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Meet Tyler Crispen - Laid Back, With His Mind on the Money and the Money on His Mind. #BB20

Meet Tyler Crispen, who had the honor of being the first live interview in the BB20 Diary Room.  This season Ross Mathews is replacing Big Jeff for these live interviews, which should be a surprise to no one, with Ross' showbiz chops and recent win as Fan Favorite on Celebrity Big Brother.  Ross told us several times during today's interviews that he didn't want to know ANYTHING about the new cast before meeting them, and this did seem to be true.  In fact, we knew more about some of them than Ross did, after the cast list leaked last night on the internet.

(Evel Dick is apparently pissed at Production for not being invited to the Premiere, so he spoiled the newbie list, and may have been spoiling the names of four potential returning players for up to a week now.  This may have caused Production to change their plans for the season, actually, since Evel Dick leaked the veteran names before the newbies were even sequestered.  Keep burning that bridge, Dick.)

Tyler has a laid back sort of energy as Ross greets us and lets Tyler know that the world is watching him right now.

Tyler:  Hey World.

Tyler is 23 and is a beach lifeguard on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  His bio says that he's originally from Ohio, so I'd be interested to know what brought him to Hilton Head, which is kind of a sleepy southern beach town not known for being too crazy.

Tyler has a sort of goofy, wacky voice and strange eye motions as he looks around to see if this experience is real or not.

Tyler tells us cautiously that he's going to go ahead and describe himself as a Super Fan.  He knows that's a big word as far as the fans go, but he's going to use it, anyway.  He started watching "like, Season 10 and went back and watched it all".

Tyler:  I'm talking, like, every Big Brother.

(Hmmm.  Not sure I believe young Tyler here.  Because a SuperFan would mention the country and version, right?  Because a SuperFan would know how many countries and versions within certain countries exist, and would not mix that up, right?)


I think Ross is skeptical about this, too, because he wants to know if Tyler has a strategy to win, since he's studied the game so much and all.

Tyler:  I mean, yeah.  I just kinda wanna be really.....have an actual bond with everybody so they feel bad for trying to evict me.

Ross, translating: So you want to play the emotional card.

Tyler wants to make some ties and then separate those ties so they can like, communicate from opposite sides of the house.  You know, if that makes sense.

Tyler:  I'm going to have to size everybody up first though.

Ross: Uh huh.

Ross is a good listener, but his body language tells us so much about how he's feeling about this.  And Ross isn't feeling good.....he's not loving this interview.

Tyler:  Know what I mean?

Ross:  I understand.

In response to Ross' question, Tyler lets us know that he's "as single as you can possibly be".  (Um.....I think he needs to check with Scottie Salton before making that statement.)  Ross wonders if we'll be seeing Tyler involved in any showmances this summer.

Tyler:  Not if I want to win, but I've been known to get into some romances that I don't feel like getting into, so...


Tyler: I guess anything can happen.

Tyler admits he's a little nervous about the camera situation, with everybody watching.

Ross:  It's weird, right?

Tyler:  It's weird right now!

(Yes, it is.  We all have a very strange hobby, watching all of this.)

Ross assures him that it will only get weirder, but I think Tyler will be a better communicator once he's inside the house interacting with people, rather than seated in this interview-type setting.  Just a guess.  And a hope.....I don't want Tyler to be the first one out......there are several others I'd like to nominate for that honor.  But more about that later, perhaps.

So here's the good news:  Ross asked the Big Question to Tyler that Big Jeff has asked everyone for years now....would Tyler like to win and be hated by America, or to lose and be loved?

Tyler, without hesitation:  WIN.  No doubt.  I want to WIN.  People will respect you if you win.  No matter how you win, people will respect that.

(I wish everyone felt that way.  I wish everyone respected Andy Herren's game play, for example.  What Andy did was HARD.)

Tyler feels his best asset is being resilient.  He's got a good mindset and doesn't let things get to him emotionally.  Well, sometimes things get to him emotionally, and he might act like they are inside the house, but inside he's not bothered at all.

Ross cautions him that the game is very hard, and he might react in a way that surprises him.

Tyler:  I've been watching this long enough that I've seen people break down hardcore.  I'm going to try not to do that.

Ross:  Interesting.  I'm going to be watching and remember that you said this.

Tyler, laughing:  Yeah, while I'm crying....

Ross:  Yeah, you'll be curled into a ball in the Diary Room.

Tyler's biggest downfall is that it takes him a while to catch on to some things, like directions and all.  So if someone keeps telling him what to do, he'll probably just do it.  Once he has a chance to think about it, he'll probably get it, but he's not good with on-the-fly type stuff.  He's not confrontational though.

