regularly visited operating rooms during surgeries that used their equipment.  I don't know if that's required or not, and I'm sure it would depend on the type of device sold, but I clearly remember my friend's husband gnawing on a chicken wing and telling me that he wasn't squeamish at all about seeing blood and guts.  (Whereas, gnawing on a chicken wing grosses me out....)

I think Frank Eudy was in medical device sales, too, before he came into the BB18 house.  Usually those jobs are high-paying ones.  Very, actually.  Very high paying.  Winston says he was between positions and just got hired for a new job when he learned he was coming on Big Brother.  So he quit that job immediately (like Frank did with his pre-BB18 job).  Life, death, and surgery keep right on going when you're on a reality show.  That's for sure.  They can't wait to install the catheter (or whatever) just because Winston's in the Have Not Room.

Winston says he's jacked up to be playing Big Brother, and wishes he could move in and get started right now.  He says he fell in love with the show and being chosen to play is a huge deal for him.

Winston: .....just like it was for you, last season.  I didn't get to watch every episode, but you played great!

Ross:  I know.....(LOL)

Winston:  I mean, we saw an emotional Jury...there are so many dynamics in the game.  That's why I fell in love with it.

Ross points out that playing BB takes a strong social game, and it takes timing, too, so you know when to pounce.  And you also have to save your own butt, sometimes.

Ross:  You can do all that, you think?

Winston:  I think so, yeah.  I have confidence, yeah.  I don't want to appear too cocky...that's never good.  But I wouldn't have signed up if I didn't think I could go all the way.

Winston thinks his downfall could be how competitive he is.  He's going to try and downplay that in the house.

Winston:  I'm going to try and pull my personality down a bit, to stay in the shadows.  Hopefully there are some big personality types in there who are going to blow up the first couple of weeks.  If I go in there and win the first competition and get blood on my hands....that's not my style. I need to fly under the radar.  It's going to be tough for me not to win.

Ross:  This game is a power struggle, and you might have to save your butt if you don't have any of it.

Winston:  A lot could happen in a week.

Ross:  Oh, in a DAY a lot can happen.

Okay okay, Winston has a strategy.  But is he single, Ross wants and needs to know.

Winston:  I am single.  But I'm here for the money, and getting into a showmance with somebody you've known X amount of days, and throwing away your game, I mean c'mon.  And it could help your game.  We've seen in previous seasons where it does, but that's a bridge you have to cross.

Ross plans to play this footage and mock it if Winston does get into a showmance on his weekly Facebook show.

Winston wants some inside scoop from Ross but Ross says he can't do that because this is his chance to learn about Winston.

Ross:  But trust me, we'll be talking a lot about you during the season.  This house is a bubble sometimes, and you can forget why you're here.

Winston:  Right.  And that is where my strength comes in.  I'm probably gonna be the oddball in a way.  I'm not big on social media, I don't have a Twitter, I've lived alone for the past two years.  I'm ready to be kind of cut off from.....

***ALERT  ALERT***  

I watched this interview when it happened live, and at this point Ross made a comment that was cut out from the video parked on the CBS website.  Ross said, "what are you, the Unabomber?"  I thought this was hilarious.

I have a sort of personal connection to the Unabomber story because when he issued a threat in the media about his plans to blow up an airplane flying out of Los Angeles, I was flying back and forth between LA and Atlanta every week for my job.  That is when the airlines started requiring a picture ID if you were boarding a flight out of LA, in order to match it to your ticket.  I don't think this would have prevented a Unabomber attack, but I think they wanted to know exactly who was on board each plane in case it did blow up.  Comforting, huh?  Anyway the airlines realized how much money they were losing through secondary ticket sales, so matching IDs to the tickets became the norm for every flight in the US.  You used to be able to buy airline tickets really cheap in the classified section of the newspaper (pre-internet).  But not anymore.  I recently watched a series on Netflix about the Unabomber and now I really want to visit the Newseum in Washington DC because they have Ted's tiny cabin on permanent exhibit there.  I'm fascinated by Ted's life story.

But I digress, as usual.  The point is that Production cut out Ross's comment for some reason.  Now let's continue with Winston's interview as published.


Winston:  ....I don't know...I'm kind of a private person, which is kind of ironic, so my friends are going to be freaking out when they see that Winston is in the house, being taped 24-7.

Ross:  With one bathroom.

Winston:  Yeah.  The house guests may not like me after this.

(I think that was bathroom humor.)

It's time for Ross to pop the Big the end of this summer, there are two options to choose from.  You can win and America hates you, or you can lose but America adores you.

Winston kind of does an "aw shucks" type of shoulder shrug while Ross was speaking, and exhaling like this was difficult.  But he was ready to answer as soon as Ross got the last syllables of the question out.

Winston:  I came on here to win Big Brother.  I didn't come on here to make friends....not to sound like I'm a....I mean, I have friends and family that I care about.  I'm not here to get that.  I'm here to play the game and $500,000 would change my life significantly.  That's why I signed up to play.


Winston:  I'm here to play, not to get Twitter followers!

Ross tells Winston that this is his last chance in the Diary Room before going into the house.

Winston:  I don't want to leave yet....

Ross:  But this is your last chance to tell America why we  should root for you.

Winston leans forward and does one hand clap for emphasis:  America should root for me because I'm truly here to play Big Brother.

On that note, the video abruptly ends.  Look at Ross' face.  He's just as impressed as we are.   Good job, Winston.


I think we can all agree that Winston appears to be a special type of house guest, one who has great preseason potential.  He is obviously very intelligent, appears to choose his words carefully, and seems hip to the trend of BB cast members who only go on the show for social media fame.  I'm sure Winston hopes there are 15 people in the house like that, so he can run circles around them and kick their ass.

Winston was an athlete, you know.  A football player.  And a good one, too.  He's not too big, and not too small.  In fact, Winston looks just right.

T-I-G-E-R.  (Any Raising Arizona fans?)

Winston says he comes from a "football family" in this interview I found with a local TV station.  In the interview he says he just started watching last summer, but "fell in love" with the show's social experiment aspects and went back and watched the seasons with the best players like Dan Gheesling and Derrick Lavasseur.

In fact, Winston says that in retrospect, BB19 "sucked" because there were a limited number of people actually playing the game.  (Put a pin in that for a minute.)  Also, one of his shirts has dog hair on it, so he feels like he brought his dog Dixie into the house with him.  He doesn't want to wash that shirt for a while.  His grandma told him not to let anybody put drugs into his drinks in the house, and his mom says it sounds like he's going to play "Mean Girls" this summer.

Let's give Winston's CBS bio a quick look.

So, I just saw that video where Winston said BB19 sucked.  So his comment above about Paul being the house guest he likes most does not ring true.  I think that when the house guests are asked questions for their bios, Production actually asks them "who was the player you liked most last summer", or something like that. (Even though Winston said he liked Cody the most last summer, because he was the only one who wanted to play AGAINST Paul.  It's right in that video!  Watch it for yourself!)   In fact, there have been cases in the past where house guests have disputed what was in their bios, saying that is not what they said preseason.  (In the linked interview Winston lists Dan as his favorite player over and over, calling him the "Tom Brady of BB", so CBS has some explaining to do.  But it's a damn TV show and these players signed their lives away, so what can you do?  Winston can't even sue them for calling him the Unabomber now, either.)

I know Jessica took offense at what Winston said about showmances.  But in the video I just linked he mentions that Jessica and Cody are "winning at life", so all of this chatter is all over the place.

I'm sorry Jessica, but you're wrong.  There is nothing unlikable about Winston.  Yet. 

(The word "yet" is my reminder to us all that people don't always measure up to their preseason promise.")

I think Winston may be my winner pick, if he can keep his shit together in that house.  He's going in with a great mindset.  And check this out:

Fun Fact:  The winner of Celebrity Big Brother, Marissa Winokur, read Derrick's book when she was in sequester earlier this year.  She said that on the live feeds.  She bought the book on Amazon.  I'm pretty sure Derrick's book is full of common sense advice about listening and observing more than you speak.  But as we see every year, common sense is not something everyone has in abundance.  Or at all.

I wasn't planning on writing up Winston's intro post today.  I still have quite a few to do, and I planned to go through the remaining house guests alphabetically, alternating between the men and women.  So Winston would have been last. I was looking forward to it.  But there are some rumors about Winston....and how he might be part of the twist this season, but he doesn't know it yet.  I'm checking into that and will probably write a post about the rumors later today, after I cover another house guest rumored to be part of the same type of twist.  I'm not sure the rumors are true, based on what I've learned of Winston through his interviews.  But it's a fun rumor, and rather delicious to speculate about.

I hope this twist doesn't blow up Winston's plans.  I have faith that if the rumors turn out to be true, he can find a way to make it work for him.  I think he'll try to have a good rapport with everyone in the house, at least on the surface.  I can see him being very competitive, although he says in the linked interview that he isn't very flexible and is "tight as a guitar string", which would hurt him in some of  the competitions.

Winston is super-likable, so if you don't like him, you should check your picker.  He seems like an extraordinary Big Brother player because he is so ordinary, if that makes sense.  I think he could be the next Great Big Brother Player.

Or he could be first out in some sort of cruel twist, like the one that sent Cameron Heard out first last year, before he even spent a night in the BB19 house.  Cameron got swapped out for Paul, which is a fate we shouldn't wish on ANYONE this year.  Particularly ourselves.

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  1. I've read a lot about the Unabomber, too. Fascinating.


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