Tyler:  If somebody comes at me, I'll probably just laugh in their face, but then I'll try to channel it and use it later.

Tyler:  I'll do anything.  I'm here to win.  I'm not just here to be the stupid surfer type who gets kicked out first....I'm here to win.

Ross:  How disappointed would you be if you were the first one out?

Tyler:  Like, the most disappointed.  The most...

Like this, Tyler?

Or this?

Tyler, potentially differentiating himself:  I fit the sterotype for the first one out, but it's not happening.  It's not happening people.


 Tyler indeed will NOT be the first person evicted from the game, because I have it from a very good source that he is the first HoH of BB20.


Tyler says this is all a dream come true and stepping in the house is going to be so cool.

Ross says we're all excited for him and will be watching him play the game this summer.  Tyler flashes us a quick and stealthy peace sign and then the first live interview is over.


OK, I did some digging, and what we just saw of Tyler in that short interview with Ross might not be all there is to know about him.  I think there was information that he needed to let us know, particularly if some sort of social media activity is going to impact him in the game.

He could have done more to get the fans on his side.  And Ross could have put him in a better position to do that, as he did in his later interviews.  (Like asking each person to look directly at the camera and tell the fans why they need to pull for him.)

For example, I'm hearing that Tyler has tried out for Big Brother several times.  And he apparently DOES WATCH the international BB versions, at least the BBUK version.  So I was being too bitchy when I questioned his self-reported Super Fan status a few minutes ago.

***UPDATE #1***  

Since the time I wrote this post, additional interviews with Tyler were released.  Tyler told Ika Wong that he's watched EVERY season of BB Canada!  So that indeed means you're a fan, because you really have to go out of your way to watch it consistently here in the US.


This tweet is from one of the runners up for BBUK 18, a psychology student named Raph.  Apparently Tyler contacted him last fall after his BB season ended.

So maybe Tyler was just nervous during his sit-down with Ross, and maybe he is a Super Fan after all.  Maybe he was trying to be cool and avoid confessing his covert feed-watching habits in front of the cameras and bright lights.

Because if you watch BBUK, surely you're watching the live feeds, right?  He knows the Willett sisters who appeared on BBOTT, which was only seen on the internet, so maybe Tyler is a secret nerd trying to look like a cool surfer guy.

***UPDATE #2***  

Well, Tyler was apparently an alternate for BB OTT but was sent home after he didn't make the cut.  I'm guessing it was between Tyler and Shane, who was also from The Carolinas and was a laid back, long-haired dude.  Tyler met up with Alex somehow after OTT ended, and since met Morgan.

In one of Tyler's interviews, he said Alex has been texting him, wondering if he would be at the BB20 Premiere Party.  He said he felt bad about kind of putting her off, but knows she understands now.


Will that help him play BB20?  I think it all depends on how well Tyler can connect to people in there.  He'll need to get situated quickly, and at least form some early bonds with people who can help him get through the first hurdle.  With that hurdle being possible elimination during the premiere, in conjunction with a competition or some sort of group decision.  Or maybe the vets decide.  Or maybe the fans will vote......we don't know yet.

But surely Production has some excitement planned for the premiere, right?  We know that the audience for the taping was stacked with former players.  If you watched Celebrity BB back in February, the first competition had Rachel and Paul performing on the sidelines while the players competed, and Jessica and Cody were sitting in the bleachers, watching.  I'm thinking we'll see something similar next week.  Maybe the BB star studded audience will be involved with the competition.  Who knows.

Let's take a look at Tyler's CBS bio to see if we can learn anything new.

There are some red flags here.  Who would describe themself as "questionable"?  And he seems to be aware that he's not believable in his interactions with others.

That's not good, Tyler.

But Tyler's Fun Facts are all pretty fun.  I look forward to hearing about these antics on the live feeds.  Because if someone has to go on the first night, surely there are a few other targets who can be eliminated first.  Tyler is kooky, for sure, but he's nowhere near the craziest person in there, as far as first impressions go.

And EVERYONE can't be evicted before Jury, right?

One thing Tyler does have is a family or friend-run Twitter account that is already busy with the BB crowd.  There are only one or two house guests who seem to have someone from their home team involved right now, which is a good sign for Tyler.


  1. Do you think he meant questioning not questionable?

  2. When I first saw his interview I though a cross between Jase and Spicoli from fast times at rigemont high, but I liked the comparison you did with David and Jase. That works too. ha


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